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What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Yavapai County Arizona

Sedona AZIt’s time to be vigilant, take precautions, and prepare.

Yavapai County Community Health Services Director Leslie Horton said, “Yavapai County has a history of collaborating with the local partner agencies, including all cities and towns, to protect the residents that call Yavapai County home. We are working together and reviewing plans and practiced responses that have been in place for years to make sure everyone is prepared for situations like the one we find ourselves in now with the worldwide spread of Coronavirus (Covid19).”

With the recent case of COVID-19 in California with no contact with anyone from Wuhan China, the CDC has warned the public to be vigilant in healthy precautions and to prepare for potential cases: Visit this link for an easy to follow checklist and share it with others.

The one Arizona patient is now out of isolation and is no longer infected by the virus. People who have come in close contact with the man haven’t shown any signs of the illness known as COVID-19, Maricopa County Public Health reported. Most of them have passed the 14-day monitoring period without displaying any symptoms. Six of the 15 confirmed cases in the U.S. have recovered.

What is the virus and how is it different from the flu?

The only thing it has in common with the flu is that they are both respiratory viruses. COVID-19 has more in common with the common cold. While we mostly hear about rhinoviruses, there are several strains of coronavirus common in the U.S. that cause nothing worse than a cold.

Older adults usually develop worse symptoms than younger and are more likely to develop complications. Like flu, it generally hits hardest among seniors, people with chronic diseases like heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, and those with weakened immune systems like people undergoing cancer treatment.

There’s no vaccine for coronavirus, but seniors should get vaccinated for diseases like pneumococcus and Hib. Getting those two vaccinations will help in limiting complications. Talk to your health provider if those vaccines are right for you.

Men are more likely to be hit harder with COVID than women. This is partly because women have a better immune system, but also because men often delay medical care until symptoms are severe. Coronavirus or not, if you have a fever above 100, a cough, and/or sore throat, see your doctor.

For more FAQs about COVID-19 visit this link.

The best you can do to keep yourself from being infected?  It happens to be the same steps you take to keep yourself from getting colds and flu:

*Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
*Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
*Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
*Stay home when you are sick.
*Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
*Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Here are some preparation tips from Ready.gov:

*Store a two-week supply of water and food.
*Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply in your home.
*Have any nonprescription drugs and other health supplies on hand, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, fluids with electrolytes, and vitamins.
*Get copies and maintain electronic versions of health records from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other sources and store them, for personal reference. Get help accessing electronic health records.
*Talk with family members and loved ones about how they would be cared for if they got sick, or what will be needed to care for them in your home.

Health officials emphasize that those who haven’t gotten the vaccine yet should do so, even though we’ve likely reached the midpoint of flu season. The vaccine takes two weeks to provide full protection, but cannot only ward off the illness, it can reduce how bad your flu is if you catch it and reduce the chance you’ll be hospitalized.

Yavapai County Community Health Services is in continuous communications with Arizona Department of Health Services on the COVID-19 monitoring and situation and will keep the public

YCCHS still has plenty of flu vaccine and ask your doctor if you should get any others – just call 928-771-3122 to make an appointment at one of our locations in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood and Chino Valley.

The latest CDC Health Alert Network (HAN) Update provides updated guidance on evaluating and testing persons under investigation (PUIs) for COVID-19. It supersedes previous guidance: See https://bit.ly/2I3ZNbJ


  1. Mike H says:

    Segner wants us to believe getting rid of the city is difficult and costly for us. No, it only requires will. It will of course be costly for city staff and those on the taxpayer dole. Oh well, they did not believe it would last forever did they?

  2. Rhonda Fulton , Flagstaff says:

    Navajo Rez has a positive Coronavirus case.

  3. Coconino County Testing Sites Open says:

    Coconino County second Coronavirus drive through collection site is open.

    It opens at 9 AM at the Coconino Community College, East Campus, on Fourth Street.

    To qualify for testing, your healthcare provider or Coconino County Health and Human Service COVID-19 Response Team must give you an order to test. Call them before going. No exceptions.

    Bring photo ID that matches the information in the medical order. After test, your results will be returned as soon as possible. Remember call your doctor or healthcare provider first. Be smart.

