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Eddie Maddock: An ordinary day in Sedona

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock on the every day need for “We matter, too!”

Sedona AZBased on local ongoing and constant dissension one might justify wondering if Sedona Schnebly’s middle name could have been “Controversy.”

Initially deciding the designated area which would encompass incorporated Sedona and the subsequent consideration of alternate routes by which to access this special place were significant controversies. Add to that the later decision of whether or not ownership of West 89A should be transferred from ADOT to the City of Sedona … high on the list of vocal outcries from both sides of the aisle!

More recent, however, is the ongoing tug-of-war relating to amending the Community Plan for consideration of higher density zoning and, perhaps, multiple-storied structures.

Of course these are local issues, but – on a slightly expanded area – Sedona has Fire and School “Districts” which from time to time create a bit of a stir. Many of those upheavals, however, become ballot issues solutions are decided directly by local voters.

The city-owned portion of SR 89A uptown, of course, is presently under renovation and frequently serves as a reminder to locals of their gratitude for having had the opportunity to vote and reject incorporated Sedona’s ownership of the entire State Route within city limits. (In a word “mess” has frequently been offered by those, unfortunate enough, who must travel through Oak Creek Canyon on a regular basis.)

Participants holding “Honk for Trump” signs on Friday caused SR 89A to sound “like a St. Patrick’s Day parade,” said an observer, adding, “It’s good to see the Sedona electorate engaged.” Both the Republican and Democrat parties welcome Sedona citizen voters engagement. The Democrats have an office on SR 89A which offers voter information and activities also. If you haven’t registered to vote, now’s the time to do so and remember to practice good sportsmanship and civility in all things politic: It’s our unique American elections code of conduct and a pillar of our democratic republic.

Rarely if ever have Sedona residents rallied to express opinions relating to national issues. However, exceptions are available to pop up at any given time on any subject – which appears to be the case relating to hotly divisive opinions pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Customarily after an election those who did not prevail accept the decision of the majority of voters, lick their wounds, comfort one another, and rationalize with high hopes for better luck next time.

Such was not the case after the conclusion of the national presidential election almost four years ago. For some reason – and three years later – those losers continue to reject and display poor sportsmanship which most children, perhaps during another lifetime, would have been told by their parents is unacceptable behavior.

Pointed out as not being unusual in Sedona, recently protesters have gathered in West Sedona to march on corners, hold signs, and publicize political views. Frequently those picketing have represented just one side of an issue; however, it’s been a refreshing surprise that an exception to that one-sided generality has taken a sharp turn and drawn out those with a different opinion to likewise strut their stuff in a manner of saying “We matter, too, so please pay attention.”

Recent demonstrations have taken place on opposite corners at the intersection of SR 89 and Coffee Pot Road. One group determined to change national representation from existing policy, while the opposition plans to expand a rally for President Trump to multiple days and times if possible. Equal tenacity persists to likewise promote the “undetermined person” who will be opposing President Trump.

It’s vitally important for people to take heed, know the issues, and understand the positions of those running for public office. Citizens must register to vote and then, more importantly, VOTE!

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain!

Although it’s impossible to truly know what candidates are really like until after they’re elected, we can and should make the best decision based on what’s being offered.

For example, are you happy with present political leadership or tempted to make a change for the unknown? This should be of primary concern when voting – whether it is a national or a local election. The same should apply to ballot measures which have been and can be confusing as people frequently and unfortunately don’t fully understand potential unintended consequences.

Death and taxes has become a familiar quote as being the only two things of which we can be certain. Taxes remain questionable, simply because of the possibility for manipulation which comes with the risk of getting caught, however, there is no such opportunity when it comes to death: Power, money, control have no bearing. When your number is drawn, which is destined to happen, the final curtain will fall without prejudice.

Here’s something to ponder.

As statistics indicate prosperity in this great nation has been and remains on an upward trend, then consider the wisdom of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” And, at the same time while keeping that in mind, remain aware.

You know what you have, but potential changes remain a mystery.

Freedom of speech! Is that priceless or what?

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays ~ Super New Year 2020.

Over & Out,

Eddie Maddock and, probably not the one and only Sedona grouch, Poco Diablo.


