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Another Three Story Sedona Hotel for VOC

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor. At the request of its author and due to its continued relevancy, we are re-publishing this January 2019 letter again:

The Jacks Canyon and SR 179 roundabout southeast corner property owners (Patel) are requesting a zoning map change and variances and multiple setback waivers in order to erect a Hilton Garden Inn 165 room and 3 story hotel and extended stay facility in the VOC. The above rendering was submitted with the project. The 4.65 acre corner lot is presently zoned residential/rural RCU-2A.

Another 3-story hotel in the VOC.

Owners of the vacant property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 have requested rezoning and variances. The county document dated, October 30, 2018 is available for community members to review.

The property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 is zoned residential and will need to be rezoned to accommodate the proposed 3-story hotel, Hilton Garden Inn.

It is important that community members email Yavapai County with comments regarding the rezoning and variances by Friday, January 11, 2019. Use this email: planning@yavapai.us. (Leah Genovese – leah.genovese@yavapai.us is the plan reviewer.)

A recent controversial issue, a master sign plan, was strongly opposed by the community. The county dismissed the opposition as “too late” and approved the plan.

According to the county document, the comment deadline for this latest controversial development is January 11. The county P&Z meeting to recommend or not recommend the request is February 21, 2018. The board of supervisors will decide on the request on March 20, 2019.

The VOC is a cash cow for the county. Our tax dollars support a college in Prescott. Tourist development revenue will go out of the VOC. This is about money. Some things are more important than money. Water, traffic, housing, etc.

Take action. Spread the word. The county isn’t going to tell you.

Big Park Council doesn’t even have the issue on the agenda for the January meeting.

Stop the VOC from being turned into a resort town.

Send your comments to the county. Don’t let the deadline be an excuse for the county to ignore community comment.

Barb Gordon
VOC resident

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    Yes. Bless her, she was a great steward of the land. I had the pleasure to become friends and worked with her on a few projects.
    She was very powerful in the County and was a planning and zoning commissioner for Yavapai County.
    She also had Chip Davis who respected the community wishes to remain small with the exception of all the timeshares and actually approved zoning from our Community plan to designate the “Patel Parcel” for Village Services so things would be built for community like a emergency medical business, etc. if it was allowed to be changed by the HOA of Course

    The Board of Supervisors accepted that designation even though it was unique zoning to our unique area.

    One of the things that I was told early on was that no one would get involved until if affected their backyard or their wallet. I have watched this unfold as truth year after year and actually have done some community work on my own. It is very difficult although it can be done. It is easy if you can take the time. If you get involved with things for community, it is very rewarding. It has to be done with integrity.

    As the McClelland group aged and died, players came in and changed Big Park Coordinating Councils bylaws and turned it from a bonafide Az Corp Commission registered group of 10 subdivisions and one business association to small unknown groups of with as little as two people with a vote equal to Voca with 4000 people. I have all the original bylaws and spreadsheets of who changed what and it is quite ugly.
    These were given to me by McClelland and her friends.

    Those from the MClelland group still living have slowly lost their power/effectivness with the departure of Chip Davis and the arrival of County Supervisor Mr. Randy Garrison and Development Services David Williams.

    The players at Big Park Council have been running the show since 2007, that is 12 years and it could be all undone if people decided to look at their subdivisions and show up for the half dozen meetings and inform the 40% of the community that does not live here as well as residents who can not get involved for any reason.
    Many of this same group runs the Red Rock Enhancement Maintenance District which you never hear about but we do pay a out of town business over 60,000 a year to keep weeds off a 1.5 mile strip.
    Many sit on the scenic byway committee which you never hear about.
    Then there is the Wastewater District. They now make major decisions in a Finance meeting where no minutes are posted and then go back to the Sewer meeting with plans in place to guide the other voters. How does that sound?
    VOCA is a mess.

    The downside of having just a few power players in any situation is that many people with great ideas new to the community and a yearning to get involved were pushed aside and just a few admitted to the pack if you thought like minded. God forbid there is a better idea than yours or it takes a little longer.You get shunned for that in the VOC.

    If the subdivisions met to collaborated and a couple of people from each subdivision started sitting in on the meetings and reports without personal agendas, it would be easy and these groups would be kept in check and eventually turned back to community. This would also reign in the County Supervisor Randy Garrision.
    This supervisor Garrison should NEVER be reelected after what he has shown us as his true colors. Mr. Williams needs to be replaced as well.

    We might form a large subdivision. There are subdivisions back east that run towns of 200,000 unincorporated people, there is no reason to not organize without incorporation. That would have to be done in a way to have checks and balances to prevent what we have here today.

    Community and business running around unfettered taking everything from the residents.

    I work full time for several more years so can not spearhead this. If and when someone take the reigns on this I will consult happily.

    If you want to be motivated, go look at the Westin from every angle and see what a little Zoning loophole can do. The beauty that was there for all is now gone, never to be enjoyed again. Since the county no longer makes people prove a 100 year water supply, they are going to take all of our water. be warned.

    Do something. Get involved. Start a group in your subdivision and reach out to other subdivisions and get the dialogue started.
    You are aware that another group just bought Shell, Subway and all that property for 6 to 7 million dollars. What do you think is going to happen there?
    Ask your County Supervisor.

