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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Waste Not, Want Not


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock discusses Sedona Sustainability and Home Rule and encourages city voters to sustain the voice of their power by voting August 2, 2022 in the Primary.

Sedona AZ – Recently there’s been considerable discussion and emphasis placed on the subject of “sustainability” which is not a new concept. For example, is anyone still around who might recall having parents who instructed their children to “Clean up your plates. There are starving children in the world and so do not waste food when it’s put before you?” Another and perhaps the original version of that concept dates from 1576 and is seldom heard these days, “Willful waste makes woeful want.”

Unfortunately when “sustainability” is carelessly allowed to run amok resulting in uncontrollable consequences, logical solutions for “retrofitting solutions” generally do not work. It is appropriate to suggest certain previous decisions made by elected city council members – as a result of advice from Sedona city staff – frequently are fair game to cite as examples:

Number one is traffic which, obviously, has exceeded the “sustainability” concept: Entering into the much discussed contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of supporting its “destination marketing” has never been a factually held accounting of how many additional cars were added to our traffic backups, increasing already overcrowded primary state routes accessing Sedona automobile traffic! There were no alternate routes suggested for alleviating our traffic problem simply because none are feasible.

USFS land, fortunately, prohibits further invasion and intrusion into the areas that appeal to and enhances pleasure for visitors’ enjoyment, essentially freedom from the big city aspects they usually are attempting to escape!

An ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits and Oak Creek canyon in order to reach other destinations such as Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon causing adverse impacts on air quality, traffic and local resources.

Another wasted opportunity is the lack of “workforce” housing which went by the wayside largely when exceptions were made that ignored initial requirements for resorts to provide a fair amount of accommodations. Now, after the fact, City Hall attempts to retrofit bad decisions with, quite possibly, even more disastrous results by purchasing vast acreage of prime view properties  – in an effort to construct multistory housing to rectify a horrible decision in the first place!

And how brilliant is the idea of a four story parking garage? More concrete to heat up during these blistering summer days of temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees? How will such an edifice be comfortably cooled to tolerable temperatures in order for patrons to remain conscious enough to stagger aboard the also proposed open-air shuttles to move them from one 100 degree hot area to another? 

Serious decisions remain on the drawing board for Sedona and in just a few short days, August 2, the opportunity for a potential change in direction is at hand. This is a Primary election and, unless any one candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff in November.

However, what will be decided on August 2 is a ballot issue, that of Home Rule. 

Home Rule has been discussed time and time again and, perhaps, primarily due to the application of “scare tactics” Sedona voters have been convinced to approve the measure, however threats such as “there will be no Library and/or Humane Society” are utter nonsense and simply not true!

sustainable sustainability sustain flood construction

@SedonaEye.com Archives Exclusive – In 2008, Ron Verniesoni hoped to alert the community of danger posed to Oak Creek by recent flooding and construction. In 2020, Oak Creek issues remain with the increased environmental impact of tourism compounding sustainability, flooding and construction issues.

THE FACTS ARE that the Library and Humane Society were established and functioned effortlessly prior to the incorporation of Sedona and will continue to do the same with or without Home Rule. This information is NOT being provided in an attempt to influence the vote one way or another; the purpose is simply to correct misinformation and offer a realistic viewpoint of what Home Rule on our August 2 ballot means.

In the event opt to vote “NO” on Home Rule prevails, Arizona state regulations will be applied which allows for ANY issue of extremely significant importance to be placed on a ballet for a fair and equitable decision by VOTERS. Do you think Sedona residents would have voted yes for the exclusive no bid “Destination Marketing” contract with the Chamber of Commerce?

Realistically isn’t this an opportunity for residents to make informed decisions on issues truly important to them instead of allowing seven individuals to ignore the will of the people and, instead, approve what THEY think is best?

Vote August 2, 2022.

Sustain the power of the voice of the people. Waste not, want not.


  1. Jason Williams says:

    This interesting and timely article just caught my attention and the temptation to throw in another two cents worth refuses to go away.

    What about the decision to allow the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk on SR179 from Tlaquepaque to their annex? Good planning! NOT!!

    Another example of utter stupidity IMO and believe me many others agree! Just ask those waiting in the traffic backup on 179 attempting to get to West Sedona or head on up to Flagstaff to shop where Sedona residents are welcome.

