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Eddie Maddock: Rootin’ and Tootin’ Sedona

Eddie Maddock finds humor in Sedona 2020.

Sedona AZ – With the constant turnover of creative minds comin’ and goin’ in Sedona, and that includes tourists and residents, has anyone ever come up with the suggestion of a Sedona City Anthem i.e. our national anthem? There are many possibilities, but, as an example, how about a similarity to Dorothy Shay’s 1948 lyrics to Feudin’ and Fightin’, a portion of which is offered here:

By Dorothy Shay

“Feuding and fussing and a-fighting
Sometimes it gets to be exciting
Don’t like them ornery neighbors down by the creek
We’ll be plumb out of neighbors next week

Grandma, poor old grandma
Why’d they have to shoot poor grandma
She lies ‘neath the clover
Someone caught her bending over

Picking up a daisy . . . ”

As a suggestion, maybe Sedona’s version could start with the title of Rootin’ and Tootin’ followed by:

It’s Rootin Tootin time!

First Versed

“Beefing and bitching and a-bawling
Sometimes it gets to be appalling
Free lunch for the Chamber of Commerce, Name of the game
While those flatlanders gripe and spew blame.


Tourists, good old tourists
Yes, indeed, we love those tourists
But traffic, too much traffic
Need to heed a hold on traffic

But keep the tourists coming…

Second Verse

Skidding and scooting and a-skating
Sometimes it fails to be elating
Mute options? Not a solution, easy to see
While nice styles of life cease to be


Tourists, good old tourists
Yes, indeed, we love those tourists
But traffic, too much traffic
Need to heed a hold on traffic

But keep the tourists coming…

* * * * * * * * * * *
OK Gang, here’s your chance. Let’s see your imagination put into motion. Add a third verse to Sedona’s proposed “anthem” – ROOTIN’ AND A-TOOTIN’.


  1. Celie Crowley says:

    Fun & enjoyed somebody having a sense of humor around here! Now find that warm weather we’re supposed to be having, climate people. See you at the SIFF!

  2. Mike H says:

    next verse:

    They’re professionals don’t you see.
    They don’t listen to the likes of you and me.
    Just trust the numbers , they don’t lie.
    Their only concern is tax revenue to sky !
    Higher city budget every year.
    They don’t care what you hold dear.

  3. Jeff, Sedona says:

    @Celie Crowley, it might be fun if SIFF could run the movie that featured Feudin’ & Fussin’ so folks could hear the melody to the theme song. But, of course, a movie like that most likely wouldn’t be appropriate to local snob appeal.

  4. Jim Poole says:

    Great one Eddie!

    It fits and I can see Jen and the cast all scrapping for taxpayers subsidies – salaries – free services for private enrichment stating things like “trust me” “pennies on the dollars” and “residents don’t contribute’

    Don’t forget the shame bullying the cast of takers does in the RR snooze, city hall, and the post here on the eye. They get theirs at any cost. imo

    The spin continues……… $..$..$..$$$$$$

  5. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thanks one and all for reading and commenting and especially providing the real-deal U-Tube @Joan. It definitely does make more sense with the melody.

    Spent time yesterday dealing with another local “blooper” – this time with the post office. Having received two past-due statements from January was cause for a tizzy.

    There are similar versions of my address and confusion with mail delivery has occurred from time to time – (no fault of the city!!!) However what I’m thinking now is the possibility that my mail has erroneously been dropped in the locked portion of a mail box next door – which is a vacation rental and the owners of that property only check that mail when they occasionally come to Sedona. What’s of concern is how many other bills might be forthcoming as past due? Or maybe I’ll find out if my utilities are shut off.

    Although my neighbors are lovely people, my reason for conveying this is as a heads-up to potential unintended consequences resulting from part-time residents and vacation rentals.

  6. How About This? says:

    Cheating and conning and conniving
    Hardly essential for surviving
    Ripoffs, unwarranted payoffs, easy to see
    While Flatlanders are slammed Yes Siree!

    Sedona, poor Sedona.
    A shame the fate that came upon ya.
    Pity, what a pity
    When they changed you to a “city.”

