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Eddie Maddock: A few Sedona Secrets

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock discovers a few Sedona secrets.

Sedona AZWith the number of controversial issues seeming to endlessly plague Sedona is there at least one thing upon which we can all agree? Does anyone disagree about it being hot, dry, and the need for rain? If so, there’s little doubt we will hear from you.

Likewise, it should be fairly safe to say, we all agree on our reasons for being in Sedona. Red rocks and scenic beauty should surely prompt an affirmative nod. Right? However rarely, if ever, are a few negative aspects openly discussed with the exception, perhaps, of traffic, traffic, traffic – particularly on weekends related to national holidays. Labor Day is the here and now occasion – and predicted traffic as anticipated prevails. How much represents Sedona “destination or drive-through to Oak Creek Canyon” might best be reflected when tax revenue is analyzed and uptown businesses provide sales statistics for this 2019 annual event, essentially the final hurrah of the season.

Back to the drawing board. Are there any downsides to living in Sedona…with the exception of avoiding going out when the population of the entire world seems to be in town? Well – here are a few things about which to ponder.

Try cupping your hand, palm side up. Then reverse it – claw like. Visualize an additional three digits and then imagine a black, fuzzy coat to your revised appendage. That, folks, will closely resemble a rare exotic critter commonly known as a tarantula (spider). And, unless one is forewarned, observing this critter appear from behind a piece of furniture without warning can be pretty scary! As in – OMG – what IS that?

Unless warned in advance, try to reflect favorably about that fabulous hike on one of Sedona’s many trails if you should get out of bed the following morning to the reality of red, itchy blotches on one or more parts of your body. It isn’t necessarily a rare event to be the victim of “no see ums” – a local bugaboo that particularly enjoys the new blood in town.

Scorpions are abundant, but better known to be on the move when the earth is disturbed by new construction. Their sting, however, isn’t friendly.

An infestation of flying ants doesn’t occur very often, but when it does make a move, it isn’t a pleasant sight! Screened windows are a must as they gravitate towards light and congregate en masse on accessible windows and screens.

Oh the critters that our Sedona red rocks house, writes Eddie Maddock in this tongue in check look at Sedona’s secrets.

There was a time when Sedona had a restaurant called Dutchman’s Cove on Art Barn Road, down by Oak Creek. How was the food? Does anyone really know? The featured attraction seemed to be watching raccoons feast on bread on the ledge outside the dining tables by the windows. In fact, there’s little doubt raccoons outnumbered people in Sedona back in those days. It was rather common for raccoons to climb trees, hang by their tails, or wash themselves in any pond or waterfall, natural or decorative.

When Sedona was still classified as “open range” unless one was aware seeing a herd of cows munching on newcomers’ extravagant landscaping was more than stunning. Clearly it was a somewhat costly and a waste of time for fresh arrivals – accustomed to beautiful landscaping from where they came – to learn the hard way what NOT to plant here. To wake up and see beautiful flower beds leveled by Sedona’s lawn mowers, its bunny rabbits and squirrels, was awesome!

Brazen coyotes, javelinas, and beloved deer still hold their own, but bobcats, mountain lions, and an occasional bear remain on the shy side.

It would be remiss not to remind people that critters have no boundaries and a door or unscreened window is an invitation. Lizards, snakes, toads, rats and mice will gladly drop in for a visit and to check things out. Recently, there was a lizard on my own kitchen counter, next to the double sink and closest to the one with the disposal. Understanding over the years how easy it is to remove the little nuisances, reaching for a glass in the cupboard just next to my right hand should have been a piece of cake. Not so fast! Better yet – not fast enough! One quick glance away and the lizard had disappeared. Oh no – the logical place for it to have gone was the disposal! Yikes! What to do?

