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Today’s Sedona Neighborhoods Go! Evacuation Lifted

This return to Set! evacuation notice issued by the city of Sedona. Stay alert!

Sedona AZ – With Oak Creek water levels lowering, the GO! status evacuation alert issued earlier today by the city of Sedona has been lifted, and a return to Set! status issued for the following neighborhoods:

All residents may return home while remaining in Set! status; Oak Creek water levels are still high.

Once the Oak Creek water levels lower substantially, the city will lift the Set! status to Ready! status.

Residents are reminded to watch for changing weather and to be aware of low water crossings and driveways that may be impassable.

The areas in the earlier GO! evacuation included:

· Trails End Road

· Trails End Lane

· Blackhawk Lane

· Newcastle Lane

· Oak Creek Mobilodge

· Copper Cliffs Drive

· Copper Cliffs Lane

· Sycamore Road

· the Villas at Poco Diablo Resort

· Center for the New Age

· Rancho Sedona RV park

· houses north of the Rancho Sedona RV park on Bear Wallow Lane.

Sign up for emergency alerts!

Sign up for:

1. City of Sedona Emergency alerts

2. Yavapai County Emergency alerts

3. Coconino Emergency alerts.

Ready, set, go! is a nationwide program adopted by the fifteen Arizona Sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened.

1. You should be aware of hazards that can threaten your community and you should know how to take proactive steps to prepare for seasonal threats. The city encourages all residents to always be in Ready! status.

2. Set! status indicates that you need to be alert because there is significant danger, and residents should consider voluntarily relocating outside the impacted area.

3. Go! status indicates danger in your area is imminent and life threatening, and you should evacuate.

Pay attention for the flood warnings and flood advisories issued by the National Weather Service. With snowmelt at higher elevations, and now rain, expect higher than normal flow in Oak Creek. Do NOT attempt to cross areas if water is present. Turn around, don’t drown.

The city will continue to work closely with its regional partners including the Sedona Fire District and Yavapai and Coconino Counties to monitor future flooding threats. Do your part and sign up for alerts and always be Ready!, Set! Go! wise.


  1. Coconino County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Jim Driscoll says:

    From the Coconino County Arizona Sheriff’s Office: Recent Storms

    Over the last week a considerable storm system has impacted the greater Coconino County Region. This storm has created rain runoff as well as snow melt that is causing impacts on the local watersheds and flooding many areas.

    Due to the increased water levels, many roadways and crossings have been left impassable. CCSO recommends the following:
    • Avoid crossing flooded roadways. Often, the true water depth is hard to gauge. Road surface conditions underneath are not known, it is possible the roadway has washed out or suffered damage in that area.
    • Water levels are subject to rise as the storm continues. An area that may appear to be passable at that moment, does not indicate if it will be passable in the future.
    • Water depths of 6 inches can cause vehicles to lose control, float or otherwise become inoperable. In addition to the water depth, water flow rates also adversely affect your vehicle’s ability.
    • Debris from upstream can also cause issues with crossing flooded roadways. Often, trees/branches, barbed wire fencing and posts are uprooted and travel downstream with the water flow. This debris can also cause your vehicle to become stuck or entangled in flooded areas.
    Please use good judgement and be safe. Pay attention to Road Closed Signs at low crossings. Crossing flooded roadways only increases risk to yourself and potentially first responders.
    This storm system is expected to continue through Wednesday 03/22 into Thursday 03/23.
    If you have any additional questions, please call the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 928-774-4523. In an emergency, call 911.

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