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Delegate Vote at the 2016 GOP Convention

republicanSedona AZ (July 17, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


The Delegate Vote on the Rules Committee for the 2016 GOP Convention is going to be critical because the “Dump Trump” faction is trying to alter the rules to allow SOME DELEGATES who are supposed to be representing their State to vote as they please or abstain from voting on the First Round Ballot, instead of voting (as required now) according to their State’s Primary Election Results. [Note: From what I understand ‘The Crooked Republican Delegates’ from here in Arizona have done their part to scheme at the State Convention.]

Any voting, if necessary, after the First Round will allow the Delegates to vote for whomsoever they individually desire.

The Vote Your Conscience thing is the dreamt-up debacle of the discontented “Establishment (RINO) Republicans” bought into by an overly disheartened bunch of Ted Cruz supporters. They think that if they can just get into a “Second Round Vote” they can revive the Cruz Campaign and Defeat Donald Trump.

vote booth voting electionMost of the Cruz supporters do not realize that if they are able to clinch the nomination for Cruz, they would be handing Representative Alan Grayson, (D-Florida) (the man who claimed Republican healthcare is “DIE QUICKLY”) a Terrific Gift — because Grayson has already indicated that he will file a lawsuit about Cruz’s eligibility due to Cruz’ birthplace.

But that is not and would not be their biggest problem! 

“Establishment (RINO) Republicans” hate Cruz with a passion, and they still want someone like Jeb Bush.

The ‘Vote Your Conscience Plan’ if successful will completely destroy the GOP and probably (almost certainly) lose the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton.

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona USA

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  1. Satan says:

    Those upside-down pentagrams on the GOP elephant are just my style!

  2. Gift for Hillary says:

    Botching the process by bypassing public opinion is a gift and sure win for Hillary. How stupid are these people. No wonder this country is ready for a revolution.

  3. JAP, Sedona says:

    Who can win this election ???? Trump!!!! Who won’t & can’t????? ALL THE OTHER REPUBLITARDS !!!!! People spoke with their vote!!!!!!!! GOD told us who to vote for you philistines now let HIS WILL BE DONE & not yours!!!!!!!!

  4. Ben Shaw, NYC says:

    Same group that brought this country to its knees & put a knife to its throat are guaranteeing Hillary & Democrats a win. They’ll finish the country off for good by handing it to her/them on a silver platter. The fix is in & it’s them. Newt Gingrich said to Bush family & rest of them – Get Over It. Jeb lost, Ted lost, now do what the country needs & it’s Trump.

  5. James Taylor Carlo, Sedona visitor says:

    Great t o be republican when right thing done by delegates voters – not happy with VP choice – shouldve been black or brown or Asian but he’s white on rice but I’m being racist by saying it – go trump !!!

  6. Morley says:

    Thanks for spot in the country how great the Republican Party when the chips are down.

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