  7. Morris T says:

    I can appreciate the attempt to inject a little fun and levity into the sad situation with our city government, but oh how I wish the situation really was less than deadly serious. The management of Sedona’s city government is not especially competent, and the city council simply swallows what they are told by the city manager without asking hard questions or looking for ways to address the genuine concerns of residents. There’s always a glib, general response about how tourism is important, or we can’t afford lifeguards, or some other answer that avoids REALLY addressing what taxpayers want.

    We want a REAL discussion about how much tourism we NEED (not how much money the Lodging Council wants to make), why we spend money on frequent conferences and trips for the city managers and mayor instead of paving streets more often, why we can’t bid the tourism contract nationally, and why every action the Chamber of Commerce claims they take to “help” the city is, in reality, an action that benefits them by increasing tourism or lining the CEO’s pockets. Sorry, but that building deal on Jordan Road directly benefitted the Chamber CEO’s husband and anybody with half a brain, or maybe the tiniest sense of ethics, would have refused to handle that deal as a “favor” to the city manager?

    In the next election, we who are unhappy with the current management of our city government – corrupt at worst, clueless at best — must VOTE. Even if you don’t completely agree with any of the candidates, you should vote for ANY candidate who is NOT an incumbent. If you do that, trust me, a very clear message will be sent about the limits of our patience with business as usual.

  8. @Morris T. says:

    “must VOTE. Even if you don’t completely agree with any of the candidates, you should vote for ANY candidate who is NOT an incumbent.”

    A recent editorial in a local rag pointed out the lack of candidates who have taken out packets to run for office. And why, do you suppose, is that? Could it be because that same publication might be best known for pointing fingers over the years for doing hatchet-jobs on any candidate with whom they disagree?

    Two recent examples: Cliff Hamilton and Tony Tonsich – both candidates for mayor but clearly not endorsed by the chamber of commerce, lodging council, or the RRNews . Proof is in related articles and there are enough people in Sedona who saved them as reminders of unfair local publicity. 11th hour editorials without benefit of allowing those under siege opportunity for a rebuttal to scathing attacks.

    And they wonder why people aren’t interested in running for Sedona mayor or a seat on the city council?

    Facts, Folks. No rootin’ or tootin’ but maybe the little boy justified in crying wolf because who would be crazy enough to walk on a hot-bed of coals with Sedona ghouls lurking behind the scene? And most likely the same ones who would love to silence Sedona Eye with their obvious and ongoing sophomoric attempts.

  9. Tony Tonsich says:

    I had a pretty good idea of what was happening in the City of Sedona and you always hear ” Why doesn’t somebody do something?” So I ran for mayor.

    While I had some support, It was very difficult to get people to run for city council. I spent almost as much time and energy getting like minded people to run for council as I did running for office. I knew I would be attacked and lied about in so called editorials in the local print rag. I personally think that when someone in a funny hat makes a false personal attack it is just hilarious.

    Running for office was a very intense experience, I recommend it for your bucket list. You get to see some very interesting examples of human nature.

    After all somebody should do something. You’re somebody.

  10. An Anonymous Opinion says:

    My opinion? Anonymously? Here it is:

    I have been threatened with bodily harm, publicly shamed, slandered and embarrassed by the Sedona Ghouls, city employees, sedona chamber and the rr news. I am not alone. I love Sedona but don’t like the Ghouls that have ruined it.

    I have also been offered kickbacks from many avenues (direct & indirect) to go along with the cash cow of taxpayers money coming from the City of Sedona. Been told to leave when I declined the kick back. Been told “There is a front door and a back door in Sedona. leave if you don’t like it”

    They have made it very clear that I am not welcome. Regardless of how much I, my businesses contribute to the system.They will probably come after me for this post.

    The bottom line is that many fear for their livelihood along with quality of life and safety for a city they love.The have built a life here yet they can’t speak up. Sedona is pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. This is why people and businesses are moving, population declining.

    They like to blame vacation rentals on the whole issue. But it is the city of sedona having a favorite club, gifting businesses and groups to buy their support. The meddling from the city is the core issue. They should learn to operate the city with a code of ethics and seperate the city government from the emotional relationships and favoritisms that they currently operate by.

