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Eddie Maddock: Cultural Park Sacred Land, the Unsettled Controversy


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock reminds Sedona AZ politicians and voters that the USFS continues to protect sacred lands surrounding its city limits. The renamed “Cultural Park” was once part of reservation land, traded and then redesignated by Sedona politicians for “public use.” Developers and city politicians now want to bulldoze and build government subsidized housing on this sacred land citing a “perceived” need for it, just as the Cultural Park was once itself a failed “perceived” city use plan.

Sedona AZIs it possible this small and beautiful dot on the universal map – Sedona, Arizona – has had any issues which have not been disputed at least to some extent?

The story of the Cultural Park has been adequately documented for years now, and yet the scenic land upon which the failed venue thrived – for a short period of time – continues to be the source for an ongoing tug of war.

The birth of the Cultural Park was largely generated by a “perceived” need to hold outdoor annual functions such as “Jazz on the Rocks,” a jazz series whose performances were successfully received and well-attended at the Sedona Posse Grounds Park: Today, Posse Grounds Park remains as the scenic area designated for most Sedona small town events such as July Fourth, however, and in time, the Cultural Park became less attractive for larger and more significant venues with its stiff competition by high-profile performances offered at the popular Cliff Castle Casino.

At one time the Cultural Park was part of the Hopi Footprints Migration Area and considered “sacred land” to the Apache, being part of an Indian reservation. The USFS continues to protect the area from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)) requests, and doesn’t divulge where specific sites are, what was on the property and or what has been removed. Originally designated as “Open Space Preservation/Conservation” on the Sedona Community Plan Use Map, it was soon amended to “Public/Semi-public” allegedly “in order to accommodate the community cultural facilities and amenities.”

Lack of affordable housing has become increasingly a national problem. It has become a high-profile subject not only in Sedona, but the entire Verde Valley as well. Sedona united with Cottonwood apparently, jointly agreeing to hire a “housing manager” to represent both communities towards a successful approach to what was acknowledged as a “regional problem.” On November 26, 2021, Sedona hired a “housing manager.” Does Cottonwood stand “united” with Sedona and share the cost of the service performance of that employee?

Reflecting on decisions of the past, the Nepenthe housing project in the Sedona city limits was approved as “workforce/affordable” and, yet, for some reason that specific purpose must have been left out of the development agreement. Wonder why?

Hmmm . . . that’s just one example of questionable decisions contributing to the present housing “shortage.”  

In addition, over the years relinquishing proposed requirements for Sedona resorts to include a certain number of on-site living areas for employees was jerked around and “alternative” promises allowed for providing off-site affordable accommodations were all too often approved – and then never enforced.

How many of “those” promised alternative affordable facilities actually exist to this day, if any? And now, fast forward to the Cultural Park presently being considered as an “investment” by the city of Sedona for – guess what – to be “rezoned to accommodate affordable housing.”

Since the issue has definitely been deemed as a “Regional” problem, will that same “Region” be required to help foot the bill for the alleged purchase of the Cultural Park by the city of Sedona?

Will the entire “Region” have the opportunity to benefit from more affordable housing considering that people do have jobs in Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Camp Verde, and elsewhere in the “regional” Verde Valley?

Will Sedona continue to be the “cash cow” to provide affordable housing for the entire “region” because now it has a “Housing Manager” at City Hall?

Prior to 1993, the Sedona Community Plan only supported USFS land trades for public/semi-public uses, open spaces or parks; Amendments to the Community Plan have served to enable land trades to be facilitated and completed.

It’s been reported that the city-owned land across from the Sedona Wastewater Treatment Plant off West State Route 89A, locally referred to as “The Dells,” will soon be the subject of a study for potential housing on nearly 200 acres. The city of Sedona has budgeted $75,000 for the study – some of which may be done in-house. If that is in fact the case, will the cost of this endeavor be shared with “The Region?”

Because the wastewater treatment location is obviously a more centrally located area has serious consideration been given to working with the “Region” towards seeking a valid direction for solutions, including funding, for solving the “perceived” housing issue? Instead of proposing the purchase of the Sedona Cultural Park?

Why shouldn’t Sedona benefit from contributing necessary acreage as consideration for its participation in a joint venture and encourage other jurisdictions to foot the bill for development of more affordable housing on existing available land? So – it would require approval from Yavapai County. Why should that be an issue when this is also a “county” problem and doesn’t just exist within Sedona City Limits?

