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Eddie Maddock: The Tale That Wagged the Dog


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers Sedona the best of times and the worst of times in the ongoing dispute between the Chamber of Commerce destination marketing program and its local government control in a tale of one city.

Sedona AZ – The following phrase suggesting radical opposites is from the opening paragraph of the famous Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities:”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity …”

Considering the number of ongoing disputes here in Sedona (perhaps beginning, but most assuredly not the ending) was the idea of becoming an incorporated city. Of course that argument was settled by the voters, and the City of Sedona designation became official.

However one ongoing tug of war has existed and continues to this day and it is the extent, if any, to which the Sedona Chamber of Commerce has controlled local government. Logically it stands to reason that a member-driven, non-profit organization should not be playing the role of acting as a tail wagging the dog (City of Sedona)… especially since its primary function is to serve Chamber of Commerce members, many located outside the “city limits” and thus are unauthorized to vote, charge Sedona city sales tax, or allegedly make viable decisions within incorporated Sedona boundaries. Old news? Of course.

However a huge mistake occurred at the time Sedona was seeking a source for a “destination marketing” contract and, instead of following the guidelines set forth to obtain bids by way of RFP (Requests for Proposals) and under intense opposition, a contract was approved with what realistically was the “regional” Chamber of Commerce and war, figuratively speaking, was declared.

This conflict quite possibly has recently been resolved by the Chamber of Commerce giving written notice they would not be renewing its contract as Sedona’s official Designated Management Organization (DMO).

Sedona has newcomers on the City Council. They are smart. They are asking a lot of questions. They are astute. But perhaps best of all, they recognize Sedona residents and respect City Limits as their jurisdiction. They have also expressed interest and intent to cooperate with regards to the spirit of regional communication and indicate willingness to seek and share ideas with other Verde Valley communities, but at the same time always to respect the limitations of their jurisdiction.

At recent meetings, the Sedona City Council has graciously spoken well of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce while at the same time maintaining their position relating to the current differences of opinion existing regarding goals and direction of a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) under which the Sedona Chamber of Commerce had been under contract. That apparently was the basis by which the C of C made their decision to not renew the contract with Sedona.

Sedona Eye Defund Chamber

Conflicts between Sedona Arizona residents and its city councils began after a council awarded a destination marketing contract to a local non-profit membership-driven organization tasked with promoting its paid members businesses and commercial interests, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. The contract’s negative impact on city residents quality of life issues before, during and after the pandemic, resulted in contentious local elections and city council meetings. In 2023, after newly elected city council members joined existing, the Chamber program was agendized for discussion, review and action.

Recently the following was on a city council agenda:
3.a. AB 2930 Discussion/possible direction/action regarding next steps towards the development of a municipal destination marketing and management program, including a Resolution designating the City of Sedona as the official Destination Marketing Organization.

Because as it appears the transition of a DMO will revert to where many think it should have been in the first place, City Hall, a great deal of thought and logical strategy is being considered, particularly from the newer faces on City Council beginning, but not ending with hiring a professional consultant for direction.

City Council members display a sincere desire to support the premise that tourism needs to have a positive result. The majority of the city council members favor taking a slower approach, while the mayor stated that he “Can’t support waiting.”

Was expressing the need to work for “all Sedona residents and businesses” in fact a confirmed admission that during years gone by residents have, indeed, been shunned and perceivably treated like irrelevant nuisances? Is it fair to relate the overblown credit bestowed upon the Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Council as being the direct source of Sedona’s tax revenue? Has overextended and, perhaps, unprofessional pursuits actually been the cause resulting in out of control tourism creating overuse and disintegration of our most spectacular attraction, Sedona’s beauty, as well as local quality of life being shunned in the process?

Is it the obligation of Sedona government to promote businesses? No. Tourism should have positive results. Hasn’t too much time already been wasted on a “messy relationship” with the Chamber of Commerce? Yes.

It was suggested and agreed upon that most likely it will be good for the Chamber to do their own thing because, among other reasons, their vision is not the same as that of incorporated Sedona, which as presently stated is to “work for Sedona residents and businesses.” Residents, as stakeholders, should no longer be shunned and treated like second-class citizens or flatlanders.

