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Eddie Maddock: Further Fodder for Fueling the Firestorm

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock takes another look at Sedona past and prophetic headlines.

Sedona AZ (August 28, 2017)Revisiting our catchy headline journey, let us begin with a guest column by Pat Pomphrey, Member, Sedona City Council, RRNews 11/07/90: 

And What Can We Expect Here in Sedona? City creates ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’.

And it gets better with its insert —

Yes, we passed a balanced budget as required by law. But we budgeted our expenses to exceed our income! Now, how can that be? Those are conflicting statements.””

Moving on, to September 1993 and a lingering special topic, Red Rock Crossing:

The 9/21/93 Arizona Republic headlined Forget the Bridge”. I would be remiss not to include a portion of its quote from the inimitable and opinionated former Senator from Arizona Barry Goldwater:  “…To me, there is no earthly reason why any attempt should be made to put a bridge at Red Rock Crossing near Sedona. There isn’t even a good road anywhere near where they want to put that bridge, and its one of the most spectacular bits of scenery in the whole state.”

And 9/22/93 RRNews staff writer, Sondra Roberta, offered the headline editorial “RR Crossing Does Not Just Belong to Us

However, Wayne D. Iverson of Sedona offered his own suggestion to the editor of the Arizona Republic on 9/23/93: “What About Fate of Oak Creek Canyon/Red Rock?”  Requesting for the Forest Service to study revision of management practices in the forest plan for the Red Rock/Oak Creek area from within appropriated funds.

City of Sedona Council Chamber

The RRNews 10/28/94 “headline Council Decision Booed by Citizens” accurately reflected “vehement opposition to the portion of Article 4 in the draft land code that affords Community Development Director Tom Schafer the power to grant administration waivers.” Public concern was that granting administrative waiver to the planning staff might open the door to abuse.

What? Of course the council unanimously agreed and “amended the code to reflect the administrative waiver would remain intact with a one-year sunset clause.” And guess what? That one year sunset has yet to occur.

On Thursday, May 23, 1996, Sedona again made Arizona Republic headlines: “Sedona Votes to Restrict City’s Growth” followed the next day May 24, 1996, by RRNews First Anti-Growth Law Approved –captioned Anti-growth ballot issue passes by only 52 votes; Lawsuit says measure is unconstitutional

Not to worry, however, because Friday, March 28, 1997, RRNews “Growth Law Repealed by City Council

Yep, the voice of the people be damned even way back then.

However, not all City Councils’ rubber stamped new ideas.

On February 19, 1999, RRNews “Council Gives Policy Change Cool Reception”… Council tables ordinance giving city manager authority to settle claims for amounts up to $25,000.” Hum, wonder where that stands today?

Sedona Arizona in need of tourist advertising funds may raise city and bed taxes. (SedonaEye.com article photo and caption dated June 2010)

A dazzling Letter to the Editor of the Verde Independent, August 16, 2000:


“Editor: Reference traffic congestion in Sedona and Arizona 179 to the Village of Oak Creek, may I suggest postponement of Sedona’s extensive marketing campaign to lure more and more visitors and instead fall back on word-of-mouth and goodwill generated by the many merchants to bring visitors back? This action would hardly cause this market area to falter, but give some much needed time to address the serious traffic problems, such as solid traffic backup from the Village all the way into Sedona. – David Henry, Cornville”

Stunning. – And the date of that letter again? August 16, 2000.

A small flurry of articles popped up in June 2003 relating to guess what? Affordable Housing!

On June 11, 2003, a profound editorial appeared by Ryan Van Benthuysen, Managing Editor, RRNews …  “Enough is Enough: A Deal is A Deal

Benthuysen rightfully took the city of Sedona to task with the following words: “Under the guise of trying to help build affordable housing apartment units on Sombart Lane, Fairfield Resort in West Sedona is trying to get 64 apartments in a different location rezoned as timeshares. If the city allows the company to turn these apartments into timeshares, Fairfield says it will help fund the affordable housing apartments on Sombart Lane through Sombart Lane Development. The city needs to just say no.”

A companion article in that same edition offers… “Fairfield Seeks to Change Rules of the Game” further enhances how the scam of “affordable houses” has been used and abused over the years. (Remember Nepenthe?)

And, yet again on June 25, 2003, “Sombart Lane Proposal Dies –- Land owner backs away from housing proposal

However, the RRN headline on November 11, 2005, Modified Fairfield Plan OK’d” … but a follow-up quote by a Sedona city councilman summed up the outcome: “”No development agreement can make them build.” And they didn’’t. Bye, bye to affordable housing.”

The city of Sedona has chipped away and demolished many of its red rocks to build a tourist attraction. In a 2003 RRN letter to editor, former Sedona resident William Bliss wrote, “Sedona has finally passed the king of tawdriness, South Lake Tahoe…” adding, “H.L. Menchen once said, No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public…”

As history sometimes repeats, the Land Development Code is now under consideration to be amended to allow increased density housing.

Sounds like an excellent plan for outside investors interested in the business of vacation rentals. No law against that now and enforcement of rental restrictions?

Well, let’s get real. Ain’’t gonna happen. Nepenthe? Where art thou?

How about reviewing another sweet little letter to the editor, this time the RRN 2/19/2003:


“My wife and I first started visiting Sedona in 1971 and immediately fell in love with this national treasure. We finally moved there in 1986. The town then started growing haphazardly, so in 1996, we moved to Carefree, Ariz.

Last week we returned for the first time and ‘”haphazardly”’ cannot describe what we saw there. Possibly the words gaudy, inconsiderate, cluttered and greed best describe the Sedona environment today.

Unfortunately, it appears that everyone is allowed to do their own thing in the commercial area in hope of attracting the tourist buck.

H.L. Mencken once said, ‘No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public.’ Nothing better illustrates this quote than what’s happened to Sedona today. Is there no one in control in there any longer? Do you still have a City Council and a planning commission?

