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Teachers and Firefighters and State Workers are not bargaining chips

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

I’m reaching out to you today at a crucial time…

Emily Seidel from our team sent an email on Thursday about the proposal by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to bail out states that for decades have been reckless with their spending worth up to $1 trillion.

We should be helping the people who are hurting, not bailing out politicians for irresponsible decisions they made prior to this crisis.

But states like New York, California, and Illinois are requesting hundreds of billions in federal bailouts to pay for their past mistakes and fuel spending for their special-interest projects and expensive programs.

That’s outrageous! But it gets even worse.

Speaker Pelosi’s new trillion dollars in federal funding for these bailouts – is on top of the record spending in the past few weeks! These numbers are outrageously unfair to Americans and unrelated to the current crisis we face, almost always helping special interests more than the people who are hurting.

We all want to help our teachers and firefighters and other state workers we all rely upon. States should do that by making them priorities for the funds they have and have already received. They should not be exploiting them as bargaining chips to seek massive federal bailouts.

States that are in a precarious fiscal position because of bad decisions made before the COVID crisis need to make reforms that enable them to meet the needs of their people.

Big bills like this are ripe for corruption and special interest cronyism. There are better ways to help the people who need it.

We’re asking you to stand up with us and reject these political bailouts. You can start by clicking here to sign our pledge against them.

With your help, AFP has an important role to play in defending against the worst kinds of political opportunism and mobilizing millions behind a better path for a stronger country. Together, we will continue to advocate for the solutions that will help Americans get safely back to work, get our economy moving without bankrupting the country, and improve health care both during the crisis and once we’ve made it through.

I hope you’ll take a moment today to join the thousands of Americans who have already signed the pledge to oppose the state bailouts.

Your activism is vital to laying the foundation for coming out of this unprecedented time stronger and more dynamic than before.


Americans for Prosperity Foundation


  1. Anonymous says:

    More crap from the rich!……Funny how your worried about debt, but didnt talk about how states MUST have a balanced budget!

    Where are the states going to get money for all services?

    It will first blunt will be education, then next will be programs to hurt our weakest!

    Face it, this problem had been around for decades, now we can see all our countries weaknesses!

    Tax the rich…..Remember when they were taxed at 90%, then 70%, and now 25%….Bunch of freeloaders every one of you…

    America for Prosperity, go to hell !…..You have money, we dont, with low wages you push, and lack of affordable healthcare! Just to name a few.

  2. Michele says:

    Not a rich va no rich theme here. It’s economics 101. You’re definitely a product of public education at its commonest.

  3. Ron says:

    Since AFP chose to point out California, New York, and Illinois it is also important to note that each of these states pays out much more to the federal government than it gets back.

    Every California taxpayer pays $348 to support other states, $13.7 billion in total. Every New York taxpayer pays $1216…$24.1 billion in total. Every Illinois taxpayer pays $1158…$14.8 billion in total. (statistics from https://www.businessinsider.com/federal-taxes-federal-services-difference-by-state-2019-1)

    Arizona, meanwhile, takes in $30.8 billion more than it contributes, $4394 per taxpayer.

    What if the California, New York, and Illinois taxpayers stopped contributing to support Arizona taxpayers? Which states would then need a federal bailout?

  4. Frank says:

    Not true, Ron.

    It would be really nice, Ron, if you used current numbers and not old numbers. The most recent numbers in 2019 (yours are based on the prior fiscal years) show California is not a “donor” state any longer.

    The reason California taxpayers paid $348 more per person than they received in your old report? (Table scraps….don’t we hear you scream pay more pay more and be grateful to do that in Sedona and Arizona or leave?)

    California has some of the highest incomes and the wealthiest taxpayers who pay more but still equal out to that farmer in Idaho farmer as in 1+1=2. Your California kids aren’t worth more than Arkansas kids; they’re the same in the federal government eyes.


  5. Mark Money says:

    @frank is right and @ron is wrong.

    What @Ron fails to account for is that Arizona only has 18% of its land to produce income including taxation.The Federal government owns vast amounts of Arizona in USFS, Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

    Obama designated 3 new national monuments in other states and failed to protect the Grand Canyon Watershed when asked to set aside 1.7 million acres. The Antiquities Act of 1906 gives the president power to declare land a national monument. Obama protected land in Hawaii, Colorado and Illinois.

