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Eddie Maddock: An ordinary day in Sedona

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock on the every day need for “We matter, too!”

Sedona AZBased on local ongoing and constant dissension one might justify wondering if Sedona Schnebly’s middle name could have been “Controversy.”

Initially deciding the designated area which would encompass incorporated Sedona and the subsequent consideration of alternate routes by which to access this special place were significant controversies. Add to that the later decision of whether or not ownership of West 89A should be transferred from ADOT to the City of Sedona … high on the list of vocal outcries from both sides of the aisle!

More recent, however, is the ongoing tug-of-war relating to amending the Community Plan for consideration of higher density zoning and, perhaps, multiple-storied structures.

Of course these are local issues, but – on a slightly expanded area – Sedona has Fire and School “Districts” which from time to time create a bit of a stir. Many of those upheavals, however, become ballot issues solutions are decided directly by local voters.

The city-owned portion of SR 89A uptown, of course, is presently under renovation and frequently serves as a reminder to locals of their gratitude for having had the opportunity to vote and reject incorporated Sedona’s ownership of the entire State Route within city limits. (In a word “mess” has frequently been offered by those, unfortunate enough, who must travel through Oak Creek Canyon on a regular basis.)

Participants holding “Honk for Trump” signs on Friday caused SR 89A to sound “like a St. Patrick’s Day parade,” said an observer, adding, “It’s good to see the Sedona electorate engaged.” Both the Republican and Democrat parties welcome Sedona citizen voters engagement. The Democrats have an office on SR 89A which offers voter information and activities also. If you haven’t registered to vote, now’s the time to do so and remember to practice good sportsmanship and civility in all things politic: It’s our unique American elections code of conduct and a pillar of our democratic republic.

Rarely if ever have Sedona residents rallied to express opinions relating to national issues. However, exceptions are available to pop up at any given time on any subject – which appears to be the case relating to hotly divisive opinions pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Customarily after an election those who did not prevail accept the decision of the majority of voters, lick their wounds, comfort one another, and rationalize with high hopes for better luck next time.

Such was not the case after the conclusion of the national presidential election almost four years ago. For some reason – and three years later – those losers continue to reject and display poor sportsmanship which most children, perhaps during another lifetime, would have been told by their parents is unacceptable behavior.

Pointed out as not being unusual in Sedona, recently protesters have gathered in West Sedona to march on corners, hold signs, and publicize political views. Frequently those picketing have represented just one side of an issue; however, it’s been a refreshing surprise that an exception to that one-sided generality has taken a sharp turn and drawn out those with a different opinion to likewise strut their stuff in a manner of saying “We matter, too, so please pay attention.”

Recent demonstrations have taken place on opposite corners at the intersection of SR 89 and Coffee Pot Road. One group determined to change national representation from existing policy, while the opposition plans to expand a rally for President Trump to multiple days and times if possible. Equal tenacity persists to likewise promote the “undetermined person” who will be opposing President Trump.

It’s vitally important for people to take heed, know the issues, and understand the positions of those running for public office. Citizens must register to vote and then, more importantly, VOTE!

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain!

Although it’s impossible to truly know what candidates are really like until after they’re elected, we can and should make the best decision based on what’s being offered.

For example, are you happy with present political leadership or tempted to make a change for the unknown? This should be of primary concern when voting – whether it is a national or a local election. The same should apply to ballot measures which have been and can be confusing as people frequently and unfortunately don’t fully understand potential unintended consequences.

Death and taxes has become a familiar quote as being the only two things of which we can be certain. Taxes remain questionable, simply because of the possibility for manipulation which comes with the risk of getting caught, however, there is no such opportunity when it comes to death: Power, money, control have no bearing. When your number is drawn, which is destined to happen, the final curtain will fall without prejudice.

Here’s something to ponder.

As statistics indicate prosperity in this great nation has been and remains on an upward trend, then consider the wisdom of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” And, at the same time while keeping that in mind, remain aware.

