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Eddie Maddock: Words to Remember

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers words to remember about the city of Sedona yesterdays, tomorrows and its now.

Sedona AZ – Anyone familiar with the famous 1938 movie “Gone With the Wind” will recall the famous last words uttered by Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) to Scarlett O’Hara (Vivian Leigh) when replying to her tearful “Where shall I go? What shall I do?” questions with his, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Scarlett, not being at a loss for words and to comfort herself concluded the famous classic movie with, “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all tomorrow is another day.”

Yes, tomorrow IS another day. If yesterday is history and tomorrow remains a mystery, then why not consider today a gift? Why else would we call it the present?

So every tick-tock of a clock means the moment has expired, and how quickly that process progresses. Every second ultimately plays a role in the outcome of what that “tomorrow” holds.

Let’s look at it another way.

How many yesterdays have become the today that will serve as the sum total of previous yesterdays?

Here are examples:

·  The property on Brewer Road, purchased by the City of Sedona for the express purpose of becoming a community park is now slated primarily as a parking lot. A far cry from the original intent – a promised neighborhood facility and social gathering place – has become just another of many broken promises and commitments giving false hope and misplaced trust in our elected officials.

·  Ongoing attempts to rezone single-family properties for higher density in order to accommodate “affordable” housing for a local population, in reality, acquired by approving far too many large resorts for which incorporated Sedona hasn’t the capacity or infrastructure to appropriately maintain.

·  A failed attempt, at least temporarily, to rezone other residential properties on Jordan Road for the purpose of accommodating multi-story housing, also supposedly to accommodate workforce and less costly housing.

Recent ADOT traffic studies found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles to merely drive through the Sedona city limits, as drivers continue their way through Oak Creek canyon without stopping. Red rock views are the Sedona attraction, while Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon are the traffic’s destination.

There are many other examples that have come and gone over the years, but as elected officials and City Hall staff members also come and go, many previous commitments never came to fruition.

However and much to the surprise of many locals, State of Arizona’s approval of residential/short term vacation rentals rendered them legal, and thus knocked the wind out of the sails of many of Sedona’s most influential sources – with questionable ability – to pull certain strings within the confines of City Hall.

Although transparency had been a key word of intent within local jurisdiction that policy suddenly seemed to have “gone with the wind” when the concept of Citizen Engagement groups was approved allowing selective segments to form and meet privately on behalf of their own agendas.

And what has become with listening to concerns of Sedona residents? After all, was it residents who, in fact, voted the now questionably wise decision for Sedona to become an incorporated city?

Where is consideration for the people living in the Brewer Road corridor already suffering from too much traffic created largely due to poor planning and foolish choices?

Why has it now been decided to allow an appropriately designated church to become a private school to accommodate a selective few?

Why is it the city of Sedona, in fact, has taken possession of the existing Brewer Road School building for their own use instead of prevailing and extending the use of that facility for what its been long before Sedona turned into what appears to be more and more, on a daily basis, as a dictatorship run by those who allegedly “know what’s best for us.” Says who? And people wonder why Sedona’s population is dropping when the rest of Arizona is expanding.

sedona arizona uptown arizona republic photo

Sedona AZ Uptown – photo courtesy of Arizona Republic

Word of mouth still prevails as the most effective type of advertising even in spite of the literally millions of dollars turned over to a regional Chamber of Commerce that, to date, proved to attract nothing more than increased daytrippers and longer lines of traffic.

Those who feel ready to throw up – including more than just their hands – really do have recourses, however, the recourses take unification, cooperation, and, an effort to effectively fight city hall.

Elect council members who will listen to and represent their constituents – over and above the existing business control. Don’t be misled that the Chamber of Commerce, by tacking on Bureau of Tourism to its name, miraculously (maybe, but not legally?) became the “controlling branch” of Sedona City Government. Not true! Keep in mind – it’s a member-driven organization, committed solely to represent ONLY its members, many if not most are located outside Sedona City Limits and DO NOT COLLECT CITY TAXES.  Oh sure – old news – but if something actually occurred to change that scenario it would miraculously become of no longer concern. Viola! It all becomes yesterday’s old news. Or is that simply wishful thinking?

The resistance to acknowledge blatant indiscretions remains a mystery. Is it simply a determination to ignore residential zoning against the will of the residents? Apparently the only way to battle the bulging arrogance recently displayed by the majority of the P & Z Commissioners is to hone in, hire an attorney, and challenge them in court with one or more class action lawsuits. How sad is that?

