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Eddie Maddock: Hip Hip Hooree’ it is 2023


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock welcomes 2023.

Sedona  AZ  Sure enough, the page has been turned on at least a few of the many calendars generally distributed prior to the end of a year. Not only have we changed calendars, but in just a few short days January will become history.

Even under stressful conditions relating to predicted economic uncertainties, City Council members are enthusiastically addressing both new and old issues with vim and vigor. For the record, our city council consists of Mayor Scott Jablow, Vice Mayor Holli Ploog, and Council members Jessica Williamson, Melissa Dunn, Brian Fultz, Pete Furman and Kathy Kinsella.

Just for fun how about we rewrite the words to a song with which most – if not all of us – are familiar, the Alphabet Song first copyrighted in 1835. If we apply it to the Sedona City Council, here is one possible version:



C – You’re COMMITTED to the task;



F – FACING FRIENDS and FOES at that;

G – You look GOOD to us;

H – HEROES in all our books;

I – ICONS of course in your own way;

J – JOYFUL people;

K – KIND individuals;

L – LISTEN while you hope and pray;

M, N, O, P we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK;

U – YOU have the best of plans?

V – VARIED in efficient hands?

W, X, Y, Z.

City of Sedona Council chamber

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

*A variation of the above might include:  W – While smiling most all of the time; X – On the ballot sheet gave you your council seat; Y – only you can answer that; Z – if you let us down is there any doubt it’s Zippo if you don’t perform!

Now then, if by chance anyone happens to read this particular rendition of the 1835 Alphabet Song and finds it a bit too flattering, offered below is another version you might find more appealing:

ALPHABET SONG (version #2)

A – You’re ANNOYING;

B – Somewhat BORING;

C – Even CAUSTIC now and then.



F – FAILING some of us again.

G – You seem GRIM to us;

H – HAVE you all missed the bus?

I – Stuck IN your little outer space?

J – JOIN the real world;

K – KEEP level headed;

L – LEAVE special favors at the door.

M, N, O, P – we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK.

U – YOU fail to honor “stuff”

V – And VOTE for a bunch of fluff.

W, X, Y, Z.

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

So there you have it. Two versions of the Alphabet Song dedicated to all Sedona City Council members, past and present.

However and it would be unfair to dismiss acknowledging  the courage and dedication it surely must take for all candidates, winners, and losers to go through the process and run for City Council. Whatever the reasons for throwing their hats in the ring, the time and effort they spend researching and attending meetings indicates a dedication that many people do not have.

Isn’t it only fair to wish good luck to the City of Sedona during this new year of 2023 and many more to come?



  1. @rocket says:

    @nsd ditto

  2. San Diego Three says:

    Thanks Buddy for putting a comment up we’re off as planned early. Trails not what expected & extreme cold brought wrong clothes, room costs not meeting standards for resort (removed by editor) food at (deleted by editor) barely ok, check out my review on Yelp and Travel Advisor and my travel site (removed by editor) liked jeep tour and views off Cathedral rock. Cave Creek best trails Arizona still.

  3. Sedona future says:

    hey saw your name do appreciate your continued and active concern for the Sedona environment rocket and for educating us that EV Ford trucks have 150 lbs more metal than EVs so the environment is impacted far worse especially the Amazon where minerals and chemicals are stripped mined and water chemicalized

    in a sound bite Buying EVs Destroys Amazon

  4. Archie Mendez says:

    I don’t know why there aren’t massive protests in Arizona by now

    They’ve rigged the last 2 elections and even shut down Maricopa machines right in front of our faces in 2022

    Our Arizona border is wide open

    The Drug Cartels control our government

    Where is the public outrage?!

    and @San Diego Three – there’s 300 trails in Sedona. Perhaps you need to check the weather before you get here, contact local guides and USFS for recommendations, look for hotels in the Village of Oak Creek where you don’t have to pay 13% bed tax, and ask a local for food recommendations. Most can tell you that the jeep tours are not first-rate and a driving tour of Red Rock Loop and Hwy 179 will give you some of the best views without the crowds or the prices.

    @Sedona Future – I can hardly wait until some City official has to call an Uber because his EV is out of battery and it takes hours to charge it up.

  5. Vedette Ivanoski, Flagstaff says:

    Seriously Sedona? Future cruising our highways is over. Tell the big spenders at city hall and Biden tax and spend on NGOs bypassing accountability. Russia sent 4 planes over Alaska within last 24 hrs and China sent balloons across the entire nation without recourse. Wars and Inflation don’t give you tourists or stable jobs and survivor is an island within flight range of China and Russia. Europe isn’t safe and better stay home because no country has food or medicines to last for more than a couple weeks. Why do you think cartels and crime families are shipping illegals by the millions and making billions and billions off your inaction?

