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Eddie Maddock: Sustainable or Implausible?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock asks Sedona voters to decide whether sustainability is no longer plausible with red rock demolition for road construction, loss of scenic views to careless building and past city funded projects that failed miserably.

Sedona AZ – Sometimes it’s impossible to predict what a person can come up with by researching the Internet. Have any of you attempted to find a clear meaning of the word SUSTAINABILITY? If you have, and in particular if you succeeded, kindly share your enlightenment with the readers of Sedona Eye.

Of the many descriptions offered perhaps the following most clearly defines the intricate and complex web of tentacles this catchy word of the moment has the ability to embrace. The ultimate result remains unclearly defined simply because of the myriad opinions existing relating to interpretations of what, specifically, is required for survival.

“What is Sustainability?”

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.”

The argument, however, seems to arise during the quest to determine just exactly what, if anything, is causing what appears to be alarming changes in global warming and other labels presently extended to Mother Nature’s constant embracing of seasonal global variances over the course of hundreds – yes – hundreds of centuries of weather changing phenomenal historic periods, such as the “ice age” versus “greenhouse” periods of time.

Volcano eruptions and earthquakes forever remain out of mere human control, but should they not rightfully head the list of “alert” factors when municipal development for health, safety, and welfare of the general public remains the number one reason for concern in certain locations. Sedona (being one of them) is subject to lightening caused forest fires and, yes, occasional earthquakes are, indeed, felt here from time to time.

Remember this? View of Sedona Slide Rock fire from the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona AZ at 6:45 PM on May 21, 2014. [Exclusive SedonaEye.com photo may not be used, reprinted or copied without permission.]

When a development site is rezoned for higher density it represents a risk of also increasing traffic. When city planners approved the extension of beautiful Tlaquepaque to include a pedestrian-crossing on a state highway, it vastly reduced the “sustainability” of traffic flow through that corridor. The previous commercial buildings existing in that area did no such thing, but the expansion of one of Sedona’s main attractions stymied the flow of traffic through one of our most travelled routes.

When the City of Sedona approved a perhaps ill-advised marketing contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to promote “destination” marketing essentially to exclusively promote only their members as is also the situation with the city-financed Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, has it ever been proven to have attracted anything besides tourism daytrippers, creating even more havoc on the already over-burdened corridor?

As recently as the Friday, September 23, 2022 edition of the Red Rock News, President and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Michelle Conway, writes: “As the voice of Sedona’s regional business community, we regularly take the local economic temperature by listening to more than 730 members and evaluating economic data as it becomes available.” Former Chamber Pres/CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff had previously confirmed at a city council meeting that ONLY “Chamber” members were promoted at the City of Sedona financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. Is that blatant discrimination against city tax collecting businesses in Sedona who are NOT Chamber members?

Why was it necessary for the City of Sedona to acquire the former school on Brewer Road for the purpose of using it as a Sedona Court facility when at the time City Hall was constructed great care was taken to facilitate the “Council Chambers” for multi-use as a “Court room” – even providing an area as a jury box location?

Increased density has already obscured scenic views and quality of life for both residents and visitors. Is it fair to suggest attempting to correct some of these obvious blunders might fairly be compared to retrofitting a bad heart transplant?

Good luck with the heat attracting steel and concrete multi-story parking garage uptown and the proposed redevelopment of the former Cultural Park. Sustainability has already been extensively violated, but to what extent? Beyond repair? Will it continue? You decide.


  1. Stan says:

    Didn’t somebody propose looking at Les Springs eminent domain for airport access road thru their rear and front gates? Fiscal conservatives step up.

  2. Walt & Sally says:

    After a trip to the grocery store today we honestly wondered whether or not we would have enough gas to make it back home. Also raising the question could we even afford to purchase fuel? This country has taken such a whopping reversal the past couple of years it makes our heads spin.

    What’s the point in saving the planet from global warming if we all starve or freeze in the attempt? How can we afford to pay utility bills if this trend continues? This is very serious, Folks.

    The elite presently calling the shots are so out of touch with the real world. They sit in their ivory towers and make decisions that will soon turn this country into the very thing it was created to avoid. The nation is divided – split. What happened to the “United” in the United States of America? The liberals happened, isn’t that the answer to the question?

