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Above The Law: Categorizing Wrongdoing

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


The phrase “No one is above the Law” has become a joke.

US House of Representatives

I’m not sure when the joke started, I can remember some questionable from as far back as 1960, however, the joke became very identifiable in the early 1990s with the blatant dismissal of holding William Jefferson Clinton accountable of credible, verifiable accusations of sexual misconduct, and, the flagrant mishandling of the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater Records by Hillary Clinton, which would not have been allowed with any Republican.

The Rule of Law has been trampled underfoot so badly with regard to the Clintons and later on to Barack Obama and his background records. Then on into the scandals: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Muslim Brotherhood, Russia connections, Iran’s Illegal Gift, Improper / Illegal use of the Attorney General, State Department, and IRS against opponents.

Fast forward to today’s insistent calls for the President to jump through the booby-trapped, quasi-legal hoops, which appear to be laid out to entrap or interfere with the legitimate operations of the Presidency for purely politically hatred reasons. An example: The Immigration Laws and Border Security that were technically approved before the 2016 election [Obama Administration] after which [Trump Administration] were suddenly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, and discriminatory. The [Obama] wording was the same, the only change was simply that President Trump may get some credit if they were past. Leftist hypocrisy recognizes no boundaries, obvious by the lying and stonewalling Adam Schiff that is an “acceptable” behavior.

The prejudicial bias against President Trump is not entirely without understanding. When or if you understand the underpinnings of the Totalitarian “New World Order”, which is underwritten by the super wealthy Socialists including George Soros and encompasses any movement or religion that seeks to destroy Capitalism and the Free Market Economy.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA



  1. Besos says:

    This is OUR AMERICA. Stop with the slamming of OUR AMERICA. Shout out to this amazing woman and let’s all be like her in our daily lives. Look around us and see these people and tell them thank you. Introduce your children to them.


  2. Rita says:

    Dems still refuse to do their jobs and they weren’t elected to overturn the government. They keep proving they are dangerous demigods. Don’t vote for Democrats, they think they are above the law! They are destroying our country that has been turned around by Donald Trump. You might not like his Tweets and even think he’s an ass but you have to love the transparency and everything he’s accomplished in spite of them.


  3. Marc says:

    got a point Rita

  4. Jackie Oswald says:


    Forgot to add this to my comment above, thanks. Sick & tired of bad reporting.

  5. H Salt says:

    Rarely do you read a response here that doesn’t slam a person based on an affiliation as if that was a definition and not an interest. Quite a few Americans can now be called fascists because they use affiliations to marginalize speech or use the term socialists, progressives, Nazis, Maoists, Soviets, comrades if you prefer. I’m Romanian Italian and know what it means to have speech marginalized by other citizens living next door and see good people put to death or in slave labor camps standing for freedom of speech and individual rights, now it’s being corrupted by communal behavior and belief in the communal process. Poor education by poor teachers. Failure to embrace the ideals of each man and woman having value above the body politic and craving sloth.

  6. Barbara says:

    Put your phones down people. That will begin a needed correction for society.

  7. Novin Hanna & Reiki says:

    Thanks Sedona opinion news and (name and business deleted by editor). We like this!

  8. JohnBTeaching says:

    In a nation of over 325 million people, just over 7,000 hate crimes were reported in 2018 (latest published stats). As a statistician, the departments of transportation say we don’t qualify for a traffic light with that percentage of intersection deaths.

  9. Ladysmith Fromhere says:

    Read a headline today saying Trump was removing his man on homelessness because he was dissatisfied with the state of homelessness. YOU THINK???? Except media people, I READ the article and the appointees were ALL Obama administration appointees and the homelessness issue had grown thousandfold with the Democrats sanctuary city and refusal to cooperate with authorities policies and guess what happens when you break the law and don’t take care of your poor citizens? WHY would ANYBODY vote to keep Democrats in office???? California sucks with corruption, Louisiana sucks with corruption, Illinois sucks with corruption, NVM you all live there because it must suit your lack of pride and concern for the environment minorities poor people because you’ve screwed them over and over again pretending that you all GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM. I’m voting Trump this time. Don’t even think about trying to call me names. This impeachment circus made me turn away from my Democrat party. Rabid dogs running a zoo in DC and not doing squat for us. GET TO WORK. Somebody take Schiff back to Russia, they’re missing him.

  10. Gioele says:

    Washington state decided not to run again because he opposed impeachment. Guess he believed we voters get to decide in a few months?

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