Still wondering why people are moving out of Sedona?

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why we call it the Present. And then, like a poof of smoke, it is GONE WITH THE WIND.


  1. Applause for Kristen Sinema says:

    She’s turning out to be the best independent Democrat the likes of a Joe Manchin and others. I might vote for her next time if she doesn’t cave in to this Democratic hellhole spending on nanny care and not giving workers a fair shake on jobs.


    Let the crybabies wanting socialized on my dime get a job that’s paying $15 bucks an hour. They wanted $15 and they got it. Now go get the job. Close the border first President Biden. Your ratings are sinking lower every day and nobody in Arizona thinks open borders are good for us unless they’re running drugs or paying cash under tables for workers to avoid taxes.

    Stick to your guns, Sinema. We moderates and independents got your back.

  2. Jerry Uptown says:

    What the @Applause for Kristen Sinema have to do with local broken promises here in Sedona? Will Ms. Sinema consider running for Mayor of Sedona or maybe a seat on the City Council?

    National BS is a daily occurrence but reading factual information of the breaches of our local government – well. Actually guess there really isn’t that much difference?

  3. Paul & Bev T. says:

    We live in uptown Sedona. When the proposal for rezoning property on Jordan was approved, we were among the obvious majority (based on citizen attendance and speakers at the meeting) who felt very betrayed. It was a refreshing turn of events when it was the DEVELOPER who rescinded his application for the zone change.

    It’s a pleasure to witness such an event. We thank that developer for having respect for our neighborhood. Can’t same the same for the P & Z commissioners and others at City Hall who promoted the issue.

    Now word on the street is the city’s intention to condemn 6 houses at the end of Forest Road in order to facilitate the extension of mini-switch backs down to connect with W89A. Just when you think you’ve heard them all! Just when you think you’ve been heard! Just when you learn betrayal and subterfuge!

    The Kristen Sinema comment it’s completely unrelated to the article under which it appears. It’s generous for the editors of Sedona Eye to commit to publishing ALL comments. Not many publications will do that. However it does give opportunity for deviants to take advantage and deliberately make off-the-wall remarks simply to detract from contents of an article. In this case, City of Sedona and their dirty little tricks? Nice try but your efforts suggest to us you quite possibly have a cushy job. Maybe at City Hall? Just a thought and a question.

    We will say it again to the city – no means no from us. No Jordan Road destruction. Never. No Forest Road condemnation for ridiculous road extension. What is wrong with you in city hall? Why, why, why must you condemn and destroy and damage our fragile eco environment for short term disastrous ideas?

  4. @Paul and Bev says:

    Why spread lies?…..No homes are being destroyed, so you dont pay attention to P&Z meetings?….There was 3 proposals years ago….No homes just land ….Funniest part any and all land now will go up in value as it has access, and it has all utilities!

    As for your uptown abortion, the plan from the developer is worse than what you fought!…..This is almost as good as the CVS property and how they almost shoved it up all the complainers rear ends…..All you fools make noise and not have a clue!

    My I suggest listen to a P&Z meeting, read all the info….Its obvious most of you have no clue how governement works, and think your construction experts!
    Its funny evey time it backfires, and never gets old!

  5. @Paul & Bev says:

    Did you not read the RRN???? The article said that the city was taking VACANT LAND not 6 HOUSES!!

    Feel free to be against anything that you’d like but please use facts!

  6. Tim says:

    Yeah I did read RRN likely the worst news source in slower Sedona. It’s a cheerleader for business or it wouldn’t be in business. It’s fingers are in land development and growth. It’s like listening to big pharma say we need vaccines and booster shots and more and more forever because they don’t believe in natural immunity. It’s mission is to have profits. You understand? That road isn’t necessary and it won’t do anything but ruin our residents quality of life and use money the city doesn’t have to spend. Put in my sewer. That’s progress city hall. Sedona doesn’t want the Jordan road boondoggle.

  7. Concerned Sedona Residents says:

    If you drive to the end of Forest Road and claim houses will not be affected by the road extension, how about taking another look? Here’s one statement quoted from the RRN 10/1/21 – “Second offers to purchase the property and easements were sent to property owners in early September.”

    Another quote from that same source – “The city has made two offers to each owner of the affected properties to purchase the needed right-of-way or easements. If a mutually agreeable amount of compensation cannot be arrived at prior to the time construction is to begin, it will be necessary to begin condemnation proceedings.”

