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Eddie Maddock: Cultural Park Sacred Land, the Unsettled Controversy


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock reminds Sedona AZ politicians and voters that the USFS continues to protect sacred lands surrounding its city limits. The renamed “Cultural Park” was once part of reservation land, traded and then redesignated by Sedona politicians for “public use.” Developers and city politicians now want to bulldoze and build government subsidized housing on this sacred land citing a “perceived” need for it, just as the Cultural Park was once itself a failed “perceived” city use plan.

Sedona AZIs it possible this small and beautiful dot on the universal map – Sedona, Arizona – has had any issues which have not been disputed at least to some extent?

The story of the Cultural Park has been adequately documented for years now, and yet the scenic land upon which the failed venue thrived – for a short period of time – continues to be the source for an ongoing tug of war.

The birth of the Cultural Park was largely generated by a “perceived” need to hold outdoor annual functions such as “Jazz on the Rocks,” a jazz series whose performances were successfully received and well-attended at the Sedona Posse Grounds Park: Today, Posse Grounds Park remains as the scenic area designated for most Sedona small town events such as July Fourth, however, and in time, the Cultural Park became less attractive for larger and more significant venues with its stiff competition by high-profile performances offered at the popular Cliff Castle Casino.

At one time the Cultural Park was part of the Hopi Footprints Migration Area and considered “sacred land” to the Apache, being part of an Indian reservation. The USFS continues to protect the area from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)) requests, and doesn’t divulge where specific sites are, what was on the property and or what has been removed. Originally designated as “Open Space Preservation/Conservation” on the Sedona Community Plan Use Map, it was soon amended to “Public/Semi-public” allegedly “in order to accommodate the community cultural facilities and amenities.”

Lack of affordable housing has become increasingly a national problem. It has become a high-profile subject not only in Sedona, but the entire Verde Valley as well. Sedona united with Cottonwood apparently, jointly agreeing to hire a “housing manager” to represent both communities towards a successful approach to what was acknowledged as a “regional problem.” On November 26, 2021, Sedona hired a “housing manager.” Does Cottonwood stand “united” with Sedona and share the cost of the service performance of that employee?

Reflecting on decisions of the past, the Nepenthe housing project in the Sedona city limits was approved as “workforce/affordable” and, yet, for some reason that specific purpose must have been left out of the development agreement. Wonder why?

Hmmm . . . that’s just one example of questionable decisions contributing to the present housing “shortage.”  

In addition, over the years relinquishing proposed requirements for Sedona resorts to include a certain number of on-site living areas for employees was jerked around and “alternative” promises allowed for providing off-site affordable accommodations were all too often approved – and then never enforced.

How many of “those” promised alternative affordable facilities actually exist to this day, if any? And now, fast forward to the Cultural Park presently being considered as an “investment” by the city of Sedona for – guess what – to be “rezoned to accommodate affordable housing.”

Since the issue has definitely been deemed as a “Regional” problem, will that same “Region” be required to help foot the bill for the alleged purchase of the Cultural Park by the city of Sedona?

Will the entire “Region” have the opportunity to benefit from more affordable housing considering that people do have jobs in Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Camp Verde, and elsewhere in the “regional” Verde Valley?

Will Sedona continue to be the “cash cow” to provide affordable housing for the entire “region” because now it has a “Housing Manager” at City Hall?

Prior to 1993, the Sedona Community Plan only supported USFS land trades for public/semi-public uses, open spaces or parks; Amendments to the Community Plan have served to enable land trades to be facilitated and completed.

It’s been reported that the city-owned land across from the Sedona Wastewater Treatment Plant off West State Route 89A, locally referred to as “The Dells,” will soon be the subject of a study for potential housing on nearly 200 acres. The city of Sedona has budgeted $75,000 for the study – some of which may be done in-house. If that is in fact the case, will the cost of this endeavor be shared with “The Region?”

Because the wastewater treatment location is obviously a more centrally located area has serious consideration been given to working with the “Region” towards seeking a valid direction for solutions, including funding, for solving the “perceived” housing issue? Instead of proposing the purchase of the Sedona Cultural Park?

