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Eddie Maddock: An ordinary day in Sedona

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock on the every day need for “We matter, too!”

Sedona AZBased on local ongoing and constant dissension one might justify wondering if Sedona Schnebly’s middle name could have been “Controversy.”

Initially deciding the designated area which would encompass incorporated Sedona and the subsequent consideration of alternate routes by which to access this special place were significant controversies. Add to that the later decision of whether or not ownership of West 89A should be transferred from ADOT to the City of Sedona … high on the list of vocal outcries from both sides of the aisle!

More recent, however, is the ongoing tug-of-war relating to amending the Community Plan for consideration of higher density zoning and, perhaps, multiple-storied structures.

Of course these are local issues, but – on a slightly expanded area – Sedona has Fire and School “Districts” which from time to time create a bit of a stir. Many of those upheavals, however, become ballot issues solutions are decided directly by local voters.

The city-owned portion of SR 89A uptown, of course, is presently under renovation and frequently serves as a reminder to locals of their gratitude for having had the opportunity to vote and reject incorporated Sedona’s ownership of the entire State Route within city limits. (In a word “mess” has frequently been offered by those, unfortunate enough, who must travel through Oak Creek Canyon on a regular basis.)

Participants holding “Honk for Trump” signs on Friday caused SR 89A to sound “like a St. Patrick’s Day parade,” said an observer, adding, “It’s good to see the Sedona electorate engaged.” Both the Republican and Democrat parties welcome Sedona citizen voters engagement. The Democrats have an office on SR 89A which offers voter information and activities also. If you haven’t registered to vote, now’s the time to do so and remember to practice good sportsmanship and civility in all things politic: It’s our unique American elections code of conduct and a pillar of our democratic republic.

Rarely if ever have Sedona residents rallied to express opinions relating to national issues. However, exceptions are available to pop up at any given time on any subject – which appears to be the case relating to hotly divisive opinions pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Customarily after an election those who did not prevail accept the decision of the majority of voters, lick their wounds, comfort one another, and rationalize with high hopes for better luck next time.

Such was not the case after the conclusion of the national presidential election almost four years ago. For some reason – and three years later – those losers continue to reject and display poor sportsmanship which most children, perhaps during another lifetime, would have been told by their parents is unacceptable behavior.

Pointed out as not being unusual in Sedona, recently protesters have gathered in West Sedona to march on corners, hold signs, and publicize political views. Frequently those picketing have represented just one side of an issue; however, it’s been a refreshing surprise that an exception to that one-sided generality has taken a sharp turn and drawn out those with a different opinion to likewise strut their stuff in a manner of saying “We matter, too, so please pay attention.”

Recent demonstrations have taken place on opposite corners at the intersection of SR 89 and Coffee Pot Road. One group determined to change national representation from existing policy, while the opposition plans to expand a rally for President Trump to multiple days and times if possible. Equal tenacity persists to likewise promote the “undetermined person” who will be opposing President Trump.

It’s vitally important for people to take heed, know the issues, and understand the positions of those running for public office. Citizens must register to vote and then, more importantly, VOTE!

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain!

Although it’s impossible to truly know what candidates are really like until after they’re elected, we can and should make the best decision based on what’s being offered.

For example, are you happy with present political leadership or tempted to make a change for the unknown? This should be of primary concern when voting – whether it is a national or a local election. The same should apply to ballot measures which have been and can be confusing as people frequently and unfortunately don’t fully understand potential unintended consequences.

Death and taxes has become a familiar quote as being the only two things of which we can be certain. Taxes remain questionable, simply because of the possibility for manipulation which comes with the risk of getting caught, however, there is no such opportunity when it comes to death: Power, money, control have no bearing. When your number is drawn, which is destined to happen, the final curtain will fall without prejudice.

Here’s something to ponder.

As statistics indicate prosperity in this great nation has been and remains on an upward trend, then consider the wisdom of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” And, at the same time while keeping that in mind, remain aware.

You know what you have, but potential changes remain a mystery.

Freedom of speech! Is that priceless or what?

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays ~ Super New Year 2020.

Over & Out,

Eddie Maddock and, probably not the one and only Sedona grouch, Poco Diablo.


  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    Yes I saw those protesters on both sides of 89a…..Next time you do drive by, notice one side has positions and arguments…..The other side were cheerleaders….

    I find it strange if I was a supporter for either side, my efforts would be to get my points across with policy and positions!