    The forest service holds about 11.3 million acres across 6 national forests; Fish and Wildlife holds 1.7 million acres; BLM holds 12.2 million acres or together about 33% of Arizona. Dept of Defense holds another 3 million bringing federal control to 42.1% of Arizona’s total land.

    The state of Arizona holds 9.2 million in a state trust for education funding for K-12. That’s another 12.7 % of Arizona land mass bringing government control to 55%.

    The 21 recognized tribes own 19.8 million acres or another 27.1% of Arizona land.

    Which means 18% of land funds the state of Arizona needs.

    Get it? 18%. BTW that’s from FactCheck.org and the CBO government websites.

    What @Ron doesn’t realize is that the payments to states like Arizona are to compensate for federal lands; 80% of Arizona lands are federal / other and cannot be used by the state to produce income via taxation. Simple. 18% funds Arizona. Go to http://www.Ballotpedia.org to see statistics for all states.

  6. It's not the Teachers and firefighters says:

    It’s all the $250,000 plus administrators their benefits and pensions that are breaking the system. It’s time for a change.

  7. So What? says:

    @It’s not the Teachers and firefighters. How about adding Sedona City Hall (includes staff and city council) and the “Sedona” (regional) Chamber of Commerce?

    When the dust settles after this Coronavirus crisis and the tax revenue crashes, who do you suppose will be targets for refreshing city coffers? SEDONA CITY RESIDENTS is my bet!

    Time to send the bums packing (IMO)!!!

  8. Cora says:

    Nobody will vote for more taxes. We’ve seen what that does to other places.

  9. Mark Alexander says:

    “The nation which indulges towards another an habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.” —George Washington (1796)

  10. Krysten, Good job says:

    Last night Trump told the nation he canned the TVA Director and made TVA rehire all the Americans displaced by cheaper foreign visa workers. Damn. You’ve my vote now sir and nobody but nobody on ABC ever reported that in Tennessee. Spread the word. I’m a public school teacher and I approve this message.

  11. NOT says:

    Snooze. I know Arizona treats the teachers so well NOT. And you Kirsten are so full of it

  12. TVA and TikTok Matter says:

    @netflix needs to explain its choice to partner with a Chinese author who has defended the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression of Muslim Uighurs. U.S. companies should not actively or tacitly allow the normalization of, or apologism for, these crimes.

    A long time NEVER answering under Biden and Obama. Is that because Barisma funded China’s Silk Road 2025 plan through Europe?

  13. Juan T, Phoenix- Mesa says:

    I’m an Arizona proud teacher and my pay and my benefits and my life has been wonderful because of that pay and those benefits and the support and joy I find in teaching. If admin supports us, we’re happy campers and, if parents do their jobs of raising good mannered and intellectually curious children, then we teachers are happy campers. I’m third generation Mexican from legal immigrants and support the wall and English first language. I’ll visit a Spanish speaking country’s
    Classroom a few miles south if I want it to be a first language experience. Just call my family and friends Americans, proud Americans.

  14. Biden met Jill while first wife alive says:

    Hey Sedona thought you might want to read some truth for a change with your local rag reporter. Watch Inside Edition.

    Capital Hill – Joe Biden lied about meeting his wife Jill on a blind date, and their 43-year marriage actually grew out of an extramarital affair, Jill Biden’s ex-husband claimed in an interview with Inside Edition on Monday.

    Bill Stevenson, who was married to Jill Biden from 1970 to 1975, told Inside Edition that he introduced Joe and Jill Biden in 1972, the year Joe Biden first ran for Senate.

    “I was betrayed by the Bidens. Joe was my friend. Jill was my wife,” Stevenson, a fundraiser for Biden’s first Senate campaign, told Inside Edition.

    Stevenson said he decided to speak out now “because [Biden] is picking on people about character.”

    Biden has long claimed that he met Jill, then a local model, when his brother Frank set them up on a blind date in 1975, three years after Biden’s first wife Neilia and infant daughter were killed in a car accident. According to Biden, the couple saw a movie and fell in love. They married two years later. But Stevenson rejected this account, claiming he brought his then-wife Jill to Biden’s home in 1972, which is when the two actually first met.

