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Nationalize Gas and Oil Companies

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


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This should make Americans ask the fundamental question: What is the difference between what a public non-profit utility company provides and what a private for-profit oil company provides? After all, they both sell energy to all United States citizens.

The difference is that natural gas and electricity are sold in the form of a public good, whereas oil is sold in the form of a private good. Accordingly, on the grounds of promoting national security, the United States Congress should convert all oil companies to utility companies. This would eliminate the windfall profits and force the oil industry to earn just enough income to cover operating expenses just as natural gas and electric utility companies are required to do.

The resulting drop in gasoline prices would further stimulate the economy and lighten the energy stranglehold upon the United States by the Middle East. It would also eliminate the influence of the oil lobby.

In this case, desperate times call for deliberate measures. But as pathetic as the energy policy is in the United States, the effort to develop alternative sources of energy won’t really be accelerated until the oil dries up and the Saudi’s place solar cells all across their desert and then sell us the electricity.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH


  1. Nims says:

    Most utility companies are for-profit, although they are tightly regulated

  2. E. C. Haffner says:

    Why would it ever be in your best interests to nationalize any company? Government is the most inefficient and bloated “corporation” on the planet. They will stifle desire to be more efficient and it is counter to our efficient and highly regulated oil and gas companies of today. California is the best example of why nationalized or state-owned utilities are massive failures – equipment upgrades are almost nonexistent and innovation that surrounds CA in other states and countries are never considered because of its unions and state protection of paychecks. Please reconsider your hypothesis. Have you seen the ecological damage that digging for the goods to manufacture recyclables costs our environment? It’s an eye opener and makes one reconsider why green isn’t greener and that fossil fuels with strict environmental guidelines are best for the globe. You will never see China or Russia ever stop using fossil fuels or ever regulate for clean and green initiatives, and they are the biggest global polluters while the US is among the lesser polluters globally. Do your own research and stop believing what pop culture and ad driven media offers as how-to information.

  3. Ulele Kissane says:

    @Joe I’m from Tunisia and living there makes you NEVER like government. United States of America is God’s gift to my parents and my sisters and me after we saved money to come here. To hate this country is wrong, and it’s time to recognize gifts from family back and forward.

    Slaves from Africa and Europe and Asia and South America sacrificed for their children to be better. The land of opportunity offers them more than they would ever earn in their old countries. Be happy for your blessings instead of miserable for a life that wouldn’t have cared if you lived or died.

  4. Quinn Thompson says:

    ?Do you know what solar cells do to the land? Seriously man you got to do more reading about your ideas and be receptive to other voices. Lots of holes in your words.

  5. Dave, VOC says:

    I’m tired of being responsible for past poor decisions. How about you? Time for people to realize we have the perfect life here and we need to keep it as is. Don’t like it then move on, lots of global real estate. You won’t be missed and you can experiment there. We’re all good here.

  6. Maria Zakiah L. Garcia, Flagstaff AZ says:

    Youre wanting solar power? Go do solar. Buying solar panels assisted by government help is like us. Put on your roof and if its great, others follow. If its a government lie, then we will be fine with many choices because we lived where government gave no choices and impossible to survive there.

  7. Barbara Sherman says:

    Oil isn’t the problem, it’s more of the solution. Shout out to Czech Republic and Slovakia for their tanks aid to Ukraine. In most world opinions Russians are genocidal perverts that should be convicted and shot for war crimes and their oil should never be bought by America or its Allies or UN members. The evidence is clear and unmistakable and on videos that Russians are genocidal murderers lead by the same in Putin. You ought to be worrying about nowadays and not the future.

  8. Tanner Collins, Tucson says:

    Right @barbara

  9. Jason Smith says:

    Bet the Russians will never have ECO FRIENDLY PLUG IN AND GO tanks and cars and jeeps and airplanes. You stupid liberals are all the same – stupid liberals. BTW China just flew 6 warplanes into Serbia, a European country that courted a Chinese investment and has become a Silk Road Chinese carpetbagger heaven. Are you brain dead on dope what is happening here in your eco green utopian anti pipeline mania???? Turn the pipeline back on!! Hey Sweden and Finland and Ukraine and Serbia into NATO yesterday. China has billions of people to repopulate any nuked territory at its command. Remember that.

  10. @jason says:

    Oh Jason
    Your outrage” is so so cute.

  11. Jason Smith says:

    @jason you’re not my type, I prefer pretty and intelligent.

  12. TKF says:

    In December Pres Biden said inflation was at its peak. He also said BBB would help grow the economy but has fueled it to outrageous heights with the pieces approved. This government hates the poor and middle class. He wants us to pretend it’s Putin’s fault and it’s not and if it was then why aren’t we doing something to bring Putin down?

