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Eddie Maddock: Sustainable or Implausible?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock asks Sedona voters to decide whether sustainability is no longer plausible with red rock demolition for road construction, loss of scenic views to careless building and past city funded projects that failed miserably.

Sedona AZ – Sometimes it’s impossible to predict what a person can come up with by researching the Internet. Have any of you attempted to find a clear meaning of the word SUSTAINABILITY? If you have, and in particular if you succeeded, kindly share your enlightenment with the readers of Sedona Eye.

Of the many descriptions offered perhaps the following most clearly defines the intricate and complex web of tentacles this catchy word of the moment has the ability to embrace. The ultimate result remains unclearly defined simply because of the myriad opinions existing relating to interpretations of what, specifically, is required for survival.

“What is Sustainability?”

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.”

The argument, however, seems to arise during the quest to determine just exactly what, if anything, is causing what appears to be alarming changes in global warming and other labels presently extended to Mother Nature’s constant embracing of seasonal global variances over the course of hundreds – yes – hundreds of centuries of weather changing phenomenal historic periods, such as the “ice age” versus “greenhouse” periods of time.

Volcano eruptions and earthquakes forever remain out of mere human control, but should they not rightfully head the list of “alert” factors when municipal development for health, safety, and welfare of the general public remains the number one reason for concern in certain locations. Sedona (being one of them) is subject to lightening caused forest fires and, yes, occasional earthquakes are, indeed, felt here from time to time.

Remember this? View of Sedona Slide Rock fire from the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona AZ at 6:45 PM on May 21, 2014. [Exclusive SedonaEye.com photo may not be used, reprinted or copied without permission.]

When a development site is rezoned for higher density it represents a risk of also increasing traffic. When city planners approved the extension of beautiful Tlaquepaque to include a pedestrian-crossing on a state highway, it vastly reduced the “sustainability” of traffic flow through that corridor. The previous commercial buildings existing in that area did no such thing, but the expansion of one of Sedona’s main attractions stymied the flow of traffic through one of our most travelled routes.

When the City of Sedona approved a perhaps ill-advised marketing contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to promote “destination” marketing essentially to exclusively promote only their members as is also the situation with the city-financed Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, has it ever been proven to have attracted anything besides tourism daytrippers, creating even more havoc on the already over-burdened corridor?

As recently as the Friday, September 23, 2022 edition of the Red Rock News, President and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Michelle Conway, writes: “As the voice of Sedona’s regional business community, we regularly take the local economic temperature by listening to more than 730 members and evaluating economic data as it becomes available.” Former Chamber Pres/CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff had previously confirmed at a city council meeting that ONLY “Chamber” members were promoted at the City of Sedona financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. Is that blatant discrimination against city tax collecting businesses in Sedona who are NOT Chamber members?

Why was it necessary for the City of Sedona to acquire the former school on Brewer Road for the purpose of using it as a Sedona Court facility when at the time City Hall was constructed great care was taken to facilitate the “Council Chambers” for multi-use as a “Court room” – even providing an area as a jury box location?

Increased density has already obscured scenic views and quality of life for both residents and visitors. Is it fair to suggest attempting to correct some of these obvious blunders might fairly be compared to retrofitting a bad heart transplant?

Good luck with the heat attracting steel and concrete multi-story parking garage uptown and the proposed redevelopment of the former Cultural Park. Sustainability has already been extensively violated, but to what extent? Beyond repair? Will it continue? You decide.


  1. Sideshow Giada says:

    Send illegals back.
    Support American jobs.

  2. Wm. D. says:

    A few factual examples of Sedona blunders? The direction they have taken to set in motion our unbearable unsustainable traffic mess? And the examples of the loss of views and destruction of our once small town charm?

    I understand it – the next self-imposed assignment for the city and their designated favorite pet C of C is to tackle sustainability?

    Get a grip! It’s too pathetic to even be laughable anymore. Sad but true.

    Love the point about that Brewer School becoming our court house. Yeah yes yep remember the big ado about the present council chambers and the jury box? You just can’t make up this stuff.

  3. ULX says:

    More with less.

  4. Walt Arris says:

    Kansas City IS example for not building for cars. Garages and transit systems are built for poorer people, any municipality will tell you that if they have the courage and proper education and not intimidated by public opinions or influences by governments matching grants and programs which are welfare tipping (fake poor people fixes) and meant to influence poor peoples decision making. You’ll never regret NOT VOTING DEMOCRATS. They’ll tell the white people are bad republicans but it’s a lie.

