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Eddie Maddock: A few Sedona Secrets

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock discovers a few Sedona secrets.

Sedona AZWith the number of controversial issues seeming to endlessly plague Sedona is there at least one thing upon which we can all agree? Does anyone disagree about it being hot, dry, and the need for rain? If so, there’s little doubt we will hear from you.

Likewise, it should be fairly safe to say, we all agree on our reasons for being in Sedona. Red rocks and scenic beauty should surely prompt an affirmative nod. Right? However rarely, if ever, are a few negative aspects openly discussed with the exception, perhaps, of traffic, traffic, traffic – particularly on weekends related to national holidays. Labor Day is the here and now occasion – and predicted traffic as anticipated prevails. How much represents Sedona “destination or drive-through to Oak Creek Canyon” might best be reflected when tax revenue is analyzed and uptown businesses provide sales statistics for this 2019 annual event, essentially the final hurrah of the season.

Back to the drawing board. Are there any downsides to living in Sedona…with the exception of avoiding going out when the population of the entire world seems to be in town? Well – here are a few things about which to ponder.

Try cupping your hand, palm side up. Then reverse it – claw like. Visualize an additional three digits and then imagine a black, fuzzy coat to your revised appendage. That, folks, will closely resemble a rare exotic critter commonly known as a tarantula (spider). And, unless one is forewarned, observing this critter appear from behind a piece of furniture without warning can be pretty scary! As in – OMG – what IS that?

Unless warned in advance, try to reflect favorably about that fabulous hike on one of Sedona’s many trails if you should get out of bed the following morning to the reality of red, itchy blotches on one or more parts of your body. It isn’t necessarily a rare event to be the victim of “no see ums” – a local bugaboo that particularly enjoys the new blood in town.

Scorpions are abundant, but better known to be on the move when the earth is disturbed by new construction. Their sting, however, isn’t friendly.

An infestation of flying ants doesn’t occur very often, but when it does make a move, it isn’t a pleasant sight! Screened windows are a must as they gravitate towards light and congregate en masse on accessible windows and screens.

Oh the critters that our Sedona red rocks house, writes Eddie Maddock in this tongue in check look at Sedona’s secrets.

There was a time when Sedona had a restaurant called Dutchman’s Cove on Art Barn Road, down by Oak Creek. How was the food? Does anyone really know? The featured attraction seemed to be watching raccoons feast on bread on the ledge outside the dining tables by the windows. In fact, there’s little doubt raccoons outnumbered people in Sedona back in those days. It was rather common for raccoons to climb trees, hang by their tails, or wash themselves in any pond or waterfall, natural or decorative.

When Sedona was still classified as “open range” unless one was aware seeing a herd of cows munching on newcomers’ extravagant landscaping was more than stunning. Clearly it was a somewhat costly and a waste of time for fresh arrivals – accustomed to beautiful landscaping from where they came – to learn the hard way what NOT to plant here. To wake up and see beautiful flower beds leveled by Sedona’s lawn mowers, its bunny rabbits and squirrels, was awesome!

Brazen coyotes, javelinas, and beloved deer still hold their own, but bobcats, mountain lions, and an occasional bear remain on the shy side.

It would be remiss not to remind people that critters have no boundaries and a door or unscreened window is an invitation. Lizards, snakes, toads, rats and mice will gladly drop in for a visit and to check things out. Recently, there was a lizard on my own kitchen counter, next to the double sink and closest to the one with the disposal. Understanding over the years how easy it is to remove the little nuisances, reaching for a glass in the cupboard just next to my right hand should have been a piece of cake. Not so fast! Better yet – not fast enough! One quick glance away and the lizard had disappeared. Oh no – the logical place for it to have gone was the disposal! Yikes! What to do?