    But this is what you get when people treat politics like a sport, and that compramise is bad…It is a terrible shame that so many people vote against their own best self interests and cheer for things that actully hurt them?….Well when its all said and done, dont be suprised when you get called out and blamed for such stupidity!

  2. Heads Up says:

    Our next Trump MAGA Meetup is Friday, December 13, 3-4 pm in front of the Bank of America (Mountain Shadows Drive and 89A). Park in the bank parking lot toward the back. We will stage there at 2:45. We plan on covering both sides of 89A this time. The Democrats will not be by us, but I think they are close enough to hear the horns honking! Remember this is a POSITIVE rally. Only signs that highlight the great accomplishments of our wonderful President Trump!

  3. Kris Fischer says:


  4. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Heads Up….Could you please enlighten us of what accomplishment this administration has done?

    We are now approaching 15,000 lies…..This should be very interesting….lol

  5. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Pelosi may have signed a political death warrant for moderate Democrats…in key swing states, large majorities of these 2018 defectors now say they plan to back Trump again in 2020. The New York Times reported that “nearly two-thirds of voters in six battleground states who voted for President Trump in 2016 — but for Democratic congressional candidates in 2018 — say they intend to back the president against each of his top rivals.”

    The Times also reported that in 2018, voters in these states cast their ballots “for Democratic congressional candidates by an average of six points, all but identical to their actual winning margins.” ….After weeks of wall-to-wall hearings, polls show that Democrats failed to move the needle in favor of impeachment and removal. Indeed, in Wisconsin, opposition to removal has nearly doubled. In other words, Democrats have failed to make their case….That means these freshman Democrats already face an uphill battle to hold onto their seats….”

    by Marc A. Thiessen, Washington Post

  6. Marriott Man About Town says:

    @westsedonadave CNN hates Trump and as for Speaker Pelosi, she really really does hate Trump but she gets absolved of lying with a few Hail Mary’s at Catholic Confession just like Joe Biden when he lies and supports abortions, gotta love that ole timey Catholic tradition. LOL

    CNN man Cortes wrote,

    Given all the political fervor of 2018, Americans may easily lose sight of the policy achievements of the past 12 months. So, before bidding the year goodbye, consider these impressive accomplishments of President Trump:

    Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – As messy and unfair as the process was, his confirmation secures another conservative jurist with an originalist constitutional approach and a restrained view of judicial power. The untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016 crystalized for many voters the danger of allowing Hillary Clinton to fill that seat. With Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in place, Trump has kept his promise to remake the high court with young, conservative thinkers.

    Confronting China – Much of the heartland anxiety that vaulted Trump into the Oval Office emanates directly from the abusive economic warfare waged by China for decades against the United States. At long last, those workers find a champion in Donald Trump, who slapped serious tariffs upon Beijing and finally forced the regime to negotiate fairly. America now embraces its strong bargaining position and demands reciprocity in trade and an end to rampant industrial theft and piracy.

    Middle-Class Wages Rise – Incomes in general soared in 2018, with average hourly earnings finally eclipsing 3 percent growth for the first time since before the Great Recession. The news is even better for blue-collar workers, who now realize wage growth above that of white-collar workers for the first time in nearly a decade.

    U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal – Trump proved that America welcomes equitable global commerce by cementing a badly needed modernization of NAFTA. The USMCA provides a template for other such trade pacts and effectively isolates China’s increasingly untenable posture.

    Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal – Gone are the days of coddling the mullahs who have terrorized America and our allies for decades. Instead of counting the billions of dollars of cash sent via secret nighttime flights by the Obama administration, the Tehran regime now faces a U.S. leadership determined to thwart its tyranny and prevent its nuclearization.

    Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Trump proved once again how differently he governs compared to Washington norms. Past presidents promised for decades to make this move and U.S. law has required it since 1995, but only President Trump made good on his pledge, honored our ally, and recognized the obvious reality that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.

    Smashing the ISIS Caliphate and Exiting Syria – Unlike his predecessor (Pres. Obama), who haughtily dismissed and ignored the ISIS threat as terrorists’ “JV team,” President Trump smartly dispatched limited U.S. troops to help our partners erase the territorial caliphate that had inflicted unspeakable human rights abuses. Just as importantly, Trump also announced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, placing the primary burden for ongoing stability upon regional powers Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. This president will not repeat the disastrous nation-building mistakes of Presidents Bush and Obama.