With the task of tackling the logical decision to relocate the official DMO under the roof at Sedona City Hall, a new focus will be directed on the beauty of the area with a realistic approach and recognition of its capacity and thus indicating the need to include a method of educating our visitors. “Brand Sedona” and allow the Chamber of Commerce to deal with commercialization to benefit its members? The suggestion of an Advisory Board consisting of both residential and business participation to work in conjunction with the proposed hiring of a consultant was well received.

Newer members on the Sedona City Council were prudent in inquiring about return on investments. To-date nothing has been made available to speak to the success or failure of the contract with the Chamber of Commerce. For example, was the end result merely the extensive miles of backed up traffic? Who knows? What about success, failure, return on investment, use and participation of the newly created Sedona Transit System?

But all things considered, it seems logical to accept that certain changes, no matter what they are, will result in perhaps “the best of times” for some while for others they will, from their perspective, complain about suffering through “the worst of times.”

However, when seeking an answer about Sedona’s investment in the transit system, most assuredly not a profit producer, perhaps the answer will not be known unless transparency is practiced.

By establishing an appropriate Sedona City Designated Management Organization and, to include an “official” City of Sedona Visitors Center to rightfully represent ALL Sedona licensed businesses, then . . . at that time . . . won’t the City of Sedona finally revert to being the “dog” who rightfully takes control of wagging its own “tail”?

The best of times?



  1. Phil says:

    @Janet couldn’t stop laughing at dumb tards in Californica

    Puerto Rico passes its trillions in hurricane debt to your tax bill

  2. @No Joe says:

    Did you forget that Arizona takes more from the federal government than they give get out your tin hat l sheepie.. You’re no better than the states you mentioned which contribute more to the federal government than they take DUH.. Narcissistic moron

  3. Sarah Freer says:

    Hunter Biden guilty on all charges. About time.

  4. Manny Guzman says:

    Impact Theory matters, taxes have consequences, big consequences. Give people stuff and shortsightedness of taxation to do that for people is politically and socially suicide.

  5. Colton says:

    @SarahFreer Justice!

    Shout out ESM.

  6. Liz says:

    For the mentally challenged American people incapable of understanding what they see? President Biden incapable of second term and VP Harris incapable of being President. Democrats will elect new candidates at the Convention.









  7. Royce Lee says:

    Iran is the Great Satan. Know it.

  8. TN says:

    Democrats in 2025? DC Statehood, prosecuting President Trump, supporting pro-Hamas groups and undermining education for what or why? Nothing indicates it is necessary for our nation’s good health or welfare. Only politicians gain power and positions and we pay more taxes.

  9. PF says:

    A tv pundit made the following joke about new Mexican President, a Jewish woman, that no major politician or media station or paper ever mentioned about her. Paraphrasing the joke my way is “Wait until Presidente Sheinbaum orders a gefeltifish taco and the US Democrats and NY Times will have a meltdown.” Credit to the pundit for being the man riding the elephant into the room. lmao

  10. Debbie, VOCA says:

    President got dementia, VP seems like she’s high on something all the time like maybe herself, Pelosi put Hakeem Jeffries in her space so he becomes VP if Harris moves to President spot

    we be (deleted by editor) & time to get a passport to a country that has food and good medical care and housing and cars that work and jobs to pay wages, WTF that’s here and nowhere else because everywhere else needs us to protect them or we speak Chinese and working rice fields and factories for Pennie’s a day and share houses with a commune GROSS


    Thx SE renewed

  12. Remember Silicon Valley bank failure? Brush up Sedona folks, a perfect storm is coming and brought to you by the Joe Biden administration printing presses. Government bonds have gone down in value and the world is leveraged too much and the government will give you back less than its worth. Household, government and corporate debt are the three debts globally.

  13. MG says:

    IMO AZ lefty Democrat Ruben Gallego has millions to spend because his Harvard friends and progressive leftist friends in California and other areas and people like his friend Ilhan I despise Christians and whites Omar and US goon squads are giving (white man) Ruben Gallego (he’s second generation American from Chicago) millions. He was born in Chicago to a single mother with some Colombian ancestry, but she wasn’t born there. Get your biases straight leftists because Hispanic surnames mean WHITE people, ask us if you don’t know that and take it from this (part Mexican and Irish and Asian and 47% multi global continent DNA) surnamed man, 100% proud American mutt. Sedona voters get off your asses and vote to get our country back on track to peace and prosperity. MG

  14. Rudy says:

    If you personally support BLM, you personally support the death to all Jews (in my opinion). My opinion is there’s no way to alleviate complicity with wanting death to every Jew if you stood by or wrote a check to BLM, even if you’re a Jew.

