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Eddie Maddock: An Inconvenient Disorder

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock on pandemic life and its inconvenient disorder.

Sedona AZ – Beyond masks, affectionately referenced as facial diapers, generally lurks glaring and unfriendly eyes.

But who, pray tell, can actually tell?

Unlike death and taxes will this current pandemic last forever? For over a year now the global population has been in a perplexing state. Is this upsetting situation any different than a fish out of water? Is one compelled to have presumed immunity by indulging in a vaccination, or not? There are, of course, factors to be considered whatever the decision.

After all over time hasn’t the human race survived equal threats such as typhoid fever, polio, mumps, measles, chickenpox, and other once prevalent diseases? The miracle of modern technology and its resulting medications and treatments has been miraculous in calming even more disastrous outcomes from occurring during onslaughts of peril.

COVID-19, a new term that has spread probably even more rapidly than the disease itself.




· 1.an acute respiratory illness in humans caused by a coronavirus, capable of producing severe symptoms and in some cases death, especially in older people and those with underlying health conditions. It was originally identified in China in 2019 and became pandemic in 2020. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries

Could this COVID by remote definition stand for, as an example, “Confounded, Overbearing, Vitriolic, and Inconvenient Disorder?”

So far it remains a personal decision to individually decide what prevention and treatment path to choose. Those in public situations clearly seem more obvious to be subjected to acquiring the disease, while others who live within their own small parameters might logically avoid negative potential reactions to injections of foreign fluids into their systems.

However can anyone dispute that, with the exception of death and taxes, does anything really last forever? Even taxes may be questionable. But death?

“Divine Intervention” never takes a holiday. COVID-19 is merely a reminder. An appetizer to whatever might be the main course – “food for thought” perhaps?

The beginning of each and every day is opportunity for new beginnings. Political power in reality means nothing. Those who may think so are also vulnerable to deadly diseases. Even those currently preaching “socialism” cannot escape.

Mother Nature, as proven by her never-ending global disasters, represents, perhaps, the best testimonial of all.


  1. Eddie Maddock says:

    PS TO ABOVE ARTICLE – The following is offered as the source of the original quote:

    The most famous variant of the death and taxes quote comes from Benjamin Franklin, who touted the phrase after the signing of the Constitution of the United States. In this case, it is commonly written as “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” but the full quote from Ben reads like this:

    “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin

  2. Foothills says:

    tablemate pointed out new Eddie Maddock and other points of enlightenment
    whilst archive is handy new news is best friend of city keeping Roadrunner honest

  3. Chas. F. Gilmore says:

    Very interesting observation @Foothills. While “archives” remain an interesting source for old news (which quite honestly hasn’t changed much in Sedona over the years) if trolls, hackers, and/or other enemy forces infiltrate web sites and manage to disable them then, unfortunately, freedom of the press will no longer exist.

    Many of us admire the courage for the publisher/editor’s ability to maintain Sedona Eye for longer than just the past year – IF by chance – that WAS the situation. Just a suspicion and observation FYI.

    Since the departure of the last city manager and the former CEO of the local “regional” chamber of commerce maybe with new “blood” Sedona’s course of direction will be reinvented and move away from their previous questionable activities. That is, of course, unless COVID-19 hasn’t already taken care of that.

    Yep – Mother Nature speaks volumes. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Jim, west Sedona says:

    Your (deleted by editor) g-damn right its a disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we all got these shots that’s to protect us explain why my 16 yr old unvaccinated nephew had COVID two weeks ago and it was like a 3 day mild flu, his unvaccinated mom had it same time and didn’t even have more than a mild headache and one sleepy afternoon, the 18 year old nephew unvaccinated didn’t even know he had it except for a 99 degree one afternoon temperature, but the VACCINATED dad was sick as a dog for three days barely about to get out of bed before being fine??????? They’re ALL young and healthy and not one of them has any health issue or weight issue or disease??????? Explain it to me??? Nobody bothered calling a doctor, no need. Nobody went to hospitals, no need. Who gives a crap if it’s a positive test when the ones who should worry are the sick and unhealthy????? It’s not about color either because my nephews are biracial with a black asian mom and white dad. Are these vaccines to eradicate white people?????? Explain to me why Sedona has thousands of tourists and no COVID superspreader events?????? That all a lie to keep us afraid??????