 If Sedona can afford to purchase the Cultural Park property, why wouldn’t they consider returning it to the United States Forest Service to be maintained as “Open Space?”  

Or better yet wouldn’t a National Scenic Area designation be more appropriate and also even more in compliance with the Community Plan to preserve open space?

Or maybe the situation might best be summed up with the following words as written by Toby McLeod, April 4, 2020:

“Hopi Prophecy – A Timeless Warning”

“. . . . . .having worried about an impending apocalypse, one seems to be upon us now, as a wounded Mother Earth humbles her human children. Thomas Banyacya usually warned of natural disasters like storm and earthquakes, fires and floods, lightening and hurricanes – clear signs that nature was responding to abusive, careless humans. As I reviewed the two Las Vegas talks I found that, sure enough, he warned of ‘more sickness that can’t be cured for a long time’ during an era when ‘the seasons are going to change.’ “

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) – does that ring a bell?


  1. Alex D. says:

    “Why don’t you cover national news?” @Lisa, Big Park.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the name of this publication is “Sedona Eye.” National news is so overwhelmingly abundant and frequently distorted. And in reality there is little we, the public, can do to change it except, same as in Sedona, GET OUT AND VOTE!

    Finding out what’s cooking behind our local scenes very much impacts our daily existence – as does national and international events. However, IMO a “temporary city tax” which ultimately becomes a permanent fixture should be a heads-up to local hanky-panky.

    Why shouldn’t failure to enforce a temporary tax restriction automatically indicate the importance of keeping informed on current shenanigans unrelated to national news? Isn’t national news already being well publicized by a myriad of sources? Not so much here locally and behind closed doors at City Hall.

    Since the present owner of the Cultural Park property recently removed it from the ‘For Sale” market, why shouldn’t suspicions be investigated relating to the possibility of secret negotiations with the City of Sedona?

    But then as a resident of Big Park you don’t vote in Sedona elections but you will be impacted by decisions made within the incorporated area.

  2. Colter says:

    We never buy Sedona including we and friends never eat Sedona or Village, we go Flag or South, take out of town guests there and show them real Sedona views from Cottonwood and NOAZ. Prescott rocks. Casino rocks.

  3. Sedona Barry says:

    Propose that Sedona 30 now 50 buy the cultural park land and donate it to the Western or Natural Conservancy for future generations and save us from Sedona politicians wrecking balls that benefit a few while shaming the many? Make a state park out of it, Sedona 30 and leave a true legacy. People have asked for astronomy dark sky viewing park there and that could be a dark sky park legacy as well. Just do it.

  4. Troy says:

    Preservation is not of primary concern to Sedona businesses or even a tourism focus.

    Sedona residents, it’s time to accept that your quality of life is not the first priority of those you hired to serve your interests.

    Their first priority is tax revenue to pay for their largesse. That’s why you wanted government, because you didn’t trust your neighbor to do what’s right for all.

    Realize our city council and mayor decide how to dispense your money. You hired them to do that for you because you didn’t want to be responsible or concerned with it.

    Not one of our businesses are run by faceless corporations or oligarchs, they are run by the everyday people. You voters hired them to make your decisions for you. Each one of you.

    You voters are the oligarchs and corporations deciding the fate of our quality of life, whether it’s destroyed or saved.

  5. Michele says:

    @barry that’s thinking forward instead of backwards

  6. Just A Hunch says:

    Is it possible the comments made to divert the subject of Sedona city issues with a myriad of unrelated topics is merely a scheme to avoid exposure of questionable activities, conniving, and scheming at City Hall? Me thinks “YES”.

    Great idea @Sedona Barry! Your suggestion for the Sedona 30 (or 50) to purchase the cultural park land and your reasons are beautiful and brilliant (IMO). Perhaps they could join forces with Keep Sedona Beautiful and make it a team effort? That is if KSB still exists.

    Didn’t they hit rock bottom when they supported the Chamber of Commerce laser light display during the Christmas holidays a few years ago – the gosh-awful lights that terrorized Bambi and other wildlife friends? So much for another good organization gone bad.

    Isn’t that also true with the Chamber of Commerce – at one time a valued and respected benefit in Sedona prior to incorporation and the exposure to free money?

