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Eddie Maddock: Sustainable or Implausible?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock asks Sedona voters to decide whether sustainability is no longer plausible with red rock demolition for road construction, loss of scenic views to careless building and past city funded projects that failed miserably.

Sedona AZ – Sometimes it’s impossible to predict what a person can come up with by researching the Internet. Have any of you attempted to find a clear meaning of the word SUSTAINABILITY? If you have, and in particular if you succeeded, kindly share your enlightenment with the readers of Sedona Eye.

Of the many descriptions offered perhaps the following most clearly defines the intricate and complex web of tentacles this catchy word of the moment has the ability to embrace. The ultimate result remains unclearly defined simply because of the myriad opinions existing relating to interpretations of what, specifically, is required for survival.

“What is Sustainability?”

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.”

The argument, however, seems to arise during the quest to determine just exactly what, if anything, is causing what appears to be alarming changes in global warming and other labels presently extended to Mother Nature’s constant embracing of seasonal global variances over the course of hundreds – yes – hundreds of centuries of weather changing phenomenal historic periods, such as the “ice age” versus “greenhouse” periods of time.

Volcano eruptions and earthquakes forever remain out of mere human control, but should they not rightfully head the list of “alert” factors when municipal development for health, safety, and welfare of the general public remains the number one reason for concern in certain locations. Sedona (being one of them) is subject to lightening caused forest fires and, yes, occasional earthquakes are, indeed, felt here from time to time.

Remember this? View of Sedona Slide Rock fire from the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona AZ at 6:45 PM on May 21, 2014. [Exclusive SedonaEye.com photo may not be used, reprinted or copied without permission.]

When a development site is rezoned for higher density it represents a risk of also increasing traffic. When city planners approved the extension of beautiful Tlaquepaque to include a pedestrian-crossing on a state highway, it vastly reduced the “sustainability” of traffic flow through that corridor. The previous commercial buildings existing in that area did no such thing, but the expansion of one of Sedona’s main attractions stymied the flow of traffic through one of our most travelled routes.

When the City of Sedona approved a perhaps ill-advised marketing contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to promote “destination” marketing essentially to exclusively promote only their members as is also the situation with the city-financed Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, has it ever been proven to have attracted anything besides tourism daytrippers, creating even more havoc on the already over-burdened corridor?

As recently as the Friday, September 23, 2022 edition of the Red Rock News, President and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Michelle Conway, writes: “As the voice of Sedona’s regional business community, we regularly take the local economic temperature by listening to more than 730 members and evaluating economic data as it becomes available.” Former Chamber Pres/CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff had previously confirmed at a city council meeting that ONLY “Chamber” members were promoted at the City of Sedona financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. Is that blatant discrimination against city tax collecting businesses in Sedona who are NOT Chamber members?

Why was it necessary for the City of Sedona to acquire the former school on Brewer Road for the purpose of using it as a Sedona Court facility when at the time City Hall was constructed great care was taken to facilitate the “Council Chambers” for multi-use as a “Court room” – even providing an area as a jury box location?

Increased density has already obscured scenic views and quality of life for both residents and visitors. Is it fair to suggest attempting to correct some of these obvious blunders might fairly be compared to retrofitting a bad heart transplant?

Good luck with the heat attracting steel and concrete multi-story parking garage uptown and the proposed redevelopment of the former Cultural Park. Sustainability has already been extensively violated, but to what extent? Beyond repair? Will it continue? You decide.


  1. IFC says:

    When you look at sedona city hall employees and on up to Biden Harris Pelosi and the FBI that hid Hunter Biden laptop findings and Hillary Clinton’s 30 thousand plus deleted top secret emails and all you can show for it is a Jan 6 Committee (remember Joe McCarthy) you have no integrity or honesty and we do not believe you have our sixes or our children’s futures in line. You supported slavery not the Republicans lead by Lincoln, you democrats supported suppressing blacks with Biden’s Senate law of 3 strikes, you are the party of Nazis, you are the party of Grand Wizards of the KKK with Senator Byrd, and lies against those of us republicans supporting civil rights. My Virginia grandfather never trusted a Democrat and demanded we didn’t become one. My grandmother credited republicans for recognizing freedom first. Herschel Walker of Georgia needs to be voted into the senate and Warnock is the killer minister of black babies. Fentanyl means deaths here in sedona and in say east coast Philadelphia. Take control of this land and vote America first. Vote every Republican into office and vote out every Democrat and DORR members because republicans are the party of your success and the future of America.