    This pandemic shows nobody cares about national security. They’ll let China get away with it because likely China said up yours and wait to see what we hell we spring on the world next and US is paying out billions in ransome and bitcoins to cover its appeasement tracks. Why’s Harris out of country, what’s that all about? There some threat at home we all don’t know about that keeps her flying? Did they send her off because nobody can stand her stupidness and gross ego or that I’m ignorant laugh? Just sayin. Just askin. Just wonderin.

  5. Hank says:

    Experienced similar interactions, people are nice in Sedona.

  6. Jody & Robert W. says:

    Because of several reasons (COVID19 being among them) we continue to hear of more and more people looking to relocate to smaller communities. Sedona oddly enough has been also reported as having a drop in population. Businesses here are also having a difficult time hiring people to work. And yet we continue to see vagrants standing on corners asking for handouts. What gives? (NOT us)

  7. Tom says:

    Blame city hall for pressuring police to turn the other cheek on drugs and vagrancy. They want sanctuary city for gardeners and restaurant help. They don’t try and attract small tech companies with highly skilled workers paying taxes and sending kids to schools. They want house cleaners cheap. Then they get to spend money that’s unproductive and wasteful on fake problems like affordable housing to get rid of mobile homes communities they don’t like. Stand up Sedona. They’re taking away what works for federal money. Don’t you have any pride? What did you move here for if it wasn’t peace and quiet and the views? You paid the cost to move here now demand that you get what you paid for and don’t approve fees and taxes that produce nothing for you. Grow up.

  8. Stanley N says:

    There was a time when businesses wouldn’t have dared to hire immigrant workers without a green card. Yes that was even true in Sedona. The feds went around and checked on businesses like landscaping, etc and heavily fined those who breached the law, all for the purpose of hiring cheap labor.

    Not any more! Wide open borders. Unknown trespassers entering this country 24/7 bringing with them illegal drugs and potential COVID-19 exposure all in the name of guess what? MAKING MONEY FOR GREED HOGS. Great work politician who happen to be the most wealthy of all Americans and have no connection to middle class life style and financial sacrifices that will intensify. Don’t believe it? Check out sales tax and then just wait until you file your future income tax returns! Reality awaits.

  9. Arnold says:

    Wouldn’t it be a new Sedona to have the people come first before politicians ideas or wallets?

  10. Arnie W. says:

    “Wouldn’t it be a new Sedona . . . . ” @Arnold.

    DREAM ON – unless – we have more candidates who aren’t financed by the chamber of commerce & their lodging affiliation running for city council. And with all the vacation rentals now being legal and the population of “City of Sedona” declining, what are the chances of that happening?

    Mother Nature is the only solution and even her methods are likely to cause disaster to permanent residents. Sad but true? You decide.

  11. @Arnold says:

    Why do you say such a thing?…..The city is reacting to the traffic study, asked us our opinions and now they are delivering….What part dont you understand?

    We said we need public transportation to force tourist out of their cars, they are slowly implementing it….Why dont you understand that?

    The lack of affordable workplace housing is a problem, they are addressing it!
    And you still dont understand?

    Now I will agree it should have been done sooner, but did we know are genius governor was going to over ride us(the people who live here), city, and create 2500 rooms from air B&B?

    Every real fix costs money, it cant be done overnight, and takes millions! Millions that tourists pay out of their pockets.

    Now I sure understand all the old bitchy and whiny people here that for some crazy and deranged reason think when Sedona became a city was the worst thing ever?
    And that was over 30 years ago!….Look at the mess VOC has become!

    The county only cares about tax revenues thats obvious, just take look, at that ugly out of place hotel…..A outlet mall, and a half thought out mess now called the Collective!

    I can talk, call or email any city representative I want, and guess what?…The respond, listen, tell me why or why it cant be done….Thats how it is supposed to work!
    May I suggest you spend more time meeting our politicians, going to council meetings, hey maybe even take some of the FREE programs that help teach and educate the locals how local government works?

    Im not the only one in town is bored silly with just blanketed uneducated statements…People so lazy all they do is bitch, and never help….Must be a awful way to live!

