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What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Yavapai County Arizona

Sedona AZIt’s time to be vigilant, take precautions, and prepare.

Yavapai County Community Health Services Director Leslie Horton said, “Yavapai County has a history of collaborating with the local partner agencies, including all cities and towns, to protect the residents that call Yavapai County home. We are working together and reviewing plans and practiced responses that have been in place for years to make sure everyone is prepared for situations like the one we find ourselves in now with the worldwide spread of Coronavirus (Covid19).”

With the recent case of COVID-19 in California with no contact with anyone from Wuhan China, the CDC has warned the public to be vigilant in healthy precautions and to prepare for potential cases: Visit this link for an easy to follow checklist and share it with others.

The one Arizona patient is now out of isolation and is no longer infected by the virus. People who have come in close contact with the man haven’t shown any signs of the illness known as COVID-19, Maricopa County Public Health reported. Most of them have passed the 14-day monitoring period without displaying any symptoms. Six of the 15 confirmed cases in the U.S. have recovered.

What is the virus and how is it different from the flu?

The only thing it has in common with the flu is that they are both respiratory viruses. COVID-19 has more in common with the common cold. While we mostly hear about rhinoviruses, there are several strains of coronavirus common in the U.S. that cause nothing worse than a cold.

Older adults usually develop worse symptoms than younger and are more likely to develop complications. Like flu, it generally hits hardest among seniors, people with chronic diseases like heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, and those with weakened immune systems like people undergoing cancer treatment.

There’s no vaccine for coronavirus, but seniors should get vaccinated for diseases like pneumococcus and Hib. Getting those two vaccinations will help in limiting complications. Talk to your health provider if those vaccines are right for you.

Men are more likely to be hit harder with COVID than women. This is partly because women have a better immune system, but also because men often delay medical care until symptoms are severe. Coronavirus or not, if you have a fever above 100, a cough, and/or sore throat, see your doctor.

For more FAQs about COVID-19 visit this link.

The best you can do to keep yourself from being infected?  It happens to be the same steps you take to keep yourself from getting colds and flu:

*Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
*Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
*Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
*Stay home when you are sick.
*Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
*Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Here are some preparation tips from Ready.gov:

*Store a two-week supply of water and food.
*Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply in your home.
*Have any nonprescription drugs and other health supplies on hand, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, fluids with electrolytes, and vitamins.
*Get copies and maintain electronic versions of health records from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other sources and store them, for personal reference. Get help accessing electronic health records.
*Talk with family members and loved ones about how they would be cared for if they got sick, or what will be needed to care for them in your home.

Health officials emphasize that those who haven’t gotten the vaccine yet should do so, even though we’ve likely reached the midpoint of flu season. The vaccine takes two weeks to provide full protection, but cannot only ward off the illness, it can reduce how bad your flu is if you catch it and reduce the chance you’ll be hospitalized.

Yavapai County Community Health Services is in continuous communications with Arizona Department of Health Services on the COVID-19 monitoring and situation and will keep the public

YCCHS still has plenty of flu vaccine and ask your doctor if you should get any others – just call 928-771-3122 to make an appointment at one of our locations in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood and Chino Valley.

The latest CDC Health Alert Network (HAN) Update provides updated guidance on evaluating and testing persons under investigation (PUIs) for COVID-19. It supersedes previous guidance: See https://bit.ly/2I3ZNbJ


  1. Robin, Sedona says:

    1/2 the population doesn’t need masks. Even Pelosi and Witmer and Bernie and Newsom and Nadler don’t bother wearing masks except when posing as our rulers. We’re becoming uneducated enough to think their all smart.

  2. Bruce says:

    As of June 1, residents no longer are required to wear masks in Coconino County, whether inside or outside.

  3. Another Nancy says:

    It’s time to toss Nancy Pelosi from her job as Speaker. She is openly refusing to follow the science by continuing to require members of Congress wear masks, including fining them. She doesn’t wear a mask except when TV cameras are on as far back as when she got caught getting her hair done without a mask or social distancing in California. And she turned on the hairdresser who showed her furtiveness and hypocrisy. Fellow Democrats, we must remove progressive Democrats during the midterms and return the Democrat party to its bipartisanship and cooperation and civility roots in American politics.

  4. Mike says:

    President Biden ordered U.S. intelligence officials to “redouble” efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19, including any possibility the trail might lead to a Chinese laboratory. Yeah. Right. Not believing it. Chinese won’t allow it. Ford company announced today that China is their biggest customer for the first time and not America. Guess who got all the chips that the brand new Ford pickups sitting in Kentucky needed? Yeah. Right. Not the US. How’s it feel to be sitting on the bench playing second string?

  5. Stan says:

    I’ve been following the budget issues in DC and it’s time to say something. The money set aside for coronavirus help isn’t needed and it’s billions that could go to this budget. We’re digging our graves with these budgets and its not the kids who’ll pay but its us that’s how dangerous these numbers are. If you’re elderly you’ll get a credit toward your elder care but your elder care will triple or quadruple making it more expensive than today out of your pockets and you’ll lose your homes for sure. It’s what the government wants for you to lose your homes and not get benefits and need to reside in their housing? Get it yet?