  2. Dana Varney says:

    Another great and timely article. I have been told by city council that the special projects costing millions in taxpayer’s money is what the people want. I for one never agreed to a 60 million dollar transit system that would require me to take a shuttle every time I would like to take a hike. This is one of the items we would be voting for if we vote in favor of home rule.

  3. Dallas King says:

    Colleague forwarded to me and here’s my takeaway. Sedona needs less traffic and lower prices to keep people coming back. Stores have ridiculous prices, resorts are in need of updating, and activities are overrated. The summer and winter are never good times to visit and the season to book is very short in the fall. California has far better places with easier access to multiple locales because Sedona is not close to Phoenix or Grand Canyon and takes a day drive to get to everywhere. My suggestion is to put up far less buildings and spend more on removing congestion and improving your trail system by demanding people obey rules of etiquette while hiking and biking. You have people on the trail system abusing it with garbage and off trail bad behavior. Less is more in Sedona and your planners are ruining a good apple. A fire will destroy Sedona cachet forever like the present smoke and flame wildfire is and money misspent will turn to ashes if it gets closer or lasts longer. That’s my critique and review is at (Deleted by editor). Writer provides solid advice.

  4. Jim, Uptown says:

    Thanks Eddie Maddock for explaining Home Rule.

  5. Gretchen says:

    Seriously? 60 MILLION? What happened to the Roadrunner? The resorts agreed during a meeting that they only needed one bus or Large van to move employees and they were paying for it. Is this like a city hall Scam to justify their jobs and tax hike? If you’re looking for jobs to trim I propose city hall goes first and with those savings buy a bus and let the resorts park it wherever they think best. Its their problem to solve not ours.

  6. Glenn, Sedona says:

    That red rock blog doesn’t get its feet wet until elections. The Sedona Eye fights the fight every day. Diversity and sustainability are already every day in America.

    Its liberal parasites not understanding that destroying our superior inclusive American culture is what we were founded on and voted and fought a civil war against slavery. Don’t give me anti white propaganda when it was whites who tore down the very system that benefitted them. What other group in America doesn’t play victim cards and they beat up on whites the very people that set them feee or welcomes them with open arms into a majority culture? Explain it.

    You have to travel to understand that no other country is diverse like us. Asian countries culturally keep diverse peoples as subgroups if they allow them to be in their country at all.

    Russia doesn’t allow Africans to stay except as noncitizen workers. Sound familiar to pre civil war America?

    Poorly educated people like Sandy Cortez now Alexandria Ocasio Cortez after a name change and not one drop of Hispanic blood Beto O’Rourke embarrass America. They’ve grown arrogant like Sedona Council.

    Want not? You bet. Your overly unspectacular city council. Other countries would benefit from your activism. Go for it.

  7. Mel says:

    What happened to balanced budgets and rainy day funds like we citizens are told to do and have? This is time for caution to spend.

  8. Marty Sedona says:

    Any time the folks at city hall promote something sets off a sort of alarm in my head. And the message is: BEWARE!

    Just for once anyhow it might be interesting to find out exactly what happens if Home Rule is denied. Will the sky fall as certain people would like for us to believe? Or would it turn out to be very positive for those of us – yes – residential peons – who still call Sedona our home?

    If in fact it negatively impedes positive progress then in a relatively short period of time it could be reinstated by the will of the people the next time a vote is on the ballot. What’s to lose?

    Regarding that most interesting editorial in the RR News, the catchy portion which gained my attention was when, in my opinion, it turned out to be a complaint about the city changing the policy of their contract with the “regional” chamber of commerce. Isn’t that enough to make one wonder? Would the editor of the local print publication have been so hard on the city council if that multi-million dollar annual contract had remained status quo with this ongoing city/chamber controversial issue plaguing Sedona? Hmmm . . . Another case of potential lost revenue to previous benefactors?

    Yes indeed. It tends to make one wonder . . .

  9. Reva Schoenberg, NYU says:

    Sedona it’s time to ask scientists what China emissions are – nvm you won’t ask – it’s 2 to 3 times USA emissions and climbing.

    It’s dishonest to never say in the media that electric vehicles have to travel thousands of miles before they are energy efficient. Say it again.