How about setbacks, height restrictions, architectural design reviews, sign ordinances, density restrictions, visual impacts, etc. And what has happened to taste? All the entrances to the town now project one thing to the first-time visitor, insensitivity to this red rock treasure in an attempt to open someone’s pocketbook. Sedona has finally passed the king of tawdriness, South Lake Tahoe.

And what is happening at the ‘Y’? The red rock hill is being torn down and a multitude of time share building is going up, screwing up the landscape in all directions.

This type of visible project is mostly unwelcome in sensitive places and its entire high-pressure sales pitch begs for a different kind of tourist.

Again, someone is in this only for a few bucks today. Shame on all of you who allow this degradation to continue. But, hey, isn’’t that what this once lovely national red rock treasure is now all about? – William W. Bliss, Carefree

Oh, Mr. Bliss, apparently you have no idea what has transpired here since penning your letter back in 2003.

Will conclude this session with two classics:

Arizona Republic–, July 22, 2006: “ PROTESTS DRIVE OUT TOURISTS IN OAXACA (Turista Go Home Oaxaca Antiacapitualista)”



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  1. Check this out says:

    Wondering about the cost of living here? Why do things cost so much?
    Check out this business’s property Tax bill it is $391,652.78 a year! The SFD is $93,009.84 plus another $3,659.22 for their FIRE DIST. ASSIST. FUND. A YEAR!!

    Vote NO on Fire District Bond it is not sustainable! Employees vote NO as the SFD is getting your wages. The businesses can’t pay these fees and your paycheck. The only ones that can survive is the regional chamber of commerce as they get gifted by the city of sedona close to 3 million dollars a year.

    02000 YAVAPAI COUNTY 66,308.42 67,311.20
    02001 SCHOOL EQUALIZATION 17,459.66 17,838.66
    07009 UD #9 SEDONA OAK CREEK 93,787.36 87,038.04
    07993 MIN SCH TAX DIST #9 31,096.32 31,052.06
    08150 YAVAPAI COMMUNITY COLLEGE 71,654.36 72,554.86
    10010 SD#9 BI-CO TAX REPAYMENT 0.00 0.00
    11208 SEDONA F.D. 85,277.06 93,009.84
    11900 FIRE DIST. ASSIST. FUND 3,484.96 3,659.22
    14900 YAVAPAI CTY. LIBRARY DISTRICT 6,645.84 6,641.46
    15001 YAVAPAI FLOOD CONTROL DISTRICT 6,886.28 8,584.52
    20444 Red Rock Road Enhancement Maint Dist 2,146.74 2,133.32
    28265 BIG PARK DOM WASTEWATER I.D. 0.00 0.00
    30000 VALLEY ACADEMY EDUCATION DIST (VIT) 1,742.48 1,829.60
    $386,489.48 $391,652.78

  2. Eddie Maddock says:

    Here’s another headline that popped up …. “Unintended Consequences.” It relates to a different version of a Sedona saga. Certain comments lately indicate interest by some Verde Valley employees in Sedona’s recent consideration to amend the Community Plan to allow higher density housing. Those folks seem eager to grasp the opportunity to also boast a “Sedona” mailing address for one reason or another, but primarily the opportunity for renting accommodations at a reasonable rate.

    It’s become common knowledge that at least one Sedona registered voter, while admittedly driving into Sedona every day from the direction of his well publicized residence in Oak Creek Canyon, insists he lives in Sedona by using his business address. Now we may have a switcheroo. Working folks looking forward to an opportunity to legitimately reside in Sedona although they are employed elsewhere!

    It appears some things never change except maybe terms of endearment (or not) ? The law of unintended consequences?


  3. PS from ES(M) says:

    Forgot to mention (and with gratitude) the city did NOT purchase the ADOT property at the “Y” intersection (former home of Sedona Chevron). Good decision and thank you very much for sparing us the obvious untended consequences that would have resulted had that endeavor been pursued.

    Eddie Maddock

  4. steve segner says:

    Eddie Maddock say
    It’s become common knowledge that at least one Sedona registered voter, while admittedly driving into Sedona every day from the direction of his well publicized residence in Oak Creek Canyon
    That would be me Steve segner. Large home up the canyon, two home in Sedona and hotel , with living quarters… And a new place in Phoenix and I vote in Sedona…. Lets get it out in the open and I use my name ….. Under state law I get to pick, you don’t like it change the law…. Eddie likes this the OLD way , her way back in the 1970… Well time change and I do all I can to move Sedona forward… While Eddie and her pals talk about the good old day…. Suncity North…. no on everything…by the way the Y is not for sale YET but when it is I will try to buy it and give it to the city

  5. @Rich collister says:

    You better check your tax bill cause I looked it up and you are paying $2,249.16 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath home in ws. It was built in 1972. You’re caught- fibbin fibber

  6. Rich collister says:

    @Rich Collister

    You know something……your correct..
    I stand corrected. However 4200 in taxes for a 1800 square foot house…
    Maybe if your house is worth 600-700k

    Is it?

    If so your complaining about 4200 a year!!!??

  7. FYI says:

    Sedona home values have gone up 3.2% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 1.3% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Sedona is $252, which is higher than the Prescott Metro average of $175. The median price of homes currently listed in Sedona is $582,500.
    Sedona AZ Home Prices & Home Values | Zillow

  8. @FYI says:

    And how many homes are presently being purchased to use as vacation rentals? And as for the property at the “Y” – nice idea for Steve Segner to buy it and donate it to the city. Wasn’t the former Teen Center also a gift to the city. And the city now PAYS the Red Earth Theatre group for using it at the tune of at least $50k annually. Nice deal for Red Earth – just read about a recent event and the tickets were @$40 admission!

    It would be interesting to know the percentage of Sedona property owners who either live here part time or not at all. Just collect high end rent from another state. Oh hey here’s another thought. “Y” property = work force apartments. Now that would be an interesting addition to the traffic at that bottleneck! Amusing NOT!

