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Eddie Maddock: Words to Remember

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers words to remember about the city of Sedona yesterdays, tomorrows and its now.

Sedona AZ – Anyone familiar with the famous 1938 movie “Gone With the Wind” will recall the famous last words uttered by Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) to Scarlett O’Hara (Vivian Leigh) when replying to her tearful “Where shall I go? What shall I do?” questions with his, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Scarlett, not being at a loss for words and to comfort herself concluded the famous classic movie with, “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all tomorrow is another day.”

Yes, tomorrow IS another day. If yesterday is history and tomorrow remains a mystery, then why not consider today a gift? Why else would we call it the present?

So every tick-tock of a clock means the moment has expired, and how quickly that process progresses. Every second ultimately plays a role in the outcome of what that “tomorrow” holds.

Let’s look at it another way.

How many yesterdays have become the today that will serve as the sum total of previous yesterdays?

Here are examples:

·  The property on Brewer Road, purchased by the City of Sedona for the express purpose of becoming a community park is now slated primarily as a parking lot. A far cry from the original intent – a promised neighborhood facility and social gathering place – has become just another of many broken promises and commitments giving false hope and misplaced trust in our elected officials.

·  Ongoing attempts to rezone single-family properties for higher density in order to accommodate “affordable” housing for a local population, in reality, acquired by approving far too many large resorts for which incorporated Sedona hasn’t the capacity or infrastructure to appropriately maintain.

·  A failed attempt, at least temporarily, to rezone other residential properties on Jordan Road for the purpose of accommodating multi-story housing, also supposedly to accommodate workforce and less costly housing.

Recent ADOT traffic studies found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles to merely drive through the Sedona city limits, as drivers continue their way through Oak Creek canyon without stopping. Red rock views are the Sedona attraction, while Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon are the traffic’s destination.

There are many other examples that have come and gone over the years, but as elected officials and City Hall staff members also come and go, many previous commitments never came to fruition.

However and much to the surprise of many locals, State of Arizona’s approval of residential/short term vacation rentals rendered them legal, and thus knocked the wind out of the sails of many of Sedona’s most influential sources – with questionable ability – to pull certain strings within the confines of City Hall.

Although transparency had been a key word of intent within local jurisdiction that policy suddenly seemed to have “gone with the wind” when the concept of Citizen Engagement groups was approved allowing selective segments to form and meet privately on behalf of their own agendas.

And what has become with listening to concerns of Sedona residents? After all, was it residents who, in fact, voted the now questionably wise decision for Sedona to become an incorporated city?

Where is consideration for the people living in the Brewer Road corridor already suffering from too much traffic created largely due to poor planning and foolish choices?

Why has it now been decided to allow an appropriately designated church to become a private school to accommodate a selective few?

Why is it the city of Sedona, in fact, has taken possession of the existing Brewer Road School building for their own use instead of prevailing and extending the use of that facility for what its been long before Sedona turned into what appears to be more and more, on a daily basis, as a dictatorship run by those who allegedly “know what’s best for us.” Says who? And people wonder why Sedona’s population is dropping when the rest of Arizona is expanding.

sedona arizona uptown arizona republic photo

Sedona AZ Uptown – photo courtesy of Arizona Republic

Word of mouth still prevails as the most effective type of advertising even in spite of the literally millions of dollars turned over to a regional Chamber of Commerce that, to date, proved to attract nothing more than increased daytrippers and longer lines of traffic.

Those who feel ready to throw up – including more than just their hands – really do have recourses, however, the recourses take unification, cooperation, and, an effort to effectively fight city hall.

Elect council members who will listen to and represent their constituents – over and above the existing business control. Don’t be misled that the Chamber of Commerce, by tacking on Bureau of Tourism to its name, miraculously (maybe, but not legally?) became the “controlling branch” of Sedona City Government. Not true! Keep in mind – it’s a member-driven organization, committed solely to represent ONLY its members, many if not most are located outside Sedona City Limits and DO NOT COLLECT CITY TAXES.  Oh sure – old news – but if something actually occurred to change that scenario it would miraculously become of no longer concern. Viola! It all becomes yesterday’s old news. Or is that simply wishful thinking?

The resistance to acknowledge blatant indiscretions remains a mystery. Is it simply a determination to ignore residential zoning against the will of the residents? Apparently the only way to battle the bulging arrogance recently displayed by the majority of the P & Z Commissioners is to hone in, hire an attorney, and challenge them in court with one or more class action lawsuits. How sad is that?

