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Eddie Maddock: Words to Remember

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers words to remember about the city of Sedona yesterdays, tomorrows and its now.

Sedona AZ – Anyone familiar with the famous 1938 movie “Gone With the Wind” will recall the famous last words uttered by Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) to Scarlett O’Hara (Vivian Leigh) when replying to her tearful “Where shall I go? What shall I do?” questions with his, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Scarlett, not being at a loss for words and to comfort herself concluded the famous classic movie with, “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all tomorrow is another day.”

Yes, tomorrow IS another day. If yesterday is history and tomorrow remains a mystery, then why not consider today a gift? Why else would we call it the present?

So every tick-tock of a clock means the moment has expired, and how quickly that process progresses. Every second ultimately plays a role in the outcome of what that “tomorrow” holds.

Let’s look at it another way.

How many yesterdays have become the today that will serve as the sum total of previous yesterdays?

Here are examples:

·  The property on Brewer Road, purchased by the City of Sedona for the express purpose of becoming a community park is now slated primarily as a parking lot. A far cry from the original intent – a promised neighborhood facility and social gathering place – has become just another of many broken promises and commitments giving false hope and misplaced trust in our elected officials.

·  Ongoing attempts to rezone single-family properties for higher density in order to accommodate “affordable” housing for a local population, in reality, acquired by approving far too many large resorts for which incorporated Sedona hasn’t the capacity or infrastructure to appropriately maintain.

·  A failed attempt, at least temporarily, to rezone other residential properties on Jordan Road for the purpose of accommodating multi-story housing, also supposedly to accommodate workforce and less costly housing.

Recent ADOT traffic studies found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles to merely drive through the Sedona city limits, as drivers continue their way through Oak Creek canyon without stopping. Red rock views are the Sedona attraction, while Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon are the traffic’s destination.

There are many other examples that have come and gone over the years, but as elected officials and City Hall staff members also come and go, many previous commitments never came to fruition.

However and much to the surprise of many locals, State of Arizona’s approval of residential/short term vacation rentals rendered them legal, and thus knocked the wind out of the sails of many of Sedona’s most influential sources – with questionable ability – to pull certain strings within the confines of City Hall.

Although transparency had been a key word of intent within local jurisdiction that policy suddenly seemed to have “gone with the wind” when the concept of Citizen Engagement groups was approved allowing selective segments to form and meet privately on behalf of their own agendas.

And what has become with listening to concerns of Sedona residents? After all, was it residents who, in fact, voted the now questionably wise decision for Sedona to become an incorporated city?

Where is consideration for the people living in the Brewer Road corridor already suffering from too much traffic created largely due to poor planning and foolish choices?

Why has it now been decided to allow an appropriately designated church to become a private school to accommodate a selective few?

Why is it the city of Sedona, in fact, has taken possession of the existing Brewer Road School building for their own use instead of prevailing and extending the use of that facility for what its been long before Sedona turned into what appears to be more and more, on a daily basis, as a dictatorship run by those who allegedly “know what’s best for us.” Says who? And people wonder why Sedona’s population is dropping when the rest of Arizona is expanding.

sedona arizona uptown arizona republic photo

Sedona AZ Uptown – photo courtesy of Arizona Republic

Word of mouth still prevails as the most effective type of advertising even in spite of the literally millions of dollars turned over to a regional Chamber of Commerce that, to date, proved to attract nothing more than increased daytrippers and longer lines of traffic.

Those who feel ready to throw up – including more than just their hands – really do have recourses, however, the recourses take unification, cooperation, and, an effort to effectively fight city hall.

Elect council members who will listen to and represent their constituents – over and above the existing business control. Don’t be misled that the Chamber of Commerce, by tacking on Bureau of Tourism to its name, miraculously (maybe, but not legally?) became the “controlling branch” of Sedona City Government. Not true! Keep in mind – it’s a member-driven organization, committed solely to represent ONLY its members, many if not most are located outside Sedona City Limits and DO NOT COLLECT CITY TAXES.  Oh sure – old news – but if something actually occurred to change that scenario it would miraculously become of no longer concern. Viola! It all becomes yesterday’s old news. Or is that simply wishful thinking?

The resistance to acknowledge blatant indiscretions remains a mystery. Is it simply a determination to ignore residential zoning against the will of the residents? Apparently the only way to battle the bulging arrogance recently displayed by the majority of the P & Z Commissioners is to hone in, hire an attorney, and challenge them in court with one or more class action lawsuits. How sad is that?

Still wondering why people are moving out of Sedona?

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why we call it the Present. And then, like a poof of smoke, it is GONE WITH THE WIND.


  1. @To all the above says:

    Speaking of the same ole Blah blah blah if you so detest Sedona Eye then why do you waste your time monitoring the contents by reading the publication? How about you consider changing your own habits? In case you didn’t know, Santa Claus is due to arrive in just a few days. Your choice is naughty or nice. It appears you prefer to be snarky. How nice is that? Or maybe you might consider a lump of doggie doo in you Christmas stocking a neat treat? Good boy!!