    Good luck to all of us.

  2. Jacks Canyon says:

    The owners in that subdivision would have to give permission from the majority of Pine Creek 2 in order to change the zoning. I got that from VOCA years ago. Pre Hoamco.
    For a copy of the CCR’s call:
    690 Bell Rock Blvd., Sedona, AZ 86351
    fax: 928-284-3138
    Pine Creek 2 CCR’s.
    These CCR’s are self renewing and listed with the County.
    Tract B and Tract A are all part of this Pine Creek 2 Subdivision.
    Tract B may be used for public utility, sewage disposal, and business purposes.
    The operative word is MAY.
    The stakeholders of Pine Creek 2 under the guidance of a stakeholder in that subdivision that can be trusted to act with integrity should be overseeing process of making decisions or recommendations as a collective concerning re zoning. Someone might canvass that neighborhood and get consensus if possible.
    You might talk to the subdivision about the reality of traffic congestion out of Jacks Canyon Rd and 179, delivery trucks, dumpster trash removal noise, lights, cars moving in and out noise. People noise. What would happen to their RIGHT to quiet enjoyment as homeowners?
    Draft from 11/28/18 Voca Board Meeting
    Supervisor Garrison asked the VOCA BOD if they were interested in weighing in on any re-zoning requests that come forward regarding this parcel, considering that the parcel is within the VOCA HOA associations. The BOD will take this under advisement as developments occur.
    VOCA may decide to bypass the subdivision CCR’s because they seem to do whatever they want with out subdivisions knowledge or approval. That is documented.
    There is a conflict of interests with a VOCA board member sitting on the BPWWID finance Board.
    The County is supposed to consider the community Vision statement which seemed to be completely ignored when they approved the Westin at Oak Creek outlets.
    The County counted the outlet existing building as a basement so no community engagement for the third floor. That building has now obliterated our view shed for residents, visitors and affected the businesses across the street. You could ask if the County if they followed the legal interpretation of the builder without doing their own? Ask for documentation. It could set a precedence although these lots in the new request appear to be original elevation.
    There is also a loophole in the County ordinance concerning elevation that needs to be fixed. Ask the County (development services) what that loophole is and close it.
    I would focus on that before any more building. Talk to your County Supervisor Garrison. As most of you know, all of this building has started since the last supervisor left.
    The County is very aware of the Big Park communities desires concerning small town character yet were happy to make 200,000.00 in room fees for the Westin with a parking shortage. The hotel is borrowing 69 parking spaces from the other side of the outlet which is going to house 3 restaurants. They already have a parking problem as far as I am concerned. They did not feel a traffic study was in order so no traffic study.
    These parcels are right next door on the other side of Jacks Canyon Rd.
    Here are the Parcels in Tract B in Pine Creek 2
    Parcel 405-33-479G
    Bhagavanshriji LLC
    PO Box 217
    Flagstaff, AZ 96002
    Parcel 405-33-479
    Big Park Improvement District
    3603 Crossings Dr
    Prescott, AZ 86305-7101
    Check to see if the wastewater parcel(405-33-479)in that grouping is contaminated in any way. That might help. Call ADEQ on that one. Not BPWWID.
    PS if you call ADEQ to request that parcel be looked at, here is the number:
    There is a question that BPWWID never filled the abandoned wastewater piping with sand when they stopped using it on that parcel so is it still usable for the district? Who does it actually belong to? Look into that. There is talk of selling it.
    I would go deep into the ability of the wastewater district to handle capacity for all this building? They might tell you that it was factored in a long time ago. I would make them prove it with data, it might have been factored in as a residential with how many houses?
    There is a conflict of interests with an existing VOCA board member sitting on the BPWWID finance Board.
    Parcel 405-33-479D
    Double Eagle Development Corporation Inc
    PO Box 21059
    Sedona, AZ 86341-1059
    Parcel 405-33-479E
    Arizona Public Service Company
    PO Box 53999, Ms 9565
    Phoenix, AZ
    Do they have a plan?
    For business owner/parcel owner information, look it up on the Az Corp Commission or County website.
    Our school has been closed and we have no medical facilities to support Big Park. This lot was designated as Village Services in our old community plan which the County accepted before they placed an overlay on the corridor when the community plans were taken over by the County.
    Village Services designation was for buildings that would service the community like a hospital or urgent care, not the passerby, looking for a place to sleep.

    That project needs a traffic study and was already at capacity before the eyesore water sucking outlet Westin was started.

  3. Spin and confusion, don't be fooled says:

    Look at the Element, Westin, that big block hotel in the middle of the VOC. It has been reported the hotel is 117 rooms. LOOK at it! The hotel proposed for Jacks Canyon, the Patel hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn will be MORE rooms WITH an extended stay building with MORE rooms. And parking. Hwy 179 will look like a used car lot if this HUGE hotel is allowed. Keep this in mind when the SIX members of the BPRCC P&Z try to sell their recommendation for approval of the rezoning necessary to allow the latest HUGE hotel to built in the VOC. All the “pretty” drawings and nice “stipulations” are a smoke screen. This will be another HUGE hotel with more rooms than the monster we see next to the outlet mall. Another HUGE hotel will not benefit our community. The rezoning is not an entitlement. The rezoning can be fairly denied. Stay vigilant. Don’t be fooled by the spin.