    Sedona 30-50? How about stepping up to the plate and REALLY make a cherished gift to Sedona? The Saving of the Cultural Park Property?

  7. Jerry says:

    Groundswell of approval for this idea from our golf courses and bars to show that taxation of the Sedona poor and middle class is appreciated.

  8. mshobert says:

    @barry – oh brother, there’s a fresh idea! The Sedona 30, – now 50?! They’d struggle to find a baker’s dozen.

  9. Connie says:

    But you said mshobert over and over how rich sedona is and was and will be to pay all the special taxes to keep tourists coming and making the city and real estate expensive. You been lying??? Pony up yourself.

  10. Adam F. says:

    Daily howling winds continue to prevail. There is an active wild fire in Prescott and another fire reported as contained near Flagstaff. Traffic continues to remain bumper-to-bumper in West Sedona as well as SR179 due to the city-created “death trap(?)” of a pedestrian crossing at Tlaquepaque.

    “. . clear signs that nature was responding to abusive, careless humans?”

  11. Tunnel Fire Call Center & Evacuation Orders says:

    A Tunnel Fire call center has been set up at 928-679-8525. For ongoing updates, visit coconino.az.gov/tunnelfire.

  12. E.S. Maddock says:

    When walking my dog a short time ago smoke outside is heavy in the air.

    According to Phoenix 5:00 TV news a fire northeast of Flagstaff is very much out of control. This may be different than the one mentioned by Adam F.

    However, it’s very eerie out there. People are being asked to evacuate in areas of both Prescott and Flagstaff. Wind gusts prevail.

  13. Mike says:

    We noticed it and are headed south for a while to get away. Respiratory problems not helped by this and packing a few precious items in case of fires here and grabbing the cat and off to San Tan for a month. Take care. Don’t Ruin your lungs waiting for it to clear smoke.

  14. Concerned Sedona Residents says:

    During this drought allergies have been horrible this year. Dust and pollen in the air = sneeze, cough, running nose, etc. And now smoke from wild fires coming from all directions? Wake up you fools – change that to careless humans – courtesy of knowledgeable Native American prophecies..

    Already this morning two fire engines with lights and sirens activated and heading east stopped traffic on W89. No laughing matter. Ongoing traffic gridlock? Result of millions of wasted dollars forked over to an undeserving unaccountable chamber of commerce?

    Vote for substantial change or continue to suffer even worse consequences with these egotistic egos suffering severely with the “I, I, I – Me, Me, Me” syndrome. Isn’t it obvious past decisions have NOT served what’s best for Sedona in general. Greedy controlling self-interested sources have pulled the strings of their city hall puppets for way too long.

    Their horrible decisions are evident. Wake up voters.

  15. Tracy etal. says:

    Frequently these severe wild fires are caused by lightening . . . however . . . clearly that isn’t the situation here. NOT Mother Nature’s doing. How did they start? Any answers besides “abusive, careless humans”?

  16. Bettye says:

    Thank You Eddie, for another excellent and important Posting.

    Thank You for sharing Your excellent knowledge of the area with all of us for better understanding of issues, and, to hopefully help us make the best decisions with that understanding. You’re a hero who shows you always have Sedona in your heart.

  17. @Tracy says:

    Many things man does cause these fires…Cigarettes, matches,chains dragging from trailers, and what starts many is exhaust pipes from dirt bikes, side by sides, jeep and off road vehicles!

  18. Eddie says:

    Oh Bettye, thank you so very much for your kind words. If any of my input here is of value to even one person then my years of stashing items relating to Sedona history has been worth it.

    And even those who can’t stand me (and they are out there) the fact they take time to follow Sedona Eye is a reward in itself. If rumors are true being referenced as a “blight on Sedona” by the current Vice Mayor is just an example!

    Cheers to you. Stay well and be safe.

    This sincerely – Eddie

  19. Randy says:

    be prepared and not rely on firefighters but yourself

  20. Janice Wright says:


    C mon someone called you(supposedly) a blight on Sedona(probably one of your Anonymous posters) here on Sedona eye like 10 years ago. That after the city was gonna give you an award Recognition for your history of Sedona PAST. (Deleted by editor) Yes you post on interesting things here on this online blog from time to time … But please already. Not being rude but your consistent on the losing side of most Sedona issues..