  12. Public transportation is stupid says:

    Boring? It’s you and cronies at city hall that never get off the tourist bus. NOBODY is going to walk in Sedona that’s not back in the hills on the paths. People whine walking from parking lots into storefronts. It’s a desert and it is hotter than hell most days. You sit on metal benches at those stupid bus stops? No you haven’t. Get a life that’s here and now and not wishes that you lived in San Diego. Remember when city hall was all bikes bikes going to ride my bike the quarter mile to city hall and that didn’t happen. Garage uptown is ignorant plan. When tourists stop coming we will have ugly eyesores built by you like the first Barbara Anderson fiasco that fell down and could have killed people.

  13. Sarah Spain says:

    Snorted with laughter at your hyperbole @arnold when you called out the county VOC as being better than the city. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

  14. Virginia d’Olio says:

    more COVID and vaccine requirements on its way to keep the public repressed and keep us from talking about what’s being done wrong in government

  15. Jason & Sylvia says:

    We had to chuckle at the response from Sarah Spain. Ongoing references to “the county” in the VOC developments is accurate. However too many forget that a good portion of “City of Sedona” (including uptown) is located in Coconino County. Hopefully Supervisor Matt Ryan will keep that oversight in mind when Coconino County is asked for assistance to fund the monstrous proposed parking garage!

    The ongoing nagging from the likes of the response @Arnold continues to evade the source of the original Sedona conflict. That being the policy set in place by city leaders to memorialize the “regional” chamber of commerce as part of Sedona City Government. To allow that member-driven club to use Sedona City Tax funds to promote ALL of their members, most of whom are outside Sedona City Limits and DO NOT COLLECT CITY TAXES, is wrong.

    Maybe – just maybe – now with the resignations of BOTH the former CEO of the “regional chamber of commerce” and her huge support from the also “former” Sedona City Manager the policies will change. Short of withholding FUNDING the chamber of commerce – translated – NOT EVEN ONE PENNY FROM THE CITY – nothing will really change.

    Residents and especially non-chamber member businesses in Sedona had and still have every right to be disgruntled with the manner in which this city was allowed to be disgraced and become a joke due to ridiculous and unprofessional management policies.

    Not to have put destination marketing out for bids was another step in the beginning of the end of adding to Sedona’s increasingly bad reputation. As handing that open ended funding to the chamber of commerce there never was evidence to have proven it resulted in anything other than bumper to bumper day trippers.

    And let’s not forget. Had the city not reneged on the policy to mandate a certain number of work force housing units as part of resort development agreements the need for “affordable housing” would have most assuredly NOT have turned into the present day monster that now exists. DUH!

    Karma’s pay back? Legalization of private residences as vacation rentals! You reap what you sow.

  16. Roger & Geneva W. says:

    @@Arnold you are really quite a piece of work yourself. Criticizing those of us who take exception to ongoing questionable behind the scenes activities which have taken over city hall. One thing you are correct about is existence of extensive criticism and opposition to the fools who voted to incorporate Sedona which is too little too late. But truth is, most of those people are now gone. Either by choice or divine intervention.

    As you criticize recent construction in the VOC what about the massive resorts approved in Sedona since incorporation including failed “time shares”. These monsters have produced huge paved heat attracting parking lots unable to accommodate unplanned for traffic. (thanks to ill advised funding to a beyond city limits chamber of commerce to promote destination tourism) An ugly multistory parking facility will soon upstage red rock views.

    One bad mistake after another doesn’t warrant praise from those of us who live here. Quite honestly how many people really believe short-term rentals even come close to being as invasive as the lodging/chamber intrusive measures of control they continue to inflict on this once beautiful experience? You try and deflect the real truth.

    A recent glaring example is to now MAINTAIN PERMANENTLY a TEMPORARY 0.5 cent tax increase approved in 2018, imposed for the purpose of addressing traffic solutions. Alternate routes, street connections, one-way variances, bike routes, and jay-walking deterrents were cited as examples to seriously be examined as solutions. Well guess what? Instead of sun-setting that temporary tax “They” now intend to maintain the 0.5 cent tax increase permanently for financing a multi-million dollar transit system.

    As if this bus system hasn’t been beaten down that same old road time and time again, only to fail each and every attempt. To make matters even worse, at the expense of City of Sedona “they” are even considering extending the latest proposed boondoggle to reach beyond city limits.