    “Right before the election in ’72, Jill, Joe, Neilia, and I were in [Biden’s] kitchen,” said Stevenson. “How do you forget that?”

    Stevenson, who owned a popular college bar called the Stone Balloon in Wilmington, Del., said he had held a fundraiser for Biden that past August.

    He said he first realized his wife was having an affair with Biden when a man stopped by his bar one day and asked him to pay for damage Jill had apparently caused to his car during a fender-bender. The man told Stevenson that Biden, not Jill, had been driving her car at the time.

    Stevenson said he also became suspicious after Jill declined to go with him to meet Bruce Springsteen, telling him she had to babysit Biden’s children instead.

    Stevenson claimed he and Jill split up soon after, and she went on to marry Biden….

  15. @biden met jill says:

    Who cares……. that’s nothing compared to trumps “activity’s “Your joking right!?

  16. Aria Mayer says:

    TVA workers were honored at state of the Union message & thank God for Trump. Obama Biden threw TVA under the bus in favor of foreign visa workers at half the pay. Fact. Minorities no longer have to suffer under Obama Biden. Fact. We’re not that stupid to worry about bedrooms over jobs and Trump creates jobs.

  17. Sedona Rob says:

    Teachers don’t pay attention to unions here & except a few unionists who are unable to see beyond the koolade packets know and it took Trump to get their raises here & it was the Republicans that brought it. Yes we need Trump to save us.

  18. Karen, Sedona says:

    Im ashamed as a human being that Joe Biden allowed the Other driver to be falsely held responsible for the car accident deaths and injuries of his family. Why doesn’t the real truth ever get out. Couple him with Harris and now two people with sordid pasts get more power. Not on my vote. Im joining the exit at the polls and voting Trump. For all his flaws and narcissism that man is an open book. I’ll take too much info to none at all and grow some balls and appreciate my better economic status.

  19. Linda Smith says:

    Trump and Republicans did the big raises for us. If you vote Democrat you are going to pay union fees and get nothing back for it. I lived and worked in Illinois and it was a joke on cops and teachers and firefighters and we couldn’t wait to leave. Sedona has firefighters from Illinois and NY that had to move to AZ to live on their pension paychecks. STOP voting for Democrats. They will ruin a good state with that let me take care of you noises. Don’t fall for it and don’t vote for it. Stand up on your own for we have the best here now. Thank you.

  20. Brandi, Flagstaff says:

    the young Mrs. Biden well police reports said then there was no reason they could find for her to pull in front of the truck (Deleted by editor) and (deleted by editor)

  21. Robin, Come on and help her! says:

    Come on Sedona and help this amazing hardworking woman. Martha McSally for Senate is targeted because she’s a free thinker and works quietly for the reservations, the Hispanic and Latino communities, the least and best among Arizona and the haves and the have nots and is laser focused on growing Arizona without it being unchecked and destructive to our way of life. She’s one of us and not a politician wannabe like the Democrat opposing her whose from New Jersey!

    Frankly, these are my least favorite emails to send. I’m more comfortable in the cockpit of a fighter jet than I am asking for money, but with such a close election and Democrats breaking fundraising records, I really need your support.

    Here’s the situation. I missed my End of Quarter goal, and now I’m not on track for the LAST mid-month deadline before the election. I need your immediate support, or I will miss my goal right before Election Day! Donate any amount now >>>

    I’ve been attacked nonstop. Democrats’ path to taking the White House and Senate requires flipping Arizona. We are the tipping point state.

    I need you on the frontlines with me so we can keep Arizona and the Senate RED! Are you with me? Donate right now to help defend this critical battleground!

    We are on the final stretch of the campaign, and every single day, we need to keep the fight up. This is going to be one of the closest and most watched races in the nation, and so much rides on the outcome.

    I know I’ve been able to count on you before, and I really need your help again today. Please pitch in $10, $30, $100, or more to support our fight and help keep Arizona red!

    Thank you so much!

    In Service,
    Martha McSally

  22. Joe, Sedona says:

    Black author and popular black commentator Larry Elder’s appointment goes against the narrative pushed by the Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, that the Republicans don’t believe that the lives of Black Americans matter. Elder has long discussed the racism of the left, including mainstream Democratic politicians, and recently published a film called “Uncle Tom.”