A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona tourist traffic will back up for miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits on way to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

Poking into the disposal with a few harmless kitchen utensils produced no hint to the lizard’s whereabouts. A flashlight offered no help. Running water and turning on the disposal was unthinkable. Conclusion – lizard (as usual) outsmarted me, even though over the years and with two previous cats that frequently gifted me with lizards on what seemed to be a daily basis, this little dickens fooled me. If they remain in the house, generally they will gravitate to a sunny window sill and just placing a glass by their heads solves the problem – they go right in. One must quickly remember to have a towel handy to use as a “lid” and then just release the little darlings back in the great outdoors. Not as amusing as the day a squirrel perched atop the vacuum – when momentarily it was shut off in order to take a phone call.

One sight, however, that is rare indeed is observing what appears to be a snake with two heads. Yep – that happened in our early years here in Sedona. There it was – stretched out in the sun on the steps leading up to our gazebo. Well – unbelieving this two headed monster was in our yard, we checked with the ranger station and were informed how fortunate we were. What we had witnessed? Two snakes mating. How lucky were we?

Now these are just a few aspects of the real Sedona, none of which are disclosed at the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center. After all, some of the best kept secrets are just that secretive. Agreed?


  1. Islam is right about women says:

    Islam is right about women.

    Who is running Sedona?

  2. mshobert says:

    Indeed. All you and your readership does is whine and complain. It is quite disgusting, considering you have been wrong on everything from red rock crossing, street lights, fire station 6, to roundabouts. The vocal minority continues to be the “laughing stock, of the red rocks.” Birds of a feather… mostly cowards, ’cause you can’t even post your real names, on issues you continuously complain about. It’s interesting, two of your lead cronies have passed away in the past several months. Imagine spending your last decade on the planet, angry and jaded at everything!? That is precisely what most of you are doing – as well. The fire department that you wish to cut, will be the same FD that responds – when you need them most. Such hypocrisy.

  3. @alan jones says:

    Wow you sure do take yourself way to serious. Relax man life is to short! I got a good laugh out of you!

  4. Jack & Verna Simpson says:

    @Nancy Johnson Red Rock Lower Loop

    You live outside Sedona City Limits so why do you even care enough to comment? If by chance you manage to vote in Sedona elections you are doing so illegally. Unlike the Sedona City Council, Fire & School, the “Districts” are outside Sedona City limits such as where you live so of course your vote counts. Have you considered annexing your area into Sedona City Limits thereby giving you a REAL voice that will matter in Sedona government?

  5. @Jack & Verna Simpson says:

    Yes, I am aware that I live outside the city limits and no, I don’t vote for your city council. That makes my comments untrue because, WHY????

  6. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To Former SFD Chief Shobert:

    Once again, sir, you are spot on!

    I only wish you were able to post the names of those two cronies who have passed and the editor would allow it. I know one but am stumped for the other.

  7. How does it feel? says:

    How does it feel to have a conversation with yourself Karen?

    You sure are hysterical. IMO. Very entertaining and predictable. Love all the pseudonym names you use, very cleaver of you. Did you use one of the “Fake Name Generators” ? Intriguing there are so many apps that assist available on line like Fake Name Generator | FauxID.com. Can you help me Karen with disclosing which one you used? All the attempts to demean and insult residents to suppress them is lucid. As long as you can control the voting bloc with FREE city giveaways and vote buys you’re set to have a big fat paycheck.

    @Karen O ?
    @John Daniels W Sedona ?
    @mshobert ?
    @the countless names our ACM uses ?

  8. @ Jack and Verna Simpson says:

    Talk about the funniest thing written here in a while, your statement

    “Have you considered annexing your area into Sedona City Limits thereby giving you a REAL voice that will matter in Sedona government?”

    The only people Sedona government listen to are the overpaid staff and tourist interests.

    The worst thing to EVER happen so Sedona was the incorporation into a city. It’s negative effects are felt even by those living outside city limits.

  9. Tom Gregory says:

    @how does it feel

    You really think Karen cares one bit about you anonymous posters here on SE!?
    LOL. She actually has a life and I’m sure cares not what anonymous coward posters say here! Funny stuff

  10. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To “How does it feel?”

    For the second time this month you have proved to be no different than the occupant of 1600 Penn Ave.