  5. James Harrington says:

    Maybe Sedona will need that huge non-sustainable parking garage to park all the buses required to transport illegal aliens to Sedona. What’s next? “Tent City” for them to live? And maybe all the excess money in the city coffers will be spent to feed them?

    What has happened to the concept of enforcing the laws relating to entering the country legally? Or is it that City Council and staff might be in the market for illegal drugs? Just asking.

    Every time I see a beggar standing on a corner holding a sign asking for free help it takes a lot of will power to not stop and ask why it is they don’t go into one of the many stores with signs in the window reading “HELP WANTED!” Is the term “Sanctuary City” simply more appealing? Dumb question.

    People commenting here for the most part ignore the subject of local concerns and revert to national politics. Why is that? Is “social media” and it’s obvious misinformation really that captivating or is it that today’s population is just plain “stoopid”?

  6. Donna says:

    Great article!

  7. Marlow Jones says:

    @James Harrington – IMO the reason off-subject comments are made here is to divert the attention from questionable activities here in Sedona. What better way to continue hiding the underhanded decisions being made and continue the money grab for those on the take.

    Simple solution to an ongoing problem? Change the complexion at City Hall beginning but not ending with the City Council which includes the mayor.

  8. PC says:

    Change requires intelligence and that’s lacking in Sedona.

  9. Mark says:

    If we keep heading toward this European nuclear war with Russia you think Sedona will still be a destination?!?!?!

  10. Clark Edwards says:

    When this council is overturned that garage will be torn down. Damage to rocks and sedona reputation as scenic city irreparable but nobody gives a damn for the green of fake Indian jewelry made with Turkish turquoise and lousy Chinese made blankets quilts and majority art works.

  11. Sam & Paula says:

    We are astounded the city of Sedona would finance a Chamber of Commerce that represents a region, as confirmed in the above article. And also we are ashamed and embarrassed by the really ugly brown chicken coop structures just beyond the post office going toward West Sedona. What a disgraceful display of upholding the community plan which “allegedly” was intended to protect Sedona’s natural resources and small town character. Add to that a huge multi story parking structure at the top of the hill which is where Forest Road will be extended to connect with 89A.

    Disgusting in our opinions. Of course the attitude of the movers, shakers, and control freaks is that if “we” don’t like it then just move! No way will we acquiesce to the cowardly demands of the few pathetic individuals apparently pulling strings at city hall. We will run the course and wait for fate, Karma, and Mother Nature to take charge. Just look at what’s happening in Florida! And don’t say “it will never happen to us.” Foolish words.

  12. @ Sam & Paula says:

    I enjoy such uninformed tirade just like yours! lol

    Sorry if you dont like the law that the bed tax money goes to product development, get the state law changed. I think we need a big PR group from NY to manage it! What could possibly go wrong?

    So you havent seen the parking garage drawings? You do know that one level is underground? You think uptown dosent have a parking problem? You didnt know the city pays for extra parking spaces in uptown?

    Of course you dont, your just another loud mouthed uniformed Sedona resident that looks for something to be outraged about! What a pathetic sad life one must live…Enjoy your fake outrage based on being uninformed.

  13. Stanley N. says:

    Taking over that school on Brewer Road is, indeed, idiotic. Just what is wrong with the obvious jury box set up to function as a courtroom in the city hall council chambers?

    Doesn’t the real problem boil down to the City of Sedona having too damn much money? Why doesn’t the concept of reducing the sales tax occur to them? After all, wasn’t the SIM “temporary” tax the most recent to have been made permanent?

    And, also, how about the city staff and how it continues to grow.

    Presently there’s an ad on KAZM radio soliciting applicants for three (or maybe six) positions at City Hall and the perks are abundant.

    Cut sales tax. Cut city staff.

    Reenter Planet Earth all of you holier than thou out-of-touch city hall elitists who are living in LaLa Land or someplace other than the real world. Enough already!

  14. Rue Danby says:

    Idiotic is an understatement @stanley

  15. Jim, Sedona says:

    Dollar for dollar Phoenix metro areas and Cave Creek/Scottsdale beat Sedona for beauty and quality of life. Believe.

  16. Marissa Kagan says:

    California not worth costs, left Oceanside moved NoCal , found homeless shipped from LA SF SD SAC. Moved Susanville , gave it up for Reno. Hello NV tax freedom and best quality of living ever, CA stay away .

  17. Kenny says:

    Sedona lost direction when elections became political with people thinking their above the voters and having special powers. We discovered Robins more abundant than Batman’s.

