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Eddie Maddock: Surveys versus Polls


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock addresses city of Sedona polls and whether those surveys will have impact and value.

Sedona AZ – Results of city of Sedona’s most recent survey in conjunction with 2024 budget planning were recently released. Sedona claims a population of 9,684 residents, 682 (7.0425%) of whom responded to the city survey.

Considering only the first twelve on the lengthy list offered in the City report, in order of importance, maintaining “Open Space” was at the top: Other options did not come close to matching even half the passion displayed for the desire to pursue vacant land conservation!

Following Open Space as No. 1, they are in order of importance:

Workforce Housing;

Parks & Recreation;

Indoor Recreation Center;

Cottage Communities;

Neighborhood Commercial Facilities;

RV Park or Campground (to serve local or seasonal workforce);

Art Museum;

Business Space for Economic Diversification (office space, low impact manufacturing/production, etc.);

Conference Center;

Homeless Shelter;


Clearly the hot topic of the future of the Cultural Park by preserving its open space remains the overwhelming preferred option with multi-family reasonably priced rentals a lukewarm consideration.

The choice of “other” options for the Cultural Park included 33% preferring restoration of the original use for which the property was acquired – its restoration as a venue for arts and music.

“No” to subdivision road connections prevailed, and ongoing and obvious excessive traffic conditions maintained high ranking on the list of polled complaints.

Along with Open Space, Oak Creek preservation remained important for receiving city funding.

And the idea of electric vehicles and related accommodations ranked last.

As for “housing for the homeless,” the unanswered question of why beggars hang out on street corners when “Help Wanted” signs are posted on so many businesses, remains a mystery.

Also in the report, isn’t it somewhat curious why the mention of the vast city owned acreage in the vicinity of the waste water treatment plant never arises during these efforts to allegedly “find solutions to the ongoing and unanswered problem of reasonably priced workforce housing?”

“Many people often use the word survey to refer to a questionnaire, but it also refers to the entire process of conducting market research by gathering and analyzing data. Poll, however, has a much narrower and more specific definition. It simply means a study in which you ask people their opinions. To be clear, a poll is a type of survey, but not all surveys are polls.”

But let us not forget perhaps the most familiar definition of the term “poll”: “The place where votes are cast or recorded – usually used in plural (at the polls); a counting of votes cast.”

Now here is the Big Question: How will the City Council interpret the results of their own recent survey? By addressing the will of the majority or displaying perceived impropriety by continuing to pursue high density development of the Cultural Park and make other decisions based what they think is best? But that’s their option leaving the voters with really only one safe passage: Vote at the city election polls where it counts. At least we hope – but nowadays even that process is under scrutiny!

To view the city of Sedona poll on its website, click here. Be sure to read poll respondents written comments below the graph.


  1. Ronnie W. says:

    Very interesting read. The last line relating to the voting process carries quite a punch.

    Reference to national election three years ago and then the more recent election of Arizona governor. Too many unanswered questions with the process of counting the ballots so it seems. IMO of course.

  2. Doris W. says:

    Thanks for the clarification about polls/surveys. There is another little issue that over the years which has appeared to be a bit of scheming. Frequently questions are designed in order to obtain specific answers. Sometimes even on ballot measures it becomes puzzling to know if a question about an issue is in support or in opposition. Has anyone else made that observation?

    It will be interesting to find out how the city council addresses the results of this recent poll. Cultural Park property especially. If they rezone and go for dense development then maybe it will be time for the Referendum/Initiative process. That for sure will send a message. It’s worked in the past.

  3. Herm says:

    Staff gives and takes classes in this kind of survey and poll methodology. The goal is to shape opinion by eliciting and controlling its agenda and compilation. Most groups here use it. Truth shading.

  4. George & Suzanne says:

    We are former Idaho residents. Sedona was on our radar for quite a while before retiring and making the decision to move here just a little over a year ago. Some new acquaintances told us about Sedona Eye. Our main reason for commenting is to thank Sedona Eye for providing an authentic source for researching true facts. By going into your Archives offerings it took only a short time to locate at least three eye-opening entries. It’s a rainy day here in Sedona and as a diversion checking out the following links might just be worth the time. Thank you.

    https://sedonaeye.com/sedona-eye-exclusivebreaking-news-on-89a-referendum/ https://sedonaeye.com/perspective-election-analysis-and-prediction/ https://sedonaeye.com/sedona-special-election-results/

  5. Allyson Layfield says:

    Remember the plan to build a walk down by the creek side ? That would have been perfect with these floods .