    Increasing Minority Jobs – If Trump is actually racist, as biased mainstream media “journalists” often claim, he’s remarkably bad at it, because people of color have thrived under the pro-growth policies of the Trump Boom. Black joblessness in 2018 reached the lowest levels ever recorded. For Hispanics, in history there have been a total of 14 months with a jobless rate under 5 percent — and 13 of those months have unfolded under the leadership of President Trump. Small business dynamism is particularly crucial for minority advancement, and small business surveys report optimism among entrepreneurs at record highs in 2018.

    Holding the Line with Migrant Caravans – In the face of continual demagoguery from liberal politicians and their allies in the legacy media, President Trump took a tough and principled stance against would-be trespassers. Lawless caravans assault our sovereignty and abuse our generous asylum statutes. Such provocations validate the need for a border wall along with reforms to immigration laws.

    Record American Oil Production – In 2018, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Through aggressive regulatory relief and pro-energy moves like green-lighting the Keystone XL pipeline, President Trump paved the way for an independent energy future.

    There were missteps, to be sure. For example, the Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin belied the normally assertive Trump. Still, good news abounded in 2018 as America reaped the benefits of a commander-in-chief committed to restoring the greatness of our republic.

    The intelligentsia of the permanent political class may howl, and complicit pseudo-journalists will balk, but the reality of the Trump track record reveals a country growing in prosperity and security.

    Steve Cortes is a contributor to RealClearPolitics and CNN political commentator.

  7. Steve segner says:

    It’s pretty simple, Trump got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Congress wants to investigate and subpoenaed people in his administration he flipped them off and said no ,that’s OK because now Congress will impeach him he’ll get off in the Senate but now he knows that’s what happens when you ignore Congress pretty simple Let him wear impeachment on his vest like a giant” A” let’s remember the three branches of Congress are co-equals Congress is just letting him know

  8. GNS, Sedona says:

    Agreeing with @Steve segner “It’s pretty simple.” It’s pretty simple all right because opposition has been scheming how to get rid of him (Pres. Trump) ever since he was elected and now are faced with the probability of his reelection. Desperate times; Desperate measures?

    Based on the detailed list of the President’s positive accomplishment offered by

    Marriott Man About Town says:
    December 10, 2019 at 9:43 am

    It appears his enemies have their work cut out for them. Some people are just not willing to accept facts even when they smack them in face. These are important times. Those wanting to have jobs and earn their living the American Way have had new opportunities, proven by statistics. However, isn’t it the welfare folks who seek “free entitlements?” who remain restless with the country’s surging upswing?

  9. @marriott man about town says:

    You tout all the accomplishments of Trump, all the while the deficit keeps rising at a record pace. Living on borrowed money, you are incredibly short sided. Mortgaging our country’s future. Deficit is approaching 1 Trillion dollars. You talk about like or dislike however every other word out our supreme leader’s mouth is a stupid lie. All politicians lie but this one never tells the truth. It is like saying Sedona’s vote buying with kickbacks and payoffs is a correct form of socialism. Oh, maybe it is. I hope you are around when we the people have to pay the money back. Then America will need another bail out. Get your money while the gettin is good. Last time we had a republican president the bailout fell on the shoulder’s of the American people. The next time will be no different. Get a brain.

  10. @idiot above says:

    Excuse me, I’m not the journalist for the Washington Post or CNN contributor that did tout Trump administration accomplishments. Wish I was, he gets all the credit. If you read for content, you’ll have a better grasp of reality. I suggest you stop reading spam mail from Democrat candidates (all of it written by a campaign staffer in DC and never the candidate because it’s paid for by DC and they control the message). Get a bigger reality than that info tunnel you live in?

  11. Opal says:

    There’s no ordinary days in Sedona except when tourist hit town with gross manners & don’t flush toilets or wash hands, bad tippers.

  12. Paul, Sedona says:

    Another ordinary day in Sedona or business as usual? How come this apparent change in Sedona’s legal adviser aka City Attorney hasn’t been newsworthy? Huh? Why? Why? Why?

    What’s going on? What happened to transparency?? Whatever That Means.

    Come join our team!
    The City of Sedona is seeking applicants for the position of City Attorney.

