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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Waste Not, Want Not


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock discusses Sedona Sustainability and Home Rule and encourages city voters to sustain the voice of their power by voting August 2, 2022 in the Primary.

Sedona AZ – Recently there’s been considerable discussion and emphasis placed on the subject of “sustainability” which is not a new concept. For example, is anyone still around who might recall having parents who instructed their children to “Clean up your plates. There are starving children in the world and so do not waste food when it’s put before you?” Another and perhaps the original version of that concept dates from 1576 and is seldom heard these days, “Willful waste makes woeful want.”

Unfortunately when “sustainability” is carelessly allowed to run amok resulting in uncontrollable consequences, logical solutions for “retrofitting solutions” generally do not work. It is appropriate to suggest certain previous decisions made by elected city council members – as a result of advice from Sedona city staff – frequently are fair game to cite as examples:

Number one is traffic which, obviously, has exceeded the “sustainability” concept: Entering into the much discussed contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of supporting its “destination marketing” has never been a factually held accounting of how many additional cars were added to our traffic backups, increasing already overcrowded primary state routes accessing Sedona automobile traffic! There were no alternate routes suggested for alleviating our traffic problem simply because none are feasible.

USFS land, fortunately, prohibits further invasion and intrusion into the areas that appeal to and enhances pleasure for visitors’ enjoyment, essentially freedom from the big city aspects they usually are attempting to escape!

An ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits and Oak Creek canyon in order to reach other destinations such as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon causing adverse impacts on air quality, traffic and local resources.

Another wasted opportunity is the lack of “workforce” housing which went by the wayside largely when exceptions were made that ignored initial requirements for resorts to provide a fair amount of accommodations. Now, after the fact, City Hall attempts to retrofit bad decisions with, quite possibly, even more disastrous results by purchasing vast acreage of prime view properties  – in an effort to construct multistory housing to rectify a horrible decision in the first place!

And how brilliant is the idea of a four story parking garage? More concrete to heat up during these blistering summer days of temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees? How will such an edifice be comfortably cooled to tolerable temperatures in order for patrons to remain conscious enough to stagger aboard the also proposed open-air shuttles to move them from one 100 degree hot area to another? 

Serious decisions remain on the drawing board for Sedona and in just a few short days, August 2, the opportunity for a potential change in direction is at hand. This is a Primary election and, unless any one candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff in November.

However, what will be decided on August 2 is a ballot issue, that of Home Rule. 

Home Rule has been discussed time and time again and, perhaps, primarily due to the application of “scare tactics” Sedona voters have been convinced to approve the measure, however threats such as “there will be no Library and/or Humane Society” are utter nonsense and simply not true!

sustainable sustainability sustain flood construction

@SedonaEye.com Archives Exclusive – In 2008, Ron Verniesoni hoped to alert the community of danger posed to Oak Creek by recent flooding and construction. In 2020, Oak Creek issues remain with the increased environmental impact of tourism compounding sustainability, flooding and construction issues.

THE FACTS ARE that the Library and Humane Society were established and functioned effortlessly prior to the incorporation of Sedona and will continue to do the same with or without Home Rule. This information is NOT being provided in an attempt to influence the vote one way or another; the purpose is simply to correct misinformation and offer a realistic viewpoint of what Home Rule on our August 2 ballot means.

In the event opt to vote “NO” on Home Rule prevails, Arizona state regulations will be applied which allows for ANY issue of extremely significant importance to be placed on a ballet for a fair and equitable decision by VOTERS. Do you think Sedona residents would have voted yes for the exclusive no bid “Destination Marketing” contract with the Chamber of Commerce?

Realistically isn’t this an opportunity for residents to make informed decisions on issues truly important to them instead of allowing seven individuals to ignore the will of the people and, instead, approve what THEY think is best?

Vote August 2, 2022.

Sustain the power of the voice of the people. Waste not, want not.


  1. Ralph says:

    Cliffy here’s breaking news today and why that stooge Jan 6 committee rushed Trump and others paperwork thru bcause they’re losing this election bcause Biden will be resigning after election and Kamala will be in drivers seat and scares even centrist Democrats and several cabinet level dumbbells . Get Kelley out of office or AZ will lose big time as a state with Democrats in DC offices and get Lake in as governor. Without Republicans in higher office they’ll bypass our funding when chips start to fall against Dems in offices. Get sedona politicians out now and new in.


  2. Bill Sedona says:

    Studies show a return to basic principles of freedom by young and old , most surprisingly millennials and GenZ disapprove of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris even considering race positivity. Young and old are concerned about the rights of others and rights of unborn are equal in these concerns. While young are persuaded by schools to lean Democrat as teacher’s belong to unions that provide clear election preferences as they age out into the workforce and housing and medical fields, see that lack of social access is caused by that party’s interference in free markets and access. Polls show that young will vote against unrestricted abortions when medical development is presented without political influence. Interesting. Sedona should take heed and unelect wrong influencers.

  3. Helen, Sedona says:

    Sedona wake up. Watched debates and never did MSNBC or CNN reflect the debates. Did one story reflect Fetterman’s stroke condition that renders him having to use prompts and cannot formulate words or has no idea why he suddenly is saying he supports fracking when he doesn’t and never has or will.