    It’s on the BLM website, it’s on BLM social networks. They must be deplatformed for calling for murder and terrorism here and globally. Congress needs to get involved now. Begin to sue and arrest BLM locally and nationally for crimes committed.

  15. GBK says:

    Mt Saint Helens having increased seismic activity. Portland and Seattle might need more homeless shelters and clean ups on aisle two.

  16. Truth must be told to Sedona Arizona Women and Families:

    It’s insanity to vote for Biden. We GAINED rights under Trump to decide our destiny because each state must support our decisions now. Federals support controlling our decisions by marginalizing us. Stop being brainless undereducated twits led by power hungry media and politicians. You have nothing to gain by being Biden Boobs, proof is in statistics because more abortions have been performed since Roe v Wade sent our rights back to states, the fake outrage by paid shills is just plain wrong. Our grocery bills, gas and electricity bills and interest rates doubled and tripled with Biden admin and your sons and daughters face going off to wars because of Biden.

    Hate your kids, then vote for Biden. Hate your money to live well and prosper, then vote for Biden. The Letter D means a failed grade, avoid it when voting.

  17. swap AZ 1/3 nontaxable state lands for equal parity with 1/3 of CALI lands to be nontaxable

    that opinion about tin cups ridiculous, California taxes itself into subpar debts, it prints virtual reality currency

    earthquakes tsunamis fires disasters taxed

  18. Karen in west Sedona says:

    Watched HGTV propaganda show Convincing people that’s good idea to live in tiny homes and raise a potato and collect two eggs in the morning for their meals. BS that won’t feed you and that won’t make any difference on your affect on climate change. Take it from this physics professor. stop listening to crap TV on MSN networks

  19. @Nels Fine says:

    Hows that TIN cup of yours filling up there…. You live by the Philosophy… I GOT MINE….. SCREW YOU!!!

  20. A vicious pro-Hamas rally targeted a synagogue and attacked Jews in the heart of Los Angeles. Democrats have stoked antisemitism in America and its spiraling out of control. Now Republican leaders are taking a stand. Join the Republican Jewish Coalition in standing against anti-Jewish hatred now. Enough is enough. Never again. Change your registration now to vote against anti-semitism.

  21. Hey Eddie what’s your opinion of this downward spiral of a country and a city and a vote? Teach us.

  22. HC says:

    Time is of the essence for Sedona to fail or pull itself back in line to keep it sweet and quiet. Go home tourists, we don’t need or want you. Stay if you want to be quiet and visit for a day in serenity. Park your car and get out.

  23. Faith says:

    Keep on writing, great job.

  24. RS, Sedona says:

    we need values and respect for values

  25. Mercury Fell says:

    For the California Socialists giving millions how do you celebritards like him now? The white house and congress democrats played us all for fools and we let them.

  26. Andy says:

    Cut to the chase, Biden can’t be unseen or the lies that Democrats fed the nation . CNN did its best work in years with that broadcast . Spin doctors will pay billions to make you believe what you saw you didnt .

  27. GOL says:

    “CNN JUST ROLLED OUT BIDEN’S CORPSE. The drugs didn’t work. Now they are hyperventilating.”

    Friend sent that and it’s been around by emails and saw it on FB, even a comedian said it last night. Our family has had Alzheimer’s affect aging family members and with some it gave us perspectives about the years before we knew they had it. A phenom of a dad would explode in anger leaving family in shock and him appalled hours later apologizing for being out of sorts and we thinking it unusual forgave it immediately. Vacant stares, distraction. Figeting, nervousness. Bursts of anger, anxiety. Excuses we see now were excuses. President Biden can’t step down because it would leave us with a worse president in Harris with several health and social issues of her own and they’ll never even let her run as President if Biden does step down. Gavin Newsom is as bad as Harris, with skeletons he doesn’t even see when opening closets. The news is corrupted by money, politicians are corrupted by money, and we are in desperate need of term limits to prevent this. In most cases politicians like Schumer and Schiff and Others must be voted out as examples of extremism and absolutism of corruption. We must return to our core principles and values whether liberal or conservative to function as a free and open society. All this my opinion of course and subject to change which should be a given in a free speech society and if it isn’t we’re not. Americans of every color, creed, gender, religion, etc are the home of the free our bravest fought for and were tasked in our daily lives to do our part to defend and protect the freedoms. Remember that with every decision we make for the common good, it’s never a political choice. It’s far superior.