  9. @Rich Collister says:

    Not complaining about 4200. Just sayin you’re lyin. All you people just go right past it. Go to arizona liberty and get the facts. Stop lying and present something real. Must be greed or maybe alchohol.

  10. Michael Schroeder says:

    I am not sure what logical approach is used to equate the value of a house with the ability to pay for it’s repairs, upkeep and taxes.

    That of course makes zero common sense as it does not take into consideration what the house cost originally, what someone’s income was at that time as compared to now and the increase of the value over time and the current market. How long the current owner has owned the property and the personal financial changes of that person are all considerations and determine the ability for someone to deal with skyrocketing costs and bailouts.

    A long time resident today could easily be in a home that cost $150,000 20 years ago that is worth $600,000 today.

    There are some very uninformed people who equate the size and value of a home to someone’s ability to stay in that home. Unfortunately those who are misinformed to that level can be pretty outspoken when they sit at a desk in front of a computer. But I think most folks do realize the complex changes that occur as people get older and their lifestyle, income and necessities change.

    People really need to do a little research on the properties in Yavapai county. In many many cases the FCV (Full Cash Value) or your property today is less than it was in 2008 before the housing bubble broke, despite of the housing price recovery. However if you look at your tax bill, it can be as much as 30 to 50% higher than it was when your property was at the inflated value pre 2008 levels

    Now…ask yourself, with inflation holding around 1 to 2% annually, at best, what has happened? Are government agencies and services not paying attention to the cost of inflation? Why are your tax bills growing at these rates, and when you plug in what these agencies really want – the increases over the next 5 to 7 years is more than eye popping.

    Has your fixed income gone up? Has your Social Security kept place? Or has the unchecked spending of some of these agencies been so bad that another taxpayer bailout is required. Or – is it time to get control with proper planning and the right management to get things back in order and turn the “wish” list into a solid program of improvements and sustainability within the allocated budgets of the public agencies.

    http://www.arizonaliberty.us has details, data and links to the various charts, graphs and videos that we have spent literally hundreds of hours assembling from public documents for your easy and convenient review.

  11. steve Segner says:

    Mike said, am not sure what logical approach is used to equate the value of a house with the ability to pay for it’s repairs, upkeep and taxes.
    yes easy $8.49 is the amount… you write pages and pages to cover up.
    Do we want great service if yes vote YES if no vote NO all for under $9.00
    Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Can Figure fight “T” party math

  12. Eddie Maddock says:

    Nice contribution from Mike Schroeder. In particular:

    ” Or – is it time to get control with proper planning and the right management to get things back in order and turn the “wish” list into a solid program of improvements and sustainability within the allocated budgets of the public agencies.”

    And I’m in agreement. That application should be extended to spending by ALL government agencies and affiliates.

  13. OMG says:

    That is crazy talk @steve Senger you don’t know what your talking about. But I can see you’re playing those same ole games. Mike Thank YOU!! Great information and we appreciate the website and info.

    Won’t do to any of those debate meetings. I have enough information to vote NO.

    People pay attention steve was the one that went to the city to raise the bed taxes to pay for his ads. Those ads brought in so many day trippers that now the city council is going to raise YOUR sales tax to pay for all the traffic issues the chamber brought in. Vote NO.

  14. Tony T says:

    One of the best things we could do is eliminate property tax. As long as they can tax you out of your home you don’t own it. If the services they offer are so valuable people would pay VOLUNTARILY. I don’t see any voluntary box on my tax bill.

    You can see by the rates of increase, their NEEDS have no limits. The fact they have to put a gun to your head “Pay us or we take your house !” shows where their thought process is at.

    Vote NO !!

  15. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Mr Schroeder it seems that you tend to have a lot to say about SFD and none of it good and that is your right and opinion. I would like to know if you or Mr Kadar had applied to join the citizens committee that looked into that project? If you had, did you serve and provide the same insight? If you had not don’t you think that would have been a good thing since you know everything “SFD”?

  16. Steve segner says:

    Tony t it’s called socialism .the underpinning of America,fire department, police departments local government electrical, water, power all of them are socialist institutions . your system you would just use our roads or water , electricity and fire Police Department but you would checked the box and not pay for it because it wasn’t up to your standards.tony nothing is free , when you go out to dinner is it voluntarily, Tony do you pay when you travel on a plane ,or do
    you pay when you buy clothes or do you pay? but no you think fire services should be voluntary and I can guarantee you wouldn’t pay unless your house burn down and then you complain that your house burned down and you wouldn’t pay anyway, maybe it’s time to move to someplace it’s a little cheaper like you

  17. Lyle Guest says:

    Socialism is not a word to be bandied about. Socialism has murdered more people than everybody ever killed in a war since recorded time. Millions and millions and millions killed to keep people from having a voice in their government and society. Today democrats supported by Example? Antifa. Learn your history fool. Yesterday democracts supported Nazis and Klan. You’re a D***head.

  18. Get This says:

    Going to the City and getting bed taxes raised is not Steve’s only colossal impropriety. Didn’t Steve go to City Hall recently to get multi-family housing density increased beyond 12 units per acre so that the many workers tourism fails to provide a residence for–and others–will be able to live in Sedona?

    Once high-density, low-cost housing complexes are implemented throughout Sedona, we can count on property values decreasing and traffic jams increasing. Crime may even become an issue. 299 more trips per day will result from the proposed 89A/Pinon Drive 45-unit apartment complex according to the Community Development Dept.

  19. JessL says:

    @Steve Segner

    Under socialism you and your wife would be allowed a one bedroom apartment and you other properties would be re distributed to large families or groups for the good of the state. You could keep your job as a front desk clerk. For a selfish person like you, I hope you get what you wish for.

  20. Tony T says:


    Only an idiot would advocate Socialism while at the same time bragging about how much property he owns.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Karl Marx

    All your property would be taken, idiot.