  1. City Roads says:

    Oak Creek Knolls subdivision off HWY 179 is spending $9450 this year to have there supposedly City Of Sedona maintained roads repaired. This is the second time the association has paid to have road repairs that should have been done by the city. The city agreed the road maintenance is the city responsibility, but the City said there are worse roads in town and the don’t know when they will get to our roads. The city promised to resurface the roads originally in 2012.

    Of course, there is $2.5 million a year available for the Chamber to teach residents about sustainability.


  2. John & Sarah says:

    The really crazy thing is it was Sedona residents who voted to approve incorporation and it had NOTHING to do with the Chamber of Commerce. So why shouldn’t the voices of our voting residents come first? Unless and until we, the people within Sedona City Limits protest where it counts, at the polls, all the griping here or even at council meetings is a waste of time.

    Rally to: recall council members and/or become unincorporated. That clearly is the only way things will change. And by the way the vote went during the election two years ago, Sedona residents are very happy with the arrangement with the ripoff Chamber of Commerce ruling the roost at City Hall. Back to the old saying. Reap what you sow as you now choke on it.

  3. Funny stuff says:

    Haven’t looked at Sedona eye in a bit but I see the 2-3 are ranting the same ole same ole nosense about how they hate Sedona.. you ain’t changing nothing and you ain’t fooling nobody FYI

  4. LOLOL @ John & Sarah says:

    Your comment of And by the way the vote went during the election two years ago, Sedona residents are very happy with the arrangement says it all.

    Please be honest by saying that YOU weren’t happy so YOU want to protest. I guess you think that our city should be all ABOUT YOU!!

    (Deleted by Editor)

  5. @City Roads says:

    So you’re saying that all of the city budgets should go to pave private property of private roads????

  6. Gretchen Cwood says:

    I love the way that whoever is in charge of Sedona eye dies this.. if there is enough comments challenging the usual complainers here they switch up the comment section to the last two usual complainer posts.. check it out people. Oh so biased and predicable.

  7. Laurence Stapel says:

    @Gretchen Cwood your observation doesn’t ring true. Comments on Sedona Eye appear to be posted by date AND time – check it out. If you want manipulated opinions check out the local print rag. How many letters disagreeing with the politics of that publication ever even see daylight?

  8. City Roads says:

    Oak creek Knolls are city roads. The members of the association would love to withdraw from being in city limits. We get to have all the costs with NO BENEFIT OR CITY SERVICES. Being charged excessive building permit fees is not a service.

  9. Gretchen. C wood says:


    You have no idea what I was talking about.? In my statement it doesn’t matter about the posting time. I’m 100 percent correct . Are you comparing an online blog to a real newspaper. Oh Larry

  10. James Harrington says:

    Has anyone else picked up that so many recent comments are attacks against Sedona Eye? Based on the identifiable name(s) of those obviously bearing a grudge, maybe it serves as a tribute to the need, value, and integrity of this publication? Keep up the good work, SE Editor/Publisher and contributors especially those offering such revealing feedback.

  11. Canyon Drive Neighbor says:

    To the poster CITY ROADS

    I sure wish you knew what you were talking about because you are dead wrong on every word you typed!

    I live in the subdivision and the roads are completely 100% private roads and not the responsibility of the city.

    It’s no wonder this site is the laughing stock because people can post nonsense and expect the readers to believe it.

  12. Tony Tonsich says:

    I used to be President of the Oak Creek Knolls HOA, The city tried to deny taking responsibility for the roads, I have a letter from the City of Sedona taking responsibility. They weaseled out of doing anything saying sure, they would resurface them, someday.

    I also spoke with the city department responsible, they were resurfacing about 1.5 miles of roads a year, with about 100 miles of city roads, they will get to it, in about 50 years.

    I’ll swear to the above facts. As I was president of the HOA for over 5 years, I know what I am talking about.

    @ Canyon Drive Neighbor, you are posting nonsense and lies.

  13. Canyon Drive Neighbor says:

    Well, Former President Tonsich, from what I’ve been told, you can swear to that all that you’d like because you probably believe it but what you believe and what are real FACTS are entirely different. I remember when you ran for mayor you kept saying that 1.5 miles number but the exact REAL NUMBER was more like 5 or 6 miles. Now, I could be wrong on with that number of 5 or 6 but I’ve been told that the number was way higher than your 1.5.

