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Liberate Ukraine

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


I am happy to announce that this letter is now being circulated throughout the entire country of Ukraine and Russia.  Every government, church, bank, university and many other institutions have been emailed. The feedback is overwhelming.  The Ukrainians are ready to defend themselves and the Russians want no part of this war.

This letter is in response to the articles covering the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the Ukrainian people.  Their efforts are similar to what is happening in many other parts of the world.  Believe it or not, one thing that overrides capitalism and political correctness in the United States is the right to have one’s voice heard.  This is the foundation of which our democracy is built on.

The Ukrainian people should continue to defy Vladimir Putin’s powerful armed forces so that Ukrainian democracy can continue to thrive.  It is unfortunate that the United States compromised on one of its most fundamental values in order to protect its economic interests in Eastern Europe; something that happens all too often domestically as well.  It is not the Ukrainian people that are attempting to expand NATO power but rather it is Vladimir Putin who has engaged in intimidation to prevent the will of the people {both Ukrainian and Russian} from being heard.  Why else would he stoop to such underhanded tactics to block various means of communication among the citizens of Ukraine and Russia?  Why is Putin forcing Russia to return to the Cold War utilizing political strong-arm tactics such as violence?  Vladimir Putin, you have had over twenty years to acknowledge Ukraine and have failed them by your own choosing.  The days of your despotic regime are finally coming to an end as it appears the desire for freedom will continue to sweep among the Eastern European nations as well as Russia.

Accordingly, let the call go forth among all citizens of Ukraine that your brothers and sisters of democracy {from all over the world} are with you during every trial and tribulation you may encounter during this crisis.  To the people of Ukraine, the trumpet of freedom beckons you to rise in protest and louden your voice to preserve your sacred heritage, promote your children’s future and obtain the blessings of liberty we all cherish.  Ukraine, the hour of your redemption is at hand.  As you the rightful citizens move forward to reclaim your own country, rise and strike!  In the name of those who were murdered fighting for everyone’s rights, rise and strike!  To push back this evil regime, rise and strike!  Let no one continue to fear this man.  Every Ukrainian must be strong and fight on for their freedom.  Rise and strike!

Vladimir Putin, you little weasel…let Ukraine go!



Cleveland, OH USA



  1. @@nh says:

    @nh is a Democrat racist comment? You know the KKK was started by the Democrats? That Democrats supported the Holocaust in WWII? That Democrats were anti Civil Rights in the 1960s? That Democrat John Wilkes Booth assassinated Republican Abraham Lincoln because he freed the slaves? Nevermind you’re a know-Nothing at best @nh.

  2. Silver Bullets says:

    Russians are coming Russians are coming Russians are coming

  3. Uri Klein says:

    Russians are stupid fools for backing Putin and they can’t even do anything about their own problems. It’s not even the fault of their own because they’ve never been able to lead without being pulled by puppet masters. Russians know how to stand in lines.

  4. VV, Sedona says:

    a shakti sound bowl healing in the middle of the city to heal the rocks from the council and business and residents indifferences and their political violence and underachievement when politics doesn’t matter and lives should

    Ukraine needs to be free and at peace

  5. Roger says:

    Supporting Russia against Ukraine is like oil money going to Russia and Middle East. That’s happening, you insane Americans.

  6. Yep Roger says:

    You are correct, if people really watched and understood news they would see what is coming down the pike!

    Russia and those Saudis have agreed to cut back more production to increase prices!

    The talk is to get oil over $300 a barrel, now this all takes time. It will take 6 months to start seeing large increases. This is the problem with OPEC (which the US helped create)

    So dont go blaming anyone here, look at the 2 countries who are intentionally creating this problem

    Stop watching infotainment, and read whats going on….


  7. CS says:

    review student + work visas systems

  8. Pat says:

    “Trump’s prosecution isn’t just political – it’s ideological. Nobody with Trump’s views is allowed to have power in this country. Criticize our wars, you’re disqualified. If you keep it up, we’ll send you to prison. That’s the message Washington is sending.” – T. Carlson

  9. Archie Mendez says:

    The Ukraine is losing. Russia is mopping up.
    Meanwhile the Biden Administration has sent the Ukraine $76 BILLION and Biden is asking to send them ANOTHER $24 BILLION.
    Zelensky just purchased a fancy villa in Egypt and the Ukraine’s Central Bank Governor was photographed in his new $500k Rolls Royce. Most of the guns and ammo being sent to the Ukraine are being sold in Africa and Ukraine now wants American F16s so they can carry nukes, even tho they have no pilots to fly them.
    We’re on a war footing, folks. The DEW weapon hit on Maui is our Pearl Harbor and it will likely be obvious a month from now that we are at war.
    The best thing for America is STOP the funding for the Ukraine, and start paying attention to what is happening here at home. I’m sure Maui could use more than just $700 per family.

