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Eddie Maddock Eyes Unintended Consequences

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (March 19, 2014)It’s that time of year when Sedona is in the throes of dealing with “spring-breakers” as evidenced by traffic back-ups but busy days for local restaurants and retail shops. Spring breaks vary, therefore extending this active duration for more than one week.

Is this unusual? No. Is it a result in increased marketing of Sedona? To a certain degree, possibly, but substantially probably not based on factual history that this phenomenon has occurred for so many years, long before Sedona became a city and opted to extensively provide funding to the Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce to allegedly promote Sedona.

So what is it that that brings visitors here year after year, without spending thousands or millions of dollars to attract them? The scenic beauty, of course, and the primary reason most have heard about Sedona has been and remains: word of mouth. Many, many surveys have supported that concept believe it or not.

The question remains: How many more visitors, regardless of how they learned about Sedona, can adequately and safely be accommodated?

Now that the City is the owner of the Brewer Road property, with intentions to create a central “Heart of Sedona” on the site formerly occupied by the U.S. Forest Service, of course it will take money. However, after several years of lobbying by those who had their own hearts set on this concept, the plan has taken its first baby step: land acquisition.

SR179 HowToDrive roundaboutIt appears that little or no thought has been given to additional parking when and if this Heart of Sedona becomes reality, and judging on past and present traffic backups during annual events, which by nature attract tourists to Sedona, without planning in advance there’s little doubt this dream of a vision will result in another Sedona nightmare.

Presently on the table is the proposed expansion of Tlaquepaque on just short of two acres of the property on the north side of SR179. The plan calls for approximately 10,400 square feet of development to include a restaurant, market and deli, outdoor dining, and retail space, offering only 61 parking spaces. Based on the charming design of Tlaquepaque, there’s little doubt the project will be a tremendous visual improvement to that highly traveled area. What about the downside?

Presently there’s considerable pedestrian traffic using the designated crosswalk, but obviously that will increase as will the number of cars pulling out of the property onto SR179. Efforts to encourage foot traffic in that area are ongoing, as evidenced by the current proposal to provide a designated historic walkway from this area to uptown Sedona.

Nice idea? Not so fast. Also on the table is the ADOT property at the “Y’ which is under consideration for purchase by the City.

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

Acknowledging that certain impact development fees are earmarked for the City to purchase property for specific reasons, one must ask the question if reckless decisions must be part of that package.

For example, if this proposed walkway to uptown will incorporate the notion that increased foot traffic will cross at the main “Y” roundabout, is that logical thinking?

During these days of increased traffic volume, or any time for that matter, it takes spot-on attention to maneuver that two lane roundabout. Any additional distractions should be considered unconscionable. More and more traffic is emerging from the access to Hyatt Pinon Pointe, and for those cars desiring to travel SR179 going south to stop in the middle of the roundabout for pedestrian crossing . . . well, needless-to-say, this should be deemed unacceptable.

Anyone who has been out and about on SR179 during the past couple of weeks (in particular from the Hillside to where the two State Highways SR179 & W89A merge) will thoroughly understand the nature of this message. If not, it is to send a plea to City Planners, City Staff, and mostly City Council, who will have the deciding vote.

If you feel you must purchase that small ADOT corner, please, please don’t incorporate it with any plans for connecting a pedestrian walkway to uptown or any other use for distractions such as postings for calendar of events. Better yet, find another property to spend city tax money on and leave this small parcel for a better suited real estate office or other commercial use.

Don’t make another mistake as occurred with the redesign on the less than one-mile portion of City owned SR89A in uptown. That blunder is identified as narrowing traffic lanes, requiring vehicles to stop and as a result back up traffic, traveling north from SR179 and south from Oak Creek Canyon, when cars exit parking spaces.

Proper decisions in the first place can avoid many stressful future and costly unintended consequences.

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Tony says:

    It makes no sense for the “city” to give over a million and a half to the chamber of commerce when there are at least 6 timeshare supported “Tourist information” stops around Sedona. Perhaps the city should give each of them a million also?

    Tourists will still come to Sedona, even without a city or chamber of commerce.

    I vote for no more traffic.