    City Attorney
    Type: Full Time
    Salary/Pay Rate: $125,000 – $150,000/annually DOQ
    Posted Date: 12/02/2019
    Deadline to Apply: 01/12/2020

  13. @Paul, Sedona says:

    Hmmmm – so city attorney Robert Pickels is packing his bag? Didn’t he apply for another position a while ago but someone else was hired? IMO this man must have some integrity to move on. Of course maybe he’s changing careers and will be seeking a CEO job with a Chamber of Commerce where he can make more money than an attorney. That is if there’s any other city or town in existence with such warped priorities?

  14. Cal at the ranch says:

    Mornin from the ranch. Just read a dumb ass article about how our dinner tables are being torn apart by Trump. For godssake you media jackasses find real jobs and real issues and real work. This isn’t about Fake News, it’s about Fakes. If your dinner table is controlled by a man you’ve never met, don’t know, and only gossip about, then you’re your family’s dinner table nightmare not Trump, not Pelosi, not anybody virtual or reality based. Good riddance are you from any dinner table. I’ll take substance over ignorance any day at my tables. Let the conversations begin and be prepared to be challenged and learn and teach how to argue constructively, present any view constructively, and always be welcomed at my tables. If you don’t know how family dinner tables work, watch Blue Bloods for clues since you media jackasses rely on virtual realities for subject matter and life processing. Thanks SE for being a media viewpoint worth reading and sharing. Back to work now (deleted by editor) and (deleted by editor).

  15. Steve Segner says:

    Robert Pickels is a good man , you make snide remarks of a man you never met or worked with he worked hard for Sedona.

  16. Josh T, Verde Valley says:

    @Cal at the ranch = I dig your passion. Thank you!

  17. Aaron says:

    Steve you do same about Trump and Republicans. Apply same rules to yourself.

  18. @Paul , Sedona says:

    You can go to the city website and click one box and enter your email address and you can be notified for every job posting forevermore.

  19. Bruce says:

    Every day is Thanksgiving in my house: Hillary is still not my President. Oh, and making snowflakes get all butthurt is neither a high crime nor a misdemeanor. Keep the popcorn handy, boys and girls, ’cause it’s gonna be a hellava ride.

  20. @Paul, Sedona says:

    And just where did you get the notion I made “snide remarks of a man you never met” @Steve Segner? On the contrary my opinion of Robert PIckels and his apparent decision to pursue other interests indicates he’s an ethical man with high values. In fact since it was newsworthy when he looked for employment elsewhere a while back and he would have been long gone before now had he made the deal.

    Hopefully he will find a place untainted by alleged corruption.

    Oh Sedona and their sleazy alliance with a two bit member driven overfunded regional association and their “visitor’s center” also alleged to be the “official” visitor’s center for the City of Sedona. Funny the big sign out in front indicates otherwise. Misrepresentation? Fraud? Just askin’!

  21. @Gary says:

    Of course, you’re using a “real” news source like SedonaEye!!!!! LOLOL

  22. Steve Segner says:

    @Paul, Sedona says:Hopefully he will find a place untainted by alleged corruption. Paul please spell out your “alleged corruption” your words , please take the time and lay it out for us., better yet go to the state AG and tell them…oh ya they looked at the city and said all is well. Admit you are just using the word “alleged” to make a false statement. funny this sounds like (Deleted by Editor) “official” visitor’s center for the City of Sedona is owned by the chamber and is open to any business that want to put flyers on the display wall. just an FYI.

  23. False information from Steve again says:

    False and fake information is being rammed and spread around like a wildfire.

    When $2.5 million a year of taxpayers money is being used by a private membership is the root cause imo.

    Don’t listen and please fact check everything said or posted by anyone who may receive a benefit from such monies. When they finger point, call out, shame, spread false information on others slow it down and think why. The answer is clear and in the millions the membership receives. They are distracting you in order to lead you down a wrong road.

    According to the public tax returns the Sedona Chamber is a Membership Corporation. They are NOT-a-city-chamber.

    The members only contribute $410,572 (2017) of chamber’s income.
    This is ONLY 12.6% of Chamber’s income.

    Made up non-factual statements, name calling and shaming is a method to silence those who can disclose the truth and these actions come from those who get enriched by the taxpayers subsidies via the chamber.

    The chamber membership income has NOT significantly changed over the last 15 years. While the CEO / President got a increase of 40%.

    87.4% of Chamber’s income comes from membership dues. We all know the taxpayers are paying while the members have exclusive use of these monies.

    If the membership isn’t willing to pay why should the taxpayers?