  4. Conflict of Interests says:

    If Mark Mumaw sits on the Big Park P and Z committee and he is also a Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, he is in a direct conflict of interest. NO VOTE on either committee.
    NO VOTE.
    NO VOTE.

    This is how they do things in an unincorporated world of politics. They are so used to no one showing that they forget how things should be done the right way. The only chance is to show up and make them follow rules.

    Traffic study will be a delay tactic since they already know they need one.

    They did not do that for the Westin and none of that is going to end well.
    David Williams gonna be answering some tough questions although I think he has been shipped back to Prescott since the Westin broke ground.

  5. @conflict of interests says:

    Mark Mumaw is not a member of the BPRCC P&Z. Mark Mumaw has not been active in BPRCC for some time. Marc Fuller is the BPRCC president and member of the BPRCC P&Z. Fuller was paid to redo the BPRCC website. Such is his business. Jim Cunningham is the BPRCC VP (eligible as a member of the Sedona Lodging Association) and member of the BPRCC P&Z. His church, worship space and meeting space, has been used for BPRCC P&Z meetings. It is stated on the BPRCC website that his church will be the meeting location for the BPRCC meeting on June 13. BPRCC will pay for the rental of the space. If you do not think a church worship space is appropriate for a political meeting such as BPRCC, please write to info@bigparkcouncil.org. Many voices are needed to stop various conflicts of interest.


    Mark Fuller of the Westin propaganda? PLEASE.

    Since when is the Sedona Lodging Association REAL?
    It is not registered with the AZ Corp Commission. It has never held a meeting or done one thing for the Community.
    It is FAKE! Do not allow a non existing entity to vote on behalf of the Community.
    Get Real people, The Big Park Council is a sham full of flim flam men.
    Bullies and liars.

  7. The VOC is waking up says:

    The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council voted today to oppose the BPRCC P&Z recommendation to approve rezoning with stipulations at the corner of Jacks Canyon (Hilton Garden Inn/ Patel property) and to recommend to the county opposition to the rezoning of the property because it is not in the best interest of the community. The members against the motion (in favor of rezoning) were Wild Horse Mesa and two organizations represented by Tom Graham: Oak Creek Country Club Estates III and the Sedona Village Lodging Association (whoever they are) and four organizations represented by Dave Norton: Bell Rock Plaza Association, Cathedral Rock Ranch, Village Estates HOA and Village Park. Those 3 individuals represented 7 members of the BPRCC. I heard the vote count of opposition to rezoning as 15. Those 15 votes were all different individual representative. There are 29 total organizations, mostly HOAs, in the BPRCC.

    The meeting was 4 hours long. Comments were all against rezoning except the Wild Horse Mesa representative and the BPRCC P&Z members. Other comments included the unfair voting and the meeting disorganization. Some testified to being bullied by board members. BPRCC P&Z members said they have been threatened by messages on Next Door.

    Several comments included the shamefulness of bullying.

    The VOC is awake. Bullying will not be tolerated. Unfair representation is going to be questioned. Community members are going to insist on responsible representation. Or at least you better. This is a triumph that only some will recognize. Let’s keep the momentum going.

  8. Church Buildings and Community Meetings says:

    I cannot speak to other religions but as for Judaism and Protestantism there is no conflict with diversity of religions or expressions of civil liberties within their buildings. All are welcome. A building is not religious. Most Protestant and Jewish services can be held anywhere at any time led by a lay person. “House” churches are popular because of that reason (Sedona has a House Church so named that meets in homes and is open to any person) as the belief is that God resides wherever there is one.

    Remember, a Sedona building and its chairs and windows do not have or impart religion, just as a court room building and chairs and windows do not impart justice, or a narrow mind impart reason.

    See below an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    From the 11th through the 14th centuries, a wave of building of cathedrals and smaller parish churches occurred across Western Europe. In addition to being a place of worship, the cathedral or the parish church was used by the community in other ways. It could serve as a meeting place for guilds or a hall for banquets. Mystery plays were sometimes performed in cathedrals, and cathedrals might also be used for fairs. The church could be used as a place to thresh and store grain.[6]

  9. Bob, VOCA says:


    Find your rep and get them on board with saying NO to new hotel in VOC now or ever and NO to ignoring CCRs and HOAs which is what’s happening behind the scenes. P&Z should be sued. We have to protect our priceless view sheds from these maniacs and future ones. Wake up Wild Horse Mesa and Las Piedras. Stop destroying your and our neighborhoods with your stupidity.

  10. @the VOC is walking up says:

    Yes they are (Deleted by Editor)

  11. VOC waking up says:

    Yup (Deleted by Editor) Thanks to the REAL standup people in Sedona

  12. Serve me Yavapai County says:

    In my opinion I have documentation from 2009 up till Garrison today detailing the deceitful behavior of the Big Park Council. I have written at length to the County and written to Supervisors. They all know.

    The County is full aware that it is a tool for appearing to inform but has nothing to do with actual community. It gives the appearance of reaching out but it is an illusion and the community and County have allowed this to go on for years. Since 2007.

