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Sedona’s Wireless Zoning Plan Is Back

Sedona AZ (December 9, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The City Council will review and consider the draft Wireless Communications Master Plan and the amendments pertaining to the wireless facilities zoning ordinance Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at 3:00 p.m.

The City alleges the purpose of its Wireless Master Plan is to “protect the unique natural beauty and small-town character of Sedona…promote the health, safety and general welfare of the public…minimize the impacts of wireless communications facilities …,” etc.

According to last November 15th’s Red Rock News, currently there are 22 towers in or near the boundaries of the city. CityScape, the city’s consultant, states that it has found an additional 17 to 25 towers of varying sizes will be needed within the city limits (16 inside City currently). They claim Sedona’s population is increasing; however, it decreased after the housing bubble burst and is 1,000 less today than the 11,436 population of 2009.

The data base of “FCC Registered Antenna Towers in Sedona, AZcontains 44. “Note: Not all towers much be registered.” See www.city-data.com/towers/cell-Sedona-Arizona.html

A great number of the FCC registered towers in Sedona are not recognized by CityScape.

Sedona radio tower on Soldier Pass Road

And twice as many wireless infrastructure sites are required due to CityScape’s decision that Sedona is Urban Density when Sedona is Rural Density (9/14/2017 City Council Meeting, Agenda Item 3.a., Page 10, www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=29854 ).

These two adversities will have far greater negative impacts on Health, Safety, and Welfare; property values; and, Sedona’s spectacular natural beauty than necessary.

A ten year Brazilian study found a direct link to 4,924 cancer deaths from cellular antennas radiation in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s third largest city. Eighty percent (80%) of the victims lived within 500 meters away.

Studies in Australia, Germany and Israel likewise found living within a certain proximity of a cell tower increased the risk of cancer.

One thousand respondents completed the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy’s June 2014 Survey “Neighborhood Cell Towers & Antennas–Do They Impact a Property’s Desirability?”

Soldier Pass tower in 2014

94% of respondents reported that cell towers and antennas in a neighborhood or on a building would impact interest in a property and the price they would be willing to pay for it.

What’s more, 79% said under no circumstances would they ever purchase or rent a property within a few blocks of a cell tower or antennas.

Dr. Sandy Bond of the Appraisal Institute–it has 91 chapters throughout the world–states her study of the distance to cell phone towers on house prices found reductions from 2% to 20% with the percentage moving toward the high range the closer to the property.

“We would not have gone through the cost for the process to develop a master plan in light of House Bill 2365…Even if it’s just one macro tower (to city property] that we have a greater influence on where it goes and what it looks like, at this point that’s better than nothing.” Red Rock News, August 9, 2017.

Folks, HB 2365, signed by Governor Ducey on 3/31/2017, allows wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to use city and town rights-of-ways. It’s been over eight months now, and the city has not changed course or shifted to a safer, less discriminatory strategy. One possible approach to consider might be similar to Yavapai County’s.

The County of Yavapai has an ordinance for its unincorporated areas that does not pre-select and force their array of sites upon property owners.

Yavapai County’s Planning and Zoning Ordinance 605 (WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS FACILITIES) contains provisions that govern the issuance of permits for towers or antennas beginning on Page 192 (a. through m.).

Provision m. states: “Prior to applying for a new facility, the applicant shall meet with community groups and interested individuals who reside or own property within one thousand feet (1,000′) of the proposed site to explain the proposed project. The purpose of these meetings is to inform and educate the community on wireless communications, and restrictions placed on Yavapai County…as well as to solicit suggestions from these groups about the applicant’s proposal and impact mitigation measures…Applicant shall make a concerted effort to incorporate the community suggestions for impact mitigation generated by the meetings…,” etc.

For Ordinance 605 en toto and/or provisions a. through m. that govern the issuance of permits for towers and antennas, see Pages 189 through Page 200 of arizonasign.org: www.arizonasign.org/pdf/Ordinances/YavapaiPlanningZoningOrdinance.pdf

Anti CellTower Lawyers.com (516-746-1600) proclaims “We Handle Cell Tower Cases Nationwide.” Their attorneys indicate they represent property owners [others as well], and state that you have the right to fight against sustaining adverse consequences in the event a cell tower were to be installed in close proximity to your home, or in your community; the right to fight against sustaining a loss to the value of your property from a cell tower installed in close proximity; the right to protect yourself, your family friends and neighbors against the potential adverse health impacts associated with the continued exposure to RF emissions from cell towers; etc.