  13. Nancy says:

    California gas prices keeping us from going for Easter to visit family. Neighbors aren’t even driving down to Chandler.

  14. Van Dyke says:

    US and other nations have given Russia almost a billion dollars in oil revenues in one month and given Ukraine only 100s of millions.

    Russian government has told its soldiers that Ukrainians are dirt and they are to rid the world of every trace of Ukraine and its people. Genocide in Rwanda and Ukraine and Congo and China and other nations must never be accepted by any human on earth.

    They will come for you next. Turn on the freedom pipeline , our Keystone to independence. To those who support Russia in this war no matter in this world, they need to be treated as traitors no matter where they live and bank accounts and animals discards like Canada does.

  15. Dick says:

    Russians need to be sent a message they don’t like.

  16. Krissy Lee, Flagstaff says:

    Here’s info and be safe out there. Help your neighbors and protect the animals. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/tunnel-fire-burns-north-of-flagstaff-along-highway-89.amp

    They’re turning off electricity to keep people safe I herd.

  17. Richard, Camp Verde says:

    Time to decide how much self flagellation we employer and worker class have to do to prevent the poor and disadvantaged we support with government welfare, state and federal taxes, and social programmes. While Kamala wears Converse sneakers and Joe writes a letter urging more money for Ukraine but includes Afghan names and programmes…what say you about doing right by demanding our pipeline is mandatory and time to fire and hold up for Justice Dept investigation many in the White House supporting Russian and Chinese goals? Time to decide.

  18. West Sedona Dave says:

    This thread is to funny but not surprising….Yea lets take over the oil companies like the same socialists you despise…..Talk about dumb uneducated rubes…..Man you nailed it!…………………….What is the next hypocrisy you will cry out?…..

  19. Michele - Opinion says:

    Keystone Pipeline is a No brainer for climate control and removing control of our oil and gas from Russia and China and Saudis. Tell Hunter Biden and Biden family no more dollars for their slush funds. The laptop proved it. Now the justice dept needs to uphold its oath to the American people. No Ministry of Disinformation in America ever! It’s unAmerican and it’s socialistic and communistic.

  20. Carl says:

    Our gas prices at the pump are 3 times what they were last year under Trump administration. Why? Is the Biden administration is aligned with Russia and China?

    The Biden administration destroyed our energy independence, threatened our nation’s security by doing that, and gave Russia the greenlight to take over Europe and former Soviet Union countries that declared independence. The Biden administration has taken higher wages and killed the benefit with inflation that’s so high it makes us earn less. The Biden administration supports not investigating Biden’s son whose laptop was legitimate. Our financial safe haven has exploded under the Biden administration. Now he’s raised interest rates. Beginning to be fearful the country is headed down the abyss?

  21. @Carl says:

    Where ever you get your news from STOP, your making a fool out of yourself! Nothing you posted is even close to reality! (Deleted by editor)

  22. Permits won’t happen says Biden admin says:

    Biden lies that inflation is his top priority administration, but he cancelled oil and lease sale at Interior Dept today and blamed industry for “lack of interest”.

    Catastrophic lie. Why would any company including a local housing developer pay for a leases that it can’t get PERMITS for???!!!

    Washington Post blamed Biden today for inflation policies and they’re in the progressive Democrats pockets. Not the fault of Ukraine or Russia but the fault of the canceled Keystone Pipeline and failure of the various government departments to help grow the economy. Biden wants inflation.

    Nobody blames Trump, tell the idiots in the White House. Fire the communists advising the President and get smarter people.

    Capitalism is the savior of the poor and it’s funded by the rich and the poor together. Stop drinking drug bubbles and start getting back to work and get us back to a civil society where we all are American Best.

    Give the permits and give the oil and gas leases now.

  23. AT says:

    America and the world runs on gas and oil and will for centuries. I’m pro eco friendly but not pro eco stupid.

  24. Andrea says:

    Gas taxes fund highway and bridge building. Go ahead and change to electric. Goodbye new roads. Goodbye new bridges. Goodbye funds to fix them except by taxing the taxpayers who should start saving for poverty now.

  25. Lyndsey Wang, Seattle area says:

    Washington state has begun to reprogram gas stations to sell at $10 and above per gallon prices. Thank you President Biden because you are responsible. Now our family wishes that we had voted Republican. In November we will not be voting Democrat. My CA family will be voting Republican and they want Arnold back. No one likes the Vice President and hope she will offer her resignation soon. We love Sedona and will visit again for a day in the future. For now American gas prices will keep us from traveling on auto trips. Our stays will be closer to home with family and friends. (Deleted by editor) thank (Deleted by editor).

  26. @Lyndsey says:

    Hey Thnks for sharing.. (deleted by editor)

  27. Fawn Berkeley says:

    @lyn seattle don’t blame me either I voted for trump order a sign or shirt from amazon

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