    No city gifts a “regional chamber” city bed taxes, this is why the AG directed the city to removed the 55% city bed tax cause from the chamber contract. This is why they recently removed it because of the AG direction.

    No city gives up the rights of the legitimate city businesses to a regional chamber. The residents and in-city businesses have rights which the sedona city council has stripped them from by the gifting of the regional chamber and other groups without a voice or vote.

    No city gives a manager or any group the keys with public funding without controls and monitoring. Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for any of these nonsense items.The city has overstepped the jurisdictional responsibilities. If they city removed these items including pay offs then we could see a reduction of sales and bed taxes which WOULD increase business and create an economic stimulus.

    rule 1 never raise taxes if you want to increase business. Especially at a city level, do so and you drive business to outlying areas who are Non-City-TAX exempt don’t collect city taxes. Increasing non-city-business.

    It is NOT how much you collect it is how much you manage it.

    Sometimes less is more in my anonymous opinion, form your own opinions.

  11. @@morris T says:

    To funny Morris you give SE way to much credit . No one is trying to shut down an online BLOG 2-3 complainers constantly post there displeasure with their selves on. Oh man oh man to funny how important you think you are. LOL

  12. Jan Wayne says:

    For someone who obviously has a grudge against SE @@@morris T how come you oblige 2-3 complainers by acknowledging their input? Your comment offers the opportunity for readers to backtrack and follow the comment trail. Thanks for the heads up. Interesting stuff.

  13. @jam says:

    Yea ok. Snooze

  14. Don't run for Office says:

    Ever wonder why the Sedona Red Rock News are advocating people to run for office? If no one runs , that is only enough to be automatically appointed, they lose a LOT of Advertising revenue.

    Nothin lasts for ever. Don’t run this election. Let the Sedona Red Rock News go broke. We are heading for a hyper inflationary depression anyway. Why would you want to be in charge of anything during that?

    Don’t run.

  15. Tony Tonsich says:

    I second “Don’t run for Office”.

    When I ran for mayor one of my major fund raisers insisted I place ads in the Sedona Red Rock News. I gave my strongest objection as I knew they would write a hit piece as they normally do on opposition candidates. As many of you are aware, the Sedona Red Rock News wrote a hit editorial on me. Then the Sedona Red Rock News added insult to injury saying I advertised in their newspaper even though I thought they were hacks. It was not my choice, the person raising some of my campaign funds insisted.

    Don’t run in this election. Chances are the Red Rock News will probably be out of business by the election after this one? Don’t subscribe, don’t advertise, starve those that are destroying Sedona.

    Run for county office or possibly for city office once the parasites have moved on to another host. The only way things will change is if the opposition has a majority on city council, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  16. steve Segner says:

    Tony Tonsich says:When I ran for mayor one of my major fund raisers insisted I place ads in the Sedona Red Rock News. I gave my strongest objection as I knew they would write a hit piece as they normally do

    Tony you said community development could be run with 3 people, you because a neighbor said so…… Tony Red Rock did Sedona a huge favor you do not have a clue….. Tony you win elections by getting out and knocking on doors doing mailings placing ads in the local papers and talking in front of local groups and getting people to help with your expenses.Tony you did nothing but make stupid statements. (remember you comments on the number of cell phones or the mayor and Ast city manager had lunch on the city tab…. Real big picture stuff….

  17. @Tonsich says:

    Hay Tony,

    You only like to tell half of the story, what you call a hack job by the RRN was actually factual issues that they highlighted with your platform. One would think that if your platform was defective and they pointed it out that you, as an honest person who made an error, would recant but not you Tony! You posted on this site how if anyone picked on you, you’d have your attorney daughter take legal action against time. Tony, why not keep your comments to Cornville politics and no longer bother with Sedona.

  18. Mary Lou says:

    Tonsich – why bother reading SE, you don’t live here, thank heavens!
    Our city is a better place.
    Your old neighborhood is a better place.
    OUR HOA is a far better group without your dictatorship! (sort of like that orange guy in the White House)

  19. Mike H says:

    Another reason not to run for office, all the random attacks.

    The posters above, probably all the same person, sure care a lot about where Tonsich lives.Think about it , why would you care about some guy who ran for mayor, and lost, moved to? He must have really frightened them.