    Let the chamber of commerce support itself as it does in Flagstaff and many other cities.

  2. Home Rule was last approved in March 2012 and requires renewal by City voters every four years. However, a recent change in election laws by the Arizona State Legislature necessitates that the matter be presented this year instead of in 2016.

    Therefore in August 2014, registered City voters will have the opportunity to vote to allow the City to set its budget locally, rather than mandating the state-imposed expenditure limitation.

  3. Henrietta says:

    It is particularly troubling and scary to me when attempting to leave the PO and enter 89A.. Traffic whizzing from the round about at Hyatt is often difficult to see until they are right there and the thought of “MORE” traffic zizzing around and pedistrians crossing where there’s no designated cross walk gives me pause.

    I thought weekends were bad traffic days, but it seems it’s happening more and more every day of the week especially now with Spring break upon us. COC doesn’t need to advertise, Sedona is on the map.

    Why did I move to Sedona? For the beauty and serenity and peaceful spaces.

    Still has the beauty, but most days I find serenity and peaceful spaces inside myself and not so much out there is the wide open anymore.

  4. William S. says:

    The idea of redevelopment of the property referenced in the article, for my own reasons, initially was appealing. Then it dawned on me it might just be the final crack in the door for Mayor Adams to fulfill his legacy, public access to Oak Creek by making it part of the terms of the development agreement. This would be the man’s last ditch effort since his announcement that he will not be running for mayor again.

    Enter the news that former Council Member/Vice Mayor Cliff Hamilton will toss his hat in the ring for Mayor is good news from the standpoint that he was responsible for removing the idea of further pursuit for a creek walk/park from the drawing board when he sat on Council.

    A light at the end of that tunnel? Perhaps unless the Mayor and the majority of the Council manage to get the high-liability, future potentially public nuisance on the drawing board prior to the first of the year when possibly along with the mayor three other council members will be giving up their seats.

  5. Tony says:

    Sunday, 4:50 pm , just spent 20 minutes to drive a mile from 89A approaching uptown. Bumper to bumper, tourists crossing the street in a slow parade. No special events happening today, just too many tourists.

    I happen to live a mile from what used to be the Y, it’s not unusual to have traffic backed up 179 taking 20-25 minutes to drive the last mile or so toward my home.

    Don’t move to Sedona, I loved it here, but unless things change quickly for the better I am leaving.

    NO HOME RULE, do you realize it allows Sedona to spend over twice as much as the state of Arizona says is the maximum a city the Size of Sedona should spend?

  6. Fred Meloni says:

    First only comment::::people are talking and it’s lively. Glad to be a Subscriber.

    From pretty Tallahassee

  7. All that needs to happen here is for the city to take ownership of both highways (89 & 179) within city limits, then declare all of Sedona an auto-free zone. Isn’t that what the new “plan” will attempt but in an obviously less severe effort? What a challenge that will become to manage a trunk-full of groceries in a bicycle basket. Hey, maybe rickshaws might work. No brainer.

  8. “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    NO HOME RULE!!!!

  9. Anonymous Mark says:

    Here is a novel idea, why don’t they build pedestrian bridges just like they have in Las Vegas. Gets tourists up and over the traffic, therefore allowing a free flow of the traffic and peds can get from one side of the street to the other without using the corsswalk and halting traffic. Simple solution folks.

  10. Dan says:

    Nice idea “Anonymous Mark.” Walkways should also span the roundabouts and we need them uptown too. You should run for city council or get a job w/city. Seriously.

  11. George says:

    This is from a so far silent subscriber. Reading comments for quite a while now, maybe someone can explain why the ongoing suggestions for Sedona to do like and be like so many other places in California, Colorado, even Scottsdale, and now Las Vegas? Why overlook the obvious in Sedona – RED ROCKS which none of these other places can offer such views. Just an observation that no place else can be like Sedona even if they tried.

  12. Tom Bergen says:

    @Richard & Tony

    It’s obvious that you hate government but, you really need to get all of the facts when it comes to Home Rule.

    If Home Rule is voted down, what do you think will be accomplished?

    Do you realize that tax revenue will continue to go to the City? But, the city will be limited in so many ways.