  28. Barbados Man says:

    It’s time to investigate your living Presidents like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush for acts. It’s time to figure it out for the good of America.

  29. Brian says:

    Hillary Clinton turned on Joe Biden.

  30. Smacked my head in belief Hillary sided with Sotomayor, two small legal minds that think very little MSN ABC STFU put those coke straws down bc in LA it’s So Joe Over

  31. Collusion to commit a coup? Isn’t that like what DCCC and Arizona did and is doing and if not how do you explain it that we’ve been kept from seeing President Biden and told he’s amazing??????????? Explain please??????????? My stomach and soul hurts from being manipulated by powerful?????? They want us to believe billionaires do it when they are not because people like AOC and Schiff and others do it because how are they not??????? We’ve been betrayed by Democrats.

  32. Gregg says:

    Let’s cut to the chase. President Biden and his administration has made our country unrecognizable. Fire him in November if the party fails to do it. Hunter wants him to stay for his pardon.

  33. Johnson Shores says:

    Dems have no credibility left & those that supported him loudly should be ashamed and voted out of office.
    White House is lying that Biden had a cold and we know it. He’s incapacitated and he’s not been in charge and that’s too Putin.

  34. Democrats lie & people die and it wasn’t a bad night, it’s just bad.

  35. Griffith, CV says:

    Nothing on VP schedule and refuses to open daily briefing books? Harris can’t do the job, vacant stares on being border tzar. Biden aides dislike Harris, Harris dislikes Biden, get a life you rich aristocrats in WH. Jill go home with Joe because media lied to America to save you tragic characters.

  36. Biden crazed AZ Senators / US Representatives want to tell us when we can or can’t go outside, walk or work when it’s hot or cold, my choice

    FU time to tell AZ / DC get off backs

  37. CIA made Biden and they’ve turned on him. Get out Joe and watch Hollywood put their wallets away . . Far far away . . time to step away . . media was in on the cover up like tv celebritard Sanjai Guppa doc shouting he’s fine, he’s fine, he’s fine . . Liar liar pants on fire . . I’m done.

  38. The tail that wagged the dog, Eddie Maddock? The media just decided that Joe Biden suffers from COGNITIVE DIVERSITY, yessiree, once called BCL* brain farts and fogs.

    *BCL Bull Crap n Lying

    Same disease Sedona City Council suffers from.

  39. WPT says:

    Remember that kid who tattled first and blamed the other kids because tattler had a 50/50 chance he’d get away with it? Our tattletale? Joe from Scranton but not really.

  40. Phil says:


    Maybe my hopes were just too high, I was counting on intelligent Americans to demand that President Biden and Kamala Harris not be allowed to lead the convention ticket. What’s wrong with us?

  41. Americans are resilient and make good things happen. Being an American is the best feeling in the world and I’ve lived overseas most of my life. Those astronauts stranded in space need America not Russia or China. America is science and technology and they share it with the undeserving globe with its false flags.

  42. Liz says:

    YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Please don’t let Joe Biden and the Democrats give social security to illegal immigrants. They’re moments away from taking MILLIONS out of your pockets and putting it in the hands of illegal immigrants. Nothing matters more than what you and I do right now. We’re begging every American who gives a DAMN to stand up before it’s too late. Contact your elected officials NOW and tell them NO!

    Pelosi and Schumer have abandoned President Biden. Unelect them all.

  43. OK Liz says:

    Now explain to all all how do Democrats pull that off?
    Do they control all 3 parts of the government?

    Have you read all 900 pages of Project 2025 yet?

    Stop the lies, the stupidity. It all for everyone to see!

  44. D Pykos says:

    no respect left

  45. George says:

    Let’s hear it for you elected Democrats to call on Biden and Harris to get out and King Obama to stop interfering?

  46. NBC news reporting Massive price tag (millions upon millions) for Biden’s Gaza Pier was a complete failure and closed down in 22 days and the President and Pentagon called it a success? It couldn’t handle the water. It was useless.OMG

  47. Yep Jeff says:

    Damn Biden didnt even know how to assemble it….Thank god the military had nothing to do with it right? What retards!

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