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Eddie Maddock: A few Sedona Secrets

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock discovers a few Sedona secrets.

Sedona AZWith the number of controversial issues seeming to endlessly plague Sedona is there at least one thing upon which we can all agree? Does anyone disagree about it being hot, dry, and the need for rain? If so, there’s little doubt we will hear from you.

Likewise, it should be fairly safe to say, we all agree on our reasons for being in Sedona. Red rocks and scenic beauty should surely prompt an affirmative nod. Right? However rarely, if ever, are a few negative aspects openly discussed with the exception, perhaps, of traffic, traffic, traffic – particularly on weekends related to national holidays. Labor Day is the here and now occasion – and predicted traffic as anticipated prevails. How much represents Sedona “destination or drive-through to Oak Creek Canyon” might best be reflected when tax revenue is analyzed and uptown businesses provide sales statistics for this 2019 annual event, essentially the final hurrah of the season.

Back to the drawing board. Are there any downsides to living in Sedona…with the exception of avoiding going out when the population of the entire world seems to be in town? Well – here are a few things about which to ponder.

Try cupping your hand, palm side up. Then reverse it – claw like. Visualize an additional three digits and then imagine a black, fuzzy coat to your revised appendage. That, folks, will closely resemble a rare exotic critter commonly known as a tarantula (spider). And, unless one is forewarned, observing this critter appear from behind a piece of furniture without warning can be pretty scary! As in – OMG – what IS that?

Unless warned in advance, try to reflect favorably about that fabulous hike on one of Sedona’s many trails if you should get out of bed the following morning to the reality of red, itchy blotches on one or more parts of your body. It isn’t necessarily a rare event to be the victim of “no see ums” – a local bugaboo that particularly enjoys the new blood in town.

Scorpions are abundant, but better known to be on the move when the earth is disturbed by new construction. Their sting, however, isn’t friendly.

An infestation of flying ants doesn’t occur very often, but when it does make a move, it isn’t a pleasant sight! Screened windows are a must as they gravitate towards light and congregate en masse on accessible windows and screens.

Oh the critters that our Sedona red rocks house, writes Eddie Maddock in this tongue in check look at Sedona’s secrets.

There was a time when Sedona had a restaurant called Dutchman’s Cove on Art Barn Road, down by Oak Creek. How was the food? Does anyone really know? The featured attraction seemed to be watching raccoons feast on bread on the ledge outside the dining tables by the windows. In fact, there’s little doubt raccoons outnumbered people in Sedona back in those days. It was rather common for raccoons to climb trees, hang by their tails, or wash themselves in any pond or waterfall, natural or decorative.

When Sedona was still classified as “open range” unless one was aware seeing a herd of cows munching on newcomers’ extravagant landscaping was more than stunning. Clearly it was a somewhat costly and a waste of time for fresh arrivals – accustomed to beautiful landscaping from where they came – to learn the hard way what NOT to plant here. To wake up and see beautiful flower beds leveled by Sedona’s lawn mowers, its bunny rabbits and squirrels, was awesome!

Brazen coyotes, javelinas, and beloved deer still hold their own, but bobcats, mountain lions, and an occasional bear remain on the shy side.

It would be remiss not to remind people that critters have no boundaries and a door or unscreened window is an invitation. Lizards, snakes, toads, rats and mice will gladly drop in for a visit and to check things out. Recently, there was a lizard on my own kitchen counter, next to the double sink and closest to the one with the disposal. Understanding over the years how easy it is to remove the little nuisances, reaching for a glass in the cupboard just next to my right hand should have been a piece of cake. Not so fast! Better yet – not fast enough! One quick glance away and the lizard had disappeared. Oh no – the logical place for it to have gone was the disposal! Yikes! What to do?