  21. Steve segner says:

    THENEWDEAL00 Blog Stream Groups Following Profile
    75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

    By TheNewDeal00
    2012/03/29 · 08:13
    25 Comments (25 New)
    In Support of Labor and Unions
    Daily Kos Classics
    Daily Kos Classics
    Share this article

    This is a repost of a blog I wrote last year.

    You can see the original here. It’s exactly the same except the original has pictures!

    I just wanted to bring this back in hopes of sparking a real, rational conversation about socialism.

    I feel the narrative around common sense, Democratic Socialism is constantly negative and too many liberals are afraid to associate themselves with the word.

    Socialism is not a bad thing. It benefits each and every one of us in one way or another.

    Below the fold is 75 ways socialism has improved, shaped, and built America.


    There is nothing more feared and hated in America.

    The word alone sends shivers down the spine of the American people.

    Those three syllables conger up images of Big Brother Government ruling over us all, telling us what to eat, wear, buy, and think. Our children in national uniform being indoctrinated with propaganda in government education camps that use to be schools, turning them into little slaves. While their parents work twelve hour shifts in the concentration camp that slaughters rich successful billionaires, as the poor and needy get a million dollars a month in welfare. A murderous government waging a war against freedom and liberty to gain complete control over everyone and everything.

    You know, the way things were under that socialist Bill Clinton. And the way things are now under that socialist Barack Obama.

    They imagine the USSR and how Democrats are turning America into it because our government will give money to poor people so they don’t starve to death. (Giving money to billion dollar corporations is NOT socialism somehow. You would be a communist and a hippie to think otherwise.)

    This is scary stuff!

    And it’s about to get scarier, because I have some terrifying news for you….

    Socialism is alive and well in America and it has been here for a very long time!

    Oh, that’s not all. it gets much worse! I hope your sitting down…

    As it turns out, You love socialism and you use it everyday, and you may not even know it! It may have even saved your life. I know, this is bad…

    Now relax and breath. It’s going to be okay! We are going to get through this.

    You see, we are still a capitalist nation. In America, you can still make a billion dollars, get a giant tax cut, and pay your employees barely enough to survive while you sail in your yacht to escape any guilt that might inconvenience you. So don’t freak out just yet!

    The thing is, socialism is all over America and people actually like it. Even you… Yes you!

    I know, I know. You’re a conservative that believes in freedom and the constitution. You hate handouts and believe in hard work and the individual. You think government should get out of the way and let you live your lives and allow you to prosper on your own. You know that all rich people must have worked hard and all poor people are lazy. There is no other reason why they could be poor considering life is completely fair and all people are born into situations and environments that allow them to have all the opportunities and blessings that you had. There is no fathomable way they could have 2 or 3 jobs they work very hard at but still can’t make ends meet. You got it all figured out.

    But still, even you get your kicks from a little socialism every now and then.

    Don’t think of this as an intervention, think of it as a coming out of the closet party. We know you are a closet socialist. It’s okay, you are amongst friends and we support you. Besides, we always knew…
    Jess l you’ve got to learn the difference between communism which is a monetary system and socialism I just listed some down below take some time and read you may actually learn something

    Socialism is taxpayer funds being used collectively to benefit society as a whole, despite income, contribution, or ability.

    Sounds horrible, huh?

    Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but Socialism, which you have been told to fear all your life, is responsible for all this…

    1. The Military/Defense – The United States military is the largest and most funded socialist program in the world. It operates thanks to our taxpayer dollars and protects the country as a whole. From the richest citizens to the homeless who sleep under the bridge. We are all protected by our military whether we pay taxes or not. This is complete socialism.

    2. Highways/Roads – Those roads and highways you drive on every single day are completely taxpayer funded. Your tax dollars are used to maintain, expand, and preserve our highways and roads for every one’s use. President Eisenhower was inspired by Germany’s autobahn and implemented the idea right here in America. That’s right, a republican president created our taxpayer funded, national highway system. This was a different time, before the republican party came down with a vicious case of rabies that never went away.

    3. Public Libraries – Yes. That place where you go to check out books from conservative authors telling you how horrible socialism is, is in fact socialism. Libraries are taxpayer funded. You pay a few bucks to get a library card and you can read books for free for the rest of your life.

    4. Police – Ever had a situation where you had to call the police? Then you have used a taxpayer funded socialist program. Anyone can call the police whether they pay taxes or not. They are there to protect and serve the community, not individuals. This is complete socialism on a state level, but still socialism all the same. Would you rather have to swipe your credit card before the police will help you?

    5. Fire Dept. – Hopefully you have never had a fire in your home. But if you have, you probably called your local taxpayer-funded fire department to put the fire out. Like police, this is state socialism. You tax dollars are used to rescue your entire community in case of a fire. It use to be set up where you would pay a fee every month to the fire dept. for their service. If you didn’t pay, they let your house burn down. Sadly, a man from Tennessee had this exact situation happen to him in 2011 because he didn’t pay his $75.00 fee. I guess that small town in Tennessee would rather let people’s houses burn down that resort to evil socialism. So don’t take for granted the fact that you have a 24/7 fire dept. to put out your burning home thanks to socialism.

    6. Postal Service – Like having mail delivered directly to your front door and paying next to nothing to send mail anywhere you want? Well it’s all made possible by socialism.

    7. Student Loans and Grants – Did you go to College? If you did, you family might not have been rich enough to pay your way through. So you got your education anyway through student loans and grants from the federal government at taxpayer expense. Of course you have to pay back the loans, but if not the government, did you know anyone else who was going to lend you tens of thousands of dollars? Probably not. So the taxpayers lent you the money and you paid it back with slight interest. The government grants you accepted were gifts from the taxpayer and the federal government that you did not have to pay back. Socialism got you through school.

    8. Bridges – Along with our highways, our government used your taxpayer dollars to build bridges. This allows the public to travel across rivers without having to sail or swim.

    9. Garbage Collection – Like having your garbage collected once a week instead of having to drive it to the landfill yourself? Thank socialism.

