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Nationalize Gas and Oil Companies

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


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This should make Americans ask the fundamental question: What is the difference between what a public non-profit utility company provides and what a private for-profit oil company provides? After all, they both sell energy to all United States citizens.

The difference is that natural gas and electricity are sold in the form of a public good, whereas oil is sold in the form of a private good. Accordingly, on the grounds of promoting national security, the United States Congress should convert all oil companies to utility companies. This would eliminate the windfall profits and force the oil industry to earn just enough income to cover operating expenses just as natural gas and electric utility companies are required to do.

The resulting drop in gasoline prices would further stimulate the economy and lighten the energy stranglehold upon the United States by the Middle East. It would also eliminate the influence of the oil lobby.

In this case, desperate times call for deliberate measures. But as pathetic as the energy policy is in the United States, the effort to develop alternative sources of energy won’t really be accelerated until the oil dries up and the Saudi’s place solar cells all across their desert and then sell us the electricity.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH


  1. Cluless Cheryl says:

    Ignoramus, really?
    Top 3 oil stocks to have in 2022!
    Exxon Mobil up 69.9%
    Chevron up 54.4%
    Conocophilips up 67.09%
    There are many more and all are doing dynamite!


    So who is the ignoramus again?

  2. Penny says:

    @sherhl uk Liz truss prime minister quit today what’s happening world asks & our president off the cuff he says not to worry they’re not consequential to our economy

    You’re right this admin points to any stat that makes them sound right when they don’t have a damn idea what is right

  3. Kevin O’Aummian says:

    Dear Cluless Cheryl, Thank you for proving @Sheryl, VOC & Penny & others astute observations with your live tip feed for proving the current Biden administration and its leadership failed to grasp economics (not first said by me here, but by Democrats nationwide including economics god Harvard’s Larry Summers with his big falling out with Biden Bring Back Being Poor Plan which proved to be worse even Summers predicted to our economy). Inflation is over 10% nationally with states like Nevada at 15% and California 17% even though most media refuses to cover it prior to election for fear people in the poorer sections of town will stay home and not vote for them. **Politicians don’t worry about you, you’ll vote your letter unless you see proof like high gas prices and increased food prices, and high interest rates which destroy senior citizens lives unless on public welfare assistance. The Social Security debacle raised checks 8.4% while inflation is taking twice that from your checks now and more after the election if Biden economic policies continue. An ignorant person questions why 87,000 armed IRS agents will be hired if not stopped by electing opponents to the get the poorest not paying taxes plan (Biden’s Build Back Better?). Question why the people in power saying no guns hired 87,000 for the government payroll and for a tax collector in a little computer cubicle in towns and cities everywhere processing your and your families and friends annual paperwork?????

    Jefferies analyst Lloyd Byrne initiated coverage of Chevron with a Hold rating and $171 price target. He believes the “Option Value” of energy is up again, driven by a constrained capital cycle. While this is most pronounced in oil & gas, it is also evident in energy transition names, said the analyst, who believes energy’s “Option Value can stay higher for longer” without a significant uptick in investment across the industry, though he adds that the current macro slowdown is “likely to incrementally gain focus” within the group.
    Published first on The Fly

  4. Tommy says:

    Biden Buddies can’t run on record soaring inflation, no medicines in hospitals, interest rates outrageously blowing up, after cutting off Obama’s pipeline that even Trump knew was a good idea and that Biden cannot grasp that he’s solely responsible for this nation’s decline in two years. Blame everybody but yourself, Joe, when you are the cause? Get rid of radicals, get back to basics in both parties.

  5. ZzBrown says:

    Democrats refuse to face economic reality and keep saying unemployment needs to be high and keep people on welfare to keep inflation down??????! Listen to Democrats words and ask yourself why you would ever vote for them?????! Don’t tell me they give a damn for children or you because their policies aren’t family friendly!!!!? Democrats want to vaccinate healthy babies with natural immunity which clinical studies prove unnecessary and even on the CDC vaccine list is Dengue Fever vaccine????! CDC continues to lack clarity and science. Remember this folks; DHS tried to implement a “your words will send you to prison” group that we the people forced to shut down. Democrats don’t like you and don’t trust you and want you to be afraid and they want to radicalize you and others. This election means save your freedoms.

  6. Bird Wing says:

    If you voted for Biden you owe me gas money and an electric car, groceries for the next two years, and money to pay for next two years of hearing and electrical bills. If you voted for Harris you owe me a fully paid up cell phone, backpack full of freebies, a monthly welfare check, housing and amnesty, and a lush bus ticket to the Hamptons for a month or two staycation on your dime. If you vote for them again you owe me for all the taxes their goons with guns is coming to get even though I don’t have a job because I lost it during the pandemic and after the vaccine didn’t feel good and can’t work.