    “Regional” again becomes the catchword to include buses to and from Cottonwood, Jerome, Camp Verde and God only knows how far out there. And to be financed by guess who? CITY OF SEDONA, THAT’S WHO.

    However this latest proposal will most assuredly hit residents the hardest. As if the taxes we pay on merchandise like clothing, toiletries, dry goods, and all things beyond groceries isn’t enough already.

    Well guess what @@Arnold. If you complain about disgruntled residents now just wait & watch as the revenue bucket dwindles when we who live here just refuse to Shop Local anymore.

    Prices for meals in city restaurants are already over the moon and with a predicted increase in cost of groceries how many will survive. We understand why Sedona’s population is dwindling but our manner of addressing this ongoing mismanagement is simple. We spend our money elsewhere! And we say good luck to residential short-term rentals whose patrons we also predict will shop outside of Sedona City Limits.

    How’s that for addressing your lame attack @@Arnold?

  17. Norm, Sedona says:

    Sorry but cannot resist adding something to a comment made above @Jason & Sylvia relating to Karma’s payback. Here’s another opinion (point of view)

    Karma’s payback: COVID-19 (extending globally – far beyond Sedona City Limits)

    Power & Greed – TAKE HEED?

  18. Steve Segner says:

    Yavapai College
    4215 Arts Village Drive
    Sedona, AZ 86336

    Short-term rentals have created challenges and opportunities in Sedona for residents and businesses. The results of the 2020 census show that populations rose among all communities in the Verde Valley except in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, where they declined. The Sedona Lodging Council will host a forum where people can get the facts from community leaders and share ideas about how to move forward as a community.

    There will be expert presentations by Kurt Christianson, Sedona City Attorney; Karen Osburn, Sedona City Manager; Candace Carr Strauss, President/CEO Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau; and Steve Segner, President, Sedona Lodging Council.

    Presentations will be followed by an open community dialog.

    This event is co-Sponsored by the Sedona Lodging Council and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau.
    Come to the community meeting asd ask questions of the city.

  19. Paramount Home, Sedona says:

    What’s the pandemic protocols for this? Will everyone be masked and will they have to provide vaccine cards and or negative covid tests? Will you be taking temperatures at the door and social distancing seating? We need to be safe here. Is this a sales pitch? That group didn’t listen at past council meetings why bother, except it checks off the rule for community outreach and forums. If it’s city then film it and put on the city website for feedback. Safer way.

  20. John, west Sedona says:

    When is it?

  21. Bill, Uptown says:

    @Paramount it was explained to me a few years back that Lodging Council not part of city but lobbyist group for its special interests.

  22. Jess Cyureos says:

    Because Sedona city government employees – city manager, city attorney, etal will be appearing to make presentations at this event sponsored by Sedona Lodging Council & Chamber of Commerce (((??? why Tourist Bureau tacked on???))) does that mean the chamber and lodging council will be paying for their time??? Will these same city staff members and others be available to make presentations at similar business or nonprofit events??? Will we be invited to similar meetings organized by Humane Society, Recycles, Meals on Wheels, Library to name a few. Or is this simply another Sedona city event that doesn’t pass the smell test???

    It just goes on and on and on. Damn the balls of it all.

    Remember this latest bomb as you continue to pay that additional half cent sales tax when you purchase toothpaste, shampoo, meals out, etal. COVID-19 really appears to have a challenge here in Seedonya Airyzonya as being the biggest threat.

    Conspicuous by absence??? Location of this vastly overrated in importance city community meeting? City Hall! Chamber of Commerce? WHERE??? Why do we pay for these buildings when they rarely get used for our benefit???

  23. Oh Jess, LOL! says:

    Not that half of a cent how dare the city try and fix anything?!

    Funny no one complains about the county or state, why is that?

    The Sedona sales tax rate is 9.85%

    Taxing Jurisdiction Rate

    Arizona state sales tax 5.60%

    Yavapai County sales tax 0.75%

    Sedona tax 3.50%

    Combined Sales Tax: 9.85%

    If your worried about 1/2 cent, you have some very serious problems!

  24. Marlow Jones says:

    Let’s face it. Just who benefited from the incorporation of Sedona besides developers and more recently Lodging/Chamber affiliates? This IMO has had a far more extensive impact than the current inconvenient disorder for which at least there remains hope for a resolution.