    10. Public Landfills – Taxpayer dollars are used to have places to dump all of our garbage that is collected by taxpayer funded garbage men.

    11. War – That’s right! War would not be possible without socialism. Your tax dollars are used to fight wars for your country. This is Big Government at it’s biggest. Private companies don’t attack other countries, at least not yet. Government is the only entity in America that can defend us from foreign enemies and our tax dollars are used for every second of it. Socialism has brought down Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden. War may very well be the most socialist thing on this list.

    12. Farm Subsidies – Our government uses taxpayer funds to pay farmers and businesses to provide their income and keep them growing food for the public.

    13. CIA – The Central Intelligence Agency is vital to America’s security. The CIA is completely taxpayer funded to protect the public from enemies.

    14. FBI – The Federal bureau of investigations is a taxpayer funded government agency.

    15. Congressional Health Care – As Republicans in congress warn us of the evils of government-run health care, most of them are covered by taxpayer-funded government-run health care. You literally pay for their health care while they tell you that paying for your neighbors health care through a public option or single-payer system is socialism. They are 100% correct, it is socialism. They’re just not telling you that they like their socialist health care, they just don’t think you should have it. They are afraid you might like it better than the private insurance you have now that funds their campaigns and gives them money to push what is best for them and not for you. Members of congress are free to opt out of their evil government health care, but most of them don’t because deep down, they like socialism too.

    16. Polio Vaccine – In the 1950’s polio ravaged the United States. Until Dr. Jonas Salk invented a cure, finally ridding America of this terrible disease. Dr. Salk could have sold his vaccine in the free market and made millions and millions of dollars. Instead he gave it to the federal government to begin eradicating polio. He said that he made plenty of money as a scientist and felt it was too important to try and profit from or create a business around.

    17. EPA – Republicans hate this taxpayer-funded government program because they have the nerve to tell corporations that they may have to follow environmental rules ad regulations for the greater good of the earth and the people who live on it. But if you don’t like breathing mercury, drinking dirty water, and breathing in chemicals, you should like this example of socialism working for the people.

    18. Social Security – You pay a tax to help ensure that our grandparents and senior citizens of America have money to live off of when they are retired or too elderly to work. I love hearing rich people bitch about this one because the truth is that they do not pay a social security tax, like most payroll taxes. This little piece of socialism helps prevent our senior citizens from sinking into poverty and starving to death.

    19. Museums – Many museums are privately owned by organizations and groups, but many are also taxpayer-funded state, national, and federal museums.

    20. Public Schools – Can’t afford to send your children to an expensive private school? Thanks to socialism and government, you child can still get an education. Public education has been under attack for decades in this country by the radical right because public schools don’t teach Christianity to your children and it enables people like Barack Obama to work hard, gain scholarships, and eventually become President of the United States.

    21. Jail/Prison System – Many murders and criminals are behind bars right now and not out on the streets because of our taxpayer-funded, federal and state run jails and prisons. Taxpayer money is collected and used to help protect all of society from murders, molesters, rapist, etc. I know there’s a lot of disagreement and controversy about how to handle our prison system, but I think we can all agree that serial killers should not be freed into society. There are also many private prisons in the United States. However, they have a higher escape rate than their socialist counterpart. Besides, don’t you see the bad incentives in having a private prison system that profits from having people in prison? Since a business’s top goal is to make more money than the year before, the only feasible agenda would be to get everyone in prison.

    22. Corporate/Business Subsidies – This is the type of socialism that is acceptable in the Republican party. You tax dollars are given to big corporations to do things they should be doing anyway out of morals and ethics. Like not sending jobs overseas and hiring people. Wouldn’t you like a nice big check just for not breaking the law? To be fair though, many businesses do earn their subsidies by advancing green technology and practice, donating to charity, helping communities, etc. They aren’t all bad. People just get mad when big billionaire oil companies get billions of their taxpayer dollars while they’re paying $4 at the pump. For the corporations that don’t earn their subsidies other than donating to their very own political party, it’s merely welfare. Though however you look at it, it is socialism.

    23. Veteran’s (VA) Health Care – Our soldiers bravely go to foreign countries and risk their lives at the request of their government and the American people. For those who survive, we as a country feel committed and obligated to ensure that they have everything they need for the rest of their lives for their service to us in which we could never fully repay. So we the taxpayers fund their health care in a government-run single-payer system for veterans. Many soldiers return with mental and/or physical health issues that would cost them thousands in a private health care plan. Socialism funds the military, the overall war, and also takes care of our troops when they return home.

    24. Public Parks – Like going to the park on a sunny day? Just being able to walk right in, or at the worse pay a small fee? This is once again the work of socialism. If it were private, it wouldn’t be a park, it would be someones back yard. That small or non-existent fee will turn into a $15 fee faster than you can say “No Trespassing”.

    25. All Elected Government Officials – From the Supreme Court, to the President of the United States and all the way down to the County Dog Catcher, taxpayers pay their salary and provide the funding for them to do their job. We pay for every aspect of their job. So in a sense, I guess you could say our whole country is run on socialism.

    26. Food Stamps – Republicans fill with bitter contempt knowing that our government at the expense of the taxpayer is giving poor people money to buy food they couldn’t otherwise afford. This, like welfare, is what the right thinks socialism is all about, along with mass murder. However, just like corporate welfare, welfare is socialism. I’ll just end this one with a quick story. I have been down and out in periods of my life and sought assistance via food stamps. Even though I was what anyone would consider poor, I was not poor enough to get food stamps. Which means people who do get them, must really, really need them. As far as my personal experience, they weren’t thrown around like candy the way the right would have you believe.

    27. Sewer System – Do you like having a sewer system to remove waste and prevent pollution and disease from seeping into our environment? Thank the taxpayers of America and the socialist system it operates in.

