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AZ SB 1554: Short Term Rental management help for municipalities

Arizona state capitol building in Phoenix

Sedona AZThe Arizona State Legislature announced that Senate Bill (SB) 1554 is assigned to the Senate Commerce Committee and is waiting to be placed on an agenda for discussion at an upcoming committee meeting. SB 1554 is pending legislation that considers additional short term rental management tools for cities and towns and it will affect local governments.

Read a summary of SB 1554 bill’s current key provisions, which will be updated as the bill moves through the legislative process here.

The process this bill will go through, recognizing that at any time it could either die if not advanced or be amended, is:

1. The bill is introduced by multiple sponsors. (This has been completed.)
2. The bill is assigned to the Senate Commerce Committee. (This has been completed.)
3. The bill will be heard by the Commerce Committee at an upcoming meeting. (This is waiting to bescheduled.)
4. If passed out of committee, the full Senate would likely vote on the bill.
5. If passed by the full Senate, the bill would cross-over to the House of Representatives and the Senate process would be repeated there.
6. If passed by both chambers (House and Senate), the Governor will decide whether or not to sign the bill into law. If vetoed, a two-thirds majority of the legislature can override that decision.

At any point in this process, residents may email Governor Doug Ducey at servicedesk@azdoa.gov or call his office at 602-926-3620. Currently, residents should provide their input to the Senate Commerce Committee by contacting its members below:

Michelle Ugenti-Rita (Chairman), mugenti-rita@azleg.gov, (602) 926-4480
Tyler Pace (Vice-Chairman), tpace@azleg.gov, (602) 926-5760
Tony Navarrete, tnavarret@azleg.gov, (602) 926-4864
J.D. Mesnard, jmesnard@azleg.gov, (602) 926-4481
David Livingston, dlivingston@azleg.gov, (602) 926-4178
Sally Ann Gonzales, sgonzales@azleg.gov, (602) 926-3278
Dave Farnsworth, dfarnsworth@azleg.gov, (602) 926-3020
Sean Bowie, sbowie@azleg.gov

To officially register an opinion on this bill at any point in this process, residents must use the Request to Speak (RTS) program, which requires in-person registration at the Arizona Capitol. After registration is set up, constituents may register opinions from home using the RTS system or in person at meetings.


  1. Kevin, Sedona says:

    Better start making those calls, organize your hoods, spread the news on FB Instagram Tweet it & more. Copy this story & hang it up on bulletin boards. Move it folks. We want the right to have short term rentals but we want fairer an strict rules.

  2. Don says:

    HOAs need to allow short term rentals.

  3. Doc333 says:

    Almost everyone I’ve talked to seems to dream this bill is going to put a stop to “the Airbnb problem”. Wake up folks. All this is, is another money grab by local municipalities. They want a piece of the Airbnb pie, and they’re sure not going to obolish the sure source of what they’re hoping is more tax dollar for them. Regulation is just another word for forcing people to hand over more taxes. The horse is out of the barn. This bill will do nothing to cut down on the number of short term rentals here.

  4. Steve Segner says:

    Limitations on regulation of vacation rentals; state preemption; definitions


    Arizona Proposition 207, a 2006 ballot initiative officially titled the “Private Property Rights Protection Act”, requires the government to reimburse land owners when regulations result in a decrease in the property’s value, and also prevents government from exercising eminent domain on behalf of a private party.

    The cat is out of the bag there is no going back now between sb 1350 and prop 207 a city can not restrict Air band b’s and 207 says if they pass a law to stop people now renting they can ask a court for damages…… 207 will make it impossible to stop short term rentals. I am just stating the facts, I am not for over night rentals but the cat is out of the bag. hope that helps

  5. Mandy & Jeff, Sedona says:

    What about those of us when we bought our properties were given CC&R’s pertaining to the subdivision and based on “restrictions” that included a provision specifying “single family residences” and not subject to this vacation/short term rental conditions which incidentally are NOT all contracted under the name of AirBNB, and we are now learning that was illegal, then why wouldn’t that justify misrepresentation and even fraudulent sales practices?

    Seems like maybe this Governor and the State of Arizona could be a target for mass class actions law suits?

    Anyone know the name of a good attorney? Sedona City Attorney any suggestions?

  6. Chapel says:

    Renting my house makes me able to pay the mortgage. I don’t mind the company and it’s made a few friendlies. I’m sick to death of the whiners that don’t realize it’s the poorest of us getting a chance to level the playing field with the big brand franchisees and motel guys. We don’t need more hotels because there’s never enough people to get steady renters up here. My eggs and bacon are better than any hotel in town and my sheets and towels cleaner and the forks sterile. Now leave me and my guests alone and they rarely make a peep even in the house.