A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona tourist traffic will back up for miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits on way to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

Poking into the disposal with a few harmless kitchen utensils produced no hint to the lizard’s whereabouts. A flashlight offered no help. Running water and turning on the disposal was unthinkable. Conclusion – lizard (as usual) outsmarted me, even though over the years and with two previous cats that frequently gifted me with lizards on what seemed to be a daily basis, this little dickens fooled me. If they remain in the house, generally they will gravitate to a sunny window sill and just placing a glass by their heads solves the problem – they go right in. One must quickly remember to have a towel handy to use as a “lid” and then just release the little darlings back in the great outdoors. Not as amusing as the day a squirrel perched atop the vacuum – when momentarily it was shut off in order to take a phone call.

One sight, however, that is rare indeed is observing what appears to be a snake with two heads. Yep – that happened in our early years here in Sedona. There it was – stretched out in the sun on the steps leading up to our gazebo. Well – unbelieving this two headed monster was in our yard, we checked with the ranger station and were informed how fortunate we were. What we had witnessed? Two snakes mating. How lucky were we?

Now these are just a few aspects of the real Sedona, none of which are disclosed at the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center. After all, some of the best kept secrets are just that secretive. Agreed?


  1. Clancy Macklin says:

    Enjoyed this funny read and will wait until the traffic dies down and the snakes stop mating and the squirrels are back in the trees to visit Sedona. BTW it’s hotter in Scottsdale if that helps and our desert rats are wicked conniving here.

  2. Sedona Bob says:

    @Sedona Eye and Eddie Maddock Squirrel cracked us up and a lot better then opening door and stepping out on a dead rat. Scorpions like living under kitchen counters in her tupperware my wife used to say.

  3. Dana Varney says:

    Thank You Eddie for another great article. 80% traffic is drive through. Taxpayers foot the bill again. Another in the long list of shoot yourself in the foot decisions of our city fathers. No matter the city manager makes almost as much as the city manager in phoenix. Go figure. What is the motivation for change. It is clear the people at the top including SS do not care. As long as they get theirs.

  4. Liz & Charlie Johnson, Tucson says:

    For Eddie Maddock,

    On Phoenix cable channel 10 news the other night guess what was featured?
    A baby rattle snake with TWO HEADS! Honest! It was weird!! Call that ranger station and give them a heads up!!

    Maybe your Sedona residents will wake up one day and decide to vote for candidates that will support pulling the plug on certain of your town’s current tourism policies. The way things are in several Arizona towns are that those making decisions are a much bigger problem than heat and lack of rain. Mother Nature ain’t one of Sedona and northern Arizona’s happy campers in our opinions. Our Flagstaff summer place wasn’t much relief. Locals aren’t happy with Flagstaff politicians either. Too much growth by greed. Too many non Arizonans trying to make it what they left behind, as if that was so great to copy because they left!! Keep writing. We enjoy your articles and like to follow the comments with glee. Sedona should be a quiet and peaceful place to live up to its reputation.

    Liz & Charlie Johnson
    (email and phone removed by editor)

  5. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    I read your post and wondered why someone from Tucson would be interested in posting on a blogging page such as this. It always amazes me to what extent you people will go to disguise (oh so you think) yourselves instead of posting under your real name.

  6. Tom Stevens says:

    Been listening to your self serving comments for a while now.
    Tell it like it is…..(deleted by editor) Give it a rest already Dana. (deleted by editor)

  7. Nathan, Sedona says:

    Since the chamber of commerce goes to so much trouble and expense to advertise to get people here, why should it be surprising for people world-wide to post on Sedona Eye or any other Sedona website? After all, it might be better viewed as a result of all the questionable $$$$ spent on advertising for the wrong reasons?

    And, quite frankly, none of the annoyances (Sedona secrets?) discussed in the above article, singularly or collectively, can even come close to equaling the REAL blight on Sedona. That being the lunacy of allowing a regional member driven organization to control this place. Sick and disgusting!

    Hope the people from Tucson and elsewhere figure it out before they come to visit Sedona. Their money would be better spent elsewhere – my opinion of course, which is more than you @John Daniels W Sedona has the integrity to qualify your own pissy post as being.