    28. Medicare – Medicare is one of the most liked socialist programs in America. Most of us don’t mind paying taxes to provide our senior citizens with health care and hope the next generation will do the same for us. If you don’t believe me, just look at almost any poll. Most seniors would not be able to afford private health care. So this form of socialism is a life saver for this nation’s grandparents and senior citizens.

    29. Court System – Whether it’s the murder trial of the century or a case in a small claims court, the taxpayers of America fully fund our courts and legal process. You may pay for your own lawyer, but the courtroom, judge, and jury is paid for through socialist means.

    30. Bird Flu Vaccine – You don’t have bird flu right now and probably aren’t worried about it because our federal government used taxpayer funds to pump vaccines all over America.

    31. G.I. Bill – The G.I. bill allows veterans to pursue an education by using taxpayer dollars to help them pay for most of their schooling. It also helps them with loans, savings, and unemployment benefits.

    32. Hoover Dam – Remember when our country use to build things? Our government built the Hoover Dam using taxpayer funds. It is now a vital source of power for the west coast.

    33. State/City Zoos – American families have been going to the zoo for generations. A place where kids and adults can have fun seeing creatures and animals from all over the world and learn at the same time. Many zoos are ran by the state and/or city, using taxpayer funds to operate and even bring the animals to the zoo.

    34. IRS – I know, the IRS is about as popular and well liked in America as a hemorrhoid, but think about it. The IRS is the reason that we have anything. The IRS collects taxpayer funds for the federal government. The government then dispenses these funds to our military, states, and social programs. If there is no one collecting taxes, no one will pay them. If no one pays taxes, our country shuts down. Without money to operate, nothing operates. This may sound like a good thing to some radical republicans, but for those of us with sense, we know this means anarchy in the USA. The IRS gets a bad rap because if you don’t pay your taxes or owe them money, they can be ruthless. Like everything else, the IRS is not perfect, but without them we literally have no country or no means to run it.

    35. Free Lunch Program – Some children are living in poverty by no fault of their own. I’m not saying it is even their parents fault, but you surely cannot blame a child for the situation they are born into. In most if not all states, there are programs where children who live in poor households can receive school lunch for free. The taxpayers of the state pay for this. Sounds like socialism to me, and also the moral and Christian thing to do.

    36. The Pentagon – Our defense system in America is a socialist system from top to bottom. We as taxpayers fund the pentagon completely.

    37. Medicaid – Our government uses taxpayer funds to provide health care for low-income people. Republicans, the compassionate Christians that they are, absolutely hate this program. What they fail to understand is that when people can’t afford to pay their outrageous medical bills, they don’t. This bill does not disappear. The loss that the insurance company, doctor’s office, or hospital takes gets passed down to everyone else. So covering people and giving them a low-income option reduces costs for them and everyone else. This is the main argument behind a health care mandate. It’s not to force you to buy health care out of cruelty. If everyone is covered, costs drop for everyone. If you have no compassion for the uninsured, you can at least understand the rational in a selfish sense.

    38. FDA – The Food and Drug Administration is far from perfect. It is infested with corporate corruption and they have been wrong many, many times. Countless times they have approved things that they later have to apologize for and have banned things that would have helped people. However, they have also stopped many harmful foods and products from being sold to the public and protect us everyday from poisons being disguised as products. While not perfect, they are needed to prevent harmful food and drugs from being sold to you and you family. Without them, corporations can send whatever they want to your supermarkets and drug stores without any testing or evaluation. I don’t mind my taxes going towards a middle man to inspect the safety of the products we are being sold everyday.

    39. Health Care for 9/11 Rescue Workers – After beating back GOP obstruction, Democrats finally passed a bill last year to allow government to help 9/11 rescue worker’s with their health care after many came down with horrible lung diseases from the toxins they breathed in rescuing people from smoldering buildings. These brave citizens risked their lives and health to help complete strangers. They deserve more, but covering their health care is a good start.

    40. Swine Flu Vaccine – Do you have swine flu right now? Then thank government and the socialist structure.

    41. Disability Insurance (SSDI) – For those who are disabled and cannot work, our government provides an income for them via taxpayer dollars as opposed to the other option of letting them starve to death.

    42. Town/State Run Beaches – Like going to the beach? Like it when the beach is clean and safe? Like having lifeguards on staff in case of an emergency? Then once again, thank the taxpayers and the socialist structure that makes it all possible.

    43. Corporate Bailouts/Welfare – The whole point of this post is to prove that we ALL use, benefit from, and like socialism. This example is a form of socialism that the republicans not only like, but fight tooth and nail for. They don’t like it when socialism is used for working/poor people, but when it’s for millionaires and their corporate donors, socialism becomes as American as apple pie. The middle/working class who are the majority of taxpayers pay for welfare for corporations and people who have more money than all of us combined. When our government bails out a bank or gives a subsidy to a billion dollar corporation, you are paying for it.

    44. State Construction – Ever see those construction workers in your town fixing potholes, erecting buildings, repaving highways and roads, and fixing things all over town? They themselves and the work they do is taxpayer-funded state socialism.

    45. Unemployment Insurance – All your working life, you pay payroll taxes. Some of these taxes go toward a program that temporarily provides for people who lost their jobs until they can find another one. You pay for others, others pay for you. Especially these days, you never know when you might lose your job. You may need temporary assistance until you get back on your feet. The government recognizes this. UI also keeps the economy moving in times of recession because people still have some money in their pockets to buy goods and promote demand.

    46. City/Metro Buses – If you lack transportation, you can catch a city bus. Taxpayer funds and the fee you pay to take the bus make it possible for millions of people to go to work.
    47. WIC – WIC is a federally funded program to assist women, infants, and children. WIC helps low-income families by providing funding for nutrition, education, and health care for children.

    48. State Snow Removal – Even though sometimes it may take them longer than you like to get to your street, do you like having snow plow service to clear our roads and highways in the winter? This is a state socialist taxpayer-funded service.

    49. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) – PBS operates on donations and government funding. The provide non-partisan news and information to the public. They are the home of Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theater, and The Antiques Roadshow. Surveys show that they are literally the most trusted name in news. I wonder how Fox feels about that?

