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Eddie Maddock: Cultural Park Sacred Land, the Unsettled Controversy


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock reminds Sedona AZ politicians and voters that the USFS continues to protect sacred lands surrounding its city limits. The renamed “Cultural Park” was once part of reservation land, traded and then redesignated by Sedona politicians for “public use.” Developers and city politicians now want to bulldoze and build government subsidized housing on this sacred land citing a “perceived” need for it, just as the Cultural Park was once itself a failed “perceived” city use plan.

Sedona AZIs it possible this small and beautiful dot on the universal map – Sedona, Arizona – has had any issues which have not been disputed at least to some extent?

The story of the Cultural Park has been adequately documented for years now, and yet the scenic land upon which the failed venue thrived – for a short period of time – continues to be the source for an ongoing tug of war.

The birth of the Cultural Park was largely generated by a “perceived” need to hold outdoor annual functions such as “Jazz on the Rocks,” a jazz series whose performances were successfully received and well-attended at the Sedona Posse Grounds Park: Today, Posse Grounds Park remains as the scenic area designated for most Sedona small town events such as July Fourth, however, and in time, the Cultural Park became less attractive for larger and more significant venues with its stiff competition by high-profile performances offered at the popular Cliff Castle Casino.

At one time the Cultural Park was part of the Hopi Footprints Migration Area and considered “sacred land” to the Apache, being part of an Indian reservation. The USFS continues to protect the area from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)) requests, and doesn’t divulge where specific sites are, what was on the property and or what has been removed. Originally designated as “Open Space Preservation/Conservation” on the Sedona Community Plan Use Map, it was soon amended to “Public/Semi-public” allegedly “in order to accommodate the community cultural facilities and amenities.”

Lack of affordable housing has become increasingly a national problem. It has become a high-profile subject not only in Sedona, but the entire Verde Valley as well. Sedona united with Cottonwood apparently, jointly agreeing to hire a “housing manager” to represent both communities towards a successful approach to what was acknowledged as a “regional problem.” On November 26, 2021, Sedona hired a “housing manager.” Does Cottonwood stand “united” with Sedona and share the cost of the service performance of that employee?

Reflecting on decisions of the past, the Nepenthe housing project in the Sedona city limits was approved as “workforce/affordable” and, yet, for some reason that specific purpose must have been left out of the development agreement. Wonder why?

Hmmm . . . that’s just one example of questionable decisions contributing to the present housing “shortage.”  

In addition, over the years relinquishing proposed requirements for Sedona resorts to include a certain number of on-site living areas for employees was jerked around and “alternative” promises allowed for providing off-site affordable accommodations were all too often approved – and then never enforced.

How many of “those” promised alternative affordable facilities actually exist to this day, if any? And now, fast forward to the Cultural Park presently being considered as an “investment” by the city of Sedona for – guess what – to be “rezoned to accommodate affordable housing.”

Since the issue has definitely been deemed as a “Regional” problem, will that same “Region” be required to help foot the bill for the alleged purchase of the Cultural Park by the city of Sedona?

Will the entire “Region” have the opportunity to benefit from more affordable housing considering that people do have jobs in Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Camp Verde, and elsewhere in the “regional” Verde Valley?

Will Sedona continue to be the “cash cow” to provide affordable housing for the entire “region” because now it has a “Housing Manager” at City Hall?

Prior to 1993, the Sedona Community Plan only supported USFS land trades for public/semi-public uses, open spaces or parks; Amendments to the Community Plan have served to enable land trades to be facilitated and completed.

It’s been reported that the city-owned land across from the Sedona Wastewater Treatment Plant off West State Route 89A, locally referred to as “The Dells,” will soon be the subject of a study for potential housing on nearly 200 acres. The city of Sedona has budgeted $75,000 for the study – some of which may be done in-house. If that is in fact the case, will the cost of this endeavor be shared with “The Region?”

Because the wastewater treatment location is obviously a more centrally located area has serious consideration been given to working with the “Region” towards seeking a valid direction for solutions, including funding, for solving the “perceived” housing issue? Instead of proposing the purchase of the Sedona Cultural Park?

Why shouldn’t Sedona benefit from contributing necessary acreage as consideration for its participation in a joint venture and encourage other jurisdictions to foot the bill for development of more affordable housing on existing available land? So – it would require approval from Yavapai County. Why should that be an issue when this is also a “county” problem and doesn’t just exist within Sedona City Limits?