  6. Sybille says:

    With scientists recent discovery that they were wrong about Greenland (that it really was a tropical paradise with dinosaurs contrary to what teachers said, taught us and believed since their creation) which disproves the myth of climate change theories of Al Gore and his leftist conspiracy theorists fame (remember he’s that old privileged white guy who said he invented the internet when he didn’t?), LET IT RAIN AND SNOW AND BLOW THE DUST AWAY.

  7. Mr. & Mrs. W. Simpson says:

    Thanks George & Suzanne (3/15) for offering the information relating to the 2011 89A Turnback proposal.

    The results of the Referendum and subsequent Initiative ballot proposals are a real eye opener.

    What better examples of the power of the people when they take action instead of just complain.

    United we stand; Divided we fall.

  8. Dina Mite says:

    @Mr. & Mrs. W. Simpson – “United we stand; Divided we fall”. Amen & Hallelujah!

  9. Jon says:

    Nothing is everything, Sedona blowing up red rocks for tourist roads to Cottonwood tourist attractions is financially irresponsible.

  10. Magda Smith, Sedona says:

    @jon Councils believe votes mean power to them when votes mean best of worst options of nongovernance.

  11. Liz says:

    7% is VERY important and should be the force of change for Sedona !!!!!! because ABC news said yesterday less than one half of one percent of US population is LGBTQ++ and they get more attention than people getting murdered or these 7%?????????? no way that’s right because that’s a hell of a lot zeroes people in the LGBTQ++ attention

  12. Say What? says:

    Will someone please explain WTF the comment from “Liz” has to do with the subject of the above article?

  13. @ Say What says:

    It’s just Liz being Liz. You see this is what the right wing hate machine does. Complain about everything, spread lies, and hate anyone different than you. It really is the norm around here….It dosent need to follow anything, just regurgitate hate and bigotry. Hope that helps?

  14. @@say what says:

    What asshile? You calling Sedona 30 7%ers what? Biden’s mom hated gays and blacks and nonCatholics like he said so over and over and they were racists and didn’t care about anything but what they said and would fight you if you disagreed. Watch the tapes and hes everything his mom and dad were and said to do and be and check out his brother and sister. Like Man, get this there’s no there there! Except Joe and @say what, you’re perversions are everywhere in Sedona.

  15. Ray Sedona says:

    ESM – Clearly the hot topic of the future of the Cultural Park by preserving its open space remains the overwhelming preferred option with multi-family reasonably priced rentals a lukewarm consideration.

    Ray – Government housing ideas and builds suck.

  16. Steve says:

    Divided we fall.

  17. Brian Islington, North Phoenix now says:

    Biden admin will do ANYTHING to get his admin off the hot seat for ruining our economy and the train and plane wrecks every other day, riots and murders that nobody gets to go to jail for, 10,000,000 illegals running loose in this country for taxpayers to provide for (there’s your reparation money folks) and Biden wants to arrest Trump for Stormy Daniels money from 7 years ago. Let’s go the full Monty and arrest Bill Clinton for molesting and harassing Monica and causing her 15 years of public humiliation, and arrest Hillary as a co-conspirator for falsely claiming Monica lied when it was Hillary and Billy’s Willy doing the political national manipulation game shame on a powerless young girl. (Embarrassed yet to be a Democrat?) Sedona, we don’t want any illegals or gangs or homeless here dropped off by other area politicians. Sedona Taxpayers First. We pay to play and it’s our rules to spend. It won’t be to spend millions to provide tiny homes WITHOUT TOILETS or RUNNING WATER and more which is called a SHED that cost a million dollars each. We can’t stop laughing here at Californians…

  18. Joe says:

    no way is this going to work out

  19. @brian yea ok says:

    And you wonder why the republicans can’t win an election.: your far right craziness is just as bad as the far left woke crowd. LOL

  20. Vin Lorsong, Uptown says:

    People are tired of being lied to by council, tired of being lied to by council controlled media, tired of narratives, and tired of agendas. We want the truth, plain simple unembellished and simplicity of lives, serenity of surroundings, self responsibility and minimal government interference. We take care of our Sedona own without being told by council. Enough has been said and done, council and staff, now do the basic grunt work of the city and leave the glory caring to us.