    China has over a billion people and they hate Americans en masse because their teachers told taught them woke history. Say it again.

    China needs us for nothing except ideas because communists are a passive people who tend to barbarism when given a weapon and other peoples ideas. Say it again.

    Short story Sedona? Your city council is as bad as the federal government. It’s unacceptable that spending money on bad ideas that have no validity is worth a penny. Say it again.

  10. Laura Gore says:

    Let’s pray our cops and town employees don’t shock us by everybody resigning like the entire police force and town staff did in a Kenly, North Carolina. Sedona council needs to be data driven and evidence based.

  11. Walter S. says:

    @Reva Schoenberg, NYU: ” Your city council is as bad as the federal government. It’s unacceptable that spending money on bad ideas that have no validity is worth a penny.”

    But gee whiz, Reva, don’t ya get it? In Sedona they attempt to justify your astute comment by calling it “Sustainability.”

  12. Van says:

    @reva good to hear from you

    Average hourly wages didn’t keep up with inflation.
    Job growth is based on workers returning after being laid off or pushed out of work by the pandemic, they’re unfilled old jobs not new ones.
    We aren’t in a transition, we’re in an inflation. Two quarters of negative growth? What a crash zone we’re in.

    Eddie’s correct it will be bad retrofits on top of bad solutions.

    It’s the economy Sedona. It’s the added taxes they charge the residents while they don’t give a damn.

  13. Peggy Saul, Glendale says:

    Outlook for Sedona? Bleak. Not because of dwindling population but because the dwindling population has no value goals or sentiment for beautiful land and dark skies, they value entertainment and being entertainers. Nobody here uses public transport ever. It’s inconvenient and unsafe and unnecessary. It’s not residents needing it or wanting it. Rise up people and put a stop to this yet again stupid decision by city that ruins our quality of life.

  14. Gary says:

    Hello COUNCIL

  15. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson says:

    You can moan, groan, and whine about the horrible decisions staff and elected officials have made and continue to make since Sedona incorporated. However shouldn’t the blame really be laid upon the real reason it’s become such a mess?

    Factually wasn’t it the voters who approved incorporation in December of 1987 who truly are responsible for opening the door to the opportunity for misdirected control and subsequent demise of this once pristine and beautiful place? Are there enough people out there with the gumption to create a movement to undue that dreadful decision? In a word? Disincorporate!

  16. Marc, Sedona says:

    People in Sedona should be mad as hell at these elected officials and their inexplicable governance with a totally rudderless and unethical bureaucracy at City hall.

    This town belongs to the less than 10K residents not them. This city belongs to the 10k residents and not tourists that they cater to with every budget expenditure and redundant plan.

    No city of 10K needs this top heavy government salaries and control and NEVER this ridiculous budget. Slash the budget and end the ridiculous additional tax on our people.

  17. Maria Mollen says:

    More and more City Hall listens to and caters to people who do NOT live within Sedona City Limits! That is absurd!

    If outsiders want a say so then they should annex into Sedona City Limits. Then why doesn’t City of Sedona council and staff inform speakers at council meetings that they aren’t welcome unless they legitimately become SEDONA CITY RESIDENTS!?

    Back in the early days we actually had at least one city council member who did exactly that! Thank you SG! Sedona desperately needs more like you.

  18. Sedona Deborah says:

    Right@marcsedona right right right right

  19. Ajilly says:

    trails roads parks should get closed way before when fires close

  20. Liz says:

    If they don’t cut the budget by 9.1% today then they are incompetent and out of touch in city hall. Vote accordingly suckers.

  21. Susan A. says:

    Randomly ask people who lived in VOCA if they want to become part of city of Sedona limits and they’ll nose snort and guffaw. Believe it people here aren’t stupid like those in city limits. We live better than they do and don’t waste our money pretending we’re better than everyone else in Arizona be sure we’ve got the address and the peace of paradise. Keep your tourists out of our neighborhoods.

  22. No Rocket Scientist Here says:

    Yes indeed, Susan A. – I hear you loud and clear. And don’t forget the added “city” sales tax. And FYI for those not aware, if you are erroneously being charged city taxes on your utility bills notify the company(s) that it is illegal. The same is true if you are charged Sedona city tax on mail order purchases and don’t live within city limits.