  18. Calling Smith in Sedona says:

    Attention Human Resources or Council: Give one public reason why another person is needed at city hall? I’m frequently involved over there at city hall talking with council & cant use real name because the city jobs & those in charge scope overlays, no work to fill a 6 hr working day for employees does matter. Brewer Rd. gratuitous waste & unnecessary.SedonaEye & Redrock ask (name deleted by editor) why budget won’t get trimmed & nonessential employees let go, projects causing flooding get approved, Friends & families hired needing incomes.

  19. Pete & Mary says:

    Sedona should IMMEDIATELY repeal a portion of the sales tax. That should have happened a long time ago. Anyone reading that city publicity notice recently mailed might just get some idea of the wasted $$$$$ in the current agenda supposedly in support of the Community Plan.

    One of several eye catching notations?
    “Strategic Property Acquisition” – “Acquisition for management of land development congruent with the Community Plan.” $20M FY23 compared to $1.9M FY22.

    Ya think they’re ready to purchase that Cultural Park property among other real estate whether listed on the market or not? Let’s not overlook the option of . . is it eminent domain? This is abuse of power. This is not in ours or the city present or future best interests. Get involved and stop this.

  20. Al says:

    @city council
    we don’t need you if you can’t do your job for us
    us is we the taxed

  21. HK, Sedona AZ says:

    First you vote, then you get to voice your opinions about how the city works.

  22. Laura & Dan says:

    It’s only the voters who can make a change. Start NOW by electing a different Mayor. OUT WITH THE OLD – LITERALLY!

  23. Bob, Uptown says:

    Great job Eddie keeping us informed. Cut sales tax, trim budget excesses, hundreds of voting residents demanding Don’t Touch Our Red Rocks! Bust the budget instead!

  24. @@ Sam & Paula says:

    Your false narrative gives away your identity as a chamber member. There is NO law that requires “the law that the bed tax money goes to product development, get the state law changed.”

    9-500.06. hospitality industry; discrimination prohibited; use of tax proceeds; exemption; definitions

    D. For the purposes of subsection C, expenditures by a city or town for the promotion of tourism include:

    1. Direct expenditures by the city or town to promote tourism, including but not limited to sporting events or cultural exhibits.

    Back door council deals
    1. “Discriminatory transaction privilege tax” means any transaction privilege tax rate imposed by a city or town on hospitality industry businesses that is above the transaction privilege tax rate imposed by a city or town equally on all businesses subject to a transaction privilege tax.

    2. “Hospitality industry businesses” means:

    (a) A restaurant, bar, hotel, motel, liquor store, grocery store, convenience store or recreational vehicle park.

    (b) A motor vehicle rental agency in a county stadium district which has imposed the car rental surcharge pursuant to section 48-4234.

  25. mshobert says:

    @bob – Sure… “hundreds!” – meh… In reality, maybe five, (5) – all whom are too timid to use their real name, while blogging. :( Weak man.

  26. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Thank you so much, Dan Uptown, for your kind words and encouragement.

    Let this message also express my appreciation to other Sedona Eye readers who break away from Face Book and various social media to check out what’s being reported on different news sources.

    Isn’t the opportunity to express opinions and different points of view a special privilege? So why not strive to be understanding of those who do not always agree?

    Given enough time the truth of decisions becomes apparent. Aren’t previous Incorporated Sedona examples abundant?

  27. Joel says:

    @mshobert That is quite entertaining for many reasons.

    We all know the incredible following of Sedona residents, council, past council and staff that watch each and even word written by Eddie Maddock. Some can’t stop the trigger posts to attempt to distract others into the false rabbit hole like you Karens.

    Great Article Eddie Thank you for all that yo do!

  28. Mr, Jimmie in the house says:

    City hall is like Biden hall, lie and expect u to kiss their asses cuz you ain’t black or a breakfast taco if u say something they can’t control. Why u voting your money and rights away to fat cat wokes stealing u blind? They buying mansions perched on water and telling u to be happy in Oakland and pay tolls to come to their neighborhoods? Sedona uses eminent domain to steal best affordable housing in America and u tacos and blacks and poor whites don’t think that’s Sedona politicians acting all rich and being ruling racists bigots snobs class warriors? Save the middle class and the poor of Sedona and vote them out.

  29. Charlene N. says:

    Is it true a local paper (specifically Red Rock News) sponsored a “mayor candidate debate” between Scott Jablow and Samaire Armstrong? And if so will it only be available to review on Face Book?

    How dumb is that? Do they think they can force people to join the ranks of obsessive cell phone users who no longer are capable of communicating on a person to person basis? If so how sad is that?