  10. Jeff, Cottonwood says:

    Thank you first response teams, firefighters, police, military, veterans for your courage and sacrifice on 9/11 and all days for the great United States of America, the best nation in the world.

    But Democrats are unanimously voting for DC statehood.Let that sink in America. Your silence is letting DC power crazies to get away with it.

    WTF WHY do we need a 51st state?

    We don’t. Democrats and Republicans and Independents polled 82% that they don’t want a 51st state. Any 51st state.We’ve enough problems with 50.

    Get on the GD phone to our Senators and Representatives then call the White House and demand this action stops immediately.

    WTF morons! Call Governor and say no more money for re-election if you don’t get the Senators in line against this. EACH Arizona Senator and Congressperson will lose power and cause more debt in this home state we can’t afford.

    Am considering a move to the majority party ‘no affiliation.

    The democrats lost their fricking minds.

    Mendes, You know Zelenskyy is a Jew righto ? He has Jewish birthright to Israeli citizenship and doubt even one Egyptian wants him on their lands. You lost me with that comment.

    WTF have to Google Dew and find out what it means.

    About Lahaina, let Oprah the billionaire ante up like a good neighbor. Bet they’d even name the new town after her.

  11. SedonaZena says:

    Biden’s presidency is the most scandal plagued in history!
    Running a criminal empire…
    Using political power to make himself millions…
    Hiding classified documents…
    Weaponizing the federal government…
    Taking millions from Communist countries…
    It’s SICK and the American people deserve better.
    Add your name to circulating OFFICIAL IMPEACH BIDEN PETITIONS: Stand tall Democrats supporting IMPEACHING Joe Biden.

  12. GCU says:

    #walkaway no excuses

  13. Norin Santos, PV says:

    I welcome critiques and oppositional viewpoints like Americans must and should do.

    Today’s Gaza attack on Israel and the It’s declaration of war is what happens when Democrats and their military industrial complex have the American government wheelhouse?

    The Ukraine war drags on when war should have been over in a month. Insanity is watching a UN completely complicit with globally strategic industrial military complexes. Time to defund UN and find another way for global peace because it’s a bank not a cause.

    Iran handed billions from American Biden government and he can’t get peace in Ukraine, the size of a medium state? Why not? Who benefits?

    Is it because Ukraine held the secrets to Biden family corruption because the family deposited millions from pro Russian politicians and companies funneled through Ukraine, like Comer’s records appear to be revealing? Media coverups and no coverage of a corrupt administration hearings is wrong – there’s no free press holding government accountable. Like Hamas inflating its war triumphs and kills and deaths in Gaza to gain political legitimacy and empathy – false narratives to promote justified terrorism, because victimhood fuels and funds reasons for war? Who benefits?

    Look what the American government failed to do when Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered, then Biden visits Saudis and agreed to oil purchases when we were oil independent before Biden turned off the pipeline? That make any American sense to you? Who benefits? Who makes cents because of that action?

    QUESTION HOW ONE PERSON BRINGS AMERICA INDEPENDENCE TO ITS KNEES BY TURNING OFF ITS OIL AND THEN BUYS OIL FROM RUSSIA AND SAUDI ARABIA AND CHINA AND VENEZUELA? How is it that we the people who hold the strings of voting voted to pay more for less and open our borders without vetting because we want no consumer choice and less national security?

    We were told over and over that businessman Trump was bad? Why? Who told us to believe that? What did he do to hurt you personally? He kept world peace and exposed government and global corruption – which made him a target for the corrupt within our government and internationally. He was and is constantly attacked by our own government and corporate powerful because he didn’t further their agenda? Who benefits? This lack of oil and green funneling of American taxpayer money and false climate and food shortage narratives benefits who if not us?

    Did our nationwide media choose to further false narrative propaganda because it was easier to survive – much like the Nazis with gas valves in their hands?

    Are we puppets of government and media collusion because Trump brought down the price of food, gas, medicines, almost everything that the Obama administration Democrats had falsely inflated to keep Americans subjected. Trump attacked Korean and China’s espionage with sanctions and threats of retaliation and it worked while Biden has failed miserably for global peace. Who benefits?