  8. Liz Johnson says:

    @John Daniels

    Your personal curiosity has questioned our integrity in a public forum. Whilst Charlie would ignore you, I will stay on course. A Tennessean to Arizona and states between, your personal public behaviors are low class. If your intent is to quiet us, it has met steel resolve. Fortunately you aren’t indicative of the Sedona and north Arizona Flagstaff friends we enjoy.

  9. Gail Frye says:


  10. Joe Lee says:

    The real sore heads of Sedona based on the snarky comments even about something humorous appear to be those in control of everything. They won the election, rule at city hall, and yet Sedona Eye readers that disagree with them remain thorns in their side @John Daniels W Sedona.At least KD and the old firehouse gang seem to be in support of honoring 9/11 at the 179 fire station. Maybe all is not lost yet? We can always hope but on the other hand who really cares?

  11. @Joe Lee says:

    Existing control isn’t enough for them. “They” won’t be happy until after “they” convince Sedona residents to vote approval of a city property tax; amend the community plan to increase density and allow high-rise development; remove any and all mention of a small town atmosphere from Sedona’s Vision Statement (if, in fact, it’s even still there) and if at all possible it wouldn’t be surprising if they go to the USFS to try and obtain more land exchanges until every square inch of Sedona is built on.

    And this active trend for Socialist Sedona was accepted and approved by Sedona voters during the last election. Incorporation opened all doors to allow everything alleged proponents for incorporation pledged would be protected.

    Yep – demographics here HAVE changed THAT much! Who would’ve thought???

    Sedona Schnebly must be rolling in her grave as increased tears stream down the face of Chief Iron Eyes Cody.

  12. Sedona Larry says:

    Somebody must have forgotten to give the indigenous peoples (btw it’s been proven genetically and with new fossils they weren’t indigenous to Americas but came from Asian and European continents so knock off the pompous white man indigenous terminology) that memo to welcome the first Mexican and Anglo settlers. Damn Government bureaucrats….

  13. Jerry Uptown says:

    One thing in Sedona which is NOT a secret = national politics have crept into this incorporated city, population 10,000 but shrinking and continues to unmercifully bludgeon here as the movement rages across the country. Has there ever ever been such a demonstration of dirty politics as we witness on a daily basis? Wonderful example and splendid education for the next generation. Phew shudder to think about the future.

  14. Circle of life says:

    You know, as corrupt as Sedona is now, it will change.

    All those who think they are in charge now will be dust in 100 years.

    All the money they took that they did not deserve, they will not keep. You only keep what you give away that was yours. That does not mean stealing from others , be they residents or tourists to give away or take for yourself.

    Change is coming, they will be judged, in this life or the next.

    “Always do the right thing, it will gratify some and amaze the rest. ” Mark Twain

  15. Doris W. says:

    True words @Circle of life. As smug as the current control freaks are what they may not realize is Sedona has had many similar self appointed Kings & Queens come and go to never be heard from again.

    Maybe it’s the stimulation from Sedona’s red rocks that seems to bring out the narcissism in otherwise fine individuals. Quite possibly they were insignificant souls back wherever but suddenly become filled with self confidence to pursue ventures never considered before.

    The overblown perceived power seems to surge once seated behind that dais in the City Council Chamber. Puff and blow – meeting after meeting – Me, Me, Me – I think this, I think that, blah, blah, blah. In other words , all too often being elected to office brings out the worse in previously well liked and respected individuals. Not all react this way. Mayor Sandy is one who’s remained who she was and who she is IMO.

    So get a grip council members and potential candidates. Sure you commit to a lot of time, work, and effort to serve “the public” and that doesn’t mean yourselves and what YOU necessarily think is best. You were elected to represent Sedona voters – not special interests and insignificant piss-ants who love being City Hall (and Sedona Eye) chest-thumpers.

    “Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self image and attributes. This includes self-flattery, perfectionism, and arrogance. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.”

