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Reaction to Criticism of Iran Nuclear Agreement

IranSedona AZ (July 28, 2015) The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Subject: You Have Not Read It.
Ref: Reaction to criticism of Iran Nuclear Agreement


In reaction to criticism of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the pro-agreement pundits said, “You have not read it.” So when did reading anything become of any importance to the Obama Administration?

The ignorance and disconnect of the general population of the United States is appalling. We allowed the United States Congress to pass at least one “Bill” into law that is/was impossible for those who voted to have read – because they were still writing it when it was passed – and the Speaker of the House infamously said, “We have to pass it in order to find out what is in it.”

In recent history, we have had other massive bills that few, if any, politicians ever read and even fewer understood what they read, or the explanations they heard. Thus they “Vote Their Conscience” according to what someone else communicates to them, not with knowledge.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement, in and of itself, is a LIE and that is without going into the terrible disinformation that comes after its name because the name itself is a “Lie.”

The White House

The White House

The Iran Nuclear Agreement is a “TREATY” pure and simple.

A Treaty is justification for “Exceptions to Constitutional Law.” The Founders of this nation knew this and warned about it. They also made it hard to pass a “Treaty” by requiring a “Super-majority” in order to make it into Law. Of course, doing anything in accordance with the Constitution is beneath the “Exalted Position of (Monarch)” President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration.

Barack Obama has been called “Naïve or Misinformed” by news anchors and pundits alike about the effects of this so called “Agreement.” I am sure that is not the case. I believe this mess is going exactly the way he wants it because, in my opinion, he is a “Third Man” – 1/3rd Saul Alinsky, 1/3rd Cloward and Pivens, and 1/3rd Frank Marshall Davis.

I hear some in the anti G. W. Bush crowd are making claims that the killing of Saddam Hussein was a bad mistake because Hussein, as bad as he was, stabilized the nation of Iraq. So they can chalk up another “Stupid Action” on Bush’s behalf? Now I am asking, “Do the same principles apply in the killings of Gaddafi, Bin Laden (if that is who was actually killed) and the overthrow of Mubarak? Surely not because those were done under the current Administration and evidently with the overall intention of putting the Muslim Brotherhood in charge, which was accomplished with McCain’s help. Egypt and some of us who have noticed would like to see McCain held accountable for his role in that fiasco.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered in a planned embassy attack by dragging through the streets of Benghazi

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered and dragged through the streets of Benghazi in a planned embassy attack the State Department failed to foresee.

Now, in today’s news reports, it is very apparent that the killing of an “Iconic Male Lion” and the “Air Pressure in Some Footballs” are information, which is of much more value to the people than the “INTENTIONAL, FLAGRANT, AND DESPICABLE LIES TOLD BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, HIS SECRETARY OF STATE, AND OTHER STAFF MEMBERS” about the murders of our Ambassador and those with him.

Where is the Accountability for the “Provable Lying Politicians” who swore to uphold the Constitution? There is no stipulation in their OATH to justify Politicians being treated differently under the Law than anyone else, and, I am sick of the exceptions being ignored by the mainstream Media and downplayed in most other outlets.

The complacent and apathetic citizens of the United States are in for a terrible shock and soon, unless we take action indicating that we know and are interested in the future of this nation and before the 2016 Election — because by 2020 we could effectively be overrun by the ‘GOVERNMENT OF ISLAM with its Sharia Law” or by the Totalitarian/Socialistic “NEW WORLD ORDER.”

An old adage paraphrased by adding percentages is “There are three kinds of people in the world: 5% that make things happen; 20% that watch what happens; and, the 75% that wonder how or what happened.”

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. WATCH THIS says:

    Variety puts this up as next blockbuster on par w/Am Sniper

    13 Hours Trailer: Michael Bay’s Benghazi Thriller



  2. America better get engaged in its purpose and find its rudder before the rest of the world rolls over it. Clinton isn’t up to the job. New faces with purpose needed and not old retreads.

  3. Emile Denis says:

    I am writing from San Francisco and believe that the writer has given interesting commentary on a less than transparent topic for our governing bodies. America is more than the quality of its present-day politicians. Thank you for an evocative and challenging opinion and fact letter, sir. Welcome read.

  4. K. Lenz says:

    Dr. Carson has been in Phoenix and is likely the most ethical and intelligent person running for President. I was told an atheist called him a moron for believing in God, and he responded by saying that he believes he came from God and the atheist believes he comes from a monkey, and he’s convinced that the atheist is right. Dr. Caron’s got my vote. I’m a registered Democrat. We need intelligence not more politician bull (deleted by editor).

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