  2. Wanda W Sedona says:


    Yet another beautiful thought out… Intelligent comment by a regular SE poster . (Deleted by editor) lol

  3. mshobert says:

    @jasonw –

    Indeed. Nope. Just like watching the same used-to-bes – trying to be relevant, and continually screwing things up… no lights, no bridge, no realistic roadway, – and lest we forget – roundabouts! LOL. Voice of Choice!

  4. Brian says:

    Breaking news second FBI whistleblower speaks out tomorrow on Biden alternate universe cover ups after Biden tries to spin truth about inflation and gas prices and social security like it’s all a good thing! This man and his group of thugs are insane. This man reduced your income by over 10% and you’re still voting for him because Trump made your life better? This admin is insanely political stupid and makes Trump look brilliant which he must have been because Biden is an idiot. Mark Kelly of Arizona was the deciding vote to open our
    Border – yep he needs to be sent back to New Jersey. I’m done with this.

  5. Norm, Sedona says:

    Don’t look for anything to change after the vote for mayor. The “liberals” have neatly taken control of Sedona. Face it, folks.

    The only missing link might be that we are NOT assessed Sedona City Property Taxes. That can only happen with voter approval.

    However, the direction Sedona is headed and after Scott Jablow is seated as “Mayor” don’t be surprised if it (city property taxes) will soon be another ballot proposal and if so plan on it being approved by the “Dems” – now in charge. They will need the funding to house illegals after Sedona is declared a “Sanctuary City”?

  6. Sara Ann, Flagstaff AZ says:

    Each roundabout in this city is fabulous, you need to learn how to drive, go take a driving class.

  7. Roger Stevens says:

    In agreement @Sara Ann, Flagstaff AZ. Indeed Sedona roundabouts are fabulous. Can you imagine the additional traffic congestion if ADOT had opted for traffic lights instead? Apparently some uneducated people making comments here didn’t live in Sedona when the traffic light was at the “Y” intersection.

    At least traffic continues to move instead of being forced to wait up to five minutes for a light to change. Don’t believe it? Check out Coffee Pot & 89 in West Sedona – just one example. Maybe those in disagreement might sign up for a driver’s training class to learn how to properly navigate roundabouts.

  8. Dee Lara Bee says:

    American Hero FBI agent Steve Friend is the SECOND agent to blow the lid on several rabid anti Trumpers in FBI and their handling of Jan 6 investigation. Find it on the web. He’s joined UNFILTERED. He’s the real deal and even his wife was targeted by Facebook and social media groups paid for by you know who. Horrifying this day and age of extremists trying to destroy our way of life for their desired centralized power.

  9. Fayndra, VOC says:

    I miss mean tweets and cheap gas under $2.00 gallon when he left office because my man said pump it for the people not the government IRS tax man. My man trumps your joker.

  10. Ted W. says:

    Two more houses in this subdivision just went on the market for around two million dollars. Any bets whether or not they will be snapped up, most likely by people on the east coast to be used as short term/vacation rentals.

    Sedona subdivisions increasingly function as new versions of “motel row” as permanent residents continue to be treated worse than second class citizens. Illegal entries to this country in vast numbers are given more consideration than legitimate taxpaying residents.

    Vote the bums OUT that insist on supporting these outrageous policies.

    “Affordable workforce housing” should NOT be government financed. Vast acreage is available just outside Sedona City Limits towards Cottonwood and is well suited for reasonable housing – and – also with terrific views of the Red Rocks. Sedona resorts should be forced to provide a certain number of employee accommodations or else lose their permits allowing them to do business.