    The Biden administration allowed Chinese military balloons to fly over the entire country unchallenged, gave Iran billions knowing it guaranteed its nuclear bomb and terrorism funding, allowed China to launch flights against Taiwan like Obama gave Russians the Crimea because they needed a seaport for their oil and grain? If we ask questions and expect our media to find answers, why do we get nothing but furthered false narratives?

    An entire continent of 50 diverse states has the same national news stories every single night regardless of which channel? Who benefits?

    Black Americans and American Jews and even American union members majorities seem unable to think individually – which is what Democrat LBJ administration promised to exploit and ultimately proved its worth. Is it time to wake up and vote for your individual rights and forget the collective or is it past time, and your collective realities will be as the government determines. Who benefits?

    Falling victim to false narratives means never getting out of an American box that doesn’t even have a lid.

  14. Sedona Ken says:

    (Readers posting commentary and comments above are encouraged to respond to my written dialogue and to every Sedonaeye.com staffer for opening up a news and views for us readers.)

    Was thinking out loud about today’s news cycle and because talking about it or wondering about it is good for the soul and brain. Like did your synagogue or churches discuss it??? Hearing others today causes me to repeat what I’ve been hearing because I’m disappointed and others must be upset in not knowing what we should do when Russia invades Ukraine and Gaza invades Israel. We next and why these events?

    Who will liberate Israel from Gaza terrorists that ordered babies as young children murdered and filmed YouTube murders like a German tourist at a rock concert who was dragged by her hair with arms tied behind her back and stripped and paraded on back of a truck through Gaza and then brutally murdered before throwing her body in the street. Or the Holocaust survivor wheelchair bound grandmother made to perform the Hamas salute on film while holding their gun before she was murdered? Social media murders and war atrocities?

    Iran was given billions of dollars last week from Biden admin, and Iran is the worlds biggest exporter of terrorism to Gaza and Muslim terrorists. We all knew that the Biden administration was releasing billions to Iran (radio TV papers) and that means many somebodies and some groups in our government lobbied or aided and or abetted sending this money to Iran knowing it wasn’t going to education and women’s rights because Iran does not allow that within its country.

    Over 1100 murdered men women children babies and Holocaust survivors murdered so hideously that toothbrushes and clothing from homes must be collected and used to identify bloodied butchered corpses. That was this morning’s news count and it’s much higher because many bodies need identifying and more murders are still ongoing.

    WSJ headline says Iran organized and paid for this massacre and attack on Israeli citizens and other American and European and African tourists.

    Are Biden-Harris-Obama-Clinton orbits pro Muslim orbits? When PM Netanyahu came to America what happened and what was he told by Pres. Biden and our intelligence community?

    Many believe that America needs to get its borders closed and moorings back and we help destroy Hamas? You? Do you care about Israel or Ukraine or do you believe that Russia and Iran are better countries and deserve to be allowed to war on others? Please explain then we can understand other views and thank you and God bless those we cannot save from mankind’s horrors, but should.

  15. GMC says:

    North Korea Iran China Russian alliance is real. Hamas funding and weapons come from China through North Korea. Bucharest Memorandum gave our word to Ukraine that we would support and supply them if they were attacked. We keep our word.

    On Sept 29, 2023 TV news interview with Biden administration’s National Security Advisor was speaking words like the Middle East was no longer the issue it was in prior administrations??? Really??? You need to resign from your job and take the people who played you for a fool??? Maybe resignations at CIA, Homeland, FBI, State, White House, UN, and beyond??? Wall Street Journal has to tell American and Israeli intelligence that Iran behind this? No way. They had to know or why do we trust them to do their jobs??? Question should be why didn’t they or us if they did not??? Netanyahu shared what with Biden and was it ignored and where is our press???

  16. Terrorists at Home and Abroad says:

    30 student groups at Harvard support Hamas terrorist group murders and atrocities. They also support Russia’s invasion of peaceful Ukraine.

    Find out what Arizona and other national and local student groups these and others are and never hire a grad or faculty member who belonged or facilitated those groups and work to replace those in charge of those groups. Hate must be stopped wherever its evil is. Failure to act or speak out is complicit behavior.

  17. Face off with evil begins says:

    Be ready to deplore (deploy) orders given by Pentagon, according to news now. God bless America.