Why shouldn’t Sedona benefit from contributing necessary acreage as consideration for its participation in a joint venture and encourage other jurisdictions to foot the bill for development of more affordable housing on existing available land? So – it would require approval from Yavapai County. Why should that be an issue when this is also a “county” problem and doesn’t just exist within Sedona City Limits?

 If Sedona can afford to purchase the Cultural Park property, why wouldn’t they consider returning it to the United States Forest Service to be maintained as “Open Space?”  

Or better yet wouldn’t a National Scenic Area designation be more appropriate and also even more in compliance with the Community Plan to preserve open space?

Or maybe the situation might best be summed up with the following words as written by Toby McLeod, April 4, 2020:

“Hopi Prophecy – A Timeless Warning”

“. . . . . .having worried about an impending apocalypse, one seems to be upon us now, as a wounded Mother Earth humbles her human children. Thomas Banyacya usually warned of natural disasters like storm and earthquakes, fires and floods, lightening and hurricanes – clear signs that nature was responding to abusive, careless humans. As I reviewed the two Las Vegas talks I found that, sure enough, he warned of ‘more sickness that can’t be cured for a long time’ during an era when ‘the seasons are going to change.’ “

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) – does that ring a bell?


  1. Eddie Maddock says:

    FYI: Because of the increased number of helicopters recently, information resulting from a phone call to the Sedona Airport revealed the reason is due to a fire in the Mund’s Park area. 9:30 AM 7/17/2022

  2. Heads Up says:

    DON’T SAY THIS CANNOT EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/committee-fire-burning-east-of-sedona-on-munds-mountain-burns-100-acres

    Time to set sensible priorities beginning with A DIFFERENT CITY COUNCIL . That includes the mayor and having a separate election to make the selection is ridiculous. It should revert to the original policy – that the city council appropriately decides on who the “mayor” will be since the “power” essentially is equally distributed among all city council members.

  3. Kia Levine, Flagstaff says:

    A friend sent this packed with good information: don’t know where they got it but looks like it’s reputable and good for people to know and look for it online to:

    Bloomberg reported last Friday that ByteDance Ltd., the Chinese company that owns TikTok had confirmed that some company employees based in China can access the personal information of TikTok users in the United States.

    TikTok’s admission was in a letter responding to nine US Republican senators who had accused the popular video app and its parent company, ByteDance, of monitoring American citizens. The senators contacted ByteDance demanding to know if Chinese-based TikTok employees had access to Americans’ user data.

    In their June 27 letter to ByteDance, the Republican senators cited a BuzzFeed report that TikTok’s US user data had been accessed by company engineers in China. The senators accused TikTok and ByteDance of using that access to surveil American citizens.

    In a June 30 letter responding to the senators, ByteDance CEO Shou Zi Chew said that Chinese employees who have cleared internal security protocols can access certain information from US TikTok users. However, he said this user data is not shared with the Chinese government and is subject to “robust cybersecurity controls.”

    According to Bloomberg, TikTok said it was working with the US government to strengthen data security for US user information, especially information defined as “protected” by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, CFIUS.

    This data security effort, “Project Texas,” includes keeping US data physically stored on US servers owned by software giant Oracle Corp. TikTok is shifting its platform to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure as well, meaning the app and algorithm for US users will also be accessed and deployed from domestic data centers.

    Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn told Bloomberg last week that the letter from Shou Zi Chew confirmed that the fears Senate Republicans had about the CCP’s influence in TikTok “were well-founded.”

    Blackburn warned Americans who use TikTok that they should know that the Communist Chinese have access to their personal information.

  4. Ben Solomon says:

    Heads up on this one. The recent notice mailed by the city indicates $20M has been budgeted (fiscal year 23) “Strategic Property Acquisition”. (For management of land development congruent with the Community Plan.)

    Early ballots to vote for a change of mayor will be in the mail very soon. Although it will take a vote of four on the city council to make a change, please don’t miss an opportunity to make a difference if you really care about the future of Sedona.

    This issue us BIG!

  5. Sedona Rocky says:

    Public use means a park with no builds like surrounding USFS has to follow .

  6. Jason Williams says:

    Heads up, Folks. At the meeting on Nov 22 City Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve the purchase of the Cultural Park. They intend to issue $10.2 million worth of excise tax bonds to pay for “part” of the purchase!