Jean Jenks
Sedona AZ

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  1. How come? says:

    How come your using pictures of antenna or towers in your story that have nothing to do with your story……

    That one on soldiers pass road is on a private residence and the other definitely is not in Sedona….

    Why you being descriptive?

  2. DUH HOW COME? says:

    The editor usually inserts the pictures but more importantly is why after reading this article are you focusing on the pictures. Right off the bat, you are either a troller for the wireless carriers or just very stupid.
    You do come across like a stupid troller. One that does not know proper english.

    They probably don’t pay as much these days to trollers when they have lobbied, bought and paid the governors of many states(like Arizona) to allow the upcoming mass murder called 5g.

    People have stopped towers, there is strength in numbers and when confronted, those carriers scatter and withdraw. Keep up the good fight. Soldier on Jean Jenks!!! You are not alone.


  3. Yes to cell reception says:

    It’s gonna be nice to have better cell reception in town..
    Hope they get going on this project soon..

    This lady jean Jenks has a problem with all things Sedona and frequently uses FAKE numbers when posting about budget…

  4. @How come? says:

    Picky, picky, picky – What difference does it make where the wireless facilities are located. ALL of them are toxic. DUH!!! (ps – and an entire article was written a few years ago about that one on private property. check it out) https://sedonaeye.com/amateur-radio-tower-review-and-update/

    And “descriptive?” Could you possibly have meant deceptive?

  5. Reception no good says:

    Cell reception sucks around here…
    Get those cell towers in place please .

    It’s a safety concern.

  6. Tony T says:

    I don’t know where you live in Sedona that you think cell reception is no good. We have a cell tower uptown that is absolutely huge. I have used an EMF meter that spikes to the max regularly from the cell tower. I can almost microwave my meals from all the cell radiation.

    Poor service in Sedona is more troll disinformation. We have too many cell towers now. When you come down with cancer, don’t wonder why. Between the GMO food and the cell radiation, it is a slow kill.

    Jean Jenks always posts verifiable factual information, do your research. It’s your life that will be ruined.

  7. @tony T says:

    @Tony T

    You don’t know what your talking about …
    (deleted by editor) My reception sucks. Get a life Tony

  8. JessL says:

    @Tony T

    “You can almost microwave meals from the tower radiation”. That’s explains ALOT about your mental aptitude(or lack thereof) Tony. LOL

  9. Tony T says:

    Jean Jenks and I use our real names.

    Those who attack anonymously are liars and cowards.

    Most Sedona city employees don’t even live in Sedona, they should be required to so that they too may get the benefits of being microwaved day and night 7 days a week.

  10. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    @Tony T

    For a guy who thinks he knows it all, I think you should start calling yourself a “Troll”. Depending on which carrier you have will depend on how your signal strength is. If you have Verizon then the Back O’ Beyond area has poor service as does the area by the high school.

    As for Jean Jenks, her “factual information” is not really built on facts. She, like many twist the facts to suit her needs. That EMF meter that you have, will show more rays coming from your microwave then from that cell tower. The uptown tower has a lot more transmitters then just cell service (police, fire, county sheriff and others) unless you’re hanging from one of the support bars up on the tower, you can’t get close enough. But you knew that already, we know that you just like to read about yourself on this site.

  11. Reception says:

    All the areas inside the city limits are GREAT! If you live up in the canyon or at red rock crossing you are OUTSIDE the city limits. The legitimate residents of the city limits should be fried to get you reception. GO to the county man.
    The city of sedona is tying to increase the revenue they don’t care about the health, welfare or safety of the city.

  12. Reception no good says:

    Thank you Mrs Thomas for you information.

    Very helpful
    You and a few others seem like the only nice people here on SE. all the others seem very angry and are just looking for the negative all the time..
    Oh boy

  13. JJ says:

    It’sanother city scam. The verizon reception in the city and outside on 89A is terrific There is one spot on the way to cottonwood that has no reception. I must add it is a very short distance. This is another city scam attempting to lease city peoperty for the sole purpose of increasing city revenue. All the while gfting millions to the chamber and other special interests. NO REGARD FOR HEALTH WELFARE AND SAFETY of the citizens of sedona.