    Vote for changes or anticipate continued abuse from City Hall if you are a permanent resident. Otherwise list your property for sale prior to the predicted recession. It will happen.

  11. J. Smith, west Sedona says:

    Generational leadership at city hall? Normal people think age is a positive because it brings experience (there was a comment denigrating new city candidates inexperience earlier in this roll) however normal people know that people in positions of power over your lives and money (President Biden has been on the public role for 50 years and despite his salary not providing his wealth, nor any family inheritances, nor any entrepreneurship businesses, nor stock investment windfalls during those years, he is worth mega millions as is his public schoolteacher wife and his drug addicted son and his brother and other family members) need replacing when they begin to decide their ideas and opinions matter more than voters. I’m for a term limit to the city council. It keeps graft and largesse to a minimum if a return to public life is guaranteed and forces accountability. There are no excuses for our standard of living falling nationally and locally. The state has done a good job and we need Kari Lake to keep us on listening to the people rule. Vote for her and then vote Republicans to Congress and Senate because we are losing our standard of living per CNN. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I can see that the January 6 committee voted a a farce and they are hasbeens or progressives in the pockets of foreign interests and I’m worried the FBI has lost its way to these corrupt politicians. Get back on track and I too miss cheap gas and groceries on full shelves, no food or medicine or clothing shortages, and transparency. I’ll take a bellicose trumpet doing good for me rather than a buffoon bumble head and his Wizard of Oz machine. Even President Obama’s leadership team like Larry Summers says a big recession is underway and our international power evaporated due to foreign interference and interests.

    Why do we give Iran a nuclear weapon? Never says every person I’ve ever spoken with. President Biden is.

    Why do we give money to climate change programs that have been proven to do no good and then millions of money disappear to where? Who?

    Why does California get to turn off a no carbon perfect pro climate nuclear plant? Why don’t they have to build another before closing it? Small plants built strategically would supply perfect energy!

    Apologize for length, but (deleted by editor) in this city has the guts to let people be heard without editorializing and it’s a good idea exclusive here. Cost of living is everything to me when voting, and not some random decision that’s still legal between doctors and women wanting abortions in Arizona and all other states. Fentanyl killed over 700,000 people in the US so far this year. COVID? Fentanyl is worse and Democrats have defunded the police and encouraged drug access. I asked police officers if they were voting for Democrats and every single one has said no. Our border is insanely out of control and people are dying from the criminals, being exploited by the cartels, children and women sold as sex slaves. Ask our police to educate you what’s going on here in our homes, forests, desert, resorts, private homes. We had a pedophile organization in million dollar property that the feds finally busted. We’ve had people killed on our trails. Lockdowns have put people out of business, dumbed down our kids.

    The government of California has extended its emergency mandate for a year. WHY?

    I’d say its a practice in power over the people because it’s not about keeping them safe. Makes one sick to watch that state become a cesspool like someone said here. Crime is California new motto and the gold in the state now belongs to Pelosi and other California politicians. Arizona keep California in California.

  12. Will Howitt says:

    Tell family and friends to vote for Adam Laxalt in Nevada, a Navy vet. Come on vets, get the word out to vote for him and donate to his campaign fund online. He’s a true American hero. East coast trying to dictate to us.

  13. Alison M. says:

    Bravo, Bravo Mr. J. Smith West Sedona. You speak the truth which many these days find unacceptable. However, Karma lives – and rules. Thus the outcome really isn’t in the hands of the control freaks.

    They may think so and continue on with their lust for greed and power, but the end result will NOT be THEIR decision. The sad thing is that the innocent must suffer and pay a high price because, realistically, we ARE at their mercy.

    Who is paying to support all the ILLEGAL immigrants presently entering this country on a daily basis – thanks to the current administration? We, the “victims” aka “little people” who will be taxed and patrolled by an additional army of IRS agents recently hired by the present administration.

    Some of us won’t live to realize the day of reckoning but those who do will finally enjoy daylight and well deserved happier times. Wait and see – if you are one of the survivors, that is.