  4. Denise & family Sedona says:

    We read that link & didn’t know some of the issues. We hope everyone will read that link and then have a discussion about its pros and cons. Man’s mind is a wonderful thing when it engages its brain.

    From that piece is this: False Negatives – Big Problem

    According to an article in the South China Morning Post [23], Li Yan, head of the diagnostic center at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, noted on Chinese state TV that because of the multi-step process, an error at any stage could result in an incorrect outcome, and Wang Chen, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, also on CCTV, said the accuracy is only 30 to 50 percent.

    Wang Chen really means, however, that the test is only ever falsely negative, and never falsely positive. In a paper documenting a cluster of illness and positives tests in a family [3], this bias is clear, as most patients had more negative tests than positive tests, but were considered positive anyway. Patient 1 had 3/11 positive (27%), patient 2 had 5/11 (45%), patient 3 had all 18 negative, patient 4 had 4/14 (29%), patient 5 had 4/17 (24%) and patient 7 was the only with a majority positive (64%).

    The only way to decide logically and scientifically is to have a gold standard for presence of the virus, which can only be purification and characterization. Since this has never been accomplished, doctors get to make decisions on the fly, always leaning towards treating patients as infected….(end paragraphs)

    There’s a lot more interesting information and ideas there. If you’re sheltered in place, take time to read it. Thanks Sedona Eye!

  5. @Denise & family Sedona says:

    A good rule of thumb is that any information coming from government bureaucracies is a lie. This is nothing new. From Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra, written in 1896: “The state lies in all the tongues of good and evil, and whatever it says is lies, and whatever it has, it has stolen, everything it is, is false, it bites with stolen teeth, and it bites often, it is false down to its bowels.”

  6. Gene says:

    It’s time to quit politicizing this crisis and trying to put the government down for something that’s never happened in its history! Everything is new, mistakes and successes. Just like WWII with Roosevelt, and he made huge mistakes and reaped huge successes. That’s how life is.

    Saw some moron “journalist” ask the President about blaming China for the outbreak. Hey moron journalist, it started in China. Let’s call you stupid for asking a stupid question and second, let’s call you an idiot for wasting your employers time asking a stupid question. Maybe you’ll be relieved of duties because you can’t do your job and mistakenly think you’re paid to further your own opinion?

  7. Amy says:

    Go to http://www.coronavirus.org now.

    Stop the spread.

  8. Gary says:

    One of the President’s recent actions included giving the green light to Ford, General Motors, and Tesla to use their manufacturing capability to make ventilators, though he will not nationalize any business. He also declared that the federal government would fund “100%” of National Guard activation and deployment in California, New York, and Washington, all states that he says “have been hit the hardest.” Words paired with action — that’s what the American people should expect from their chief executive…” and that’s what we are getting.

  9. West Sedona Dave says:

    No Gary, where do you get your misinformation?
    Do you know the US Chamber of commerce is telling the president to not help make respirators?
    This is not leadership…where are the test kits….we are 2 months behind on a real response!
    Remember all you who want less taxes, and small government…..
    Well buddy you got it!….
    Where are those companies making masks?
    Why did pro sports react weeks before Trump did a thing?
    Yea thats right, its a Democrat hoax like Russia right?

    Well bucky strap yourself in, because this ride hasnt even stated…
    And your leader yesterday said time to loosen up these darn regulations.
    The National Guard is now helping out in the VV.
    You people need to wake up….Turn off your tvs….
    Italy, a mess, Spain a mess,
    Wait 3 weeks and get back to me on how great your leader is leading from behind!

  10. Caleb Hall Twitter says:


    Joe Biden: “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what — no matter what.”

    Joe Biden on Political View, Wilmington DE

  11. Nancy says:

    You know to count on West Sedona Dave for an anti Trump rant. Such a drama queen. Missing the pro China and Pro Russia and Pro Bernie rants of the past.

    The #coronavirus has reached the Galapagos Islands. 4 residents who returned from mainland Ecuador tested positive. The islands — which get 9x as many visitors as their population every year — have banned all foreigners.