  14. Cooking Cells,Yours says:

    There are towers are all along the unicorporated areas. HIDDEN, Dangerous, they have been placing them for years all around the perimeter of the Sedona City limits.
    Enchantment, 7 canyons, the flagpole on 89a bouncing all over those metal timeshares and homes. Don’t let them place more. The carriers ignored this area for 20 years now are trying to place before the technology becomes obsolite. They want to blast through every homes walls for 24 hour surveillance on YOU. Its all about data collection, they care nothing about your health. Look at how Mc Cain was rewarded for all his loyalty to the wireless industry…………

  15. @Cooking cells yours says:

    Parinoid much!!??

  16. Tony T says:

    “They also said artificial sweeteners were safe, WMD’s were in Iraq, and Natalie Cole married for love. ” Now thy recently released there were two shooters on Kennedy in Dallas, it only took them 60 years to tell the truth.

    Cell phones are safe, ” as long as you don’t put them next to you head on anywhere on your body.” Read the instruction manual that comes with your phone.

    I’m sure the government would never lie to us. /sarc

  17. Tony T says:

    If you would like to learn a little more about truth or lies, take the time to read the article in the following link.


    We can change Sedona, and the world for the better. Change starts at home. Join us, please.

    We can change things.

  18. Tony T says:

    Another good article on cell phone dangers:


    Some will try to insult me, I don’t care. You can’t insult someone who knows who they truly are. If I change one persons life for the better it has been a very good day.

    You try and make it a good day too !!

  19. TONY BABY!!! says:

    “If I change one persons life for the better it has been a very good day.”
    Consider yourself having as having a super good day cause you changed mine for the better just by being true to your spirit.

    People will generally bury their heads in the sand or sweep things under the carpet when they are too painful to bear. Like the truth. Best to not read those studies or listen to the thousands of doctors or engineers speaking against wireless.
    Best to laugh and pretend it is not true. Kill the messenger. Turn the other way.

    Don’t worry about the grandkids, you’ll be dead by time they find out they can’t have children of their own cause the girls are spending 12 years in school with laptops and wifi blasting against their reproductive organs or the boys sperm can’t reach the eggs cause they swim in circles following the microwave transmissions.
    No don’t think about it, its too uncomfortable to speak out after the years of programming to be politically correct. Whoever decided what politically correct was?
    Keep speaking your truth for you are ascending the collective whole of mankind, even the sleeping and the ones under the carpet or with heads in the sand.
    I’m right here helping you Tony. Keep doing your part.
    We won. We win.

  20. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Tony T:

    Mr Tonisch allow me to ask you this, since the Federal Government has mandated that cell towers will not be stopped and the State of AZ has mandated that small site towers will be allowed in any city or town right of way with no hindrance, would you be willing to support the city of Sedona in a law suit that could defend your point? Even it were to bankrupt the city????

  21. &Toby T says:


    All those links sound like FAKE news…
    Why not continue working on you new webpage and go find two cops talking to each other for 15 minutes as examples of a waste of your “hard earned tax dollars”

    Put your name on that webpage as well

  22. Tony T says:

    @ Mrs Roger Thomas

    Did you read the article and supporting documents? We can win this too.

    Of course, currently all the city cares about is more revenue to give to their friends.

  23. Tony T says:


    Thank You !!!

    We can change things for the better.

  24. Tony T says:

    I have a thought for you all.

    Just imagine if Sedona was the first Cell phone and EMF free city. Imagine the people who would come and want to live in an area where there kids and themselves were protected. Combine that with the natural beauty, vortex and other positive energy, we would have something no other place in the world has.

    Or we could just do laser shows and more advertising to get more day trippers and traffic. .

  25. steve Segner says:

    Federal Government has mandated that cell towers great point but Tony never lets facts get is the way of his bluster

  26. J. Rick Normand says:

    @Jean Jenks, Tony T, Mrs. Roger Thomas, Duh How Come, and Warren Woodward when he comments here in the future,

    Please do some serious research on this…I have it on good authority that the giant new tower at the airport is NOT a cell tower, but something far more dangerous. IT’S A SMART-METER RELAY TOWER. If it’s otherwise, then why does the installer have lead covers on ALL its own smart-meters on its building and in its yard here in Sedona? Warren, we need you now. Please investigate!


  27. Tony T? says:

    So, you want to eliminate cell phones in Sedona?

    Do you really think these things through one bit?

    That will be sooooooo helpful for an injured hiker or biker!