    How can they legally repave our private roads with public money???? That would be illegal to use public money on private property. Our roads are owned by Oak Creek Knolls, not by the city.

    I’m new in the neighborhood but I heard that when you lived in Oak Creek Knolls you were known to be very aggressive and outspoken as our president and I have no question that if what you say is true, you would have taken the city to task to get what you want but never did, why is that????

  14. @Canyon Drive Neighbor says:

    Sounds like your jealous. Sedona Eye is the only newsworthy unbiased news outlet.
    All the others are bought and paid for.

    We all know the Sedona in-group rules. “There is a front door and a back door”
    Thank goodness we have SedonaEye.com It is the only news outlet I follow.

  15. Jerry Uptown says:

    But gee whiz @Tony Tonsich don’t ya know better than to confuse issues with facts? If the movers and shakers of the past (Adams, Litrell, etal) had been more concerned with Sedona’s infrastructure than doling out money to a rich but worthless (oxymoron?) chamber of commerce maybe, just maybe, funding would be available for real necessities.

    However, take heart! The reward is really the current “Sedona in Motion” because half the businesses (if not all) are closing at the “Y”. DUH! What did they expect with the new slip-lanes etc? Brilliant!

    Inmates took over the asylum? That’s an understatement.

  16. LOL says:

    Yup – Oregano’s = gone; Ramsey’s soon to close. Wonder how long the gallery gal will last, the one big on the chamber of corruption.

    Had to laugh about the Ramsey’s owners making note of the change in tourists. Traffic backups due to day trippers? People NOT coming to Sedona to SHOP?? How could such a thing possibly be true based on all that city tax revenue spent on “destination marketing?” Ha, Ha, Ha – the real truth comes out.

    And let’s not forget that over $11,000/mo salary to the chamber CEO! Thanks City Council & Staff. Peachy keen management – NOT!

    OMG – ya just can’t make up this stuff. An “Ordinary Day” indeed.

  17. Steve segner says:

    Ramsey is correct in his assessment it’s a different clientele they’re younger they are not buying art they’re doing a ATV and hiking,stores are going to have to adjust. sedona had the best year it’s ever had, but people are buying different things and eating different kinds of food. The Chamber has been a huge help to all the businesses in the valley it give us a place to advertise it brings in people from all over the world. Yes rents are extremely high in Sedona and it’s tough for a business that’s not the chamber fault that’s the owners of the building, they could rent them from less and keep them full but that’s their decision

  18. Fed Up With Sedona says:

    Although we don’t eat out in Sedona very often anymore, when we do we make a point to ask for straws to sip our water. Why? Because we heard a chamber of commerce ad on a Cottonwood radio station telling people NOT to use straws anymore! Our Sedona tax dollars at work educating residents on sustainability? NOT. Just the opposite resulted with us and that’s the truth.

  19. Phil says:

    Thanks to this Chamber’s ineptness, Sedona chased away the money and brought in the “go for a hike and we proudly never change our underwear or a $20 bill” crowd. Professional marketers know the difference and Sedona’s difference was that it appealed to the money crowd and not the $2 chuck crowd. The word this Chamber doesn’t understand is class. There’s lots of $2 Chucks for Flagstaff and Cottonwood and Camp Verde but Sedona and Jerome were the class anchors. Yes, I know the difference between Jerome and Sedona are like night and day, but the two are still class acts in their own right. Too bad that the present and past Councils and staffs are clueless.

  20. Randy says:

    @steve clarify how Sedona had the best year ever? Use facts and figures.

  21. Tony Tonsich says:

    @ Canyon Drive Neighbor

    I did take the city to task, after having many staff meetings and me sending them a copy of the letter where the city accepted responsibility in writing, the city could not deny responsibility. Instead they said they would repave the roads someday. Not quite a refusal. If you were not born yesterday, you may have heard someday never comes.