A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona tourist traffic will back up for miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits on way to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

Poking into the disposal with a few harmless kitchen utensils produced no hint to the lizard’s whereabouts. A flashlight offered no help. Running water and turning on the disposal was unthinkable. Conclusion – lizard (as usual) outsmarted me, even though over the years and with two previous cats that frequently gifted me with lizards on what seemed to be a daily basis, this little dickens fooled me. If they remain in the house, generally they will gravitate to a sunny window sill and just placing a glass by their heads solves the problem – they go right in. One must quickly remember to have a towel handy to use as a “lid” and then just release the little darlings back in the great outdoors. Not as amusing as the day a squirrel perched atop the vacuum – when momentarily it was shut off in order to take a phone call.

One sight, however, that is rare indeed is observing what appears to be a snake with two heads. Yep – that happened in our early years here in Sedona. There it was – stretched out in the sun on the steps leading up to our gazebo. Well – unbelieving this two headed monster was in our yard, we checked with the ranger station and were informed how fortunate we were. What we had witnessed? Two snakes mating. How lucky were we?

Now these are just a few aspects of the real Sedona, none of which are disclosed at the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center. After all, some of the best kept secrets are just that secretive. Agreed?


  1. FYI says:

    Sedona’s high cost of living is the issue (53.3% higher than the U.S. average), not taxes. The City’s Annual Budget keeps going up–Total Expenditures are $51,416,630 this fiscal year, 8% higher than last year ($47,455,463).

    Increasing sewer rates will further increase Sedona’s high cost of living, adversely impact the City’s population, and result in more vacation rentals.

  2. Steve Segner says:

    living is 53.3% higher than the U.S. average.
    that is because homes in Sedona are average 580,000 the average price in America is 200,000… all other expenses are close to average.
    School and fire list taxes are not City taxes and the city government had no control over them, that city of Sedona income is primarily from visitors. No city tax on property. The only thing his in Sedona are property values that just keep going up along with the city income from tourism. hope that helps
    Eddie Maddock like to think she and the eye are reporters but she said nothing when people post out and out lies…. she knew the city did not own the Keep Sedona Beautiful building . and said nothing

  3. Curious says:

    How can such an innocuous article raise the hackles of so many people? Really a few Sedona secrets maybe has uncovered the biggest secret of all? Certain Sedona Eye readers are so resentful and hateful for the existence of this site , a chance for all views to be made public, they are at their wits end? No secret any more. They’ let it all hang out except real names but connect the dots kd, jd, etc.

  4. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Steve Segner: “Eddie Maddock like to think she and the eye are reporters but she said nothing when people post out and out lies…. she knew the city did not own the Keep Sedona Beautiful building . and said nothing.”

    Mr. Segner, kindly provide valid proof of the above statement made by you. How could you possibly know what I “like to think?” At no time did I deny or confirm ownership of the present Keep Sedona Beautiful building because it is not located on the presently city owned Brewer Road property which has been the subject of discussion on this thread. For me to have not disclosed information unrelated to the immediate issue is absurd. Could it be you, yourself, who failed to do your own homework?

    Other accusations made in your most recent comment, Mr. Segner, unless you have proof may border on defamation.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Eddie Maddock says:

    PS TO @STEVE SEGNER FYI What prompted my reference to the Pushmataha building was a comment made by:

    John Daniels W Sedona says
    September 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    “Just one quick example; the Pushmataha building, for those that don’t know, is the KSB building is privately owned and not part of the city. One would think that that Be all and Know all, Eddie Maddock would have spoken up to correct this small error.”

    How about you contact John Daniels if you have complaints about misinformation?

  6. F.Y.I. says:

    City of Sedona budgeted expenditures for this fiscal year are 8% higher than last year’s. And sewer rates have gone up every single year except one since 2010. Not to mention the Sedona Chamber of Commerce is receiving around $2.4 million annually when only one other U.S. city subsidizes its C of C. Cities in many states (including Calif which has the highest population in the U.S.) don’t have a property tax. No surprise Arizona’s cost of living is 53.3% higher than the U.S. average according to SPERLING’S BEST PLACES to live.