  16. An Observation says:

    Powerful words @Doris W. Does anyone else pick up that comments (irrelevant to the above article) increasingly appear which constantly attack anyone that opines on SE? And those comments essentially fill the new comment section but seem to amount to nothing more than criticizing Sedona Eye and selective contributors. Could it be the intent is to divert SE readers from reading stuff that really hits home? NAH! :-)

  17. steve Segner says:

    Doris W. Says:You were elected to represent Sedona voters – not special interests and insignificant piss-ants who love being City Hall (and Sedona Eye) chest-thumpers.

    Sorry not true, Council is elected to represent Sedona, the town, the business, and the visitors and people that live in Sedona. In a representative government the elected official vote in what they thing is in the cities “best interests” not necessarily what a minority or majority want.
    Sedona is representative government system council people go to meetings learn all the facts and then vote on our behave.

    Representative-government. An electoral system where citizens vote to elect people to represent their interests and concerns. Those elected meet to debate and make laws on behalf of the whole community or society, instead of the people voting directly on laws and other debates.

    So go to city meeting let them know your concerns meet with city council people but do not expect them to always vote on your view of what Sedona is or should be.
    You say, “not special interests and insignificant piss-ants.
    Business and visitors made Sedona, and then the Developers followed and bought up ranch land for your home, you chose to live a tourist town and the city is financed by tourism. There are in fact more business and employees that work in Sedona the full time residents…… and you just what the city to support YOU. NIMBY views. Hope that helps.”

  18. John Wilson says:

    For sure one thing about Sedona administration (city council/staff/consultants) that is NOT a secret is their ability to make dumb decisions. Following up with the asinine approval of Tlaquepaque North without consideration of pedestrians crossing State Highway 179 the uncompleted uptown SIM (Sedona in Motion) project is already absurd. How bout dem round-a-bouts? YIKES. Clearly they don’t know jack about dealing with Sedona traffic.

    Little wonder Sedona voters rallied and overturned the absurd decision for city ownership of W89 after then seated city council voted to approve it. OMG at least one disaster was diverted. The less than one mile of the state route the city owns uptown was and remains a huge mistake.

    Maybe the idiotic multi-million dollar alliance they have with the chamber doesn’t win first prize for number one stoopid after all. They mostly only dump on non-chamber member city businesses who don’t benefit from the also stoopid visitors center ID’d as a C of C enterprise (NOT City).

    Sedona secrets – what else goes on behind closed doors?

  19. @John Wilson says:

    For a guy named John you sure seem like that women that is constantly complaining on Sedona Eye (Deleted by Editor)

  20. Steve segner says:

    John saysFollowing up with the asinine approval of Tlaquepaque North without consideration of pedestrians crossing State Highway 179
    Well John if you knew anything about how zoning works you realize that the 179 Tlaquepaque North project didn’t need city approval it was zoned correctly the owners had every right to build there and as for your comment on the crosswalk pedestrians have a right to cross the highways and that is determined by the state not the city it’s a state highway a ADOT is in control hope that helps And a dot nixed to plan for a light at the crosswalk. As a point of fact the people crossing the crosswalk help make traffic find a break at the Y and makes overall traffic move better Sedona is a tourist town we’re gonna have traffic on weekends there’s no building our way out of it

  21. Charley M. says:

    @steve Segner, if Sedona were truly a “representative government” they would NEVER have signed a contract for Destination Marketing without first obtaining Requests for Proposals. Instead they turned this city upside down by making their deal with the regional chamber of commerce! Same with the alleged city “official” visitors center – clearly ID’d as the Official Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. It can’t be both. The C of C is NOT a department of the City of Sedona. What, Segner, is it you don’t get about that? How many people DID complain to council members but to no avail. And since when do tourists and outsiders vote to elect these people? In your dreams?