  3. Ken says:

    Our sedona and nation aren’t able to keep spending. Period period period. New CNN poll said only 25% of Americans think we can sustain Biden policies for two more years without collapsing and the same goes for Sedona. Orange County CA declared bankruptcy in 1980s due to liberal policies and climbed out of that hole in 2017. The damage was horrendous to its business economy and its housing. Learn from others. Slash the budget and no more acquisitions unless it’s a parkland. Congrats Astros.

  4. Jim, Sedona says:

    Kari Lake for governor says we need to get rid of AZ grocery taxes and she’s right. Vote for her. Hobbs says open Border ok!

  5. Howard E. says:

    What? Incorporated Sedona is discussing purchasing the little airport here in Sedona? Are they out of their minds? (dumb question)

    Good grief if even one time they made a decision and followed through maybe just maybe it might generate a little respect from the dwindling number of people who actually live here year round. They flit about much like bumblebees collecting nectar only our flitterers take pleasure in collecting money, attempting to gain prestige throughout the Verde Valley and beyond. THAT is NOT what they were elected to do!

    If only next Tuesday the outcome would by some miracle reflect an opportunity for a change in direction but chances of that happening look pretty slim. The dusting of snow during the night has been the only recent ray of sunshine here.

  6. Maxine says:

    I’ll be happy when this election is over. Turn your clocks back, people.

  7. @Maxine says:

    No Daylight Slaving (thank God!) in Arizona.

  8. Gene Therapy says:

    “If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today.”

  9. David, West Sedona says:

    It is true if stupid is votes for stupids it gives stupids what’s deserved ——-a broken city with excess debts sustains airport with big debt loads kept even while running on tight budgets????? a good idea is evident this isn’t ———-no Keystone oil means costs to fly are planes becomes ridiculous and electricity won’t fly them——agree good plan to add parks, preserves, oasis, not commercial for sustainable living in this desert city that can’t grow food ——-my last gas tank cost $67.82 and that’s eco car with all modern economy safeguards ——-cost was 26.84 for gas without President Biden ——why we are asked to absorb losses after government shuts off pipeline built for saving Americas economy n environment with proof it did do that? —-90% America wants home security tranquility and why this government seems to put us in jeopardy every other week with poor policies and administrators is like Sedona city council and staff needs job reorganization and streamlining and smaller budget. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  10. Mark says:

    Biden’s approval hit a new low of 31% just 1 day from midterms! Don’t know wheat from chaff @david but like your better made points. Strike while the iron’s hot. Save America. Vote Kelley out of Senate by voting for his opponent, let Arizona undo the clutches of this do-nothing 100% voting pro Biden coaster. Yes, his wife was shot years ago and it was a crime and tragedy, but she’s recovered and moved on and he wasn’t worth the sympathy votes.

  11. Pat says:

    Follow the money trail and come to Canyon Corruptible. It exists in Sedona.

    Example – Nevada seat should go to the uncorrupted veteran Adam Laxalt and instead Schumer and Pelosi just sent $90miion today to get votes. Common sense would tell you that kind of money can’t be spent in 24 hrs on tv and radio and special editions of newspaper ads, it must be working its way down to the campaign workers and polls? The Democrat in Nevada, loved by the 100% progressive left who counts her votes owned by them (what’s wrong with you Nevadans – you were Independent American capitalists not communist sympathizers when I lived there)? plus this Democrat brought crime in the streets for the first time in Vegas and mass shooting! Sick that you sell your beautiful soul to DC dark life political corruption.

  12. Tony says:

    What is Sustainability? Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.

    Why do we have a sustainability position at city hall when that’s a fancied name for Waste Manager? Or Rancher? Or Peacemaker?

  13. Scottsdale AZ says:

    Hello, Keep sustaining our Thanksgiving views at friends groaning table which are always lovely (bitter cold in winter, better in early spring when heat not scorching) and we’ll be happy.

  14. Ron says:

    We cannot afford for YOU to sit on the sidelines ANY longer.

  15. Maricopa County Tabulators Malfunctioning says:


    Who’s surprised by this? Nobody, eh? People need to lose their jobs after election, eh? Get to the polls and vote before this election is …. Stolen? Chose your own words for why or why not.

  16. @Maricopa says:

    Legal battles are afoot in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two important battleground states, over if certain types of ballots should be counted. These will likely be far from the only challenges we see over the midterms. Sounds like AZ could be one of them you say is right. Dems has to be scared to send in Obama to shade Lake and support racist Hobbs whose case cost us taxpayers in AZ millions. Vote Lake now.

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