    It’s unfathomable to you that I am using my real name so you post all of those fake name generator websites to show everyone on here how you have taken such interest in finding your own fake name. Sort of like that individual of 1600 Penn Ave who just posted all of the documents that people will need to impeach.

  11. It's just theft says:

    Until the voters realize that taking money for your favorite charity, via the City of Sedona , is just theft, the theft will continue. The people enabling the theft and its beneficiaries, the Chamber, the Wine Fest and others will fight hard for their stolen money. The city staff makes sure they get their large cut.

    You, the voters can stop this. You can stop people ruining their character, you can help them do honest work and earn their money. If they were selling chocolate they would not need to tax you to do it.

    You need to tell you neighbors. You need to put up a yard sign in the next election. Or you can let the theft continue.

  12. Jack & Verna S. says:

    We are two of those horrible people that reside in Sedona part time. What we do take exception to is the criticism that Sedona residents don’t contribute to your city taxes.

    When we purchased our property a few years back it was in need of many repairs and also new appliances. Please know we paid the premium Sedona sales tax on all of the necessary appliance replacements as well as paint, floor coverings (tile/carpeting, etc.) and it wasn’t a trivial amount.

    We frequently entertain out of town guests and eat out at different restaurants also at the tune of really high taxes. Suggest you look at the total at the bottom of your dinner bill.

    Whose paying the dinner lunch ticket when city employees with expense accounts eat out at Sedona restaurants? Sedona taxpayers that’s who.

    So whenever we read that Sedona residents don’t contribute to the city tax our blood boils and we are extremely resentful.

    Maybe it’s about time to give us some credit but little doubt hell will freeze over before that happens. On more than one occasion we’ve had second thoughts about why we bought property here in the first place and understand why every week there’s another house up for sale in our subdivision.

    Sedona residents are disrespected. And that’s NOT a Sedona Secret!

  13. Response to John Daniels says:

    John Daniels W Sedona says:
    September 16, 2019 at 10:09 pm
    It’s great that you know so much history, I know that you acquired a lot of knowledge when you ran that old cable TV show. It was so long ago, wasn’t it broadcasted in black and white???

    No, Mr. Daniels, the “old” cable TV show wasn’t in black and white. Suggest you check it out:


  14. Bob, VOCA says:

    Watched it. Recommend it to every VOCA resident. I hear a lot that don’t know our history and oldtimers that don’t remember it. We had a chance to impact the road and most of us took it. Just sayin we got what we wanted. Personally I like the road the way it is now and rare to hear somebody say other how.

  15. Joyce McClain says:

    Can’t stop laughing about ADOT’s response at the end of the interview when asked what would happen at the Y and uptown if 179 were four lanes all the way from the VOC. It was something like – good question! (Good answer:-)!

  16. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To the poster who sent the YouTube video from 2000: Your point is???? (deleted by editor) That being said, Watching that video was very nostalgic and appreciate it being posted. (deleted by editor)

  17. @its just thief says:

    Blah blah blah
    Get a life

  18. It's just theft says:

    @@its just thief

    Learn to spell. Take a little time, go back to elementary school and learn the difference between your and you’re.

    While you are back in elementary school, maybe they will teach you to not talk unless you have something to say. When you talk and have nothing to say it just proves you are as dumb as you seem.

    Hope this helps.

  19. Nathan, Sedona says:

    @John Daniels W Sedona What’s the point of the video? For one thing it proves it was in color not black & white as you so rudely insinuated. Grow up, stoopid! LMAO

    It clearly tells the story about the revision of SRl79. Your ignorance is exceeded by your rude determination to undermine Sedona Eye. Keep trying b/c it ain’t working!

  20. @it just theft says:

    Let us know when you actually have something to say except that self serving nonsense how you’ve been wronged by Sedona. Your small and angry and the world don’t revolve around you and your bellyaching.