  7. Sedona City Residents says:

    We live on Brewer Road. The Keep Sedona Beautiful building is on the corner of Brewer and Prochnow Road, at least one block removed from the city owned former Ranger Station property.

    Why in the world did @John Daniels W Sedona and @Steve Segner make such an issue that E Maddock neglected to mention that KSB property (former Pushmataha) wasn’t own by the City of Sedona? Should she also have gone on record that the city also didn’t own the Los Abrigados units between the Ranger Station and Prochnow Road? Something here reeks of desperation and it ain’t Eddie Maddock in OUR opinions.

  8. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To “Sedona City Residents” I’m sorry but without your real name how much is YOUR opinion worth????

  9. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    what’s your beef? Questioning the real name of someone or are you just PO’d they gave true facts about location of the Pushmataha building OWNED and OCCUPIED by Keep Sedona Beautiful!. Ho Ho Ho like a spider caught in its own web you can run but you cannot hide forever? FU.

  10. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To the FU individual above, I have never run from anyone, nor do I need to. Are we really to believe the anonymous? If they are presenting facts what’s wrong with using their real name? Or is it that most of the posters on SE are the same person? Even the fact-checker herself, Eddie Maddock is stand up enough to use her name. Even the person who you all hate the most Segner, uses his own name.

  11. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Then why don’t you Karen?

  12. Jack Daniels says:

    Hell, I’ve run from an empty bottle. I’ve run from 3 people posting a steve signer, a couple of them, not the real steve Segner can even compose a sentence.

    In this one horse town, you’ve got city employees who live miles away trying to pocket all they can, IMO a Mayor who runs her own CITY SUPPORTED tourist business, IMO an an idiot high school dropout that considers himself the voice of the city. What could go wrong?

    Ya know, in the last election the idealistic fool running for mayor was begging, yes begging people to run for city council. He begged people to canvass neighborhoods. Last I heard he got two people canvass. Lot of good that did him. No wonder he moved.

    Y’all blew that chance for change.

  13. @jack D says:

    Jealous much? You got a real thing for people that work. Get a life or better yet get a job…. you’ll feel better about yourself …really!! Posting all day on SE is getting you no where and does nothing to boost your self image.
    Hope that helps

  14. @@jack D says:

    so you want all the 70-80 year old to work?

    you’re nuts.

    you’ve worked hard, saved your money to retire. come to sedona work until you drop dead. live with less. keep your mouth shut. do as the sedona mafia demands. this feeds the beast – city employees, chamber and hotel owners.

    Hope this helps

  15. Jack Daniels says:

    I came to to Sedona to retire. I planned on it 30 years ago when Sedona only had one traffic light. It WAS an upscale tourist town, I liked that.

    Now it is a tourist trap with overpaid city employees, they all think they should be paid the same scale as New York City. A city staff that has exploded in number. The same staff that now posts anonymously “Jealous much? You got a real thing for people that work. Get a life or better yet get a job.” Get this honey, I usually worked, yes worked two jobs. Not just sat in meetings all day like a government worker. Government employees “working” is an oxymoron. Look it up, moron.

    Yea, I get angry when people are destroying my dream of retirement. I get red faced mad when a trip that should take 6 minutes takes 50. Even madder when I know money that could be used to make life better for residents goes to advertise for more tourists.

    I get furious when some overpaid government worker says I should get a job, so they can ” work” 4 days a week, get a six figure salary and gold plated benefits.

    Karma’s a cumin, she’s mad, and you’ll get yours, count on it.

  16. @Jack D says:

    You keep crying about the small amount of taxes you pay here !!!!
    You need a reality check… Please shut up !