  23. Say What? says:

    Reading some of the reasons to vote yes” on Home Rule as they appear in the voter information pamphlet, here’s a sampling of “quotes:

    Holli Ploog: “Imagine our city without a recycling center, streets without maintenance, shuttering our Library, closing the pool, eliminating funding of parks, reducing police response time, and continuing to fight traffic without any improvements.”

    (And why is it we had a library prior to incorporation? And in uptown Sedona there was, in fact, a Coconino County Sheriff’s Department facility? And yes, the Posse grounds park was here.)

    Kathy Kinsella: “Voting no would result in a State imposed cap on City spending that does not consider the voice of Sedona’s residents.”

    (And since when are the “voices” of Sedona’s residents being honored now? Rezoning in areas where “they” want higher density? Proposed city purchase of the Cultural Park in order to erect a 3-4 story apartment “affordable” for work-force” housing? Doesn’t Nepenthe still exist as one example of failure to honor the reason the development was approved? No, Ms. Kinsella, you are NOT considerate of Sedona residents.)

    Scott Jablow: Essentially conveyed the same message – no funding for Recycles, the Library, Humane Society and . . . (get this) VERDE VALLEY CAREGIVERS!
    BTW – the Sedona Humane Society also existed long before incorporation!

    Jon Thompson: More of the same – a huge amount of city revenue would just have to sit in our bank accounts, not working for us. “Services drastically cut. Traffic relief projects stopped in their tracks. For no good reason at all.”

    (Well guess what Mr. Thompson, when and if the residents of Sedona felt it was important and in THEIR best interest to provide a project in excess of the AZ State Limitation imposed as a result of a “No” vote, it could be placed on a ballot and, yes, provide an opportunity for legitimate residents to make the decision. That would ELIMINATE the existing arrogance of power currently displayed by the constant decisions being made by the Sedona City Council based on what THEY think is best.)

  24. Wm. D. says:

    But gee whiz @Say What. If the “city” had to cut their budget in the event Home Rule failed to pass, then what possible reason could they dream up in order to avoid applying that conditional “sunset clause” included in the most recent .05% tax increase?

  25. Judi says:

    @HolliPloog. You’re fired before you’re hired for being an as stamper…did I get the spelling right? You don’t get to rubber stamp stupid by being stupider than stupid. If you don’t make an effort to learn what the job is about, then move to Cottonwood. Next?!
    @KathyKinsella. Hear that sound? It’s everybody banging their heads against the wall listening to you channel Kamala.
    @ScottJablow. Your performance at the debate was embarrassing and your channeling Joe is excruciating. Please read from the teleprompter.
    @JonThompson. Services drastically cut? Say what?!

    Circling the drain shouldn’t be our future in Sedona.

  26. Braselyn Rutger says:

    stop building & no phony municipal transportation system

  27. Jess Wundrin says:

    In the event Sedona voters actually had the gumption to deny Home Rule aka the Gift to Sedona City Council(?) just how much could this presently seated council do between now and the end of the year?

    With the potential of a new mayor and three displaced council members, what in the world will they be facing if this existing city council fast tracks the awful monstrous concrete parking garage, extension of Forest Road by claiming “eminent domain” to acquire existing houses, purchase of the Cultural Park and who knows what else?

    The residents of Sedona continue to suffer from the formation of Citizen Engagement groups, courtesy of former council member Barbara Litrell. Therein lies a huge source of Sedona’s increasing lack of transparency in my opinion of course.

  28. @jess W says:

    Based upon you negative comments(ad Nausea) thruout the last decade and hatred of all things Government.. There is no amount of transparency on this Earth that will ever satisfy you or others that post here… Your motto…… A sick mind will always find a PRoBLEM to any and all SOLUTIONS..

  29. Rob, Sedona says:

    Take your own advice at @jess w because all you do under multiple names is tear down the person and not facts meaning you’re angry and not others like that Jess Wundrin. “Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Keep the flame Sedona Times and Eye.