    Hey, how’s that Chamber investigation that you say never happened? You remember, the one where the City of Sedona could no longer gift the chamber the bed tax, but now pays the chamber the same amount to lecture residents on sustainability? Don’t use those plastic straws !!

    How about why do the City Manager and Asst City Manager get a car and phone allowance? Are they traveling salesmen? What, no chauffeur? The mayor New York City has one, why not Sedona?

    How about the stays at the Ritz Carlton and other 4 star resorts, nothing too good for city staff?

    How about the city attorney Cucumber? Is he being run out of town because he gave bad advice to the in group?

    You keep attacking Tonsich because he shown some light on your actions.

    You guys are funny. Your fear shows. Your scam won’t last.

  20. Joan says:

    It is clear the haters and those using taxpayers money are the ones attacking Tony.

    Thank you Tony for standing up! Please keep it up.

  21. Lester says:

    My God Mary Lou is correct about our HOA. Your penny pinching nonsense and constant city complaints took its toll on out little HOA(Tonish thought he was king) idiot. Then he wanted the city to pave our streets at the city’s expense. He wanted to hand out same thing he complains about. Phoney double talker… we here are ALL glad your gone To bad itI didn’t happen sooner. Good riddance (deleted by editor)

  22. @steveSegner says:

    steve says “Tony you said community development could be run with 3 people, you because a neighbor said so…”

    He forgets to mention that when the Sedona Community Development Director quit, the Assistant City Manager took over her duties. If they were both working 40 hours a week that would not be possible. The only logical conclusion is one, or both of them were not actually woking.

    One of my other favorite quotes is from the current Sedona City Manager at a Kwanis luncheon ” Some cities don’t have a city manager or assistant city manager. ”


  23. James Harrington says:

    Kudos @Mike H.

    Everything you write is spot-on. The days of wine and roses won’t last – even for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce – and “Tourism Bureau?” Also including their “Lodging Council”. What a joke.

    And thanks to Tony for the courage to walk into the Lion’s Den and face the lashing whips of the RRN and C of C.

    Not to worry. Wimps and bullies will have their day of reckoning. Always happens.

  24. @Mike H says:

    Mike, you sure sound a lot like Tony asking the same nonsense questions.

  25. William Moore says:

    Oh, come on Tonsich just move along there really wasn’t anything to see here.

  26. To those that hate says:

    Fear’s natural companion is hatred:

    [H]atred is best combined with Fear. Cowardice, alone of all the vices, is purely painful—horrible to anticipate, horrible to feel, horrible to remember; Hatred has its pleasures. It is therefore often the compensation by which a frightened man reimburses himself for the miseries of Fear. The more he fears, the more he will hate. And Hatred is also a great anodyne for shame. [C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters]

    They were afraid.

  27. Ollie M. Greer says:

    A question: Just who are the haters here? People objecting to the outrageous financial give-away of pubic money to the chamber of commerce or those on the other side of the fence benefiting from the millions of dollars at their disposal, hating those who oppose or object to their freeloading of public money??????????

  28. Gee thanks for trying says:

    Funny stuff

    (deleted by editor)

  29. Richard Saunders says:

    Move along Tonish. (deleted by editor)

  30. More Fake Attacks says:

    In 1887, Captain William Moore landed on the muddy tidal flats of Skagway

    William Moore (born May 18, 1985) is a former American football strong safety who spent his whole career with the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football

    But no William Moore in Sedona. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you !

  31. steve Segner says:

    James Harrington says: The days of wine and roses won’t last – even for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce – and “Tourism Bureau?” Also including their “Lodging Council”. What a joke.
    The chamber and the Lodging council get Sedona through the last recession and saved thousand of local jobs….. We are ready for next down turn, the hotels are in great shape and Tourism produces the majority of Sedona taxes. You say what a joke but we have thousands of members and you have what ?

  32. @ steve Segner says:

    “The chamber and the Lodging council get Sedona through the last recession and saved thousand of local jobs.”

    Oh boy, that;s rich. Perhaps your best whopper yet. Please tell it to the people who lost their homes.

