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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Waste Not, Want Not


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock discusses Sedona Sustainability and Home Rule and encourages city voters to sustain the voice of their power by voting August 2, 2022 in the Primary.

Sedona AZ – Recently there’s been considerable discussion and emphasis placed on the subject of “sustainability” which is not a new concept. For example, is anyone still around who might recall having parents who instructed their children to “Clean up your plates. There are starving children in the world and so do not waste food when it’s put before you?” Another and perhaps the original version of that concept dates from 1576 and is seldom heard these days, “Willful waste makes woeful want.”

Unfortunately when “sustainability” is carelessly allowed to run amok resulting in uncontrollable consequences, logical solutions for “retrofitting solutions” generally do not work. It is appropriate to suggest certain previous decisions made by elected city council members – as a result of advice from Sedona city staff – frequently are fair game to cite as examples:

Number one is traffic which, obviously, has exceeded the “sustainability” concept: Entering into the much discussed contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of supporting its “destination marketing” has never been a factually held accounting of how many additional cars were added to our traffic backups, increasing already overcrowded primary state routes accessing Sedona automobile traffic! There were no alternate routes suggested for alleviating our traffic problem simply because none are feasible.

USFS land, fortunately, prohibits further invasion and intrusion into the areas that appeal to and enhances pleasure for visitors’ enjoyment, essentially freedom from the big city aspects they usually are attempting to escape!

An ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits and Oak Creek canyon in order to reach other destinations such as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon causing adverse impacts on air quality, traffic and local resources.

Another wasted opportunity is the lack of “workforce” housing which went by the wayside largely when exceptions were made that ignored initial requirements for resorts to provide a fair amount of accommodations. Now, after the fact, City Hall attempts to retrofit bad decisions with, quite possibly, even more disastrous results by purchasing vast acreage of prime view properties  – in an effort to construct multistory housing to rectify a horrible decision in the first place!

And how brilliant is the idea of a four story parking garage? More concrete to heat up during these blistering summer days of temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees? How will such an edifice be comfortably cooled to tolerable temperatures in order for patrons to remain conscious enough to stagger aboard the also proposed open-air shuttles to move them from one 100 degree hot area to another? 

Serious decisions remain on the drawing board for Sedona and in just a few short days, August 2, the opportunity for a potential change in direction is at hand. This is a Primary election and, unless any one candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff in November.

However, what will be decided on August 2 is a ballot issue, that of Home Rule. 

Home Rule has been discussed time and time again and, perhaps, primarily due to the application of “scare tactics” Sedona voters have been convinced to approve the measure, however threats such as “there will be no Library and/or Humane Society” are utter nonsense and simply not true!

sustainable sustainability sustain flood construction

@SedonaEye.com Archives Exclusive – In 2008, Ron Verniesoni hoped to alert the community of danger posed to Oak Creek by recent flooding and construction. In 2020, Oak Creek issues remain with the increased environmental impact of tourism compounding sustainability, flooding and construction issues.

THE FACTS ARE that the Library and Humane Society were established and functioned effortlessly prior to the incorporation of Sedona and will continue to do the same with or without Home Rule. This information is NOT being provided in an attempt to influence the vote one way or another; the purpose is simply to correct misinformation and offer a realistic viewpoint of what Home Rule on our August 2 ballot means.

In the event opt to vote “NO” on Home Rule prevails, Arizona state regulations will be applied which allows for ANY issue of extremely significant importance to be placed on a ballet for a fair and equitable decision by VOTERS. Do you think Sedona residents would have voted yes for the exclusive no bid “Destination Marketing” contract with the Chamber of Commerce?

Realistically isn’t this an opportunity for residents to make informed decisions on issues truly important to them instead of allowing seven individuals to ignore the will of the people and, instead, approve what THEY think is best?

Vote August 2, 2022.

Sustain the power of the voice of the people. Waste not, want not.


  1. Sedona Mayor Race says:

    Yavapai County
    City of Sedona Mayor
    2 Year Term | Elect 1

    Jablow, Scott

    Armstrong, Samaire

    Moriarty, Sandra J

    Gehlbach, Kurt

    Coconino County
    City of Sedona Mayor
    2 Year Term | Elect 1

    Jablow, Scott

    Armstrong, Samaire

    Gehlbach, Kurt

    Moriarty, Sandra J “Sandy”

  2. Karen says:

    No matter who is the Republican nominee for governor, Arizonans in November are poised to elect their fifth female governor, more than any other state in the country.