  22. @Charley M says:

    Hey call the AG of az. Oh yea that was done already and all was well. On to the next complaint or you can keep regurgitating that one

  23. John Wilson says:

    @@John Wilson

    what a shame (but typical) you as others are more concerned with authenticity of those making comments instead of the content. Guess you wanted for the city to own West 89A and presently approve of roundabouts that trucks cannot easily maneuver and other obvious flaws.

    You think it was smart to have approved Tlaquepaque north without consideration of heavy additional pedestrians crossing the highway?

    Oh and BTW since you are so forthright and honest where is your own ID (hiding behind @John Wilson doesn’t cut it).

    Have no idea what “women?” you have in your wild dreams? Poor soul. Your imagination is clearly working overtime. Hope you’re being well compensated one way or another.

  24. steve segner says:

    How many people DID complain to council members but to no avail. And since when do tourists and outsiders vote to elect these people? In your dreams?
    ? Sorry, I went to all the public meeting and not a word….. perhaps in 5 years 2 or 3 people all the (Deleted by Editor) … the bed tax is a state program that Sedona is taking advantage of and it has paid off big . The city is happy with the results and so are we, We have a city funded by visitors . The city of Sedona has had award winning results and now advises cities all over the world. and yes last yes the program went through a Audit with flying colors….. hope that helps

  25. @john Wilson says:

    As was commented by Steve Segner.
    Please get your facts straight before commenting. You sound like a spoiled child. Plus ypu are a real snooze.

  26. Council Meetings says:

    @steve segner – and why should people add to the traffic problem by attending council meetings when they can watch them on their computers or TV at home?

    And how do you know whether or not people are communicating with our representatives by phone or e-mail?

    Hope that helps.

  27. steve Segner says:

    Please get your facts straight before commenting. You sound like a spoiled child. Plus ypu are a real snooze.
    fact. 179 is under the control of the state ADOT and they said no to cross walk light not the city of Sedona .

    Fact the Tlaquepaque north was zoned for retail and did not need city ok zoning is is what dictates what can be built not the city staff.
    Hope that helps

  28. Hope this helps says:

    Don’t you love a troll parade all commenting either under steve segner, steve Segner or Steve Segner or @whoeverIattack. All of the preceding brought to you by the continued theft of bed tax that could be used to re-mediate tourist impact, instead of advertising for more tourists.

    Seems to me there was a guy running for mayor last election whose primary platform was to cut of the gifting to the Sedona Chamber. He got about 1000 votes even after a IMO slander campaign from the Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News. It’s not just a few people, which ever stevie.


  29. @steve Segner says:

    And who’s questioning the zoning for Tlaquepaque North? Isn’t the issue about the density of the annex and lack of parking on that side of the highway? Fewer store fronts there and more parking spaces would have reduced foot traffic.

    Hope that helps.

  30. Hope that helps says:

    Hope that helps. What you really mean is I think you are an idiot. You are beyond help.

    Guess what, we are not as dumb as you think, and you are not as smart as you think. Hence, we are making fun of your self importance. URanIdiot

    Hope that helps.

  31. steve Segner says:

    You ask, And who’s questioning the zoning for Tlaquepaque North? Isn’t the issue about the density of the annex and lack of parking on that side of the highway? Fewer store fronts there and more parking spaces would have reduced foot traffic.

    Please learn to read, the city has no power over the ” look, lay out or design”….when Building is in compliance, with the city code, try to understand that , the city only has some control when the builders want a zoning variance….or Is building a hotel. In this case Tlaquepaque North did not need one, they built in compliance with zoning they had.
    There is nothing wrong with foot traffic, The goal of the city is to get people out of cars and to walk, Tlaquepaque has all the parking spaces called out in the zoning and the city can not make them put in more but they bid ad more parking. Tlaquepaque North is a great addition to Sedona. Scottsdale has high density shopping areas and they have crosswalks. You don’t like the crosswalk, the talk to the state the city has no control.