    Wait, hear it? West Sedona Dave is screaming “Xenophobia! Racists!”

    “We’re enduring a great national trial, and we will prove that we can meet the moment … No American is alone as long as we are united.” Pres. Donald Trump

    Wait, hear it? West Sedona Dave wants an even cheaper ticket to Beijing because never full price!

  12. Jon says:

    Wuhan China owes the world. It’s not only the USA, it’s the world. Pakistan and places in South America and Africa and all over this planet will experience death at the hands of this virus release. Every country on earth will experience it.

    You do know that the doctor in China who blew the whistle is dead of the virus. The Chinese government disciplined him. He’s now dead and he was a younger man.

    Do you know that the NYTimes, Washington Post and other newspapers formerly critical of Trump now say he’s getting it right and we wouldn’t have had this kind of leadership with Clinton. That’s enough to scare the pants off of you, right? Under Clinton the country would have FAILED.

    We take for granted our freedoms. We should be prepared to fight for them and that means in conversation at home, school, communities, nationwide. It begins at home with not allowing group think, mass indoctrination. We can’t get the millennials to stay home when it’s clear they may bring a virus home that kills their children, their parents, themselves. I saw a TV news clip of people in Denver and to the one they all said “America can’t keep us in our houses because we can’t be expected to social network only.”

    No millennials and TV people – only China and Russia and North Korea and the Middle East and Venezuela and so many other countries it’s difficult to name all can do it – and they all would be happy to kill their citizens first and not spend a nickel on rehabilitation. China killed MILLIONS of their people to install communism. Russia killed millions of its people to install communism. Read your history.

    Contemplate this. If the Deep State does exist, if there is any conspiracy between Russia and China to remove the US as a superpower, then we may be in the middle of the greatest war since WWII. If we fall as a superpower, then you will get your checks for doing nothing, but first you may be eliminated from being nothing. That’s what China and Russia did to their populations. It’s easier to rule that way from Washington DC if you own everything that the people want; their food, their homes, their ability to travel, their speech, their justice, their medicines.

  13. Sharon says:

    @westsedonadave Amazon just donated 9 million masks from their warehouses watch the news and try and keep up. It’s not 1960 any more.

  14. West Sedona Dave says:

    Oh dear Sharon…..Are you aware that just for this situation we need between 1.7 billion to 3.5 billion masks?

    Yep Im not only keeping up, Im listening….I have told you complainers of everything you needed a hobby or a disease to appreciate life….Well guess what, strap yourself in because this ride has just started….

    This is not a conspiracy theory, its not a Democrat hoax, this is real life….Best of luck for you…..Dont expect flowers from me everything Sedona bad!

  15. Carolyn, uptown Sedona says:

    @WSD & EVERYBODY you can use bandana or scarf, does same thing as mask, drop into wash/dry when entering house, wash your hands and face with soap, you’ve masked the virus. Clean your phone before washing hands. Leave your shoes outside door & wear slippers or socks or houseshoes. you got it covered now. take clothes to dry cleaners.

  16. SewBee says:

    easy to Make masks Google YouTube do extra and share

  17. Az stats says:

    6 dead in Arizona as of today

  18. Coconino Changes Flagstaff Test Site Location & Hours says:

    Coconino County is changing its COVID-19 testing site hours and location.

    It will be closed Friday and Saturday and reopen in Fort Tuthill. It will be the only testing site in Flagstaff AZ and will operate from 10 AM until 3 PM beginning Sunday.

    Don’t forget your medical provider referral to be tested. Stay at home if you have mild symptoms, and call your health care provider. SELF QUARANTINE. STOP THE SPREAD. Call 911 for medical emergencies.

    {SedonaEye.com editor note: Thank you for your comment. Readers wanting more Coconino County AZ COVID-19 information may call 928-679-7300 and or visit the online sites http://www.coconino.az.gov/covid19 and or email covid19information@coconino.az.gov}

  19. Kelly Fowler, PVAZ says:

    Germany’s death rate from the coronavirus is substantially lower than Italy, Spain, UK because 53,340 Germans had tested positive for the coronavirus as of March 28 with 397 deaths, a death rate of 0.74%. Spain’s rate is 7.6% and Italy’s is 10.2%. It’s artificially low because Germans know how to positive their numbers. Why low numbers you should ask? Because Germany is testing as many as 120,000 people a week, milder cases don’t require hospitalization or end in death and they’re in an early stage of the outbreak, like the U.S. it has excellent intensive care facilities, a very young average age of infection, and a severe lockdown in place.

