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Eddie Maddock: Hip Hip Hooree’ it is 2023


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock welcomes 2023.

Sedona  AZ  Sure enough, the page has been turned on at least a few of the many calendars generally distributed prior to the end of a year. Not only have we changed calendars, but in just a few short days January will become history.

Even under stressful conditions relating to predicted economic uncertainties, City Council members are enthusiastically addressing both new and old issues with vim and vigor. For the record, our city council consists of Mayor Scott Jablow, Vice Mayor Holli Ploog, and Council members Jessica Williamson, Melissa Dunn, Brian Fultz, Pete Furman and Kathy Kinsella.

Just for fun how about we rewrite the words to a song with which most – if not all of us – are familiar, the Alphabet Song first copyrighted in 1835. If we apply it to the Sedona City Council, here is one possible version:



C – You’re COMMITTED to the task;



F – FACING FRIENDS and FOES at that;

G – You look GOOD to us;

H – HEROES in all our books;

I – ICONS of course in your own way;

J – JOYFUL people;

K – KIND individuals;

L – LISTEN while you hope and pray;

M, N, O, P we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK;

U – YOU have the best of plans?

V – VARIED in efficient hands?

W, X, Y, Z.

City of Sedona Council chamber

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

*A variation of the above might include:  W – While smiling most all of the time; X – On the ballot sheet gave you your council seat; Y – only you can answer that; Z – if you let us down is there any doubt it’s Zippo if you don’t perform!

Now then, if by chance anyone happens to read this particular rendition of the 1835 Alphabet Song and finds it a bit too flattering, offered below is another version you might find more appealing:

ALPHABET SONG (version #2)

A – You’re ANNOYING;

B – Somewhat BORING;

C – Even CAUSTIC now and then.



F – FAILING some of us again.

G – You seem GRIM to us;

H – HAVE you all missed the bus?

I – Stuck IN your little outer space?

J – JOIN the real world;

K – KEEP level headed;

L – LEAVE special favors at the door.

M, N, O, P – we could go on all day;

Q, R, S, T alphabetically speaking you’re all OK.

U – YOU fail to honor “stuff”

V – And VOTE for a bunch of fluff.

W, X, Y, Z.

It’s fun to take a trip, with words that could transmit, uplifting thoughts which might not fit!

So there you have it. Two versions of the Alphabet Song dedicated to all Sedona City Council members, past and present.

However and it would be unfair to dismiss acknowledging  the courage and dedication it surely must take for all candidates, winners, and losers to go through the process and run for City Council. Whatever the reasons for throwing their hats in the ring, the time and effort they spend researching and attending meetings indicates a dedication that many people do not have.

Isn’t it only fair to wish good luck to the City of Sedona during this new year of 2023 and many more to come?



  1. Jason Williams says:

    Yes indeed. Very funny but sorta sad. My vote goes for Version #2. The truth hurts.

  2. Allyce Bork, Sedona says:

    second version points out radical democrats elected by weirdly pro growth anti environmental donor pals living out of state

  3. Viviana Than says:

    Disneyland Destroyers
    People like Harris, Brown, Newcom, Pelosi, Silicon Valley, Wokeshits
    Funded by China and Russia and Middle East oligarchs
    Hate CA middle class and CA poor whites, blacks, and browns in their towns
    Keep moving middle class out of state or put them on the streets in San Francisco and LA and Central Valley
    Use the cartels to keep them under control and supplying cheap drugs
    Tax the wealthy to pay California government salaries and programs
    Unnecessary if Disneyland hadn’t been destroyed by them.

  4. Sedona Haze says:

    God I love this site. Look at Atlanta riots this weekend by privileged white neo Marxist domestic terrorists pretending to be for racial equity. YOU DUMB WHITE FUC*ERS Atlanta is a majority black city run by a majority black government and patrolled by majority black police force. Atlanta already has equity because of capitalism and democracy because blacks are only 16% of the US population and less with all millions of illegal immigrants uncounted. BTW one of the Atlanta terrorists is the jobless shiftless wealthy pro Nazi son of a Maine family who with his socialist communist well to do friends covered their pasty white faces and shoot at cops and destroy businesses in my majority black hometown due to ELECTIONS not privilege. Take time NOW to look at Seattle where I used to work because it is a pit stop on the pimple of life with boarded up businesses, bullet holes in walls, and druggies camping on the streets and city hotels and housing and businesses destroyed after the summer of riots. Illegal Cartel members from Mexico are being bussed to NYC and other places to clean out malls and stores to steal thousands and thousands of merchandise. Maybe what we can’t find in Sedona stores is on a truck to St Elsewhere? Stop indoctrination by media and have the guts to put this up and tell city council to get off their white privileged asses and leave Sedona alone. We are to blame in Sedona for indifference. Appreciate Sedona Eye Maddock.