    50. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – The CDC helps promote and enact the health and safety of the public along with helping to prevent and control illness and disease. The CDC is a government program that operates on taxpayer funding.

    51. Welfare – Is there anything the republicans hate more? Of course I’m talking about the welfare that goes to poor people. Corporate welfare is not only accepted in the republican Kabul, but it’s mandatory that we give our tax dollars to billionaires and not question the logic of it. Though if you look at it realistically and not through the red scare glasses in which the right sees the world, welfare helps the economy. As I’ve said many times, when poor people have money in their pocket, they buy things made and sold by companies. This creates a demand. To keep up with demand, businesses must hire to keep up. If you yanked everyone who is on welfare off of it tomorrow, the economy would take a blow and lose jobs due to the down tick in consumer demand because we just took what little money they had away.

    52. Public Street Lighting – Like being able to see at night when you walk or drive? Thank Socialism.

    53. FEMA – If Disaster strikes, FEMA is there to help pick up the pieces. As a part of homeland security and an agency of the federal government, they use taxpayer dollars to help cities, states, and towns recover and rebuild. I don’t know to many private companies that could assist in disaster relief and ask nothing in return. Thank God for socialism.

    54. Public Defenders – Ever been in trouble and couldn’t afford a lawyer? Well the taxpayers and the government make sure you still get representation.

    55. S-CHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) – S-CHIP is a program that matches funds to states for health insurance for children in families that cannot afford insurance but make too much to qualify for Medicaid. Your tax dollars go towards covering uninsured children, is that so wrong?

    56. Amtrak – Amtrak transports tens of millions of passengers a year in 46 states and three Canadian Providences. It is owned by the federal government and your tax dollars are used to fund it. All aboard!!

    57. NPR – National Public Radio operates on private and federal funding along with public donations. NPR has been one of the most trusted news sources in America for over 40 years.

    58. The Department of Homeland Security – Created after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, this heavily federally funded department of the U.S. government helps protect us from future terrorist attacks. This is the third largest department within the United States government.

    59. OSHA – Do you have a safe and healthy workplace that provides training, outreach, education, and assistance? Thank OSHA! Brought to you by the taxpayers of America and socialism.

    60. State and National Monuments – The Lincoln Memorial. Mount Rushmore. The D.C. National Mall. All brought to you and maintained with your tax dollars. Socialism is patriotic?

    61. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – The USDA enforces regulations on the farming, agriculture, and food industries to ensure food safety, natural resources, and hunger worldwide and in the United States. Your tax dollars are used to help keep what you are eating safe and even feed those who are not eating.

    62. Government Scholarships – if you work hard in school and show true potential, our government will give you a scholarship towards college so you can advance your education. Your tax dollars have been used to send future doctors, lawyers, scientists, and even presidents of the United States to college.

    63. Department of Health and Human Service – The overall goal of HHS is to promote, implement, and ensure the health of the American people. Your tax dollars are used to do this. Government looking out for the well being of it’s people, imagine that!
    64. Census Bureau – Every ten years, our government collects data about our people and economy, to better serve and represent us. From the forms that are sent to your home for you to fill out and send back in and to the census worker who shows up and kindly asks you to fill out the form if you don’t send it in, all taxpayer funded socialism. The information collected is used to better understand the economic situation and population in your area. Not to enslave you in a FEMA camp.

    65. Department of Energy – This taxpayer funded cabinet of the federal government oversees nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, energy conservation, radioactive waste disposal, and energy production. To those of you who care about our environment and would rather not witness a nuclear holocaust might consider this money well spent.

    66. Customs and Border Protection – the CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in America. This is big government that republicans actually do like because they don’t like Mexicans immigrating to our country like our ancestors did. However, this taxpayer funded, socialist agency of the federal government regulates trade, imports, and immigration.

    67. Department of Education – This cabinet of the federal government is actually the smallest. They administer and oversee federal assistance to education. They also collect data and enforce federal laws and regulations involving education. Even though the right thinks that this department is indoctrinating your children, they actually have no control over curriculum or standards.

    68. Secret Service – Your tax dollars are used to provide highly-trained, skilled professional bodyguards to protect the President of the United States.

    69. Peace Corps – The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the government that helps people outside of the US to understand our culture as well as helping us learn about other cultures. However they are more well known for their work with economic and social development in less-fortunate countries. Sounds very Christian for being a socialist program, huh?

    70. Department of Justice – The DOJ is responsible for enforcing the law. Socialism keeps our civilization intact.

    71. National Weather Service – Like knowing when a storm, tornado, earthquake, or snow is coming? Socialism makes this possible and available to everyone.

    72. The White House – Our taxpayer dollars through a socialist means pays for the house that the president and his family live in during a presidents time in office.

    73. Government – Like it or not, our country would not be a country without a government. Every single day, government on state and local levels serve us in ways we simply take for granted. Government as an entity operates and functions on our tax dollars through a socialist structured funding system. From the military down to the county dog catcher, socialism turns the wheels that make our society function.

    74. Law – Laws and rules make our democracy possible. Remove these laws and you have sheer anarchy. Laws do not appear out of thin air. To have law, you need a government. You need elected lawmakers to make the laws and a government to implement and enforce them. Socialism is responsible for every law in this country. Without our government and lawmakers which exist thanks to socialism, there would be no laws. So the laws themselves, are enforced and implemented thanks to socialism.

    75. Civilization – As an American citizen, you enjoy freedoms that many in other countries do not. Like anything else in this world, our government is not perfect, but you should be thankful everyday that your country has a government that feels an obligation to serve the people and protect their rights and freedoms. This is completely possible because of government, taxes, and socialism. Do you think the private sector would do a better job of governing our country? Do you think corporations would enact laws to help protect and serve you and your family or them and their profits? The reason you can read this blog and the reason I can write it whether you agree with it or not is because of the freedoms we have here in America enforced and protected through socialist means. Our entire civilization depends on us being a people united. Socialism is a glue that binds us together and makes possible the things that we could not accomplish as individuals working against each other.

