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Eddie Maddock: An ordinary day in Sedona

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock on the every day need for “We matter, too!”

Sedona AZBased on local ongoing and constant dissension one might justify wondering if Sedona Schnebly’s middle name could have been “Controversy.”

Initially deciding the designated area which would encompass incorporated Sedona and the subsequent consideration of alternate routes by which to access this special place were significant controversies. Add to that the later decision of whether or not ownership of West 89A should be transferred from ADOT to the City of Sedona … high on the list of vocal outcries from both sides of the aisle!

More recent, however, is the ongoing tug-of-war relating to amending the Community Plan for consideration of higher density zoning and, perhaps, multiple-storied structures.

Of course these are local issues, but – on a slightly expanded area – Sedona has Fire and School “Districts” which from time to time create a bit of a stir. Many of those upheavals, however, become ballot issues solutions are decided directly by local voters.

The city-owned portion of SR 89A uptown, of course, is presently under renovation and frequently serves as a reminder to locals of their gratitude for having had the opportunity to vote and reject incorporated Sedona’s ownership of the entire State Route within city limits. (In a word “mess” has frequently been offered by those, unfortunate enough, who must travel through Oak Creek Canyon on a regular basis.)

Participants holding “Honk for Trump” signs on Friday caused SR 89A to sound “like a St. Patrick’s Day parade,” said an observer, adding, “It’s good to see the Sedona electorate engaged.” Both the Republican and Democrat parties welcome Sedona citizen voters engagement. The Democrats have an office on SR 89A which offers voter information and activities also. If you haven’t registered to vote, now’s the time to do so and remember to practice good sportsmanship and civility in all things politic: It’s our unique American elections code of conduct and a pillar of our democratic republic.

Rarely if ever have Sedona residents rallied to express opinions relating to national issues. However, exceptions are available to pop up at any given time on any subject – which appears to be the case relating to hotly divisive opinions pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Customarily after an election those who did not prevail accept the decision of the majority of voters, lick their wounds, comfort one another, and rationalize with high hopes for better luck next time.

Such was not the case after the conclusion of the national presidential election almost four years ago. For some reason – and three years later – those losers continue to reject and display poor sportsmanship which most children, perhaps during another lifetime, would have been told by their parents is unacceptable behavior.

Pointed out as not being unusual in Sedona, recently protesters have gathered in West Sedona to march on corners, hold signs, and publicize political views. Frequently those picketing have represented just one side of an issue; however, it’s been a refreshing surprise that an exception to that one-sided generality has taken a sharp turn and drawn out those with a different opinion to likewise strut their stuff in a manner of saying “We matter, too, so please pay attention.”

Recent demonstrations have taken place on opposite corners at the intersection of SR 89 and Coffee Pot Road. One group determined to change national representation from existing policy, while the opposition plans to expand a rally for President Trump to multiple days and times if possible. Equal tenacity persists to likewise promote the “undetermined person” who will be opposing President Trump.

It’s vitally important for people to take heed, know the issues, and understand the positions of those running for public office. Citizens must register to vote and then, more importantly, VOTE!

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain!

Although it’s impossible to truly know what candidates are really like until after they’re elected, we can and should make the best decision based on what’s being offered.

For example, are you happy with present political leadership or tempted to make a change for the unknown? This should be of primary concern when voting – whether it is a national or a local election. The same should apply to ballot measures which have been and can be confusing as people frequently and unfortunately don’t fully understand potential unintended consequences.

Death and taxes has become a familiar quote as being the only two things of which we can be certain. Taxes remain questionable, simply because of the possibility for manipulation which comes with the risk of getting caught, however, there is no such opportunity when it comes to death: Power, money, control have no bearing. When your number is drawn, which is destined to happen, the final curtain will fall without prejudice.

Here’s something to ponder.

As statistics indicate prosperity in this great nation has been and remains on an upward trend, then consider the wisdom of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” And, at the same time while keeping that in mind, remain aware.

You know what you have, but potential changes remain a mystery.

