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Eddie Maddock: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock suggests the Sedona mayor know the limits of Sedona as he steps into the Council role.

Sedona AZ – Two major political parties have dominated election policies since shortly after establishing the “republic” of the United States. Since the 1850’s they have been known as the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Social, cultural, and economic changes over the years have altered positions of the two parties which increases ongoing opinionated verbal battles. While this stands as, perhaps, common and acceptable practice on a national level is it appropriate and in the best interest of incorporated Sedona to apply it locally?

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Sedona voters elected present city council member and currently appointed Vice Mayor Scott Jablow to serve as the Mayor of Sedona for the next two-year term. A resident of Sedona since 2010, Mr. Jablow was a member of the board of directors for the Sedona Oak Creek Fire District as well as the Sedona City Planning & Zoning Commission and Personnel Board. He was first elected as a member of the Sedona City Council in 2014, and appointed to serve as Vice Mayor by other council members in 2020.

Because of his past affiliation with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Mr. Jablow was instrumental – and essentially made it possible – for Sedona to permanently showcase the 3000 lb. Girder 9/11 Memorial display located in front of our Sedona Fire District Station #6.

Clearly Mr. Jablow is a dedicated Sedona resident, informed and knowledgeable about city government policies and operational proceedings and well qualified to serve as the leader of the incorporated city of Sedona.

Incorporated.” Therein resides the operative word because “incorporated” Sedona does not encompass the same geographical boundaries of the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School “District” and/or the Sedona Fire “District.” Similar to both the fire and school “districts” the local Chamber of Commerce is not an operational function of the “City” of Sedona.

An ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles just to drive through Sedona city limits and Oak Creek canyon in order to reach destinations beyond.

In fact and akin to the school and fire districts, the alleged “Sedona” Chamber of Commerce (Sedona in name only) does NOT perform as an official department of incorporated Sedona. In fact, how could that be possible when so many of its dues-paying members are not even located within Sedona City Limits and thus do not collect city sales tax? The Chamber continues to promote only its “members” at THEIR uptown Visitor’s Center – again NOT officially that of the city of Sedona.

So why does the City of Sedona continue to come up with lame excuses for annually funding the Chamber with public revenue?

Of course this is old news, but perhaps worthy enough to remind local businesses presently struggling to keep afloat during these difficult economic times that their competitors – outside of City Limits – who are members of the Chamber of Commerce and NOT collecting Sedona sales taxes receive priority promotion from the Sedona city financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center located uptown. Discrimination?

The purpose of bringing this up time and time again is as a reminder of the perceived impropriety of legitimately operating an incorporated city without honoring the boundaries of the area. (Ref:  “Sedona City Limits 101” July 15, 2015) Frequently we have had elected officials who either don’t seem to know the difference — or else they just plain don’t care! And why is that? Might there be reasons unknown to the public?

November 8, 2022 Sedona Arizona voters within city limits elected candidate Scott Jablow to the position of city mayor.

An easy solution to this situation would be for our newly elected mayor, Scott Jablow, to set the record straight. And how so? When and if people outside “his” jurisdiction attempt to use the politics of Sedona for any reason, politely inform those people that in order to accommodate their requests they must go through the legal process to “annex” into the incorporated area and thus become an official part of the solution instead of just another persistent problem.

Why has Sedona resorted to a two-party partisan system, exemplified by the recent mayoral run-off, and confuse what previously was a relatively easy process? Realistically aren’t we all just “people” identified primarily by first and last names, attempting to survive in today’s world of turmoil?

Maybe Mr. Scott Jablow might consider championing an effort to terminate funding the Chamber of Commerce for any reason, including as a “tourism bureau.” There are numerous examples of how promoting tourism can fairly be accomplished without controversy.

Please – stop this ongoing battle. Hasn’t it gone on far too long already? Why not take the opportunity to not only make Sedona beautiful again, but also respectable by limiting “Democrat” and “Republican” labels to national politics?