  24. @ False information from Steve again says:

    “87.4% of Chamber’s income comes from membership dues.” – I think you left out the word, “doesn’t.”

  25. Say What? says:

    “87.4% of Chamber’s income comes from membership dues” @False information from Steve Segner again.” Those appear to be YOUR words and NOt Steve Segner’s. Therefore – if that high of a percentage of their funding is from member dues and only 12.6% comes from other sources (including Sedona city revenue) then what’s the beef?

  26. False information from Steve again says:

    TYPO 12.6% of Chamber’s income comes from membership dues. The balance 87.4% come from other sources non-dues, like the taxpayers.

  27. Ryan says:



    Who knew?

    Everybody at Chamber and nobody who votes?

    Everybody at Council and nobody who votes?

  28. @False information says:

    Taxpayers of course but which one??? I know that the answer may be LODGING TAX!!!

  29. Jerry Uptown says:

    @@False information – hope you’re correct. Hope is it LODGING TAX paying 87.4% of the tax revenue because it’s the tourists that wreak most havoc on Sedona’s infrastructure! DUH – big surprise!

  30. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    If as one of the nameless @@@@’s say it the lodging tax then homeowners or residents don’t pay a dime of it. It sounds like a good deal to me.

  31. Transparency says:

    Don’t let the takers fool you with their posts.

    The CITY-BED taxes are NOT a chamber-tax, not a chamber entitlement. The chamber is a corporation. The Chamber is a regional business association who have an extreme minote of city-imposed-with -bed-taxes that happen to be chamber MEMBERS.

    The business composition is 97% NON-city-imposed-bed-tax contributors .

    97% of Chamber members do NOT contribute to the Sedona-CITY-Bed-taxes.

  32. Joan says:

    The City taxes are imposed on those inside the city limits for the purpose of the incorporated city.

    While those who have their hands in the cookie jar would like you to believe the homeowners and residents don’t pay and that it not taxpayers money that is simply a lie. Smoke and mirrors.

    You PAY so the regional non city business association gets to play with millions of taxpayers dollars. Sedona residents, homeowners, renters, and businesses pay to market their competition, taxpayers dollars have built a chamber empire and this drives the cost of living up!

    Higher cost of living
    Higher cost of property taxes
    Sales tax on all utilities, deliveries, building materials
    higher medical and low quality of medical care
    Higher cost in food, entertainment
    Higher sewer
    The clogged roads, drive throughs, emergency services all drive the cost up for residents.
    Even long term rentals pay for the chamber subsidies

    the list is long of the quality taken from the property owners and residents,

    This is why the state required the city remove the gifting of the bed tax to the chamber in the contract. The city had to. The city pulled a switch a roo. The chamber is now responsible for “residents quality of life” we the “taxpayers” are paying for “chamber administration”

    Speak up and force the city to stop the subsidies to a third party private membership. Write and call any elected official you can. Take your city back.

  33. Lonnie R. says:

    What is an extreme “minote?” @Transparency.

  34. @ Joan says:

    Take the city back? Maybe just get rid of it.

    Here’s a good example to follow:

    Town dissolves government over income tax

    A small town of about 5,000 residents was frustrated over wasteful spending. One example– the government of Amelia, Ohio recently renovated it’s town offices to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    When the mayor pushed through a 1% town income tax without notifying residents, it was the final straw.

    In response, on November 5th of this year, town residents voted by a two-to-one margin to entirely dissolve Amelia. The town government, complete with seven police officers, were fired.

    The full story: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/clermont-county/amelia/amelia-residents-vote-to-dissolve-village

  35. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Oh posh Joan, go bake a tray of cookies!

    The only way that any resident would be paying anything to do with the bed tax would be to stay in one of the hotels, real BnB’s or Air BnB’s. You can continue to spout all of the lies you’d like but It’s a BED tax, not a property tax.

    Sort of like that orange hair guy in the White House, just because you speak lies doesn’t make it true.

  36. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Enough about the bed tax and Sedona residents not paying it. Let’s go to the matter of SALES TAX – which we most assuredly do contribute to like it or not and most of the time including on-line orders. Check utility bills: City Tax is charged. So shut up with your denials that residents don’t contribute one penny to taxes. It’s a blatant lie. Sales tax – and increased not to long ago to foot the bill for Sedona In Motion.