  21. Janice (continued ) says:

    Please tell us one town/city in America that hasn’t changed in the past 40 years like Sedona has . Also btw I’m sure the property that your house is built on was once considered “sacred” land by the Native Americans. I’m sure they were roaming around in your Neighborhood..

  22. Bill, Uptown says:

    It’s always interesting that others feel a self importance and ego inflated indulgence to attack speakers, journalists, writers and contributors to conversations by not engaging in the conversation with any intellect or insight. Eddie Maddock is a Sedona hero – as referenced by @Bettye in her comment – while @JaniceWright proves to be nothing more than a jealous Sedona troglodyte. Eddie, thanks from this often Anonymous supporter of your continued unfailing efforts to bring even Sedona area troglodytes into the real world of 2022 and Beyond. Single-handedly Eddie has carried the truth and light for Sedona while other media mouths kowtow to politicians, land developers, and others seeking expediency of pristine and irreplaceable land for short term personal profit. Keep it up. The winds carry words. The Earth holds those words for infinity. Sedona needs you and others to carry her banner above the heads of our troglodytes. Keep it up Sedona Eye.

  23. ESM says:

    @Janice (continued) – Yes as a matter of fact you are correct. When my husband and I purchased our house in December of 1976 (moved to Sedona March 31, 1977) we were astounded that people hiked around this almost barren tract of land actually looking for Indian artifacts.

    We were never fortunate enough to have located any on our property but maybe my time would be better spent digging around and looking instead of boring so many of you who waste time reading Sedona Eye.

    Oh and BTW making a living in Sedona back in the dark ages wasn’t any easier then than some find it today. That didn’t include land developers and contractors. (some things never change)

    One job my husband had was as a Pink Jeep driver when it was owned by John Minnick. That served as a great opportunity for both of us to learn about the history of this beautiful area/ Artifacts can be found in many places if one knows where to look:-)

  24. PS to Janice (continued) says:

    If at ANY time “the city was gonna give you an Award recognition for your history of Sedona PAST” most assuredly is news to me.

    NEVER heard of such a thing. And that’s another fact – one which won’t require digging up dirt looking for “Indian Artifacts” or anything else for that matter.

    As for the “blight on Sedona” comment it allegedly came from the person identified and whom I doubt even lived here ten years ago. However, you have proven it surely must be shared by others including yourself?

    Eddie S. Maddock

  25. Sedona Keith says:

    Thumbs Up ESM We Read And Like Your Articles

  26. Fred S. says:

    “. . . your consistent on the losing side of most Sedona issues . . .” @Janice Wright.

    Huh? Since when has Mrs. Maddock taken a position on issues? It appears her endeavors generally offer at least two sides of a situation. Even in the above article doesn’t the point she makes about land already owned by “incorporated” Sedona at the waste treatment plant offer a logical solution to an ongoing problem?

    And as also revealed in writings are occasions when “deals” of the past were made with resort developers to provide off site affordable housing that were never enforced.

    What is it with you Ms Wright? Is the truth too difficult for you to graciously accept? Obviously the answer must be yes.

  27. Roamers? says:

    Nope they weren’t roaming around Sedona neighborhoods, they were chillin by Oak Creek in a sweat lodge getting in touch with their inner selves or is that just the tourists and residents here now?

  28. Jan & Jeff, Coconino County says:

    Some people may still be looking for Indian arrowheads. How do you think the “Broken Arrow” subdivion(s) derived their names(s). BA Estates/ BAVista/ and the original Broken Arrow across the highway?

  29. Debbie, west Sedona says:

    Always good reads from Eddie and like Gary’s when he comments.

  30. Phil, Uptown says:

    ??what neighborhoods were part of rez if no Indians spent time living here?? Winters were harsh and a thousand feet down they had warmer weather and no snow and food year Round?? some caves for shelter if traveling but no living here?? Asking that people think before speaking attitude??

  31. Jason Williams says:

    Mrs. Maddock seems to be doing a good job judging from some of the inane responses – example Phil, Uptown. If “no Indians spent time living here” then how come it’s on record that arrow heads and other artifacts have been located in various areas of Sedona? Duh!

    Maybe Uptown Phil might consider taking a Pink Jeep Tour and learn a few facts before he’s so quick to pass on such foolish and unfounded statements? Oh but that would require some factual research and in today’s incorporated status allowing more BS from city hall environment why does anyone even bother seeking out the true story?