  1. PS From Simon says:

    For the record, my previous comment was directed at a response from someone identified as “Prime Time?” 1/11/23: “Are you all their?” “Your a complete joke and a lair.” “Your a hack.” Wow – class act all right.

    I rest my case.

  2. @PS says:

    After all those psychotic posts, filled with hate, lies, over the top rhetoric. Thats what you found problems with?…You are priceless, now go back a few pages and and give us more of your grammatical wisdom!

  3. Jim, West Sedona says:

    @@ps. You used up one of my 3 weekly kindness gifts and it pisses me off to waste it on you.

  4. Blackwell & Mestas says:

    Twitter and Meta and other files show collusion between Democrats in powerful positions trying to hoax American citizens during the last election. They used social media and newspapers and radio and positions of power in DC.

    Polls show 7 in 10 FOOLED voters continue to believe Russia got Trump elected and it is now an American government investigated and proven lie. There was no collusion or influence by Russians in the Clinton Trump election that impacted its outcome. NONE. FACT.

    Pres Biden blames Russia and Ukraine now for high gas prices and Democrats are claiming conspiracy on finding Biden files in his garage and his Penn offices. NO IT’S NOT RUSSIA. It’s China’s woke leftist bedmates – Democrats.

    It seems China is up the arses or in the wallets of every Democrat from Biden on down. And on Hunter’s spoon fed life.

  5. Orlayne, west side Sedona says:

    enjoy fun weekend

  6. Genesis says:

    Why do city councils never try to improve Sedona? They’re always trying to destroy nature in favor of government taxation projects.

  7. Nancy Watson says:

    IMO city councils actually think they are trying to IMPROVE Sedona by ignoring what a good many of Sedona residents really want. City council members under the direction of city staff seem to believe THEY know what is BEST and to hell with residential desires. The intent of incorporating Sedona as had been mentioned numerous times was to maintain a small town character and what happened? The exact OPPOSITE.

    And why is that? IMO it’s because developers manage to get those elected to the city council and most likely even City Hall employees to jump on the propaganda agenda that development is really what’s best for this rapidly declining city.

    Tourists are gradually becoming clued into the demise of what was once a really very special place because of the natural beauty and NOT the creation of a bunch of egotistic elitist wannabes that have controlled City Hall for far too long.

    Whose fault is that? The VOTING residents of Sedona because clearly the majority of them want it the way it is! Wake up.

  8. Mitch says:

    @Genesis appreciate the way you looked at “government taxation projects” which is true and thanks for the boot about it. city is like a HOA on cocaine.

  9. @Nancy says:

    You say THEY know what is BEST and to hell with residential desires. The intent of incorporating Sedona as had been mentioned numerous times was to maintain a small town character and what happened? The exact OPPOSITE.

    I say Sedona is an urban tourist attraction. MOVE OUT OF MY CITY.

  10. Nancy Watson says:

    How many tourists is incorporated Sedona equipped to accommodate @@Nancy?

    It’s doubtful that even one single person who has lived in Sedona over the years wasn’t aware when they moved here that it was a “tourist” attraction. Isn’t that how most if not all learned about Sedona?

    However it’s common knowledge the basic responsibility of a city or town whether or not an “urban tourist attraction” is to prioritize health, safety, and welfare of both residents and tourists.

    Overbuilding and poor planning deflecting from that basic purpose is careless and dangerous and why shouldn’t those allowing it to happen be held personally responsible in the event of disaster?

    Don’t say it will never happen to you. Ask victims of flood and fire disasters in California and elsewhere if you don’t believe it.

  11. Ynez Smadur, Valley says:

    Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are infiltrating our Arizona communities with CRIME and DRUGS and Sedona’s a prime example of how it creeps in with locals and tourists accepting and turning a blind eye.