 If Sedona can afford to purchase the Cultural Park property, why wouldn’t they consider returning it to the United States Forest Service to be maintained as “Open Space?”  

Or better yet wouldn’t a National Scenic Area designation be more appropriate and also even more in compliance with the Community Plan to preserve open space?

Or maybe the situation might best be summed up with the following words as written by Toby McLeod, April 4, 2020:

“Hopi Prophecy – A Timeless Warning”

“. . . . . .having worried about an impending apocalypse, one seems to be upon us now, as a wounded Mother Earth humbles her human children. Thomas Banyacya usually warned of natural disasters like storm and earthquakes, fires and floods, lightening and hurricanes – clear signs that nature was responding to abusive, careless humans. As I reviewed the two Las Vegas talks I found that, sure enough, he warned of ‘more sickness that can’t be cured for a long time’ during an era when ‘the seasons are going to change.’ “

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) – does that ring a bell?


  1. Peter, Sedona says:

    These people think they get on any council because they’re popular and we want them to represent us. What they fail to remember is that they’re voted in because their names are on a sheet of paper and we’re not asking them to do anything but pay bills and not create any.

  2. Liz says:

    Hallelujah @peter that’s one (deleted by editor) golden shining moment of reality comment thank you sir

  3. Alex D. says:

    Thank you Peter Sedona and Liz. It’s comforting to know there are others who feel the City Council “members” (NOT councilors) more often than not forget they were elected to represent US. Instead they sit there and act high and mighty as they mostly make decisions based on what THEY think is best.

    To hell with the residents. Tourists definitely come first. For what other reason has the population of Sedona dropped to under 10,000 people?

    Sedona should become unincorporated. If residents became serious about the situation at City Hall then isn’t that the direction they should pursue? Drop the “incorporated” status!! It can be done.

  4. Dan & Lois G. says:

    This Cultural Park property is currently zoned for public/semi-public use. That was the agreement made and it should remain. Commercial development and/or other dense development was never to be allowed.

    To rezone it for any other reason should NOT be a consideration. Was Mr. Tennyson unaware of the restrictive zoning when he invested in the property? Apparently NOT if he is under the impression the City of Sedona will purchase it from him for millions of dollars with the intention to rezone for multiple housing and maybe more lodging? Same old story.

    Kick the city council to the curb or undo incorporation – one way or another the ongoing intent for “rezoning” must be halted.

    Maybe the only solution is when Sedona is ablaze with uncontrolled wild fire? What will property values (investments) be worth when that happens you greedy money hungry profiteers? And that includes city council and city staff who constantly approve and allow for this ongoing destruction of what was once “Beautiful Sedona.”


  5. Sunset Ranger says:

    Yelp travel blog by former visitors downgrading us from A destination six yrs back to B destination citing in town traffic congestion, overpriced mediocre restaurant and grocery experiences and super crowded trails with weird hikers whatever that means. They called out overpriced accommodations needing facelift but didn’t mention where they stayed. Bad mirroring of less thans Sedona. Shape up or well get ruined.

  6. Susan Carrico says:

    Process it brainiacs

  7. Rick says:

    Suing the city is possible. Look at what they did to avoid being sued on other matters.

  8. Sedona City Residents says:

    @Rick – we have lived in Sedona long enough to know you are correct. For some reason a “letter of intent to sue” from an attorney tends to get their attention. We just wonder how many legal threats have been mitigated without publicity. Of course any settlements we suspect would include the pledge to not discuss situations. We learned this from experience!!

  9. @Rick says:

    Oh Rick… give it a rest … sue the city yea ok

  10. Stone Leap says:

    city staffer @@rick having snark attack, admit it (deleted by editor)

  11. J. B. Simpson says:

    Well now, all of a sudden with the bright idea about SHUTTLES comes the question about where all the USERS will park their cars. Already a parking lot is in the works for the Chapel area. And the proposed 3-story parking garage.

    However the areas immediately accessing trail-heads might just be targeted for vacant land to turn into even more parking lots. And just what will that mean? Paved or tarred expanses that attract what else besides cars? Could the answer be HEAT? Sedona isn’t protecting our natural environment? What else is Sedona about but NATURAL environment?

    Residents might consider and remain aware or else prepare to have more than just “snark attacks” @Stone Leap. In the meantime check out property insurance provisions and see if potential litigation might be covered for infringement or endangerment to property rights. Just a thought.

  12. WOW J.B. says:

    Maybe if you read the paper and watched city council meets you would ask such dumb questions?

    You people are really unbelievable!