    If Big Park Council can not be fixed, start anew and back to basics when it was a respectful organization. Start a new organization.Go back to the basics and build something GREAT like Big Park Council was pre 2007.
    Before Tom Graham, Dave Norton decided they should vote 2 to 4 times each before all the other followers that just want to fit in sit by and do nothing. Before they allowed groups of 3 people with a vote equal to 4000 people in Voca. Before they changed the bylaws and destroyed the groups integrity.

    The Westin would not be there had people been informed the right way by a council that represents the entire community.
    There are good people in this Council with real homeowners associations that attend these meetings but change has to happen.
    The bullies with self serving egotistical needs must be removed and that includes both men and women.
    It needs to go back to REAL homeowners Associations and one REAL business Association registered.
    The County needs to stop allowing the community to be deceived by a small closed group.
    It is NOT ok

  13. Speak up. Shine the light says:

    If you think the BPRCC needs to change, speak up. The agenda is controlled by the executive committee even though the board of directors is the Council of Representatives. The reps ARE the board. Tell them what you want. If your rep is wrong, vote in a new one.

  14. @ SHINE THE LIGHT says:

    In my opinion If we shine the light any brighter you will become blinded by it!!

    The problem is with allowing a small group of three people or more to vote. That is, if there are three people at all.

    In an area that has no formal or registered HOA you have no idea if these three people are just deciding among the three or if they actually inform the neighborhood or just their relatives and friends, you have no idea because that member information is WITHHELD from the representatives of the Council themselves by the executive board.

    There are also streets that vote now. This one is not quantifiable by any public means.

    VISTA MESA DRIVE, no subdivision, not registered with AZ Corporation Commission, 2 member reps, one home documented, both reps from same home. It gets better.

    This member rep is currently the mouthpiece for the Big Park Council Planning and Zoning Committee.
    He is making recommendations that directly affect our community and controlling the committee. Prove the streets membership or remove him from the committee.

    Horrified yet?

    This VISTA MESA DRIVE streets one vote is equal to 4000 community members in VOCA’s one vote, two thirds of the community negated by any of these informal groups of three that can not be verified publicly.

    Here is more, please confirm on your own in case of oversight, but we don’t feel there has been.
    WILD HORSE MESA, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission.
    CATHEDRAL VIEW 2, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission.
    OAK CREEK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES I, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission.
    OAK CREEK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES III, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission.
    SUN DANCE HOA, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission. Within VOCA
    LEE MOUNTAIN ROAD WEST, no subdivision, no homeowners association registered with the AZ Corporation Commission. 3 reps, 2 homes verified.
    VISTA MESA DRIVE, no subdivision, not registered with AZ Corporation Commission, 2 reps, one home documented, both reps from same home.
    The SEDONA VILLAGE LODGING ASSOCIATION does not formally exist.

    So lose that idea of going to your rep, there is no true subdivision representation unless the homeowners have a registered HOA association. The small groups of one home or two homes or 3 people should all be lumped together and give one opinion, not necessarily a vote.

  15. @@Shine the Light says:

    Good research. Another task for the Council of Representatives. Review the memberships. The legit member organizations and reps need to be contacted. Find out who and how.

  16. Barb Gordon - Please attend 6-20-19 says:

    A lot has happened since January 9, 2019 regarding the request for rezoning the VOC parcel at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy. 179 from Residential to Commercial. Turmoil, controversy, allegations of bullying at Big Park Council and Big Park Council committee meetings, an amended rezoning application to list a few. The Council heard the community and finally had the opportunity to oppose the recommendation from the Council P&Z committee. The Council sent a recommendation to Yavapai County on June 13, 2019. The recommendation was opposition to the commercial rezoning because it is not in the best interest of the community.

    The county P&Z will be meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 20, 2019. The rezoning application is first on the agenda for the 9am meeting. If you wish to comment, it is suggested you arrive at 8am. There is a form you will need to complete in order to speak. The meeting is at 10 S. 6th Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. You are encouraged to wear red clothing to show opposition to the rezoning.

    Many of us witnessed the circus of a meeting on June 13th when Big Park Council conducted a 4-hour meeting regarding the rezoning. The community and our members are urging the Council of Representatives to do something to help get the Council on track to proudly serve our community in a better way than what they are seeing.

    Five other Representatives to Big Park Council and I have asked the secretary, per the bylaws, to notice a Special Meeting of the Council of Representatives. This is the first step of action toward reform. We will need new leaders to emerge.

    The meeting will be noticed to the Representatives, Alternates and presidents of member organizations. The meeting will be on July 9 at 9am at the VOC fire station.

    Please contact your Council Representative and urge him or her to responsibly participate in making Big Park Council a safe and productive organization that served the best interest of this community.

  17. Wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it says:

    June 20, 2019

    The Yavapai County P&Z commission voted on the Patel rezoning today at a meeting that began at 9am. The property is at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 in the Village of Oak Creek. The property is currently zoned Residential under a holding zoning from the late 60s. Other properties around that corner received rezoning. Most to a different residential zoning. The outlet mall is the one commercial development adjacent. Other residential and commercial development, the bank, are adjacent at corners.