Still wondering why people are moving out of Sedona?

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why we call it the Present. And then, like a poof of smoke, it is GONE WITH THE WIND.


  1. Susan says:


    Why can’t you turn off the Democratic progressive spiel? You sound like an unintelligent puppet who was programmed in school to follow and not lead. Do you associate with those who act your master, not your consult?

    That’s what socialism and communism offers, the dangerous idea that you are less desirable as an independent individual.

    President Biden is mocked on other countries news shows for his incompetence and that was never the case with President Trump. Trump took action and steered the country away from its ineffective policies and those of weakness.

    You, your masters and your media, welcome your programmed need for a totalitarian lifestyle – which you never forced to live because your ancestors came here to escape it. They didn’t stay, they left. For here, not somewhere.

    You forget the lessons of your family. They gave you a lifestyle that nowhere else exists. And you denigrate it. And you misuse your freedoms for vapidness and subjugation.

    You are pitied for your weakness.

  2. Joyce & Andrew says:

    But isn’t it a wonderful thing we still live in a country where WE can make the decision of our choice? Already there’s tube talk about yet a THIRD vaccine! Go for it. We prefer the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory. Thank you very much.

  3. mshobert says:

    150,000 unnecessary COVID – anti-vaxer deaths – since June, in US. Think about that. Over my dead body – lol.

  4. Beaver Creek says:

    Susan nailed it

  5. Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson says:

    How viable is the sanity of any human being who would advocate for a vaccination mandate and at the same time allow literally millions of unknown individuals, including drug dealers and other criminals, enter this country illegally and without being tested for COVID and/or other deadly diseases?

    And to think we are living with such a lunatic running this country? Wait – not so fast – clearly an individual with such limited ability to think is being instructed by those pulling the pathetic puppet’s strings! Hmmmm ……. could it be “the squad” supplying the fool with his written instructions?

    Wake Up America!

  6. Adrienne says:

    150,000 unnecessary deaths fall to China foul column not individuals.

  7. Jason Williams says:

    But keep in mind @Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson. “The lunatic” is in command because the majority of the population elected him! Of course the factual results of that election will remain questionable although the fools who didn’t like President Donald Trump’s personality most likely were the votes that put Sleepy Joe over the top if, indeed, the ballots were legitimately tallied.

    Less than one year he’s served as “president” – of what? Just who is it he has served – or “serviced” as the case may be. A situation not unlike what’s happened in Sedona since incorporation. Clearly it’s been greed mongers, developers, and special interests that have controlled the puppet strings at headquarters in Sedona aka S- – – – – Hall. And why is that? $$$$$$ – an international symbol that is understood by all.

    Reap what you sow. Another three years and “they” no doubt will have figured out how to remove the Statue of Liberty. By then is it not possible COVID will have become one of the more pleasant memories for those who manage to survive?

  8. YLE says:

    don worry bee chillin good news comin

  9. Vallay of Supreme Sedona says:

    article & comments raising consciousness for light workers and the children in the search for higher meanings in a commercial entity

  10. Paul says:

    Challenging always.

  11. GNS, Sedona says:

    Huh? @YLE & Vallay of Supreme Sedona.

    Keep on “chillin” and your “light workers and the children”? Well, hope ya’ll find your “higher meanings in a commercial entity”. Maybe that word “entity” should be changed to reality????

    Welcome to the real world once Sleepy Joe is snugly tucked away in an asylum where he belongs. And it “ain’t” the White House~ IMO.

  12. Edwin Offenstein says:

    If our government doesn’t stop being the government of free stuff, we will not survive. (Chip Roy) Elected and officials, those are words to remember.

  13. JD, West Sedona says:

    “government of free stuff” @Edwin Offenstein. The problem is nothing is for “free”. We, the taxpayers, will be stuck with the cost.

    It’s already happening. Millions of illegals in this country are being supported with OUR tax money. And now our little Sedona is going into partnership with Cottonwood to provide affordable(?) workforce(?) housing (again). And just who will pay for that? It “ain’t gonna” be for free, that’s for sure.

    Any bets it will be City of Sedona paying for most of the alleged “partnership” with Cottonwood? It just never ends. Maybe with bankruptcy but we, the people, would also bear that financial responsibility.