  12. Strawberry Shortcake says:

    My daughter quit wanting to be an EMT because it’s not safe for her with the lawlessness. Your life and your friends and neighbors won’t get saved by a compassionate young woman because you don’t protect her or 911 services. as

  13. Phil says:

    Yuma county officials are saying the county is on the edge of collapse as illegal migrants by the thousands are flooding its streets. Hospitals cannot provide services and running out of supplies as migrants swarm government and private hospitals and clinics. 1.2 million gotaways are coming north and are in our forests and it’s not safe and their feces and trash is destroying our economy and environment! Disgusting! You want asylum then get it the right way. Don’t use your out of control inclusiveness as you destroy our country, Democrat haters, and Yavapai and Coconino get your government in order and stop allowing lawbreakers into our backyards and places of business. There’s cartels out there and drugs for the asking, Sedona.

  14. Luca and Maria Guerro says:

    its cold up here-going home no vacay here-timeshare mediocre

  15. Kristen says:


  16. George says:

    Gov Hobbs shipping illegal aliens north from the border. It’s called redistribution by Democrats and no Democrat is opposed to it now but harassed Republican Gov Ducey when he did it. Two faced bigots. How many small business owners will the Democrats in Arizona force out of business like they do in California? Small businesses pay 90% of the taxes collected and without them America largesse ceases to exist. Shop locally and help out your neighbors keep jobs and stable local economy. Keep illegals out of our communities until they are vetted and processed and registered. Send back the criminals and people unwilling to work and never let someone camp on our streets and forests and deserts. According to locals on here there are plenty of jobs so make them work or get out. No public assistance when jobs are available.

  17. Chris T. says:

    Unless the US borders are closed – SEALED – to the current practice of allowing a literal Free-For-All, things will only get worse. Action for change to STOP it must occur at the national level. People have been welcomed to this country since it was in existence but ONLY by following and enforcing rational rules and procedures. Just think – unknown and potential distributors of lethal drugs will be wandering and invading the streets of Sedona. And you thought Doug Ducey’s policy to allow short term rentals was horrible? This city council simply needs to confront the serious problem and make a decision NOW to discourage more freeloaders to infest our area. If they don’t, then it’s time for a recall.

  18. @chris says:

    Looking forward to the “so called” influx I need laborers.. come one come all

  19. Sedona Darmah says:

    Go get those assbites off the streets in LA San Fran Barstow Phoenix NVM you’re just like them you’re lazy and want illegal path to easy money and street cred, you deserve to lose everything you gained by following rules and give it to illegals because you encourage them not to do it

  20. Kyleah B. Patel says:


  21. Queenie of Sedona says:


    You people are incapable of remembering history. You people should recall Sedona of a couple of decades ago before we allowed low class people to move in and take over neighborhoods government and city council. Yearning for good old days Sedona Eye.

  22. Marge says:

    @@Chris So you need need “laborers”? Well have you approached any of the freeloaders generally loitering around West Sedona corners with their signs asking for handouts? Apparently all too many of the illegal entries in this country aren’t interested in working for money. Why should they when Uncle Joe and his backers of socialists are all too willing to use the money from hard working American CITIZENS to foot the bill for criminals? And without following the laws of entry isn’t that exactly what they are? CRIMINALS?

  23. Sedona Adrienne says:

    when laws get broken the lawbreakers must pay or no civil society, if city hires illegals then city should pay fines and lose its right to hire use – Everify – if any person in city employs undocumented workers then they should be fined heavily and lose business licenses – enforce the laws we have

  24. Fawning says:

    part of the solution

  25. Eli Glass says:

    News showed NYC illegals causing a major anti America slapback complaining the $300 night 3 star hotel wasnt good enough for them, making my charitable feelings and contributions stop immediately. Hotel said wild sex parties and alcohol and drugs fueled room destruction was the typical behavior. They were wearing expensive clothes and had plenty of disposable money to eat in local restaurants and shop in stores and NYC is paying that hotel over 2 million a MONTH for these ungrateful BSers. No way they needed sanctuary. No need for them to get jobs because we give them free money and support. Get out of my country unless you’re able to live by our rules. Let somebody deserving come in and ship them out and watch out Sedona for them.