    Spouting nonsense seams to be the norm here…..Fascinating, and stupid! lol

  28. Sedona Mafia says:

    Tony does do his homework. While the Feds do require things Suckner is always spinning things so he can grab more $$$ from the city to pay for business. Think about it folks the city is just a speck of the GREATER SEDONA REGION. If you watched the meeting you would have heard they want to force providers to lease city property first $$$$$$. Cell towers don’t need to be place in in city limits.
    It is about money, those same providers can go to the county and complete reception and save some majjor bucks!
    City is about $$$

  29. Tony T says:

    @Tony T?

    What did injured people do before cell phones and instant response? Maybe they did not take risks and expect others to save them. Maybe they hiked with a friend, most do even now. Maybe they stayed on a heavily used trail as most in Sedona already are. Shame on those who would not help someone they found injured.

    If someone felt the need to go far off the beaten path , alone, there are satellite linked rescue beacons.

    What if their cell phone battery went dead, we should have battery recharging stations and roving rescue teams, just in case. /sarc

    Or, we could expect people to have some common sense.

  30. Newcomer to sedona says:

    Boy you people here sure like to complain about EVERYTHING.

    Hope you negativity is not contagious.
    Don’t understand how you can live in this God graced beauty and find fault after fault after fault….

    I guess you all really work at….

    Happy Holidays

  31. @ newcomer to Sedona says:

    Yet, you are fascinated to keep reading it and then share an opinion you are not qualified to make. You have not been here long enough. I thought someone shared the silence rule with you.
    Move along little fella…

  32. @JRICKNORMAND says:


    The smart grid is bringing the electric utility industry into the 21st century. In combination with smart meters, the smart grid enables consumers to monitor their energy usage. WOW,ALL THAT MONEY SO WE CAN READ OUR USAGE ONLINE!!!!!WOW
    For utilities, it eliminates house-to-house meter reading, makes possible the remote connection and disconnection of electric power, and sends automatic alerts when outages occur.OR WHEN YOU HAVE VISITORS OVER!!

    The smart grid enables retail electric providers to offer time-of-use rates that differentiate peak and off-peak consumption to encourage electricity consumers to shift their consumption patterns accordingly. TRANSLATION,FREEDOM OF CHOICE ELIMINATED, SLOWLY.YOU WILL HARDLY NOTICE YOUR ACTIONS ARE NOW BEING CONTROLLED!!It also enables consumers to support the integration of distributed generation (for example, electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels). SUPPORT THE INTEGRATION PEOPLE, I MEAN SHEEPLE!!!

    But the smart grid is only as smart as the communications network that ensures the rapid and reliable two-way transmission of all this data. Over the past three years, CenterPoint Energy (Houston, Texas, U.S.) has been installing just this kind of advanced communications network.

    Network Requirements
    The mass of information accumulated by smart meters is of no value unless it can be transmitted reliably to the utility data center and processed. THIS IS DONE EVERYTIME IT PULSES MICROWAVE RADIATION THROUGH YOUR HOME’S WIRING SYSTEM ON AVERAGE ABOUT 94,000 TIMES A DAYHence, there is a critical need for an effective communications network. OF COURSE. I CAN’T BELIEVE I USE TO RELY OF IT JUST FOR LIGHT AND HEATING,NOW I CAN LOOK AT MY USAGE ALL DAY!!!!!IN REAL TIME!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW GREAT THIS IS!!!!!!

    To create such a network, CenterPoint worked with IBM, Itron, GE and Quanta Services. Each of these vendors has made a contribution to the network’s success:

    IBM’s network methodology was the basis for the network’s architecture.
    Itron provided meter, cell relay and system hardware, software and services.
    GE provided WiMAX radios/antennas, management software and services.
    Quanta provided meter and communications equipment installation services.
    CenterPoint had seven exacting requirements for its communications network:

    Have a comprehensive coverage design for a 5,000-sq-mile (12,950-sq-km) service area.
    Provide two-way communications to endpoints (that is, to cell relays [meter data collectors] and intelligent grid switching devices).
    Have data throughput capacity sufficient to transmit 96 interval readings a day from each of more than 2 million meters, and to execute all service orders generated.
    Be reliable in all conditions, particularly storm conditions as the Houston area is susceptible to hurricanes.
    Be secure, adhering to strict cyber-security standards.
    Be scalable to keep pace with ever-increasing amounts of data as more smart meters and intelligent grid switching devices are installed in the years ahead.
    Have adequate fail-over and redundancy to ensure backup in the event of a component failure.
    Architecture Development
    IBM’s network methodology was used to help CenterPoint develop the communications architecture for the smart grid. This methodology is represented by a collection of development templates, best practices and procedures for designing networks. The development process is structured in phases, from the requirements, to conceptual modeling, to logical modeling and, ultimately, to the final detailed network design. THANKS EVERYBODY!!!