Freedom of speech! Is that priceless or what?

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays ~ Super New Year 2020.

Over & Out,

Eddie Maddock and, probably not the one and only Sedona grouch, Poco Diablo.


  1. Another Suggestion says:

    Add this to your list of good ideas for a Happy New Year.

    If you live here, DON’T GO OUT! Bumper to bumper back-up on SR179! Probably looky-loos driving through Sedona to get to the snow in Oak Creek Canyon and Flagstaff.

    Eat your heart out chamber of commerce and city council members responsible for giving them millions of $$$$. It would have been better spent with ADOT to help them keep our two State Highways in suitable condition for driving! (not to mention city-owned roads)

    Muy estupido !

  2. Marty Sedona says:

    Brings to mind the farce of the alleged “official” city of Sedona visitors center – the one with the big sign uptown: “Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.” How do they get away with that? Low CLASS rhymes with “A–“. @Muy estupido!

    If the drivers and occupants of these miles of cars are, in fact, headed up to Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, or elsewhere, then they have brains. At least in Flagstaff they’ll be greeted by an authentic official Flagstaff Visitors Center. Yippee! Truth in advertising?

    Sedona – trash your funding to the rip-off C of C and overpaid CEO. Doesn’t the beauty of our red rocks deserve better? Time to show some upscale distinction?

  3. Dan says:

    be glad public opinion is turning against them & it’s an election year, campaign now when people are here for a few months before heading off to other homes, get the word out & tell people to pay attention & get involved about quality of life & traffic & Oak Creek e coli & vagrancy issues & water trash wildlife impacts

  4. Neyland Stad says:

    Instead of bitching about how the city is run, run for office. Three council positions are up for re-election. As of December 20th, only three had pulled candidate applications. Dan, you were not one of the individuals that applied.

    If you are not part of the solution, maybe you are part of the problem – (Eldridge Clever).

  5. Sedona Professor says:

    While Eldridge Cleaver is sometimes cited as having coined this phrase in a 1968 speech, Charles Rosner, a renowned advertiser and marketer from the 60s through the 90s, actually wrote “If not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” for VISTA as a recruitment slogan in 1967. But prior to that writer Francis Brett Young coined that particular phrase in 1940, and contextually it’s based on a Biblical passage used in centuries of coined paraphrases throughout most of written time.

    One of the issues electing people like you @nstad is that you will rely on someone else to provide context rather than doing your own research and thinking. It makes people like yourself susceptible to others influence. In this circumstance it happened, and in more important circumstances it will happen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The playing field is completely unlevel. The city staff, chamber, and others are so overpaid compared to the median household income that they continue to destroy our community.

    When the city manager makes 5 TIMES the average HOUSEHOLD then you get what you have.

    The city council don’t get paid.

  7. M. J. Prior says:

    “The city council don’t get paid.” @Anonymous

    Not true! Monthly compensation for Mayor is $700. City council members $500. It would be far more profitable or them to get a job with the chamber of commerce. After all, isn’t that who they are really working for?

  8. Nancy Johnson Lower Red Rock Loop says:

    To anonymous:

    What is the median household income of a mostly retired community?

  9. Jacks Canyon Resident says:

    Nancy Johnson, I think that a better question to ask anonymous is what is the median household income of a mostly retired community when 40% of the houses are valued at over one million dollars?

  10. Kurt Gehlbach - For Mayor says:

    I’m recruiting all of you! I need your Vote! I also need your voices for all to hear. I do not have money backing me, I do not have bias relationships with clubs. I do not have a relationship with the Chamber and no one can buy me. I will bring us into a very prosperous future with community involvement. We as a community must be fully involved for the prosperity of our City. I can create outstanding business models, one I’ve posted on my facebook page so please go there and take look. Friend me if needed. Yet remember the business model is designed for community involvement as we elaborate and create together taking it much further. These models are also created to bring our young families back into the city while creating community hands-on involvement. We have brilliant minds in Sedona and I wish not to waste them.
    Take the Red Rocks away and what do we have! A city decomposing over time! I’m a Native of Arizona who’s spent most of my 58 years coming to and living in Sedona. Change must happen Now and I can promise you when I’m Mayor – We Together will move our city forward.
    I look at all the time and emotions all of you and many more have wasted through your frustrations and anger for our city government. Imagine what it would be like to now be involve knowing that all your time forward will never be wasted but heard and through consensus acted upon. Change Is Now! People who know me know I can be trusted to keep my word and keep everyone safe!