    Government at all levels is out of control (my opinion).

  14. Eleanor & Thomas says:

    Another really bad thing about Sedona is how they overstep and ignore city limits. Our incorporated area is restricted to boundaries. But no one at city hall seems to acknowledge that. Their unreasonable concept is that city of Sedona is REGIONAL! That, plain and simply, is WRONG!

    Unless and until the legitimate voting population in Sedona stresses that simple concept and insists our elected officials play by the rules and ignore outside influence, things will only get worse. This REGIONAL concept may have started with the nonsense of funding the chamber of commerce and their regional membership but most assuredly it hasn’t stopped there. ENOUGH!

    VOC, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, and other outlying areas have their own government, codes, and laws. They will NEVER turn down funding from the city of Sedona. ‘Wake up you fools’ is right about voters in the Sedona city limits.

  15. Sedona Wonder says:

    The art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us. -Gloria Steinem.

    Gloria wasn’t a great brain but media helped create her fiction in the way media helped create Joe and Kamala and Andrew and Chris Cuomo.

    Why is it that the progressive left exists enough to even be referred to as more than a footnote?

    Why is it that Critical Race Theory is taught in Sedona and Arizona and this nation’s schools?

    Why do liberals kowtow to a political doctrine which literally destroys their rights to espouse that doctrine?

    Why is it that Americans accept European hyphens to describe themselves? Why are Americans uniquely recognized global advocates for the rights of individuals?

    Why is it that the Department of Defense gets funding for gender identify training and not defense, while China has quadrupled its defense budget and flown an armed supersonic plane with a (fake or real) bomb over the US and Canada and Mexico without our government’s knowledge quite possibly during gender identify classes?

    Why has our US military suddenly been slashed by DC politicos of 15% – 25% of its highly trained troops during a Chinese originated (accident or deliberate) pandemic with a mandated vaccine protocol (courts ruling mandates unconstitutional), a vaccine now proving in studies to be up to 50% ineffective within 3 to 4 months of injections requiring boosters?

    Americans do not subject themselves to DC politicos. Americans are able to think and reason for themselves. Do it.

  16. Andrew says:

    Elon Musk said ‘nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program.’ He is spot on.

  17. Jim Nelson says:

    “Nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program.” @Andrew

    Spot on. Need an recent example? Sedona’s half % sales tax increase for “whatever” due to sunset this year. Well guess what? Ain’t happening!

  18. Dave & Angie says:

    These days city council is more devoted to investing tax revenue (our money) for bogus affordable housing. They even went so far as to have some sort of meeting with some Cottonwood authorities regarding their need for less costly housing. Does the term “partnership” sound familiar? Do the words “chamber of commerce” sound even more familiar?

    Sure – “partner” for Sedona means to attempt fixing all the problems of the entire Verde Valley at the expense of Sedona City Hall. Once again our streets and infrastructure remain a shambles while an all out effort is center stage to play year round Santa to the extended area.

    They don’t seem to understand. Deliberately.

    That was NOT the reason Sedona incorporated. It was to serve legitimate voting RESIDENTS of incorporated Sedona (versus “greater” Sedona area) and not become the socialist center for the entire Verde Valley. DUH!

  19. Poutine says:

    Read this comment from January 2020 and its more relevant about the redundancy of Sedona council ideas and actions. Poor Sedona. Your vistas should be pristine and your evenings quiet. That’s what we expected from Manitoba.

    Cultural park? Park the (deleted by editor) cars there on rented land with free trolley shuttles departing every 2 hrs. Opens at 10 and closes at 4 PM to new arrivals. No Sedona store opens before 10 and the workers are on their way home at 5. There’s going to be almost no demand for it, but the Sedona city council can crow about it until the next year when they review it and close it. Now build that woman a hospital.

    (SedonaEye.com editor: Use anonymous when posting comments. We welcome all news and views and your opinions.)

  20. Amalia Belinda Root says:

    It’s incredible how Sedona has changed from our visit 7 yrs ago. Wish we could applaud the changes. Feel letdown by the commercialism and disenchanted atmosphere; write travel blogs and updates internationally under a pseudonym and cannot applaud the overall New Sedona that appears to want big box vs local business supports. We never felt crowded like in Venice but you have not improved on being a wonder like Venice and now seem less upper echelon and more Saturday at the JCPenney store.