    The county P&Z staff presented information. Seven letters of support were on record and 1000 of opposition. That number will grow with the addition of comments from the meeting today. Stipulations were added to the application since the original application. The application is for rezoning with no site plan attached. It was indicated the stipulations are in “stone” if the rezoning is approved. Later it was indicated anything, zoning or stipulations, can be requested to be changed. It was a bit hard to keep up with the contradictions.

    The Patel attorney presented information regarding the rezoning. Most of the information was about the site plan for the hotel. But the site plan is not part of the application. The rezoning will be for any commercial building. It was indicated the residential property adjacent to Hwy 179 was not appropriately zoned. it should have been commercial. Guess the odds are in favor of that getting rezoned commercial if desired.

    Those in the audience who were in favor of the rezoning were allotted 20 minutes to speak. There were two people who spoke in favor of the rezoning. One said a site plan should be attached in order for him to support rezoning. There is no site plan attached.

    Those in the audience who opposed the rezoning were allotted 20 minutes to speak rather than the usual 2 minutes each. Members of Preserving our Scenic Legacy presented a slide show. A few people were allowed one minute to speak if their comment was a new one. Opposition included the increase in safety and traffic problems that will accompany commercial rezoning; the residential zoning adjacent and there fore the appropriateness to keep the Patel property residential, and that the 2-story hotel will violate the CC&Rs of the property. “No two full story building” is permitted per the CC&Rs for the Patel property.

    Mark Mumaw, the commissioner from the VOC, stated in his “educated experience” the traffic and safety will not be affected by another hotel in the VOC. He said anyone living near the Patel property should have done their due diligence and realized the property would be zoned commercial. (The CC&Rs allow the property for “business use” but do not allow any full two story buildings.) He referenced courts taking action when rezoning infringes on a property owner’s rights. He did not clarify. The other commissioners did not question. It was difficult to understand what “right” the Patels have to rezoning other than there is a commercial property across the street. Guess if you ignore the adjacent residential property and those rights, you can justify the right to join in the commercial domino process.

    Another commissioner indicated certainty that “something commercial” will be built on the property. Another commissioner indicated the hotel is better than something worse. There is no site plan for a hotel or other development attached to the rezoning.

    The stipulations were amended to include some language tied to a hotel only, but no site plan was attached.

    The agenda item was supposed to be allotted 3 hours. After 3 breaks, a vote was taken at about 1pm. The vote was declared unanimous in favor of rezoning with stipulations. The vote was a show of hands. It looked like a couple of commissioners did not raise their hand. No hands were raised to object.

    The next step is a vote by the county supervisors. That was scheduled for July 17. It is rescheduled for August 21.

    Keep opposing the rezoning. Write to the supervisors. if you attended the meeting today and have concerns about process, write to the P&Z commissioners.

  18. AND a rooftop restaurant says:

    Did you know this is not just a 3-story hotel in a residential subdivision, it includes a rooftop restaurant?!

  19. Kill the small town says:

    Notice the small towns on Route 66. The small, locally owned hotels are shut down. The chain hotels ran them out. The lessons are there. Don’t kill the VOC.

  20. Never Say Die says:

    Stand firm.
    The Supervisors will typically take many things into consideration that planning and zoning does not. They are the final say. Prepare because they are preparing for us.
    Not sure what Garrison will take into consideration . He is a big yellow earthmoving bulldozer looking for some dirt to scoop up in his bucket to build anything,anywhere. Through anything. Creeks, rivers, red rock ridges. Grind them down, build. This might be a case of too many Tonka toys as a child.

    Prescott builds with wild abandon, mix it upwith zoning, destroy view sheds, its all about money.
    They pay no attention to ordinances or community wishes.
    This is a unique area which is why we are here as stewards.
    Prepare, then we organize, this is much more than a lot. It is our community. We are going to organize and come together.

  21. Balancing rights says:

    Zoning is a way to balance property rights. HOAs are supposed to add another layer of balance. Property rights are limited by both to create balance. It is not the “right” of the Patels to get C2-1 rezoning. A different residential zoning? Yes. That is what all the other property in their subdivision got. The allowance of “business purpose” does not require C2-1 zoning. The restaurant that includes the sale of liquor needs C2-1 zoning. Is all this really about the hotel or the rooftop terrace restaurant? Is a rooftop terrace restaurant really in keeping with the character of the community? I think not. We are a residential community. It is not on our character to have a noisy, outdoor party patio in the middle of our community.

  22. Henry O Get Registered to Vote Now says:

    Balancing rights point taken. Publish here a list of every HOA and its next few months of meeting dates. MOST IMPORTANT IS TO GET FOUR PEOPLE TO RUN FOR BPRCC. Publish those names here. Help each other get registered for the election, help each other get elected. Barbara Gordon needs to be on the list. Is she registered yet? There’s a couple of guys and gals on the neighborhood talk groups who can be registered too. Get it done. FOUR peoples names should be circulating as the peoples choice by end of week. Then get locals registered even if you sign up and registrations to meetings and collect and turn in. Stop waiting for someone else to do it. They’re not. Print postcards and distribute during meetings and events with the date to vote, where to vote, who to vote for! Stuff those anywhere and everywhere. Print by thousands costs very little with online printers like Vistaprint and others. Get it done. Don’t need to buy expensive ads. Put them everywhere over and over again. Carry post cards with you and hand them out everywhere. DO IT.