  30. Elaine says:

    not reading negatives it’s reading positive feedback by telling those we elect to do what we want, they’re not elected to create new ideas without our permission, they’re elected to sustain quality of life u til they get our permission, we’re all good without their power grabs

  31. Mike says:

    Read Nancy Pelosi husband had to dump his wrongfully gained insider information purchase of NVIDIA shares for a loss. He’s made a fortune doing that in the past with no reckoning and we know the so called loss wasn’t. You expect a nod of approval? He needs to go to jail like Martha Stewart and do some time at least for arrogance. Bring charges now and let the charges include Nancy Pelosi and subordinates who passed along the info and benefitted from the money. If she doesn’t know what goes on in her own house, then why do we trust her in our House?

    Vote accordingly Sedona, because Pelosi supporters (Democrats) are running for council and DORR never saw a tax they could return to the people or listened to persons once elected.

    You Sedona Republicans better get your act together and that’s at the local seats too. This land needs that party’s national civil rights and fiscal conservative policies that help America first. That does more for helping the poor and disadvantaged and minorities than Democrats false promises like the tax that never went away as DORR employees promised.

  32. Jody & Robert W. says:

    For us Tuesday can’t get here quickly enough! Not having a clue what the election outcome will be, we can only anticipate that in the event Sedona LEGITIMATE residents have risen to the occasion, we will definitely see a change of course for Sedona’s future.

    That younger woman vying for Mayor, in our opinions, would have been better off had she run for a city council seat. Trying to bring out the big guns like stating she was raised in Sedona when, in fact, the most we can interpret is that she spent four years at Sedona High School and graduated then subsequently went back to California to attend college doesn’t quite qualify the “was raised here” statement. Oops-

    The most important thing, again our opinion(s), would be to see the defeat of Home Rule. Oh what an upset that would be to the glory of the control freaks who have been in charge of Sedona’s direction for far too long.

    Interesting times.

  33. West Sedona Dave says:

    Well Im to the point I hope home rule fails, so all you uneducated people who think they know what is best will look even dumber than your words!

    You will complain because you lost simple things…Like public works cleaning up after a monsoon….Traffic problems will be the same….STR will not change a thing….

    So I will ask what will you complain about when nothing gets addressed and fixed?

    Still going to rage about being incorporated?….LOL its only been over 3 decades ago….

    As the old saying goes, whats what you wish for, it just might come true! And I will call you bone heads out! FOOLS

  34. Vern, Sedona says:

    Want a suggestion for a municipal transportation system? Letting everyone use their own car when it suits them because time spent waiting in traffic on a bus is the same as in my car and believe me, I don’t associate with bus riders or tourists or suffer the inconveniences busses cause like waiting at bus stops and taking a half hour to get somewhere that myself can do in 5 minutes.

    This town has 2 roads and takes me 20 minutes to drive the entire city when no tourists here. Sedona fix my sewers. Clean up Oak Creek. Create more parks. Save our views. Keep our sky dark. Leave our wildlife sanctuaries for animals not tourists. Turn off the tourist machine and let us get back to quality visitors.

    West Sedona Dave you do realize you’re always a critic against change? You support councilman’s city inadequate performances and lament loss of their (your) powers? The city needs better governance and there’s proof that Home Rule has not provided it? 4 years of trying something new will be good for the city and the residents and it can be changed back.

  35. Lloyd says:

    The audacity of city to purchase raw land and put up cheap housing under the BS guise of affordable and put that or any housing or road on prime view lots is insane. Create a true park out there of barren undisturbed land for walkers and bicycles or even golf carts for communing with nature but no mechanized or hybrid trails on it. Let it be nature first with our Sedona tax money. That’s what we paid a city government to provide. That’s what keeps Sedona a destination. Back to breakfast. Good work Eddie Maddock. You people need to vote.

  36. Christina, VOC says:

    Attention!!!!! We don’t need city council or staff determining housing market here in Sedona and Verde. Stay out of the business and let us do our jobs in real estate.

    Did Quick find on web for you- Sedona 2022 Real Estate Housing Market Statistics and Numbers
    You are here: Home / Sedona Real Estate / Buying / Sedona 2022 Real Estate Housing Market Statistics and Numbers
    July 27, 2022 by Angelo Davis
    Sedona 2022 Real Estate Housing Market Statistics and Numbers The Sedona real estate market saw the lowest number of home sales since last September with almost half as many sales as last June.

    The median home sales price for the month of June was the lowest they’ve been since last August.

    Sedona has seen a decrease of 15.9 percent in the number of homes sold in 2022 when compared to 2021.