  21. Franklin says:

    good breakfast go to Camp Verde better quality better price no tourist pain in asses

  22. Chicklet says:

    @poutine @jimnelson why doesn’t tax expire automatically without the council able to extend? Rewrite that law or rule. Make any extension a council action to make them currently responsible and face voters by reselling reasons? Sedona vistas failing pristine? We’ve got poor air quality days now too that give hikers and visitors breathing issues. No older person or underplaying diseased person with diabetes as cancers will use any shuttle or plane and never educated people because of COVID and coronavirus. Sedona tourist says limited like Cottonwood. This week a semi packed with over 200 illegally trying to cross the border crashed and over a quarter were killed and over half critically maimed. Mexican authorities lined the roadway with bodies wrapped in white plastic. Hundreds of those trucks cross our orders daily say authorities at $1000 and up per person stuffed 200 more in single truck!
    That doesn’t even begin to count cartels and gangs smuggling numbers. People here running businesses using illegals in kitchens and golf courses and resorts turn a blind eye and that’s as bad as the cartels and gangs and coyotes eyes wide open! You in Verde Valley and Sedona have blood on your hands. Mexico gang killed over 70 awhile back! Disgusting and nobody ought to give area a dime of income until change of business course.

  23. Bill, Uptown and Elsewhere says:

    Hello Eleanor & Thomas appreciated your comment about Sedona ignoring its city limits with its regional growth agenda because insiders there laud Sedona as the central northern I17 kingdom draw. Most of us in surrounding governments snicker at Sedona and its peoples feeling of lordship over us.

    Jerome is the gem and then Montezuma, Flagstaff has gem areas and then the Cottonwood Doug Gray Rd views. Sedona has exclusiveness built on a rich cachet and a few rocks. At one time Sedona had no tourism challengers until Bryce and Zion became easier to access and are more beautiful tranquil and not expensive. If Sedona loses its cachet of wealth and exclusiveness in its homes and commercial district LMAO at lords and ladies who don’t like their kingdom and want to turn it into Santa Monica. Thinking ocean beauty and money and cheap housing keep their worker people from defecating on its streets and beaches in order to clean their toilets and cook their food and turn areas into slums LMAO. Those worker people came from worse housing and food and cleanliness standards standards and they’re here for the money not the culture or diversity or education or opportunities to climb a ladder of success. Just the money and then they’ll go home because they prefer home. Like Italians don’t like the Swiss except to work for their money then go home. Sedona lords aren’t well educated just rich dumbasses pandering to tourists for their money. Why? Sedona lords don’t even understand the question. We aren’t fooled. My prior towns in California and Colorado lost track of their budgets also.

  24. @chcklet says:

    @chicklet (deleted by editor)
    You got way too much time on your hands . (Deleted by editor)

  25. Lisa says:

    Hi hum

  26. Rebel Satisfied says:

    Lisa you’re right its borning, urban diction for maximizing infinity. Beyond our solar system are more planets than stars. Life exists in origins with end point leaving this region and it’s borned.

  27. Victor Sedona says:

    totally agree

  28. Oliver Martin Goodall (OMG) says:

    “Woke” and now “borning”? And just what is the “urban diction” for “not cool”?

    IMO “woke/borning” are definitely NOT words to remember! Difficult times result in desperate attempts to, maybe, get even? With the world in general?

    Or is it Sedona Eye that seems to bring out various degrees of rage in people. Maybe termites have run out of wood to chew on? LMAO

  29. Earl says:

    Thanks for bringing it back but don’t put up stupids.

  30. JD, West Sedona says:

    Woke & Borning? How about NERDY? (turdy? “they” seem to favor creating new words)

  31. Alison M. says:

    Nice words to remember here in Sedona @JD, West Sedona.

    “Nerdy” and “turdy” might justifiably reference the manner in which city government is being operated. Very little attention is given to major issues like infrastructure, coping with too many day-trippers created by amateur promotion techniques applied by a regional chamber of commerce with city revenue. A mere two examples of BS decisions.

    But the list goes on and on and yet the fools continue to function in their own version of La-La Land. Projects for a multi story parking garage, multi storied “low cost” housing facility are just two examples in progress. Never do they give a thought to making plans for evacuation in the event of disaster.