  23. @henryo says:

    Why don’t you do that, great ideas.
    Go to the county. Print up all the subdivision. Look them all up on Az Corp Commission, look up the phone numbers, call them , get the info and get back to us
    Go to the next Big Park Council meeting on July 11 and make a request for transparency

  24. Outnumbered or not says:

    Do you know your Council rep?? Know how they do or do not represent you? Don’t wait until the corrupt reps vote out reform. Act today.

  25. No shovel full of dirt yet says:

    The rezoning of the Patel lot is not a done deal. We still have the supervisors’ meeting on August 21 to get through.

    There were a bunch of false statements made at the county P&Z meeting where the rezoning was voted to be recommended. Such as: “The hotel will not increase traffic.” How can any reasonable person believe that? “The hotel will not increase fire evacuation speed or exiting for an emergency.” How can any reasonable person believe that? This will be a bigger hotel than the one next to the outlet mall with more rooms. How can such a business NOT increase traffic and speed of movement? “The hotel building plans meet CC&R requirements.” The CC&R requirements allow only NO FULL TWO STORY buildings. How is a 3-story hotel with a rooftop bar in compliance? “The neighboring property owners should have done their due diligence and realized the land would be rezoned commercial and something like the hotel would be built.”

    The neighboring property owners have CC&Rs that do not allow any FULL TWO STORY buildings. The county P&Z ignored reality and ignored the community by recommending the rezoning.

    This is irresponsible development.

    There needs to be a compromise. A commercial zoning that allows only a one story building and less density would be fair. Tell the county supervisors. The shovel is not digging yet.

  26. Sandy, Sedona says:

    If VOC can’t get 4 people to step up and volunteer, then goodbye VOC.

  27. @Sandy says:

    You won’t find anyone to step up here on Sedona Eye. Your best bet is to stop wasting your time here and post on Facebook .. They actual take action there.

  28. Newly appointed county supervisor says:

    Mary Mallory will take Jack Smith’s position as county supervisor. Internet search shows she is a Broker with Arizona Commercial. Just what we need a realtor. Will she push development? Appointed by the pro-development supervisors.

  29. Karen, Camp Verde says:

    She’s pro build. Better get 4 people on VOC Big Park now. Barb Gordon where’s your paperwork and Ken Dauth and two more who care?

  30. Ready,set says:

    Go to the meeting!!!!

    August 21.

  31. Continue to oppose the hotel rezone in the VOC says:

    Important Dates and Places
    Many of us were heartbroken at the County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on June 19 when the commissioners decided to recommend approval of the Patel Rezoning Application to the Board of Supervisors. Those in attendance were also shocked to witness that, after months of protracted meetings and public outcry, the Big Park Council chose NOT to send an official to present the Council’s decision AGAINST the rezone. Instead, two members of the P&Z committee stood with the Applicant and advocated FOR THE REZONE …… contrary to the Council’s decision!

    This should NOT GO UNANSWERED !

    Big Park Council Meeting: Thurs. August 8, 9am at the VOC Fire Station An agenda item will address how the Council will be represented at the August Board of Supervisors meeting where the final decision will be made on the Patel Rezone. We must insist that the Council’s legitimate voice be presented to the County by a council member who will speak authentically on behalf of the community. It’s time to stop individuals with special interests from silencing the voice of our community! We need a strong showing at this meeting to prevent another maneuver to squelch concerns about safety, traffic and destruction of our small town character.

    Board of Supervisors – Patel Rezone Decision Wed. August 21, 9am Yes, we want to be there in large numbers to advocate for Responsible Zoning decisions that take into account – public safety, viewscape preservation, automobile/pedestrian/bicycle traffic, and quality of life for residents! Why do we need to keep pressing these issues? Because MORE PROJECTS are in the pipeline that will impact our community! We must impress upon Yavapai County that they have responsibility to protect the property rights of those of us who LIVE HERE.

    Stay involved, everyone! Show up and use your voice!

  32. Ian Mannix & Costa Fox says:

    What’s the latest on this? Whose running for us to vote for?

  33. Steve Segner says:

    In most cases people found Sedona and the VOC, as a visitor/day trippers
    Visitors Got “Red rock fever” and moved to Sedona, bought a home or built one.
    No one ever said to them “Sedona would not grow”, new homes, Apartments, business and hotels.
    No one ever said the “Open” land in Sedona would never be built on.
    No one ever said local “dead end street” would not be connected.
    No one ever said the city owned land would never be built on.
    No one ever said zoning laws “never” change.
    No one said views are protected.
    No one ever said all the housing should be Mc Mansions.
    You were “told” there is no “city” property tax.
    You were aware that Sedona is a tourist town and tourism pay our bills 75%+
    No one ever said you would be the last person to move too Sedona .
    You should have been aware that cities” Grow “and land get built on.
    Remember what you call “Balance” is just your view ,Balance is in the eye of the beholder, visitors, business owners and employees and residents.
    The city council and county need to look at the need of Visitors, workers, business owners and residents.Residents do not necessarily come first.
    Communities function best with a “mix” of age ,race and income levels.
    50 year old do not have kids and our school system and community as a hole suffers.
    Sedona need more smaller and affordable housing.
    Sedona housing market and prices have grown because of tourism, and all the amenities tourism brings.
    The people on Sedona Eye like to bring up the “Good old days” but Arizona is growing and so will Sedona and the VOC. Yp in the 1960 Apples and cattle so what.
    Locals do not own the Red Rock we are just the” keepers” so other can enjoy them.