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  11. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Mr. Gehlbach:

    Would you mind letting me know what volunteer organizations you have been involved in during the past 5 years?

    What accomplishments have you been a part of during that time?

  12. Questions unanswered says:

    From Sedona Larry December 1, 2019

    “Lay it out for us. Where do you stand on buildings exceeding 3 stories in Sedona? Where do you stand on housing not infringing on neighbors views? Where do you stand on Airbnb’s? Where do you stand on citizen input at council meetings and citizen committees? Where do you stand on the chamber contract with city funding? Where do you stand on city giving funds to library and Sedona Recycles? Feel free to tell us where you stand on those and more.”

    “What did you cut from the budget when you were on the budget committee Kurt?”

    Change my ass.

  13. Joan says:

    Since when did a city council person get judged by WHO they volunteered for????????????????????????

    Sedona is like and vote buying imo when they GIFT away millions to clubs, groups and businesses.

    complete bs the city staff only likes people they can CONTROL.

  14. Mitch says:

    still waiting for the cuts to be announced

  15. Steve Segner says:

    Where do you stand on buildings exceeding 3 stories in Sedona?
    OK in certain locations, the building on the east side ip up town are 3 and 4 story, on some hill sides that do not block views seem OK. up top and z

    Where do you stand on housing not infringing on neighbors views?
    Views are not protected in the state of Arizona….. Fact. So move on

    Where do you stand on Airbnb?
    The mayor take the lead on this issue this is a state issue and can only be fixed at a State level.
    Where do you stand on citizen input at council
    meetings and citizen committees?
    Great idea…..all Input is good.

    Where do you stand on the chamber contract with city funding? New contract takes away the bed tax funding from the chamber ,city council is now incharge, is now just a vendor for the city and does what city council say to do.

    Here do you stand on city giving funds to library and Sedona Recycles?
    Sedona should help with Library Recycles if the have the funds and we do. Cities are about service….. And both are important along with meals on wheels and the Humane society and local groups….. Thanks to tourism we have the funds to support communities services fix roads and still have saving in the bank
    we are very lucky to live is a town so well funded.

  16. Sotheby's Realtor says:

    Fact – HOAs control allowable height and size for their communities. VOCA does fine. Les Springs does fine. Foothills does fine. Chapel does fine. Everyone does fine except those areas left to …. etc etc etc etc Who doesn’t do fine? city of Sedona and incorporated local areas

  17. There is you answer on Gehlback says:

    When Steve Segner stands up and answers questions for him, you know who is backing him. Same ole, same ole. One of the in crowd. You don’t get on any committees unless you have been to the citizens academy, where you are vetted by city staff. If you vote for Mayor Sandy, Kurt Gobsmack, or Vice Mayor Martinez, you have just voted for more and more tourists and development.

  18. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    I know it’s hard for some of you complainers to understand but I want to know that whomever I vote for is more action than talk. In my opinion, someone who has given up their time to help the homeless, puppies, kitties, meals on wheels or donates their time to build a few houses for Habitat is a step ahead in my view. These are people who tend to think of others ahead of themselves.

  19. Four Gees says:

    Your vote for him elementary reasoning makes Charity beginning at home sound grinchy.

  20. @ John Daniels Of Mars says:

    @John Daniels, you are so transparent it’s not even funny.