    To hell with that “alleged” temporary half cent sales tax and the conditional “sunset” date. “They” have not a care about the beauty, integrity, or preservation of Sedona.

    Just wait until this latest city acquisition reaches the drawing board for REZONING! Shameful? But isn’t it those allowing it to happen, Sedona voting residents, who are to blame for the ongoing travesty and destruction of the area?

    To hell with Keep Sedona Beautiful! BTW – Where is that lame organization these days anyway?

  7. West sedona Dave says:

    So you would rather have a developer buy the property and the city have little to say in its development?….you people really need to think things through!….its private land for sale….what do you think a developer can do seeing it is now zoned for a outdoor music event venue?…..your either dumb, stupid or have no clue how things work?….and that .5 cent tax is killing you financially….screw the 4% the state takes…..you people are nuts….move away….Im sure some air B&B corporation would love to buy your home! JFC!

  8. Jason Williams says:

    Thanks so much West sedona Dave (no capital “S”?) for your prompt attention to the concerns of stupid people who apparently (in your opinion) lack the ability to think things through.

    The land was rezoned for projects pertaining to public use which some think was manipulated to create the previous approval of the Cultural Park. Hmmm . . . Therefore any future development requiring a zone change might rightfully be challenged by those opposing the historically deemed “sacred” land.

    A calculated risk might be the unseen karma attached to that property! Why do you suppose, Mr. West sedona Dave, the Cultural Park failed? Any chance the money making endeavor was cursed from the beginning? Oh but of course not.

    Ha! Wait and see.

  9. Cultural Park Joke says:

    Where were hotels and timeshares and airbnbs decades ago? They come and go and change. Plan on it. Don’t plan to try and change it. Leave it alone and that’s the right thing to do because you’re not capable of being better than Mother Earth.

  10. Kevin says:

    Development? Be instrumental in its DEVELOPMENT?!?!?!?! Who made you freaking God of the Earth and Sedona?!?!???? Your POLITICAL egos stink up this city!!!!!!!

  11. @ Keven says:

    Ive been hearing many people in town saying that Disney was ready to purchase it for a huge water park? Do we need a water park? Do you want a water park? How can we stop a water park?

  12. JBSedona says:

    I worked for the Cultural Park from the day it opened to the day it closed. The Cultural Park was originally USFS land that was traded to create a park “for the people.” The only thing that can go into the park, is the Cultural Park or returned to nature. All else will fail. It has been cursed.

  13. Jim, West Sedona says:

    Yesssuree perfect said truth to power loud and clear @Kevin

  14. CJ says:

    @@ keven You haven’t been hearing Disney wants a water park. You’ve lied and it is laughable because Disney is in such big trouble they replaced their woke leftist ceo this past weekend without a courtesy phone call from the board. The former ceo was reinstalled. Disney has international plans not American and your wet dream about Disney is likely coupled with hallucinogenics. I will give those phantom rumormongers and liars that Disney is a step above sedona city council and staff. That’s it for credence.

  15. @CJ says:

    Ive heard that and worse from locals in the know….I heard water park in Cottonwood also….Forest service has no say anymore. Its about land swapping….Maybe high density housing? section 8? Maybe a place for a tent city for illegals? who knows what evil lurks behind closed door?s…..Im putting my home up for sale before land has no worth! Im out of here…see ya

  16. Rob says:

    @@CJ aka @@keven get out good riddance stupid and lies. no moron builds successful water parks in wildfire earthquake prone deserts Disneyland not desert because no one shows up like Sedona water park failure
    LMAO @@CJ sell that house grab your tent. get out of AZ. Qatar is looking for citizens. TU

  17. Marilyn T. says:

    How much more real estate does the City of Sedona intend to purchase? They still haven’t made the promised community park at the property they bought on Brewer Road.

    And certain snide people posting comments here criticize legitimate residents for expressing concerns over past broken promises, commitments never fulfilled, but the quest for the “city” to own more land for questionable purposes surges on.

    The lack of respect these people have for Native Americans is appalling. They continue to kick these unfortunate people to the curb in their lust for power and control. Just because they can?

    However, in the case of the Cultural Park the legacy of the nature of the site most likely will prevail and ill conceived plans unrelated to preservation of the sacred land will ultimately fail. Those on the city council council presently supporting this ongoing battle for increased density will be long gone but unfortunately not soon enough IMO.

