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Poco Diablo Calls For A Varmint Lookout

Sedona AZThe following is a Breaking News report from roving SedonaEye.com Star Pet Journalist Poco Diablo:


“Watch out for them thar varmints!” reports roving Star Pet SedonaEye.com Journalist Poco Diablo McGuire from the streets of Sedona.

It’s been a while since ya heerd from me. But now there’s something ya’ll needs to be wary of.

Them coyotes (wild dog kind) are running amok!  Now it ain’t uncommon to see one lone lobo occasionally on the prowl. But then when a pack of six or seven group together – well now – that’s another can of dog food gone bad.

Ya see, to them when they sees a little fella such as mahself – even on a leash with Ma – taking a stroll, well, they aren’t bout to run off with their tails between their legs – NO WAY!

Now then, when ya sees a family of javelinas (wild boars) that’s a different story. Ya see, they don’t drool over the opportunity to chow down on the tasty flesh of their victims. The good stuff they loves is the green variety, even prickly pear cactus – YIKES!

So ya’ll, just a word to those new folks in the World of Awes.  Always something new, or maybe a reminder of the old, to review once in a while usually ain’t a bad idea.

Adios from your Amigo Poco Diablo keeping an Eye on Sedona for ya’ll.


  1. Tillie says:

    Poco I live in Michigan by a lake and my mom and dad don’t let me go out by myself because we have forest varmints like coyotes and deer and raccoons. We’ve got a raccoon in our attic roof dad says and he’s called Wildlife Wranglers to move that Varmint back to the woods tomorrow. A coyote ran down our street mom said and deer keep watching me from the woods. I’m scared of them when they are big and have antlers. Our lake has varmints like snakes but it’s winter here and they don’t like cold. Keep writing because people pay attention to us even when we’re 15 years old like me. Bye from Tillie the Michigander Schnauzer.

  2. Adam and Eve says:

    We are Maltese pups and wanna give that Poco Diablo two huge tail wags up (we got no thumbs to do that) for rememorizing bout unspected dog killers lurking bout. They are hungry and thirsty and our human parents use a word like “desprate?” BE CAREFUL not CARELESS is words from Mom & Pop too.

  3. Jasper Jones says:

    Another reminder from canine JJ –

    Spring is just around the corner.

    T R A N S L A T E D:


    B E W A R E!!!

  4. Burger and King says:

    We’ve got your back there, Bro! I hate slitherings, says King, refusing to go near the garden where he once was scared by a rat snake. I love leaves and birds and grasshoppers, says Burger, racing away to chase a moth that nearly bumped his nose. We love Poco Diablo! they say as they go back about the yard on their merry ways.

  5. Lasso says:

    I like food. I’m a boxer and I like lots of food. That’s it. Love Poco & keep checking on things out there.

  6. Geronimo says:

    Hey Poco, My best friend is Gigi the house cat here and I’m a superior watch dog from my couch. Lots of varnits here like bad rattlers and mean scorpions and I don’t go outside if I can help it. Watch out for that smoke and varnits fella.

  7. Clicker says:

    I’m a hamster. Hi.Bye.

  8. Buzzer & Tigger says:

    Woof woof Poco D. Jest ta let ya know – a freaky striped snaky thingy was out by the big pond out back (swinnin hole?). It skittered away but we is fearful it mite come back.

    Be aware folksys. Them slimy thingings are thirsty – and maybe hungry?

  9. Myrtle says:

    Myrtle is a flower tree like cherries remember Cherry Ames my mom and pop say. Shout out P from a what is it mix says Anthony . Good days people on planet say us

  10. Coconino County NF says:

    Snake season is here! We came across Arizona Mountain Kingsnake (and a few other snakes) while wandering around Sedona.

  11. Oscar's Mom says:

    Indeed the hissers and rattlers are around. Just this afternoon Mom jerked me back on my leash because there was a rattling sound. An alarm to dog owners to KEEP THEIR DOGS ON LEASHES – OR ELSE?

  12. Zsa Zsa and Raisin says:

    Hiya Poco Diablo, Our forever mom and dad said to be careful on patios, we always look before leaping and keeping noses up. Happy Springtime.

  13. Duffy Dog says:

    Slithery critters are scary, shorf nuf. But don’t ferget them big cats called Bob and also hungry wild dogs – kiotees? Ya see, we ain’t had no rain and they are all berry thirsty and hungry two. Ya jest caint be too karefull.

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