  6. Mark Alexander says:

    “We are either a United people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all matters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.” —George Washington (1785)

  7. Celeste, Sedona says:

    President Biden says 65% vaccinated and not your low number. Thank you, Mr. President.

  8. City of Casa Grande Rescinds Mask Mandate says:

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people worldwide and remains the worst public health crisis faced in the United States in over a century. More than 33 million Americans contracted COVID-19 with 879,000 cases landing in Arizona. Over 590,000 Americans have lost their lives including 17,500 Arizonans. Nearly 900 of them were Pinal County residents. A trending decrease in virus caseload has finally taken ahold nationally along with an upward tick of local vaccinations. In turn, City of Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland has introduced a Proclamation that rescinds the mask mandate as of today, June 1, 2021.

    According to McFarland, City efforts introduced through the expiring mandate and local community resolve helped to curb COVID-19 community spread.

    “I am very proud of how Casa Grande residents came together to create a significant decline in the number of cases,” said McFarland. “As more citizens get vaccinated, we will get even closer to achieving responsible herd immunity.”

    Studies show that full vaccination affords greater than 90% effectiveness at preventing both mild and severe COVID infection – which has helped spark a decline in the number and rate of cases. In accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing except where required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, rules and regulations including local business and workplace guidance.

    While this Order rescinds the requirement for face coverings in City-owned facilities, the City Court remains subject to the direction of the Arizona Supreme Court and Superior Court of Pinal County and may continue requiring face coverings on and in its premises. Nothing in this new order affects requirements for wearing face coverings in public transportation or as otherwise currently required by federal law or regulation.

    Restaurants can resume full-capacity dining without restrictions and events are no longer limited to size or mitigation measures for approval. City libraries, parks and recreation center will return to normal business hours. Residents may resume in-person attendance at City Council, Boards and Commission meetings and make public comment at those meetings.

    The temporary moratorium has also expired on late fees for unpaid utility billings and shutoffs, as well as the extension of pet or business licenses.

    Nothing in this latest Proclamation prevents a business from setting its own stricter standards for masking and social distancing or from refusing access to anyone not in compliance with those private standards. Folks that have yet to receive vaccination are still urged to wear face coverings and physically distance according to current CDC guidelines.

    “I urge all citizens to continue to practice good hygiene,” said McFarland, “and to remain socially aware and conscious of the continued presence of the virus in our community. It’s up to all of us to make sure we continue to succeed.”

    The City will continue to help educate and encourage the public on the importance of getting fully vaccinated. Watch this video from Mayor McFarland to learn more details about the latest Proclamation. Visit Pinal County AZ website to learn where and how you can join your neighbors and friends in getting vaccinated.

  9. Uhly Flood says:

    Texas vaccinated more than a dozen states combined and that was weeks ago.

  10. Vaccine update June 2021 says:

    “People who have had COVID do not get any additional help from the vaccine.”

    Source? Newest study released by Cleveland Clinic. Natural immunity exists and appears to be for life; boosters may be necessary only for those with certain underlying modalities. But if you had COVID, you likely may have a lifelong natural immunity.

    Tell Dr. Faucci to earn some continuing education credits at nearby Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Seems its research is saying the same and that children don’t need the vaccine.

    So who is benefitting from all the vaccine research PR promotion money and advertisements? Who is manipulating global science? Why are social media companies and major media outlets cojoined in refusing to share the good news that we don’t have to live in fear? Faith and Science have answered our prayers and research. Let freedom and knowledge ring!

  11. Revah Genet, Prescott says:

    Our teachers heard about that study on local news. Exciting. Now my young daughters don’t need to get vaccinated because they’re healthy and now happier. Thank you American researchers! You will inspire our students to go into science and health. You have saved the world over and over!

  12. Liz says:

    There’s a rumor going round that California and NY dropped their bans on people because when votes are counted in their elections this week they need to be able to say people voted in masses to support what they did. Every media outlet ought to stake out voting areas and have a quick share to see if bodies match ballot turnout. That would be real news and require neutrality. What an idea for a hashtag meet up.

  13. Mrs. Maria Hernandez, R.N. says:

    Please if you know people 55 and older needing vaccinating encourage them to be vaccinated and take friends and family. There is no cost.

  14. Eric says:

    Thinking about resuming international travel with coronavirus restrictions lifted globally? Think again after reading this information from Reuters:

    A Reuters report says that the United States is about to downgrade Mexican air safety. This means, among other things, that Mexican airlines cannot add new flights to America. The FAA, which reviews the airline safety of other nations, already has a list of nations where air safety is considered poor. Its International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program measures the safety of countries and not carriers. It can block carriers from nations that do not measure up to its standards.

