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Eddie Maddock: Hip Hip Hooree’ it is 2023


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock welcomes 2023.

Sedona  AZ  Sure enough, the page has been turned on at least a few of the many calendars generally distributed prior to the end of a year. Not only have we changed calendars, but in just a few short days January will become history.

Even under stressful conditions relating to predicted economic uncertainties, City Council members are enthusiastically addressing both new and old issues with vim and vigor. For the record, our city council consists of Mayor Scott Jablow, Vice Mayor Holli Ploog, and Council members Jessica Williamson, Melissa Dunn, Brian Fultz, Pete Furman and Kathy Kinsella.

Just for fun how about we rewrite the words to a song with which most – if not all of us – are familiar, the Alphabet Song first copyrighted in 1835. If we apply it to the Sedona City Council, here is one possible version:



C – You’re COMMITTED to the task;



F – FACING FRIENDS and FOES at that;

G – You look GOOD to us;

H – HEROES in all our books;

I – ICONS of course in your own way;

J – JOYFUL people;

K – KIND individuals;

L – LISTEN while you hope and pray;

M, N, O, P we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK;

U – YOU have the best of plans?

V – VARIED in efficient hands?

W, X, Y, Z.

City of Sedona Council chamber

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

*A variation of the above might include:  W – While smiling most all of the time; X – On the ballot sheet gave you your council seat; Y – only you can answer that; Z – if you let us down is there any doubt it’s Zippo if you don’t perform!

Now then, if by chance anyone happens to read this particular rendition of the 1835 Alphabet Song and finds it a bit too flattering, offered below is another version you might find more appealing:

ALPHABET SONG (version #2)

A – You’re ANNOYING;

B – Somewhat BORING;

C – Even CAUSTIC now and then.



F – FAILING some of us again.

G – You seem GRIM to us;

H – HAVE you all missed the bus?

I – Stuck IN your little outer space?

J – JOIN the real world;

K – KEEP level headed;

L – LEAVE special favors at the door.

M, N, O, P – we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK.

U – YOU fail to honor “stuff”

V – And VOTE for a bunch of fluff.

W, X, Y, Z.

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

So there you have it. Two versions of the Alphabet Song dedicated to all Sedona City Council members, past and present.

However and it would be unfair to dismiss acknowledging  the courage and dedication it surely must take for all candidates, winners, and losers to go through the process and run for City Council. Whatever the reasons for throwing their hats in the ring, the time and effort they spend researching and attending meetings indicates a dedication that many people do not have.

Isn’t it only fair to wish good luck to the City of Sedona during this new year of 2023 and many more to come?



  1. Lisa F says:

    Why let a good compliant get in the way of reality!?

  2. Jason Williams says:

    Another diversion to redirect attention of legitimate Sedona residents from realizing more sneaky manipulations? @Lisa F. Just asking.

  3. @ Jason says:

    Yeah yeah you’re delusional. You take yourself way too serious.

  4. George W. says:

    Thanks to @Just read for offering the city web links as proof of the forthcoming extension of Forest Road. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst case scenario.

    In Sedona it’s more likely, based on past history, a waste of time to hope for the best IMO.

  5. Wm. D. says:

    Maybe Sedona might consider changing their vision statement to “Hope for the best but anticipate the opposite.”
    Another example of the city’s performance? Making the deal with ADOT to own and control uptown 89 heading for Oak Creek Canyon. Nice job? Result was reducing the highway to two lanes by allowing cars to park, requiring them to back out when leaving spaces and thus another source of blocking traffic.
    The list continues to grow and it remains to be seen whether or not the Forest Road extension will add to it. Any bets?

  6. Mae Julie Jambois says:

    Sedona Yelp 2 ** food 1 views 1

  7. Dorothy says:

    @wmd parallel parking is always best for uptown leaves roadway wider and safer for pedestrians

  8. Joyce & Andrew says:

    If the fools at city hall vote to rezone the Cultural Park property for anything other than community usage then we will vote for the #2 version of the Alphabet Song – we hope for the opportunity to sign a council recall petition.

    Choking the charm out of Sedona is NOT the reason for incorporating as a city for God’s sake! while the movers, shakers, opportunists and profit grabbers continue to drool as they only have eyes for $$$$$. So far city council continues to feed their egos and gives them what they want.

    But at least four people on the council recently voted against the latest funding for the C of C. Finally fresh air to keep us going! Now the rest of the council better get onboard or get unelected next election.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    What are their names, those 4?

  10. Tom says:

    Choking charm?

  11. Joyce & Andrew says:

    The names of the four: Holli Ploog, Vice Mayor; Melissa Dunn; Brian Fultz; Kathy Kinsella, City Council Members

    And, we thank them.

  12. Clint says:

    Time to let the lions roar. That road is a death trap and they plan to build homes and extend city limits.

  13. Linda, west Sedona says:

    Four voted no then why did chamber get money if majority? What specifically did they vote No on?

