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Eddie Maddock: An Inconvenient Disorder

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock on pandemic life and its inconvenient disorder.

Sedona AZ – Beyond masks, affectionately referenced as facial diapers, generally lurks glaring and unfriendly eyes.

But who, pray tell, can actually tell?

Unlike death and taxes will this current pandemic last forever? For over a year now the global population has been in a perplexing state. Is this upsetting situation any different than a fish out of water? Is one compelled to have presumed immunity by indulging in a vaccination, or not? There are, of course, factors to be considered whatever the decision.

After all over time hasn’t the human race survived equal threats such as typhoid fever, polio, mumps, measles, chickenpox, and other once prevalent diseases? The miracle of modern technology and its resulting medications and treatments has been miraculous in calming even more disastrous outcomes from occurring during onslaughts of peril.

COVID-19, a new term that has spread probably even more rapidly than the disease itself.




· 1.an acute respiratory illness in humans caused by a coronavirus, capable of producing severe symptoms and in some cases death, especially in older people and those with underlying health conditions. It was originally identified in China in 2019 and became pandemic in 2020. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries

Could this COVID by remote definition stand for, as an example, “Confounded, Overbearing, Vitriolic, and Inconvenient Disorder?”

So far it remains a personal decision to individually decide what prevention and treatment path to choose. Those in public situations clearly seem more obvious to be subjected to acquiring the disease, while others who live within their own small parameters might logically avoid negative potential reactions to injections of foreign fluids into their systems.

However can anyone dispute that, with the exception of death and taxes, does anything really last forever? Even taxes may be questionable. But death?

“Divine Intervention” never takes a holiday. COVID-19 is merely a reminder. An appetizer to whatever might be the main course – “food for thought” perhaps?

The beginning of each and every day is opportunity for new beginnings. Political power in reality means nothing. Those who may think so are also vulnerable to deadly diseases. Even those currently preaching “socialism” cannot escape.

Mother Nature, as proven by her never-ending global disasters, represents, perhaps, the best testimonial of all.


  1. Carl says:

    I want every taxpayer to push the pause button on your political beliefs and ask yourself how this build back better bill could have the items mentioned above and still build or be better? Ask yourself when did you want people who came over the border illegally to get $450,000 each? Ask yourself when did you request that trillions of dollars of new debt be created for you and your family to repay? Ask yourself when you decided that parents were not to be involved in the classrooms and schools? Ask yourself when you felt that giving sanctuary to lawbreakers was right? Ask yourself when you decided that properly trained and caring police weren’t needed to keep a civil society civil? Ask yourself when you decided to be called or call another a racist was alright with you? Ask yourself when it became okay to be told you couldn’t go outside your home without facing fines and arrests? Ask yourself when it became right to destroy rather than improve your home and country because someone else said it was imperfect? When did it become alright with you? When?

  2. Walrus Beat says:

    @carl You made it clear and I listened and
    Watched several news programs this morning and only one reported this! This morning White House backtracked President denial that illegals represented by ACLU aren’t getting big money settlements!! They sued on behalf of 900 illegals so up to $3.5 million dollars each!! The DOJ has been settling the lawsuits and our President was out to lunch while the Merrill Garland group laughs at Americans paying the checks. You people better WTF UP this is beyond Democrats and Republicans. This is wrong vs right and wrong is paying cash. Call your representatives now. OHalleran what’s your vote going to be? We’re watching you all in Arizona now. You better all hold off voting or be voted out of office for sure.

  3. Tatiana says:

    I’m a lawyer. With over 15 million people here illegally, they want representation for not being allowed in without being registered and questioned and held in detention because the children with them weren’t related.

    How do we get this caseload to litigate? What lawyers and agencies do our firms contact? We have many here equally in need. TD

  4. tuffngruff had a say online says:

    I’m so old I can remember when we worked to support our families. Now we work to support the government. Remember, the bigger our government gets, the smaller we citizens get.

  5. west sedona Dave says:

    I bet your so old we had 200 million people in this country, now there is 330 million!

    Maybe if we hadent gave so many tax breaks to the ultra rich we wouldnt account for 24 trillion in debt, out of 30 trillion ?

    Id love to see grampy try and make a living now at $12.20 an hour…Grandma stay home, send a few kids to collage, and own your own home…

    It must be awesome to be so out of touch with society and watch all those good American jobs go over seas for cheap slave labor the last 40 years!….

    Jeff Bezos pays zero tax….In 65 years I never paid zero…How about you grampy?

  6. Sarah the teacher says:

    @westsedonadave School much? Try Sunday school today too. All are free to you and me.

  7. Thanks Sarah! says:

    I didnt know collage education was free?…..You must be one hell of a teacher, and of course not addressing anything I posted!…

    Is this why we are raked 47 out of 50 in education?…If your a teacher, our children are screwed!

    No thanks dont need religious vomit and the hypocrisy if indoctrinates to people!

    Have a great life !

  8. Sarah (For the unknowing) says:

    I addressed everything worth addressing @westsedonadave.


    In this new millennium, we are able to use the internet to help us become informed or seek information. The internet isn’t foolproof, but it does even help fools and the foolish. Try it.

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