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Eddie Maddock: Rootin’ and Tootin’ Sedona

Eddie Maddock finds humor in Sedona 2020.

Sedona AZ – With the constant turnover of creative minds comin’ and goin’ in Sedona, and that includes tourists and residents, has anyone ever come up with the suggestion of a Sedona City Anthem i.e. our national anthem? There are many possibilities, but, as an example, how about a similarity to Dorothy Shay’s 1948 lyrics to Feudin’ and Fightin’, a portion of which is offered here:

By Dorothy Shay

“Feuding and fussing and a-fighting
Sometimes it gets to be exciting
Don’t like them ornery neighbors down by the creek
We’ll be plumb out of neighbors next week

Grandma, poor old grandma
Why’d they have to shoot poor grandma
She lies ‘neath the clover
Someone caught her bending over

Picking up a daisy . . . ”

As a suggestion, maybe Sedona’s version could start with the title of Rootin’ and Tootin’ followed by:

It’s Rootin Tootin time!

First Versed

“Beefing and bitching and a-bawling
Sometimes it gets to be appalling
Free lunch for the Chamber of Commerce, Name of the game
While those flatlanders gripe and spew blame.


Tourists, good old tourists
Yes, indeed, we love those tourists
But traffic, too much traffic
Need to heed a hold on traffic

But keep the tourists coming…

Second Verse

Skidding and scooting and a-skating
Sometimes it fails to be elating
Mute options? Not a solution, easy to see
While nice styles of life cease to be


Tourists, good old tourists
Yes, indeed, we love those tourists
But traffic, too much traffic
Need to heed a hold on traffic

But keep the tourists coming…

* * * * * * * * * * *
OK Gang, here’s your chance. Let’s see your imagination put into motion. Add a third verse to Sedona’s proposed “anthem” – ROOTIN’ AND A-TOOTIN’.


  1. Larry W says:

    Spin, spin, spin @Steve Segner. Nothing can change the fact(s) that Angela LeFevre DID resign from the city council and Jon Thompson did NOT run for a second term.

    Of course they were aware of the initial chamber deal(?)when they ran for office at which time it was stipulated requests for bids would occur the following year. But of course that conveniently never happened.

    Isn’t it possible that once elected and they delved deeper into the lack of transparency and other questionable factors they no longer had the stomach stamina to endure? Both good people who used good judgment when they realized the deck was stacked and not to uphold fairness?

    Today’s a great day. Literally raining on your parade. Something you cannot control.

  2. steve segner says:

    Larry W says:Isn’t it possible as you like to say that you just made up the entire story. Really ,they both voted for contract twice and more. “Isn’t it possible” as you like to say they did their civic duty and moved on.
    Larry it takes a lot of work and time to be on the city council and Larry W (not a real name ) you say Spin, spin, spin and then say, (Isn’t it possible) ……. all spin. not one fact. People in Sedona are happy with local goverment and the chamber ,Larry you can all way run for office and fix it , oh but that would take time away from tv and fox news.

  3. @Larry W says:

    You continue to meet or exceed the phrase; “haters got to hate”

    When you say; “Isn’t it possible that once elected and they delved deeper into the lack of transparency and other questionable factors they no longer had the stomach….” It could also be possible that there are other reasons which LeFevre resigned and Thompson didn’t run for re-election for totally personal reasons none of which are my or your business. You continue to spin your trash talk to try to prove a non-existent case.

  4. Shut the City down !! says:

    Dis-incorporation, shut the City of Sedona down.

    Remember the line from the movie “Alien ” where they say “nuke it from space, it’s the only way to be sure.” I’m not quite recommending nuking city hall. Just shut the city down. The counties will do everything necessary the current City of Sedona does, with less waste and favoritism. The only thing you will notice is less traffic and lower sales taxes.

  5. Sharon says:

    Bet not one group is smart enough to pass out a flier on Super Tuesday at polls explaining in 5 or less billet points why Sedona needs a new council and mission coming up? Just sayin. Wasn’t LeFevre an English born communist to the left of Sanders?