  33. steve Segner says:

    Oh boy, that;s rich. Perhaps your best whopper yet. Please tell it to the people who lost their homes.
    think of the people that kept their jobs and homes…..
    Optimists will usually say the glass is half-full, whereas pessimists will usually point out that it’s half-empty. Sedona eye posters seem to be all pessimists.

  34. @Eddie says:

    Amazing Job Eddie! There is no other person that can do or would be willing to do what you do.

    Such a great talent. The way you write, the fairness you show and how you provoke people to think it though is so beautiful, amazing, incredible. I am a forever fan.

    I can’t say it enough. I hope you know and are recognized as one of Sedona best assets if not the #1. Many have come and gone. Many have come, grabbed, and dashed out, but Eddie is true fact based resource for Sedona.

    It is clear that you have no conflict of interests, no reason except for your love for Sedona. You are such a incredible leader, writer, fact finder and wealth of information. I miss your TV – Cable show. Getting you before the camera with all the document proof is missed.

    Anytime you speak, write you bring out people and they speak up!
    Thank you for all that you do.

  35. Larry W. says:

    “The chamber and the Lodging council get Sedona through the last recession and saved thousand of local jobs…” @Steve Segner!

    Ha, Ha, Ha – that’s rich and in your dreams maybe. Where is your proof of such nonsense?

    You expect us to believe the leader of the C of C who was unable to give a former city council an accounting of how many C of C members are actually outside Sedona City Limits pulled the entire country out of a recession?

    The same person who was unable to reveal the number of chamber members who do NOT even contribute to Sedona city taxes? And yet continue to benefit from the millions of $$$$ from those same city coffers to which they contribute NOTHING? (except maybe more traffic as their hotel guests drive through Sedona on their way to Oak Creek Canyon and Flagstaff?

    Surely you jest, Mr. Segner. It seems unlikely that even a high end hallucinogenic could produce such a fantasy. But if it does do – hey – isn’t the City/Chamber coalition currently working on product development? Hmmmm……

  36. Catona says:

    Thank you to the person who quoted CS Lewis: The more he fears, the more he will hate. And Hatred is also a great anodyne for shame.

    So true! This is why the Sedona City Manager covers his insecurities with sarcasm and anger, and verbally attacks the business owners who disagree with him and the residents who disagree with his “let’s build a road through your neighborhood” approach to “improving” Sedona. And yes it is odd how the Assistant City Manager was suddenly able to work two 40 hour a week jobs when the Community Development Director left. A miracle!

    I do think the truth eventually comes out, but sometimes it takes years and years and years. And in the meantime it is the taxpayers who keep running a massive advertising program through the chamber of commerce for the big hotel chains and wealthy lodging owners who brag about how they kept Sedona safe during the recession by paying minimum wages to service workers.

  37. Jim, Sedona says:

    people in Sedona don’t hate chamber, they despise being made fools of by a group of out of state posers

  38. Steve Segner says:

    out of state posers and that would be ? and just what is a out of state posers? just asking

  39. Jim, Sedona says:

    look in mirror at one

  40. Steve Segner says:

    OK Jim so how long have you live in Sedona ? I have live full time for over 25 years and you , I have been involved with community groups and projects for over 18 years.
    Oh, but you Jim use a made up name, you could live in cottonwood or Phoenix……..see We just do not know. Jim there is nothing in you background you are proud of or you would use your real name and address….. And tell us all the great thing you have done.
    Jim you are a coward you hide, behind the word Jim Sedona.
    Jim if you are so up set about Sedona run for office , but you will need to prove you live in Sedona.

  41. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    Isn’t it possible most if not all the upheaval in Sedona might have been avoided if only the Rob Adams/Barbara Litrell/ John Martinez team effort had been expanded to solicit bids for the “destination marketing” contract instead of handing it to the local chamber of commerce, a member driven organization that has managed to take control of not only incorporated Sedona but presently expanding to rule the entire Verde Valley?

    The shame of it all. And worse yet the current city council (and high paid city staff) make no effort to correct this ongoing onslaught and disrespect to Sedona residents who made the drastic mistake of approving incorporation to become a city controlled by big government. A chamber of commerce given $2.5 million to act as dictators and give us orders on how to be sustainable? We think NOT!