    Many, many people do NOT care to be involved solely with online communication and if the RRN truly wishes to be fair and provide equal opportunity why won’t they make it available on other sites such as this or at least on their own web page versus the stupid craze for social media?

  30. mshobert says:

    @joel – ” – the likes of which we have never seen.” – sign.

  31. Jason Williams says:

    What the . . . ? Is it possible the “mshobert” is the same FORMER Sedona resident who served with the Sedona Fire “District” (unrelated to Sedona City Government) many years ago? Has he moved back to Sedona? If not, then why is he even concerned with Sedona affairs and events? Bored? Misses Sedona? Suffering from dementia? Poor fellow. Doesn’t seem to be able to find a happy home wherever he goes. Odd. Funny. Sad. = pitiful & pathetic.

  32. SF says:

    come to AZ to live

  33. Arisade Alton says:

    vote for EVERYONE never in office before

  34. Lyndsey says:

    Nobody knows the name Samaire in Hollywood and nobody cares about Hollywood people in Sedona.

  35. Anna & Jason says:

    We are interested in the ability of a NEW MAYOR with common sense and willingness to put residents FIRST! As long as we’ve lived here it’s never happened. It’s always been tourists, chamber of commerce and their members (most don’t even live in Sedona city limits) and other special interest groups.

    We’ve had enough! We will support the new lady running for mayor and will keep our fingers crossed that at least three other city council members will have the courage to make long overdue changes.

    The stale and boring boastful vice mayor needs to step down and join JT in his vegetable garden. Go dig a trench. Our opinions!

    We wonder if he (Mayor) read the two full page ads in the RRNews. WOW if individuals are willing to spend that kind of money to convey powerful messages – well – it’s really something! We don’t get the paper but learned about it from neighbors.

    The word is out! GOODBYE old fogies. Yes go and grow your veggie gardens. Get some fresh air.

  36. Jerry says:

    haha Hahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha news said electric trucks can get hacked hahahhahahahah hhhahhahhahahahhahahhah put gas in this tank suckers

  37. Norm, Sedona says:

    Did anyone else catch the news about California’s intention to convert to all electric vehicles by a certain date and thus banning the gas fueled variety. The only catch is “they” will not be able to provide the necessary “energy” to keep the new idea in service. Their grid is already on overload! Brilliant? NOT!!

  38. @ Norm says:

    How sad hea Norm? Like California could never prepare for an extra load on their grid and they are stuck in 2022 forever!

    Well all I can say, I see nothing wrong with having clean air and fresh water in my world. See I have children and grand children and as of now, we will not be leaving a better planet for those who come next.

    But I can see any logic or empathy is lost with you.

  39. Jim, West Sedona says:

    Personally RR News (deleted by editor) credibility (deleted by editor) locally.

  40. Rick says:

    @@Norm Sad? Lack of empathy? How is it @@Norm that you don’t know the following:

    California grid is stuck in 2001?
    The grid uses more coal than electricity generation uses in 2022?
    The grid is vulnerable to hackers and also the cars it charges?
    That it only gets worse from here.

    Don’t worry because Democrats obviously care about the grid problems while they’re flying to France last week for private “fundraisers” on their private planes (never group on coach) with Bidens as guests? It was a social event for the Uber rich caretakers of your fresh air. How sad @@Norm you weren’t invited since you support everything they do but you don’t have money or power and they don’t care to have you around unless you’re a celebrity token.
    The greens want you to be quiet and stay home out of their way. Be satisfied with what you’re told and what you’ve been given. Pay your taxes to keep their palms greased.
    Blame Republicans for your problems not the real people you elected. Pretend the border is secure, and believe Kamala is not an insult to intelligent black women every time she opens her mouth, that Afghanistan pullout did not have people blown up while waiting and people falling to their deaths from airplane wings, that a clean American gas pipeline is worse than buying Venezuelan dirty oil and Russian oil that funds Ukraine murders, and that your paychecks are worth 9% more and not less than two years ago.
    Love the ones you’re with @@Norm and believe they have your back and that you’re not a useful idiot.

  41. Brad Sprayberry says:

    @edmaddock. Appreciate SEdotcom reality.

    Newsom tries to deflect California energy grid and green climate failures by calling small Business owners crooks. He’s claiming small business hardworkers price gouge even after Obama court appointed judge found that was absolute lie and tossed that case out.

    Stop allowing his lies on TV and media. But that twit Governor constantly lies to Californians and the rest of America and they drink his slime like closing down nuclear plants, what uneducated masses live in that ridiculous state trying to keep its people in the dark ages.