    The city has more important things to spend money on, like adding layers of staff, paying an unnecessary city manager and assistant city manager an above six figure salary. Giving the city manager and assistant city manager an approximately $6000 annual car and phone allowance. Important like $2.5 million funding a Chamber of commerce that advertises for day trippers that half of which do not even stop in Sedona. The inmates are running the asylum IMO.

    I moved to unincorporated Yavapai county, the roads are in far better condition. I pay about 6.5% sales tax instead of about 10% city tax. Sedona would be much better off without a city.

  22. Steve Segner says:

    This is from the guy that said community development could be run with 3 people,! not a clue……six figure salary are starting pay now for people with any kind of management skills….. I know that seems like a lot for someone that never made more the 2,500 in his life. Tony you now live in Yavapai county, go look at their books. sales tax in Sedona 9.85 Sales 3.5% bed tax. paid by visitors . tax cottonwood tax is 9.85%. and they charge tax on food ….. with Tony it’s all about money or his lack of it. the city of Sedona has almost one years of taxes in the bank .

  23. Fred S. says:

    By his own admission @Steve segner says

    December 27, 2019 at 12:49 pm, C of C marketing down in the Valley is directed at bringing in day-trippers when all along the “alleged” mission was to attract destination tourists with money to spend here. The red rocks of Sedona, now the sacrificial lamb, have been sold out.

    Admitted in Segner’s comment, art is no longer a featured attraction. Good taste and high-end quality has been trashed in the name of greed and power.

    But saddest of all, it’s Sedona’s registered voters that allowed it to happen.

  24. Dave Whitney says:

    @Steve Segner writes business has been good in Sedona this year. Well guess what. Stevie the national economy has been on an upswing ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.Now that Sir is something for you to take to the bank.Thanks to those who are rallying to get President Trump reelected – subject of above article. Keep up the good work!

  25. Steve Segner says:

    Fred S.
    please if you are going to use my name and quote me at least use my exact words:

    “The Chamber has been a huge help to all the businesses in the valley it give us a place to advertise it brings in people from all over the world” thanks

  26. Tony Tonsich says:

    @ Steve Segner, whoever is writing under that name version, you’re a bit off on my max income, my peak year was a little higher than that. High enough that I retired at 55 and I should never have to work again. I’ve never really been motivated by money I was more interested in having a full life and in raising my daughter a mother, lawyer and law professor. Many of those living in Sedona made far more money than I before they retired.

    The fact of community development is the Community Development Director quit, the Assistant City Manager took on her duties. If they were both working , and I mean working, not just showing up and going to meetings combining two jobs would not have been possible.

    One quote I love given by our current City Manager at a Kwanis Luncheon I attended ” Some cities run without a city manager or assistant city manager.” If I had won mayor, I would have seen if I could make that change in Sedona City management. Some of Sedona City management would fail at managing a Taco Bell in my opinion.

    The counties could take on all Sedona City functions and the only thing that would be missed is the traffic.

    I ran for mayor because I knew well about all the waste. I was going to try and fix it from within. Even if I had won, with a hostile council I would not have been able to do much.

    Time to end the boondoggle that is the City of Sedona. No change in city council, just shut the city down.

  27. Why Tony Tonsich says:

    Tony all that you said means nothing. You lost to a little 80-year-old lady who kicked your butt. You can try to impress us with all of that fluff but what you were selling, Sedona wasn’t buying! I remember you posted how if anyone picked on you, you’d have your daughter the attorney take legal action!! You need to pull up your big boy pants and move along.

    While you hate the local rag, they called you out on all your comments, as proven errors. Since then, I now subscribe to them yearly.

    The title of this blog is SEDONAeye not YAVAPAIeye or CORNVILLEeye. Why are we even hearing from you, YOU DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!!

  28. @ Steve Segner says:

    Segner loves city managers management skills, they give the Chamber $2.5 million a year for no reason at all. Sustainability? Empty retail storefronts and bumper to bumper traffic that just drives through. But Segner’s little hotel is full. Perfect says Segner. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  29. Fred S. says:

    @Steve Segner, the reference to you simply identified the date and time of your comment. Please note there are NO quotation marks to indicate a direct quote. Perhaps you’re the one who should apologize for false accusation? Ha – fat chance – in my opinion.