  32. Say What? says:

    Except for two or three of the first comments what the hell do the rest have to do with this article??? Segner and his sidekicks control Sedona & just can’t seem to back away from tooting their horns. We know they have City Hall in their front and back pockets and they did a helluva job convincing Sedona voters to maintain status quo the last election. Scare tactics of cutting funds to nonprofits worked for the jackasses that voted with them. There’s no secrets there. So why don’t they shut the blank up?

  33. Fake news Again from SS says:

    Hey Steve you should learn to read.Did you ever read the project-permit process for TLAQ?

    The paperwork proves that Tlaq didn’t have enough parking and was approved by city in non compliance. The city knew this project had a few issues. They took a small dollar amount from Tlaq and put in escrow to pay for the foot traffic issue solution.

    When people asked CC they were told can’t say no to wendy.Why do you lie? (deleted by editor)

  34. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you @Say What? for acknowledging the nature of my article, which amounted to a mere feeble and failed attempt to lighten things up on Sedona Eye. What it does seem to prove, however, is the desire by some – operative word – “some” – to intimidate readers given the opportunity here to express a variety of opinions.

    Of course the option offered by SE Editor/Publisher of using anonymous or fictitious names increases interest from those who for various reasons prefer to do so. Bullying and intimidation have been known to exist in Sedona (another little secret?) so small wonder those who might be victims frequently opt to remain in silence for obvious reasons.

    At any rate, thank you for taking time to read my contributions if that’s the case. Or even if you just choose to read comments and add to the fury, so be it. It keeps things interesting.

    Trite but true? Hmmm – where did that come from? https://sedonaeye.com/sedona-times-publishing-september-print-edition-a-first/

  35. mshobert says:

    Roundabouts suck! Funny. I told you so, 12 years ago. Have fun sitting in traffic.

  36. Jiggs Up, Sedona Resident says:

    More “Sedona Secrets?” Or how quickly “they” forget?

    BREWER ROAD – OLD RANGER STATION PURCHASE: https://sedonaeye.com/old-ranger-station-park-proposal-prompts-open-house/

    “The approval of the expansion of Tlaquepaque occurred without a clue as to resolving additional foot traffic crossing SR179, a bottleneck that serves as the catalyst to cause traffic backups sometimes even to the Village of Oak Creek during peak tourist seasons.” https://sedonaeye.com/2015-in-review-with-eddie-maddock/

    “When Sedona purchased the former Ranger Station, a 3.4 acre parcel on Brewer Road which includes an historic barn and house, ambitious plans were soon to follow for such things as community events, weddings, family reunions, community garden concerts, dances, plays, movies, historic talks and tours…to mention but a few! However, the latest scuttlebutt is that the Brewer Road property has been extended for use by Tlaquepaque for parking cars allegedly for special events.

    The Pushmataha building on Brewer Road is within certified wildlife habitat grounds. Is such use of that public property even legal and, if so, what are the terms and conditions?

    Does Tlaquepaque pay the City of Sedona for use of that land?

    Or is lending public property to private enterprises subject to the same or at least similar conditions as to perhaps reflect a temporary gift situation? And if such arrangements have in fact been made…how much damage is being done to the former Ranger Station property and what about future costs for mitigating such damages to return the acreage as suitable for the original designation? How much might that reflect in cost escalation when and if the historic property is, in fact, turned into the promised park? Or after so many years and so many changes in composition of the Sedona City Council will the property the city of Sedona purchased for over market value in 2014 as a park simply fall into the existing forever use as that of a parking lot? ” https://sedonaeye.com/eddie-s-maddock-whats-next-sedona/

  37. steve Segner says:

    Jiggs Up, Sedona Resident says:
    The Pushmataha building on Brewer Road is within certified wildlife habitat grounds. Is such use of that public property even legal and, if so, what are the terms and conditions? Pushmataha building is keep Sedona beautiful property .
    if you went on line you would see the city does not own the building,
    Do your homework before you ask dumb questions

    “In 1993, then owner Susan Coleman donated Pushmataha to Keep Sedona Beautiful, to preserve the parcel as it is. The deed restricts the building’s use to “environmental purposes.”
    You ask,How much damage is being done to the former Ranger Station property and what about future costs for mitigating such damages to return the acreage as suitable for the original designation?
    If you were to go to the city and ask you would see the plan this year utilities went in underground, new windows went on the large building. This year the city will be working on the old ranger station,,, new porch went in last year.
    Around 250,000 is in budget you can see the plan , but if you went to the open house you would know that. The entire project has been approved by the city and is funded for 2020
    HPC is overseeing the building… I am a member,. The city is busy with the roads peojects, Park work will start next year .