  13. Marty Sedona says:

    “What else is Sedona about but NATURAL environment?” asks J.B. Simpson.

    Maybe a better question is “Why SHOULD Sedona be about anything other than NATURAL environment?” As if the thought of preserving our beautiful area and surroundings didn’t seem to have vanished the day voters were dumb enough to approve incorporation. Hasn’t that been proven over the course of time?

    And even in this exchange if @Stone Leap is, in fact, a city staffer as implied, then what better proof is needed to uphold the lack of consideration given to those of us who foolishly choose to live here. Doesn’t Sedona’s scenic beauty continue to be the sacrificial lamb in exchange for quenching the insatiable thirst for $$$$? The root of all evil or at least one of them?

    Oh sure no doubt “then move” will be the response from the likes of “Stone Leap.” As long as they at city hall continue to receive their paychecks and additional employee “perks” why should they care?

    The buck stops with the seven elected people to the Sedona City Council whose “alleged” responsibility is to represent us, the voters who put them there. How quickly they seen to forget.

  14. Ken says:

    Just watched 2021 YouTube about Arizona today and suggest you all do same. Get a perspective outside the snooze and booze crowd at city hall. We got dinged in a simple statement that made the final film cut. We need to get back to our roots and basics. NOW.

  15. Linton says:

    @ken small sedona cannot handle the negative of excessive taxes and Biden admin inflation coupled with too much competition for the same Chinese item and lessening demand because of reckless advertising policies that draws lower income visitors who deplete our resources and place huge demands on our fragile eco and intra structures and recent air quality reports say we’re poor on more days.

  16. Scott says:

    Dwindled population does not mean housing shortages. Fire the city manager for ineptness and being a city dumb ass? We have plenty affordable housing, a moronic pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes to increase city coffers term to add tax revenue at the cost of livable spaces for their fun and games. Fire the schmucks? Incompetent fools?

  17. Hal Johnson says:

    @Linton – those presently running Sedona don’t give a hoot about “fragile eco and infra structures” and/or air quality. All they care about is the almighty dollar.

    As the residential population has dwindled to under 10,000 it’s vacation rentals and day trippers who maintain the daily traffic jams. Now comes the heat and today it’s windy again. But does city hall care about the fire danger? Ha! Apparently not.

    It’s true. If you don’t like living here then move. That is and no doubt will remain their attitude as they move along with plans to rezone the Cultural Property to high density whether the “city” purchases it or not. Another dream come true for developers especially those who got away with reneging on their “deal(s)” to provide a fair share of workforce housing.

    So sad for the beauty of the area and Indian values of Mother Earth.

  18. Meg says:

    The ONLY few scenic areas left in Sedona and you want to bulldoze it for cheap houses! Toss them out of office.

  19. West Sedona Dave says:

    Dear Meg.

    Just so you understand first off anyone who owns land has the right to build on it, sorry……No the city cant control most of what those people choose to do with their property!…Now Yes the city does have zoning and some rules on building, but a city cannot stop ANYONE for following the rules and building….

    Could you point out to any cheap houses that can be built anywhere in Sedona, the Verde Valley of anywhere in this country?

    I understand your passion, but thats not how it works, here or anywhere else!

  20. James Harrington says:

    Isn’t this just another mere example of the lack of respect our “elected” officials have towards the beauty of Sedona AND related history? More dumping on our true Native American Indians as well as those of us who almost shamefully call Sedona “our home” anymore.

    Isn’t it abundantly clear? How else can this ongoing siege be terminated except to either replace the city council & staff with new thinking (highly unlikely), become unincorporated, or sue the socks off the City of Sedona – including present council members as individuals.

    Otherwise won’t the ongoing mass exodus of residents being replaced by tourists and “vacation renters” just continue? Time for action or just shut up?

  21. Alan J. says:

    When the Cultural Park was approved and acquired the land it was and remains to NOT be used for commercial development or high density! Of course city council apparently intends to simply change the zoning which will oddly enough ft neatly into what appears to be your own agenda??

    You are correct, however, there isn’t “cheap” housing to be had. It also isn’t the responsibility of an incorporated area to provide it with public funds – AKA – tax money!!

    How many projects have come and slipped through the crack as “proposed affordable housing” because CITY HALL ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! Nepenthe is just one example..

    And how many times has the matter of deals made with developers to provide “workforce/affordable housing” off site never been fulfilled? Had that policy been honored the need wouldn’t be as severe as it is now.