    May we also suggest you take time to look from 89 and see for yourself the steep grade of the land to be used for the mini switch backs. How much is anyone willing to bet that blasting will NOT be required as a necessity to accomplish this task? https://sedonaeye.com/eddie-maddock-feasible-and-sustainable-sedona-matters/ .

    Those who are so against anyone objecting to land grabbing might feel differently if they owned the land. Think about it.

  8. Donna says:

    These homeowners need to organize together to stop this invasion of nonresidents near their homes. This city council needs to be fired. This P&Z needs to be fired. City hall needs to be fired. This destruction of our eco system is wrong. The monsoons will devastate this area with runoff that was protected but now won’t be. Homes will be subjected to traffic that brings trash and accidents and vagrants and for what? To avoid the roundabout? You people are trashing our beautiful city for everyone else but fatcats. Get those property owners to start a petition to save Jordan Road. The museum doesn’t need that road to survive. The residents don’t need that road to shave 2 minutes off a trip to Whole Foods.

  9. Walter S. says:

    Has any consideration been given to possible encroachment on existing USFS land? If not, why not?

    Is arrogance of power so out of control that decisions being made at City Hall have dismissed consideration of possible higher authority? Hasn’t it been proven time and time again that final authority comes from many sources like Earthquakes; floods; wild fires, etc. All of which have touched Sedona at one time or another.

    What happened to the great plans(?) for the pedestrian crossing for Tlaquepaque? It appears this city is not capable of completing one boondoggle prior to starting another.

    Brewer Road community park? With designated historic buildings? Now to become a parking lot?

    Christ Center Wesleyan Church has been awarded a “conditional use permit” to allow a kiddie day school for the Running River School.

    Not an intrusion in a quiet residential neighborhood? You bet it is.

    More reasons / facts for the recent census decrease in Sedona’s population? Just some additional food for thought, fodder to choke on and another guy’s opinion.

    Have a nice day. RAIN – yippee – we needed it!! How’s that for ending with a happy thought?

  10. Teacher’s Son says:

    Monty Python laughs at Sedona, suggest read and share Dr Michael Youssef book that’s online. Sedona lightworkers need you to act now. Namaste.

  11. @Paul & Bev says:

    Well, I happen to live way up on Ridge and my neighbors appreciate another way to escape in case of a fire. Go ahead and be short-sighted but I and my neighbors don’t have any issue with that new road.

  12. Chuckles the Clown says:

    Please forgive me for being unable to resist temptation, but a featured headline Oct. 1, 2021, of that local paper, the RRN which has been referenced several time, states

    “City cancels trick-or-trick”

    “Words to Remember” INDEED!

  13. Goldie says:

    Sedona losing discerning customers, my cousins from Santa Fe said bye after Jeep tour because they’d seen the best and didn’t need to see the rest. They passed up staying for the planned week free in our lovely guest quarters, we ate a nice lunch out, visited the chapel, drove up the switchbacks and turned around at first overlook, they took a couple hour hike on a good trail near me, and left in the morning for southern Utah quiet and Aspen fall colors. A polite but telling comment was that Sedona wasn’t quite as they remembered.

  14. Fire says:

    I call bull to the comment about another way out in case of fire. I’m a firefighter. Case closed.

  15. Spence & Evelyn says:

    These may not be words to remember but more or less an opportunity to have some fun (a rare event these days).


    (in the)


    Dedicated to “Chuckles the Clown”

  16. Mona, Sedona says:

    Jordon Road residents contact Cline Road residents because they fought city hall road plan and won!!!

  17. BD KW RM JM OZ says:

    Believe Jordan Rd a designated historical area? Believe city prevented bastardization of museum area years back.

    No condemnation may be legal and could be a USFS issue and a city violation and departments of recourses and need EPA AG environmental impact studies. Call ADOT and ask what hoops they go through to build any road.

    Check with your own lawyers or ADOT lawyers and get not one piece of information but every scrap. City gives out on its dime and time and is it 100% reliable with its self interest? Providing tedious research isn’t a city strength. You blow up rocks and its a forever Sedona destruction.

    Completely detrimental to Sedona health and quality of life going on now with its influencers. The comments and Eddie Maddock’s articles speak for many reading and watching.