    You say the latest scuttlebutt is that the Brewer Road property has been extended for use by Tlaquepaque for parking cars allegedly for special events.

    Scuttlebutt really ,call and ask , over flow parking for Public .events why not takes traffic off 179 till park is built.
    You say even to the Village of Oak Creek during peak tourist seasons is not the cross walk , just more cars then the 179 single road can handle, ADOT wanted two lanes in and locals fought it.
    Sedona traffic in not just because of a few people using a cross walk the city has traffic control people on weekends and holidays….. Paid for by the bed tax.
    Hope that helps Jiggs Up,

  38. James Harrington says:

    What is NOT a secret in Sedona is the failure of elected officials to live up to their commitments @Jiggs Up, Sedona Resident re Brewer Road property – one example.

    The only thing the city council and staff seem to take seriously is their unjustified dedication to ongoing allotments of millions of dollars to a regional member-driven chamber of commerce.

    For certain that perpetual breach of ethical integrity in addition to questionable misuse of public revenue remains not only a secret but a head-scratching one at that. And when the C of C goes public about how “they” are giving thousands to as an example the USFS for trail maintenance, etc? More BS – as if the city couldn’t have done that directly instead of using the C of C as a middle and unnecessary intrusion. (A wealthy one at that thx to City of Sedona)

    That money could have easily been justified for at least some of the improvements (if not ALL of them) for the Brewer Park. Go figure. And no need for the Lodging Council mouthpiece to bring up the discretionary bed tax because park improvements could easily fit the slot as a benefit for tourism and the lodging industry.

    Cop-out BS should have been tossed out long ago but those in power for some definite and secretive reason refuse to go against it. Hmmm – maybe the answer to that deep dark secret might be revealed at the big October Soiree planned for the Segner Estate in Oak Creek Canyon? Hmmm (again) wonder how one rates an invitation to that affair? Ha – Secret? Not if you know the right people and play by the rules?

  39. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    I am shocked that Eddie Maddock hasn’t chimed in, especially since she is always the “voice of knowledge” to you people on this posting. There are so many twists of the truth it makes my head spin.

    Just one quick example; the Pushmataha building, for those that don’t know, is the KSB building is privately owned and not part of the city. One would think that that Be all and Know all, Eddie Maddock would have spoken up to correct this small error.

    It’s amazing how not one of your posters ever say one word about the travesty of short term rentals and how it will destroy this city. Unless of course those of you who post own a few.

  40. Eddie Maddock says:

    Against my better judgment @John Daniels W Sedona here is a response to your comment.

    Perhaps you missed it but kindly back up to the comment made Sept. 14 which bears my “real” name. Are you able to make the same claim?

    And because my name appears on not only the above article but also as referenced in web links offered by another Sedona Eye reader, if people (such as yourself?) wish to pursue more facts about the city’s acquisition of the Brewer Road property perhaps you might find time to check it out. Therein will lie the answers you may be seeking.

    As for Keep Sedona Beautiful owning the Pushmataha building, as a former Secretay for KSB you informed me of nothing new. However, what might be of interest to you is that after perhaps 30 years regretfully my membership was dropped when KSB supported the Chamber of Commerce to frighten treasured wildlife by shining blinding laser lights into our wilderness area during the Holiday Season.

    So shoot me. Better than scaring the crap out of Bambi and friends. Oh yes – IMO unless freedom of speech is no longer permitted in Sedona.