  17. @Jack D says:

    Boo Hoo… cry is a river.. poor baby
    You can always go bye bye and guess what. You won’t be missed. You can take your own type of crazy to your new town and “fix” them
    Good luck. Hope that helps

  18. Steve Segner says:

    Jack Daniels says:,I came to Sedona to retire. I planned on it 30 years ago when Sedona only had one traffic light. It WAS an upscale tourist town, I liked that.
    Did it ever cross your mind Jack Daniels, that in 30 years things would change?
    “Your dream is yours and your’s alone.
    Things change and you are up set because others have found Sedona,
    Some of us came 25 years ago, we had dreams and Sedona has met them all…nice Tourist town good prospect for jobs and property values have gone up all good things so it take you ten minutes longer to go the the marker some days . .
    Grow up. Unhappiness come from exceptions that can not be met….most People learn that early in life. Perhaps time too move to a new place that fits your expections and not force your DREAM, Sedona on us

    Jany I need to call you on this comment IMO a Mayor who runs her own CITY SUPPORTED tourist business, you know it is not true. the mayor is not rich and still working in het 80ies as a bookkkeeper…. she does not own any other business. so please stop putting down hard working public servants and go back to your doing nothing as planned.

  19. Jack Daniels says:

    Honey, small taxes, you be touched !!!

    A $50,000,000 city budget for a town of 9000? About $5000 taxed for each citizen !!

    $2.5 Million Gifted to the Sedona Chamber when most cities give their chambers NOTHING !!!!

    A city staff that works 4 days a week, has 8 holiday Mondays off and gets 2 weeks paid leave and two weeks paid vacation the first year of employment?

    A city manager and assistant city manager who each get six figure pay, a car and a phone allowance of about $6000 a year each? Tell me honey, are the city manager and asst city manager both traveling salesmen that need a car allowance? Or is that just something else you thought you could steal?

    Don’t tell me the tourists pay it. Not true. Otherwise you would not have raised the sales tax and the sewer rate.

    I bet you want me to shut up !!!

    I want you to quit stealing from us !!!

  20. John Wilson says:

    Has anyone else noticed? John Daniels W Sedona & now a Jack Daniels? One and the same or has Sedona Eye turned into the J.D. COMEDY ROUTINE?

  21. @ @Jack D says:

    I like what Jack Daniels has to say. Please keep it up Jack. I agree with you.

    As for @Jack D why don’t you shut up?

    Sedona property tax rates are higher than Newport Beach! Sales tax is higher here!
    City sales tax on our utilities , phones, franchise fees, city taxes us on all our deliveries and items we need to live.

    We pay more for food, Health care and more. Please shut up @Jack !
    Sedona Arizona USA
    overall 146.5 112.4 100
    grocery 105.1 104.3 100
    healthcare 120.7 100.6 100
    housing 255.5 128.1 100
    md house $501,500 $248,300 $219,700

    get a grip and stop your BS PLEASE shut up!

  22. Mike H says:

    If we really paid a small amount of taxes, you would not care if we talked about it. As a matter of fact you would have us brag about. it.

    Saying ” Please shut up !” indicates you have something to fear.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  23. Small amount of taxes? says:

    It’s only a little, says a person receiving a cut of the City of Sedona $50,000,000.00
    annual budget.

    If it’s only a little. Let us keep our own money. I don’t know about you , but to me $50 million is a lot of money. Are you one of the takers or the tax payers?

  24. steve Segner says:

    @ @Jack D says:Sedona property tax rates are higher than Newport Beach this is just out and out not true.

    Jack read this real slow, Sedona does not have a Property tax and Sedona does not have a Property tax rate.
    Sedona has a sales tax….. And a bed tax .
    Sedona is split between two counties and each has it’s own tax rate. The money Sedona uses to run the city come from tourism 75%+ you are living free and cheap.

  25. Jack Daniels says:

    A Sedona Comedy? I’ll drink to that.

    That’s what happens when voters can vote to fund their favorite charity. The Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, The Wine Fest, The Film Fest, The Sedona Ballet, the Greater Sedona Chamber of Commerce, The way overfunded, also paid by your property tax library. The small grants program, for what ever funds are left over. When the city staff sees all the theft, the say, well we can take our cut also.

