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Eddie Maddock: Surveys versus Polls


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock addresses city of Sedona polls and whether those surveys will have impact and value.

Sedona AZ – Results of city of Sedona’s most recent survey in conjunction with 2024 budget planning were recently released. Sedona claims a population of 9,684 residents, 682 (7.0425%) of whom responded to the city survey.

Considering only the first twelve on the lengthy list offered in the City report, in order of importance, maintaining “Open Space” was at the top: Other options did not come close to matching even half the passion displayed for the desire to pursue vacant land conservation!

Following Open Space as No. 1, they are in order of importance:

Workforce Housing;

Parks & Recreation;

Indoor Recreation Center;

Cottage Communities;

Neighborhood Commercial Facilities;

RV Park or Campground (to serve local or seasonal workforce);

Art Museum;

Business Space for Economic Diversification (office space, low impact manufacturing/production, etc.);

Conference Center;

Homeless Shelter;


Clearly the hot topic of the future of the Cultural Park by preserving its open space remains the overwhelming preferred option with multi-family reasonably priced rentals a lukewarm consideration.

The choice of “other” options for the Cultural Park included 33% preferring restoration of the original use for which the property was acquired – its restoration as a venue for arts and music.

“No” to subdivision road connections prevailed, and ongoing and obvious excessive traffic conditions maintained high ranking on the list of polled complaints.

Along with Open Space, Oak Creek preservation remained important for receiving city funding.

And the idea of electric vehicles and related accommodations ranked last.

As for “housing for the homeless,” the unanswered question of why beggars hang out on street corners when “Help Wanted” signs are posted on so many businesses, remains a mystery.

Also in the report, isn’t it somewhat curious why the mention of the vast city owned acreage in the vicinity of the waste water treatment plant never arises during these efforts to allegedly “find solutions to the ongoing and unanswered problem of reasonably priced workforce housing?”

“Many people often use the word survey to refer to a questionnaire, but it also refers to the entire process of conducting market research by gathering and analyzing data. Poll, however, has a much narrower and more specific definition. It simply means a study in which you ask people their opinions. To be clear, a poll is a type of survey, but not all surveys are polls.”

But let us not forget perhaps the most familiar definition of the term “poll”: “The place where votes are cast or recorded – usually used in plural (at the polls); a counting of votes cast.”

Now here is the Big Question: How will the City Council interpret the results of their own recent survey? By addressing the will of the majority or displaying perceived impropriety by continuing to pursue high density development of the Cultural Park and make other decisions based what they think is best? But that’s their option leaving the voters with really only one safe passage: Vote at the city election polls where it counts. At least we hope – but nowadays even that process is under scrutiny!

To view the city of Sedona poll on its website, click here. Be sure to read poll respondents written comments below the graph.


  1. @Brian says:

    Try and find a Uber or Lyft in this town! They are few and far between! Verde Valley Care Givers is looking for the support that public transit will help. Why is that?

    Ive never seen the VA bus in Sedona? I have in Cottonwood. You tell me.

    Brian, you sound like another Sedona big mouth that has all the opinions but no answers.

  2. @@brian says:

    Sunday Sedonaeye time —- to the nameless nobody —- try getting out of your basement —- lots of transportation options here other than your broomsticks and government grants —- like those bike lanes for your tricycles —-

  3. Shannon Macwelch says:

    OMG you knocked that @@brian out of the rocks

  4. Ngo, UCSD says:


    Today Fox News and Tucker Carlson parted ways after several Democrats demanded in various interviews and news bites that it be done. Like the View singing a song celebrating his departure as saving free speech? Like AOC even speaking about free speech when hers never is in favor of it? Like free speech is in vogue? Today the news said that the President of Russia’s son supposedly fighting for the Fatherland in the Ukraine got a ticket on his sports car in Russia. . . you know, that free speech you’re not supposed to hear? Like another policy failure in Sudan while US intelligence agencies are busy doing what over there? Like the Benghazi debacle was handled by the same people who handled .. nevermind Sedona.. you go right ahead and pretend that Sedona will grow and prosper and you will live happily ever after there as you know it now ..

  5. JBSedona says:

    Under Trump:
    Gasoline is $1.70-2.10 per gallon.
    Interest rates are 2.65% for a 30yr mortgage.
    GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was 33%.
    Inflation is below 2%.
    Best economy ever until COVID and it is recovering well.
    No new wars or conflicts in the last 4 years.
    North Korea under control and no missile tests.
    ISIS defeated
    The housing market is the strongest in over 20 years.
    Homes have appreciated at an unbelievable rate
    Homes sell the fastest in history
    Minority groups led the way in poverty alleviation.
    Black poverty fell by 2.0 percentage points
    Hispanic poverty fell by 1.8 percentage points
    Asian poverty fell by 2.8 percentage points.
    Lowest child poverty rate since 1958
    Lowest poverty rate on record in 2019
    Abraham accords.
    Manufacturing returns to America
    China pays $400B in taxes
    Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000.
    Made America Energy Independent with gas prices averagingg $2.25/gallon.
    Built the world’s most prosperous economy with Inflation at only 1.4%
    Built the world’s most prosperous economy with Inflation at only 1.4%
    Shut down Illegal Immigration with border wall and stay in Mexico policy.
    Only President with the Balls to stand up to China and Russia.
    Historic Trade deals that were actually fair and protected the United States Workers.
    DESTROYED ISIS. Started NO NEW WARS. Ended 1 war and wound down Afghanistan.
    Passed $3.2 trillion in historic tax relief and reformed the tax code.
    Massive Deregulation — Ended the regulatory assault on American Businesses and Workers.
    Ended the Obama Individual Mandate Penalty and saved those without insurance a $600 dollar penalty. Big deal to the middle/lower class.
    Stock Markets into all time highs. After China Virus, employment still pretty good.
    Rebounded well from the China released Covid Virus after China nearly destroyed the world economy.