    Yes we already know Kurt Gehlbook (sp) is the candidate of the Chamber and the establishment. You can try to build a case for him, after all he put his life on the line working 2 days on and 4 days off and an early retirement working for Sedona Fire. As I have said before, the Fritos delivery driver has a statistically more dangerous job. You probably even knew him when you were at SFD, some of the fire personnel you knew intimately, wink , wink.

    Just the same, we are on to you and Segner. Gellback (sp) was not a good choice.

    As smart as you think you are, everyone in Sedona is not stupid. Unfortunately some of them still read the soy boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News.

    Kurt can demand we spell his name right, I guess it’s just not worth remembering.

    Hope this helps.

  21. I got it! says:

    We need everyone to be a volunteer for every tom dick and harry club and so called charity group including those paid through taxes like the city, county-library and district-fire so that those groups can continue to be the highest paid with over paid top management off the backs of the residents.

    Oh yeah (deleted by editor) we got it!

    We work, we pay, we volunteer for your paycheck, benefits and retirement. While you PLAY with taxpayers money controlling and manipulating us all. Thank you so very much.
    Oh boy FUN FUN FUN in SedoNUTS!!!

  22. @i GOT IT! says:

    You neglected to give accolades to the most important source of Sedona control:

    The regional but misnamed Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    Wonder if the city council and staff need their permission to use the bathroom? (just asking)

  23. @@john D from mars says:

    The only person with that much contempt for Sedona Fire is Toby T.
    He sold his house in Sedona for 500k plus and was paying less then 2k a year in taxes what a crybaby loser. G on and your gone tony

  24. @John Daniel AKA says:

    (Deleted by editor)

    Honor, hahahahahahahah…..

    A true hero will never tell you he put his life on the line. It’s just something real hero’s do. A real hero doesn’t really have a choice. They could never live with themselves if they did not do the right thing.

    Those that need to tell you about it? Ever hear of stolen valor?

    I don’t know Kurt Gobsmack, what little I have seen on the SedonaEye I don’t like. But that’s just my opinion.

  25. Alice says:

    I like to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

    All politicians are honest.
    All public servants are just working for citizens benefit.
    All firepersons are heroes.
    Traffic that just drives through adds to Sedona income.
    City staff are hard at work 40 hours a week.
    You don’t really pay enough tax, the tourists pay for everything.


  26. Joe Lee says:

    Good luck with your “wish list” @Alice.

    Thanks for starting my day off with six good laughs! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  27. John Daniels W Sedona says:


    You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Except for every Friday employees have off. the 8 Monday paid Holidays, the two weeks paid leave and the two weeks paid vacation every year, hard working Sedona employees work 40 hours a week like everyone else ! Working 40 hours is 40 hours, meetings count as work but the way, what don’t you get?

  28. @alice says:

    Oh boy aren’t you totally jaded. Must really not be enjoying your life (if you can call it that). Ha Ha

  29. Alice says:

    Sedona is Wonderland don’t you know.

    Just ask the Sedona Chamber that gets millions teaching citizens about “Sustainability”.

    Ask Sedona employees who have much ado about nothing. Or since they have about 7 weeks off per year is that do noting?

    A Library funded with millions from two counties that gets hundreds of thousands from the city.

    Curiouser and curiouser …..

  30. How can City Staff work so little? says:

    Easy to do when every holiday is 10 hours off, not 8.

    2 weeks leave, 80 hours
    2 weeks vacation, 80 hours
    8 Monday Holidays off, 80 hours
    Other holidays (3) 30 hours

    Training, conferences, travel and meetings? They stay in 4 star hotels and resorts, nothing but the best for our hard working city management. Priceless !

    Total time off 270 hours Divided by 40 hours weeks equals 6.75 weeks off

    Shut the City down, the City Management have already started for us !!

    Shut the City down !!!

