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Fraudulent Phone Scam Targeting Coconino County Citizens

Sedona AZ – The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has received several concerns from citizens reporting an apparent phone scam with the caller identified as “Captain Smith of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.” The Sheriff’s Office does not employ a “Captain Smith.”

The scammer poses as local law enforcement, contacting victims and accusing them of failing to appear for jury duty, stating a warrant for their arrest will be issued until the fine is paid. The CCSO does not call to solicit funds or collect fines over the phone.

Remember, CCSO will NEVER call to solicit funds or collect fines over the phone!

Jury summonses are sent through the MAIL and communication through any other medium should be considered suspicious. Anyone receiving such a call should contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office or their local law enforcement.

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a scam by following these crime prevention tips:
• Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, texts, or emails.
• Be cautious of mimicked telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Even if the information
displayed on the caller ID appears the same as a law enforcement or government agency, hang
up and call the agency directly to verify the caller’s legitimacy.
• Never use a phone number provided to you by the caller to verify their credibility.
• Never give money or personal information to someone with whom you don’t have ties and did
not initiate contact with.
• Take your time and trust your instincts: If an unknown caller makes you uncomfortable or says
things that don’t sound right, hang up!

Remember, you will never be contacted by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department by phone to pay fines or to solicit funds. Hang up and call the Sheriff’s Department to report any suspected scam.

CCSO Public Information Office may be reached at (928) 226-5089 and Silent Witness at (928) 774-6111.


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