  7. Short sighted says:

    There is a huge difference between renting out part of your home versus renting out the whole home. For one, the owner is in the home when renters are there. Unless the home owner is so selfish they just don’t care about their neighbors – which we do know happens – then there will be a smaller negative impact on the area than a typical no resident around rental. Would be nice if you recognized this difference and stop your own whining and learn about what others experience.

  8. Arthur Cole says:

    Rather then get upset at a few bad apples, call the police. That’s their job to handle noise and party violators and call them every time someone breaks the rules. Demand police write tickets and press charges.

  9. Screw my neighbors says:

    Love the selfish people trying to jusiify dismantling the neighborhood atmosphere by anew set of strangers every other day… as long as they get their money all is well and to hell with the rest. .. phoney liars

  10. Steve Segners says:

    Chapel says:Renting my house makes me able to pay the mortgage. I don’t mind the company and it’s made a few friendlies. I’m sick to death of the whiners that don’t realize it’s the poorest of us getting a chance to level the playing field with the big brand franchisees and motel guys.
    Chapel says: , ok then you should pay the same property tax we pay, have the same inspections we have by city and county , have the same fire safety and sprinkler systems we need to have , the same parking and same zoning hotels need to have build a hotel….. If you can not afford to buy a home not our problem…. you ask for a level the playing field ok I just gave you the list. Your neighbors and you bought a home with residential zoning (single family homes) hotels need to buy commercial zoning that cost 3 to 4 time more the residential zoning

  11. @steve Segner says:

    How can you say this “I am not for over night rentals but the cat is out of the bag. hope that helps” When YOU TOOK A LONG TERM rental and changed it into short term or so called “overflow rooms”

    Are you twisting the truth again?

    Are you creating fake information?

    Why is it okay for YOU but no one else?

  12. @ Short sighted says:

    Cool. So one room is OK but not the whole house. I wanna turn one of my rooms into a hardware store. It’s my property so that should be my right. And maybe just one gas pump outside, or perhaps an EV charging station, or both. It’s my property, my right.

    Seriously, what short term rental proponents don’t seem to understand is residential neighborhood integrity and character. I didn’t sign up to live in a commercial zone, no matter how well behaved your renters might be. And if you can’t pay your mortgage that’s your problem and not a justification.

  13. Wise Willie says:

    What an opportunity! How many will be renting spaces under the radar? Without permits? Without paying taxes? Tracking and regulation? Forget it.

    Pay back time locally, Folks, for all the damn money they continue to throw at the chamber of commerce currently to teach us the art of sustainability? Oh, and let’s not forget that $11,000 plus the C of C Pres/CEO is paid monthly for all her hard work! RIGHT! And what’s that done for residents’ quality of life besides creating traffic gridlock?

    Kudos to those who get away with beating the system!

  14. Doc333 says:

    Chapel is spot on. Yes I rent part of my home too (VOC). My renters are respectful and quiet – honestly, quieter than my neighbors. If you want to live in restricted area that has an HOA, (i.e.: VOCA) more power to you – you won’t have to deal with the “short term” renters (somehow they’re better “quality” of people if they rent for 30 days or more?).
    But I worked, and I bought my home deiberately where there was no HOA to restrict what I can do with my home. I too can finally make ends meet thanks to the current relaxed laws. Private property is just that. The government (and whiny neighbors) don’t pay my bills, and have no claim to what I do with my property as long as it doesn’t infringe on their rights and property. So, get used to the fact that some people don’t find the situation to be bad. The new monster Element hotel, and the upcoming Hilton Garden Inn – that’s somehow okay? Oh right, NIMBY.

  15. @chapel says:

    Why would you buy a house you can not afford. Liar

  16. Steve Segner says:

    posting with no name -Why is it okay for YOU but no one else?
    Because my properties are zoned for hotels… Not residential

    TOOK A LONG TERM rental and changed it into short term or so called “overflow rooms” not so and you know it my units do not have kitchens and were motel rooms.
    Cat out of the bag, exactly what did I post that is not true please be exact and try using some facts

  17. @wise???? Willie says:

    You sound like a spiteful hate monger. Your really that dissatisfied with yourself. LOL

  18. Wise Willie says:

    @@wise???? Willie – way to go! If I pushed the rile buttons on just one person it must have been a good job.

    Hmmmm …… you maybe are one of them? On the take? Raking in the do, re, mi without benefit of license or collecting taxes? Just asking.

  19. Close Sedona NOW says:

    From New York Times!!

    Fearful that the presence of Chinese guests at her company’s own hotel, the Druzhba, or Friendship, might drive away other regular customers, Ms. Tavitova last month decided to bar Chinese from booking rooms. “We could not risk losing everything,” she explained. The Kremlin last week made the same calculation, announcing that, starting last Thursday, all Chinese citizens would be barred from entering Russia. The decision slammed a lucrative tourism industry driven in a large part by Chinese visitors, more than 1.5 million of whom came to Russia last year.

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