    If the day ever arrives when we see City Hall shuttered . . . . THEN wouldn’t that be the day to “root and toot?”

  42. Rosalyn, Foothills says:

    Funny in a sad way how our town is becoming what no one ever wanted.

  43. steve segner says:

    Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:Isn’t it possible most if not all the upheaval in Sedona might have been avoided i
    what Upheaval? only some of the people on the Sedona eye seemed not the understand the state program and all the tax dollars the bed tax marketing brings in.
    City council and mayors seem understand and get re elected.

    Another Sedona Peon (resident) says: another person with no name I wonder if they even live in Sedona >?

  44. Jonah P says:

    Here’s maybe something to “root & toot” about. At least Sedona had two elected people with courage of their convictions. Angela LeFevre who resigned from City Council before her term ended. And Jon Thompson who apparently wisely decided against running for a second term.

    Although nothing was announced officially, if anyone watched those meetings and the events taking place which reflected activities mentioned in some of the previous comments, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make an educated guess that maybe – just maybe – these two people had ethics that were not an appropriate fit for the direction city hall was headed.

    Actually there have been at least a couple of good staff members who also just up and quit and at least in one case those in the know knew why – (grin)! Reasons pertaining to inability to go along with a less than stellar system?

    A shout out and root-a-toot to those who moved on and for the right reasons. You haven’t been forgotten by some of of us who remember.

  45. Say What? says:

    “only some of the people on the Sedona eye seemed not the understand the state program and all the tax dollars the bed tax marketing brings in.” Quote courtesy of a “steve segner”

    Oh yes, Mr. Segner, we understand the state program (law) very well about the bed tax – discretionary because only lodging industry is assessed – and a percentage of that tax should therefore apply directly to benefit the lodging industry.

    However kindly point out where that portion of return was earmarked for a “REGIONAL” chamber of commerce to provide benefits outside Sedona City Limits for competing businesses (chamber members) who contribute NOTHING to the Sedona city tax base? Except, perhaps, more drive-through traffic or day trippers which we certainly did NOT have to have amateur players (C of C) “destination” market for!!

    And you are delusional if you think people besides those who comment on Sedona Eye aren’t also fed up. Of which you might be aware if you were to broaden your horizons, Segner, beyond your own cash register – ha, as if that were possible?

    And with the current city manager taking it upon himself to extend the ongoing gratuity to the chamber of commerce for eight years? Is that a great message he’s sending to his two toddlers or what?

    Oh Lordy, Lordy – Rootin’ & Tootin’ doesn’t even make a dent!!!!

  46. Steve Segner says:

    Jonah P says:Sorry both, Jon Thompson and Angela LeFevre were supporters of the chamber contract . Jon was at all the marketing meeting and asked hard questions and did his home work ,Angela LeFevre was a supporter of Sedona and the chamber,\ you can go to the city web site and see the meetings.
    Jonah P with no real name run for office…. do something not just post…..

  47. Speaking Of says:

    @Another Sedona Peon resident you mentioned Barbara Litrell. Well isn’t that one and the same who didn’t waste time once she moved to this area to join and become President of Keep Sedona Beautiful? Didn’t she quickly revise their procedures? Change Board of Directors to Board of Trustees? (that’s how they did it in New York?) Yep her foot in the door to bigger and better things – Sedona City Council – where the tide turned drastically for Sedona’s future.

    Then came her cohort Rob Adams! What a pair to draw to? NOT! OMG – between the two of them they managed to tie KSB with the Chamber of Corruption at least with the Christmas – oops “Holiday” lights blinding Bambi and friends up in the wilderness area. Remember KSB thought it was just peachy keen to terrify Sedona’s wildlife with laser lights. Keep Sedona Beautiful?

    The far reaching tentacles of these monsters seem to have had no limits. Which, BTW, where are they these days? Lurking in some dark hallways at City Hall? Man those corridors must be pretty crowded with the creeps they’ve collected over the years? But Litrell and Adams have been replaced with current ongoing know-it-all pests as have been identified in ongoing comments. Hmmm more points to ponder.

    Bet Norman McGee, Founder of Keep Sedona Beautiful, is NOT resting peacefully in his grave.

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