  14. Myra & Milt says:

    This is our own version of the above article and we dedicate it to the four Sedona council members Ploog, Dunne, Fultz, and Kinsella for being brave enough to go against the usual biased control.

    Hip Hip Hurray
    They helped saved the day

    It is our opinions that Jablow, Furman, and Williamson by voting to fund the regional chamber of commerce and continue the tradition of promoting only chamber of commerce members showed their bias against those nonchamber businesses within incorporated Sedona who opt out of being coerced into becoming dues-paying chamber members in order to receive city benefits from the regional chamber of commerce.

    Again we salute you and thank you Ploog, Dunn, Fultz and Kinsella!

  15. Jill, Sedona says:

    No way can they route outsider traffic through that forest road extension and I’d never buy those homes there now with cars driving off cliffs and into my house!!! Stupid is as Stupid planners. Should be a private drive for homes in its immediate area and only accessible by emergency equipment like a gated community. Get real you ignorant planners at city hall. Engineering is less than the best or they’d be working for AZDOT. My vote will matter this time. Tourist idiots can’t drive on flat 179 or 89a and you expect them to not screw up that route?

  16. Nancy says:

    New logo for Sedona
    Lost Charm City

  17. Midwest Tourists says:

    We first heard about Sedona from neighbors who had traveled through the area on their way to the Grand Canyon.

    When the time came to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary we decided to try something different. We contacted the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for referrals about lodging, restaurants, etc. Based on the information received and studied, we made reservations at a lovely hotel in a place that turned out to be the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona. Our decision was largely based on overall pricing and it was more affordable where we booked and the bed tax rate made a difference.

    We appreciate the City of Sedona for apparently funding an area outside the city incorporated area for tourists. We learned the restaurants in “The Village” were considered much better and more affordable than in the city (thank you Denise for the recommendation) and the scenic views were equally as nice. We enjoyed visiting the city and liked the Village area best because of its nice people and less expense for we seasoned travelers. Less traffic, too!

    Jack & Alice
    (address removed by editor)

  18. E.O.L. , Sedona AZ says:

    Omg @jill bullseye

  19. Marty Sedona says:

    Laughing with tears in my eyes! Sedona – “Lost Charm City” courtesy @Nancy

  20. Harvey D. says:

    My wife and I are new residents here and are sort of wondering what we moved into. We do not understand this connection with a chamber of commerce and promoting members outside city of Sedona that do not collect city taxes. Just based on that alone, why would anyone in Sedona, residents and/or tourists, shop in Sedona when they can drive to the VOC and avoid city taxes?

    Actually we are sort of happy with the information because for sure except probably for grocery shopping we will make a point to buy other things and eat out at the Village. It isn’t that far and we prefer getting gas there as well.

  21. mshobert says:

    @jill… sigh. Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Me! – BANANA… and just when did you move here? Get over yourself.

  22. Wendy says:

    @mashobert those letters – BANANM – sigh – which explains you and your planners incompetency

  23. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson says:

    We will probably get blasted for this because we are pleased to have four new members on the Sedona City Council who are willing to go against the same old, same old.

    For Holli Ploog, Melissa Dunne, Brian Fultz, and Kathy Kinsella to DARE go against the usual ho hum of giving a regional chamber of commerce even more opportunity to market their members located outside Sedona City Limits is – well – exciting? Or at least we hope it will result in a more positive outlook for Sedona city non-chamber members – businesses and residents.

    We can’t help but wonder if a major upheaval could have been avoided if the original council awarding the contract with the C of C had put the destination marketing proposal OUT FOR BIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE. And why didn’t they?

    We will never know but most assuredly speculation continues to run amok about the reason for that sweetheart deal.

  24. Gretchen, Sedona says:

    English is considered the easiest language globally to learn by nonEnglish speakers which is why it is a very important tool to success. You should master English MSHOBERT as it will be the first rung on your step to success.

  25. PW says:

    Time to unseat Furman, Jablow and Williamson next election is the other four can’t and won’t stick together as majority. How did Chamber get $$$ if majority said no?

  26. Ray says:

    Chamber won’t be the fallback employer for city has beens if we don’t keep it funded.

  27. Cathy Lee Rupert, Prescott AZ says:

    Sedona should get back her lost charm and rewrite her few decades of past history. Sedona past is her glory days and her present is traffic and high prices daze and no place can survive bad press. No one in northern Arizona wants to go to Sedona with out of towners any longer because it’s like going to Phoenix, too busy and too not worth it for the day.

  28. Sedona says:

    Happy Valentines Day

  29. Marge, Sedona says:

    Unfortunately @Cathy Lee Rupert, Prescott AZ the movers/shakers at Sedona City hall don’t seem to give a hoot whether anyone in northern Arizona wants to come to Sedona. Their interest has been to grease the palm of those in control like Chamber and affiliate Lodging Council with special favors including huge amounts of Sedona tax funds.