  3. Curtis says:

    Jablow, well Sandy can thank him for the stab in the back.

  4. Laura Betts says:

    @WM D
    Thanks ESM
    Wink Wink

  5. Bobbi says:

    Wink Wink
    Thanks Gordy

  6. Sedona Kay says:

    so few changes in cities due to American apathy

  7. ESM says:

    @Laura Betts: Sorry but regretfully you are mistaken about any association I have with a Wm. D. However in my opinion the contribution from him/her most assuredly is astute and with merit.

  8. Fern, Flagstaff says:

    New York Times article about Katie Hobbs highlighted racism accusations by a former employee. Katie Hobbs, the AZ secretary of state, is the front-runner in her Democratic primary. Her opponent, Marco López, has tried to capitalize on accusations of racism against her from a former employee who is Black.

    Hobbs has a lukewarm support base with many Democrats polled preferring Kari Lake in a November face off. Sedona elections to me as a watcher show growing discontent with the pro tourism class and a desire to live within a strict austere budget geared toward residents needs and not business owners wish lists. The proof seems to be the rejection of current mayor.

    Thumbs up SedonaEye.com for being open minded.

  9. Leon says:

    you’ve hit it flagstaff fern

  10. Pete & Mary says:

    We currently live in the Midwest, soon to retire and looking for a compatible place to consider relocating. Sedona WAS our favorite until recently.

    We appreciate following Sedona Eye because it appears to be honest and forthright in offering diverse opinions. What has captured our attention mostly is how apparently politics there have become such an issue almost to the level of national shame.

    Why is it your little corner of the world appears to have chosen to follow partisan politics? Why must you obviously have “them” and “us” so clearly defined in your recent election.?

    Are we not all just people living in the greatest country in the world? Why have the labels, Democratic versus Republican liberals/conservatives been allowed to take charge even in beautiful Sedona? We are unimpressed.

    OK you say So what, big deal. Well guess again! Word of mouth has been proven to be the most effective source of advertising and the word about Sedona these days is NOT positive!

  11. C. Jones says:

    A lost Sedona chance to be best and more like the failures of this administration.

  12. Ben Solomon says:

    No matter who is elected Mayor the majority of the city council even with the recent election of three replacements will continue to vote for what “they” think is best even if it’s clearly against protests from residents at council meetings.

    Way to go Sedona registered voters especially those who didn’t bother to vote. Remember you reap what you sow!

  13. Rob says:

    The council doesn’t give a damn about what residents think or want because a merely 1 in 4 vote statewide and in Sedona city it’s like 1 in 10.

  14. Ollie says:

    Time to move to Canada and vote there.

  15. GNS says:

    @Ben Soloman, do you suppose that just by chance the opinions of the city council majority is influenced and controlled by the city financed regional chamber of commerce with their also regional membership and, especially, their high profile affinity branch, namely the Sedona Lodging Council? Dumb question? You decide.

  16. @ ROB says:

    As usual, why is it so hard to write in complete sentences of complete thoughts?

  17. Ben Shaw III says:

    How’s this for a complete thought and sentence?

    Biden administration sent 30 FBI agents to collect a few boxes of papers that as a former President, Trump still gets briefed by the White House on top secret classified documents like Carter, Bush, Obama.

    Don’t tell us you didn’t know at the White House or your cabinets and government agencies are out of control and have proven your incompetency.

    Trump left office a year and a half ago so what’s the urgency? Did you kick Hillary’s door down to find the illegal server with classified documents that the Russians knowingly accessed? Did you kick Biden family door down to find the documents that they and son Hunter promised government access to China?

  18. West Sedona Dave says:

    Poor Poor Ben…..It must be tuff that all you complain about has been looked at..and found nothing…..You just cant stand everything they have been saying about Trump is true!…Even the Senate GOP said that Russia helped Trump but the crap you listen to and watch never told you!…Its all out there in the open….Just you wait, its going to hit the fan hard and heavy in the next 6 months….You will be just as surprised!

    If it aint Nixon, its Reagan, Bush 43, just lying through their teeth….Why do you think Fox news was only a dream in the day? Now people like you just suck it up…We watch, we listen, and we laugh are asses off looking how foolish the right wing noise machine runs….Sad part is we have to live amongst you nut cases!

    Dont worry, Trump and his pardoned cronies will blow Reagan’s list of convicts out of the water…….MARK MY WORDS!