  18. Shep Rust, Flag says:

    Sedona has a superiority complex not based on reality but perception. One can’t deny Sedona deserves its reputation as a small wonder in a big world, but it is a small natural wonder in a big world of huge wonders and Sedona cannot compete. What Arizona knows and her Sedona residents, but what its business people fail to accept is that Sedona is small in a big world and perception is reality.

  19. @Marilyn says:

    Your so funny and self serving… If your so concerned about Native Land” (which you always bring up) anytime development is mentioned….. perhaps you should donate your own property back to the native people… After all they were here first.

    (Deleted by editor)

  20. Sedona Water Park says:

    Well, all this time I thought we had water parks in Phoenix”
    Here is a list of over 15!

    Are you aware that 2000 homes and a water park is in talks with the city of Cottonwood?

    Are you aware the owners of Out of Africa has purchased land across 260 for a water park and hotels?

    Go to Disney land and see how much Sedona has influenced them!

    Its better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

  21. Joe Lee says:

    Wise up you fools. Tourism is DOWN here. Inflation? Maybe… Or the reality of Sedona burnout due to ill advised over promotion based on asinine funding to a “regional” chamber of commerce?

    One thing legitimate residents have the good fortune (if only temporarily) to enjoy is the drop in short term vacation renters! For the time being all of you profit seeking property owners who don’t even live in Arizona will have to bite the bullet and cough up your own funds for the mortgages on your self serving investments creating havoc with strangers invading our residential only zoning ordinances.

    Karma lives OH YES!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Greed Mongers.

  22. Marilyn T. says:

    Thank you – Thank you @@Marilyn regarding your predicted comment but unrelated to whatever name it would be submitted. You walked directly into the response for which was pursued. Sheesh – does Karma live?

    Y E S!!!

  23. Climate Control says:

    Arizona has been a model of prudent water management until that management was suddenly thrown into a pandemic quandary driven by people escaping from Democratic mishandled states into a robust free society, let’s call them domestic flees similar to border crossers.

    Now the state enters an era of relentless decline.

    “By 2060, according to several published projections, extreme heat and water scarcity could make Phoenix one of the continent’s most uninhabitable places.”

    How like Sedona to try and be something it isn’t to lure Disneyesque daytrippers we can’t accommodate without taxing our infrastructure and scarce water supply. Sedona didn’t even capture and recycle the water here at the park because it was too expensive, failing the people and the environment as always.

  24. Thomas W. says:

    Points well made by @Climate Control. Sedona has clearly been taken over by opportunists who care about one thing: making money.

    To continue feeding the member driven chamber of commerce with Sedona tax revenue should have been deemed illegal years ago. Maybe – just maybe – with newly elected people in Az State government someone will do the appropriate thing and put a stop to this nonsense. For chamber members only to reap promotion and financially benefit from incorporated taxation has been and remains unjustified and unfair. One might even consider that those businesses choosing to NOT be members or participate (in my opinion a “chamber scam”) have been treated as badly if not even worse than Native Americans.

  25. Harvey, Uptown says:

    Sedona business people and politicians ruined this town and made it impossible to stay honest and do a decent job for the taxpayers funding them. We’ve illegals in kitchens, drugs on trails, homeless on street corners for what reasons than to look bad and justify police? There’s beauty in unique southwest and even Scottsdale lost its charm last few years. We don’t need more urbanism, we need less in Arizona and none in the north central areas.

  26. James Harrington says:

    According to a news report on Phoenix Channel 3, 7:00 AM December 14th, after confirming approval from the Sedona City Council of the purchase of “a large chunk of land” (Cultural Park) to build “housing, lodging, a conference center and more . . .”

    It’s happening NOW during the season when people are so very busy and consumed with preparations for Christmas and the holidays.

    And “they” think Sedona currently has a traffic problem?

  27. Ted says:

    No park there, why not Scott Jablow? Weren’t promised parks and no roads in neighborhoods and protection of views during meet and greets the quiet vote maker. The high school was built with a conference center public space and we don’t fill that to capacity even during film fest. Waste of money to build another – we’ve perfectly fine meeting buildings and sites scattered prudently throughout Sedona now. Your council dumped its Posse Ground conference center because nobody needed it. Enough of this city clown show councilors and mayor. We lose taxpayers every year and you electors would saddle on us more debt instead of no maintenance scenic beauty our priceless golden goose and cash cow? You cannot come up with a better income producer than Mother Nature and you fail to understand it.