    Former Sedona Councilman John Martinez still shows up at council meetings here, sitting next to his friend Steve Segner, a familiar name on Sedona Eye if you research the archives. Maybe there will be hope with new faces on the city council but for certain the only way to feel more certain is to vote the three lovers of the Chamber out – Jablow, Williamson, & Furman.

  30. Al says:

    Sedona used to be paradise & that was its charm Nancy.

  31. Jan, VOC says:

    Builders build no matter where it is because architects and engineers figure out how to get it done! Blame them for being anti environment, not the builders! There’s engineers and architects in Sedona working out of both sides of their mouths! Views can’t be blown up without Sedona engineers and architects planning it.

  32. Paul, Sedona says:

    City leaders don’t take their duties seriously. We’re fighting for OUR future. Join together to run for the seats and get people to pledge money now supporting their runs. Send out information to voters introducing the candidates and the reason for their runs beginning now.

  33. Gregg says:

    You saying no good architects / civil engineers in Sedona area? Phoenix is the best for finding them says developer (name removed by editor) and I trust him.

  34. Ross says:

    no shame

  35. Sedona Keith says:

    figure it out before it’s lost forever

  36. Dave, Uptown says:

    We need changes or be changed for the worst. Thanks to SedonaEye.com we can speak up.

  37. Felicity, Andante says:


  38. Paul, Sedona says:

    We’re fighting for our future, what don’t you lemmings understand? We’ve got lousy councils that left us with lousy management practices and inbred hiring with show business searches for city lawyers and managers more incompetent than homegrown ones. You need to find candidates now and not tomorrow.

  39. Karen says:

    Well said, Paul.

  40. FK says:

    What’s being done to educate the councilors with the community unrest and unease about present and future obligations we can’t and won’t meet???? Chamber begging poor people to come and they don’t pay but cost money because they don’t produce goods just use and demand services?

  41. Sedona Keith says:

    US Tax Dollars Funding Illegal Immigration Through UN Programs is latest headliners for news. Wonder if they counted city nonprofit funds to feed and support and provide free healthcare, phones and backpacks and bikes and subsidized ADUs in Sedona and Arizona too? LMAO

  42. Archie Mendez says:

    Finally some good news for Arizona –
    at yesterday’s Sen Elections and House Oversight Hearings, a very brave Jackie Berger provided evidence that (fake) Gov Katie Hobbs is working with drug cartels and involved in money laundering through real estate schemes. This is why Hobbs is keeping the border open and vetos every bill coming across her desk. The sooner Hobbs is recalled, the better for Arizona.
    To watch the testimony, go to @KariLake Twitter feed.

  43. Jesse Smith says:

    Playing without paying isn’t for politicians. Paid to play or work is the truth.

  44. Jess Wundrin says:

    Hmmmm . . . “Paid to play or work is the truth.” @Jesse Smith.

    Is current Mayor Jablow being paid to submit his achievement reports to only one other online publication as his current message appearing there specifies it’s to Sedona Biz? Why is that? Repeating, is he being paid for the favor?

    In the past haven’t messages (reports) from city hall and elected officials been fairly offered to ALL publications? What is it (if anything) he has against Sedona Eye? Especially since his picture continues to run there as a headline feature.

    What’s the story behind this peculiar turn of events?

  45. @Jess says:

    Why in the world would he even want to post here? Bunch a candy ass complainers who will find fault with anything he, or any council member does? Maybe some day you will see you’re not helpful, or productive with your none stop whining?

  46. Ollie says:

    To me there’s nothing more interesting than reading stories across the web and here on Sedona Times (www.SedonaEye.com) that illuminate in present times the failures and successes of city staff and council decisions throughout the past decade and half. That is a gift for voters, promises kept voters re-elect, promises unkept voters reject.

  47. Alison M. says:

    WOW so mayor Jablow shuns Sedona Eye and reports directly to Sedona Biz? Very revealing of the apparent lack of fairness with which he rules our fair city and in the short time he’s served as mayor?

    Based on this behavior the next couple of years will be a bumpy road for “perceived” individuals who didn’t vote for him?

    Oh well, he’s living up to one thing IMO and that being his name .. Jab Low?

  48. Rhonda P. Jackson, Flagstaff says:

    No one addressed Archie Mendez @KariLake news? Democrats are afraid their racist (deleted by editor) will be exposed. Atty Gen Merrick pushed in corner to act about Hunter Biden $500,000 and up painting windfalls when hearings pointed out that rare Degat and Monet up for auction fetched that amount and the hearings attendees actually laughed out loud when Hunter Biden’s painting was uncovered and gasped when it was released that the cash paid for Biden’s surpassed those two sales totals. Google hearings and watch for yourself. I have a painting my three year old made that looks like Biden’s and am only asking $5.000. Hurry before it’s gone! Love you Sedona Eye!

  49. Nora Skyrocket Dream says:

    Sedona adores its candy ass complainers forum and its values and its exchanges of ideas and opinions not available in here. Speak your mind, take the heat, stand up for what you believe in America and be willing to listen and learn. Be American.

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