    Democrats wrecked the best economy in 30 years under Trump and they did it in 2 years!! You are now paying the highest electric and gasoline bills Because BIDEN shut down the keystone pipeline. It isn’t even winter yet. Wait until the scheduled November increases begin after the election.

    The electricity and gasoline is more expensive because of BIDEN. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are more powerful now because of Biden, Russia and China are now more powerful than us because of Biden. Iran and Venezuela are even being funded by Biden. You cannot destroy us Biden and expect clean air, because it will mean global WAR and nuclear war is what they’ll choose to attack us, like Putin promises.

    At home, Arizona began building new homes because Trump had 3% mortgage rates. Biden killed our children’s right to fair home mortgages and our poor seniors lost over 9% to Inflation (Social Security increase doesn’t even touch the inflation losses this year or next).

    We are all victims of Bidenflation. The average 401k losses are 40% this year and if you’re reading this in Sedona everyone here felt that loss.

    Biden said “get used to it that things are going to cost you more” now and in the future, pay it and stop whining. Nope not going to get used to being screwed by this government of morally corrupt elitists and nonacademics with politically correct degrees instead of real degrees from top schools.

  42. Sedona Debby says:

    Sedona is in trouble and it’s time to speak truth to power. I’m voting my present and my future success and that means new council and no new debt load from city hall. Pay off debts and cut sales tax to 1/2% above state sales tax. Pass a referendum to balance the city budget. About that Green New Deal? Return all Republicans to the Senate and House in the voting booth and keep your mouth shut if afraid to speak truth out loud to fellow Dems. It’s your dollars and it’s your ability to stay out of the poorhouse and nursing homes that Democrats are building for you and changing Medicare to require you to stay or lose assets, or get approval from state bureaucracy over your doctor or hospital advice. 87,000 armed IRS agents will come for our waiters and waitresses and our restaurant owners and our car mechanics and gas station owners and supermarket cashiers and Sedona musicians in hotels and multi level Vitamin sellers, small business art dealers, Palm readers and masseuses, herbalists, medical doctors, ministers, babysitters, Understand it.

  43. Lindy says:

    Sure is a lot of crazy minds posting here lately.. As if it makes any difference

  44. James Harrington says:

    Amen to your extremely wise and well thought out message @Sedona Debby.

    This election might very well be we the people’s opportunity to make a final grasp for clinging to the Constitution Under Which We Stand. The result of delaying change NOW could write the script for a future of full blown Socialism at all levels of government, including City of Sedona.

    Ballots are in the mail for early voters but keep in mind the final outcome will be decided the first week in November. Will the result reflect a continuation of destructive business as usual and kicking Sedona residents to the curb as has been a clear message for at least the past eight years? Your vote(s) will reflect the answer.

  45. James Harrington says:

    Amen to your extremely wise and well thought out message @Sedona Debby.

    This election might very well be we, the people’s, opportunity to make a final grasp for clinging to the Constitution Under Which We Stand. The result of delaying change NOW could write the script for a future of full blown Socialism at all levels of government, including City of Sedona.

    Ballots are in the mail for early voters but keep in mind the final outcome will be decided the first week in November. Will the result reflect a continuation of destructive business as usual and kicking Sedona residents to the curb as has been a clear message for at least the past eight years? Your vote(s) will reflect the answer.

  46. Alicia Peck says:

    Hi all,

    I welcome anyone who has questions about Sedona’s future sustainability and resiliency to contact me directly to learn about our plans. I’m always open to discussing questions or ideas!

    Alicia Peck
    Sustainability Manager, City of Sedona

  47. Eddie Maddock says:

    “Seek & Ye Shall Find”


    “California announced it wants to ban all gas powered cars by 2035 so Californians responded by buying electric vehicles.

    But, Pacific Gas & Electric has already announced that this summer there will be black outs and brown outs because the grid can support air conditioning or charging cars but NOT both.

    Oh – and they’re shutting down their last nuclear power plant which provides carbon-free energy which means California is going to have to burn more fossil fuels to create the electricity to charge their electric cars so they can go green.

    Basically California is switching from cigarettes to crack for healthier lungs.”


    Sustainable or implausible? I rest my case.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Eddie S. Maddock

  48. Susan says:

    We handle our own sustainability called hard work and good morals. We find practicing virtues keeps us excellent stewards of our universe. Satisfaction is good pay.

  49. Leonard says:

    There’s no justification for an Alicia Peck or any person to have a sustainability job at more than volunteer pay. This isn’t the 1970s people. Grow up 70 and 80 year olds. God save us from flower children who dropped acid.

  50. @Alicia Peck says:

    Global warming is bunk.

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