    The coronavirus is ravaging Europe with Italy and Spain now the worst hit countries in the world.

    Germany APPEARS to be doing great. 53,340 Germans had tested positive for the coronavirus as of midday Berlin time on March 28 with 397 deaths, according to Die Zeit. That means Germany has a death rate of 0.74% using that one statistic. (Die Zeit’s newspaper count pulls local data faster than the German central government and is seen as a more accurate picture). That rate is far below Spain at 7.82%, China 4.02% and Italy at 10.56%. It suggests that Germany is doing something right that the others aren’t? Nada.

    Contributing to the low death rate is Germany appears to be testing far more people than any other European country. Scientists agree that a great majority of all coronavirus cases never make it into the official figures – because they are not severe enough for hospital treatment and you should remain at home to recover.

    The more widely a country tests, the more of these milder cases it will find. The better it’s numbers which means nothing.

    Since the most severe cases are almost always tested, the number of coronavirus deaths will likely stay the same.
    The net effect is that more testing leads to a lower looking death rate. A false positive you would say in science. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to skew numbers. Can you see why people are clamoring for testing when it’s unnecessary? Coconino Co earned the lowest rating for containing the spread and its Mayor had even shut down hair dressers!!

    You need to lock up your kids. Follow their cell phones like they did in Florida and report back to their hometowns like they did in Florida. You didn’t keep the kids from going south during spring break. Mexico has had severe outbreaks, south America, Africa, Asia. Russia has huge numbers and they closed their border to the Chinese in 2019. Did you know that Equadorean tourists took the virus to the Galapagos Islands? Get out of your me me me bubble Coconino County.

  20. Coronavirus Update 3-29-20 says:

    The President and his task force have issued April 30, 2020 as the new quarantine revisit date. Stop the Spread ! Humanity will thank you.

  21. Lsu Leung says:

    Don’t be afraid of speaking the truth America. That’s why we came here.


  22. AZ Public Health April 1, 2020 Statistics says:

    Arizona on Wednesday reported at least 1,413 coronavirus cases and 29 deaths, a rise of more than 120 cases and five fatalities from the previous day.

  23. Jon says:

    Schumer despises Andrew Cuomo. Why? Do your own research. Here’s some help.

    …Chuck Schumer set the disgraceful tone for their political smear campaign with an open letter claiming a “federal leadership void [is leaving] America with an ugly spectacle in which States and cities are literally fending for themselves.” Schumer framed what is to come, writing, “Regrettably, our national response is far behind where it should be.”

    In essence Schumer and Pelosi would like to blame-shift any 20/20 hindsight failures on their part, or that of Demo governors, to the federal government. But just this week, Gavin Newsom, the most liberal governor of the most liberal state, again praised the Trump administration’s response.

    Trump responded in his press conference yesterday: “I want to remind everyone here in our nation’s capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics. Endless, partisan investigations have already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years.”

    In a letter responding to Schumer, Trump appropriately eviscerated him for his efforts to politicize the pandemic: “If you spent less time on your ridiculous impeachment hoax, which went haplessly on forever and ended up going nowhere, and instead focused on helping the people of New York, then New York would not have been so completely unprepared for the ‘invisible enemy.’ … You should have had New York much better prepared than you did, and as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx said yesterday, New York was very late in its fight against the virus. Fortunately, we have been working with your state and city governments, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio, to get the job done. You have been missing in action, except when it comes to the ‘press.’ While you have stated you don’t like Andrew Cuomo, you ought to start working alongside him for the good of all New Yorkers.” [Mark Alexander]

  24. Bloomberg News says:

    Bloomberg broke the dog-bites-man report Wednesday afternoon:

    China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.