    Of course in their Alice in Wonderland make-believe world they continue to ignore the not “if” but “when” wild fire in the Coconino National Forest will create wreck and ruin. Much is newsworthy about devastating tornadoes in Louisiana and Kentucky. But in Sedona? Nah! Nothing like that will ever happen in Sedona. Idiots?

    More words to remember – “Never say this can’t happen to you.”

  32. Lena Yazi, Snowbird says:

    Vote upwards. I like reading about city and appreciate the Sedona Times views differ while in conversation.

  33. @Allison says:

    I love how you turn a REAL horrific Tragedy (The devastating tornadoes) and make it about yourself.. Selfish and sad and typical. You POOR Sedona resident you.

  34. Alison M. says:

    Kindly point out where in my previous comment I mentioned the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky @@Allison. (you couldn’t even spell my name correctly)

    Under NO circumstances did I nor would I EVER make a mockery of a natural disaster. (hurricanes, volcano eruptions, floods, tornadoes or anything else for that matter) So put that under your mattress (or wherever) and likewise do whatever suits your far fetched conclusions.

    By pointing out that this area is a potential for a natural disaster is out of concern and caring, whether or not it’s caused by a natural disaster (lightening strike) or some careless idiot failing to thoroughly douse a campfire, etc.

    Your off-the-wall remark is totally inappropriate and has absolutely NO merit relating to my comment. Or could it possibly be you have insight and knowledge about a citywide plan in existence which offers specific instructions for emergency evacuations?

    For some reason do you simply hate Sedona Eye so much that you will stoop to anything in an attempt to discredit anyone who dares to make a comment with which you purposely misinterpret and thus disagree? And you have the audacity to think I am the one with a problem?

    My suggestion to you No Name Ninny coward is to look at the reflection in your own mirror and definitely refrain from reading Sedona Eye if you find it so offensive.

  35. Alison M. says:

    PS to previous comment 8:40 PM.

    My first sentence did, indeed, make reference to the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky but under no circumstances and most not assuredly for no other reason than to offer an example of tragic events caused by Mother Nature. It had nothing to do with being self serving.

    Can you say the same @@Allison about your attempt to discredit my input? Or are you, too, in denial that Sedona residents (all of them) could find themselves trapped if some foresight isn’t given to a realistic evacuation plan?

    Never say it can’t happen to you!

  36. Justin Barrows PhD says:

    Someone smarter than me said it’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. My mom would wield a hand to our backsides for failure to recall it. Like Eddie Maddock we need to remember the answers here in Sedona and blowing up rocks and raising building densities and heights gets you UGLY. If you don’t want UGLY then pay attention to the smart questions and smart answers found here. Thanks to smart people we don’t have to make unintelligent decisions.

  37. Eddie Maddock says:

    Your kind words Justin Barrows PhD are very much appreciated. Not only does blowing up rocks and raising building densities and heights get UGLY, it also creates – guess what? Answer: More cars and traffic.

    Over the years how many times has city council and staff attempted to implement some sort of transit method, only to fail after spending millions of wasted dollars?

    If common sense were to prevail maybe, just maybe, our leaders would recognize hard facts. People are not willing to give up their vehicles.

    Sedona only has so much acreage zoned for development. More USFS land exchanges are not presently being offered. And even if they were it would only create more density and intensify the traffic problem.

    How smart is it to approve another large development on Schnebly Hill Road with the present traffic congestion at that intersection – Tlaquepaque – already suffering the ill-advised decision to allow pedestrian crossing thus backing up traffic on State Route 179? At times traffic is barely moving due to SR179 north bound traffic from as far back as Sedona City Limits, just prior to Back O’Beyond Road.

    What will happen when disaster occurs? A wild fire erupts. Not if but when. Is there an evacuation plan in place? If not – why not?

    “With tsunamis, it may seem only common sense to Earth scientists to run away from (and not toward) the water when the sea is drawn rapidly down and away from the beach as a tsunami approaches. But that response is counterintuitive for most people.”
    — Thomas C. Pierson

  38. @Alison says:


    (Deleted by editor)
    Second your OVER Explaining yourself proves I struck a nerve and my statement is SPOT on.

    You poor Sedona resident you.. You got it so tough. Get a grip man and let that nasty angry Rhetoric go.