    The end result of this development process was a communications network design in which the meters form a mesh and communicate through cell relays. The design ratio of meters to cell relays is roughly 400:1. In the event a cell relay fails, the meters associated with the failed cell relay will migrate to an adjacent cell relay. THEY CAN MIGRATE SO YOU CAN STILL LOOK AT YOUR USAGE ANY TIME!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR US, I USED TO HAVE TO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN I LEFT THE ROOM!!! NOW I KEEP THE LIGHTS ON SO I CAN REVIEW MY USAGE IN REAL TIME ONLINE. UNLESS I FORGET TO PAY MY BILL, THEN I CAN LOSE MY POWER REMOTELY!!!!

    From the cell relay, there is dual-path (primary and secondary) communications architecture. The primary communications path is the company’s private WiMAX network, consisting of radio towers, typically at substations, which connect to nearby cell relay sites. A failure of any segment of the company’s WiMAX backhaul communications will cause the cell relays associated with that segment to fail over to the secondary path, a public cellular carrier (AT&T) network.OK NOW WE KNOW WHY WE NEED SO MANY NEW TOWERS HERE IN LITTLE SEDONA, IT IS A BACKUP PLAN SO THE DATA NEVER STOPS MOVING!!!!! NOTHING TO DO WITH 5 BARS ON MY CELLPHONE!!!!!

    The smart grid communications model was developed as an end-to-end design with dual communications paths to provide redundancy. By implementing a private wireless infrastructure as a primary communications path and using a public cellular carrier as the secondary path, CenterPoint was able to use the full strengths of both types of networks to create a reliable solution. This redundancy and resiliency enables CenterPoint to live up to its brand promise: “Always there.”YOU BET ALWAYS THERE,,WHEN YOU SLEEP(if you CAN sleep), WHEN YOU DO ANYTHING FROM THE MOMENT YOU OPEN YOUR EYES TILL THE TIME YOU GO ONLINE TO CHECK YOUR USAGE!!!!!!

    Communications Network Build
    Smart meters transmit electric usage data wirelessly to cell relays installed on electric distribution poles connected to both the WiMAX and cellular networks. More than 5,200 cell relay sites have been built across Houston to communicate with the more than 2 million meters installed across CenterPoint’s electric distribution territory.

    The cell relay location consists of a cell relay, a wireless WiMAX remote radio and an antenna — all of which are powered by electricity from the power line with battery back-up. For approximately every 75 cell relay locations, there is a WiMAX radio tower site that functions as a take-out point (TOP) to collect the data. THIS PART IS FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING UP ON THE AIRPORT, BUT DON’T WORRY, THE P AND Z IS GOING TO HOLD FEWER MEETINGS!!! NO NEED TO THINK ABOUT ANYTHING BUT CHECKING YOU OWN USAGE IN REAL TIME!!!!

    At the cell relay sites, communications crews program the WiMAX radio and then align the antenna to ensure the radio is communicating with the TOP. TOPs, which are built mainly at CenterPoint substations, collect data from cell relays within a several-mile radius and deliver the data, through the microwave and fiber backhaul network, to the data center.

    The TOP consists of a 150-ft (46-m) steel lattice tower or pole. On the structure, crews installed three WiMAX antennas, spaced 120 degrees apart, to receive signals from surrounding cell relays. In addition, crews installed and aligned the microwave dish to connect with the core network through an adjacent microwave location. The telecommunications equipment for the TOP is sheltered inside a concrete building at the base of the tower or pole. Cell relay data collected through one of three master radios — one for each antenna — is routed over the microwave network by fiber-optic cable to the data center.

    A data collection engine passes information collected from the cell relays to the meter data management system, which processes and stores meter data and also executes service orders. CenterPoint sends meter data to the Smart Meter Texas web portal, where consumers may securely view their historical 15-minute usage data in 24-hour, 30-day and 13-month snapshots. WOW!!!! OR WE COULD TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN WE ARE NOT USING IT!!!!!