  5. Sedona Keith says:

    thumbs up jason et al

  6. HA says:

    Yea ok Sedona Haze.. OMG you are a riot lol

  7. @ Vivian says:

    You can’t even change local elections what makes you think anybody cares about what you post on Sedona eye just another set of complaints imagined

  8. Wm. D. says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a humorous twist to a popular song can so quickly bring out venomous attacks? That seems to be the climate of the world population – anger, anger, anger. Doesn’t anyone besides Eddie Maddock have even a shred of humor in them?

    As if Sedona doesn’t have enough problems, why must the majority of comments on Sedona Eye be linked to unrelated situations? Don’t we get enough coverage on national and global news bogus reporting that takes attention and focus beyond Sedona City Limits? An effort to continue the practice of what they don’t know won’t hurt them?

    People, lighten up. Take time to smile even when the roses aren’t in bloom. I’m still laughing over version 1. Didn’t Jablow label Maddock a blight on Sedona? Maybe the Mayor will prove to be the blight of Sedona and Maddock can write version 3.

  9. Dan says:

    good one

  10. Josephine W. says:

    Your point is @Practice Empathy? To whom are you addressing your request to practice empathy? Surely not for the Sedona City Council? If so, then why? They chose to run for the position and the reason for incorporated areas to have councils is for the purpose of representing the voters in the designated area and NOT for what they personally think is best. Is your comment just another example of someone attempting to divert the subject of the article to a faraway place to cover up maybe dirty little secrets? How typically the trend of today’s Sedona?

  11. Andrea, Sedona says:

    can’t wait to hear empathy in sedona totally unknown here

  12. Lisa D says:

    Oh yea “sedona blight” a comment that was mad 8 plus years ago.. Hold on to BS much!!???

  13. GNS, Sedona says:

    OMG @Lisa D. “Hold on to BS much!!!???”

    Referencing your remark “a comment that was made 8 plus years ago” you set a fine example of the saying “it takes one to know one.” Go girl!

  14. mshobert says:

    Losers United.

  15. Karen says:

    City needs a lot less residents and lot more businesses and tourists to keep tax revenue up.

  16. @Lisa D says:

    One does not have to “hold on” to something in order to remember it.

    In this case, being as the rude comment was made by a public figure who is now mayor, and being as the rude comment was never sincerely apologized for, it is still newsworthy, always will be, and is certainly not mere “BS.”

    It is also part of a pattern of uncouth rudeness in light of the mayor’s behavior during the recent campaign in which he willfully ignored the extended hand of his challenger after one of the debates. That Sedonans could elect such a one as this is the true blight.

  17. Lisa D says:


    am not the one that keeps bringing it up like a badge of honor …I don’t have to hold on to OLD BS cause there is always a new crop I can read here.. Including yoursFYI

  18. Bob, Uptown says:

    @lisad. @GNS. Bedtime. . . put down the daily libations and say goodnight.

  19. Sedona Haze says:

    To my points Sedona proves its indifference to sustainability and practices ecoterrorism with its council decisions.

  20. An Observation says:

    Those who persist on turning a lighthearted article into a source of negativity apparently have a sharp ax to grind w/Sedona Eye or whatever/whomever? Some grudges appear to be even more ancient than “OLD BS” @Lisa D.

  21. Tricia Prescott says:

    Sedona is losing its value overriding visions of a secured future. Politicians say anything including the big lie because people let them!

  22. Wayne, Sedona says:

    Gas prices up, inflation rising and rising and rising, layoffs through the roof, how can people live like this? Sedona can’t survive this local administration leadership and policies. Our job market is wonky because it’s tourist based and people don’t get it that the border is creating a near future hell for Sedona. FIGURE IT OUT city hall and put the bulldozers for slumyard ADUs away. We don’t need more for less since they’re here now and need to go.