    The movie asks why Black conservatives are called “Uncle Tom,” a racial slur, so often by left-wing activists. His appointment to the federal government will allow him to work on a commission set up in August 2020 that will examine the social disparities that disproportionately affect Black males in America. The commission is led by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

    The new commission establishes a new bipartisan effort within the United States Commission on Civil Rights and it will have 19 members, including lawmakers and experts like Elder.

    The commission will issue policy recommendations to lawmakers based on its findings, so Elder’s influence may just ensure that fake narratives pushed by Black Lives Matter and similar groups do not find their way into those recommendations. President Trump did it again.

  23. Geraldine Washington, Santa Rosa says:

    Only an idiot would buy a car if the sales person said “I’ll tell you a price AFTER you buy it and sign loan papers.” Joe’s playing teachers and first responder voters for idiots. Vote NOJOE.

    I’ve relatives in China that said every time Mr. Pence came on TV the screen went to a logo with Signal Interruption and as soon as Ms. Harris began to speak it came back on. This is the same internet control that 97% of countries in the world enjoy.

    You vote for Mr. Biden then you’ll lose your internet to the billionaires of Facebook and TikTok and Twitter and others supporting the Biden Harris presidency. Why? Because they’ll get more control than if Mr. Trump stays in White House. Mr.Trump has proven his support of all the things that once Democrats supported. I’m half Asian and half black and not voting for Mr. Biden or Ms. Harris.

    Chinese don’t allow or accept multiracial children and they aren’t allowed to be seen. Some parents allow babies to die if multiracial beside roads. Forced sterilizations of multiracial children are mandatory. In America it’s called abortions.

  24. MIKE says:




  25. @mike says:

    Paranoid much!?? guess we’ll find out if your delusions are real(thier not) cause Trump is a one term president and McSally is going g to have the Distinction of LOSING two SENETE elections in two years .

  26. Justin says:

    Roosevelt tried to change the court to 15 when he couldn’t get control of it for his New Deal nationalist plans and luckily his own party were well educated enough to recognize the destruction of the American liberties and absolute power it gave politicians and not the constitution and they blocked him.

    You radical leftists do not want radical leftists on the Supreme Court because then you have communism unchecked. It’s nice to whine and scream about your lack of something but when you have too much it will bite you in the ass.

  27. steve segner says:

    Since 1789, Congress changed the maximum number of Justices on the Court several times, NOT packing just adjusting, Remember The republicans stopped Obama from picking his own judges, so the worm has turned, and putting more people on the Supreme court only seems fair. Don’t you think

  28. Liz says:

    Who are you Steve that you think that position is acceptable to even progressives? The point about Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson ought to answer the very idea of stacking as simplistic and irresponsible.

    No American would agree to packing the court for any reason. Even if Garland had been appointed it wouldn’t change any of the vote outcomes since that time.

    The problem wasn’t that republicans opposed Garland it was that the Democrats didn’t have the votes from their own party to get him appointed because Obama chose a less than best choice from his list of possibles. Not enough Democrats liked the choice.

    Know your history before you choose a side.

    Packing the court does what? You still have to have a majority and your comment means that you know the Democrats aren’t as brilliant or knowledgeable. Stop dragging us down with stupidity.

    Majority of Democrats don’t think there’s any difference between an 8-7 win or a 5-4 win. If your case isn’t worth it, you’ll find it merits the same outcome.

    If the Supreme Court doesn’t stick to the constitution, then we have the judicial and legislative branches and the executive branch and the press and none of them are capable of determining an outcome for more than their own myopic views.

    We already see what happens to a great country when ruled by a biased press and other branches. Learn something instead of spewing garbage. Every Democrat and Republican and Independent and Nonpartisan voter should be against stacking any court or any branch of government to live long and free. Learn from Germany that did what you advocate. Learn from a majority of other nations that do the same now. You make me ashamed of being a Sedona Democrat advocating for an ignorant position.

    You don’t speak for the majority of Democrats.