  31. @how can says:

    (deleted by editor) get a life

  32. Kurt Gehlbach says:

    Hello Again,

    I do truly enjoy everyone’s involvement. Thank You! Even you Mr. Daniels, whom I would never disrespect as you have toward me. And we’ve never met! It’s unfortunate you’re so angry yet I am too! We who live in Sedona full time must come together to overcome everything we are angry about and we obviously need a Mayor and Council who listens, hears and responds to Our requests.
    No one speaks for me! I’ve sat on the Historical Preservation Commission with Steve Segner throughout my now 2nd third year seat. You should all know by now Mr. Segner is very outspoken and loves control but never speaks for me he only speaks for himself and frankly I’m soooo exhausted of all the talk, talk, talk and drama. I’m all about us taking action and redirecting all of your energy towards the prosperous future we can create through the brilliant minds currently being wasted. .
    To answer another question – My Grandfather was a founding Company of Scottsdale Arizona, La Solana Pottery. Google it and click images. La Solana Pottery sold ceramics to the Artists in Sedona for their personal touch and resale when I was very young. I’ve been coming to Sedona throughout my entire life finally creating permanent residence here 24 years ago. Throughout the 24 years – Licensed Real Estate Agent yet I began the carrier developing a few homes in turn providing jobs. 1997 the Sedona Fire Department recruited me, trained me which was completely volunteer for I believe 7 years. Yes I was a first responder and yes I did place my life on the line for the betterment of others and without personal concern for myself – Also worked for Coldwell Banker, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s etc.. Years ago I spoke with Rob Adams and through conversation he suggested I get politically involved. So I did! Fiscal year budgeting committee among other things, 2nd three year seat on the Historical Preservation Commission and Citizen Engagement. There is one other yet that I can’t mention yet.
    I get inside and research every aspect of the business allowing me to see the truth and offering me the information needed for understanding. There are many locals involved in various committees yet not enough – Everyone who is complaining, lashing out, disrespectful towards others tells me – we are angry and Not Heard.
    I need Your Help! I – Need – Your – Help! Yes you Mr. Daniels and everyone – We together must have the trust and come together bringing Our city into an outstanding prosperous future yet this will never happen if we keep talking and not taking action.
    Lets start tonight – Tonight (Jan. 16) Mr. Segner is hosting The Mayor and others seeking a council position. Do you think I was invited! NO! I will be present and I request all of you to be present at El Portal. This is where you will see those controlled and not for the People of Sedona. I will be dressed in suit and tie – please locate me and introduce yourself. I truly look forward to meeting all of you including you Mr. Daniels.

    We must trust one another and come together! Those in control love it when you argue amongst yourselves because it only weakens you.

    Kurt Gehlbach

  33. John Daniels OMG says:

    Kurt Gehlbach is favored but both segner and Rob Adams, if you love the status quo and gifts to the chamber, you ‘ll love Kurt !!! OMG

    No facts of course, just “prosperous future”. For whom?

  34. @ Kurt Gehlbach says:

    You are so totally lame and hollow. Just another wanker. You still have not answered the specific questions put to you by Sedona Larry and others. Just the usual political platitudes and BS. Such emptiness.

  35. @Kurt Gehlbach says:

    “Lets start tonight – Tonight (Jan. 16) Mr. Segner is hosting The Mayor and others seeking a council position. Do you think I was invited! NO! ”

    A statement too bizarre for words.

  36. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Mr. Gehlbach:

    I am angry but not at you. I’m angry (deleted by editor) post distractions and lies from every direction because they hate and I mean H A T E an organization and it’s the leader who is paid to do a job and has succeeded in doing that job. They will post (deleted by editor) but the BS is still the same.

    I am not angry at you at all I just asked you a few simple questions which you answered quite nicely, thank you.

    I didn’t know about Segner’s event tonight although if I did, I wouldn’t have attended because I don’t like politics. I fully expect that if the person that I voted for wins, they will carry out their goals and I can go back to fishing in the Verde River.

    In reading your lovely posting above I would have to say that while you do like to give back to your community, you keep saying that you need MY HELP but you don’t say anything about HOW YOU PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS. Just getting people together isn’t the answer although listening to everyone is nice and as the guy or gal in the center seat, YOUR HAVE TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS.