  23. Lisa D says:

    @an observation
    I’ll be crying about your negative comment towards me over the next 10 years. Boo hoo. Plus my complaints about anything and everything Sedona.?lol

  24. Marv, Sedona says:

    “. . . layoffs through the roof . . .” @Wayne, Sedona.

    Well guess what, on at least one local radio station the city of Sedona continues to run an advertisement for numerous job openings at city hall stating specifics including insurance benefits, short work week, and other “percs” sounding too good to be true. It doesn’t portray a hard up city management situation that is on the verge of collapse.

    Seriously, what you write makes sense but apparently city hall functions on a different planet. Go figure.

  25. Ellen says:

    Sedona needs to layoff workers like all in the area are doing. People in Sedona can do the job and not some outsiders wanting to work for a couple years on a staycation basis.

  26. Beverly says:

    Climate change debunked by Chinese scientists in research using American and global universities. Don’t worry Sedona will be around long after you’re dead and it will recover from the butchers carving her up now. Spend your money protecting her instead of destroying her fragile rocks and desert and creek. A banana on our rocks takes 100 plus years to disintegrate and the feces in the creek as long. Do something to fix it now. Then it’s hip hip hooray for Sedona.

  27. GRJVOC says:

    23 bad start rollout 24

  28. Patsy, Cottonwood AZ says:

    Hello Sedona Shop Local Cottonwood & Jerome

  29. Ben Solomon says:

    It’s true. If you check out the “city” (Sedona) web site there are currently TWELVE (12) positions being offered. That city budget similar to Pandora’s Box must not have a lid on it! But can “they” sunset that “alleged” temporary .05% tax which was part of the deal when it was approved? Of course not.

  30. Jim, West Sedona says:

    You for real? Why does anybody need to be hired? To do what? If they aren’t there now it’s proof we don’t need them. Work gets done without them obviously.

  31. Hal Johnson says:

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Full time positions being offered: Accounting Technician II, Administrative & Recreation Assistant; Associate Engineer, Building Inspector; Communications Specialist (Police Dispatcher); Community Services Aides; Court Clerk; Help Desk Network Engineer; Police Officers – Laterals; Police Officers – Recruits.

    Wages offered: Hourly: $20 to $45. Engineer positions: Annually: $68,000 to $97,000.

  32. Bob, Sedona says:

    wanna bet cops make 60 city hall makes 90

  33. Eleanor & Thomas, Sedona says:

    NOT included in the wages offered are the numerous PERKS including but not limited to a 4 day work week, paid holidays, insurance, annual vacation time off, and in some instances CITY cars, expense accounts, etc. etc. etc. One might wonder why beggars continue to stand on corners asking for handouts when jobs ARE available and NOT just at city hall. CITY hall and businesses and chamber should reach out and interview the people on the street – they’re obviously UNEMPLOYED and IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE and here because of city policies and chamber ads.

    Or is it they’re here because of the FREE trips financed by Uncle Joe and his proponents for socialism? The FREE ride that isn’t free at all because it’s financed by hardworking honest people who pay legitimate taxes.

  34. Matt says:

    Global job growth’s predicted to halve in 2023. I’d like explained why council and staff believe Sedona is insulated from this crisis? Soaring inflation and gas prices, grocery and prescription shortages, higher car and utility prices, and the 46% Social Security shortfall after Biden administration failed to fully adjust for inflation. I’m keeping my gas stove and car because I’m not a fool.

  35. CFS says:

    @E&T way to lay out complete pic
    @Matt no fools here either

  36. Joanne in Sedona says:

    Does everybody get 4 day work week? That makes employees needing to hire more people! Let them jobshare and save taxpayers money. Ridiculous waste of our residents tax money. Teachers can’t work 4 day weeks, doctors can’t be open 4 days a week, why do they get it? Their doctors and lawyers and dentists are within minutes in Sedona or quick drives to Flagstaff or Cottonwood. Take a couple hours of your overpaid leave and use those services or go on Saturday. Get up, go to work, and work like the rests of us do. I’ve seen retirees in town put more hours in volunteering during the week than the city workers out in their jobs.

  37. Marty Sedona says:

    Be prepared for a possible rebuttal from City Hall about Sedona residents NOT being assessed city property taxes! Thank goodness for that!