    Homeowners won’t save one thin dime and sales tax will remain the same.

    The only change that everyone will see is a drastic reduction in services. Storm Drain and road improvement work will stop along with so many other services.

  13. Jim uptown says:

    Responding to Tom Bergen, why do you care what Richard & Tony have to say when clearly the majority of Sedona voters agree with you? Was it only 37% of registered voters took time to vote and over 60% of that 37% approved the new community plan?

    Clearly the silent majority is very happy with Sedona government so based on that the Home Rule will sail through as it did what? two years ago or less? No sweat man. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. And I’m among the losers but willing to throw in the hat but not quite to the point of if you can’t beat em join em. Only maybe join in those who remain silent. It is what it is.

  14. That’s where the home rule proponents as with most governments promote false choices. Of the approximately $35 million in city expenditures, less than 5 million are earmarked for storm drain and road improvement. The city spends $2-3 million on the police. Please take a look at the city budget.

    Remember, Sedona Fire and Sedona Schools receive NO funding from the city of Sedona

    While I have no doubt they would try to cut needed services and preserve unnecessary staff and gifts to their friends, the fact remains there is huge waste. Once again, look at the budget at sedonaaz.gov.

    Taxes can be REDUCED. I know this is a fact those in government can not understand.

    How would you like to pay no monthly sewer fee?

  15. Tom Bergen says:

    @Richard Saunders

    I really need help to understand your points:

    Can you explain what you mean by “gifts to their friends”. These can be serious accusations what facts do you have to say such thing?

    When you say “Taxes can be REDUCED” what taxes are you referring to?
    Sales tax or property tax, which we don’t pay.

    I already stated above if Home Rule is implemented, sales tax money still comes into the city. The city is just limited in the way it can spend it.

    Richard, you keep on making baseless statements without the facts to back your comments up. It’s very hard to believe you when you don’t make sense.

  16. @ Tom Bergen

    Gifts to their friends: Millions to the Chamber of Commerce with no accountability,
    Hundreds of thousands to The Sedona Film Festival, with no accountability

    Taxes: Sewer Fees, sales taxes can be reduced.

    Tom, you are the one not making sense, trying to confuse the readers. You must work for the city or chamber.

  17. Tom Bergen says:

    Mr Saunders, you must be a former disgruntled employee with all of your distaste for our city. You keep harping on reduce, reduce, reduce, it’s easy to say that when you don’t have the back bone to follow through with what WILL happen when you reduce the taxes.

    I think that in the world of SAUNDERS we should all march up to city hall and lock all of the doors, turn off their electricity and fire all of the employees. Mr. Saunders can then become the keeper of all knowledge and facts. We won’t have to worry about sewer fees because there won’t be anyone working at the treatment plant so our sewer waste can just back up into our homes. Since we also won’t be paying our cops, we don’t need to bother stopping at stop signs and red lights because there’s no one to write citations. In SAUNDERS world, we’ll be able to build our houses any way and as big as we want because there will be no over site or building people to insure compliance.

    Saunders, you need to get your “tea party” mentality in check because you’re way over the top.

  18. Tom G says:

    Pay no never mind Tom to Richard Sanders/Tony Tonish!! He has been talking out both sides of his mouth on many issues for awhile now!! Tony how’s your petition going? Have you gotten 5 signatures yet to dissolve the city!!!??? Good luck!!

  19. The Village of Oak Creek has no city and works just fine.

    The county and the Sheriffs department handle all the functions at low cost.

    Remember Sedona Fire and the Sedona schools are NOT part of the city.

    All you would lose is city employees paid 6 figure salaries, who receive over a month vacation/leave the first year of employment. In my last job, which was very desired, it took 15 years to EARN a months leave/vacation.

    As usual neither Tom responded to the unaccountable gifts to the Chamber of Commerce or Sedona Film Festival. They fear facts, but think personal attacks will accomplish something. Sound like government?

    Yes, I have an ever growing group ready to sign a petition to disincorporate Sedona.
    More exposure of waste and foolish actions by city employees is all we need.