  7. @birdwing says:

    Biden on brink of war with Saudi Arabia if Iran attacks them today? North Korea fired dozens of missiles at South Korea and Japan waters today. You want your kids sent off to war by Biden? Biden depleted our oil reserves by half at the advice of what Russian or Chinese instruction? He turned off our pipeline because why? Was it because of millions of Hunter supplied family funds? Arizona and Pennsylvania better vote Republican or goodbye any and all jobs in next decade. Your standards of living are dropping to the floor Arizona and Pennsylvania. Biden hates you people. Vote Blake Masters and Mehmet Oz or kiss your pensions and social security goodbye. Polls show suburban women figured out that the Supreme Court case didn’t take away their rights, but gave them more power. Good for media to get that message out before election that Democrats lied to us. Get rid of Kelley and get a Republican in there Arizona and get rid of Fetterman and get a doctor with ability to stand up to pandemic flunkies. Return power to the people and out of DC.

  8. Vote Adam Laxalt says:

    Nevada has 16% inflation and it needs to elect Adam Laxalt, a decorated veteran that Democrats loathe for his service, and dump the Democrats who’ve ruined the state with 5th highest gas prices in nation. It’s the economy stupid. It’s gas prices stupid. Tell your Nevada friends and family.

  9. Kelly Challenge says:

    Classrooms last week highlighted over 100 items that petroleum gives us, not just run cars and trucks. Push up your eyeglasses and readers and look at the computer every one of those items are entirely made of petroleum products. Check it out and learn what students know about medicines, engineering, buildings, water, your own clothes.

  10. Doug Voted says:

    Qatar is promising a “carbon-neutral” World Cup later this month. Uh, plenty of folks have valid questions about what that means for a country known for oil production…!??! Amazing what “politics” and “ad campaigns” can do to truth and science. Just have Marvel Comics characters say it and people believe it. LMAO

  11. @Dougie says:

    Biden will have us in a major war soon because he’s a weak link. Don’t sweat the small stuff like voting because the Chinese and Russians don’t allow it and they murder the intelligentsia, academics, government employees and social influencers first and separate families and friends in towns and cities called pogroms. The Chinese were filmed practicing it during pandemic and recently when they forcefully tossed the former Chairman out of the building. Putin did it with Ukraine. There’s no place for Americans to go because we’re already in the promised land and the world wants to kick us out and take the spoils.

  12. Vic Gaskins Jr says:

    Biden admin quietly admits canceling Keystone XL Pipeline cost thousands of jobs, billions of dollars, and unnecessarily hurt American families.

    Yet they voted for them in November knowing this? When are you Democrats going to stop hating America and Americans?

  13. Fran says:

    Walmart groceries increased over 20% in one year said a research group – raise your hand if you think it’s more than that at your grocery too.

  14. Cable Dell, San Fran CA says:

    President Biden will lose if he allows rogue New York attorney to make him look like a hypocrite by allowing his opponent to be arrested but then is he a crook too with this new laptop info? San Fran turning against Him for failures and insinuations of corruption. Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray may be indicted too,

  15. EY, ASU says:

    The world needs capitalism or the world remains dominated by despots ruling slaves.

  16. W. A. Pacheco, CD JF says:

    American fossil fuel policies are undermining world stability and sent China and Russia to be friends because leadership of those countries know Biden’s policies will weaken us and make us collapse. This administration doesn’t know how to run a free country or not be corrupt — and are wrong about the best global and national policies. Joseph Biden may be the worst President in our history because he knew China caused the pandemic and did nothing to hold China accountable on the world stage. This administration lost all but the most radical communist socialist believers in our party, and the next election will determine if the Democratic party will purge itself of its growing decay and stench.

  17. @WA blah blah says:

    Thanks for the comment after I read it I got a good chuckle and then went right to sleep… it amazes me how ridiculous people are that post here. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  18. WP blah blah reply says:

    no capitalism no freedom

  19. Victor Victoria says:

    How to wash hands and how to wipe yourself with toilet paper and use modern toilets are school requirements. No you don’t stand on the toilet seat in the restrooms and wipe feces on the stall walls because it’s not an outhouse. These immigrants come from dirt floors, bars in windows, no indoor plumbing and cultures that use one hand for wiping bottoms and the other for eating food. They must be taught how to live in America and what’s culturally wrong and right here. We don’t preserve the environment they left, we preserve the environment they came to be and find a better life, including values and morals. Viva America, the land of the free and the brave.

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