  6. @speaking of says:

    Sameol story. This town isso corrupt. The players that have been instumental at ruinining sedona only to be replaced by a new cast of characters. Write your state represenatives.l The only way to make change. So let us all volunteer and work for free, all the way the chosen few continue to make real money. Justin, Karen, Jenifer and so on. If you don’t go above their heads, you are part of the problem, and shame on you.

  7. steve Segner says:

    Sharon says:
    @speaking of says:
    Shut the City down !! Says:
    Larry W says:
    If you are so UN happy take out a packet and run for office.
    All of you complain about citizens that get off their butts and go to city meetings and work in and for city Government.
    You just sit back and say “Isn’t it possible ” then make statement that have no facts. ” you say “haters got to hate” ? just because I support the city goverment.
    Talk about haters hate, you posted “Wasn’t LeFevre an English born communist to the left of Sanders? ???? (p.s sanders is doing ok HA )
    Sameol story. “This town isso corrupt” then call the state AG. Or run for office or better yet support someone for office or shut up, and you all still post with no name over silly city issues sad ….. Sedona is Blue and will stay Blue.

  8. Burton, Jerome AZ says:

    I challenge everyone to say to the face of a Democrat today that they are communists and communist supporters and enough of this pretending a snake isn’t a snake. Bernie is no brother of mine and shouldn’t be of yours. My parents grew up in the south in the 30s thru 60s and they called Democrats Nazis then and they were and that end of the Democratic party snake never died. The Republican smear campaign led by the Democrats kept us from examining the very people under our noses who are. BERNIE is a COMMUNIST. There is no DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXCEPT A NAZI. Bloomberg called him out during the debate !! Where are your heads people except up a communist’s ass?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Democratic Socialism vs. Socialism
    Both democratic socialism and socialism advocate for a redistribution of wealth and power to meet public needs, not make profits for a few. Both aim to weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of the working people.

    Democratic socialists, however, do not think the government should immediately take control of all aspects of the economy. Democratic socialism focuses more on providing basic needs to all people, such as health care and education. Democratic socialism, unlike socialism, would achieve this through democratic means and not an authoritarian rule.

    There are democratic socialist parties located all around the world. The nations that have socialist parties include:


  10. @Burton, Jerome AZ says:

    My opinion of what you describe is pretty much the situation of Sedona politics on a smaller scale of course.

    People apparently aren’t willing to even run for city council because unless they’re backed by the local democratic socialists aka communists they will be verbally tarred and feathered by a certain outspoken Eye contributor as well as a local print “rag.”

    There was one article here announcing the candidacy of a Kurt Gehlback for mayor but nothing more indicating whether or not he actually followed through. Even in that article the local Eye mouthy know-it-all announced he would NOT support him.

    Therein lies a good reason for the reluctance people have to dedicate themselves to actually serving the residents of Sedona versus kissing the rear-ends of a lousy two-bit regional chamber of commerce that functions primarily to bribe businesses in becoming members of their club or stand the threat of being black-balled. Have they anything to boast about other than their Pres/CEO is paid just short of $12,000 monthly for “sustaining” their reputed Sedona rip-off?

    Mafia rules in Sedona? Isn’t that the most recent claim to fame? Hardly anything to “root & toot” about.

  11. U.S. Democratic Socialist Parties says:

    @anonymous This is a list of parties and organizations that are either explicitly democratic socialist or include significant numbers of democratic socialist members (although many do not specifically include the term “Democratic Socialist” in their name). You forgot to include:

    United States

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Labour_Institute in U.S., U.K. Russia, Switzerland (Democratic Socialist/Communist Party)


    In U.S. if you belong to the parties below, you are considered a Communist or Anarchist.

    Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism – does not run candidates in elections

    The Socialist Humanist League – does not run candidates in elections

    Democratic Socialists of America – run candidates in some elections, Democratic socialism

    Green Party of the United States – run candidates on depends party’s ballot access, Eco-socialism

    Liberty Union Party – runs candidates in Vermont

    Peace and Freedom Party – runs candidates in California

    Socialist Alternative – Runs candidates in local elections, Trotskyist, member of International Socialist Alternative

    Socialist Party USA – runs candidates in New Jersey

    Socialist Workers Movement – active in Puerto Rico

    Solidarity – does not run candidates in elections

    Also on same list, Russia, China, Cuba.