  18. Jason says:

    Intelligent rumor has it City looking to come off airport Mesa down thru middle les springs neighborhood to exit on 89a using its double Gates for egress and ingress. Good for moving tourists if present access road continues failing. Might build flyover bridging on part of it from airport to 89a like one proposed for RRXing. City owns that stretch and impact would be very little with commercial approved at its base. State can’t interfere. Any hear different or alike?

  19. Bill, Main Street says:

    How many restaurants closed or can’t continue in Sedona because of coronavirus? How many stores closed or will close because of it? President Biden approval rating fell to 38% today. Quinipac poll. You see the masses from Haiti and Asia at the border for what reason except to make it a racial issue instead of a security for America issue? You should be demanding that you see it because they’re there and John Kerry said Biden didn’t even know about the French ambassador issue!!

    Does he know that he’s put a China born Moscow University graduate up to control our banking? Do you? Why not? Find it on the web. Does he know that Afghanistan is hanging people from cranes in the middle of the cities as a warning? Turn on the pipeline Mr President like you did for Russia and stop turning our country over to China. America is great and be proud to live here. We fix our issues instead of relying on despots and dictators. Remember it.

  20. Old Timers says:

    .@Jason – that idea has come and gone sooo many times. For one thing, Yavapai County and NOT City of Sedona has jurisdiction of the airport. Unless, of course, that status has changed. It seems to be an ongoing problem here in Sedona. Too much misinformation.

    Also isn’t Les Springs a gated community? NOT a city owned/city street development/subdivision.. Are they willing to give up their exclusiveness ?

    Too many rumors and wild suggestions are tossed around like yesterday’s garbage. Appropriate investigation has been another missing ingredient in recipes for good planning here in Sedona – since the beginning so it seems. Reliable research with sound and reasonable solutions remain the vital missing ingredient. Again – our opinions.

    And that brings up another point. It seems to us that all too often the “city” spends big bucks to hire studies by “consultants” outside this region who are clueless about the real situation here. What they do in areas of the eastern and mid-western United States is more often than not totally inappropriate for this neck of the woods.

    Again, we are not experts but hopefully still have some good sense to objectively look at situations. We must live within our budget and thus don’t have millions to toss out on useless, idle projects that all too often amount to N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    Where’s the pedestrian crossing at Tlaquepaque? Where’s the public park on Brewer Road? Those are but two broken promises among how many others? And they wonder why hostility exists and the population is dwindling?

    And now the the “city” to have tossed out the students at the grade school on Brewer Road, to lease that facility for a city court? OMG – learning of that decision has thrown us almost to the point of breaking out the wine – or maybe even something stronger.

    THIS IS NUTS! A once FOREVER SCHOOL now just another city stoopid move awaiting failure. OMG

  21. Sedona Peter says:

    Now we’re relying on Saudi’s for oil because Biden didn’t like that last year oil was exported under Trump.

    Biden now makes us an importer and gave profits to despot in Saudi Arabia and a pipeline to the dictator in Russia but nothing for thousands of workers in America?

    Put power back in the hands of our workers and voters. Gas is over $5 in Cali and people are cancelling trips here to staycation again. The Chamber lobbies for China? Why? We pay for the Chamber with our taxes and if they are supporting overseas jobs then they need to be cut off from the Sedona money spigot. Bad enough they support regional goals with our dollars, but international goals is downright wrong too. Sedona city council take heed.

  22. Marge, Sedona says:

    But don’t forget @Old Timers. Now they will allow that church to operate as a kiddie school much to the objection of some neighbors. It has nothing to do with disliking children. That simply isn’t true. The point is having purchased properties, whether Brewer, Jordan, or other streets of Sedona – we invested in residential subdivisions. NOT school districts or to end up living amid high rise apartment buildings.

    Someone must be held responsible for ruining quality of life and diminishing property values should that be the case. Suing the socks off city council, city staff, and/or P & Z Commissioners unfortunately appears to be the only option.

  23. @Marge says:

    Diminishing property values? In gods name are you awake?

    The typical home value of homes in Sedona is $756,721. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Sedona home values have gone up 34.0% over the past year. https://www.zillow.com/sedona-az/home-values/

    Id say if city council was based on home values, the did the greatest job in the world then!….Right?…..LOL!

  24. Gary says:

    Sedona. The southern border is wide open and inflation is about to kill the middle class. Tourism thing of past. Trickle down will begin soon. Budget accordingly. House values will fall when crowded with cheap housing. Get homeless off street corners and into proper mental health facilities. End rant.