  14. Christopher, Sedona says:

    Just heard on news Biden government closed Alaska crabbing season. Local officials calling it payback for not putting Democrats in state offices. The fishing ban beneficiaries are Russia and China because they’ll continue to crab in those same northern waters without any restrictions and ship to US at outrageous prices after USA factories, shippers, restaurants, pickers, fisherman and women are unemployed, ports cease operations and nationwide restaurants raise prices on food. Alaskans will suffer greater than the country because like one income Sedona’s tourism, seafood is their income and lives of indigenous nations will suffer greatest because they rely nearly exclusively on the sea.
    Pay attention Sedona. Everything runs on oil and dependence on foreign oil means Sedona is back to being controlled by Saudis and Russia and oil exporters manmade created shortages and crisis.

  15. PKS says:

    @williamhowitt. If we don’t get this country back on steady proAmerica course we will be faced with woke racists pointing fingers at others to keep you from knowing the truth about them like Black Lives Matter and woke progressive politicians demanding breakdowns in civil society and defunding police. Send money to JD Vance for standing up and calling out the smug face 20 years in office woke anti secure border politician liar and help people like Dr. Oz calling out his woke opponent (who had a stroke and isn’t even healthy enough to serve but can’t give up his hold on power) for being a defund the police and courts systems. https://youtu.be/a1vyupGbPcg?t=19

    Call out our Sedona politicians. Ask for their resignations if they don’t support our quality of peaceful beautiful life here. Call for term limits. Get those petitions going to force local special elections on blasting red rocks and building a through road for tourists in our neighborhoods. Get the truth to us and don’t wait. Do your job as knowing citizens and voters to save us here in Sedona from work elitist local politicians.

  16. Miss Ginger. Camp Verde AZ says:

    5000 cross every day, that’s ones border patrols intercept, rest cross and disappear in our country

  17. Stacy says:

    Alison dear we pay to support them.

  18. Lisa , West Sedona says:

    Heck illegals here long time – businesses hiring here provide benefits and pay – not right they’re here but no stepping up to fix it either – high fives Sedona Eye

  19. Marilyn T. says:

    What gripes me are those who stand on corners in West Sedona with signs begging for help. Many have dogs with them and the other day one had an umbrella to shade him from the sun while he was holding his “please help” sign with one hand and talking on his cell phone with the other! And at the same time ignoring the number of “Help Wanted” signs on display at many local businesses.

    Pay attention, voters. Do not elect a “liberal” mayor or city council members unless you care to pay the price of supporting the lazy people blatantly displaying their lack of character. My opinion, of course, which is allowed to be vented on this site. Thank you.

  20. Old Timers says:

    We are very pleased to learn that at least for the time being city staff has recommended for the city council to postpone the uptown parking garage.

    Could it be they actually acknowledge public concern at least on this one issue?

    Well, it remains to be seen whether or not equal consideration will be given to proposed rezoning of the former Cultural Park for the purpose of high density housing purposes.

    Relocate that idea to the city owned acreage out yonder by the WW Treatment Plant.

    Sedona residents – maintain the volume of your voices. Demanding respectable consideration for Sedona’s legitimate residents is long overdue. New faces on the city council will be forthcoming and hopefully that will include the Mayor.

  21. Betsy says:

    ASU, my daughter will not be accepting after seeing this and am withdrawing our annual gift. Other Sedona ASU parents do the same. It’s time to get serious about this kind of hate, it’s not acceptable.


  22. Analyze It says:

    Council got schooled on losing elections and being out of touch and heard the sound of busses coming up 17.

  23. Viola says:

    Sedona ww can’t afford welcoming lawless here:

    About that border question, here’s my new and revised answer because once I was one of them wanting to break away from Family without good cause, except a feeling I was being shortchanged staying in my hometown. Born 1952 our Movies and TV showed better lives outside my town like in California or Hawaii and without realizing it I had to be set free in order to be. Now I’m seventy and ashamed of the lost years trying to be when I already was
    From the womb.