  25. Larry W says:

    Please keep in mind @Oh Jess LOL the “city of Sedona” benefits from property taxes we pay to the counties! NOTE counties PLURAL! A reminder that uptown Sedona and surrounding properties are in COCONINO COUNTY!

    Most recently the city has been attempting to snatch & grab Coconino property taxes in order to help fund their gawdawful proposed multi storied parking garage. Take heed those of you who criticize the new highrise structures in the VOC.

    Unlike the current pandemic this greed disease is perpetual. A never ending saga. In the meantime be grateful Sedona so far hasn’t imposed a city property tax. Bad enough we’re stuck with the half cent sales tax increase initially proposed as temporary with a sunset date. All BS!

  26. Jan W. says:

    “A never ending saga” @Larry W.
    And “they” @Oh Jess, LOL etal wonder why so many residents are negative towards “city” control? Well, the behind the scenes movers & shakers (chamber of commerce/lodging council?) have apparently and unlike the pandemic become more than just “an inconvenient disorder.”

  27. @Larry says:

    No Larry, the county doenst give money to the city…That would be the schools and fire district that gets money from the county….
    Now if the county wants to help with a road project they may help. But if you think the city is getting big money your just another uneducated fool in Sedona.

    Face it I will add you to the list of whiners, and cry babies that have no clue how small government works…

    I certainly am no fan of paying crazy taxes for wars, and tax breaks for the rich while debt goes through the ceiling….But thats all part of democracy, the good and the bad…..My I suggest all you complainer move, prices are high enjoy your profits and find another place to pick apart and complain about…

    BTW: Apache Junction, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.600%
    Avondale, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.800%
    Buckeye, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.300%
    Bullhead City, AZ Sales Tax Rate 7.600%
    Casa Grande, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.200%
    Casas Adobes, AZ Sales Tax Rate 6.100%
    Catalina Foothills, AZ Sales Tax Rate 6.100%
    Chandler, AZ Sales Tax Rate 7.800%
    Flagstaff, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.181%
    Gilbert, AZ Sales Tax Rate 7.800%
    Glendale, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.200%
    Goodyear, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.800%
    Lake Havasu City, AZ Sales Tax Rate 7.600%
    Marana, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.100%
    Maricopa, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.200%
    Mesa, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.300%
    Oro Valley, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.600%
    Peoria, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.100%
    Phoenix, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.600%
    Prescott, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.100%
    Prescott Valley, AZ Sales Tax Rate 9.180%
    San Tan Valley, AZ Sales Tax Rate 7.200%
    Scottsdale, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.050%
    Sierra Vista, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.050%
    Sun City, AZ Sales Tax Rate 6.300%
    Surprise, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.500%
    Tempe, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.100%
    Tempe Junction, AZ Sales Tax Rate 6.300%
    Tucson, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.700%
    Yuma, AZ Sales Tax Rate 8.412%

  28. Say What? says:

    Wowzer! Larry W sure did push the upset button(s) of poor pathetic @Larry. That sad soul fer shore better have a shot or two of something(?) to calm down the old blood pressure. That is in case researching the tax rates of soooo many other locations didn’t already bring it down. Or maybe make it escalate even higher?

    Another “inconvenient disorder?”

  29. Heather F says:

    Way to go @larry
    Even when the “Complainers” have the tax rate facts in black and white(like you posted). They still find a way to cry and Pout. LOL They find the FACTS very INCONVENIENT cause it doesn’t fit in well with B@@@ching.

  30. Maria Mollen says:

    Way to go @HeatherF Keep rallying for even more broken promises from the “city of sedona” and run for city council. That is if you aren’t a city employee. Even vie for “mayor.” With your attitude, chamber of commerce & lodging council support surely could sail you through to victory. No contest for anyone who attempted to support good faith commitments made by former members of the city council. Such as?

    Temporary increased sales tax with a sunset date to be removed after a specific time.

    Definitely NOT a temporary inconvenience when it’s continued forever. Bring on the COVID-19 variations. At least there are vaccines for that.

  31. Orleans in Sedona says:

    Sedona prices are unsustainable by residents!