    I asked one of our recently elected councilmen, ” Do you look at what is in the budget? His reply ” I don’t have time to go through the expenditures line by line. ”

    Guess what kiddies, if the elected city council does not care to look, you can bet city staff is not going to cut on their own.

    They like to think they are smarter than us. We see the scam of bribing special interest groups to vote to keep the current system.

    I’m going to have another drink.

  26. Quincy T says:

    @Mike H
    @ small amount

    You crybaby’s ain’t even worth having s conversation with if you think 2k in taxes on a 500 k house is a lot .. you’ve been way spoiled like little brats.. Ge a life losers.

  27. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Not to worry, Jack Daniels and I are not the same. I’m just sitting back and watching the sparks fly.

    I do agree with one poster perhaps we should have a city property tax of perhaps $3000 per year then you bunch of bananas would have something to complain about. With the supposed city tax on your utility bills of about $48.00 PER YEAR, you have nothing to say.

  28. @SteveSegner says:

    People like you would turn Beverly Hills into Tijuana. Not all change is good.

  29. Fred S. says:

    $2,500,000 presently on an annual basis to a local chamber of commerce. Is that also “only a little” to be spending on promoting an area that has been documented as having been discovered over 50 years ago? To market an expanded version of that area in order to promote chamber of commerce members, most outside Sedona City Limits and do not collect city taxes – is that “only a little?”

    Manipulative weasels created the scenario and really dumb Sedona residents voting approval of this blatant rip-off of tax revenue allow it to continue.

    And that, Folks, is NOT a Sedona Secret!!

  30. Jack Daniels says:

    How about an alternative to your proposed city property tax of $3000 per residence, which will never be voted in.

    We eliminate the City manager and Asst City manager positions. Our current city manger said some cities don’t have either position.

    We stop funding the Sedona Chamber

    Or, better still, we just shut the City of Sedona down. Residents will never miss it.

    We could stop the annual $48 skim from your utilities.

    Think about it a $50 million annual budget, and the neighborhood streets are in terrible condition. We would get much better service from the counties. We could not get worse.

    I’ll drink to that !

  31. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Jack Daniels, With your above comment yo proved to the world you dont even understand how small local government works!…

    Good god man, if your going to say crazy crap, at least explain after you get rid of the people you want, what government will you replace it with?

    All of you back seat wanabees!…..Please if your going to ramble on how your going to destroy things, tell us oh wise ones how your going to fix it….Firing the city manager is no solution, its another problem! JFC!

  32. Mike H says:

    Shut the city down. Shut Segner up. Make the chamber earn or beg for their own money instead of stealing it from people.

  33. Jack Daniels says:

    It will work just like the Village of Oak Creek, no city. Cornville, no city. Oak Creek Canyon, no city.

    Oddly enough ( to West Sedona Dave) the counties can provide services without a city.

    The City of Sedona has proven itself to be another layer of self serving, good ole boy network IMO corrupt government. One we can eliminate without any pain to taxpayers.

  34. Jim Poole says:

    Well since the businesses and chamber can’t legitimately earn their own money they beg the city for it. AND get it! They get paid regardless of how well they perform.

    The city council is paid for by those cronies who got them in. No backbone, no experience, dumb. and vote how those that got them in want.

    Sedona is not a real city bought and paid for.

  35. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Dave are you saying firing the city manager would put the asst city manager in charge and that would be even worse? Many would agree.

    Something you seem to forget, the town of Sedona existed for about 100 years before the city was “founded” in 1988. I’m sure it will exist if the city is “unfounded”, like your claims.

  36. Remaining Anonymous says:


    The city of Sedona should change it’s name to Sedona Chamber City supported by chamber members including the RR news We CONTROL Sedona and have gotten our socialist people in. WE work the system so that we GET PAID.