  20. Tom Bergen says:

    @Tom G

    Oh, I didn’t realize that Richard (I don’t know who Tony is) was the person who posted about that topic a few months ago. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have bothered responding to anything he wrote, he makes no sense nor does he have any facts to back up what he posts. NOW I UNDERSTAND! He must be a disgruntled city employee like I thought.

    Thanks for making me aware.

  21. Guess What? says:

    In case you are not aware, New Frontiers is being sold. Whole Foods is buying out the Sedona store, so the New Frontiers opt out won’t count in the long run….. http://www.benzinga.com/news/14/03/4432241/update-whole-foods-acquires-four-stores-from-new-frontiers

  22. Tom G says:


    When you say more exposure and waste by city emplyees I’m assuming you mean the very revealing pictures you took of two cops talking to each other for 10minutes And the equally revealing picture of a city working cashing a check at lunch!! You have. Quite a watchful eye there Richard Saunders/tony Tonish!! Keep up the good work

  23. Tom Bergen says:

    @ Richard Saunders

    OK lets take each of your statements line by line:

    “The Village of Oak Creek has no city and works just fine”-

    Not really, it may work “just fine” but, it can never be anything more then “just fine”
    because they have no more say into the rules that
    govern their community then the people who live in the rest of the unincorporated
    areas of Yavapai County. There’s nothing “local” about the rules.

    “The county and the Sheriffs department handle all the functions at low cost” –
    Yes, from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Quick factual example – When there was a
    house fire off of Jacks Canyon a few weeks ago during a weekend, it took the
    Sheriffs Deputy’s more then 30 minutes to arrive and take control of the roadway
    traffic to keep people from driving into the fire trucks. Quite SAD!!!

    QUICK NEWS FLASH Richard, did you know that once in a while, you can
    actually see the deputy’s (when we’re lucky enough to have 2 at once), having
    coffee TOGETHER in front of Circle K? I bet you didn’t take their picture and
    make a big deal out of it like you did in Sedona.

    Also, yesterday I was driving south on RT 17 and saw a deputy sitting with his
    lights on, behind a disabled car in the left lane PROVIDING A SERVICE AND
    DOING HIS JOB by keeping people safe. In Saunders world, you’d be taking
    pictures of him like he was doing something wrong. After all, you did the exact
    same thing to the Sedona cops while the Christmas lights were being taken

    “All you would lose is city employees paid 6 figure salaries, who receive over a month vacation/leave the first year of employment. In my last job, which was very desired, it took 15 years to EARN a months leave/vacation”-

    Richard, it sounds more like you’re jealous. In reality, since our government is
    rather “lean” on staff in order to save money, I’m fine with upper management
    making a good salary. How else could we attract and keep “the best” in their field.
    Perhaps, you would rather that people who are knowledgeable in their field should
    quit so that a “great leader” such as yourself can have the job. It still sounds like
    you are disgruntled because you were fired from the city, at one time.

    Another FACT Richard, did you know that City of Sedona upper management make about the same and at times less as their counterparts in Yavapai??

    “Yes, I have an ever growing group ready to sign a petition to dis-incorporate Sedona. More exposure of waste and foolish actions by city employees is all we need”-.

    LMAO, who are you kidding, you have the same 6 signers that you had 6 months
    ago and of those, 2 of the signatures are YOU and the other 4 are out of the State
    AND the country.

    LOLOLOLOL, Richard, you’re such a kidder with a great imagination. I guess when you got fired from your city job, they must have dropped you on your head also. LOLOL

    I guess you haven’t been reading all of the comments from people on this site, YOU HAVE NO “GROWING GROUP” OF FOLLOWERS.

  24. Tom Z says:

    “When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”


  25. I’ll take just fine like the Village of Oak creek and $35 MILLION dollar tax reduction Tom. That is the 2014 City of Sedona Budget.

    To the readers with a mind take a look at Sedonaaz.gov. Did you know there is a line item for employee appreciation pay in the 2014 Sedona City budget?

    $160,080 Employee appreciation pay Account #6009.

    When you pay 6 figure salaries, and make people work in a terrible place like Sedona you have to give them a bonus, Right? Oh yea, and a months leave/vacation the first year of employment.