  32. Heather says:

    Just a resident who tired of you and your bellyaching over the decades as ya all sit at your computer crying!!!! As if that changes anything!!!!!
    Blah blah blah. Good for you

  33. Maria Mollen says:

    Thank you so much Heather for acknowledging my “bellyaching”. How did you become aware of it? Apparently by sitting at your own computer reading complaints from Sedona residents who DARE to take time to point out obvious bad decisions that continue to ruin Sedona.

    The most recent on the agenda besides the monstrous parking garage? Another atrocity beyond the Schnebly roundabout about defined as proposed 92 room Oak Creek Resort on Schnebly Hill Road! This desperately needed facility(?) will include a monstrous 4500 sq.ft. restaurant, 3900 square feet for “meeting” purposes, a spa, etc. etc. etc. Conspicuous by absence? Affordable workforce housing.

    Yep it’s true. There’s a vaccine to combat certain dangerous contagious viruses but unfortunately none to slow down or halt primarily out-of-state greed mongers from continuing to infest (spend; inVest) in Sedona.

    Wake up City Hall. P & Z and City Council must wisely deny rezoning that area for more commercial exploitation. At least the developer of the proposed zone change for Jordan Road wisely withdrew his proposal based on the negative input from residents at the P & Z meeting. He showed more concern for residents there than did the commissioners who approved the proposal.

  34. Leonard, Scottsville says:

    The combined $4.7 TRILLION spending being proposed in Washington for so-called “infrastructure” isn’t something our communities can afford to foot the bill for.

    BTW if you are paying attention, Sedona and most of Arizona north of Phoenix won’t get a dime of it, now explain to me why are you in favor of it because it isn’t about infrastruture, fools? It might be because you are two party lemmings? Apathetic to knowledge? Believe everything somebody tells you without finding out the facts? Don’t you know politicians called their brokers and friends first before telling you?

    Term limits. Have that discussion and you might stand a chance. Try it with your city councils and county commissioners? Forgot – you don’t put any effort in to politics, just follow and do what your told and how to think.

  35. Mary Ann Jones says:

    What? A proposal for yet another resort hotel in Sedona? And adding more congestion to the already backed up traffic at the 179 / Schnebly Hill Road roundabout? If zoning is changed to accommodate this insanity what more proof is needed that Sedona management – at ALL levels – staff, planners, P & Z, city council – are ALL certifiable?

    Almost any day of the week regardless of the time traffic, especially the 179 corridor largely created by pedestrians crossing at Tlaquepaque, is consistently backed up. Doesn’t the further notion to add more traffic on Brewer Road with questionable “improvements” on the historical buildings site (owned by city for a park) leave little to no doubt about these people being OUT OF THEIR MINDS?

    Definitely aren’t City Hall activities, including the above along with the newly imposed “permanent” sales tax increase, FAR MORE than INCONVENIENT DISORDERS?

    Maybe DISASTERS WAITING TO HAPPEN might be more appropriate? There ain’t no vaccines as a recourse. BUT recall and future elections CAN and WILL make a difference but only if new attitudes are elected.

    Same old story.

  36. MShobert says:

    The only people who are, “out of their minds” – are the same nimbies who force-fed us the defunct roundabouts – 15-years ago. Precisely the same nimbies who are complaining about the current Highway-179 parking lot – today. The one that they implemented. Brilliant.

  37. MShobert says:

    BTW, – get your silly shots, and wear your stupid mask. Your argument is false. Oh, and was your grottie hands.

  38. @Larry says:

    so, the point that tourists pay 80% of all of our sales tax and then go home, isn’t true???? I guess you’d rather have a property tax?

  39. @MShobert says:

    @MShobert. Are you currently a resident of City of Sedona? And what makes you think stop lights at every intersection wouldn’t snarl traffic, backing up cars and causing traffic lights to change up to four times as was proven when there was that type of traffic control at the “Y”. That situation still exists at the 89A/Coffee Pot intersection in West Sedona. DUH!

    @@Larry. Your point that tourists pay 80% of all our sales tax and then go home. So what? It’s too many tourists that created the traffic problems. Sedona was and remains unable to deal with so much traffic and no viable solutions to date! Thank the love affair with the “city” and regional chamber of commerce. How much of all that traffic simply drives through Sedona on their way up to the Grand Canyon?