  21. They b**** and moan says:

    They b****, moan and get nasty with those that post great information on the Sedona Eye. They b**** about others b******* and try and spin things. Love the video on BACKFIRE! I’m going to repost the link again to BackFire video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GJQuI_0oXw&feature=share

    Thank you Eddie Maddock and John Hellman! GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!! Wish we still had it airing. I’d love to see the all the Back Fire shows. Is there any chance the rest will be posted?

    (SedonaEye.com editor: The Sedona Eye appreciates both comment and question as well as the use of your name and civility. The Backfire tapes conversion process remains ongoing.)

  22. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    @ Nathan:

    I can assure you that I am not trying to undermine Sedona Eye as an outlet of information just a few malcontents who like to post things against anyone who likes how the city, fire district or school district do their jobs.

    I am well aware that the cable news show was color but my comment really did its job in stirring the pot didn’t it? So, when you say “Keep trying b/c it ain’t working” I really think that you are the one who is ignorant. As for my rude determination, I began posting to give you bunch of bananas a taste of your own medicine and obviously you can dish it out but you can’t take it.

  23. Aileen, Sedona says:

    This Sedona YouTube revelation’s about ADOT about 179 about road studies and impacts. Eddie Maddock knew her stuff then and now because she attended the meetings and listened and asked ADOT highway decision makers good questions. Sedona’s past is right here in the present. We’ve got a lot of unresolved issues and lots of sad residents watching Sedona be developed. We can say no or not that way. Okay off my soapbox. This is worth the time to watch. (Pause to come back to if you get busy)


  24. Democrats Will Re-Elect Trump says:


    excerpt by veteran reporter Cal Thomas writing in the above linked post

    ………According to a still anonymous “whistleblower,” who wrote a multi-page “complaint” about a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that he or she heard about secondhand from another unnamed person, President Trump held back military aide to Ukraine until “dirt” on Joe Biden and his son Hunter could be provided. Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, which paid him $3.1 million over a 16-month period. This when his father was vice president of the United States and, according to Bloomberg, pursing “…an anti-corruption policy in Ukraine … that included a call for the resignation of the country’s top prosecutor who had previously investigated Burisma.”
    Ukraine’s prosecutor general has since come out and said that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or his son, but something doesn’t pass the smell test.
    The New York Times reports the whistleblower is a CIA agent who was on loan to the White House. I have known several CIA…

  25. Eddie Maddock says:

    The ADOT interview was the only Backfire program released for conversion to you-tube. Information received about presenting them on Sedona Eye indicated there might be a copyright problem. . However since Geronimo Communications no longer exists apparently that no longer applies.Discovering the gentleman who videotaped the programs was still in the Verde Valley, I contacted him and as it turned out the tapes are now in his possession.

    Anyhow – it’s pleasing to know viewers are again able to witness at least one event in Sedona based on factual evidence. Thanks for your input.

    Eddie Maddock

  26. Eddie Maddock says:

    While at it, let’s set the record straight on another questionable “assumption.”

    John Daniels W Sedona says:
    September 16, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    ” I know from reading many of your past posts that you have always found fault with every city councilmember.”

    Will you please, John Daniels W Sedona, provide proof of that statement? Other than a discrepancy with Mayor Adams during which e-mails were made public on Sedona Eye, it would be a huge favor if you could offer more of my “past posts” finding fault with “every city councilmember.”

    Thank you!

  27. Heads Up - Red Alert says:

    Phoenix Fox News, Sedona Cable Channel 10, on the 4:00 PM news (10/02) aired a feature about Sedona — showed scenic areas, etc. However at the conclusion the Chamber of Commerce was mentioned indicating direct communication with them – something about traffic backups blah blah.

    These segments are generally repeated on 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 & 10:00 PM newscasts.

    Do ya think “they” have been busy spending some of that last $2.5 million down in Phoenix, contacting Fox and other TV stations as a means to cover up DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS? Of course not! (Oh Sure)

    Hmmm. . . . . . . a possibility? Hope someone gets to the Phoenix TV channels to present the OTHER side of the story!!

  28. steve Segner says:

    So you think the chamber should not be talking up Sedona ? it is kind of there job/
    You chose to live in tourist town. and 10,000 people make there living off tourism .
    The chambers job is to keep hotels rooms full and the tax dollars coming in.