    The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret, and they declined to detail its contents. But the thrust, they said, is that China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete. Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.

    President Donald Trump, in the tongue-in-cheek understatement of the year, then mused, “The numbers [coming out of China] seem to be a little bit on the light side — and I am being nice when I say that.”

    Bloomberg adds, “The outbreak began in China’s Hubei province in late 2019, but the country has publicly reported only about 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. That compares to more than 189,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths in the U.S., which has the largest publicly reported outbreak in the world.”

    In reality, China’s death toll is many times higher than reported. As Mark Alexander said back on January 31, “Officially, the communist Chinese government claims about 220 deaths and 10,000 infections. Our sources indicate that the actual rates of infection and deaths in China are much higher, and, in fact, official reports may only represent 5-7% of the actual dead and infected.”

    Evidence includes China’s so-called “pop-up hospitals” that were actually isolation morgues, as well as the recent massive shipment of urns to Wuhan….

  25. Angela says:

    Is it true the bodies are still contagious and have to be burned?

  26. Patient Zero where are you? says:

    As of March, since the CV19 outbreak, more than 300 Chinese nationals have been arrested by ICE as they illegally crossed our border from Mexico. It is estimated that almost 13,000 Chinese nationals illegally entered across that border undetected in 2019.

    Ask the Flagstaff testing lab what they’ve discovered so far…

  27. Red Cross Blood Drive says:

    The American Red Cross is partnering with the Arizona Cardinals, who have encouraged fans to get back in the game by giving blood for the WIN. They are hosting two community blood drives at State Farm Stadium on Tuesday, April 7, and Wednesday, April 8, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Amid coronavirus concerns, Cardinal fans have shown an outpouring of support by scheduling blood donation appointments and as a result have booked both event dates! Nevertheless, the Red Cross and the Cardinals are taking this opportunity to encourage healthy individuals to continue to schedule and keep donation appointments for other available blood drives across the state in the weeks ahead to ensure a stable supply throughout this pandemic.

    “In these uncertain times, we are especially grateful for blood drive hosts and site sponsors, like the Arizona Cardinals and State Farm Stadium, who continue to help the Red Cross maintain a sufficient blood supply and meet immediate patient needs,” said Jason Benedict, Red Cross regional donor services executive. “With no known end date in this fight against coronavirus, the Red Cross needs the help of our partners and the generosity of volunteer blood donors to help stock hospital shelves in the weeks and months to come.”

    Each Red Cross blood drive and donation center follows the highest standards of safety and infection control, and additional precautions have been implemented to ensure the health of Red Cross donors, employees and volunteers.

    Blood donation is essential to ensuring the health of our communities. The need for blood is constant, and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need. With no known end date in this fight against coronavirus, the Red Cross needs the help of donors and blood drive hosts to maintain a sufficient blood supply for weeks to come.

    This is the time to take care of one another. Healthy individuals who are feeling well can make an appointment to donate later this month and after by visiting RedCrossBlood.org, using the Red Cross Blood Donor App, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or enabling the Blood Donor Skill on any Alexa Echo device. Donors are also asked to make an appointment to donate in order to help manage the flow of donors appropriately in support of social distancing practices.

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: All appointment slots have been filled. Only those who have registered in advance and have a confirmed appointment time will be able to donate. Unfortunately, walk-ups cannot be accommodated.

    Blood donation drives are critical and essential health care activities and are exempt from the state’s recent stay-at-home order. The stadium’s size and the event’s operational set-up will also ensure adherence to the necessary physical and social distancing guidelines while still accommodating the greatest possible number of donors.

  28. State by State Coronavirus Daily Update says:


    Refresh the link above when open to get the latest updated information. Stay safe! Shelter in place!

  29. Bill says:

    China government is reprehensible and we need to move all supply chains back like the Japanese are beginning to do to their country after this virus outbreak. Attention Rest of World – get started using American citizens in America at a minimum wage of $15an hr with 2 weeks paid vacation.

