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Public Comment on Performance of Justices and Judges Sought

Sedona AZ (August 25, 2017)The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review will hold a public hearing on September 8, 2017, in Phoenix to take comments about the judges on the 2018 retention election ballot. The one-hour public hearing will begin at 10:30 a.m. in Room 345 of the State Courts Building, 1501 West Washington Street.

Established in 1992 by a constitutional amendment passed by voters, the Commission is charged with conducting performance reviews of judges. It sets performance standards for judges, decides whether or not a judge meets those standards, and publishes its findings for voters.

In addition to holding the public hearing, the Commission surveyed litigants, witnesses, jurors, people who represent themselves in court, staff and attorneys who appeared before Superior Court judges from February through May in 2017. Surveys on appellate court justices and judges are distributed throughout their term.

The Commission’s findings will be released to the public before the 2018 general election in the Secretary of State’s Voter Pamphlet. The findings will also be available on the Commission’s website at www.azjudges.info. Voters will decide whether judges remain in office on November 6, 2018.

Any citizen may appear at a public hearing or send written comments to the Commission on Judicial Performance Review, 1501 West Washington, Suite 221, Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231. Comments can also be sent through the Commission’s web page at www.azjudges.info and via email to jpr@courts.az.gov.

Comments are invited on the following judges:

Arizona Supreme Court:         Court of Appeals, Division 1:            Court of Appeals, Division 2:

Hon. Clint Bolick                          Hon. Peter Swann                                    Hon. Peter J. Eckerstrom

Hon. John Pelander, III                                                                                 Hon. Philip G. Espinosa

Hon. Christopher P. Staring

Maricopa County Superior Court: 

Hon. Aimee L. Anderson

Hon. Dean M. Fink

Hon. Peter C. Reinstein

Hon. Arthur T. Anderson

Hon. Geoffrey Fish

Hon. Jennifer Ryan‐Touhill

Hon. Bradley Astrowsky

Hon. George H. Foster

Hon. Joan M. Sinclair

Hon. Cynthia J. Bailey

Hon. Warren J. Granville

Hon. Pamela H. Svoboda

Hon. Janet E. Barton

Hon. Jennifer Green

Hon. David M. Talamante

Hon. Dawn M. Bergin

Hon. Hugh E. Hegyi

Hon. Danielle J. Viola

Hon. James T. Blomo

Hon. Michael J. Herrod

Hon. Randall H. Warner

Hon. Mark H. Brain

Hon. Joseph C. Kreamer

Hon. Joseph C. Welty

Hon. Roger E. Brodman

Hon. Daniel G. Martin

Hon. William L. Brotherton

Hon. Frank W. Moskowitz

Hon. Katherine M. Cooper

Hon. Samuel J. Myers

Hon. Janice K. Crawford

Hon. Karen L. O’Connor

Hon. David O. Cunanan

Hon. Susanna C. Pineda

Hon. Sally S. Duncan

Hon. Jay Polk

Hon. Alfred M. Fenzel

Hon. John C. Rea

Pima County Superior Court:

Hon. Jeffrey T. Bergin

Hon. Danelle B. Liwski

Hon. Deborah Bernini

Hon. James E. Marner

Hon. Christopher C. Browning

Hon. Kathleen A. Quigley

Hon. Javier Chon‐Lopez

Hon. Catherine M. Woods

Hon. Charles V. Harrington

Pinal County Superior Court:

Hon. Steven J. Fuller      Hon. Daniel A. Washburn      Hon. Brenda E. Oldham      Hon. Kevin D. White

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