    My life was a gift and I’m no longer for taking that gift from any tiny human with a passion to live. Let’s say I’ve grown up and am wiser about helping the weak and vulnerable. Come across our border legally and my heart and home and purse are open, put your newborn up for adoption if you don’t want it or keep your legs crossed or take a pill or get your tubes tied like I did.

    Sedona better vote smarter this election because no way to afford this inflation and crime and poor education results brought on these past two years. Time to get off this backward woke ride.

  24. Sedona City Residents says:

    We’re hoping “those busses coming up 17″ being heard by the council are for the purpose of removing them from Sedona – never to return! @Analyze It

    The damage already done by past lousy decisions of Sedona city council based on staff recommendations have in a way put the “city” on the endangered incorporated list. It’s shameful how poor decisions have destroyed so many things here, residential quality of life among other things.

  25. @Betsey says:

    choose a side girl black or white

  26. Norm, Sedona says:

    @@Betsey “choose a side girl black or white”??? If that isn’t meant to antagonize racial discrimination then what is? However in an odd sort of way doesn’t it uphold the theme of the above article? “Sustainable or Implausible?”

    All the years and effort spent attempting to erase racial differences seem to have resurfaced and it appears the conclusion of the issue is, indeed, “implausible” versus “sustainable.”

    Humanity just doesn’t seem to have the capacity to live and let live without creating unnecessary turmoil.

    Sedona unfortunately continues to have ongoing leadership that leans towards upholding that style of living. Too many decisions made based on “implausible” instead of “sustainable.”

    For example, funding the chamber of commerce with millions of dollars misappropriated for advertising resulting in primarily “day trippers” is just another example. Pedestrian crossing at Tlaquepaque. Extremely bad design of city-owned highway 89 uptown. The list goes on.

    Thank goodness the decision to move forward with the multi-storied parking monster uptown has been put on hold. But for how long? How can “they” be stopped from purchasing the Cultural Park property for the purpose of increased density to add to the already asinine decisions proven to be “implausible”?

    Vote for change – now is the time.

  27. Freddy says:

    Next time you donate to Democrats, here’s your Georgia Peach for Governor contestant and the rest are the same. Song with the Killer Pastor believing killing an unborn baby up to when its born is fine, can we go any lower?


  28. Maxi Green, west Sedona says:

    They’ll wait and right after the election scream they’ve a mandate. Gutless unprincipled leadership with no foresight just foreskins tucked in as brains.

  29. Reggie says:


    Here comes those busses Sedonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo

  30. @ Reggie says:

    Wow Regg, are you trying to sound racist or does it just come naturally?

    Maybe we can get a few of them to work at Walgreens? Hell we have a part time pharmacy and a store that closes randomly at 2pm.

    But I do understand when you have no policy, just divide people by race or religion, and just try and scare the rest!

  31. @@Reggie says:

    I don’t want them in my state or country if their attitudes are not to obey our laws and rules. Open up your HOUSE and YOU feed and house them but that won’t happen @@Reggie because you’re a racist elitist Democrat who wants them helped by Republicans in Texas and Florida and Arizona because you think they’re not coming to pharmacies and restaurants near you. YOU and YOUR HAMPTONITES AND NEW YORKERS AND CHICAGOANS ARE RACIST BIGOTS HIDING BEHIND WALLS AND SECURITY GUARDS. Get out of our city and state. Move back to where you came and we know you’re not born here.

  32. Liz says:

    Good morning Sedona! @@reggie. gang members love working in drug stores like old hags and piggy drunks love CBD and ABC stores and let’s bet police forces could use a few to help handle crime.

  33. Hey Liz says:

    Think you could write in complete sentences? Maybe have a complete thought?
    People might even try and understand you, because English sure isnt your 2nd or 3rd language !