    Under Biden:
    Did not win the 2020 election.
    Highest inflation in 3 decades.
    Highest unemployment in decades.
    Highest national debt.
    CCP has police stations in major cities.
    Left 8 Billion dollars worth of military equipment, left dogs in cages on tarmac and left Americans to die in Afghanistan.
    “Died suddenly” cause of most deaths in America including children dying from heart attacks.
    Men taking over women’s sports
    ANTIFA getting “get out of jail free”
    Siding with criminals over victims.
    Jailing Christians and war on Catholics.
    Highest gas prices ever.
    Claiming carbon footprint causes global warming taking away gas stoves and rolling blackouts
    Giving the WHO and CDC the right to govern America during health “emergency”
    Creating “Fed Now” social credit system and monetary policy – coming in June
    Pushes CRT and drag queen shows for kids 4-17
    Laundering money in Ukraine
    Shady business deals in China with son Hunter
    Has taken 40% of time in office on vacation.
    This all trickles down to local events. It won’t be long before tourism traffic ceases to be a problem because woke policies and practices will bring down the economy and with that – the country.

  6. @NRGO yea ok says:

    So the democrats are responsible for Tuckers firing!!!??. Like I said YEA OK.. I guess it had nothing to do with the fake news(outright lies) he was peddling to sheep like you.. you ate it up and then ate some more . What a sheepie

  7. @@NRGO yea ok says:

    Actually, chowderhead, RFK, Jr. gave the real reason via twitter:

    Fox fires @TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. For many years, Tucker has had the nation’s biggest audience averaging 3.5 million — 10 times the size of CNN. Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma.

  8. Mike says:

    America, at least as we know it, honestly can’t survive another four years of Joe Biden.
    In just the last two years, he has made every one of our enemies around the world stronger, and America weaker relative to them. In fact, he has gotten many of our former allies to align with our potential future adversaries.
    He’s destroying our economy. We don’t produce energy anymore. Now, we depend more and more on other countries for oil, and on China for batteries and solar panels – all driven by Joe Biden.
    Our borders are completely out of control. Thousands and thousands of people a day just walk right in and pour right into the country, and he’s doing absolutely nothing about it – nothing.
    Our politics domestically is more divided. This is a guy that ran saying he was going to restore us to normal and be a unifier, and yet he spends all his time calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him on some voting bill a segregationist. If you don’t agree with him on some social issues, then you’re a hater, you’re a xenophobe.
    He has the gall today to talk about restoring freedom to America. The only people that have freedom under Joe Biden’s presidency are the people that agree with him or the people that agree with his position on these radical issues.
    Honestly, I mean if we have another four years of Joe Biden, I don’t know what this country is going to look like, but none of us are going to be happy about it.
    By every standard that you would measure a president, this guy’s been a complete and total failure.

  9. @mine @@@nrgo says:

    Oh please you can’t even win any local Sedona elections… Keep posting you nonsense sheep.. Your type are ever decreasing seeing you be nothingness.

  10. @Mike says:

    I will definitely look for another 4 years of Joe…I hope it puts to sleep all the old complainers and puts them out of their misery!

    I guess you wernt around in the late 70s and 80s were you? You do know it was worse dont you? Oh I see your just a big mouth who lives to complain….Kinda obvious from what you post and how you say it.

    So this Buds for you ” 4 more years, 4 more years” LOL

  11. JJ says:

    life’s good

  12. R. N. Sherman, Sedona AZ says:

    Here’s my survey and poll.
    Illegal alien with a history of crime related deportations just murdered in cold blood a 9 year old child and 4 others in Texas. No it wasn’t the gun, moron, it’s the open border politics allowing illegals many of them hardened criminals and gang members to cross our borders over and over with impunity. These murders by illegals aren’t about guns or knives, these murders are about people who have no reason to be allowed inside this country at all and should be held in prisons in their own countries. IT WASNT ABOUT THE GUN, YOU IGNORANT WHITE HOUSE SPINNERS NOT WANTING TO HAVE IT ABOUT THE ILLEGAL ALIEN MURDERER WHO COULD BE HEADED TO ARIZONA AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Guns don’t pull their own triggers and Illegals aren’t here because they’re law abiding. We need to keep our guns for safety if the White House keeps letting in criminals and murderers and sex traffickers and drugs and defunding police.

  13. Jeff, Sedona says:

    Sent by Mark Robinson and worth sharing and supporting a free thinker :

    I’m not African American- just AMERICAN.

    I stand for our national anthem & face the AMERICAN FLAG- not an African flag.

    I stand and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of AMERICA & I kneel before nobody but God almighty.

    I believe ALL LIVES MATTER.

    The liberal media will tell you that makes me a racist & woke Democrats will call me an ‘Uncle Tom.’

    Nothing angers a woke liberal more than a black man that has freed himself from their plantation of welfare & victimhood except for this- a black man that has done so as a proud conservative.

    My name is Mark Robinson & I’m running for Governor of North Carolina.

    This is going to be the most competitive race in America & if we succeed, I’ll be the first black man ever elected to the office.

    I’m the liberal elite’s worst nightmare. Who I am and what I believe in blows a massive hole in their woke narrative & Joe Biden is spending millions to punish me for it.

    So, I’m humbly asking you if you’ll stand with me today as we embark on this historic journey. vote24.us/48Q9TG

    In God we trust & in God we must.

    Let’s make history!

    Mark Robinson
    Candidate for North Carolina Governor

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