  18. Quinny Jones, Flagstaff says:

    Gaza mother on CNN news said Hamas killed her only son, not Israelis, but Hamas when they attacked. Deliberately he was butchered and killed even when they knew he was an Arab. Hamas is pro Palestine? Isis is pro Muslim? Yes, if you’ve been brainwashed by terrorists and terrorist sympathizers and have lost your mind and your soul.

  19. SedonaSedona says:

    Hearing how convenient this war has been for Biden administration to get Biden age and family problems and re-election including Biden and Harris inability to serve competently.

    Any thoughts out there?

  20. Dara Lauren-Lyndsey Gold, San Diego CA says:

    Harvard University Gets Very Bad News; Billionaire philanthropist and wife pull out of Board and cut funding citing its failure to counter support for the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel by 30 organizations. Members will be held accountable for their racist and anti democratic political views by finding jobs unavailable. Thank you for having a backbone and putting Harvard and other schools accountable for racist and pro terrorist acts.

  21. Tao says:

    Biden Harris and groupies are disasters and the people interfering with our democracy taking advantage of their shortcomings better realize Americans stand together when life gets tough. Don’t forget it.

  22. RR says:

    Time to ask “Who is U.S. Senator Patty Murray, from the state of Washington?”

    Senator Murray is 4th in line to the Presidency and without a Speaker of the House, is she third?

    Current popular media descriptives might conclude that progressives, socialists, communists, billionaires, corporations, leftists, Independents, Democrats and RINOS with millions and billions of dollars and global influence are backing and have backed her ascendancy in the Senate. A career politician, tagging herself as an environmentalist and teacher and pro abortion advocate, Senator Murray is fourth in line to the ultimate global seat of power.

    While the President flew into a Middle East country actively engaged in war, the VP rather than remaining in DC while the President was in a war zone, was tasked with doing a college campus tour. The VP poll numbers are the worst ever registered for a sitting government, and the VP fitness to serve is publicly debated.

    This Middle East war is an international crisis, and one tipping point for other global conflicts.

    Elected Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, the question is, “Who is Senator Patty Murray of Washington state, fourth in line to the Presidency of the United States?”

  23. Janet Knopf says:


    Hamas needs to abide by international law and stop its attacks on Israel. Hezbollah needs to stop its attacks against Israel. Iran needs to stop funding Hamas and terrorist cells around the world. The President needs to say no money to Iran and Gaza because the UN lists Gaza as a government in good standing which means Hamas gets the money.

  24. PT says:

    Underwhelmed’s not a word we use here!

  25. Mike says:

    No Arizona border security, no national security, no city security when we’re a bus load from SF or LA or Phx dumpoffs.

  26. Canadian admirer says:

    Congratulations Republicans you chose a great speaker of the House, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, is welcomed by Democrats and Republicans. Standing applause showed Republicans unanimously elected Mike Johnson with the entire party voting for him (only one member in Israel was not in DC for vote).

    Well done America! You prove again why democracies work for the people and by the people! We in Canada admire your tenacity and willingness to work for a better system of governance.

  27. Bill, Uptown says:

    Wall Street Journal reported that Hamas received specialized training in Iran prior to their terrorist attack in Israel on Oct 7. Was President Biden hiding this info or did his intelligence team fail to track what was happening? Epic fail again US intelligence!
    Senators like Bill Hagerty are demanding answers, now echo his call.

    Former President Trump, Governor DeSantis, former Ambassador Haley & more are speaking out against President Biden sending $100M of taxpayer dollars to Palestine which is under the thumb of Hamas and Hamas controls what and who receives the $100m with permission from Iran, not Biden or anyone in USA or UN. Follow the money.

  28. @Bill says:

    Oh yea Bill…It’s all hidden(how did you find out then) those you mentioned are trying to score political points and you Bill uptown are a sheepie lead around by talking points and part of the reason why this country is so F@@@ked up..

  29. Elect George Logan message share says:

    (Susan contribution to thread) Elect George Logan message share by a contact group and think it’s appropriate to post it here. Share and consider donating to his campaign if you believe in his message. {{begin share}}

    This is one of the hardest messages I have ever written. My grandparents left Jamaica for Guatemala during the Great Depression, and like so many other American families, my parents left Guatemala and came to the United States o(f America to grow a family and build a better life. So when those on the left compare me to a monkey or call me an “Uncle Tom,” it is more than just petty insults. The words represent the very worst of our politics.