  37. steve Segner says:

    Donna,John Daniels W Sedona is correct,The bed tax is the best thing that ever happened to Sedona, It saved the city 500,000 a year in marketing support and replaced it with tax dollars for visitors.
    Sedona city Government is paid for by Visitors, not locals and that is a good thing, you may not like living in a town where Government is paid for by visitor tax dollars and not by local property taxes, but that is your problem. The Verde valley is set for explosive growth and Sedona has the tax resources and city council to get ready for the influx of business and people.

  38. Tipper Gamber says:

    @johndanielswsedona you’re disrespectful, have tunnel vision & could do with an ability to reflect

    Obama’s 8 yrs were among the worst in our nation’s history, granted not all his fault but after scene 1 and reelection to scene 2, he & administrators are responsible for the second act and final curtain.

    He gave millions to green companies that were dirty and Biden wants to do it again because there’s lots of green to be pocketed. Biden said China’s not bad they’re our friends and the comment is so ignorant and stupid and dangerous that one can only surmise he likes China green. How red of him.

    Trump is fresh air and he’s cleared the room of old farts. What’s so bad about that? Think for yourself, stop eating the hash, and realize that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation were slime. It’s not hard to realize that you didn’t know or pay attention to facts because you voted for her. You are an albatross of old elitists now menopausal or with prostate issues and you can’t avoid wanting to Zinntake. How red of you.

  39. Mike H says:

    Just get rid of the city. That would solve a lot of problems and the only ones that would lose money are those stealing form the residents with inflated salaries and grants.

  40. John says:

    Dream on Karen. The residents are paying with quality of life,fees,taxes and cost of living.
    Can’t fool the numbers.
    Dream on

  41. steve Segner says:

    Joan say:Take the city back? Maybe just get rid of it.
    Here’s a good example to follow: she says.
    Town dissolves government over income tax
    When the mayor pushed through a {1% town income} tax without notifying residents, it was the final straw
    Ok, so Joan Sedona does not have a Income tax. Just a sales tax like every other town Glendale is over 9% so no savings! + most sales tax is paid by visitors.
    Sedona has a surplus every year and millions is the bank, Jone you seem to what to live free and have others pay your way…. The majority of us want Local not county Government and remember Sedona is split between two counties, so services would be different on each side of the city, we would with luck have two p.t. sheriff not the police force we now have.
    Joan says ,
    Higher cost of living no,Sorry not so Sedona home are more expensive and rent is more expensive……. For all of us that own home that is good….
    Higher cost of property taxes Not so the city of Sedona does not have a property taxes the county does.
    Getting rid of local Government would mean more county taxes to pave local roads sales tax would go to the state…. No savings. Net loss in income.

    Joan, Sales tax on all utilities, deliveries, building materials Sedona is only 3/4% HIGHER THE MOST CITIES IN THE STATE …..

    Joan says:Higher medical and low quality of medical care not a city issue…. Drive to Phoenix or move.
    Joan Says”Not a city issue or county for that matter , so you want Sedona to succeed for the county and the city ?
    Joan says: Higher cost in food, entertainment drive to cottonwood to go to fry’s…..
    Joan Says: Higher sewer in line with the cost to run it…. Under $50 a month get over it

    Joan says:The clogged roads, drive through, emergency services all drive the cost up for residents. 98% of the time there is not traffic in Sedona and you say ” drive through” really Starbucks and Mac Donald drive troughs cost you more?

    Joan says:Even long term rentals pay for the chamber subsidies not so bed tax is paid by visitors.
    Jone there are a lot of cities that cam meet you need look at Kingman or Ashford …. All are cheap go for it , but don’t expect us to change Sedona to fit you live free needs.
    Hope that helps and we all know who Jone is on one person hates the chamber.

  42. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    @ @Joan:

    I happen to know someone who lives about 20 miles from Amelia Ohio in Lindale and if you like it so much perhaps you should move there. It’s really a “good ole boy” town.

    The State of Ohio doesn’t have the same government laws about public meetings so there are plenty of backroom deals. Not legal in AZ. You talk really big about dissolving the city, coming from someone who doesn’t use their real name. But not to worry, if our selfish locals continue with converting their houses to AirBnB’s we won’t have much of a city in a few years. Funny how not a single one of you make a peep about that.

  43. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To my admirer:

    Come on (deleted by editor) I never said that Sedona residents pay NO TAXES I said that Sedona residents don’t pay the LODGING TAX with a portion going to the CHAMBER. Your jealousy of the Chamber keeps your mind in a fog that you keep twisting and telling lies.