  6. Pete says:

    Life in Sedona is good and could be better.

  7. JT says:

    Heard all balloon tours have been canceled in Sedona?

  8. Leon says:

    Sedona may have a windfall to pay its new tax bills. Less not more people.

    Here’s a movie script for you to think about.

    Millions of fentanyl pills shipped to a country to put in municipal water systems and lakes and ponds and water treatment plants by cartels who pay millions of illegal and unregistered aliens to distribute and dispense pills or face death. Each month enough to kill the entire population is shipped by cartels from countries that make drugs – an example would be just like China does now for US. State and federal governments use big stadiums, massive warehouses to hold corpses which trains and trucks ship and distribute for electrical plants to produce power. The new government issues a $600 check for the deceased person’s estate. “Voluntary” authorization by people on drivers licenses (like US organ donations) will get a payout of $1400 to their estate instead of $600 which incentivizes suicide and murder.

    Just thinkin. Just sayin.

  9. Susan says:

    Leon its been done. Google Movie Jim Jones Guyana, they killed politicians trying to interfere ?!?!

  10. Jeff Estrada says:

    Sedona views come free & paid for thank you God and Mother Earth priceless unless councilors control our money & it’s spend it baby

  11. TPD says:

    Calling for stronger HOAs and stronger commitments to keeping trails and roadways pristine and safe and secure and no affordable housing for illegal aliens. Pitch in volunteers too and give locals tax breaks.

  12. Carl says:

    Ditto Jeff

  13. EvaVargasSouth345 says:

    city needs love not outsiders hate, luv ya Sedona, love ya ESM for loving Sedona

  14. Lisa, VOC says:

    VOC is nicer than Sedona and we get to drive loop road &179 to see best views. NFS thankfully keeps urbanization off our backs.

  15. Mary Ellen, Sedona says:

    @tpd. City always gets in way of volunteers, it even wants to politicize trash pickups. Grab a bag, pick up trash, and do your best on your own.

  16. Roy says:

    Try coming up the hill from Phx in electric vehicles after accident closes 17 for hours. Electric cars don’t “glide” in neutral either but sit like the lumps of hot plastic and cheap steel they are when battery dies. Going cross country on desert roads is over with EVs. Government got you by the balls people to keep you in place and dependent.

  17. Adamant Opposition says:

    Talked with restaurants here and not one kitchen cook chef will accept interference with having cheap efficient gas to cook with from anybody. They say get out of our kitchen heat stove business. They’re not alone ask almost every person if they want to be told they can’t if they want it.

  18. Gloria says:

    sick of winter

  19. Dave, West Sedona says:

    Sedona is beautiful every day of the year, go home if you don’t like it’s weather and like the man said watch weather app or eat at Mickey D’s for thrifty budgets.

  20. Archie says:

    @Dave West Sedona Hip Hip Hooree and Man, do I agree? YES!!!

  21. Josephine W. says:

    You make a good point @Dave, West Sedona.

    Sedona IS beautiful every day of the year but isn’t it a shame that greedy lust for making money so frequently interferes with Mother Nature and our natural environment? People visit and are so enthralled with the charm that many end up moving here in order to escape from wherever they were living.

    And then unfortunately many of those same people, once they settle in, have the urge to change Sedona and create similar living conditions from which they gave up. East coast, west coast, middle of the U.S. it doesn’t seem to make much difference. We continue to hear about “. . . the way it was done . . . ” back in Timbuktu or wherever.

    Why do you suppose “they” don’t just pack up and go back to the places that apparently they continue to miss instead of the ongoing battle to change Sedona into what it is NOT?

  22. IrishO, Sedona says:

    Sedona is definition of middle class happy place.

  23. Bob, Sedona says:

    morning, more answers needed the less you’ll get them from authorities at city, why’s it ok they do that?

  24. JD, West Sedona says:

    ” . . . more answers needed the less you’ll get them from authorities at city, why’s it ok they do that?” @Bob, Sedona

    Well, Sir, they do that because the people who elected them tolerate it. Can anyone else come up with another reason?

  25. Sedona Relative says:

    2023 sucks

  26. Pandora's Box says:

    “2023 sucks” @Sedona Relative.

    And it’s only April 3rd. Brace yourself for a bumpy nine months yet to come.

    If this persistent ominous trend of daily windy conditions is an indication, reaching 2024 will be a challenge. Survival of the fittest? Nationally AND locally . . .

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