  19. BS3 says:

    West Sedona Dave, you are a moron who couldn’t figure out how to converge if it lifted you up. Nothing was proven about Jan. 6 except Nancy Pelosi refused to allow additional staff as requested and all the rest was smoke and mirrors. BLM and Antifa did more damage in one evening of their months of riots and mass destruction including murders and gun battles than all those freaking idiots who entered the Capitol. (It was a freaking gun nut inside who killed someone on the outside.) Your brain must still be forming as it hasn’t matured yet.

    Collusion? That’s what Pelosi and Biden have done and or their staffs and administration is it. (Harris can’t even spell the word so let’s give her a bye.)

    Jeesh they run DC like you fools do in Sedona. You’re right, nobody cares.

  20. Alan says:

    If the White House says they had no knowledge is a blatant lie. Or the White House should be afraid of the DOJ and FBI because Biden could be next. The FBI can come after you and don’t forget it. This is a democracy not China or Russia.

    Former President Obama bought a multi million dollar seaside island home and tells us that climate change affects our lives along the same coastline? Somebody bought that bridge and installed it in Havasu. LMAO

    Wait until the new weaponized IRS comes for you Sedona city hall and your tax paying residents. Scary f****** sh**?

  21. Diana Levinson says:

    Machine guns and swat teams! Secret Service agents could have killed them all or did they want to kill Secret Serciee agents and some family members! Not one Trump member at home! Merrick Garland wants to be king! Even news says everyone signed off on this up to the President. President Biden knew. Attorney General is out of control? He hates Republicans for not making him a Supreme Court Justice? It’s obvious now he isn’t qualified for that job ever. National media is out of control. National government is out of control. FBI is out of control. Whose next? Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Harris? Us? Nazi behavior by our FBI? Every American should be terrified.

  22. WSD says:

    No body had guns when they raided trump house Fox news lies

  23. Andy says:

    @Alan The government and media managed to screw us with billion dollars of new taxes on people making under $400K year by offering up the Trump Show to keep you fixated this weekend on nothing while Biden created the IRS to be a new FBI cohort. Snuck it over on us saying how did that screw feel this time? You people believe this administration gives a rats ass about us? Democrats mislabeled it an inflation fighter deliberately, because even Bernie commenting on the bill said it was terrible and that it ignored the Congressional Budget Office report telling it would increase taxes and have little to no effect on inflation or keeping us out of a recession like Sedona City Council telling us we must build one single piece of shit for tourists to drive to Sedona. Stupids, we don’t need new taxes or tourists.

  24. Byron says:

    WSD (deleted by editor) under the oval desk thinks his whacked fringe lefty views paying higher taxes for no reason is legit.

  25. Dr. Roy says:

    Think of the Chamber of Commerce as the US Attorney General and you should get the idea why residents here don’t count.

  26. Tracy etal. says:

    It was a stunning surprise. When reviewing that council meeting yesterday (8/9) it was refreshing that a couple of times council members actually admitted Sedona had city limits! One in particular involved a speaker from Cottonwood. Another pointed out that “Enchantment” (resort) was NOT in the city limits. Sorry to not have recorded the council member(s) names but believe it was either one (or both) of the two woman on council (NOT the Mayor who at one time went on record that she didn’t recognize “borders” – and why, then, did Sedona incorporate?)

    Good bye Sandy M.

  27. Woke Up says:

    Here’s a movie to be written Hollywood.

    What happens when a very scary man who would be dictator is offered up for Supreme Court and scares enough Democrats that they all agree behind the scenes to manipulate reasons for their inaction and wait for the next President to appoint one? What happens when the outmaneuvered man gets his law clerk appointed in his place? What happens when he manipulates the new weak Democratic President with information on him and his family and gets appointed to the most powerful job in the land running its law and order empire and uses that power to control the media and keep tech elites in his pocket with promises of more power to amass data which he will use to bring a global coup using multiple fake crises with media and tech help to bring the world to its knees? You’re right Diana Levinson it could be an Adolph Redux. A good screenplay writer could use a former corrupt or disastrous Secretary of State and a now corrupt or disastrous Attorney General to model tones of authenticity and credibility and include political, academic and Hollywood has beens writing checks to be part of the horror show? Title the screenplay No One in the US is Above the Most Powerful Lawyer?

  28. Ginger says:

    Good for the voters ousting the Mayor of a “no border realm.” Onward and upward.

  29. Don, West Sedona says:

    Candidates and residents can FOIA city hall employees and council and Chamber, the election is over and find out what’s going on there deciding things like how money is gifted and contracts negotiated.