    Then remind them that indeed we residents pay city sales tax on all of our services NOT provided by the city – such as utility bills and more. Just imagine how many more employees it would take to calculate how to process city property taxes. And don’t forget that generally when we order merchandise online that reflects a city sales tax fee! No, Sedona residents – you are NOT getting a free ride on the local shuttle or anything else just in case those in authority attempt to make that claim!

    PS – the property taxes we presently pay are assessments from our respective counties: Yavapai and or Coconino.

  38. Attention Sedona Budget says:


    It’s time to put down the wish list and get back to basics. Fix things this year instead of building new stuff to maintain.

  39. Kick Starter says:

    If our cars are fully electrified, the great American road trip will come to a screeching halt. Bye bye Sedona ride. BTW the cost to own and run an electric car or truck will make you put gas tanks in your yard for your 3rd world beat up car and steal gas from Uncle Sam…like they do in 3rd world nations. Welcome to Sedona.

  40. Vonda Smith, PVAZ says:

    Dear Editors, EV cars cost in excess of $80k today and will be much more tomorrow according to reports from international and domestic auto makers. Wanted to give you context in Sedona because we’re all not as wealthy and eager to give the government our hard worked for tax money when we need it to provide for our families. Cost for your Sedona burger meals would feed my household for few days. We cook from scratch and eat healthier. Thank you, VUS (address deleted by editor)

  41. stay home says:

    PVAZ go practice empathy lmao stay in your house scratching sedona doesn’t want your dogs fleas or you advise

  42. Warren says:

    Oh Yes…. A new set of complaints based upon something that probably won’t happen but…… no sense wasting a good b….ch and then related to Sedona. Oh yea

  43. JD, West Sedona says:

    Thank you, @stay home.

    Sedona incorporated to represent the people living within designated “city limits.” And especially when city council and/or staff cater to the whims of outsiders they violate the very reason for our clearly identified “City Limits” signs!

    Get a life and for sure we don’t need or want “dog fleas or advise” from outsiders!

  44. Al says:

    Best comment here was to take care of what’s here now and no new big price tags.
    We need to hunker down and know that life here in Sedona and north central Arizona is good enough.
    It’s good enough without recreating paradise. We don’t need to advertise for people to come here. They come when they want to find us. They’ll stay or they’ll go or they’ll come again. Let it be.

  45. Robt. Simms says:

    @Al ” . . . and no new big price tags. . .”

    Dream on. They are ready to break ground on that multistory parking garage uptown on Forest Road and then proceed to extend Forest Road down that steep terrain to connect with W89. Obviously “their” vision of Sedona continues down the path of “recreating paradise” according to their own thinking.

    Shameful? You decide.

  46. @ Robt. says:

    You sure dont pay much attention do you? Nope the city tabled the parking garage, so no they arnt breaking ground….Is that a lie or just being stupid?

    You do know they have been working on the forest road extension for the last 4 plus months? were ya been? Sleeping or just making things up?

    All this time I thought traffic was a problem, now its not? Or is it just lying and complaining and spreading disinformation is all you have left?

    Why dont you leave, Im sure their is plenty of towns you could move to and find a rock to crawl under. You have made a killing on your home thanks to Air B&B destroying the town…..I have a few nice rocks I could sell you?

  47. Robt. Simms says:

    Well thank you @Robt for letting us know plans for the concrete parking monstrosity have supposedly been tabled. Can’t help but wonder if those homeowners up there got together and perhaps took legal action? Just speculating mind you and have no idea what put the brakes on that project (if it’s true) which it was recently announced was moving forward.

    Anyhow, good news as it would likewise be wonderful to learn the city intends to table any future dense development for the former Cultural Park. Could it be possible the decisions makers for Sedona’s future have just learned about intense inflation and the onset of a recession? BS. NOT in their world(s) – outer space?

    When will the blasting commence to extend Forest Road to connect with W89 Mr. Wise @Robt. with apparently an inside connection w/City Hall? Or is it no longer legitimate to ask questions in Sedona when we are constantly reminded of well informed sources such as yourself out there with true and honest answers?

    And Happy New Year to you, Sir. Keep smiling:-)

  48. @ Robt. says:

    No, no inside track….I READ! Wow you just might want to try it? Everything is posted on the cities web site. SMFH!

  49. @@Robt says:

    No no no it isn’t posted on city website.

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