  2. @@to all the above says:

    Good point that We are Sedona’s backbone and not commercialism. Devotees to a sinking President and sinking government policies leaves Bernie Biden Bicoastals (aka urban dopers and government toadies) clueless in 2020s. What an embarrassment they’re to children and their parents. More AZ Flakes. Do you know Cindy McCain got awarded an ambassadorship by Biden? That says it in black and white that RINOs elected this creepy old man. Google about Flake and where he’s at now.

  3. To all the above says:

    Because SEDONA is my home ….. and the name Sedona Eye (based on most comments here) Implies that we are a bunch of crybaby whiners who got it so so rough.. Change the blogs name to the EYE and I Guarantee you’ll never hear from me again. I enjoy my life and not look for things wrong every single day of my life like you do.. That’s why….

  4. yep, all the above says:

    I agree with you….I come here to find out the lies people spread….I get some of the craziest things told to me by locals, but yet they never know where they heard it…

    Bitch moan and complain, and do nothing about it…That is the Sedona Eye!

    The complain about the chamber getting money, they dont care to fix it!
    Its state law that money has to be spent!
    They complain about traffic, then turn around and complain about public transportation!
    They complain about Sedona taxes, but never complain that the state takes more from them than the city.
    They complain about being incorporated over 30 years ago, but never look at the mess in VOC!

    They say there is no workforce housing problems but never talk to the people who it effects!
    More complaints about dropping property values, yet the single family home is over $850K now

    They are old bitter people with no lives! ….They think they have all the answers in fact all they needed to do was pay attention for the last 40 years and see the mess that was created right in front of their noses!

    No one comes here to be informed! Its more like coming here to see Sedonas ugly underbelly and the uninformed!

  5. Max says:

    Thanks for standing up Sedona Eye. You’re admired here and appreciated for sharing what others are saying that doesn’t get covered here.

  6. Larry W. says:

    Wow your attitude speaks volumes @To all the above.

    Sedona is YOUR home? As if you are the only person living here? Talk about a crybaby. Look in the mirror. Who cleans up your slobber and changes your diapers?

    Since you enjoy your life so much why do you persist in making it miserable by reading SEDONA EYE? Have you also made a request for the SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS to change their name by eliminating Sedona?

    Who died and named you king/queen? Are you a descendant of Sedona Schnebly? If you really lived up to your claim “enjoy my life and not look for things wrong every single day of my life” then why torture yourself by reading Sedona Eye?

    You speak with forked tongue. How about attempting to practice what you preach? Better yet go take a hike. Maybe a little fresh air might clear your head?

  7. Roger & Geneva W. says:

    Oh my goodness @yep, all of the above. Your rant speaks volumes which translated might very well indicate your anger rages from the truth revealed by information on Sedona Eye.

    “. . . doth protest too much” . . . a reflection of how dare you speak the truth? Tsk Tsk Thanks for the amusement. It helps take our minds off COVID-19 at least momentarily!

  8. Archie says:

    Sorry @yep. all of the above, but your alleged statement that it’s a state law money must be given to the chamber of commerce is incorrect. Most municipalities give NOTHING to their local C of C’s. A nearby example is Flagstaff but there are many more. Camp Verde to my recollection doesn’t even have a C of C.

    Maybe your time would be better spent verifying just how many city/towns overstep by funding a chamber of commerce instead of elevating your blood pressure by making crazed and inaccurate accusations on Sedona Eye which appears to have become a peculiar obsession for you. And it would be far more educational if you could provide the results of your research on Sedona Eye. Poor soul. Your other accusations most qualify for additional verification but why waste time on a pathetic and what appears to be obvious loser?

  9. Maylinda Daesh says:

    Sedona is going with the wind. There is very little grace left.

  10. Eleanor & Thomas says:

    Sedona is going with the wind @Maylinda Daesh. The best gift we could received from Santa Claus (in our opinions) would be for City Hall to “go with the wind.” Like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” one small twister could sweep up the bad energy driven karma from this once charming piece of God’s universe and take it where it belongs. Maybe the opposite place from Heaven??

  11. Morgan Kim Coleman Fam says:

    Merry Christmas cheer cheer cheer it’s time for reindeer and presents. Bring it on.

  12. Claude says:

    Happy holidays all.

  13. Rochelle I. McCormick (Shelley) says:

    California friends and family from Paradise Valley, Santan, and Mesa are here at dinner and for weekend get together and we are having a good time reading the comments and thinking about the changes they’ve seen in last few years. Merry Christmas and Happy new year Sedona. We love you and better in the past than now.

  14. Dot and Bill, Uptown says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year, Sedona!

  15. Sedona Eye says:

    Thank you to the 58 messages this weekend wishing Happy Holidays to the Sedona Eye team. We wish health and happiness, joy and prosperity to everyone in 2022.

    The Lord be with you and give you peace, He is Risen. Merry Christmas. Buon Natale. Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad. Happy Christmas.

  16. Dave, West Sedona says:

    Good news is here to stay with City of Sedona nights and days.

  17. @rochelle says:

    Wow must be a fascinating group of friends lol

  18. Paloma says:

    best best best season of the year

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