    See, the Democrats can’t stand that I don’t fit in the box of their “typical” Republican. They want to defeat me because my story goes against all of their “woke” propaganda.

    I’m George Logan, and I’m the Republican running against one of the most liberal Democrats in Congress. The Democrats will spend millions to defeat me and keep this seat in Democrat hands. That’s why I’m reaching out personally to ask for your help.I need your support to end these blatantly racist attacks. {{end share{{

  30. Vocational Schools needed says:

    instead of sulking Sedona can’t get college classes on how to be trans accepting try and get something worthwhile from Prescott

  31. Craig says:

    Notice how Russia helping Gaza got news shifted off of its Ukraine problem?

  32. Ali M., Phoenix says:

    Good morning Sedona.

    Churches and synagogues and atheists under attack in this country because Biden Harris continue to push Islam which began under Obama administration! A religion that cannot exist by its own decrees in a democracy or any government that isn’t ruled by Islam clergy. Sharia law is anti women, children and American freedoms and values. There is no Islamaphobia in America, there is freedom not to be or to be Islamic, and that is against Islam. . It is within the religion not outside it. Learn more, accept less.

  33. Steve says:

    20 year old German girl just released after one year prison for Dubai airport security strip search because she called out for help. She was insubordinate to the men. Her original term was 5 years. Next time you want to go see sand, be ready to pound it in prison.

  34. HW says:

    @Alim @steve interesting

  35. Jim, west Sedona says:

    Hoya nice comment from Canadians!

  36. Biden Family Exposed says:

    Summer, 2017: Hunter’s Strong-Arm Shakedown
    HUNTER BIDEN extorted his CEFC associate demanding a $10,000,000 capital payment, in the extortion text messages, HUNTER claimed he was sitting with JOE BIDEN, and threatened that the Biden network would turn on him if there was no payment.
    August 8, 2017
    $5,000,000 was sent from a Chinese affiliate of CEFC, Northern International Capital, to Hudson West III which was controlled by HUNTER BIDEN.
    August 8, 2017
    Hudson West III wired $400,000 to Owasco P.C., a Biden family shell company owned by HUNTER BIDEN.
    August 14, 2017
    HUNTER BIDEN wired $150,000 from Owasco P.C. to Lion Hall Group, a Biden family shell company owned by JOE BIDEN’S brother JAMES BIDEN and his wife SARA BIDEN.
    August 28, 2017
    SARA BIDEN withdrew $50,000 in CASH from the Lion Hall Group bank account.
    August 28, 2017
    SARA BIDEN deposited $50,000 in CASH into the personal checking account she shared with her husband, JAMES BIDEN.
    September 3, 2017
    SARA BIDEN wrote a $40,000 check to JOE BIDEN from and JAMES BIDEN’s same personal checking account for a “loan repayment”.
    From the Desk of Oversight Chairman James Comer
    I’m not leaving a single stone unturned, and based on the reaction from the Left, I’m turning over stones they never thought would see the light of day.
    I’m the most dangerous man in Washington to the Left’s grip on power and control.
    Which is why the backlash by the Biden White House, Democrats in Congress, and the propagandists in the corporate media will be swift and fierce.
    To be clear: I’m not doing this to score political points, and I’m not doing it because I want to.
    I’m doing this because the promise of America to her citizens demands unwavering fealty to the United States from every single man and woman who swears the sacred Oath of Office.
    I don’t want the Commander-in-Chief to be compromised by the Chinese Communists, but everything I’ve found has led me to believe that is the case.
    They were so brazen in their corruption because they never thought their grip on power would be on a knife’s edge like this.
    And because I’m the one holding that knife, I’m public enemy #1. From their point of view, there is nothing they won’t do to destroy me.
    I’m going to need a lot of help defending my credibility and the good name I’ve spent my life building.
    I’d be humbled to have your support as my campaign fights back against the lies and smears.
    In Courage,
    James Comer

  37. Tim says:

    @biden family
    And you fell for this “fund Raiser” scam and lies.. good for you get out your checkbook !!!! LOL

  38. Calling all active military and veterans says:

    It’s Navy Veterans Derrick Van Orden, Brandon Williams, and Jennifer Kiggans.
    We’re from all over the country, but what unites us all is that we all felt compelled to continue to serve our country even after being discharged from the Navy.
    We are all political outsiders. We built a life and a career outside of politics, but after seeing the Democrats’ disastrous leadership and backwards vision for our country, we all felt called to serve once again. This time, our service looked much different.
    We stand up for what’s right no matter the consequences—but this has made the Democrats want to kick us out of Washington. We need your help to stay in the FIGHT and defend the Conservative agenda.
    We hope that you’ll cover our six and donate by midnight to help us hit our major goal to keep us fighting for you in the Swamp!