  26. Here are a few other items in the Sedona 2014 budget:
    $200,000 Spendable contingencies. Account #6761 Petty cash?
    $50,000 Community service Account #6720
    $300,000 General services Account #5245 Prior years ZERO
    $85,000 Training and staff development Account #6750
    $200,000 Miscellaneous Account #6709 Prior years Zero.
    $255,521 General administration Account #6005 up just slightly 1100% from $22,801 in 2013

    $100,000 Professional services Account #6405 from 0 in 2013

    $66,813 K9 officer Did you know we had one? Why do we?

    Just to show the readers where another $1,257,334 of the $35 million Sedona city budget is proposed to be spent. You can’t ask for more unless you spend all you can in the current year. Does it sound reasonable to you?

    Look for yourself at Sedonaaz.gov.

  27. J. Aire says:

    Amazing how these “Toms” do nothing more than spew verbal sleights and personal attacks. There are no statistics or supporting documents that back up what ridiculousness is coming from them. Nothing but a 2-Ring circus side-show filled with distractions from the FACTS.

    The “Toms” must have gone and interviewed the city worker at Bank of America that Saturday in order to have come to the conclusion that he was on his lunch break and cashing his check. Otherwise it is nothing more than their assumptions as to what occurred.

    Here is a FACT: I called into Sedona PD regarding an unleashed dog in my neighborhood that had twice previously attacked my leashed dog. I didn’t want my dog to be attacked a third time and requested the assistance of our highly paid “Public Servants”.

    FACT: No Sedona officer stopped or made contact with me, even though the dispatcher took all of my information. SPD drove by the entrance to my neighborhood but didn’t bother to come into my neighborhood to investigate, even though I was standing there waiting.

    FACT: There was a call for help made by a citizen but there wasn’t any service provided by the “Public Servants.” Thank goodness Arizona is a right to carry state.

    Now, of course the “Toms” will come along and make assumptions as to where these “Public Servants” were going and how busy they were that day. I see these “Toms” frequently making a lot of assumptions as to the personal lives of Richard and Tony but I have never seen anywhere that supports those assumptions, and you know what they say about the people who make assumptions.

    Can these “Toms” supply a single record of any “Richard Saunders” or “Tony Tonish” employed at the city of Sedona to support their assumptions that they are disgruntled ex-employees that were fired?

    Certainly it can’t merely be the fact that Richard and Tony are just fed up with the wasteful spending of our hard earned tax-paying dollars.

    FACT: The “Toms” focus on the smallest issues, such as the photos, but don’t bother to address the larger issues such as the exorbitant budgets of the City and the Chamber of Commerce. The “Toms” don’t address the fact that the Chamber has NEVER been audited even though the City throws millions of tax-payer dollars every year to them. There are no checks and balances as to where the collected tax-payer money goes. The “Toms” think that without the city, life in Sedona will cease, that the lights will be shut off and the tubleweeds will roll in and life will be barren and desolate without the “all-powerful” city to “save us”.

    By that mentality the VOC, must still be using out-houses and hand pumps from wells for their needs. Since they don’t have a “city” to claim and “save them.”

    Why is it even though Karen Daines is making a ridiculous salary working as the “Assistant” (to the) City Manager she resides in the VOC? Why is it the a significant number (I daresay the majority) of the Sedona Fire Fighters and Police Officers live in Cottonwood, Flagstaff, RimRock, Clarkdale? Their reasoning? “It’s too expensive to live in the city of Sedona” – even with their high-paid salaries complete with raises and bonuses and “longevity” checks, these “Public Servants” cannot afford to live in Sedona but the city expects the retirees who live on fixed incomes to be able to.

    How about a challenge to the “Toms”: show some FACTS otherwise nothing you write has any credibility. Ya’all can sit and spin with your oscillating bearings.

  28. Roger says:

    Maybe the message sent by this city council that Sedona serves the “region” is the reason so many people from VOC, Oak Creek Canyon, and other areas outside designated city limits show up at council meetings. Why would they want to incorporate and pay city sales/bed taxes when Sedona City Council is enabling them to get benefits for nothing? Such a deal. It isn’t incorporation that’s ruining Sedona it’s the seven holier-than-thou who want to take care of the entire Verde Valley and to hell with struggling city based businesses and lowly registered voters. But then, only a small percentage of those even bother to vote. It’s true. You reap what you sow. Nothing will ever change because too many are willing to settle for mediocre except for the elitists on city council and in the chamber of commerce.