    I write this as a guide, to all the “NIMBY” that post on Face Book and other local sites, I think this will answer most of your questions.
    Learn to love change , Change it is a coming.

  34. residents should come first says:

    Why shouldn’t residents come first? We have the right to keep our residential lifestyle. Balance means business development shall not harm the residents. It is not hard to comprehend. Change does not mean development of business at the expense of residents. Change can mean stopping and even reverting development to protect natural resources. When commercial development is opposed, it is a lame response to say, “Change is coming” so sit back and let the tourism flow. The highest and best use of land cannot be allowed to only include financial gain. We must consider the quality of life for residents.

  35. steve Segner says:

    Comment. residents should come first says:
    Why shouldn’t residents come first?
    And just what is first?, your idea of what the village or Sedona should be.
    Your view of the VOC Sedona is just that, it’s yours.
    Property owners have the right to invest and build, they also bring jobs and income to the area.
    You say : Change does not mean development of business at the “expense”of residents.
    Having a new hotel or two open is not at the expense of residents ….. No one is taking you land or the view from your home.
    You may not like it but things change, look at all the great places to eat and visit in the village….. The county approved development in the village because they understand growth happens and their job is not to look out just for “YOU”, but also visitors to the county, all county residents, and to (encourage new business) that create jobs in the county.
    Villages grow to towns and towns grow to cities.
    I find it silly that you can not us a real name, this is just a discussion on development and you hide behind a made up name,

  36. Marlow Jones says:

    Segner has nerve & it’s plucking mine. Isn’t it enough his estate is in Oak Creek Canyon and he’s taken over incorporated Sedona? NOW he wants to control the Village of Oak Creek. BUTT OUT MAN! We neither need you nor want you out here! One other thing. A neighbor pointed out an editorial in a local paper telling VOC they should incorporate! If Sedona is an example of the results of incorporation that’s NOT a good idea! Another example of inmates taking over the asylum?

  37. Alarmed says:

    Steve Segner is nuts when he says tourism pays our bills 75%+ (August 18).

    Wastewater fees pay 5%; State shared revenues pay 7-1/4%; Charges for Services pay 16-1/2%; In-Lieu Fees pay 2%; Other Governmental pays 1%; Etc. This data is found in the BUDGET OVERVIEW section of Sedona’s FY 2019-20 Annual Budget.

  38. Segner sez, NO MORE ZONING says:

    Segner sez:

    “Property owners have the right to invest and build, they also bring jobs and income to the area.
    You say : Change does not mean development of business at the “expense”of residents.
    Having a new hotel or two open is not at the expense of residents ….. No one is taking you land or the view from your home.”

    He is in favor of no zoning limits and bumper to bumper traffic. The hell with residents and quality of life, there is money to be made and taxes to be collected.

    Throw the bums out next election that allow this. No preservation of small town character. They would build the Las Vegas Strip. Segner and all those that use his name is their spokesman.

  39. Nancy Johnson Lower Red Rock Loop says:

    Thank you Steve Segner.

    I know that many on this blog like to cast dispersions about you but you actually make a lot of sense.

  40. Steve Segner says:

    I am not for more hotels I own one think about it.
    I am just saying progress and new business will come and owners of land will build. The locals will benefit in the long run ,new places to eat ,new shops and a new walkable area around the hotels and shops. The new improved discount mall looks great and so does the new hotel. (Sorry)
    You may not want change,OK I get it ,but it is going to happen. Governments ,county or Sedona can not stop growth. I am not for over building or new hotels ,but with all the vacant land along 179 and 89a it is a given. In the last two years almost ever hotel in Sedona has been approached to be bought and many have been sold. Big money is coming to town I and just giving you a heads up Don’t get mad at me I am just stating some obvious facts.


    The Westin already has a major parking shortage because the county let them borrow 69 parking spots from retail. It has not opened yet. Just wait.
    Now Westin owner is scrambling to get land for parking from Wastewater District lot for a song which is located right next to Patel hotel proposal.
    A gravel parking lot on 179.
    You people on Jacks Canyon are screwed. Call Supervisor Garrison for further information.

    Meeting Minutes
    Board of Directors of the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District July 17, 2019 – 10:00 a.m.
    Sedona Fire Station #3, 125 Slide Rock, Sedona, Arizona

    7. Discussion and possible action regarding leasing the old treatment plant site, parcel #405-33-479, to HV Canal, Martin Aronson for a gravel parking lot.
    Mr. Aronson presented the Board with his plan for the retail portion of the property. He requested a lease for the District’s property behind the APS substation for employee parking. He said they hope to create 50 parking spaces. He proposed $1,800 per year with multi-year options and increases. He also discussed the insurance coverage and would indemnify the District for any liability. Chairman Sheets asked what the timeframe is for a final decision. Mr. Aronson responded he had hoped for a decision today. Jennifer clarified with Dave Dirren that the District’s easement would still be intact if the land was leased.
    Motion: made by Director Meiner to agree that the Board approves the theory of the lease but the details will be worked out in the future, second by Director Kautz.
    Unanimous Approval
    Mr. Aronson will present a lease document for the Board’s review at the next meeting.