  25. Joe Lee says:

    But of course the real estate market in Sedona continues to soar! Investors are loving the chance to provide vacation rentals and rake in tons of profit!! DUH!!

    However, Dear @Marge, you failed to address the reason Sedona’s census population has DROPPED. How many of the people purchasing homes actually become “residents” versus “tourists”? Double “DUH!” When and if local control over short-term rentals resumes then perhaps a more accurate picture of Sedona will surface.

    In the meantime keep up the BS. Nothing lasts forever.

  26. Sam & Paula says:

    Traffic backed up today in EVERY direction. Sign at fire station indicates HIGH DANGER!

    By all means spend city revenue with the chamber of commerce to lead the way and pay for the the entire Verde Valley to promote “sustainability”. What better example than Sedona could possibly portray what NOT TO DO?????

  27. Joe Lee? says:

    Love the childish response wow you sure showed me….How could population go up if we added 2500 Air B&B rooms? DUH ! How does the population go up when we know of 7 homes that were built with 8 to 10 bedrooms just for Air B&B? DUH!

    It is obvious you have no math skills and your childish behavior is all you have, so enjoy?

    And when will the great Gods return our city to no short term rentals?….Funny only 4 cities in the whole state didnt allow them, but our fine governor over road them to line his pockets so he can run for Senate!…..This is still a red state, and all they care about is money, and not helping the masses!

  28. mshobert says:

    Haha – told you those silly roundabouts would not work – 15 years ago.

  29. Marty Sedona says:

    @mshobert claims he once lived here. How long ago? And why does he remain so concerned about Sedona? Is he one of the flock who had issues with the Fire Board?

    And as if traffic lights would move the traffic more efficiently. That’s a laugh. Even before “the chamber” put Sedona on the map (that’s another joke) the light at the Y would sometimes take four changes to get through! Now that’s a fact @sobsert(m).

    And BTW if traffic lights are so damn efficient why the backups at “those” intersections in West Sedona? But Msober how would you even know about that since you don’t live here?

    Nuf said. Enjoy wherever it is you have chosen to perch and leave us alone.

  30. Ronnie W. says:

    @Joe Lee? What’s childish about stating the FACT – the population of Sedona continues to decrease – with which according to your comment you agree?

    Apparently your argument is against yourself – since what you wrote agrees with the Joe Lee assessment – Sedona’s population is dropping!

    Maybe you’d be better off joining the new gang of control – short term rental investors? Your argument is clearly with the governor so why not contact him with your peculiar message? He was responsible for invalidating the Sedona city code banning short term vacation rentals in residential zoning.

  31. Eileen A. Grant and Eileen Grant Jr. says:

    Hi Walter S. and others— The Christ Center Wesleyan Church has presently been awarded a conditional use permit for NEARLY 4 YEARS–THAT IS TANTAMOUNT TO CREATING A SCHOOL ZONE IN AN OLD, RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD. Walter S.–you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, that IS an “intrusion in a quiet residential neighborhood.” Please call us at 928-282-9327–as that P+Z Commission, unfair ruling is being appealed. This is the THIRD TIME that the Christ Center Wesleyan Church has tried to turn their property into a PERMANENT SCHOOL ZONE. My mom, Eileen A. Grant–who lives immediately next door to the Wesleyan Church–is now in her nineties; this current action to force the school into the neighborhood is nothing short of ELDER ABUSE.

    In fact, in 1999, a former minister of the church, Kent Linaman, was issued a RESTRAINING ORDER by Sedona Municipal Court Judge Tip Roberts–because of harassment against my mom when Wesleyan tried to force another school into the neighborhood at that time. We have the 7/12/99 court document to prove it. We are sick and tired of being victimized by the Christ Center Wesleyan Church!

    And…the City of Sedona keeps allowing the Wesleyan Church to victimize my mom via the granting of conditional use permits. In 1999, my mom had to go to the Coconino County Superior Court to keep the city from turning the Wesleyan Church into a permanent school zone at that time.

    This entire matter is SHAMEFUL.

  32. Jayne says:

    Not quite sure what’s wrong with kids using the church building when there’s no school to be had around town? Did they have a school and did they lose it? Did the city of Sedona take their school away from them? Trying to figure out what the cause of this problem is? Thanks.