    Submitted without shame. It’s sad you apparently are afraid, reluctant or embarrassed to reveal your own true identity.

    Eddie Maddock

  41. Taxpayers money being used to PROMOTE is the issue says:

    Taxpayers money being used to PROMOTE is the issue not short term rentals.

    stop promoting sedona and the issue will go away

  42. Steve segner says:

    Un named person said, Taxpayers money being used to PROMOTE is the issue not short term rentals.
    All promotions for Sedona are paid for by a special state approve law that “some “of the bed tax, paid by “visitors “to be used for marketing and some other approved visitor services, no tax money paid by sedona residents, is used, Sedona only has a sales tax and that mostly comes from visitors…. sedona is a tourist town you know that. hope that helps

  43. @steve Segner says:


  44. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Eddie Maddock, is that the best you can do, accusing me of being embarrassed or reluctant to reveal my own true identity??? I guess that’s the easy street to take when even a little guy like me kicks dust in your direction.

    It’s great that you know so much history, I know that you acquired a lot of knowledge when you ran that old cable TV show. It was so long ago, wasn’t it broadcasted in black and white???

    What I have noticed is that you tend to always go back in time to pull from your deep knowledge base of facts and that’s really fine I guess because they really are facts just facts that no one other than the posters on SE cares about. Perhaps you should realize that we entered a new century about 19 years ago. I know from reading many of your past posts that you have always found fault with every city councilmember (not to worry, I will no longer slip and say “town” council). To me, you don’t sound any different than the occupant of 1600 Penn Ave.

    You know it all.

    You know more than the Generals etc.

  45. @Steve segner says: says:

    What you don’t admit is the state law didn’t require for Sedona to return a portion of their “special” tax to a member-driven special interest: Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    The C of C discriminates against businesses who are NOT members of the C of C. They will only promote “their” members at the city funded visitors center featuring an official sign: Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.

    The C of C promotes ALL members including those outside city limits who don’t even collect City of Sedona sales tax! If anything that alone should send a message to the nitwits who allowed this to happen. Much fuss and ill-will could have been avoided if city council when Rob Adams was mayor had gone out for Requests for Proposals on the destination marketing contract in the first place. Great harm has resulted in that pathetic and unjust decision.

    Hope that helps.

  46. F.Y.I. says:

    Ss is loony tunes. In addition to sales taxes, Sedona residents pay School District and hefty Fire District taxes. And by the way, the state law does not apply to 3% of the bed taxes Sedona levies. Only the 1/2% approved after April 1, 1990 has to be used exclusively for the use of tourism.

    Sedona’s high COST OF LIVING is the issue. Residents are leaving, and investors are buying homes to use as short-term vacation rentals.

    SPERLING’S BEST PLACES to live states: “Compared to the rest of the country, Sedona (zip 86336)’s cost of living is 53.3% higher than the U.S. average.” If 53.3% isn’t high enough, the City plans to increase sewer fees,with a possible effective date as soon as December 1, 2019.

  47. Sedona Mac says:

    Laughing at Daniels for attack on Maddock and others. Daniels that she or he needs the President to help him out here in Sedona!?!? Keep it up Maddock. We might be older but we’re smarter because of all things Sedona living. Keep those self righteous (Deleted by Editor) like Daniels scraping for something worth saying because they haven’t found an argument for your facts except personal attacks. Who cares what they say? Nobody. High fives Maddock. Sedona needs you to save us from city bullies and thugs.

  48. @FYI says:

    Wow you pay taxes!!! Poor thing
    That’s what group ups do . (deleted by editor)

  49. Peter Northrup says:

    What’s the reason for their grudge against you & others here? Too funny really. I personally enjoy reading it. People like that Daniels West Sedona complain if they don’t think comments are factual & then complain more when they ARE factual. What gives? NVM their ridiculous comments. You’re perspectives are necessary because they speak to nouveau riche, inexperience with quality over expediency, & power. Good for you!

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