You know what you have, but potential changes remain a mystery.

Freedom of speech! Is that priceless or what?

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays ~ Super New Year 2020.

Over & Out,

Eddie Maddock and, probably not the one and only Sedona grouch, Poco Diablo.


  1. Facts are facts says:

    It doesn’t matter what kind of deal you get own something that has no value. Paying the Sedona Chamber to bring in tourists that drive thru and don’t stop in Sedona has negative value.

    Award winning, is that like participation trophies?

    Was it an award for the biggest small town ripoff?

    All growth is not good, unless you want Sedona to look like Mombay (Bombay) or San Francisco, complete with feces and tents.

    Preservation of small town character? No way !! All some care about is money.

  2. steve Segner says:

    How come the City didn’t and still doesn’t ask for bids on the service(
    @Jess Wundrin says:
    January 17, 2020 at 6:16 pm
    I couldn’t care less.
    But Jess you asked, and now you said your don’t care?
    it seem you don’t want an answer just want to bash the chamber and the city!

  3. John Wilson says:

    @Steve Segner says
    January 17, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    Nothing you write makes any sense. Transparency and legitimate Requests For Proposals could very well have eliminated the uproar. The C of C is NOT a professional advertising agency. Otherwise they wouldn’t have subcontracted with a firm down in Phoenix. The situation with City/Chamber never did pass the smell test and it still doesn’t. Proves ya get what ya pay for? Ask the Chamber, now owners of prime property uptown paid for with the city’s nickel. Maybe they represent the exception to the rule? Stench is rancid. PEE-YOU!

  4. @@Jess Wundrin says:

    “I couldn’t care less.” And who cares? Why do you read Sedona Eye if you find it so distasteful. Just asking. Hope that helps ease your pain from self-torture:-)!

  5. @@ Jess Wunderin says:

    If you couldn’t care less, why did you bother to reply?

    Too smart by half.

  6. @@ Jess Wunderin says:

    I’m sorry I called you stupid. I thought you already knew !!

  7. Jan Wayne says:

    Couldn’t resist adding a comment here. A miracle in Sedona?

    Yesterday the city council meeting actually adjourned shortly after 6:00 PM!compared to the usual 3-4 hr. sessions. Not many folks there. Maybe absorbed with national issues? (equally boring IMO) And oh yeah Robert Pickels was still there. Hmmm …. maybe mandatory to have a city attorney present until a replacement has been hired?

    Just thought you all couldn’t live without this breathtaking update. However enjoy the moment. Chances are it won’t last. Probably just the lull before the next storm.

    Ho-Hum . . .

  8. Marv, Sedona says:

    Glad you mentioned that city council meeting @Jan Wayne.

    Conspicuous by absence was the chamber of commerce and/or lodging council representation commanding center stage.

    Hmmm – wonder what’s that’s about?
    Calm before the next storm indeed = my opinion too.

  9. Hal Johnson says:

    Why is it even necessary for chamber reps and/or lodging council – an affinity of chamber – to attend council meetings any more @Marv Sedona? Wasn’t it just last year the Sedona city manager committed to an 8 yr agreement for the chamber to receive bed tax rebate? No need to bother with it annually, Folks.

    That means the deal was done for that extended time and at the $2.5 mil for the current year – in 8 yrs the Chamber of Commerce members will benefit an ass kicking $20 MILLION DOLLARS of Sedona city revenue and now $$$$ are for telling residents how to be sustainable? WTF We’ve been sustainable long before others were sustainable up here in the desert.

    Well we can’t argue their talent for making their own “private club” sustainable. BUT how many residents are members of that special club? What about the tourists? Are tourists members of that Sedona Chamber of Commerce club and benefiting from sustainability messaging? WTF Doubt It! Somebody said it’s all a crock of BS and add my high five. Sucks being a Sedona taxed payee.

  10. Bob, West Sedona says:

    Don’t blame this house we voted for Trump.

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