  29. Thomas B says:

    You forgot one important thing @steve Segner.

    It appears what the “chamber” does best is fritter away their pay it back for the increased bed tax. Even the ad agency they hired in Phoenix proved to do nothing more than increase Sedona’s day trippers and drive thru vehicles on their way to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Has anything other than that been proven with credibility? Have positive benefits of their questionable spending of literally millions of $$$$ ever been proven conclusively to have produced otherwise? And now they go on a Phoenix TV channel to complain about the traffic their advertising has produced?

    Get a grip, Man. Sedona was discovered long before the C of C contract with the City of Sedona. Their members outside City Limits are the winners! Free advertising since they don’t collect city sales tax. Such a deal!!

  30. @steve Segner says:

    Your reasoning is EXACTLY why the MEMBERS should pay for their own advertising.

    Tax dollars should be used for infrastructure. Hotels owners are MAKING money and YOU don’t need subsidies from our small town.

    You rode that horse when you converted the livable quarters and changed it into an BnB. When was that? 2003-2007 Now you have taken once again employee housing and converted it to “overflow rooms”

    If you follow the employee housing, the hotel industry has removed them all to sell-able rooms. The city wasn’t incorporated for special favors to Hoteliers.

    BTW that 10,000 so called employees count is bloated numbers. NOT full time in city hotels workers. Part time, job sharing throughout the entire verde valley.

  31. F.Y.I. says:

    Almost 10,000 people made their living before they came to this City. They are living off the money they made elsewhere–not off Sedona tourism.

  32. The Highlander says:

    It’s not your lies that offend others most, it’s that you believe we believe them, Segner.

    Sedona is not a tourist town. Never was, never will be. Tourists flock to Disneyland where it’s artificial because it’s exclusively artificial. Tourism mentality is and always will be to find the most bang for the buck. Sedona’s bang for the buck isn’t erectable or importable. It’s bang for the buck is a no buck bang.

    Bad for profiteers. We’ll have less less new money and more more quality of life embracing Sedona’s lure, Steve. The young can have San Diego and Phoenix and Vegas and NYC, and when they tire of nightlife and working 9-5, they’ll come here to rest and rediscover that less is more. Sedona should prepare for them because they are already here, and the ones that don’t understand Sedona’s lure will find another place that speaks to them. It’s a continent and island of opportunity, our America. You’ll have to settle for your piece of the pie or go forth and find it.

  33. Residents don't matter says:

    The NEW Sedona, run to fill up hotels and collect taxes. The taxes are used to grow city staff and increase tourism.

    The residents, well, why have you not moved yet? You are not a tourist. This is after all a tourist town. Look at the street outside your house. It will be repaved in 50 years. It will probably turn to gravel first.

    I’ll tell you what you have to do. Support anti tourist candidates. Get out and go door to door. The guy that ran for mayor last election doesn’t believe you will do it. I hear he moved.

  34. Unintended Consequences says:

    Poor management and the disenfranchisement of legitimate residents and the tax-collecting in-city-businesses is the root issue. And in my opinion Over paid city managers directing council without any checks or balances.

    It is NO secret that the (deleted by editor) gets special favors, controls and runs city hall.
    Political party is killing sedona . Those special favors $$$$$ go to their buddies and those buddies support anything the (deleted by editor) direct them to. Money talks and buys votes.

    (deleted by editor) control the rag and the city has gifted the regional chamber control to the city. City staff directs them. Anyone else is unwanted.

    Residents will move because of the bad behavior and more air bnb will come.
    Young families don’t move here, school student population is declining.

    So stupid. What young families want to move to Sedona to work 2-3 unpaid jobs, work the weekends and holidays? No insurance, no benefits while those controlling sedona are laughing all the way to the bank. (city staff, chamber and hotel owners) They get it all big check, paid expenses, travel, healthcare, retirement & more. Average household is only 50K a year. while the takers get 3-6 times EACH that amount.