  28. Nora & Saul says:


    Wasn’t the “theme” directed to something such as “maintaining a small town character?” When was it amended to change direction?

    Has the Cultural Park Property had the zone changed to accommodate such nonsense as more hotels and a conference center? Why does the property owned by City of Sedona in the area of the wastewater treatment plant continue to be ignored for development of this insane City Hall Wish List?

    This incorporated portion of Sedona appears to have lost all sense of integrity.

    In fact, aren’t the people in charge stark raving mad? If the residents don’t speak up and demand change then they must be crazier than those instigating and imposing these new ideas.

  29. Susan N. says:

    Well guess what. According to the Sedona City website that Mission Statement was revised and conveniently omits any reference to maintaining a Small Town Character.

    A City of Sedona mission statement was adopted by City Council at their April 9, 2013 meeting. it states …. The mission of the City of Sedona government is to provide exemplary municipal services that are consistent with our values, history, culture and unique beauty.

    A free pass to move on with high density development?

    Onward and upward – literally. Goodbye open space and the former Cultural Park Property.

  30. Otto Said says:

    Why present restaurants tolerate the cultural park destruction for more food and retail is beyond me. More retail is unnecessary in Sedona.

  31. Wm. D. says:

    Where’s the generally vocal and controlling Lodging Council on the issue of another hotel/motel to accommodate future visitors to the proposed conference center on the Cultural Park property? Hmmm?????

  32. Jess Wundrin says:

    As recently as the city council meeting on December 13, 2022, the mission statement recited publicly at the beginning of the meeting did, indeed, include the words:

    “To be a city that retains its small town character.”

    Sheesh. Too bad they never seem to get their act together.

  33. Gloria says:

    Cultural Park needs to remain open space for families and cultural outdoor events and keep it from impacting the high school and nearby homes. Zero tolerance for transients and pedophiles and criminals here. Got enough indoor conference space, need outdoor wine events and weddings and music and festivals
    in scenic parks and cultural park is legally to remain undeveloped. City can’t get its elections and mission statements correct, why trust them to do be honest there. Listening to this council and staff’s like listening to Biden say there’s no recession and he’s not responsible for the border problems. LMAO

  34. Alice Jackson says:

    “City can’t get its elections and mission statements correct.” @Gloria Pretty much says it all. BINGO!

  35. Tsunami Sharon says:

    Illegal immigration is costing U.S. taxpayers at least $20 billion yearly under Joe Biden and Sedona wants to raise our tax burden!!!!! We don’t have any infrastructure in Sedona that supports creation of income!!! Biden’s America is failing and Sedona politicians are his sycophants. Demand border security because Joe spent 200 plus days since taking office at his exclusive beach house (in Delaware’s Beverly Hills called Rehoboth Beach). Why do the rich want to keep the little taxpaying people frothed up about “disappearing shoreline” calling it climate crisis while they scoop it up cheaply for themselves? Obama’s, Biden’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and thousands more have mega estates on shorelines and islands. No fears there of flooding.

  36. PC says:

    Eggs over 10$ and it’s a lie and rip off by this administration that can’t find its way out of the hell they created for us get that gas pipeline back on and let the trucks in to California ports food shortages lie because we’re being held hostage by this administration

  37. Jess M. says:

    But hey you guys & gals. Here’s another point to ponder. When Sedona City owns the airport how much more convenient will it be to fly in all them illegal immigrants who for all we know might be the new tenants at one of them facilities the City intends to provide on the Cultural Property. Cool??

  38. Melody and Sunset says:

    Sedona is not a destination place for average citizens. It’s too remote, weather unpleasant except for a few days of year, and packed with tourists which makes it unsafe and unfriendly for residents looking for safe communities and easy retirement. It’s like living in the Grand Canyon area – world would say no thanks. Views might be spectacular but the daily life issues and negatives aren’t worth it. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.