    Cuba is by example a democratic socialist country.

    Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba – it is illegal to belong to any other party in this country

  12. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrew says:

    In a way we are tourists, visitors from the Midwest staying with friends who live part-time in this area. We didn’t learn about Sedona from any specific promotion other than word-of-mouth and are grateful to admit we are not contributing to your bed-tax assessment!

    Our reason for commenting here is because of the nature of the format. The article itself is a reasonable take on a humorous comparison of a lilting tune with an invitation to readers to maybe offer another version. Fair enough it seems. However the main thrust of comments seems to be an attempt to divert an ongoing local issue of control to a national political forum. Are we the only ones who are already sick of over killing our two-party federal system for over the past three years? Give it a rest! Put a lid on the obvious diversion here and stick to the subject.

    In the meantime we will attempt to come up with our own version of Rootin’ & Tootin’ and if we succeed look for it to be an additional contribution.

    We loved the rain but look forward to a few sunny days before we return to our home and what will seem like another endless winter. Thank you for this opportunity and if we ever decide to make Sedona our home (which we doubt) we hope your city government will have expanded beyond an apparent adoration of a local chamber of commerce. Unbelievable – really!

  13. Wunder Y says:

    Should be “Wondered Why” the latest report was no candidates taking out papers to run for city council or mayor except whether or not the Kurt fellow did. However remembering last elections and the hatchet job from Chamber, Lodging Council, and Red Rock News editorials – yep – not afraid to mention the publication because it’s just that – public) no wonder. Unless you’ve been crowned by the selective designated queen of Sedona (Pres/CEO of the Chamber of Crap) – you won’t stand a chance!

    Bye Sedona. Your legacy has gone to s*** OMG – IMO don’t wanna be sued.

  14. Fred Knows says:

    Brendan Smialowski wrote “The United States had planned to host a special summit of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, on March 14 in Vegas has been canceled because of coronavirus concerns….”

    Sedona doesn’t have masks or enough anti bacterial hand wash & they keep advertising for German, English & Asian guests. Somebody contact a lawyer for arrogant malfeasance of taxpayer money. Russia closed its borders to China weeks ago. Austria closed to Italy week ago. We’re still begging them to drop by and contaminate us? Stop all advertising now. Start making sure that the city can cope with this virus. That’s your job city council.

  15. John Wilson says:

    Wise words from @Fred Knows. Maybe that’s the problem – WISE words. This city government doesn’t seem to know what that means.

    Of course they won’t discourage tourists from anyplace in the world as long as they have money to spend. Forget the residents. Forget contagious diseases. They don’t care. Funny thing, though – all of them are as susceptible as anyone else so maybe a dose of a deadly virus might get their attention? Doubt it.

    Just wait until THEY manage to have Sedona become a dedicated SANCTUARY city. Won’t that be lovely? Let’s face it they’ve failed time and time again to produce affordable/work force housing which is because projects planned for that purpose were never monitored and developers thus allowed to jack up prices continue to be the end result.

    Not much of a consolation but aren’t those in charge actually the biggest losers of all? Ethically and morally aren’t they of zero value?

  16. Jerry Uptown says:

    OMG just found our about the city thinking of buying two lots uptown across from the fire station on Forest Road so they can build a parking garage? How can this be true? What happened to the plans for a parking garage on that expensive lot the chamber of crap bought on Jordan Road for that same purpose? Is it because another unnamed person is in the market to make another sizable commission on a different transaction? Just asking.

  17. August Hurford says:

    Thank you sedonaeye.com for informing us!
    The world is having a hard time with this pandemic. (Link removed) Good health to all!

  18. Thomas B says:

    Thanks @August Hurford for reminding us. Sedona DOES provide a creditable and fair source of receiving news. It’s about time!

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