  29. Velma & Jackie Shockley, Kathy Birdsong, Christie & Lorena Hitchens says:

    Happy days. We’d turn 17 into a toll road beginning north of Anthem all the way to the 40 turn off. $18 a pop at every exit. There’s no reason for people to come off exits unless they live or work here, and those that do live and work here would have an AZ license plate coded to their addresses that would charge nothing using embedded road sensors like other parts of the country (Canada and Europe) because we pay higher taxes in the city then anywhere else in Arizona. People want to come to visit better have a good reason for being here or have enough money they pay for the damage they do by leaving us trash and damage to our environment. We should offer sidewalks and bike paths. Love it or leave it or don’t come. Time to close dead horse and slide rock and tusigout and montezuma castle. They need a rest to rejuvenate. We need a rest from tourism. Plenty of ideas for Denise and friends.

  30. kerry globe says:

    Omg I love it & I approve this message for Verde valley & northern Arizona

  31. Shirley B. says:

    I’m voting for President Trump and proud of it. Joe Biden said some gibberish today that was edited out because he blathered on about breasts. Help our country and it will not be helped by Kamala Harris who is weak and another blathering idiot like Joe Biden. Can’t trust either one with the country.

  32. Gwen says:

    Kelly’s pro left wing of the Democratic Party. He ‘s been endorsed by the no gun group of liberal Democrats that includes U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and former Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia. He’s pro Schumer for Majority leader when they dump Pelosi to ram through even more leftist policies.

    McSally stood on her own. She’s a fighter pilot worth keeping for AZ. And she’s a vote for keeping the Supreme Court from being radicalized because Kelly will vote to pack the court. This will be on you Arizonans if the country goes socialist. We will be another high tax state like California if the Democrats take over. Vote McSally and keep AZ a true independent state.

  33. Douglas Andrews says:

    Some Good Questions for Joe – The media has no interest in asking tough questions of Joe Biden, but we do.

    You know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.

    That’s a pretty scathing indictment of the man Barack Obama hand-picked as his running mate more than a dozen years ago. But it wasn’t just an isolated insult. Obama also once said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f—k things up.”

    Perhaps even more damning, though, were Obama’s deliberate efforts to convince Biden not to run at all.

    In 2016, he sent a liaison to try to talk his former veep out of it, thinking Hillary Clinton — Hillary Clinton — would have a better shot at succeeding him and building on his, ahem, agenda. Three years later, around the time Biden was deciding to get into the race, Obama was more blunt: “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t.”

    No dice. But what does Obama know that tens of millions of his fellow Democrats apparently don’t know?

    Twenty-eight Democrats ran for their party’s 2020 nomination, and this is the best they could do? This is their standard-bearer? Biden dropped out of the race 12 years ago after getting a measly 4% of the vote in Iowa. This year, he stuck it out despite finishing a dismal fourth in Iowa, behind the homosexual Millennial, the septuagenarian socialist, and the fake Indian. Then he finished fifth in New Hampshire and lost by 26 points to Bernie Sanders in Nevada.

    Dude can’t take a hint. And neither, it seems, can Democrat voters. These, after all, are the people who got to know Biden best. Here again, what do Iowans and New Hampshirites and Nevadans know that the rest of the nation’s Democrats don’t know?

    Speaking of questions, Kyle Smith at National Review has some doozies for ol’ Scranton Joe. Mind you, these are simply questions that a decent, honest, and self-respecting media would’ve already asked. Like this one: “Barack Obama’s personal physician for many years, reviewed your records and said, ‘He’s not a healthy guy.’ On day one of your presidency, should you win, you will be 13 years past retirement age and older than any man has ever been at any point while holding that office. This fall you have on many occasions ‘called a lid,’ or shut down all operations for the day, by 9 a.m. Shouldn’t the American people be worried … that you have the stamina for the world’s toughest job?”

    Or this one: “You once told Mississippi Senator John Stennis, a racist opponent of school desegregation, that you viewed him as a ‘hero’ and were honored to take over his office after he retired. In 2010 you gave a eulogy at the funeral of Senator Robert Byrd, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan whom you called ‘a dear friend.’ … As recently as 2016 you fondly recalled that you welcomed the assistance of Stennis in one of your Senate reelection campaigns even though Stennis once said, ‘Those who would mix little children of both races in our schools are following an illegal, immoral, and sinful doctrine.’ Isn’t your record of supporting these avowed white supremacists disturbing, disgusting, and disqualifying?”