  35. Payback says:

    Our method of payback for the damn city giveaway to the chamber of commerce is by tossing recyclable items into our garbage cans and saying “here’s to you – City/Cof C.”

    How dare they give $2.5 million of city revenue to that crappy membership club to educate the residents about making Sedona “sustainable.” It was bad enough when they just financed the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center claiming it’s the “official” Sedona City Visitors Center. Then why isn’t that what the sign out front reads?

    “To Hell With Them” is our motto.

  36. steve Segner says:

    The Highlander says: Sedona is not a tourist town. Never was, never will beDefinition of a tourist town.

    A town with a relatively small population that seems to grow exponentially during the Spring and fall due to tourists. Usually located close to many major places of interest – to the tourists, naturally, as the locals have seen everything of interest at least 50 million times. More often than not, these tourists keep summer homes – they’re too damn wussy to survive the rest of the year there.

  37. @steve Segner says:

    Please Steve give it up. We will NEVER believe you or your birdbrain airhead dyslexic comments.

    You can’t sir prove that you and your chamber lodging club has ever done a good thing for this city. You sir are a wealthy taker IMO Having the taxpayers, residents and workers bees pay for your enrichment is wrong. IMO

    Your club has ruined and driven the charm out of Sedona. IMO Greed over community is all your proven.

  38. Wm. & Lois F. says:

    We notice @steve Segner has now taken it upon himself to tell the folks in the Village of Oak Creek how to handle their affairs. Just who was it died and left him King of the Greater Verde Valley?

    Does anyone know the date of his big October event (soiree?) at the Segner Estate in Oak Creek Canyon? A notice was posted on Sedona Eye announcing this planned affair in order to discuss politics or something? We would love the opportunity to hobnob with City Council (maybe staff?) and get the real low-down on who’s who and what’s what. However we seemed to have misplaced our invitation. Could you post it here again @steve Segner?

  39. Bridget says:

    City, what’s the summer Memorial to Labor Day tax coffer numbers for 2019? What was our return on Chamber investment?

  40. @Bridget says:

    Dear Bridget,

    We at the Sedona Chamber and City have recently changed our focus to put Residents First, just like the slogan of the mayoral candidate we soundly defeated in the last election. The chamber has been recently focused on sustainability and education. We know how dense you residents are, after all, you voted for our candidates and Home Rule. We are trying to get you to quit buying plastic straws, and driving your car on weekends to unclog the roads for our paying tourists. We are building bike paths through your neighborhoods to lessen the traffic load.

    We know you were upset with what we called the $2.5 million the Sedona Chamber had been receiving. We did something about it, we changed the name of the grant.

    Honestly now, do you really think the Sedona Chamber will give you measurable results on our efforts when we claimed it was too difficult to even count our members that were out of the city limits? You’re so cute. You should know it is impossible to quantify sustainability and education.

    The weather is beautiful in Tahiti right now. We are on a product development tour. Your tax dollars at work.

    Hope this helps

    (deleted by editor)

  41. Nora & Saul says:

    What was our return on Chamber investment from Memorial to Labor Day @Bridget? Quite possibly the dubious honor of residents being blamed for too many cars parking on subdivision streets.

    The perceived solution is to require houses to build more garages to prevent pesky residents from parking on city streets. Yep that was a big discussion at the Oct. 8 council meeting.

    And is it the residents who clog Soldier Pass Road, Back O’Beyond, and other areas with traffic and parking? According to “them” (city staff and council) the answer is obviously the residents who in the future will be required to build more garages on their properties. (Were you anticipating that one?)

    Are we then to offer these proposed garages to tourists who remain a questionable benefit to our tax coffers? Will we be allowed to charge tourists to park in these proposed garages?

    Oh – but of course – don’t be surprised if we are directed to the Chamber of Commerce or Lodging Council for answers to our unwelcome concerns. After all, isn’t it possible this predicament is the result of a “product development” project created by the outlandish waste of Sedona City revenue?

