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Sedona City Election Mail-in Ballots Big Success

SEDONA AZ-March 23, 2010–More than half of the mail-in ballots were returned in the Sedona city election ending March 9th said Yavapai County elections department director, Lynn Constabile.  Of the 6,778 registered Sedona voters, Constabile reported 53.6% returned valid ballots.  The County deemed the vote by mail program a success when compared with other town and city elections since the Sedona city election did not involve state or federal office candidates.  By comparison, the Arizona Presidential-Senate-House campaign of 2008, Yavapai officials counted 43.2% of returned ballots in the primary and 84.8% in the general. 

The 2010 Sedona city election generated high voter interest with its Proposition 400 ballot question to elect or appoint the city mayor, and gave voters the opportunity to voice approval or dissatisfaction with the Anti-Dark Skies, Anti-National Scenic Area positions held by a majority of the current city council.  The four pro-dark skies, pro-NSA, pro-direct election of the mayor candidates (Ward, Rayner, McIlroy, Litrell) were swept into office as the three members of the council majority-in-opposition standing for re-election were defeated (Surber, Scagnelli, Frey).  

Pro-dark skies, pro-NSA mayor, Rob Adams, was returned to office by Sedona voters with a Council majority to implement a dark skies and National Scenic Area vision, positions that Adams and vice-mayor Cliff Hamilton held prior to the election as the Council minority.

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