    I’d like to hear more

  37. Steve Segner says:

    Kurt Gehlbach says:
    January 16, 2020 at 6:41 pm
    “Lets start tonight – Tonight (Jan. 16) Mr. Segner is hosting The Mayor and others seeking a council position. Do you think I was invited! NO! ”

    Kurt, why would I invite you ,it was advertised as open to the PUBLIC, you came and were welcome, I asked people to” speak” that I am supporting… This was not a League of woman voters meeting.
    I wish you luck, get your 250 signatures and rise the several thousand dollars you will need by host your own campaign meetings, where you can stand up and say how you will change things, so far we have seen nothing how just what you will try to change…… have a meeting and see who comes….

  38. @ Kurt Gehibach says:

    I for one will be voting for you. The cronies including those that work for the city are doing what they do. It is all about controlling taxpayers money. Please read the AG report about the city-chamber law breakers, then wright your legislators. That is the only way to make change. I do believe change is coming. IMO Steve lies repeatedly, always making blank statements without data to back them up. I have never seen one thing that shows how those millions of dollars gifted to the chamber have made one difference and has has provided a return on investment. The only thing that is apparent is that the propaganda machine is alive and well in sedona. 25 million dollars gifted to the chamber could have done a lot of good for the citizens of sedona. It is time to get rid of the criminals that have been running this city. kEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT. i KNOW WE WILL.

  39. Sad says:

    So sad John Daniels. Gelbach is correct Steve is control freek. He has been controlling our city (deleted by editor). The hotels and their club is running the town. He has an agenda $$$$$. Don’t believe him. No third party should be getting favors with taxpayers money.

    The only hate I see is the attacks against those who don’t agree with his agenda. So sad.

  40. Did you notice? says:

    Notice Gehlback never said the would defund the chamber. Notice he never said he would make any cuts in the city budget? Notice he never said he would do anything specific?

    IMO bought and paid for .

  41. steve Segner says:

    Did you notice? Says: Notice he never said he would make any cuts in the city budget?
    Why would we cut the city budget ? Just because? T party talk, City tax income from visitors sales and bed tax is running way above budget, The city has savings in the bank now is the time to finish projects, pave more roads. The city job is to provide service to it’s citizens , pave roads open the pool with longer hours, build Bauer rd park,build more connector roads, and parking lots and help local organizations and much much more. We could even buy the old culture Park and just leave it as open space…… But no you just want to fire people for the sale of smaller goverment.

  42. Bob, west Sedona says:

    steve give cultural park back to the Yavapai-Apache Indians we stole it from
    or give it back to USFS that all can enjoy it in its natural beauty

  43. Lynn M. says:

    “The city job is to provide service to it’s citizens” @steve Segner. TRUE!

    And that’s exactly why they had NO justification for giving millions of dollars to a regional chamber of commerce over the past several years. Chamber’s mission is to service their members. Most are not even within Sedona City Limits and don’t collect Sedona city taxes.

    Seems the most important Sedona/Chamber priority has been to afford the Pres/CEO of the chamber the luxury of just short of $150,000 a year salary? SHAMEFUL! And IMO, Segner, your comments are no more that BS lip service!

    That monetary gift to the chamber for nonsense could have been better spent for infrastructure during the past several years. So don’t try to spin the facts as if giving all that do-re-mi to the C of C never happened. And what about the property the C of C purchased uptown with city revenue? Try sweeping these scandalous activities under the red rocks. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Yes, Mr. Gehlbach. If you are as committed to cleaning up the Swamp of Sedona as you claim to be it would be a good thing having you as our next mayor. However if you go public with such a plan prepare to be verbally assassinated by the Lodging Council (a chamber affiliate) and also the RR News who is known for quite a record of doing hit pieces on candidates they don’t support, especially at the 11th hour just before an election. Don’t believe it? Most recent victims = Tony T. & Cliff Hamilton.

    Hope this helps. Good luck, Kurt.