    Smith has other questions, too, including one about the intellectual chops of a guy who finished near the bottom of his class at Syracuse Law School, and the reliability of a guy who, according to Obama’s former defense secretary, has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

    More recently, of course, there’s Biden’s bizarre unwillingness to level with the American people about whether he supports packing the Supreme Court with leftist justices and thereby upsetting the Court’s 151-year-old balance of nine justices.

    The media might not want to know, Joe. But we sure do.

  34. Lyndley Webb says:

    Canada and Europe use embedded readers on all their bridges and highways.
    You drive into London loop and get $16 charge. It’s possible to do it.

  35. SteveSegner says:

    . Velma & Jackie Shockley, Kathy Birdsong, Christie & Lorena Hitchens says:

    We’d turn 17 into a toll road beginning north of Anthem all the way to the 40 turn off. $18 a pop at every exit. Great idea
    Then phoenix should charge 25.00 for every trip YOU take down, and Flagstaff 15 for, Mexico 100.00 Europe 500.00 (way to many people) Cotton wood ,5$ …. The village free because there no need to ever go to the village is just a golf course and old people how never leave home. Americans need to stop traveling because when they do they disturbe others… Stop it!

  36. Jackie Shockley says:

    @SteveSevner. Let’s build on that idea. Good start.

  37. Steve Segner says:

    Great, now all we need to do is get the Supreme Court on board allowing discrimation of non residents and allowing a” travel tax” giveing residents special privileges .

    lets start with a city tax to make sure all residents are paying for city services lets just block the roads to no residents ,

  38. Yodel Man says:

    Should be plenty in the bank says town manager for that Steve. We don’t build for tourists or pay to bring them here like we do now and keeps millions in the bank.

  39. Danny, VOC says:

    Sedona used to be a diamond now it’s becoming brittle glass.Stop polluting our area and bringing the virus.

  40. Bill, Uptown neighborhood says:

    Here’s a catch can of other articles that you won’t dare print because your Democrats editors. Tried to give credit when known but took them copy paste while reading news and will say the unknown paragraphs were written by someone in news posts: Let the people decide.

    Oakland County Times and Washington Post headlines now should read “BLM anarchists targeted Governor” or “Governor Falsely Accuses Trump When FBI Evidence Charges BLM Anarchists”.

    Another conspirator was indicted in the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has turned out to be an anarchist and this time is an identified Black Lives Matter, Inc.™ supporter.

    That means at least three of the six men indicted by the federal government for the frightening conspiracy to kidnap the governor from her vacation home are avowed anti-Donald Trump anarchists and at least one is a self identified BLM protester.

    One of alleged plotters, Daniel Harris, 23, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.

    Conspirators were upset over Whitmer’s COVID-19 lockdowns and her hypocrisy of ordering people to stay home when she and or family appeared to defy her own orders.

    …Leftists all over the country have defied lockdown orders to congregate en masse and riot. Conservatives, Jews, and Christians have held protests to counter the lockdowns preventing them from going to their places of worship and peaceably assembling. Both sides don’t appreciate tyranny…

    The Post tried to insert into its story that the head of the group brought up on federal charges, Adam Fox, was a white supremacist, but offered no tangible support for the allegation except a theoretical, third-hand observation. It certainly could be true considering the mostly white anarchists and antifa rioters, who use the same “anarchist A” symbol as the conspirators, who certainly seem to be bigoted against white people with views different than their own, and believe black people need white Leftists to lead them and speak on their behalf.

    When politicians say white supremacists are the real problem in America, maybe it’s Antifa and BLM to which they refer. Most are white and they are definitely a problem in the cities that let them continue rioting.

    One of the alleged conspirators was pardoned by the Democrat governor of Delaware last year, a point brought up by Trump campaign lawyer Jason Miller, who asked, “Democrat Governor pardoned anarchist lunatic who plotted against another Democrat Governor. Yet Democrats try to blame @realDonaldTrump. Where’s the media outrage?”

    Headlines should be “Delaware last year pardoned man charged in Whitmer kidnapping plot.” What did he do and get for that pardon, Governor? Any strings attached?

    Background about the “right-wing” terrorists who plotted to kidnap Whitmer: —One was a BLM inc. protestor — One called Trump a “tyrant” —They hated police —They were anarchists —They claimed to hate the Constitution – These people are anything but conservative and or liberals in the true sense of the word.