    It’s disgusting America that we have a lying media. We’re not China and Russia and we are allowed to speak freely and openly. NO DEMOCRAT represents freedom and they’re cheats. We’re allowed to congregate and we’re allowed to take pictures. Katie Hobbs is in charge of votes!! No way is she worth a vote and get to the voting booth and go mail in your ballot or hand deliver it. They covered Schumer and President facing camera and lip syncing for the media who put it on national news that they’re winning. That should be a FCC violation. Who does that?!?!?! Vote Kari Lake for Governor – she’s not carrying Hobbs baggage or party. Google kept Lake off first page !! A major candidate! ! Arizona wake up and get us back to being Arizona and vote Republican. Sedona wake up. Fight back against Democrat corruption. Don’t associate with Democrats in Sedona. We need to be stronger and safer than Sedona politicians want us to be. Tell your family and friends and like that comment go tell your children too.

  4. More Democrat Pre Election Lies says:

    How dare Nancy Pelosi and police say Paul Pelosi was targeted politically. She has homeless squatting all around her and not one of them likely votes. She wants police protection. Where were you Nancy Pelosi when Supreme Court justices were threatened and an assassination attempt made? Where were you when citizens in Portland and Seattle and NYC and Los Angeles were and are under attack by BLM riots and a man drives his car and kills Christmas parade attendees? Paul Pelosi hangs out with a tough crowd and maybe that’s what it’s about Or maybe their house stocked with ice cream was too good to pass up robbing?

  5. Jennifer Cashman, Democrat says:

    Agree. Great site. Defund police damn stupid idea. Hats off police forces. Vote Republican and deny it to your woke friends, do right not wrong to the rest of us.

  6. STCosta, Oceanside - Scottsdale says:

    Love Sedona in April. Saw on Twitter feed questions flying round and rumors. . Social media having woke rager like maybe Pelosi’s family wanted sympathy instead of bad press? Maybe a love tryst gone bad or a substance or drug deal? Pelosi and Berkeley rich live well and not the first or last house to get broken into and people attacked there. Read local papers. Street Signs say cars will get broken into and it’s not safe. There aren’t any Republicans in SF or SoCal and questionable whether this hippie commune living guy knows a voting booth from a needle exchange booth and is he gay or not? I’m leaning toward needed sympathy after watching ads pointing at Nancy being awful for America and naughty Paul gets DUI with someone in car with him? Police have been busy helping out with no respect. The political angle a lie for sure? What thoughts help investigators do their job best? Superb speculating and watching.

  7. Gregg says:

    dont give a (deleted by editor) about California problems

  8. Sedona Dave says:

    @oceansidescottsdale. @greg. A hallucinating strung out man has a My Pillow and gets labeled conspiracy theory believer, wife reminds me this morning that American sheets made in China and Turkey and that police might question us about being Muslim terrorists or CCP spies. Always victims never cause or responsible for happenings.

  9. @gregg says:

    Yea why would care about California when there’s so many non problems you can complain about Sedona

  10. Randy says:

    CNN ABC MSN have Fetterman syndrome, international news having field day with Fetterman Biden Harris as Americas best and brightest. LMAO Their news pundits point out that Pennsylvania and Delaware and California serve “niche reservoirs of voter vacuousness”.

    Canada: “American mendacity is when a ballot is cast not for an articulate healthy real doctor for any reason, but cast for a disabled stroke victim to represent themselves. The real doctor would have represented best their interests on all matters before a state purview.”

  11. Peer Review says:

    Interesting comment Randy (adding to your comment from my office lunch desk) that’s why Fauci and wife and universities and laboratories here and overseas have no ability to be overseen in Congress. No qualifications. Like the BBB of Biden, how many knew it had nothing to do with infrastructure and everything to do with funneling money to private donors and assorted start ups like Solyndra millions of Biden’s VP days. Funding ladles and insanity of offshoring virus research Petri dishes caused this insane escaped lab pandemic. They happily made us rats in a planet sized laboratory for their science.

    Really enjoy this spunky newsy machine.

  12. @Randy says:

    Fetterman did not win. He was gifted the race through cheating. Watch: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/crime-spikes-mike-lindell-shows-real-evidence-of-election-fraud/

  13. @randy @randy says:

    My Pillow Guy? Who are you – C. Dible?

  14. Lily King, Tucson says:

    US Woman Locked Up in Saudi Arabia for Tweets Against Government

    Yeah America you want this? Voting Democratic is what you want because your Biden is crowing how Saudi’s are our friends and please give America oil, so we can send you our US dollars to prop up your government against freedom! Yeah like the one you want here. Sick people.

  15. 2023 Voting Update says:

    Waste not a vote?

    Fetterman enters rehab center for depression days after swearing in to Senate.

    Isn’t it sad when voters do not vote for a registered doctor because of a party letter but a stroke addled contestant without a record of accomplishment because of a party letter? Those same voters lament the sad state of government for which they alone are responsible.

  16. Bill, West Sedona says:

    Damn DC read @2023 voting update above’s comment because guess who’s name showed up on a submitted bill (man can win elections without speaking and write bills when hospitalized for depression) as the party tries desperately to keep that seat, a new election will kick him out, you know, without Philly car trunk votes that would have to be redone? Politics first people last.

  17. Gene (VOCA) says:

    Yeh Bill, they suddenly need Santos back on news for attention to be put out like he’s worse than Fetterman or Talib or AOC? He’s a lamb compared to the real crooks in there. FBI corruption needs weeding out on the west coast and east coasts, well everywhere now it seems. We used to revere the FBI for their anti corruption efforts within their ranks demanding the best and moral of law enforcement and now they’ve lost it to woke propaganda and a bad administration.

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