  29. Tom G says:

    J aire!! We know your Tony/Richard ‘s girlfriend who is disgruntled cause you got FIREd by the SFD!! Just one point, I love the way you complain/finger point about city government/SPD etc!!! Why did you even call them about your so-called dog problem, if you don’t need their services and want them disbanded!!!!?? Handle the situration by yourself, like you would if they were gone!!

  30. Tom Bergen says:

    @J. Aire

    You don’t have a proven track record of caring about facts or the truth, you just like stirring the pot. All of the questions or issues that you have don’t really need facts just, common sense that everyone on this site seems to have except you or Richard.

    We all know that Sedona is a community with the medium age of 57, there aren’t many 57 year old’s in Sedona that can meet the high standards required for those jobs. We all know that there aren’t that many 20 & 30 year old’s IN SEDONA to pick from either. It’s my understanding that both of these agency’s only hire those that qualify. I’m quite sure that if you took either test and qualified, they’d even hire someone as disgruntled as you, BECAUSE YOU MET THE HIGH STANDARDS! So, if you were to use COMMON SENSE, you’d realize that SFD & SPD have to go outside of the city because not that many in Sedona meet the age requirement.

    As for why SPD didn’t come to your house for a dog call, WHO KNOWS. If you really wanted an answer to that question, you can call the police chief. I met him once at Posse Grounds and he seems very nice and willing to answer anyone’s question, HAVE YOU EVEN TRIED? While you’re speaking with the police chief, why don’t you tell him that you, Richard or whomever you are, is the person that follows his cops around and takes pictures and writes ridiculous claims against them. I’ll bet you a Circle K Slushie that he’d still answer your question because, we only hire the best and he’s a law enforcement professional and he does his job to protect all of us.

    Having been one of the callers to SPD for a similar type call only a few months ago, I know that when the dispatcher is taking all of that information, they’re also asking IF YOU WANT the cop to stop in at your house before he leaves the area. Do you even remember being asked that question? Do you remember what your answer was? Not remembering is not uncommon because when you called, you were undoubtedly under stress. Oh ya, it was only a unleashed dog, very stressful and a high priority for Sedona.

    When I called for my problem, they showed up within only a few minutes and once the cop did what ever it was that he did to protect my family, he rang my door bell, introduced himself and checked to see if my family was OK and explained to us what he did. I never heard of such service from where I came from.

    As far as your question about the city worker at BOA, I really don’t give a darn why he was there, Tony was the one running around making accusations. For no other reason than to “stir the pot”.

    As for the rest of the readers on this site, isn’t it funny that anytime Richard / Tony gets challenged on the site, his wife has to answer his battles and neither one has any more to say than to pull salaries and stats from the City or SFD web site and ASK WHY THIS AND WHY THAT. Let’s dis-incorporate, Let’s be like that town or village. Nothing constructive or helpful. No insight, No useful answers. JUST Complainants!

  31. Dennis says:

    Wow Mr. Bergen. You sound like the pot calling the kettle black. Besides you and someone I think named Tom what others are challenging those you are accusing of not having facts? This site is supposed to be for fair and adult discussions and this two/three way childish exchange is becoming boring (has become). Why not start your own online news source where you can pick and choose who makes comments? Oh, but then we already have one of those. Oh well. Now I suppose I’ve added another name to your list of opinions to attack but don’t expect a response. Back to the subject of the article: Unintended Consequences.

  32. Children children, and that applies to he city of Sedona employees writing under alias, would you please stick to addressing the facts of the budget.

    The city is spending 3 TIMES the amount it would be allowed to spend by the state of Arizona if there was no HOME RULE.

    No home rule,or no city, a lot less waste.

    The Village of Oak Creek runs just fine with out a city and the HUGE budget and salaries.

  33. sharlett says:

    Can’t you testosterone guys just quit butting heads? Your personal rants have become very old and non-productive!

    When do you get to realizing that we all live here and now it’s time to make our little town a better place?