    We the Sedona Chamber City love the favoritism and free $edona. We can kick the taxpayers money to whoever we want. We love sedona know better than you,

    Comment here and we will bash you. Speak up in public and we will get you. Come on Sedona don’t you love the Sedona Chamber city? Watch what you post

  37. Mary C says:

    Most of us are adults, we don’t need a bunch of busybodies and parasites.

  38. James Harrington says:

    Lies & Deceit – that’s what proponents for incorporation promoted. Period.

    Wonder what Sedona would be like today if they had lived up to their commitments by not amending the Community Plan every time a developer had an itch. Like sticking to the original plan of providing a certain number of work force housing units when developments were approved. They fudged and moved them off site = off sight! = NEVER HAPPENED. Just based on that example residents were duped and city continues down the same beaten path. It would take more grit than commenting on Sedona Eye to make real changes. But never say it can’t be done. PS: The City of Sedona Chamber of Commerce does NOT own West 89! ADOT still does. Thanks to residents who spoke up and made the rejection possible. Think about it.

  39. Jess Wundrin says:

    What’s happening uptown with the great Sedona In Motion project? We’ve avoided it like the plague and will continue to do so. Love shopping in Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and even little Jerome – quaint and unchanged. Not that as locals we ever shopped uptown but did drive through to Oak Creek Canyon and on up to Flagstaff – no more – too much traffic in the canyon.

    Sorry Steven your C of C advertising was a complete bust even with tourists if you take time to check it out.

    Hope that helps.

  40. AJ says:

    Organized crime. Look around, so many commercial vacancies, so many properties for sale. The greedy takers that run this city are running this town in the dirt, contact your representatives. The only way out is to get outside this area, however there are representatives that are working on it. Please make your voices be herd. Write them. IMO Fake city, fake newspaper, fake city government, fake chamber of commerce, It has to crumble at some point.

  41. Richard Andrew says:

    OOOOOO what a relief it is to learn the Sedona Chamber of Commerce was recognized at the recent Arizona Forward’s 50th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards Gala in Phoenix.

    Now we know why this local controversial member driven organization so desperately needed that most recent 2.5 Mil $$$$ to tell restaurants to please refrain from allowing the use of plastic straws by their patrons.

    OOOOO s*** OMG what would we do without them?! All those turtles they saved in Sedona should be friggin grateful?!

    For how many years has Keep Sedona Beautiful put forth similar endeavors to protect our environment? And all with only the support of their members and NO CITY FUNDING! Must be why Sedona HAS NO TURTLES? OMG it was the friggin straws needed to be banned by the Chamber!!!!! Who knew?!

    Shame on council and staff for this unnecessary and money wasting display. Is that meal coming out of their pockets? NO become their pocket is my pocket.

    Why bother memorializing a money grabbing group tooting their horns for undeserved accolades and a party added to our expense. They receive millions of $$$$ to do get a STRAW award when it copied the idea that’s been in effect on the coasts for years! Talk about adding insult to injury!!

    One day that money bubble will burst and I hope to still be around to silently give some thanks to that commenter here who sends them karma warnings. I say OMG one day you’ll be in deep s*** and screw that karma thing.

  42. @jess says:

    Hey thanks to you (deleted by editor) for avoiding uptown. Maybe that’s why traffic getting into the canyon has been a breeze..

    Thnks again

  43. Mike, west Sedona says:

    @RichardAndrew Add another Sedona fact to your observation. In that free publication we get in our mail every week called Kudos there’s actually an ad paid for by ?guess who? SedonaChamber.com.. Yes Sustainable Sedona NEEDS YOU! and its got the City of Sedona logo. Now remember this.

    1. They’ve had to increase Sedona’s over the top sales tax to repair our roads! SAY AGAIN?! Where’s all the tourist money gone because that’s what causes the roads to not function and wear down??????????????