    As for the Arizona Gov. approving legalization of private dwellings for vacation rentals was a shock – and certainly went against Sedona’s one city code that made sense. However after hearing the wining from “takers” of special favors from the city in a way it’s almost been worth the sacrifice of seeing many strangers walk the streets of Sedona = vacation renters of private homes.

    Oh yes – never fear. There generally is a price for bad decisions. The problem is most of those who dealt from the bottom of the deck have long since packed up and fled after realizing their own stupidity.

    BTW – how do you like the “chicken coops” along W89A between Mariposa and Airport Road? Ain’t they a sight to behold? Let us be grateful the vast open space behind the little cute little huts belongs to the USFS and at least (so far) is protected under the terms of the latest forest service plan. Phew! See – now ain’t that a positive thought? Add this to it. Aren’t those cute little houses (or whatever?) being constructed in a flood plane?

    Yes indeed! Points to ponder? But why bother with trivial matters?

  22. Alison M. says:

    Let us not forget about that other project presently on the front burner: The hotel/housing development on Schnebly Hill Road.

    It was the subject under discussion at the P & Z meeting yesterday (5/17).

    Just what Sedona needs at maybe the most terrible intersection in Sedona? except maybe for Coffee Pot, the “Y” and traffic in general?

    Certainly people have a right to develop their properties but there isn’t a rule that states zoning codes must be changed to accommodate them.

    When people buy property zoned residential, then that’s what they should be held to. But in Sedona? Not so.

    And look at the mess.

    Now this? Around the corner from Tlaquepaque and directly on Oak Creek, a designated “protected” waterway? Apparently that excludes protection from lunatics.

  23. Wade says:

    Rumor has it they always coveted the vacant land. Like an Initial R ? May have wanted a creek walkway named for guess who and not a care about flooding. North T shouldn’t be built there but they made money and 179 traffic be damned. More? They (deleted by editor) in their own bed and we ought to give a damn before giving them more keys to our kingdom. You casting your votes for? Same (deleted by editor) or for taking back our power?

  24. Bill, Uptown says:

    P&Z needs to follow the rules and stop rezoning in violation of covenants and HOA and other cultural and ecological protected areas. Deserts are fragile by nature and P&Z should be sued for violating its mission. We are overrun with bad hotels and need large lots with minimal housing to protect creek water runoff and rock flows.

  25. Marilyn T. says:

    With the ongoing prevailing winds – day after day – and more predicted it’s dangerously dry. One spark and – POOF! ALL IS LOST.

    And these fools consider adding more congestion to the Schnebly Hill intersection w/SR179? The pedestrian crossing already created a bottle-neck. Miles of cars backed up on SR179. And NO – it isn’t because there aren’t four lanes! Four lanes of traffic would have only meant twice the area and amount of stalled cars!

    Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe this. How about “common sense?”

  26. Ryan says:

    Do something? Time to organize protests along the highways and deliver solid messages we’re united against tourism abuse and destruction? Tourist go back to your homes and save gas and stop abusing our community and fix your own.
    We don’t want or need you. If you’re here then obey our rules and mind your manners. Our tolerance for your garbage cans and trail and amenities overuse is very thin.

  27. May Jo Peterson says:

    Right on @Ryan – “deliver solid messages”. Let us, however, keep in mind – the buck stops with the Sedona City Council. They MUST be the target, beginning but not ending with the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

  28. Stanley N. says:

    @Ryan, nice idea about organized protests. However this current city government clearly doesn’t give a hoot about residents. What other reason is there for the population of Sedona to be decreasing at such a steady rate? People moving on to greener pastures which includes respect from local government?

    The chamber of commerce representing ONLY their members remains in control as indicated by their involvement with the city in sustainability.

    Isn’t the chamber’s purpose to sustain ONLY their dues-paying members, regardless of their location? How many aren’t even located within city limits and don’t contribute to Sedona’s incorporated tax base? A sweetheart deal or what? but NOT for Sedona residents. What better reasons to sell out and relocate? Especially with the present over-inflated cost of housing? So much for keeping Sedona beautiful.

    Incorporation, the downfall of Sedona?

  29. Harvey says:

    What do you expect from career politicians?

  30. Jerry Uptown says:

    “Career politicians?” @Harvey. IMO we have an ongoing turnover of insignificant individuals who have never amounted to much of anything. An opportunity for an ego trip as an elected official sends them into orbit.

    Poor souls. Give them a break. They are finally important in their own minds. And quite honestly the way they control and treat the residents is shameful.