  33. Wanda & Walt Stevens says:

    @Eileen A. Grant and Eileen Grant Jr.

    This is to extend our heartfelt sadness for the encroachment on your property rights.

    What the hell business did the Sedona Oak Creek School District (not part of city of Sedona government) have in leasing that Brewer school to them, the city of Sedona? We pay taxes to respective “school districts” and NOT to Sedona. Isn’t it time to question our so-called failing “school district” about having leased that property to city government?


    And involving a private school that presumably will have tons of money to pay the cost to get what “THEY want”?

    When will enough be enough? NEVER is the answer unless we the taxpayers who pay the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District go to the source = SOCUSD & City of Sedona! Reeks with stench worse than the sewer treatment plant. At least efforts have been made to resolve that ridiculous operation.


    Let the private school rich parents either lease the former school to the private enterprise or get the hell out of Dodge. (Sedona!) Fed up to the eyeballs here.

  34. Sedona Peon (Flatlander?) says:

    @Jayne you aren’t the only one not understanding this muddled mess. It seems the city has now leased the historic Brewer Road school, built in 1930, for the purpose of becoming the headquarters for their Municipal Court activities.

    That’s pretty interesting since one of the big arguments for the also questionable development of City Hall was that the Council Chambers would function well as a Municipal Court facility thus the reason for the “jury box.”

    So why must they now acquire the Brewer Road school location, already one of Sedona’s most snarled traffic intersections, and confuse the issue even more?

    This city also purchased historical Brewer property for the purpose of becoming a public city park only to now betray that promise and turn it into a public parking lot?

    They are liars, all of them.

    Good luck to the private Running River School. Once they have their foot in the door for an temporary conditional use permit during which time they will be seeking a “permanent” location for their “private” enterprise, what’s to prevent the CUP from becoming a “forever” deal – in perpetuity?

    What a sad lesson to be teaching those young students. How to finagle rezoning property wherever they damn well please for their own special agendas?

    So much for today’s education relating to ethical values.

  35. @eileen says:

    Perhaps the laughter of school children will do your mother good.. perhaps school children playing and learning will be good for the usual posters here who have a PROBLEM with everything Sedona. I have an idea…. “Get over yourselves already.
    Hateful people

  36. Carl says:

    Who broached the idea of city taking over brewer road building? Why was it even considered by P&Z? Why didn’t P&Z kick it back? P&Z seems to think its in charge of deciding who gets to go where in city limits and why is that instead of applying zoning refs to help city organization? Sprawl isn’t healthy. Nonconformance isn’t healthy.

  37. Henry & Martha says:

    Gee Whiz, @@eileen – how come your response wasn’t a surprise? Have you inquired as to why the Brewer Road School wasn’t offered to Running River School as a lease option? Could it possibly be because it’s the school district that doesn’t want competition from a private school???? And just who is it that isn’t concerned for the best interest of educating children?

    Thank you ever so much for strengthening the argument about why the Sedona School District opted to lease out their Brewer Road property to the City of Sedona instead of an opportunity to benefit youth in our area.

    Apparently they are resisting competition since the closure of the VOC school and declining number of students that have been withdrawn from district schools. And why is that? The truth, indeed, can be painful. And some of us appreciate Sedona Eye for making it known.

  38. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson says:

    It would be fascinating to know how many of those defending the laughter of schoolchildren (motherhood & apple pie?) would be the first to screech and holler if one or more vacation rentals were given CUP’s in their own neighborhoods.

    Be careful what you may find acceptable. Precedents are being set for all kinds or reasons.

  39. Tina says:

    Never have I heard @Robinsons such nonsense. I much rather have a school next door then an Air bnb. Finding fault with ALL is a bad habit!!! As was said already Get Over Yourselves!!!

  40. Peter N. says:

    Wow @Tina. Hopefully the city staff knows who you are so they can make recommendations to P & Z Commissioners and City Council about any proposed zone changes in your neighborhood. Since you’re so liberal you surely would be willing to accept a high-density development (as was proposed for Jordan Road) as a neighbor . After all, isn’t our housing crisis just as important as breaking zoning rules for kids with rich parents? If not, why not?

    If our own school district rejected leasing that Brewer Road School to Running River due to fear of competition from a “private school” isn’t that discrimination?

    Maybe you might consider offering a recommendation in your own neighborhood for rezoning to accommodate more private schools for rich kids? How about it?