  39. Robin says:

    Favorite things here? Peace and quiet and no traffic created by visitors and not

  40. I remember says:

    Maybe people (years ago) when Sedona was going to be designated with National Park status should NOT of been SO quick with the BS comments about “it’s a land grap” your contempt of ALL things Government Should be reevaluated… You Sow What You Reap.. Maybe if Sedona was designated national park we would be in a better place so quit complaining do you have nobody to blame but yourselfEspecially the people who have lived here for 30+ years . “I remember Sedona Blah blah blah yeah things change get over it and Constant complaining on Sedona Eye does zero.

  41. Dazzle says:

    It was a land grab. We shined to oppose it. Suck it up pro government zombie.

  42. Jean Thomas says:

    “Constant complaining on Sedona Eye does zero” @I remember.

    Isn’t that exactly what your comment amounts to? Bitching about Sedona Eye? If even one comment pointing out unfavorable historic turn of events and ongoing bad decisions encourages one or more people to run for mayor and or city council, then maybe it’s worth the suffering of those who find Sedona Eye so appalling and yet continue to follow it.

    Food for thought but don’t choke on it. It’s been said the truth hurts.

  43. Rose, VOCA says:

    Moved from city to village for a good reason and while reading these comments it gave me even better reasons.

  44. Loren O'Leary (LOL) says:

    Apparently @Alison has no problem sniffing car fumes for a half hour or so, and crawling along in backed up traffic. And stopping for another 10-15 minutes while pedestrians cross a state highway might be a sign of good fortune? Ya think maybe that person is on the receiving end of do, re, me, the $$$$$ variety of “dough”?

    As for @I remember, there are still a few of us left. To my recollection the defeat of that proposal was based on Keep Sedona Beautiful. As I recall they opted to support a National Park or Monument versus a National Scenic Area Designation which had previously been under consideration.

    In my opinion had the option for “scenic designation” versus “national monument” or “park” been maintained it would have been approved. The “monument/park” imposed some pretty severe measures that simply weren’t palatable to the residents at that time.

    And to qualify, my relating of this incident is from memory and therefore the terms used are subject to verification, so don’t bother attacking my input unless it’s with facts relating to the discussion. You are welcome to shut up.

    Bottom line. Ho hum tourist commercialism maintains control and will never change unless the will of those opposing stand up and vote for leaders who take action to make it happen.

    Another interesting tidbit. In a recent “City” blah, blah publication it lists non-profits to whom they donate our tax dollars. Conspicuous by absent : The Sedona Chamber of Commerce! How about that? Of course, they cover their tails with the tale of their own relating to the “contract” for some sort of more more blah, blah service while that member driven group continues to promote competing business members who contribute NOT ONE CENT to the city tax base. The non-profit chamber doesn’t have the 501-C3 designation allowing tax deductible membership dues.

    Thank you.

  45. Doug says:

    Think of your Chamber donation each year as a 365 Daily Holiday Gift to the Verde Valley and most to Cottonwood by Sedona tax paying residents. Who knew, right?! Every day you flip your daily desk calendar, hear the carols being sung at the Chamber bank vault. Hallelujah!

  46. Graffiti says:

    If we did that with the federal budget what a lightbulb. Every person has 1.2 thousand deducted from their bank accounts each day now and if their kids are under 18 then 3.6 million a day if build back bankrupt gets through. You parents going to keep working until you’re 90? Just to stay afloat when you retire with 2.5 million in savings required after Jan 1 2022 says wealth management advisors. Don’t have it now? Better Call Your Senators.

  47. Fran, Sedona says:

    (Deleted by editor) with the feds!!!!!!! It’s the (deleted by editor) local tax dispensers on city council and the staff laughs at them behind their backs because they stay and councils go. Dickey for assistant city manager!!!! Seriously why!!!!

  48. To all the above says:

    Same complaint about city Of Sedona on Sedona eye for over a decade (ad Naseum) but no SE complainers steps up to make a change. The same ole Blah blah blah.

  49. Phil says:

    No solutions from you, just personal attacks against Sedona Eye folks wanting to better Sedona, after folks like you keep on destroying its reason for being. Inflation has been below 5% for the last 20 years until your batch of ideas came into power. You don’t understand how to help the poor and you don’t know how to run a city. Personnel needs to be turned over here.

  50. Sedona Carole says:

    what a sailor Noah my man, government is fine when it remembers it gets its power from me and not it, then its elected need a civics lesson

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