  30. Steve segner says:

    I agree Bill and stop buying anything from the discount store or Walmart Walgreens Walgreens or any other store in America we drove the manufacturing the China by shopping at stores it’s sold on price nobody get it but us. Try buying a vitamin or any pharmaceutical that matter it doesn’t have a key ingredient made in China and forget TVs there only been in China

  31. Darlene Fox says:

    I’d like to see people posting pro China anti US youtubes charged with sedition!! I’m watching these smucks berate us when it’s China that killed all these people globally?!! Worse than guns!! Traitors. The worst generation is here!!

  32. TuTu Messer says:

    agree @darlfox my family Chinese & Thai & Korean & black white nobody said one word to a soul that’s not nice about being Asian & we don’t believe your news says it, my son say lies made up by Chinese communists here and China news to spread dissent, my husband say follow the money

  33. Ann, Sedona says:

    Over weekend heard lots of conversations about this virus impact on everyone’s get togethers. Thought you might find it interesting what our forties of the ranch mulled over while zooming and it gave lots of rise to lots of speculation.

    Did NAU President and board continue to disregard warnings because of the influence of its foreign Asian students cash heavy tuition income stream to its budget in not stopping the students from returning from China? Did Other schools in AZ do the same? Questions to be answered are these and many others about schools involvement in rise of virus here including Verde Valley school in my opinion and it could be none to a lot. What else are we not bothering to question or discuss? Did Washington state disregard warnings and encourage alternate routes of arrival by the Chinese to come through its airports to spite the administration ban on flights from China? What role did Washington state officials play in bringing the virus to the US? Did the virus come to Washington state via Canadian border crossings after landing in Canadian airports in order to circumvent the US administration order to stop China flights or direct overseas air travel routed through other countries? Washington state ignored and promoted anti US administration rhetoric. Are those officials accountable? Think and think and think it over and then add in observations and ideas.

  34. CNN Lied Again says:

    Headlines said Dr. Fauci said if the government had paid attention and lockdown sooner lives would have been saved. Dr, Fauci did say that, you said that, I said that, but no way would the economy have been shutdown in a day or two and survived. You’d be learning Chinese as your newfound language. Trump was wrong to retweet #firefauci because we don’t care if they agree with each other, we care that there are discussions going on that look at all sides.

    Trump trying to lose the election by yourself. We think that the TEAM is doing a great job. Don’t blow it.

    PS: Despise Tapper. Despise CNN political. Stop trying to destroy America.

  35. Here's one cure for COVID-19 says:

    Make sure everyone on your contact list receives this and other articles about cures that have worked. It’s our job to pass along information to everyone. Make sure your doctors and hospitals get a copy of any idea and cure they may not have time to learn about until it’s too late. Keep safe. Stop the Spread. STAY HOME.


    from the article…..

    Based on the astronomical level of inflammation in his body and reports written by Chinese and Italian physicians who had treated the sickest COVID-19 patients, the doctors came to believe that it was not the disease itself killing him but his own immune system.
    It had gone haywire and began to attack itself — a syndrome known as a “cytokine storm.”
    The immune system normally uses proteins called cytokines as weapons in fighting a disease. For unknown reasons in some COVID-19 patients, the immune system first fails to respond quickly enough and then floods the body with cytokines, destroying blood vessels and filling the lungs with fluid.
    The doctors tried a drug called Actemra, which was designed to treat rheumatoid arthritis but also approved in 2017 to treat cytokine storms in cancer patients.
    “Our role was to quiet the storm,” said Dr. Samuel Youssef, a cardiac surgeon. “Dr. Padgett was able to clear the virus” once his immune system was back in balance…..

  36. Chela Castillo, Flagstaff says:

    No $$ to WHO they have world blood on their hands like Rwanda 1994 when US Administration threw Africa to dogs.

  37. Sedona Larry says:

    China has flooded market w/antibody tests that don’t work. WTF!!!