  44. steve Segner says:

    And that’s exactly why they had NO justification for giving millions of dollars to a regional chamber

    lets try this one more time,the city never “gave” the chamber any money, the city hired the chambers visitor bureau to market Sedona for the city at the cities direction, as a vendor.
    Just like the city does not gift money to Tiffany construction for paving local roads.
    You may not like the idea of city using bed tax income for marketing the program was put in place by the State legislature.
    Remember our city income is from taxes paid by visitors we are a tourist town but you know that.
    100% of the running of the chamber and the pay for the it’s president coms from membership dues and advertising programs what she make is up to the chamber members. hope that helps

  45. Mike, West Sedona says:

    If it’s as Steve Segner claims, that the city has money in the bank, then why in the world wouldn’t City Council & Staff consider rescinding that most recent half percent sales tax increase? Sedona’s tax really is way over the top.

    Why would tourists stay within City Limits when there are beautiful new hotels in the Village of Oak Creek in addition to lovely Enchantment in the other direction? Both locations also offer fine restaurants and VOC has equal if not better retail shops.

    We inform everyone we meet when out and about including hiking trails that, as residents, we don’t patronize businesses within Sedona city limits and explain the reason why. Too much money squandered on what we believe is a useless unneeded tool (C of C) which has also become a source of irritation for many of us “local” when they claim they work for “us.”

    Unmitigated gall to even entertain such a bold notion let alone the frequency with which it actually appears in print. They (C of C) do NOT work for US – me, my family, and all of my friends who share my frustration.

    Wake up, Tourists! Spend your money = VOC, Oak Creek Canyon, and elsewhere. Better value; lower and apparently unneeded taxes if it’s true Sedona does, indeed, have money sitting in the bank. City Hall will only be able to improve roads and infrastructure if and when the Chamber of Commerce Pres/Ceo and Bd. of Directors gives their permission?? Expletive, expletive, expletive.

  46. Lynn M (Donna) says:

    My husband and I are so tired of the same negative vibes coming from those same folks. (deleted by editor)

  47. Jess Wundrin says:

    How come the City didn’t and still doesn’t ask for bids on the service(?) contract they have with the Chamber? Like they do with other projects? It’s highly irregular for them not to do or have done so. Leaves a remaining question of just who is servicing whom?

  48. Sedona City Residents says:

    “Remember our city income is from taxes paid by visitors” @steve Segner. If that’s true then why is city tax added every time we purchase products from retail stores like Pet Smart, Walgreens, etc. Also on our meal and bar tabs when and if we eat out in Sedona? And why are we charged city taxes on our utility bills? The list goes, Mr. Segner. If what you write is correct then we, the residents of Sedona, Arizona, are entitled to major, major refunds!!!!

    Also please explain why Sedona claims the visitors center uptown is officially that of the City of Sedona when clearly the sign indicates otherwise:

    Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center

    That visitor center has been there for years and clearly does NOT belong to the City of Sedona, officially or otherwise, and to claim it as such – well – isn’t that fraudulent? Just asking.

  49. Steve Segner says:

    Council people went out and talked to two other p.r companies, city council people set down with them and were told they could not do as good a job as the chamber. AND NOT EVEN CLOSSE ON PRICING, IF YOU WENT TO MEETINGS YOU WOULD KNOW THAT. The local chamber is award winning and other nations are asking for there help.
    The city has rainy days fund in the bank and is using the 1/2 c tax to fix roads and the majority of the tax is paid by visitors, not locals. Visitors fixing roads. Remember Sedona does not tax food like Cottonwood As for staying in the village , great nice new hotels and more coming, soon more hotel rooms will be in coming to the village then Sedona, only one spot left in SEDONA FOR A HOTEL… The village will start seeing older hotels being torn down and re build larger, the county is much easier to build in the city …. And for pricing not all guests are looking for price Sedona has the views, the locations and the hotels …. . Enough business for all. Hope that helps.You chose to live in a tourist town did you really think the county would not grow ?

  50. @Jess Wundrin says:

    I couldn’t care less.

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