    Isn’t it really the city manager and staff that pull the strings to initiate the future of Sedona?

    Why in the world did Sedona incorporate and add this idiotic layer of local government?

  31. Tom, west side says:

    buy signs and put in yards telling tourists to go home. Line them up at gateway and city limit signs. That’ll get attention. You did it with 99%ers when there weren’t any. Tackle a real issue.

  32. Wayne says:

    ok ok ok time to grow up, register to vote and protest same old same old getting elected to council

  33. Sunset says:

    What’s an election without decent candidates?

  34. Wise Willie says:

    What’s an election without decent candidates? @Sunset

    Answer: Sedona City Council members (with few exceptions over the years)

  35. Sunset says:


  36. Sedona Brian says:

    Good morning Sedona. Inflation everywhere. No baby formula and or hospital surgical drugs. Not a supply chain issue or Covid issue but a we don’t make it in America issue and we can be blackmailed by others issue. Don’t blame me I’m sorry I voted for Democrats and Biden Harris and will never again. Republicans are the party of workers and welfare and poor and rich. Democrats are the party of Russia and China and politicians wallets first. Enjoy spending your whole paycheck for food and gas and tighten your belt for worst inflation in history. Real estate will bust sooner than expected with Biden admin ridiculous policy of climbing interest rates.

  37. @ Sedona Brian says:

    What more can one do than laugh at the words you write and your great imagination!

    Take some time and read up on Neoliberalism!….(psssst, has nothing to do with liberals)… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism

    If the GOP loved the worker would we have “Right to work Laws”
    Why is the GOP anti-union?

    Why when the GOP had a chance to help fix the baby food problem they voted not to help?……….Hmmmmmmm?

    Did you know that inflation is worldwide?( Im sure you do but you like to be uninformed and complain!)

    So the joke is on you…..People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks! LOL!

  38. Don says:

    Waited for somebody to say @sedonabrian was nuts but nobody did. Sedona Brian, you’re right and that troll @sedonabrian is wrong. Said.

    Kudos. When Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson needed civil rights support because his Democratic Party wouldn’t support anything for blacks, 73 Republicans joined about 25 brave Democrats and passed the civil rights act.

    Republicans are the party of the people. Democrats control the media and keep you from knowing that. Said.

    Eddie, good read. Said.

  39. WWJD? says:

    *I always get even. (Deleted by editor)
    *Bless those who curse you. -Jesus Christ

    *I will build a great, great wall … I will make Mexico pay for that wall. (Deleted by editor)
    *Love your neighbor as yourself. -Jesus

    *Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid insecure, it’s not your fault. (Deleted by editor)
    *Those that exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. -Jesus

    *Why do I have to repent, why do I have to ask for forgiveness if I’m not making mistakes.(Deleted by editor)
    *I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance -Jesus

    *I’m in total support of waterboarding. It has to be within the law, but I have to expand the law. (Deleted by editor)
    *Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. -Jesus

    *I fully think apologizing is a great thing. But you have to be WRONG … I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong. (Deleted by editor)
    *Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. -Jesus

    *I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters. (Deleted by editor)
    *Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. -Jesus

  40. Mary Dash Rios says:

    Cultural Park needs to be left as was accepted by former councils and people. No city lawyer or council is able to undo for their current political point of the day. ADUs aren’t necessary here, we have enough. People prefer Cottonwood or Flagstaff for families and fun as the towns are bigger and less touristy which for most feels unsafe. Thank you.

  41. Linda-Jane Kane says:

    That Mary D has the best point that people with young families don’t want to live here in Sedona. Most that I’ve known in Sedona and Village move when their kids get to be about 8 and go find good schools that bus to other towns. I would to if my kids were young and their future depended on best schools and best quality friends. That’s life here and most older people appreciate the young ones leaving before teen years and when they develop social issues.

  42. Matt says:

    Cultural Park is designated no build, back off councils

  43. Jason Williams says:

    Cultural Park designated “NO BUILD?” @Matt

    Well all city council needs to do is change the zoning and VOILA! Another hotel and massive apartment units or whatever THEY think is best.

    Do they care about residents and/or protecting Sedona? Isn’t it all about POWER AND MONEY without any concern about US.

    Just take a good look at what has already happened to Sedona. It ain’t exactly the picturesque scene of the past.

  44. Jason Williams says:

    Heads up! At the P & Z meeting yesterday (July 5th) the Cultural Park property was back on the agenda. Much discussion about “affordable/workforce housing” and commitment to refrain from approving more resort development. However, do not forget all the broken promises of the past.