  38. @chelacastillo says:

    You mean this guy who owed Russia for getting elected? You mean this guy whose first honored presence was at the Kremlin and welcomed as his first guest Syria’s Assad? Taken from January 1994 list….from all President’s official daily timeline website while in office publication…

    January 8 – President Clinton issues a memorandum on American assistance for the independent states of the former Soviet Union.[8]
    January 9 – President Clinton delivers remarks at Grand Place in Brussels during the evening after his leaving of the Hotel de Ville.[9] President Clinton gives speech on a variety of issues at the Conrad Hotel during the evening.[10]
    January 10 – President Clinton addresses the North Atlantic Council in a speech at the NATO Headquarters during the morning.[11] President Clinton holds his thirty-ninth news conference at the Conrad Hotel during the evening, the focus of which being the Clinton administration’s foreign policy.[12]
    January 11 – President Clinton delivers an address on economics within Brussels at the Conrad Hotel during the morning.[13] President Clinton holds his fortieth news conference in the Joseph Luns Theatre at NATO Headquarters during the morning.[14] President Clinton holds his forty-first news conference at the News Conference Theatre at the headquarters of the Commission of the European Union during the afternoon.[15]
    January 13 – President Clinton announces his nomination of William W. Ginsberg for Assistant Secretary for Economic Development at the Department of Commerce.[16] President Clinton announces the appointment of Regional and Deputy Regional Representatives for the U.S. Department of Education in San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Kansas City.[17]
    January 14 – President Clinton speaks with reporters in St. Catherine Hall at the Kremlin during the morning.[18] President Clinton participates in a town hall meeting with Ostankino television station during the afternoon.[19] The United States and Russia release a joint statement on their agreement toward human rights.[20]
    January 15 – President Clinton delivers an address at the Academy of Sciences during the afternoon.[21]
    January 16 – President Clinton holds his forty-fifth news conference with President of Syria Hafiz al-Assad at the Intercontinental Hotel during the afternoon.[22]


  39. Britney Grayson, Denver CO & Payson AZ says:

    I learned today that China pharmaceuticals specifically blood pressure meds were cited for cancer toxins. Also thyroid meds and others. I complained to my doctor 2 yrs ago that my thyroid meds were wonky and found they were manufactured in India and China and she said there’s not anything to be done about it because there weren’t any reliable US manufacturers. Who will take my lawsuit and all the millions of Americans that take these meds and more? There was a class action lawsuit against meds, it’s time to go after the manufacturers with the help of our government.

  40. Beverly Oak says:

    I wear a mask because the person I protect from COVID-19 today might be the doctor or nurse who saves my life tomorrow.

  41. @ Beverly Oak says:

    Make sure you stay home, too, because you’re too stupid to be out in public. https://www.bitchute.com/video/YmZXGyrd8UuI/

  42. @@Beverly Oak says:

    I realize that you are being sarcastic but your point is proven by the thousands who refuse from stay home in the valley and MUST come to Sedona in large groups.

  43. Sedona Larry says:

    Plenty of beds in AZ. Good to know.

  44. Mia Obando, Sedona says:

    Good news!!!!!New York tested 3K people and found only 13.9% showed coronavirus antibodies and Governor says he doesn’t need medical ship any more and he appreciates President Trump and his coronavirus team for its speedy and great response and help during this coronavirus pandemic. He said Pres. Trump listened and responded quickly and feels the country owes a debt of gratitude to him and the administration. You don’t hear that on the news because they’re biased here in Sedona and filled with hate for others that don’t agree with them. Good news for NY!!! Thanks SE we’ve got your backs here.

  45. Joan's MAD MAD MAD says:

    Paid attention to news channels and see what people are talking about unfair coverage by certain channels and it was mind blowing in America that certain channels are undermining the efforts to beat this virus. I watched an Anderson Cooper interview with the Vegas mayor and he was rude, wrong, condescending, anti woman, belligerent, arrogant, nasty, petulant, and did I say rude, wrong, nasty and vulgar. He owes that mayor an apology for his behavior and he owes CNN his resignation. What a diva. Shameless behavior by one human to another and how dare he belittle that well spoken woman with a point of view other than his by calling her ignorant. IGNORANT. She was graceful and dignified. Anderson was a kowtowing fascist. I will never watch him willingly again until he prostrates himself on the floor in front of that woman. No man has the right to act that way with a woman. She matters, Anderson. Her opinions matter, Anderson. You’re disgusting, Anderson. #MeToo Anderson for her

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