  26. @Marge says:

    Predictable response

  27. Leroy Johnson says:

    Man those Illegals are hard workers … Glad there coming back Up to Sedona

  28. Ben Solomon says:

    What’s your problem @@Marge? Besides the truth in writing hurting too much?

  29. @ELI says:

    Yea ok “you made charitable contributions” to aid illegals…!!?? I repeat yea ok

  30. Eli Glass says:

    The anonymous @ signers failure to address issues and craft a decent argument construct are typical woke and why their kind are the real deplorables.

  31. @ELI says:

    Nope not WOKE.. and your not only angry and your WRONG about most things as well. Your NOT that enlightened just angry(as usual).

  32. Jim, West Sedona says:

    full on support for your words Eli Glass and man don’t waste time replying to woke, they’ll be eaten by their own in good time

  33. Michele says:

    Why city would build for low income is astoundingly stupid and shortsighted. We had the lowest interest rates in century for a mortgage and almost everyone in America with a job qualified for a loan to buy housing. This city can’t get its act together because of nepotism and nepotism alone. The markets here work so well to get teachers and EMTs and more into homes that’s it’s crazy to suggest otherwise. No ready (realty) company has any problem getting loans for any customer in any price range here from low to high. Stop padding your wallets at city hall.

  34. Leon and Kelly says:

    There’s no biz needing laborers in Sedona. Our city nurseries disappeared because city approved timeshares on their land in an effort to improve tourism years ago. This city is small enough one lawn mower covers all of its open space in one week. Roofing and utility companies don’t need illegal laborers, neither do timeshares and resorts. Answer this out there bizzes – workers street gossip is bizzes let people go after year or two to keep them from becoming dependent and too familiar about their jobs. Just askin’ Sedona bizzes rumor mill cuz it seems to happen alot and bizzes know demand for jobs are sky high and can pay minimum and get good help. Eh?

  35. @Michele says:

    Wrong the city isnt building low income housing. Its called workforce housing based on someone actually working in the city limits and the rent price based on their income.

    What a shame, people so stupid and ignorant that they dont know the difference? Or is it just lying to get others riled up with the wrong information?

  36. TG says:

    @michele I expected you to crawl out of city hall shadows with your whining about a term for lower income housing being mislabeled. . . and yes, city is. That’s why you are part of the problem here. Not once did you actually respond to the proven economic reasons why lower income housing generated by any body of government body is a stupid idea; when you’ve read the government reports, studied the evidence and statistics, do come back and say you’re wrong . . . minus the rum and toke.

  37. @TG says:

    Govt reports??!! Oh now you believe the govt.. lol!!How convenient!!! I repeat LOL

  38. Lena and Joan says:

    Had a great 4 day weekend in Sedona … what a beautiful place… can’t understand all the complaining around here. I guess hate makes hate and negativity leads to more and more complaints…

  39. Flagstaff Highs says:

    Sedona’s ok w/Flagstaff trails & pipes & SFP

  40. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson says:

    Why would Sedona Eye even waste time featuring a headline photo of a “mayor” who ONLY acknowledges “the readers” of a competitive online publication? As an elected official shouldn’t he recognize ALL Sedona “city” residents equally? Discrimination? Next election, Sedona Eye readers, keep that in mind.

  41. Jeff, Cottonwood says:

    House Democrats and Republicans MUST investigate the Liberal New York prosecutor’s witch hunt against a former President and candidate regardless of party! Sign now before President Trump’s arrest tomorrow on a $150,000 campaign issue from SEVEN years ago that the FBI and the Justice department said nothing there and refused to even consider charges!

    Check Gov Hobbs campaign use now! Investigate NY prosecutor!

  42. @Jeff says:

    About time he’s getting charged with something if not for leading an insurrection.

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