  30. steve Segner says:

    Tony says. High enough that I retired at 55 and I should never have to work again. I’ve never really been motivated by money,
    They Tony why do you spend so much time complaining about what “other people get payed,”? Or the tax rate in Sedona or the mayor taking the assistant city manage to lunch? $55.00
    You seem to be obsessed with other people pay and spending.
    You made a choice to stop at 55 and coast the remainder of your life then good for you but do begrudge people that like to work and pay their fair share of taxes to live In Sedona or America for that matter. Sedona has over 10,000 people that work or make a living in Sedona they are not coasting they get up every day and do something.
    Tony you say Some cities run without a city manager or assistant city manager.” not ones that have a $40,000,000 budget. You lost and you lost big and now you do not eve live in Sedona move on.

  31. Mickey, west Sedona says:

    Steve why you always hate on Tony??? He give you a scare??? Tony ran for mayor and that’s what matters and I bet 80 yr old women resent you calling them little old ladies. Good man Tony stepped up and the community appreciated it. Steve you got hands out that others here are filling from their taxed wallets and buddy that’s called welfare for you and those others that get some of it. Just sayin. Good morning beautiful Sedona.

  32. Tony Tonsich says:

    The truth still frightens you huh? Your traffic is clogging I-17 and spilling into Cornville, caused by your foolish greed driven advertising.

    In my opinion, the Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock news printed many lies, scare tactics and falsehoods, and called it opinion. That is why their readership is almost non existent. Your claim to have recently subscribed is probably as false as everything else you write.

    Segner has has “estate” in the canyon, outside of city limits, even though he claims to live in his little hotel in the back parking lot. Yet the city never ceases listening to him. There is no reason for a town of 9000 people and dropping to have a $40,000,000 budget. Taking something you don’t deserve is theft, even if it is under color of government. I exposed a lot of the dirt. No crime goes on forever.

    Time to end the “City” of Sedona. End the traffic.

  33. steve Segner says:

    When Tony ran for office and attacked city employees and city manager, mayor, Fire personal….. He just a stone thrower. He has no idea how a city of the size of Sedona should be run he just say people make to much,,,,,
    Mickey, west Sedona says:Steve you got hands out that others here are filling from their taxed wallets ,Micky Sedona has no city property tax Visitors pay for the majority of Sedona expenses….. un loke cottonwood Sedona does not tax food not a bad deal.

  34. Segner's fair share says:

    Segner loves paying his fair share of taxes, which means he remits the bed tax he collects from visitors, then gets the benefit of $2.5 million of tax receipts given the chamber.

    How about this Stevie, we charge you a tourist impact tax of 50% of your hotel receipts? You would agree , you like paying your fair share?

    Answer Stevie, you are so vocal.

  35. Hal Johnson says:

    Sedona as an incorporated city should not be extending their jurisdiction across the entire Verde Valley. In fact their limitation of control begins and ends within the confines of Sedona City Limits. At least legally that’s how it’s defined.

    “DRAWING BOUNDARIES A community considering incorporation must draw up the boundaries of the proposed new city or town prior to circulation of the petitions for incorporation. This is often a contentious part of the incorporation process and should not be rushed. Review and meetings to discuss the boundaries may be worthwhile since any change in the boundaries after circulation of the petitions will trigger starting over with new petitions. In preparing the boundaries there are certain requirements to keep in mind. As detailed in the section of this publication on legal requirements of incorporation, the area to be incorporated must meet certain criteria such as meeting the definition of community and not including “large area of uninhabited, rural or farm lands.”

    Source: https://www.azleague.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/311

    Now, of course, it’s different with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce with many of their members outside Sedona City Limits. As a member-driven organization and not a department of city government they are free to serve them. However what business does the city have to contribute financially to benefit those outside incorporated Sedona and especially on behalf of the “regional” Chamber of Commerce?

    Many unanswered questions still remain at the Arizona State level as to why this costly out-of-bounds giveaway is allowed to continue without even more severe penalties. State representatives – Gov. Ducey where are you in our time of need?