    Is if fair to include this newly proposed solution to a problem most likely as a result of unprofessional promotion of Sedona by the Chamber on the residents of Sedona? According to what went on at that meeting, the answer is “yes” since it never appears to be a consideration that the C of C does anything wrong. And is that a Sedona secret? Ha we think not.

  42. @ @Bridget says:

    Great, great response! Marvelous!

  43. Follow the example of City Staff says:

    Do as we do, we are off every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Holiday Monday. As we don’t live in Sedona we don’t contribute to the traffic. We also suggest it is wise to make a six figure salary and full benefits like we do.

    See , we city staff have helped !!

  44. jj says:

    The onlyy ones making a six figure salary are the city managers and the city attorneys. The old adage is if you come to Sedona with 2 million, tou will leave with one. nless you work for the city!!!

  45. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    @ Follow the example…

    Wow I thought you had finally gotten it but I guess you need a bit more education:

    After the last time you or your other personalities posted these same jealousies I called an employee that I know WHO LIVES IN WEST SEDONA and this what he explained to me:

    City workers actually work 40 hours like any other worker in most cities. This is done with four 11 hour days with 1 hour for unpaid lunch. So, how is this an issue for you? Other than none emergency response people can you please tell me what city employee in any city works more than 40 hours and why are you so jealous?

    Just because you are of obvious wealth what difference to you does it make that city employees can’t afford to live in the city????

    You must be really proud that your city can pay employees what they’re worth, I know that I am I guess you were never able to get a good-paying job for yourself.

  46. John Daniels Fairy Tales says:

    Lets start with a hearty laugh about government employees “working”.

    Then I quote our current city manager, who in a presentation at a Sedona Kwanis luncheon stated” some cities do without a city manager or assistant city manager.”

    Then we will roll in the isles while the same two Sedona managers explain why , in addition to six figure salaries and gold plated benefits, they need lavish car and phone allowances.

    The fact of the matter is , the Counties could do what little the city of Sedona does for residents much better and cheaper.

  47. Richard Adler says:

    Reading comments here on SedonaEye.com reminds me and others of questions and concerns many of us have about bureaucrats who work for governments. Great concern should be given to their role, and their directive of service. Government employees serve elected officials, they do not act on their own beliefs. They are to implement policy, not create or write it. Too many public servants forget they are public servants, not its masters. What you like or don’t like about your elected officials are moot points, no one cares what you think about them or the policies you are directed to implement. You serve to do what you’re told, and for many this will please them and for those who would be kings and queens, this will anger them. To those it angers go find another job. To those that it pleases keep up the good work. To those elected, do the job you were elected to do or resign.

  48. Government working hours says:

    The average private sector employee works 52 weeks per year with one week vacation.

    Simple non government math 51 weeks times 40 hours = 2040 hours

    Sedona City Employee
    2 weeks paid leave the first year of employment
    2 weeks paid vacation first year of employment
    8 Holiday Mondays off

    Sedona City Employee 47 2/5 weeks at 40 hours =1896 Hours

    You can deduct from those hours “worked ” for the city employee: training, team building exercises at 4 star hotels, League of Arizona Cities Conferences, endless meetings, etc, etc.

    We have gotten it. Good and hard for too long.

    Hope this helps.

  49. Jason Williams says:

    Wise words @Richard Adler. They reflect what direction of service those working for governments SHOULD be which in Sedona doesn’t seem to be the case. Our city employees reflect the direction a regional chamber of commerce dictates – period – end of report. For the most part our elected officials go along with it, a direct fault of the people who voted for them?

    The question here remains, how long will the tail continue to wag the dog before Sedona residents stand up and shout “We’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore?” Or will they continue to remain passive, complain to one another and reap what they sow? Business as usual? Another Sedona secret?

  50. @John Daniels says:

    From your post of October 12th at 7:32 PM

    So which is it?

    “Just because you are of obvious wealth”
    “I guess you were never able to get a good-paying job for yourself.”

    I should direct back to you a quote from the same post:
    “I guess you need a bit more education:”

    I and I’m sure many other readers find your comments both transparent and comically entertaining.

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