  42. Tommy says:

    Glad that most want to be employed in VOCA are willing and able to be employed for a fair living wage, attention to you VOC hotels and restaurants and Sedona hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants. Shape up. Your cooks, your waiters, your housekeepers, your massage therapists all deserve no less than what we’re demanding.

    You’ve sucked us workers here dry for long enough. The city council needs to pass a living wage bill and not some stupid ass suck me sanctuary bill. Jose Gonzales when it comes to paydays you rule, all ten of you sharing one check.

    Take care of your people paying you to represent them. We want a $35 an hour minimum wage for Sedona because it costs more to live here. Weigh in on that @SedonaSegner! We get 5% a year annual raise because it costs more to live here. You did this with your tourist cronies. Now pay us.

    Patels and others don’t seem to understand this isn’t a second or third world and we don’t work for pennies because we’re the lower caste of society, we are the workers, the upper caste of society. I’m a voting socialist and you remember who will rule your house when I’m in power.

  43. Jacks Canyon Resident says:

    You are all missing the biggest negative point THERE ARE NO EMPLOYEES left to work at any of these new hotels or retail shops. Thank you Air BnB’s you’ve evicted so many of the workforce for your own greed and yet no one on SE seems to have a peep about that issue.

  44. @steve Segner says:

    The reason so many want a SEDONA HOTEL business is because the TAXPAYERS are paying the REGIONAL marketing saving you $$$money. This unfair activity is WHY. The residents and business owners inside the city limit PAY while the CHAMBER-HOTELS Advertise FOR FREE off the backs of workers, residents, and small mom and pops – this pads your bottom line IMO.

  45. Alphabeta says:

    @JacksCanyonResident from a VOC neighbor

    What are you yammering about? This bnb hires local and has lots of applicants for every job. It’s the pay that decides where they work and I pay to keep quality locals!!!!!!! You don’t pay, you don’t get to hire. Plus my bnb is used 8 months out of year by me and my family and friends!!! We make enough to cover the annual expenses with a few short stays and nobody would know it because we rent strictly by whether we would live with them!!! I love paying my mortgage and using my own home and getting my family vacations. You’re nuts man. Go back to your primary home because you must be a secondary owner.


    The Westin already has a major parking shortage because the county let them borrow 69 parking spots from retail. It has not opened yet. Just wait.
    Now Westin owner is scrambling to get land for parking from Wastewater District lot for a song which is located right next to Patel hotel proposal.
    A gravel parking lot on 179. This will be very noisy for nearby residents.

    You people on Jacks Canyon are screwed. Call Supervisor Garrison for further information.

    Meeting Minutes
    Board of Directors of the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District July 17, 2019 – 10:00 a.m.
    Sedona Fire Station #3, 125 Slide Rock, Sedona, Arizona

    7. Discussion and possible action regarding leasing the old treatment plant site, parcel #405-33-479, to HV Canal, Martin Aronson for a gravel parking lot.
    Mr. Aronson presented the Board with his plan for the retail portion of the property. He requested a lease for the District’s property behind the APS substation for employee parking. He said they hope to create 50 parking spaces. He proposed $1,800 per year with multi-year options and increases. He also discussed the insurance coverage and would indemnify the District for any liability. Chairman Sheets asked what the timeframe is for a final decision. Mr. Aronson responded he had hoped for a decision today. Jennifer clarified with Dave Dirren that the District’s easement would still be intact if the land was leased.
    Motion: made by Director Meiner to agree that the Board approves the theory of the lease but the details will be worked out in the future, second by Director Kautz.
    Unanimous Approval
    Mr. Aronson will present a lease document for the Board’s review at the next meeting.

  47. There are plenty of workers says:

    There are plenty of workers, but thy refuse to be stuck in traffic an hour each way for minimum wage. The refuse to pay high Sedona taxes and the rents. Too many tourists have driven up house prices, so the workers say, so what it the place is beautiful, the conditions suck.

  48. Jacks Canyon Resident says:

    To Alphabeta:

    I’d be questioning who’s doing the yammering, I think that you’re full of it because I live outside the VOCCA I have a bunch of AirBnB’s near me and I can tell you this much whenever I see a work van at any of them they don’t have local markings. So much for hiring locals.
    When I speak with the young girls cleaning the Air BnB across from me, they work out of Prescott. So much for hiring locals!

  49. Alphabeta says:

    @JacksCanyonResident Good you interfered with those young girls while on the job (how young are they?) so we get info. They must be getting better pay than you’d give if they happily drive from Prescott to work for that Airbnb!

    OR is it that the company is based in Prescott and they’re locals?

    Either way you’ve made my point and I thank you.

    Curious what sort of companies (you indicated plural) have work vans running around the VOC with out of VOC markings? VOC companies must have more business than can be handled within its 2 mile radius. Best economy ever for the working folk.

  50. SL says:

    No one wants to be slave Labor for the hotel industry. Work weekends, evenings and work in 2-3 different hotels at a time. No benefits. No fun. No family time. No quality of life for the workers. Why work here for peanuts? Families and young folks are leaving.

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