    By all means, Sedona Mayor & City Council, purchase the Cultural Park Property and bring on more bulldozers. Find out how many buried treasures can be plowed under as you fail to uphold your pledge to protect our natural environment and small town atmosphere. Quite a joke but who’s laughing except developers as they laugh all the way to the bank to deposit millions of public funds approved by our “elected” representatives?

    Oh wait but is it true “they” have delegated their authority to the current City Manager to make these and other major decisions? A person we did NOT vote for and elect for that purpose? Shameful!

  32. Moses says:

    Indians were Asian mongols moving to different areas based on need like all people do today but for same and or for different reasons. Horses weren’t part of the Indian culture until after sailing ships carrying cargo came. The Indians walked from Asia and brought Asian cultural influences and adapted to the Americas . Every human has an indigenous culture in its past. Some present day humans will view today as indigenous. One day Ukrainians will be telling of the great exodus from their homelands like all cultures do in giving meaning to their present existences, even the Indians retell of great wars between tribes and enslavement of its people by other tribes. The reservations proved a safety valve to keep many small tribes heritage alive and move small tribes and large tribes forward which was not all bad and did some good. Get real with this victimization travel guide and realize every single human goes back to moving off ones chosen place to another whether by their own or others decisions. Move forward and get a real ambition to make the world a peaceful place.

  33. Phil says:

    ??okay okay??

  34. Sam & Paula says:

    But don’t you understand, Jason Williams? The go to source for information is Face Book. People really don’t waste time reading lengthy stuff that may or may not relate facts. Whatever the Folks on Face Book have to say is good enough these days.

    Simple solution to being educated? Well maybe not so much for proper use of the English language. But, really, who cares? In fact is English grammar even taught in schools these days? Judging from some of the comments most likely NOT.

  35. Dave, VOC says:

    shout out Elon , hire SE publisher Elon a decade ahead in fighting for free expression & SE writers views , paved the way

  36. Legitimate Sedona Residents says:

    It was either by accident or “divine intervention” that our TV was accidentally switched to Cable Channel 4. And what a revelation! Here are the names of the City Council Members as of 4/28/22 – appx. 5:23 PM:

    Mayor: Sandy Moriarity
    Vice Mayor: John Martinez
    Other City Council members (NOT councilors – even the RR News get that!)

    John Currivan
    Scott Jablow
    Tom Lamkin
    Jon Thompson
    Joe Vernier

    It was a stunning revelation. So just for kicks we watched the rundown of the entire offering on this peculiar offering. Not much of a surprise that a main feature was the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center! Wonder how much money the chamber pays back to the City taxpayers for that promotion.

    Just based on this can you even begin to imagine what will happen to the scenic property of the former Cultural Park when and if it becomes city owned? OMG

    You bet we also wonder how much the contract with the cable company is for this folly of a city web site and when and if it’s even monitored? Obviously not for years on end!

  37. JD, West Sedona says:

    @Legitimate Sedona Residents. But don’t ya git it! Isn’t City Hall too busy coming up with bogus excuses for not retiring that last .05% sakes tax increase? Why should they be bothered monitoring what’s being to presented to millions of tourists watching TV in their hotel/motel rooms?

    OMG is right! But wait an election is forthcoming. Is there even one better person running for city council including the mayor?

    Is it true that Scott Jablow is vying for mayor? And JT (Jon Thompson) recently appointed to his current council chair to fill in for a resignation will be a council candidate? What chance is there for change?

  38. Democrats Ruin Good Places says:

    Democrats on council and staff can’t imagine their ideas aren’t worth salt. Bunch of pack rats.

  39. Solomon the Soothsayer says:

    Solomon here and my crystal ball reveals that NOTHING will change Sedona except to disincorporate.

    However, how can that ever happen if Sedona residents are left owing and responsible for paying back the overwhelming indebtedness the reckless administrators created?

    Too bad it isn’t those air heads who made such dreadful decisions over the years who would be forced to dig into their own savings to handle the debt.

    However the bottom line remains that it’s the voters who elected them in the first place. Of course, that goes back to the dopes who approved incorporation.

  40. Lynda, Foothills says:

    Damn good comment about city pack rats. Wicked awesome true.

  41. Alex D. says:

    Oh Happy Day! Congratulations to the congregation of protesters at the Morgan Road roundabout this morning. Their signs appropriately are against the renting of ATVs – the noisy monsters that race up and down Morgan Road to and from the USFS trail head.