  34. T.E. Cottonwood says:

    Democrats bad economy numbers pushed off news cycle? Nice for early voting, it keeps voters from learning the truth about Biden admin policies. Government released news that we have no diesel fuel in 25 days and the press secretary was surprised to hear it meaning no plan as usual. Turn on our pipeline. Diesel delivers your groceries and runs factories and heavy equipment because liberals decades ago demanded it as the better fuel. It’s not but they don’t care. UK announced it predicts 10,000 possible deaths from lack of fuel this winter, not a third world or second world country, but first world. Same for Germany – people are cutting down old growth forests for fuel. Wake up Sedona.

  35. Bob, Chapel area says:

    Sedona is a has been after losing dark skies and bulldozing uptown to erect ugly structure. Never occurred to the city hall group to put a mixed use building there with parking underneath. If city councils and staffs get into city planning, it ends up looking like urban ghettos. Let the pros come up with plans and never destroy or use eminent domain. Go play golf.

  36. Preston says:

    Democrats didn’t stand up to criminals. Don’t forget it. They don’t stand up for you.

  37. Jeff Norton says:

    All the lip service from Sedona City Hall appears to be just that ——- “lip service.”

    Why is it they come up with so many grandiose(?) ideas most of which require vast land purchases (Cultural Park property) and then “they” rarely (if ever) complete what is presently on the agenda. (Extension of Forest Road; alternative for a safe and sensible pedestrian crossing instead of the obvious present traffic jamming accommodation to exclusively benefit the owner of Tlaquepaque to mention just a couple of examples.)

    Those people cannot even maintain Sedona city streets in a professional fashion. Patchwork fill-ins are shabby, ugly, and shameful and actually detract from the beauty of the area. Don’t believe it? Then take a closer look.

    Priorities do not appear to favor sustainability and so why now the pretense to make it a big deal? More smoke, mirrors, and spin the bottle?

  38. @Bob says:

    Man bob, so you want the city to dictate to any builder and developer what to do? Its must be fun to just finger point and have all the answers….Bet you love dictators also! Now Sedona is a ghetto?….I bet you have never even seen one if thats your uneducated opinion!
    Maybe you should just go to the library or go back to school.

  39. ESM says:

    Speaking of resurfacing city streets (Jeff Norton) reminds me of a time prior to incorporation and the Broken Arrow Subdivisions (Estates & Vista) were under Coconino County jurisdiction.

    Morgan Road and adjacent access streets had first rate maintenance and at one time Coconino County even resurfaced them the color of the red rocks. Talk about first class. Yes indeed.

    The present version of upkeep clearly represents the patch-job and quite frankly is really ugly. Representative of sloppy maintenance while researching bigger fish to fry? Highrise housing and parking garage and rezoning the Cultural Park property for what? More poorly maintained city streets? And the subject of sustainability is presently on the agenda?

  40. Jason says:

    SF assistant DA said last Friday there was 3rd person in house and NBC admitted the nutcase was a druggie with left wing views. After planned pity party pre election the truth will come out while your gas and food prices will soar with the new inflation numbers. Gotta love Democrats ability to lie and steal elections. Mark Kelley on tape being pro abortion to full term outed by his staffers recordings with guideline to mention his wife’s shooting as proof he’s pro life. How low can you go, well voting for Kelley says it to me. Save Our Children.

  41. @@bob says:

    You’re sense less @@bob . Must be a City Haller. Dictate to builders developers ? What the hell does Sedona have a city planner engineer and zoning for @@bob or city government ? Use your real name next time . Ask McDonald’s why they’ve got teal arches and we all say but you because they should blend in the environment . Trick or treat rules ? Drove to LA for work every day took 2 hrs each way to commute . You losers think 15 mins to Cottonwood is a commute .

  42. Bernie Knott says:

    Eddie Maddock begins with it’s impossible to know what people come up with while searching the net. You might have missed this folks about Democrat Katie Hobbs:

    Kari Lake @KariLake
    Governor candidate, AZ

    While minority leader of the State Senate, @katiehobbs fired a black single mom for asking for equal pay to her white colleagues. She lost two federal judgements for racial & sexual discrimination. Katie Hobbs is a twice-convicted racist & she’s unfit to serve as our Governor.