  41. Eleanor says:

    Actually I’d rather have no Bnb and no school in my residential neighborhood. I rather have neighbors I know who to trust and rely on and the kind of area that I want to be in 24/7. I didn’t buy a house near a school in my old state and don’t want to be near Srrhs or others here.

  42. Tina says:


    Blah blah blah. Must of really struck a nerve with you to post such nonsense!

    I’m sure you don’t live near the proposed school….just another reason to “fault find”

  43. @Peter says:

    Love how you use the phrase “for rich kids”
    What’s up……the kids pure hearts and childlike Excitement got your mean Spirited cold miserable heart Jealous or something!? Do us a favor…..go find fault elsewhere(I’m sure that won’t be a PROBLEM for you

  44. Peter N. says:

    Thank you @@Peter for proving my point. “the kids pure hearts and childlike” = translated “MOTHERHOOD AND APPLE PIE”

    It makes no difference. The facility is a church for which it was zoned. What’s up with a “pastor” (or whatever) who would even consider using it for anything other than a place of worship. Well unless what he preaches is the love of money.

    Back to a fact – competition with the “school district” versus “private school?” Where’s the compassion for the pure hearts of little children there? This City of Sedona is so generous. How come they don’t donate their rented property (former Brewer Road legitimate school) to the private Running River folks?

    You bleeding hearts certainly don’t have a problem finding fault with those of us who disagree with you.

    Purchasing a home is the largest investment for most of us during our lifetime. And you think we don’t have any rights to protect that investment from infestations? Termites or anything else that disrupts our quality of life.

    So rave on about your pitiful defense related to rezoning. This is just the beginning. Wait and see. Hope you remember this in light of recent national events. Open borders. Thousands of illegals including – yes – innocent children all of whom are subjects for learning right versus wrong. Manipulation? Is that the latest password?

  45. Eve says:

    We ought to be able to recall this zoning decision and any other. We live and pay for it here not tourists. They pay for what they use above and beyond what we need. Hope tourism is shut down permanently by viruses.

  46. Also Parents says:

    To those who criticize anyone objecting to rezoning that church to accommodate a private school kindly keep in mind we have our reasons. Many of us have had children, raised them, and now have grandchildren. Therefore our love for them has already been proven.

    However at this stage of our time here on earth we prefer to live peacefully. Don’t we deserve a well earned afternoon nap without outside distraction? What’s wrong with that?

    Looking forward to spending special occasions with our extended family during Thanksgiving and Christmas is a blessing because our children mean everything to us. However the thought of having a nearby church or other specifically dedicated facility turned into a kiddie daycare might well be considered a curse at a certain point in time.

    Sorry but them’s the facts of life. Remember you, too, will grow old. That is if you live long enough!

  47. @peter N says:

    Sorry Peter…. Children don’t care about those negative sick illness that infect your mind….. Their more interested in play and learning without the hateful negativity’s that infect your mind. Go take a nap in the afternoon while you still can..
    Breathe in Breathe out Peter.. that’s a good boy

  48. A Positive Response says:

    This may come as a surprise to SE readers but our comment is upbeat. As residents of uptown we are very grateful to the developer of property on Jordan Road for withdrawing his request for a higher density zone change.
    Someone actually listened to residents and responded to US – accordingly.

    It remains somewhat sad, however, because it wasn’t anyone at city hall – City Council, P & Z Commissioners, or staff. Clearly they care NOTHING about most of us who live here. Emphasis on MOST OF US..

    But better yet retaining expensive legal representation has at least for the time being has been averted. However we will remain prepared in the event it becomes necessary in order to protect our property rights.

  49. Nick says:


    children don’t care about Your ? hateful words?

    Listen folks this is a zoning issue plain and simple. The kids are a sideshow for you to try and get your way to open a school where a school should never be.

    That church doesn’t even have a school.

    Don’t you think THAT would be ITS first priority? To educate their children to be Christians?

    IT didn’t choose that plan. Why should others get to carpetbag that neighborhood?

    P&Z didn’t do a proper job. They didn’t do their job and abetted a lawsuit. Well deserved wouldn’t you agree?

  50. Joe & Marge says:

    @Nick AMEN & HALLELUJAH! Finally another brave soul who DARES to speak the TRUTH!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    But . . . . good luck! Truth most likely will NOT prevail. But motherhood, apple pie, and presenting small children as a diversion will seal the deal and divert the real issue:


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