    This has become soooo out of control and most of the drivers have NO respect for the many folks who enjoy hiking the trail at the end of Morgan Road. We are hoping these same energetic protesters might have the energy to also stage such a demonstration at the Ranger Station outside the VOC.

    With the fire danger at an all time high and no rain in sight, why shouldn’t the USFS do the appropriate thing and CLOSE ALL FOREST ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE?

  42. Navy and Orange says:

    It’s time the freaking airheads in this city give a flying (deleted by editor) about what (deleted by editor) goes on here that ruins our lifestyles here. ATVs don’t enhance our lives here but they do enhance the wallets of a few unessential businesspeople and every tourist. Heads up city council and mayors. What you do and don’t do are beginning to matter behind the scenes it seems…

  43. Madonna says:

    Informal asks of residents say they’d be happier with one big grocery and no chain restaurants and mom and pops stores catering to what we need and not what tourists need. Let us plein air without car exhausts said one. To the person said prefer small town with exclusivity to dollar stores and sanctuary city of crime. No school kid or senior citizen needs parent or self okayed illegals without proper background checks serving or observing said one. Way to go protestors.

  44. @madonna says:


  45. Robin says:

    Loving Sedona means marching and standing up for its independence from Tourism Tyranny!

  46. How Sweet It Is says:

    As owners/operators of a small business outside an incorporated area (not in the VOC either) we would like to offer words of appreciation for the City of Sedona and their support of the misnamed “Sedona” Chamber of Commerce. Misnamed, maybe, but to the benefit of many (although we speak only for ourselves).

    The recent decision by your C of C formally announced “Dispersing visitors around valley” (Michelle Conway, RRN 4/29/22) stresses the current policy of incorporated Sedona’s intention to extend their jurisdiction far beyond designated city limits. This is wonderful for many of us who collect NO Sedona city sales tax, in general our menu offerings are far less costly, and commercial rent/leases are more reasonable compared to Sedona.

    For Sedona city tax base to promote via their regional C of C such events as Old Town Activity Park in Cottonwood, tourists to visit well known sites such as Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monuments which for years have been well known amenities outside Sedona City Limits is beyond belief. And now with the pledge from your council members and chamber of commerce to function and spread their plan to enact socialism is a terrific additional benefit, indeed, for the entire “region” but based on the current national trend definitely not a unique concept.

    “Socialism?” you might ask. Simply because we benefit from YOUR local tax base without contributing one single penny! And the BS that you get some kind of trickle down payback is nonsense.

    How sweet it is! Thank you apparently rich Sedona residents who elect these regional caretakers who provide the socialism staff presently calling the shots. And the icing on the cake? Millions of dollars to a non-profit membership organization to promote the entire Verde Valley!

    Wonder if other municipalities such as Prescott, Flagstaff, etc. who do not offer one penny to their local chambers will pick up on the questionable practice. Doubt it. They have survived for years by rightfully avoiding endorsing such nonsense. We all know the term “politely correct.” Is there such a thing as “morally acceptable?” As if we care because we are on the “receiving” end! YIPPEE!

  47. Shana says:

    still protesting or did they all go home for cocktails or back to denver

  48. J. B. Simpson says:

    This is all very interesting. Being familiar with the property up for grabs it’s become my concern that since the current owner has taken it off the market – Why?

    Whether Sedona (city) buys it or not don’t they maintain control? Isn’t it the city council who would take a vote on whether or not to rezone the property from public/semi-public use to commercial? All they need to do is make a deal with the current owner to follow their suggestion and – VOILA! DONE DEAL.

    If “they” have in mind to make it high-density housing/lodging – or whatever – it will happen – UNLESS – the public (Sedona voters) shows up at meetings, sends letters/emails, and raises the roof off of City Hall that we’re mad as hell and aren’t taking their closed-door manipulations anymore.

    Ha – as if there are enough “residents” remaining in Sedona who would even bother to do so? That remains to be seen.

  49. Mary says:

    Stop! Tourism Tyranny tees needed for the election? Put it over an ATV on bright pink shirts!

  50. Doug says:

    City controls reasoning aka development then no need to buy it but they should rezone it as a scenic and public trailhead overlook. It has no need to be used at all. Leave it as is.

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