  37. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Vern

    Well let me tell you…I have a feeling you think change is making things worse…..You dont think addressing traffic problems isnt change? You dont think getting tourist out of cars isnt change? Adding work force housing isnt change?

    I will ask anyone what will get fixed by doing nothing?????????
    Cutting funding to OUR city services will make living here better?

    What happens when none of our workers can afford to live here? Please take a moment and see how much (if you can find it) cost to rent a room a month in Sedona…Then look how high Cottonwood is…

    Why waste gas to drive to Sedona when you can get the same job in Cottonwood. Make the same money? Same tips? Same tourists?

    People need to wake up…Talk to your servers…talk to your mechanic, talk to any low wage worker…ask them were they live…What they make…how much is their housing? .Its not a surprise, but you sure dont care about everyone, you lack empathy for people who have less. Now the land between Cottonwood and Sedona is limited to 200 spaces to camp on….

    The only power I lost is when our governor signed into law this ridicules STR law that took ALL ARE POWER AWAY, we have a housing crises now! We have now doubled our hotel rooms because of it! And our traffic problem is twofold!

    So you just might want to think again what change really is? Making things worse just to do it? Doing nothing fixes problems? Maybe try and find solutions to the problems that have been put on us, but not created by us?

    Its your call, but saying no will have ramifications way past simple thinking!

  38. An Observation says:

    Good grief That candidate for mayor, Samaire Armstrong, apparently doesn’t know social media is the current rage and not lengthy dissertations as she continues to present mostly on Sedona Eye competition. And it’s definitely labeled as being paid advertising!

    It’s wonderful she supports a publication that supports Home Rule and promotes liberals! Even though “allegedly” no one will read it. However, that might well be true because it became boring before the end of the first paragraph.

    Just another opinion mind you.

  39. Jen says:

    agree w/ observation person

  40. Tony says:

    VOTE then whine whiners

  41. HR, Uptown says:

    Note smart voters backing a single candidate to have a chance to win at least one seat to build on would’ve been good instead of split votes end up losers because the sitting candidates have groups backing them with donations.

  42. Barbara, West Sedona says:

    Sedona is at a reckoning point.

  43. Stella on a roof screaming says:

    voters are a batch of cows on leased land in this green valley and why we can’t get decent people in this area to run says who we’ve become (Deleted by editor) vote you freakin dopeheads and alkies

  44. Wm. D. says:

    Clearly and based on early election results, the efforts of those attempting to make a change in Sedona’s direction have FAILED! Moral of story: City Hall scenario remains status quo – business as usual – AGAIN.

    As for the ballot issue, Home Rule, the scare tactics that go along with the measure – once again – also prevail! Look for the purchase of the Cultural Park and other remaining vacant property to be acquired by city of Sedona, one way or another, and dense building projects to sail through at the whim of developers. Three/four story parking facility, you are about to become reality!

    Sedona residents have no problem with that project and/or whatever may follow. The next time you are delayed by miles and miles of traffic back-ups, just remember. The majority of Sedona residents approved it!

    Sedona voters aren’t you, in fact, your own giant-size enemies to continue allowing this to happen? And some people question why he population of Sedona continues to decrease?

  45. BM says:

    OHalleran back again is like that door locked shut

  46. Bill says:

    Lake won Graham hands down

  47. Ted says:

    If Lake doesn’t win that means the Republican Party can’t win in November because Robson was the one who would guarantee a Democratic win. Leftist Media and supporters are pissed off they couldn’t sink her spirit of fire like a Phoenix she is. Lake for Governor means the outside of state progressives don’t get control.

  48. Jan W. says:

    And the moral of the story remains History repeats over, and over, and over ad inifinitum. Sedona’s versions of: Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

  49. Sedona Ivah says:

    Flagstaff mayor race Becky Daggett led with 50% of the vote followed by incumbent Paul Deasy with 100% of precincts reporting. They will both advance to the November general election. Jeronimo Vasquez beat Tomas Hernandez for a Coconino County Board of Supervisors seat. Bill Diak won nearly 59% of the vote in the race for mayor of Page. Scott Jablow beat out three candidates in Sedona’s mayor race.

    The Coconino County Recorder’s Office reported voter turnout at about 24% with just a little more than 22,000 ballots cast in the primary election.

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