  34. Jack says:

    @Tom Bergen & Tom G get a ROOM!
    Both Toms sound like the same person we don’t care about your personal conflicts. Seriously get a room.
    To Richard Saunders ignore them, engaging in the game only eggs them on. I am completely BORED with the Toms. I do want to hear more about the dollars and home rule. Let’s get rolling on facts.

  35. Ben says:

    To Dennis
    You were reading my mind. Thanks for saying it.

  36. Tom Bergen says:

    @ Richard Saunders

    I haven’t done the math so I’ll take your word for it that the city is spending 3 times the amount it would be allowed to spend by the state of AZ. Big deal, what you have failed time after time to understand, WE’RE GETTING 3 TIMES THE SERVICES for that money.

    You keep forgetting that this money that is used to give us all of those services is not just coming from the residents of this great city when we shop but from the 3 1/2 MILLION TOURISTS that visit our fantastic city and shop, eat in our fantastic restaurants, use our lodging facilities, tour our great trails and so much more. You asked for facts and now you have them.

    This is a win – win for everyone except of course for you.

    FYI, I’m as much a city employee as you were.

  37. The tourists will still come without the “City” of Sedona.

    Other than what anyone but a government employee would consider huge numbers I have mentioned previously, If you choose to look at the city of Sedona 2014 budget at sedonaaz.gov, you will find lots of $5000+ entries in every department that are useless and waste full spending.

    The heart of Sedona which was the basis for Eddie’s article is only a symptom. If you give people with nothing to do free money, they will spend it.

    Please, tell your neighbors and friends. Sedona Fire and Sedona Schools receive NO funds from the City of Sedona.

    Have them vote for NO HOME RULE, to stop the city of Sedona from spending over 3 times what the maximum the state of Arizona says a city this size should spend. The tourists are not the only ones that pay the taxes, YOU DO!

    You can change this city. You have to tell others to vote NO HOME RULE.

  38. Jack says:

    Yes very correct @ Richard. Tourists have been coming to the Sedona region long before incorporation. Everyone is very confused, many do not even know where the city district is, They live outside or work outside and believe it is in Sedona as everyone uses the same name. (zips are the same in certain areas)
    Red Rock Crossing, Outside the city limits. Heck When I came here on vacation the first time I was sold a room in VOC and thought it was Sedona. They called it Sedona.

    Another great point, about the city not funding the Fire department or Schools. Everyone needs to get informed. We all pay taxes, in many ways. Sale tax on items, Sales tax on commercial properties, DMV, state income tax, county tax. The city of Sedona (all AZ cities) get income from both state and county from the three mentioned.
    I do not understand home rule. Does that mean a % of income can only be used in certain areas?

  39. ” Home rule” while it sounds nice, means the voters allow their city to collect more in taxes and spend more than the MAXIMUM the state of Arizona says a city a given size should spend.

    Sedona spends about 3 times what the state of Arizona says a city our size should spend.

    We need to spread the word.

  40. jack says:

    Wow ” Sedona spends about 3 times what the state of Arizona says a city our size should spend.”

    I find that very interesting as the City of Sedona does less than other cities. They take no responsibility for regular things, like roads, sewer, drainage. I know this first hand.

    Sounds like they spend more just like their egos. Really bad management. Council doesn’t have a clue. They throw money at the chamber and the chamber hurts the in town businesses. Many conflicts of interests. I wish the City Manager would stand up and manage. No one on city council has experience.

  41. Hmm. . . if anyone caught the council meeting yesterday afternoon I would say it was proof the buck stops with the council.

    An hour or so was spent discussing waiving fees ($5.00/hr.) for performing arts to rent some rec-room at the Posse Grounds. Although according to Rachel Murdoch no such requests from “performing arts” had ever been received. The entire idea came about because of Rob Adams and Jessica Williamson who placed it on the agenda.

    Based on lack of definition of even what “performing arts” actually meant, something was approved (I think) but by the time one motion failed, another was made, and total confusion prevailed. My opinion is that Jessica Williamson gave carte blanche to staff to define “performing arts” who may or may not want to rent the city building to be used “maybe” for rehearsing . . . or possibly performances . . . but yet undefined. Again my opinion based on the performance at this meeting: The problem is with City Council and not staff. At least in this instance which might make another good verse for “Oh! Sedona.”