    On the day the FBI announced indictments against six men for plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, she outrageously and irresponsibly blamed the plot on President Trump. Whitmer is being called on by Democrats and Republicans to issue a public apology to President Trump and make a statement to the press that clarifies the situation as being leftist affiliated anarchists and BLM supporters. As many voters are saying, “It speaks to her truthfulness, integrity and credibility.”

    It’s up to you to Find out on your own what we don’t hear or see. Stop being lead around by the nose. Don’t believe this all then that’s okay then dispute it so we all learn.

  41. Phil says:

    I’m a Democrat. Amy Comey Barrett is quality judge and I appreciate how she doesn’t let the senators bully her and she’s consistently a moderate centrist voice. She made Blumenthal look foolish because he asked her about her position on climate, what a ignorant self indigent tripper he is !!! For gods sake !! and Coons of Delaware proves why he was Jeff flakes best friend. She quotes Kagan and Ginsburg and Scalia and the constitution. Even Feinstein says she’s impressed with her answers. Shut up Sienna and Kirkpatrick because she’s wayyyyyy better than you because she’s not a politician she’s a judge deciding on the law not polls. Support a good woman whose a good law justice. I’m all for her appointment.

  42. Marian, cop’s wife says:

    KILL COPS is Biden-Harris.

    NOJOE is cops Blue Lives Matter reply.

    No cop or cop family or people who support cops should vote for any democrat.

  43. Pelosi Off Course says:

    Pelosi has long been lauded by the Leftmedia as a masterful lawmaking strategist. But there was nothing masterful about her embarrassing performance yesterday. Blitzer kept pressing her on her unwillingness to take a $1.8 trillion deal the White House offered her on Friday. Pelosi wants $2.2 trillion, including nearly $500 billion in state, local, and Native American funding, all of which Republicans oppose.

    “[The American people] really need the money right now,” said Blitzer, “and even members of your own caucus, Madame Speaker, wanted to accept this deal. $1.8 trillion. Congressman Ro Khanna, a man you know well, I assume you admire him, he’s a Democrat, and he just said this, he said, ‘People in need can’t wait until February. 1.8 trillion is significant & more than twice the Obama stimulus. … Make a deal & put the ball in McConnell[’s] court.’

    So what do you say to Ro Khanna?”

  44. IndiaStJohnson says:

    tell Speaker Pelosi to pass $1200 individual check bill like Pres Trump MONTHS AGO asked Congress to do for him to sign. Arizona Democrats opposed it. Vote them out and PASS THE BILL ==site’s wicked great== Call their offices now and vote your wallets. You won’t get a check w/Democrats.

  45. Wrong again says:


    Empty words are becoming of quite regular around here

  46. Twitter says:

    We reported an apparently abusive and troll account. We received the below:

    An update on your report
    Thanks again for letting us know. Our investigation found this account violated the Twitter Rules:
    Big Cripper
    Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
    We appreciate your help in improving everyone’s experience on Twitter. You can learn more about reporting abusive behavior at Twitter.com.

  47. @twitter says:

    What does that even mean… your a whacko man. Get some help

  48. Terrence says:

    Biden / Trump together would be great ticket.

  49. R.A., Trump vs Biden says:

    Trump wins on vigor and accomplishments because Joe hasn’t accomplished being more than a bench warmer. Is it true that Stephanopolis was caught on open mic after studio cleared saying “man I wasn’t sure he was going to make it” ? There were no hard ball questions from George who seemed to pity him. Joe’s never been #1 and he can’t handle it. Look at all his poor decisions and responses to crisis that drove President Obama up a wall having him in the White House. I’m scared if he gets in. He was the white man holding the bench for President Obama and thank god we never needed him to step in and explain to me why we want him now? Nobody I know in the military has a high opinion of Joe. None and I know a lot. They worry if he gets in. My dentist is worried and my hair dresser. What’s that tell you? I can’t vote for him and am staying home. If Trump wins we’ve been doing better than ever. I’ll take that.

  50. Dolores Carmine says:

    Biden screwed. Pres Trump articulate and focused . Might watch NBC again. Forgot about them for years.

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