  39. Le Wang Tang, San Francisco CA says:

    Wake up! Idiots in DC want to make it a state/ For what?? It can’t run itself as a city with lowest school rankings and the highest per capita spending per student!!!!??? The teachers union is so entrenched that it got rid of an excellent Asian superintendent because she tried to fire incompetent teachers!!! It has no infrastructure for taxes and it can’t tax federal buildings and land which is the majority of city 8 square miles created by the forefathers as a DISTRICT to keep it from attacking the Capitol or White House with its state militia. Wake up stupid Americans. Say no and tell the people who never earned good grades in school studying history to pack off. I’m a naturalized citizen and know more about history here and it is disgusting to watch Arizona lose its backbone to them.

  40. Betsy says:

    Americans believe in freedom except those born to second generations, then they get bored with living better than any other place on earth and where everyone else on earth wants to live and want to be oppressed like their ancestors.

  41. Sedona Meghan says:

    sad truth @wang @betsy

  42. Jess Wundrin says:

    Of the many controversial issues, development of the Cultural Park being one of them, does anyone know what has happened to the concept of “global warming?” The group whining “give me your hard earned tax payer money for my Green New Deal nonprofit” that’s same as “your ignorance is my jackpot in green scams.”

    If watching national news isn’t a direct conflict to that theory, then what would be? Even extreme low temperatures in Sedona and surrounding areas have prevented snow on the rim from thawing.

    Hey global warming advocates, where are you across this nation while record storms continue to brew and the deep freeze prevails? Maybe the same place as Vice President Kamala Harris when asked if she has visited the border? Relating to illegal immigration she advises there isn’t a problem. As for having personally visited the border, her response? “No, but I haven’t been to Europe either?”

    WTF maybe she should move to Sedona and run for city council – she has the same qualifications for solving complex problems.

  43. Esquire Timothy says:

    No Asian will or should vote for DC statehood. No Senator will because it means losing their power. Why dilute their power for a small 8 square mile city (yeah like they deserve squat) to have the same power as California and New York and Illinois? Think again woke idiots and morons. Next Chicago, NYC, Miami will want to be states. LMAO. Bet Kelly is that stupid but not Sinema because behind every man there is a better woman.

  44. @Jess Wundrin says:

    Silly, that’s why they rebranded global warming “Climate Change.”

    BTW, ultimately YOU are the carbon they want to eliminate.

  45. No global warming - it’s an ice age says:

    Scientists knew and were intimidated into losing money for research if they didn’t follow government CDC lines. Sick sick sick. You can’t have free speech and exchanges of information with this Biden dictatorship. Man is senile and lead by retards.

  46. West Sedona Dave says:

    Im always amazed at the our pure genius here on the eye!

    Washington DC has a population of 712,816.

    1-Wyoming (Population: 581,075)
    2-Vermont (Population: 623,251)
    3-Alaska (Population: 724,357)
    4-North Dakota (Population: 770,026)
    5-South Dakota (Population: 896,5810

    Timothy, I sure hope you’re not an attorney? You’re not very good at an argument, are you?

  47. ET says:

    WestSedonaDave I’m never amazed at the stupidity of city staff, city council, city businesses tied to chamber. Thanks for proving it again buddy.

  48. Lester W. says:

    “. . .amazed at the our pure genius here on the eye!” @West Sedona Dave. You hope @Timothy isn’t an attorney? For sure that level of education won’t be said about your ability.

    Why waste your brilliant mind on such a trite and insignificant web site as Sedona Eye? You must be desperate. Maybe a nice walk in the rain might cleanse your brain? Just a thought.

  49. Jennifer says:

    Population does not determine Senators, Fool. EVERY STATE GETS TWO. Go back to school. Esquire is right on. Ignorant wokes like you will destroy Sedona. Thanks Tim for persevering. Apologize to Tim for Sedona ignorants.

  50. Ydan Brand says:

    President went to St Croix with family and friends on an ocean resort home (no green deal $$ for them wanted) while America hit with subzero weather grinding airlines and trains and cars to a standstill. There’s no electric car after this storm because they don’t work in this weather or when stranded by it. Neither does the grid. Sedona pay attention and don’t buy electric and don’t rely on fake grid. BTW President and VP and Cabinet members fly private jets and all say screw the American people as they flyover with Champagne toasts.

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