    POed is an understatement. This money spin has to stop. Our new protest against this money spin?? We’re going to toss recyclables in the regular garbage!! Why does Sustainable Sedona Need You and Me because we’ve got the BSCoC!! It’s straws and paper napkin time!!!!!!

    Talk about really really really POed over this waste of our money and our tourist money . . . that we residents earned by sacrificing daily to accommodate and give up those tax benefits we reap to advertise for more!! Yes those bolded agencies in the ad are ready for your / MY volunteer energy! Really? Tell them to call the press and snap photos of them sorting garbage to save the environment. MY bolded agency is ready for the City / Chamber romance to take a dive!! Send me some of that tax money and I’ll voluntarily sort my recyclables again and avoid straws and napkins. Yes I’ll do it for the same amount that you paid for that Kudos ad.

  44. @mike West sedona says:

    Hyper much !?
    Your a real snooze

  45. Debby Royal, Uptown says:

    @Mike West Sedona
    Times 2 votes

  46. steve Segner says:

    Mike, west Sedona says:1. They’ve had to increase Sedona’s over the top sales tax to repair our roads! SAY AGAIN?! Where’s all the tourist money gone because that’s what causes the roads to not function and wear down?????????????

    1. The state of Arizona say the bed tax can not be used for road work .
    2. The people that developed Sedona in the 1950 and 1960 ies had no master plan for roads,neighborhoods became islands with no connections, this is now being worked on.
    The up town work is to get through traffic from Flagstaff moving faster through town lets remember 80a and 179 are state HWY, and to add a road to the up town parking lot the new road on forrest will allow up town residents to go west with out needing to go through the “Y”. Remember the SIM. Project will paid for by tourist as they pay the majority of the sales tax.

    Your comment Talk about really really really POed over this waste of “our” money and our tourist money . . . that we residents earned by sacrificing daily to accommodate and give up those tax benefits we reap to advertise for more!! remember locals do not pay a city tax only sales tax and not on food…. the bed tax in paid 100% by visitors not you or any Sedona resident.
    Hope this helps .

  47. Alan Jones says:

    So the State of Arizona “say” the bed tax can not be used for road work @steve Segner but it’s OK to presently be used to educate residents on sustainability? As if we need the State, City, and least of all the Chamber of Commerce to be telling businesses and residents to do away with straws or anything else. That should well be up to individuals instead of having socialism forced upon us.

    And the State of Arizona thinks it’s OK for tax money to go to a membership association to promote and benefit only their members outside Sedona City Limits and yet shun tax collecting businesses within those same City Limits unless they’re members of the C of C?

    A bunch of mafia-like BS nonsense and you know it but can laugh your ass off all the way to the bank. Shame on all of you.

  48. Public Service Announcement says:

    There he goes again with bald lies. Steve can’t control himself, he is a special interest and claims the bed tax is the lodging industry IT IS NOT !

    He like to put Out FAKE NEWS. Confusing the public so that he gets his business advertising for free! The AZ of Arizona DOESN’T control the bed tax in the way he describes. The law is clear. The City can use bed tax for whatever they please. When the city raised the bed tax 0.5% they were required to reinvest JUST that amount into the industry that they were taxing. SO folks it translates to that 0.5% can be use to improve the industry which includes PLANNING< PARKING< and anything that improves that industry.

    FYI IMO Steve has taken affordable workers housing on Hart Road and converted it to "overflow rooms" All the while he streams about short term rentals. He is not alone Hotels have converted their employee housing into short term rentals City is not doing their job.

    Don't believe anyone who benefits from the taxpayers money

  49. Nancy Johnson Lower Red Rock Loop says:

    I have to laugh, you bunch of bananas keep complaining about the same stuff year after year. But, I have an idea;

    Why don’t you all (deleted by editor) just admit that you lost getting your own people on to the city council, fireboard and I believe the school board. Now, just own it and go hike a few trails and have a nicer day.

  50. Terry Anderson says:

    @nancy Johnson.

    Right on Nancy. (deleted by editor)

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