    I don’t care who you are.

    Rich or poor. Teaparty Republican or Liberal Socialist.

    You benefit from at least one or more of these 75 American Government-Run, Taxpayer funded Socialist programs, agencies, and laws.

    My overall argument is not for a completely socialist nation. This would not work. A completely capitalist nation would not work either.

    I’m just simply saying that I, as a Democratic Socialist, feel that the two can co-exist. I know this because they always have. Socialism and capitalism have always co-existed in America.

    I also believe in freedom. I believe options are a form of freedom.

    Right now in the United States of America, I can send mail through the public postal service or I can choose a private option like FedEx. I can send my kids to public school or private school.

    As liberals, we don’t want a government takeover, we want options. We think we should have the freedom to be able to choose to have government health care if we don’t like our private plan.

    If we are 18-64, we have no options or freedom over our own health care. I don’t understand why this isn’t viewed as a corporate takeover of health care.

    Socialism is not a bad thing. It is a foundation in this country of ours. Claiming socialism is bad because of radical and non-factual comparisons to Hitler and Stalin is like saying all guns are bad because of the Columbine killers and Jared Loughner.

    National socialism and communism are very, very different from Democratic Socialism here in America. I’d explain further but this topic is for another post, this one is long enough. Besides, socialism defeated Hitler.

    So let’s just stop the madness and have a serious discussion about socialism and the role it plays in America.

    “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a president and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country” – FDR

  22. Ralfie Carlos Diego, SDCA says:

    Editors, I enjoy this site’s forum and am contributing as a silent long term reader. My sister first sent me your subscription, I enjoy your writers and the American footballer community of voices. RCD

    It pains me to say that your referenced writer Mr. Segner barely rises above unsearched and unsourced historical ignorance. A personal suggestion is to read a better resource guide for the points. As an ESOL teacher in the private sector, the level of argument fails to make its points accurately.

    Basic history? http://prospect.org/article/liberalism-socialism-and-democracy

    Here’s an excerpt:

    [It is true that nearly every social democratic policy invention can be found somewhere outside the socialist tradition. Free public education was invented in Massachusetts, in the 1660s, nearly two hundred years before Marx. And, as we all know, social insurance was invented by Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck championed social insurance largely because the rising Social Democratic Party was beginning to capture the affection of Germany’s industrial workers, whose allegiance Bismarck wanted for the Prussian crown…]end except]

    For free public libraries, my wife, the librarian, offers this reference for you to learn the truth: http://www.sturgislibrary.org/history/oldest-library/

    And may we all ask God for His mercy on the victims and their families and rescuers in Las Vegas. Goodnight and thank you. RCD

  23. Lies & Deceit says:

    Some things never change except the name “Tom Schafer” has been changed to “Karen Daines Osburn”.

    Also to be noted is citizens’ vehement opposition to implementation of Administrative Waiver. They disagreed in ’94 and they still DO NOT APPROVE! “One year sunset clause” never happened. Another broken commitment to Sedona residents. Liars in action. Here’s more proof.

    “The RRNews 10/28/94 “headline Council Decision Booed by Citizens” accurately reflected “vehement opposition to the portion of Article 4 in the draft land code that affords Community Development Director Tom Schafer the power to grant administration waivers.” Public concern was that granting administrative waiver to the planning staff might open the door to abuse.

    What? Of course the council unanimously agreed and “amended the code to reflect the administrative waiver would remain intact with a one-year sunset clause.” And guess what? That one year sunset has yet to occur.”

  24. Al says:

    Thanks @lies&deciet. Important stuff.

    LMAO reading Segner’s socialism notes. He’s incorrect on several items but he appears to be a mouthpiece and not an originator of ideas. The centuries old pre BC AD caste systems dictated workers positions and their economic returns. In Persia now Iran, Christians were and are garbage collectors. Other castes included rug makers and merchants. Untouchables in India. Holy in Tibet. Those cultures were around long before Stalin and Lenin and Mao murdered millions of innocents they couldn’t afford to feed. If people were readers and aspired to education, what a wonder Sedona would become.

  25. Steve segner says:

    Al please take some time and understand that socialism and communism are two entirely different systems you forgot to list the millions of people killed by capitalism whether it be Portuguese Spanish English or American the number is actually larger that’s not even talking about Native Americans all but the death by the good all capitalist system . There’s nothing wrong with capitalism it just needs to be checked with a good government America is a capitalist socialist-based system but that’s over your head I won’t go into that

  26. Prediction Friction says:

    The exact same thing will happen with the uptown property the Chamber of Commerce purchased with city bed tax. Title remains in Chamber’s name but has anything been put in writing that it will ever be changed to the rightful owner the City of Sedona? More permanent assets for the C of C while Sedona city owned roads continue to crumble. (thank god ADOT still maintains our state hwys)

    Rip off Artists in action! Humor me as I hazard guesses why city attorney spends so much time in Phoenix and with the League of Cities & Towns. Maybe guess one might be in order to pick and choose methods of “see the shell” games? Guessing might be that some city cheerleaders can reap benefits over and above that of which they are entitled? Hey blame me for asking logical questions but so far there isn’t a law against it (Operative words “so far”).

    Losers & Liars IMO. And the beat goes on and on and on. No relief in sight in my humble opinion.

  27. Wm. D. says:

    Thanks Mrs. Maddock for offering the link to this article dated August 28, 2017 reflecting activities even way prior to that date. It’s pretty amazing because it could well be dated today or tomorrow (3/19/19) and nothing has changed, just increased in ugly density and intensity and not likely to change. Sad. Even more amazing is it exemplifies the challenge for “affordable” housing, mentioning past failed efforts. Little doubt IMO we will soon see more than four stories someplace in the Sunset vicinity and/or elsewhere. Small town atmosphere be damned!

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