    I say LODGING TAX and you twist to SALES TAX

  44. Norm, Sedona says:

    Poor fellow, Steve. Your rant of 12/21 12:07 PM indicates you’ve lost it!

    Can’t attest for Yavapai County but those of us in Coconino County prior to incorporation had exceptional law enforcement because of the county sub-station uptown on Forest Road. As for other services, county was also far superior.

    The thing that forced incorporation was when Oak Creek was declared a protected waterway and that was a green light for developers and other opportunists – such as yourself? – to wedge a foot in the door for exploitation. The implementation of a “sewer plant” – oops – Politically Correct: Waste Water Treatment Plant – opened the door for expansion. And all that new expansion used up capacity at the sewer plant while to this day existing subdivisions remain and will not be connected. Unjustified crock of crap!

    And as for the idea that Sedona needed to be advertised – BS!! That’s nonsense. It was “discovered” and well known long before the lame excuse the city needed the C of C to do their bidding.

    Had they been “professional” (the city) and as was allegedly their reason for advertising to attract “destination marketing” they would have requested bids from professionals and not a two-bit regional chamber of commerce that has an overpaid CEO and so much in excessive municipal funding they can purchase high-priced property in uptown Sedona. It should be deemed unacceptable if not unlawful.

    Valid accountability and return on that investment (if any) for the millions of dollars the C of C has received from City of Sedona remains a missing link.

    No, Steve, Sedona may benefit from bed-taxes but by no means that doesn’t justify the great giveaway that continues to beat the drum. Hope to live long enough to see your flimsy (but temporary) house of cards come tumbling down. Only then maybe Sedona Schnebly might smile from her grave.

  45. John says:

    Now that is calling the kettle black.
    The city put all their eggs on the tourism basket. Now you blame locals that service tourism with airbnbs. Soon predictable.

  46. Fake info again from steve says:

    Fake information once again. The city can’t count nor can they see through the special interest game.
    Back in 2012 -13 the lodging – chamber requested an increase in city-bed tax. Yet 97% of their members don’t contribute to city-bed-tax.
    The increase was 1/2 cent or around 350 k a year. They could have saved millions without the increase. Used 100% for instrasture instead the gifted the chamber 55% of all city bed tax. This ran a negative for the taxpers in millions.
    This is why the AG office made the city change the contract with chamber. Illegal for them to get a portion of city-bed taxes.
    Is this why Pickels is leaving? Chamber had to pay back hundreds of thousands back. Since when is a chamber aka business association have to do with residents quality of life??????? Residents aren’t members.

  47. Steve Segner says:

    Fake info again from steve says: you say chamber requested an increase in city-bed tax. Yet 97% of their members don’t contribute to city-bed-tax. Well lets look. At it, the hotels asked the city to up the bed tax and that 1/2 of the new tax go to marketing. No vote was necessary because the city council has the power to raise or lover the bed tax.
    You said Chamber had to pay back hundreds of thousands back not so the AG office said the monies for marketing must be OK and not automatic. So no the city council tell the chamber the amount of funding and how to spend it.
    The city get the majority of the bed tax and all business benefit when hotel rooms are full , yes even out side the city….. Hope that helps

  48. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    @ Fake info….


    What difference does it make if 97% of their members don’t contribute WHEN THE TOURIST DOES!!!!!

    RESIDENTS DON’T CONTRIBUTE EITHER!!!!! Unless they stay at one of the lodging places.

    You have been screaming about this same issue for years. Go back and bake some cream puffs!!!

  49. Steve Segner says:

    John Daniels W Sedona says:
    yes , John we put a system place to “not use taxes for locals” and tax visitors.
    We also save the city $500,000 a year they were paying for marketing.
    The goal has been to charge visitors, not locals to run the city.
    When a hotel room is filled the city get a sales tax and bed tax, and almost $300 a day is spent around town… Supporting thousands of jobs.
    Sedona is a tourist town and almost everyone that lives in Sedona knew that when they moved here…… There is only one lot left for a hotel to be built on in Sedona, all the future growth will be around 260hwy. And the 89a corridor to cottonwood,and thousands of homes are in the planning counties grow there are no growth counties in Arizona.
    I understand some are up set Sedona is incorporated, and some hate the sewer system and it’s cost and some hate the chamber. and some what no change in Sedona well you lost get over it change is built in.

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