    The Network Takes Shape
    More than 2.2 million smart meters have been deployed, along with 5,220 cell relays and 140 TOPs. With these in place, more than 2 billion intervals of usage data are being recorded and made available to consumers on the Internet each week. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE REVEALING TO YOU. WHAT, MY GOOD FREE CITIZENS ARE YOU REVEALING TO ALL THOSE COMPANY’S THAT BUILT THIS JUST FOR YOU????????

    Communications network development must be closely coordinated with the meter deployment. CenterPoint’s meters were deployed by route, and the network communications infrastructure was in place and stable three months ahead of the meter deployment. This approach allowed meters to begin communicating with the system immediately. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT PLAN FOR THE DATA COLLECTORS!!!! PLUSE YOU WERE ABLE TO CHECK YOUR USAGE RIGHT AWAY!!!!! NOW THAT IS SERVICE!!!!!!!


  33. @Tony T says:

    Tony your to funny.

    Every time you talk or post you show your true colors. (Deleted by editor)

  34. @jDICKNORMAND says:

    Thanks for shareIng that USELESS information.
    That’s 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  35. Warren says:

    Rick, the information in your comment above is a bit messed up. The big cell tower on Airport Mesa is not APS’s according to antennasearch.com. That said, there is a new small tower just west of that big one. You have to go up to the Mesa to see it. It’s basically a utility pole with a small antenna on top. According to antennasearch.com, it belongs to APS. I am guessing that APS has installed their own relay antenna rather than pay a carrier like they were probably doing previously because the tower is a relatively new installation and “smart” meters were installed in Sedona in 2014. That tower was not there then.

    The covers at Merit are not lead. They are an RF blocking fabric and made by smartmeterblock.com. I am guessing Merit did not put them there. There is one analog meter there at that bank of meters. I am guessing that the person who has the analog bought those covers and stuck them on.

    BTW, blocking items like that are good for blocking the microwaves of others’ meters but not for one’s own meter because that meter will still conduct its emissions onto your house wiring (as seen in my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NTSejgsjTc ).

    Also, blocking devices do not eliminate RF 100%. If they did, APS would be out to see why they weren’t getting a signal. I have measured “smart” meters that were transmitting from inside a closed metal cabinet. The signal is weaker but there is still a signal. In the mesh network that these meters use, all the signal has to do is reach the nearest meter, not the antenna on Airport Mesa. That said, APS has admitted their meters’ signals can go for a mile. I used to live in a house in which the remote controlled ceiling fans would get adjusted by the neighbor’s “smart” meter 30 yards away.


    OK Now that we have clarified all that, we are still screwed as far and health and environment and the city council now in place dosen’t care. They do not have the courage to stand tall in the day.
    Replace everyone.

  37. Thanks Warren says:

    Thanks Warren

    Hey Rick…..Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story or conscripacy story …

  38. Hay Warren says:

    Of course Ricks comment is messed up. People like Rick hate everything Sedona. You are doing an amazing job holding State officials feet to the fire to keep us safe. We owe you a big thank you for what you do!

  39. MEDUSA METERS... says:

    Could YOU be the proud owner of a “Medusa meter”. APS won’t tell you unless you ask?Call Us
    Outside metro-Phoenix:
    Outside metro-Phoenix:

    In addition, some residents within AMI mesh networks may also have “Medusa” meters on their property. One investigator reports: “A utility whistle blower told us about a special smart meter—a mini cell phone tower. This collection device receives data and more radiation from five hundred to seven hundred surrounding meters and uses the customer’s premises to serve as a relay station to transmit other neighbors’ data along the mesh network to collection points. These Medusa meters are deployed upon properties without the owner’s knowledge or consent. The utilities select a property for this meter based upon easy meter access to the street, no locked gates or dogs and good customer payment history. . . Utilities reward good customers with a Medusa meter and bathe their homes with additional toxic radiation.”12

    The new smart grid signal infrastructure is a duplication of the massive cellular communications build-out which, over the last thirty years, has spawned over three hundred thousand microwave towers and rooftop antenna arrays from coast to coast. There are at least a dozen published epidemiological studies reporting that populations living within five hundred meters of cellular microwave antennas suffer high rates of adverse health effects including headaches, skin rashes, vision/hearing problems, dizziness, sleep disturbances, hormonal abnormalities and chronic fatigue. There are also many reports of cancer clusters among people living near cell towers or in buildings directly under them.

  40. More wireless,no thanks says:

    Wireless will destroy man at his expense

    (hyperlink removed by editor)

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