  43. Sedona Registered Voters says:

    We are still undecided on voting for mayor. No, we are not happy with Scott Jablow’s performance. However we remain suspicious about that new woman running for the seat, Samaire Armstrong. She claims to be fair and not biased and yet it appears that is not factual.

    Ms Armstrong has advertised extensively by mail, in the RRNews and also in the other online news source which, in fact, has at least one comment slamming Sedona Eye. Oddly that attack maintains the last spot on a comment list which means probably more people read it and it’s very negative about Sedona Eye.

    Why do you suppose Ms Armstrong avoids Sedona Eye publicity? Wasn’t it, in fact, the first online publication initially known as Sedona Times and originated by Carl Jackson who maintained the position of allowing anonymous comments and didn’t object to negative personal opinions as long as they weren’t slanderous?

    The present publisher/editor under the new name of Sedona Eye continues with that policy and clearly the site hosts a variety of opinions as was the original commitment by the founder.

    We wonder why Ms Armstrong failed to use it as a source of spreading her message and thus question her viability as being the fair person she claims to be.

  44. @Sedona Registered Voters says:

    You are being trivial. Jablow doesn’t use this site either. But that’s not the point. The point is that the choice is simple. If you want more of the same, the status quo, vote Jablow. If not, vote Armstrong.

  45. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Sedona Registered voter. One of many problems with Ms. Armstrong is she know nothing about government. She thinks she will change what ever she wants. She dosent understand the position she is running for.

    She just started to go to Sedona Citizens Academy. She is learning at least. Nothing moves fast because of checks and balances….We had traffic problems before the crash of 2008. The council just put everything off till the economy picked up. Then add unregulated short term rentals, here we are.

    I wish her the best she seams like a very nice woman. But her perception of what mayor can do? It would be funny but its actually sad. Its like she dosent know other council members have a voice and a vote the same as her.

  46. Jerry Uptown says:

    @ESM – don’t be looking for road improvements any time soon. In addition to consideration for Sedona (city) to purchase Cultural Park property, acquisition of the airport is on the table.

    Yep “they” just can’t seem to finish even one project before another one pops up. Brewer Road Park? Just another passing fancy? Always bigger fish to fry that involves costly land acquisition, rezoning, and possible amendment to the community plan.

    How will Jablow or Armstrong handle the ongoing can of worms? As if their lone voice has any authority. Well it doesn’t. It takes a majority of four votes to approve changes. DUH!

    Why isn’t consideration ever given for living up to former commitments such as rescinding the half percent sales tax increase as stated in the original “deal.”

    Taking care of infrastructure necessities readily takes a backseat to new and questionable projects. Owning the Sedona Airport is just another added to the long list of stupidity IMHO.

  47. Terrance says:

    Why do you want to shut down our energy supplies? Those energy supplies make our lives great in America. Countries without energy supplies suck as places to live. Wake up you stupid Americans and tell Biden to turn on the pipeline and stop attacking energy companies that make our lives fantastic here in America. I’m not chopping mesquite trees in Sedona to heat my house like Germany and am tired of losers who are wildly out of control on marijuana and climate crap that isn’t that big of a deal unless you’re collecting Green Deal dollars.

  48. KayP says:

    a voice from the darkness of Biden politics

  49. Linda, Uptown says:

    We looked at each other and laughed after reading your comment Jerry. The councilors and mayor and staff have NO airline or airport experience and want to control the air field when seasoned administrators have not succeeded or know when to call it quits. Lucky that motel’s there because it’s unsafe to build downside or topside. People die landing and taking off from that Sedona airport and the city wants to load that liability on the backs of city budget and taxpayers? Airport needs to remain in private hands or close it down and build condos or a mesa top park but NO AIRPORT necessary. Have you forgotten reports of fuel soil and air contamination from it and we could be stuck with costs of a superfund site? Not only that but the road up is dangerous and needs a total redo. Leave airport and airport Mesa be and let private capital and state spend money not us. Childish and foolish Council and city hall could use less money and less power.

  50. RA says:

    finally moles speak up but will they vote

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