  42. sharlett says:

    Actually what a Vote AGAINST Home Rule means is that the city continues to gather all taxes but have a State Imposed Limitation as to what they can spend. So revenues gathered OVER the State Imposed Limitation, BY ANY MEANS, must be “saved” for a later date and that the City has to spend within the means of the State Imposed Limitation. It is just that simple and refreshing of a concept.

    Home Rule does not ALLOW the City to collect or raise taxes…it just means they can spend every stinking penny they raise by either raising taxes or fees or implementing Special Improvement Districts or Property Taxes!

    Seems to me that the reason the City wants a Yes Vote on Home Rule is to continue to dumb us down so they can continue to discuss dumb concepts like buy commercial properties along the creek to turn into parks as well as buying the old USFS land on Brewer Rd. as they continue to give freebies to the public in order to bring tourists to town. OMG!

    Quite frankly, it is my belief that the definition of “preforming arts” is in reality – Our City Council.

  43. Please help me understand why so many of you expressing opinions on this website seem to be extremely angry at the city and the chamber? I have been reading on here for a couple of months and its obvious the displeasure borders on hate, but I can’t figure out why. I haven’t seen any examples of why the city is as bad as some of you claim. When I look around, I see an amazing city, with amazing residents and brave men and women volunteering their personal time to ensure it remains beautiful, protecting its integrity and our quality of life. When I look at my property tax bill and how much really goes to the city, I am amazed at how little I pay and what incredible services I receive each and every day.

    So without examples of how our amazing leaders are, as some of you put it, are destroying Sedona, I will not agree. If Home Rule means we the citizens of Sedona continue to realize the benefits of a well run city, with beautiful amenities at very little cost to the residents, the count me as a definite YES vote.

    My hats off to the Mayor and Council as in my grateful opinion, you guys ROCK!

  44. Sharlett,

    Well explained, Thank you.

    Would you please consider submitting an argument Against Home Rule for the ballot?

    Multiple arguments can be submitted, and I’m sure yours would be one of the best!



  45. To All American Citizen/city employee

    If you consider the city budget for 2014 at $35-38,000,000 or about $3800 per Sedona citizen, and this does not include any money for Sedona fire or Sedona Schools a “little”, you can pay my share.

    Most of Sedona’s revenue comes from sales taxes on everything you buy, your utility bill, phone bill, even tax on things you buy online from out of state.

    I am on a fixed income, I make LESS than the Sedona average of $56,000 per year. I do not consider $3800 a little expense.

    It’s not that I hate the city, I hate waste and someone taking MY MONEY. Sedona spends about 3 times what the state of Arizona says a city our size should spend.

    Then again, if you make a six figure city salary, and live outside Sedona, it might be a great deal.

    If you take the $3800 the city spends per resident, and my approximately $2000 annual property taxes, my share is about $5800. More than 10% of my income just for local government.

    It’s not a great deal for me.

  46. Sandy says:

    @All American Citizen. Home Rule sailed through last time on ballot and no reason to think that will change since revision of the Community Plan was also approved.

    When less than 50% of registered Sedona voters even bother to return the ballot, that alone speaks volumes.

    Translated: The silent majority is very content with Sedona’s direction. So why are you sweating about the handful of folks who are allowed the opportunity to express their differing opinions on this web site?

  47. Maria says:

    Anyone stupid enough to pursue a pedestrian route which will further clog that “Y” roundabout should be declared certifiable. Going to West Sedona from 179 on Thursday morning was literally a “blast” (of car horns) and coming back was close to suicide with cars pulling onto 89 from Brewer, Burger King, and the Texaco station. Another stop for foot traffic without doubt would have caused further havoc if not accidents. If the city buys that corner and creates a another nuisance with distractions of any sort, those responsible should be held personally liable.

  48. E. Maddock says:

    Maria, your words are music to my ears. “Those responsible should be held personally liable.” What a novel idea. :-) PS: Have you considered converting your thought to a version of “Oh! Sedona?”

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