    These are the nations that do not meet those standards: Bangladesh, Curacao, Ghana, Malaysia, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (which includes Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Nevis and Antigua), Pakistan, Thailand and Venezuela. And airlines from these countries can be unsafe.

    The safety check is broken into eight critical elements (CE). Google for more information.

  15. Carla Lo, Scottsdale AZ says:

    LA Times Medical experts having second thoughts about vaccinated children. For all editors we hope you will print this link and get the word out.


  16. Mrs. Maria Hernandez, R.N. - Get Vaccine Today says:

    Coconino County Health and Human Services will be hosting a pop up vaccination TODAY, June 19 from 11 am – 2 pm in Thorpe Park, 191 N. Thorpe Rd., Flagstaff, AZ. No appointment is needed for this event. Call 928-679-7300.

    Would you add this information, please, it was meant to be included with my earlier comment. MH

  17. Newley Dean says:

    COVID-19 deaths top 4 million worldwide as of recently reported numbers. The global death toll from COVID-19 eclipsed 4 million Wednesday as the crisis increasingly becomes a race between the vaccine and the highly contagious delta variant. The virus appears to be genetically bioengineered in China. China refuses to fully cooperate with any investigation. There appears to be a much bigger questions of lack of accountability and lack of effective oversight and consequence for its global release.

  18. Flagstaff AZ Vaccine Walk Up Clinic July 10 says:

    Coconino County Health and Human Services will be hosting a pop up vaccination clinic SATURDAY July 10th, from 3:30 pm – 7 pm at the Heritage Square, 22 E. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff, AZ. No appointment is needed for this event. Come one, come all. Bring friends and family. See you there!

  19. Claude Oswald says:

    99% Of People Killed By Covid Last Month Were Unvaccinated, Analysis Finds – DC Headline

    Follow the science. Get the vaccine if you’re older or have medical conditions that may make you susceptible to hospitalization. Stay well.

  20. Biden Admin Factoids says:

    Reports are that HALF of the emergency unemployment funds were stolen – $400 billion. Chicago alone tapped an extraordinary amount of funds to cover lost tax revenues.

    Pres. Biden said we need to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out which sounds like an explanation of an alien birthed by a human. President Obama once said that Joe … nevermind, look it up yourself as Barack wasn’t a fan.

    Medicare and Medicaid fraud is 10% of spending.

    Forcing seniors to pay more out of pocket for drugs to pay for infrastructure is an insult, Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi and President Biden, that you three have hidden that requirement in this infrastructure bill is repugnant and devious.

  21. China endangering our security? says:

    Congressional testimony about the Wuhan lab virus proves the escape from China labs did cause coronavirus pandemic. Thank you, Dr Fauci, for lying to us and causing more Americans to die. You led President Trump down the wrong path and in my opinion it appears that you and your associates needed to cover up your and other Chinese and American scientists involvement with this kind of research. Resign. NOW. Your alliance appears to be with China and not the world. That’s not science, it’s financial greed.

  22. Vaccines Effective Against Variants and Symptoms says:

    The overwhelming message from health experts and officials in the U.S. is to get vaccinated, given that the vaccines have been found to offer protection even against the delta variant, which is now dominant in the U.S. and is fueling outbreaks among the unvaccinated given its transmissibility. The 88 percent effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against delta is also against getting any symptoms. The effectiveness against hospitalization and death has been found to be even higher, though it was not measured in this study.

    “Vaccines work, even against variants,” tweeted Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan, in response to the new study. “Get vaccinated if you haven’t already.”

    Read entire article here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/study-pfizer-vaccine-88-percent-effective-against-delta-variant/ar-AAMro79?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531

    Call your local pharmacies and county health departments to find free vaccines. Vaccines are free and highly effective at preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19, including from the Delta variant. Find a location and get vaccinated today. http://azhealth.gov/findvaccine .

  23. Dave, west Sedona says:

    People aren’t dying of the Delta strain in US if vaccinated and it’s the coronavirus COVID19 that gets you if you’re unvaccinated. GET VACCINATED. THE VACCINE HAS BEEN PROVEN SAFE BY THE MILLIONS THAT’VE RECEIVED IT. Pfizer and Moderna are best in my view, but any vaccine is better than no vaccine in my view. Why get sick if you can avoid it? Younger people don’t die from it, but we 60 and older are at risk if have underlying conditions like cancers, heart, and others. Like you I don’t trust the CDC any longer because its proven itself politically inclined to skew numbers like the WHO. The UN lost all credibility during this pandemic like the WHO and now CDC. It’s a shame to have our bubbles burst, but get real and see the tea leaves. Get vaccinated and avoid dying for no reason.

  24. Brian says:

    @Dave & others I’ve flown every other week on major airlines for an AZ corporation and eaten in restaurants and rented cars and hotels and had conferences and meetings for 2 years without getting the virus. Don’t tell me now I need a vaccine because I don’t. You get yours if you want it, good for you. But I’m not. Personally I don’t care what you do. Go get it or don’t. Your choice. Love being in Sedona.

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