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Sedona City Election Mail-in Ballots Big Success

SEDONA AZ-March 23, 2010–More than half of the mail-in ballots were returned in the Sedona city election ending March 9th said Yavapai County elections department director, Lynn Constabile.  Of the 6,778 registered Sedona voters, Constabile reported 53.6% returned valid ballots.  The County deemed the vote by mail program a success when compared with other town and city elections since... 

Proposition 400 Resoundingly Rejected by Sedona voters

March 9, 2010-Sedona AZ–Sedona voters resoundingly rejected Proposition 400 in its current city election.  Prop 400 was written to overturn the direct election of the Sedona mayor in favor of an appointed mayor chosen from and by seated city Council members.  For a second time in its history, Sedona voters affirmed the right to vote for the direct election of its mayor.   Read More →

Sedona City Council Winners Litrell, Ward, McIlroy and Rayner

March 9, 2010-Sedona AZ–Sedonans overwhelming elected the dark skies and National Scenic Area candidates Dr. Dennis Rayner, Dan McIlroy, Mike Ward and Barbara Litrell to its City Council and rejected the re-election campaign efforts of Dan Surber and Nancy Scagnelli, two Council members who formed what was considered by many Sedonans as an anti-dark sky and anti-NSA voting bloc when coupled... 
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