  30. Bridges says:

    not one on council has the balls to stand against the other weaklings and have Jablow running the clown school

  31. Jim, Sedona says:

    from DC to Sedona City Americans are fed up

  32. Deborah, Foothills says:

    Council short term rental incentive is an idea but there’re others that don’t require big payouts with unknown futures during a recession. Several comments here are worth considering too like the one about letting home owners put up small coach houses to rent out annually that doesn’t tax water or sewer systems they eat new builds on bald-land would. One size never fits every idea. But blasting rocks and building roads should never be on the council agenda.

  33. Ming Lu says:

    @wokeup man you just copyrighted ideas now pen it, positive reinforcement let Spielberg mom know you’re cool out of multiverse writer, come back to Seattle, LA sucks

  34. Sam says:

    Pot at end of rainbow?

  35. Mateo, CV says:

    stop ruining Verde CV, Sedona life not wanted, kids can’t go sedona bc we say bad influences — mi casa mi casa

  36. Challenge says:

    Why can’t we have peace and quiet and no fear from wildfires? Yes we can but we don’t exercise the right at the ballot box to those things.

  37. Mike says:

    It’s time to scale back the city budget by half. We’re in a recession you fools.

    The illegals at the border have AirPods and cell phones before coming over.

  38. Worcester says:

    Progress doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome (don’t know who said it but it stick with me). We can’t keep destroying Sedona. What’s Sedona? It’s rocks and views.

    It’s not the tourists and bikes and atvs and Airbnb houses and hikers and restaurants and resorts and timeshares and roads.

    All “Those Not Sedona Items” listed are GUESTS, sometimes welcome and sometimes not, sometimes there and sometimes not. Change is life in Sedona. Horrid Change should never be life in Sedona.

    Sedona has one opportunity to survive and that is to PROTECT what is unique and cast off what is not. Simple and succinct is the knowledge that the city council needs to do no harm. The city should never destroy itself to welcome guests.

    Million dollar advice from a New England professional developer. We may be back if you do a good job, Sedona.

    Keep up the avenues of discourse http://www.SedonaEye.com.

    We think SEDONA wicked fine.

  39. Bob, Uptown says:

    “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

  40. Madison Park says:

    We’re in max recession biggest in generations. City wants to spend like it’s 2008 didn’t teach lessons or crashing now doesn’t send shivers. Future is on track to lose! Walmart is having issues and predicts greater problems. Why is city predicting boom times and building for them?

  41. Uptown says:

    Sedona living is not for the fainthearted, it’s mountains, it’s isolation by nature, not urban or suburbia. I don’t understand politicians who don’t understand quality vs commonality. It doesn’t need parking garages or concrete. It doesn’t need asphalt or help to make it crowded. It needs care and protection.

  42. Juneberries says:

    Sedona is lovely and expensive.

  43. Rhia Diamond, Payson says:

    My kid is traveling and teaches online and his backdrop shows a room with books on a windowsill. Laughingly he removed the backdrop and shared his reality, it was a scruffy goat standing under a tree about 10 yards from his outside cement table in an offroad park with an old beat up porcelain tub for trash #%&!@$%&. Is this what our Sedona is becoming that people erase timeshare fronts and garbage on trails with selfies? Sad times Sedona times. Keep up information conversations our area needs.

  44. Phil says:

    cant stand watching tv meetings

  45. Anonymous says:

    @rhia Good (Deleted by editor) story

  46. Dorados says:


  47. Sedona Realtor says:

    Thought you’d appreciate this example of home buying feedback. Don’t include names. TU

    (Name deleted), It’s decision time. Thanks for arranging our Sedona stay, enjoyed it. Today we decided to pass on the houses, we don’t want to buy a home in this heat and then face freezing cold winters later making it unbearable outside living, none your fault, like we discussed it’s inconvenient to south Arizona, fits lifestyle better. We’ll look there with (name deleted by editor). We midwest urbanites think Sedona and Oak-creek Village too drastic a change, mountain people we’re not. Despite impressive beauty. You’ve been a great help and resource. Use the enclosed referral. (Name and address deleted by editor)

  48. Jahznin says:

    Move to Mexico
    better & cheap
    riffraff left there & moved here

  49. Sedona Carolina says:

    Sedona has its work cut out for it, interest rates going up again, gas and heat and a/c costs more because of this administration, on top of it we get California, Illinois and New York losers bringing their bad politics, high taxes and anti prosperity philosophies for the poorer below them. BTW here we want to be rich and we want low taxes in this state, before you came we didn’t have people living homeless on our streets.

  50. Mike says:

    budget budget budget budget budget budget budget budget

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