    Once the zone change is approved THEY will do anything they damn well please. How many times has that been proven? Just look at what Sedona has become and that confirms the answer.

    After P & Z gives the zone change OK then, of course, it goes to city council for final approval. If this isn’t stopped prior to the election there goes this wonderful, spiritual and sacred land of our American Indian heritage. Haven’t they been abused enough?

    Ballots are in the mail today – July 6th.


    A council of seven individuals advised by what has historically been and remains a biased staff continues to fail Sedona residents.

    As one public speaker at the P & Z meeting noted, Jennifer Wesselhoff, former President/CEO of the Regional Chamber of Commerce did “too good of a job.” Ain’t that the truth? And where is she now? (along with the former city manager and city attorney) Gone but unfortunately NOT forgotten for their disgraceful legacy(s)?

  45. Doris W. says:

    @Jason Williams – Ah yes, the Cultural Park back on the agenda for abuse.

    Haven’t broken promises in Sedona become the way of life here? Wake up, folks. This election most likely will be your last opportunity.

    A NO vote on Home Rule could just be the beginning for a long overdue change.

    P L E A S E!!!

  46. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    Reading some of the insulting comments posted here by those who criticize others for attempting to show respect for our beautiful Sedona and the ongoing road to ruin is enough to cause tears to run down the cheeks of those who care.

    Gloat over your victory to destroy our natural resources including the scenery in the name of greed for power, money, and control. Everybody is going to die and you can’t take it with you. So what’s your point?

  47. Eleanor & Thomas says:

    No surprise but it appears the P & Z Commissioners will approve this rezoning if they haven’t already officially done so.

    Although this time of year has been documented as being a slow time for tourism, the city hall hotshots don’t give a hoot. Back to basics. Speaking of HOT isn’t it too scorching for most folks to think about much else except keeping cool?

    IF council, staff & P & Z had followed the rules and demanded lodging developers to provide a certain number of workforce housing over the years, this situation wouldn’t have become such a problem. As stated over and over, time and time again, they ignored the policy and common sense did not prevail.

    It still remains perplexing why the Sedona city-owned Dells acreage remains ignored for consideration. Not enough profit for big time big money developers with, maybe, an “in” with the right people at city hall? Just asking.

    Maybe you might take a look around you. Rain, rain everywhere EXCEPT inside Sedona City Limits! Mother Nature truly remains in control – you fools – planning, zoning – city hall in general. It might be well to mention the questionable direction the economy is headed. Recession seems to be a sure thing which might even result in a very serious depression.

    Wouldn’t Sedona city management be foolish to pay top dollar for property at this time when real estate is expected to drop substantially in value?

    Hmmm – if that does turn out to be the case, then maybe it’s a confirmation that the Cultural Park land truly is sacred?

  48. Wise Willie says:

    Doesn’t it stand to reason that presuming the Cultural Park land is, indeed, “sacred” then didn’t that alone mean the project was doomed for failure at the get-go?

    Therefore why would any future projects with disregard to the nature of the property succeed or be profitable?

    Let the fools waste their money and then don’t be surprised when their life-size grandiose house of cards comes tumbling down. In other words, “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.”

  49. @ Eleanor says:

    You do know how few hotels have been built since they added workforce housing? I know the old Rouge was forced to….That was an addition to the existing hotel…What other hotel has been built in city limits thats even open? I know the Marriott gave money that was used for the Sunset Lofts….

    All are problems is because of Air B&Bs! Period! Lodging, traffic, lack of reasonable homes.

    As for paying to much for anything you can thank that also on STR…..And just a heads up Sedona isnt making any new land so good old supply and demand will control prices..

  50. Wm. D. says:

    At the moment and the direction this country is headed thanks to present control of “Joe the Joker” (but who’s laughing), if inflation continues to roar its ugly head who will be able to afford much (if anything) beyond the bare necessities @@Eleanor?

    And kindly rethink “all are problems is because of Air B&Bs! Period!”

    All the millions of tax dollars handed over to a “regional” chamber of commerce for “destination marketing” was never proven to have brought in anything other than day-trippers.

    No many of us do not like STR’s with strange people walking our neighborhoods. It was wrong (my opinion) for Gov. Ducey to make them legal in Arizona, especially when Sedona had and enforced a city code prohibiting them. However Karma works in mysterious ways. Who was it that who coined the phrase something like “Payback’s a bitch?”

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