  36. Joan says:

    Segner is dumbing down Sedona. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Check the Sedona Real Estate market the multi million housing is declining. Why would a millionaire want to move here and sit in traffic? They don’t. Average house price dumped 36%

    All that guy cares about is his subsidies from the taxpayers.

  37. Tom Howell says:

    Joan says:Average house price dumped 36% really show us…… Donna,

    next time up up your facts:As for what to expect in 2019, I believe the local real estate market will perform well. Last year, unit sales of residential homes were at their best since 2005 but will probably moderate from that lofty height because of rising interest rates which will make homes less affordable. To balance that out, the turmoil in the stock markets might make real estate a “safe haven” and consumer confidence appears to be holding up. I don’t see much room for the 11% price increases we experienced last year in the lower price ranges and my forecast would be for something in the 3% to 5% range. This month’s Real Estate Review was written by Andrew Brearley…

  38. Bob, VOC says:

    Baby it’s cold outside. Gauge reading 12 degrees.
    Brerly said expect rising interest rates in 2019, @TomHowell? They fell. Refinanced house at 3.7 because Trump demanded banks and unions stop gouging middle and low income home buyers.
    Turmoil in stocks? None because markets risen almost all year to give middle and lower income investers a chance to make profits and dividends.
    Homes should appreciate in 3-5% range or prices are being manipulated.
    It’s a buyers market in Sedona.
    Try and find something about 2020 if you want to make a point and not something from 2018 thats proven false.

  39. Joan says:

    Follow the numbers & industry reports. Don’t let the special interest fool you. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Local Market Update – November 2019
    A Research Tool Provided by the Sedona Verde Valley Association of REALTORS
    Zip Codes: 86336, 86351
    Average Sales Price*
    2018= $1,156,889
    2019= $711,493

  40. Segner's fair share says:

    Silence from Stevie when you talk about him actually paying taxes from his own funds.

    I think we need a tourist impact fee on all hotels. Not a bed tax which they are given back. The bed tax that is refunded to the Chamber is just a scam ruining Sedona.

  41. @Joan says:

    Oh, come on (deleted by editor) does that take into account that houses that can be BnB’s have a $50k added to the price because of their rental potential?

    Oh right, you don’t want to talk bad about those because you get business from those Airbnbs. We are so on to how (deleted by editor) twist everything.

  42. Bill says:

    @steve No Airbnb house has $50K added to its price because of its Airbnb rental potential. NONE. Are you saying the local banks, mortgage companies, settlement and title companies, local appraisers, local realtors and agents, local real estate companies and property management companies are falsely inflating home prices by $50K using a sales incentive dialog based on an ordinance that may or may not be in effect tomorrow if a government agency gets a burr up its saddle? You are saying that my house is worth $50K less if it isn’t Airbnbable? Are you saying you have names of people in the housing business doing this? Saying this? Sedona entities and people involved with this scheme my guess would be that you’d be in big trouble with the feds and state officials if true.

  43. Gayle says:

    we all get our biz that way
    if you’re pro chamber then you’re pro Airbnb

  44. Dying Sedona says:

    When the population drops during a spike in Baby Boomer retirement, and housing prices drop during a good Real Estate market, it’s going to be a bloodbath when Real Estate crashes.

    Those greedy people that thought you could just run a town as a tourist trap are in a for a rude awakening. Karma is a b****.

  45. Gary says:

    If that statement was true then the average sales price wouldn’t be down 38%.

  46. Gary says:

    Pricing dropping is a fact. Segner is pro vacation rentals- airbnb as he has taken a house and converted it to a vacation rental aka “overflow rooms”.

  47. City Corruption says:

    An ever-increasing percentage of the populace know in their bones that City government is rotten to its evil core. Whatever trust that once existed between government and the governed is long gone and it’s not coming back.

    Time to end the City of Sedona.

  48. Nancy says:

    Americans don’t have the guts to fix these things.

  49. @Nancy says:

    or the intelligence

  50. Happy New Year !! says:

    This year

    Resolve to eat healthy

    Resolve to show a kindness to one person daily

    Resolve to give unexpectedly

    Resolve to get involved in your community, it’s your job and obligation to the future

    Resolve to speak truth to power and support those who do

    Resolve to give thanks for your blessings.

    Happy New Year !

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