  21. Hey Vin says:

    Ok, Im game! Give me a list of things that council lied to you about?

    I will be waiting.

  22. Vin says:

    Basking imagining it.

  23. Maria Irene Usher, Sedona AZ says:

    Pres. Biden just indefinitely blocked oil drilling on millions of acres of federal land here in America. He refuses to turn on the pipeline that gave the poorest of us money in our pockets! DEMAND that President Biden makes America energy independent again! Call Kelly and Sinema and demand they vote for Arizona residents and not Venezuelans and Russians and Chinese polluters! We need more refineries and more oil and we are the lowest polluter in the world while those countries are insanely off the charts and will never cut back on pollution or production! The Chinese uses African child slave labor to mine its chemicals. What is wrong with Biden democrats that they support African child labor and sex trafficking by South America and poisoning girls in Iran under despots because they were found in schools! NO NO NO to this insanity! Why is our President and his party hating the people of America in favor of corrupt politicians and tyrannical governments? WHY? We must work to unelect these radicals in office who ruined our banks ans economy and security while funding militant tyrants worldwide and send aid to those it enemies! This is insane!

  24. @Maria blah blah says:

    Yes and let’s unelected the traders/ or put in prison those who were involved with attempted over turning of a free and fair election (deleted by editor)
    Horrible #traders

  25. Gail, VOC says:

    @brian yea ok
    Note to you: Republicans won midterm elections to make them the majority in House because in 2 yrs proved D’s were (deleted by editor)

  26. Tony says:

    What a stupid comment @Mariablahblah when your comment has nothing to do with her comment. Stop being a California NY Illinois Oregon Washington traitor (think you need to check your nouns while demanding others use correct pronouns). Maybe Illinois is waking up from its black on black crime stupor led by a woke black mayor the voters overwhelmingly voted for until they discovered they elected a bigot and racist and incompetent mayor and kicked that major the hell out of town by the biggest majority ever in its city history – 75% yes slammed to 17% no when the mayor said crime stats were lower while they quadrupled. Dead bodies have an odor when stacking up on streets and in morgues, mayors.

  27. mshobert says:

    All this rhetoric, and all you you weak teats spew your venom, under the cloak of secrecy, cowardice, and fake names…

  28. @gail @Tony says:


  29. Bob, Uptown says:

    decision making process here reeks

  30. JD, West Sedona says:

    Why do you care? @mshobert Didn’t you move away from Sedona? Or have you moved back because you were soooo missed by all of your friends?

    Your obsession with local affairs is peculiar. Especially in the event you actually don’t live here – within incorporated Sedona where your voice MIGHT make a difference.

    Poor fellow. Have you considered seeking advice from a professional?

  31. Earl. Yes to Electoral College says:

    Notice how Democrats are finally saying it was a free and fair election rather than stolen? Somebody call Hillary and tell her to take her chill pill because her party knew it was a free and fair election when she lost her mind screaming how she was supposed to have won because the polls said so. Thank God for the electoral college which does its job to ensure free and fair elections and not national surveys and polls determining winners and losers like in Sedona.

  32. President Biden is Next for Money from China says:

    https://youtu.be/Qivt5xC2fVk (YouTube offsite)

    This radical DA’s campaign funding failed scrutiny and he’s trying to use power grab tactics against his opponents. Trump payment of $150,000 to a hooker six years ago is a personal nondisclosure and no secret due to the hooker failed attempt to blame shame, and no campaign finance law applies because the FBI and the Justice department and the campaign finance committees said it and refused to bring any charges after thoroughly investigating. But it opens the doors to remove Biden Harris for similar campaign fund misuse and this radical DA is after him too.

    This New York DA watched too many “Billions” television shows! He should watch the reruns that showed how the New York DA disgraced himself politically and had to resign by using political dirty tricks against the millionaire he hated personally.

    We know now that Trump did no harm to US as President and did much good. We can’t say the same for Biden Harris now and as a Democrat I am appalled at this repugnant and unethical DA’s grab for personal power. He needs to be sanctioned or re-educated in the Constitutional law he must uphold. Personal vendettas are not how our blind justice begins its works.

  33. Bob Gomez, Sedona AZ says:

    in Russia, Venezuela & Nicaragua prosecutors are used as political weapons to harass, arrest & disqualify candidates …sounds like mshobert without a law degree and a California education

  34. @pres Biden blah says:


  35. mshobert says:

    ‘Lock him up!’ – Sigh…

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