    Brilliant comments, Gentlemen. And yes, we agree. Masks have become necessary not only because of COVID-19 but also to help ease the vile stench in the atmosphere of current times in Sedona created by questionable decisions at city hall. Your comments assist in proving that point. Thank you very much.

  40. Prove your math! says:

    “so, the point that tourists pay 80% of all of our sales tax and then go home, isn’t true???? I guess you’d rather have a property tax?”

    I see you are one of the great shining lights of all knowledge in Sedona.
    Show your math, show it now!

    We have less than 10,000 people now, we dont pay tax on food at a grocery store, we dont pay tax on prescriptions….

    So with less than 10,000 people the city can support a 71 million dollar budget?

    So show me how that can be?….You have a traffic problem, because tourists dont come here?…..We have over run Air B&Bs that pay millions in a transient tax because tourists dont pay 76%….

    And never complain about the state and the 4% they hit you…..And my all time favorite is a twit who complains about a .5 tax which costs you 50 cents on $100 spent….

    Now complainers just move….Why you moved here sure wasnt great pay?…..Now you find fault with anything…..Live life, love, you want to complain, just go away!

    I would love to see property tax for people who complain about 50 cents!
    I bet that would put them in their own graves…..
    Enjoy ignorance, and your pathetic hate fulled lives……Let the tourist continue to pay to help improve roads and infrastructure!….At least we get something out of it!

  41. Vincent B says:

    Spot on Eddie on this level headed, insightful editorial . May we all enjoy each and every day as best we can .

  42. Darla Medina says:

    “Oh, and was your grottie hands.” @MShobert.

    Excuse me, Sir, but what are “grottie hands”. Was they what?? And what is “grottie hands?”

  43. Jan W. says:

    Just a reminder. Didn’t at least two efforts to incorporate Sedona and become a “city” fail because of the fear of CITY PROPERTY TAXES?

    Wasn’t the reason the vote to approve incorporation was finally approved because NO CITY PROPERTY TAX was made a condition of the terms of incorporation?

    Check it out all of you who keep harping about city property taxes. Assessing them was deliberately left out as part of the incorporation package. And the only way that can be imposed at this time is if the PEOPLE (voters) approve it.

    Perhaps that was the single most beneficial thing that came with incorporation:


    And another BTW. Isn’t it tourists (not residents) who predominately create the wear and tear on our infrastructure? Another: DUH (moment?)

  44. @Prove your math says:

    I agreed with you in my first post and I still do. Having tourists pay 80% to fund this city is genius as is not having a CITY property tax.

  45. Ursina Clouds Engineers says:

    Other cities are cutting back that depend on tourism. NO CITY is building for more tourists. Somebody there needs to go to a municipal planning classes and not ones run by businesses and developers like Sedona staff attends. Learn from the big boys and girls and not from beating the local rushes for money makers.

    Editors here’s one of 7 supporting links for comment. TY.

  46. @Ursina says:

    Well, all your document proved that Covid is hurting cities hotels, nothing about not building or lack of building…Maybe you should read what you post first?…Doesnt take a genius to know tourists and travel have been stifled in most of the country do to a pandemic and 670,000 dead Americans!

  47. Ursina Clouds Engineers says:

    We supplied over 7 supporting documents that laid the foundation for the insightful comment. Speed reading is typical, and understanding requires intelligence. You must be typical.

  48. Ted says:

    With over 600K Americans dead we have fulfilled our Gore wanted and hoped for mea culpa population reduction but damn it wasn’t the climate but a plague. Can we get cheers and raised glasses at DC bar?

  49. Laura & Dan says:

    Bravo Mr. “Ted”. More confirmation and proof that Mother Nature, indeed, is in control. You have our “cheers and raised glasses” but don’t count on praises at “DC BAR.”

    Another 2 cents worth (or less). We love that there are NO city property taxes here. At least when sales tax increases EVERYONE pays it – NOT just property owners. And better yet IF it’s “tourists” financially supporting the mess that’s been created here in Sedona. Double cheers and here’s to you again:-)

  50. Ona Smith,Sedona says:

    Brewer Road School gets CPU until July 31 2025
    Sedona P & Z Meeting, 9/21/21
    VIDEO: Check Agenda 5


    You’ve got 15 days to oppose or support.

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