    Google us and donate today.



  39. Active Millitary and vets says:

    Yea its all those evil Democrats? Try what Tommy football coach Tuberville is doing!

    For much of the year, Sen. Tommy Tuberville has prevented hundreds of military promotions. After a Senate Rule Committee vote on Tuesday, there’s an opportunity to circumvent the block. For it to succeed, around 10 GOP senators need to be on board, which is no guarantee.


    I’m supos’en you dont hear about this from right wing hate? Gotta love Fox, and Newsmax keeping the dumb, uninformed!

  40. Ryan Drew Jr says:

    Get your head out of governments ass, moron. Must be troll or pointless idiot, can’t stop laughing at the lack of comprehension like he’s doing the right thing, keep fighting the good fight Tommy. We respect media not on our side.

    Our nation’s present day Jimmy Stewart bc NVM it’s reality for sure.

  41. Administration strengthens Americans confidence says:

    Took long enough! About time! AZ House better vote to support it and Senators!

    House Administration Strengthens Americans’ Confidence in Elections
    November 7, 2023

    WASHINGTON – This Election Day, Committee on House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil (WI-01) released a new video highlighting the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act’s path to the House Floor – from working with state election officials to passing Committee in markup.
    The American Confidence in Elections Act will ensure states have tools to implement common-sense measures that will strengthen voter confidence and participation. The comprehensive bill includes nearly 50 standalone bills sponsored by members of the House.

  42. Janet, Jan 6 Videos Released Finally says:

    America wins.

    House Republicans, under the guidance of Speaker Mike Johnson, began posting the Jan. 6 videos online, the first wave of a promised 40,000-plus hours that will be available to the public. | Newsmax

    Click here to read more: https://www.newsmax.com/politics/house-gop-johnson/2023/11/17/id/1142758/?utm_source=nmapp

  43. Diane, PVAZ says:

    Republicans kept the light on. Congrats. Didn’t think it could be done and it should have been done immediately, again congratulations.

    Democrats have proven themselves incapable of being pro freedom, if it keeps them from absolute power. President Biden turned off our oil supply which had guaranteed Americans global independence and it helped our poor and middle class pay less for goods and services and food, is proof the Democrat Party threw Americans under the bus, but why? Our enemies won. If that’s not proof that our government is embedded with collusion and lack of trust, what say does?

    Until the 22 avowed socialist communist Democrats are outcast and stripped from the Democratic party and made to form their own insane coalition without government dollars propping their candidacies up with tax dollars, we all lose in this party.

  44. @janet says:

    Try this one it’s better, let the people decide and not government or its media hacks what happened:

    “When I ran for Speaker, I promised to make accessible to the American people the 44,000 hours of video from Capitol Hill security taken on January 6, 2021,” Johnson said in a statement.
    “Truth and transparency are critical. Today, we will begin immediately posting video on a public website and move as quickly as possible to add to the website nearly all of the footage, more than 40,000 hours. In the meantime, a public viewing room will ensure that every citizen can view every minute of the videos uncensored.”
    In announcing (https://twitter.com/SpeakerJohnson/status/1725628274657706198) the website, Johnson said videos will be added over the weekend.

  45. Triple L says:


    Gaza is Hamas controlled since 2005 when Gazans chose Hamas to rule over them. I do for those who didn’t finish school or attended Ivy League schools.

  46. Haley Russell says:

    stand up against evil

  47. Dan says:

    A church group of 84 Americans was trapped in Israel. Know where they are now? Here in America, safe, and preparing to celebrate Christmas with their families. Same goes for thousands of Americans that Joe Biden left to die in Afghanistan.

    The truth is our government is leaving too many Americans behind, whether it’s people trapped in warzones, or “shadow warriors” who anonymously risk their lives in the most dangerous areas on earth, but are then forgotten about with little to no support.

    The Shadow Warriors Project fills this void. Help by visiting its website and donating.

  48. Fog Lamps says:

    watch videos bc you dont know truth

  49. Kathryn Sovall says:

    Sedona, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Prescott, Hamas terrorists Gaza rulers tattooed the captured children, repeatedly raped the children women and men, see what ignorance, indifference and anti semitism does in your name?

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