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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Progress or Impediment

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock looks at the city of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek impediments to local progress on quality of life issues.

Sedona AZ – Admittedly the convenience of modern technology has opened doors our ancestors would never have imagined. Of course, one needn’t go back THAT far – but – has it really been all that long ago when we actually had conversations with people who weren’t constantly distracted with handheld gadgets dominating everything – except possibly the air they breathe?

How about waiting at a stop light for pedestrians to cross the busy highway? More often than not they are engrossed in looking down at the fascinating information factory consuming their undivided attention. That generally is the scenario in most places; doctors’ offices, grocery stores, restaurants – you name it. There’s very little one-on-one interaction anymore. A brief phone call to return a message, instead of texting or sending an e-mail, is quickly becoming yet another thing of the past. And actually even trying to make a phone call takes stamina and determination! After listening to the non-person’s voice relate options, none of which are applicable to your reason for calling, generally by hitting “O” multiple times eventually you might get a real person, but by all means don’t hold your breath.

Are children no longer being taught the “lost art” of having a one-on-one conversation? Do families ever sit down and have dinner together, discuss daily events, and engage in a meaningful exchange?

Smart Meter National Grid

And now smart home robots, such as Alexa, are available to grant our every wish, providing we have the time and patience to figure out how to give them proper instructions to facilitate their full potential. What will happen on the day the grid crashes and all systems shut down? Unthinkable crosses many minds. But isn’t it previously “unthinkable” products that surface on almost a daily basis? How about driverless cars? Are you scared yet?

Of course old stand-by surprises from Mother Nature or, in some cases, even a higher power always, always visit every so often – as a reminder to mere mortals who is really in charge. And it ain’t them humans!

Ask the folks in California who quite possibly and understandably remain in shock due to not one, but two earthquakes, magnitudes between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale. No intervention from modern technology could change the course or stop those events.

And let’s not overlook ongoing potential for seasonal hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons and other “natural” disasters frequenting various worldwide geographical locations. In our own specific area, particularly due to the extremely wet winter and unusual abundance of new foliage presently still in the process of drying out, hotter temperatures and high winds are quickly producing ideal conditions for a potential inferno. Yes, it isn’t a matter of “IF” – it’s “WHEN.”

Will it actually take such a drastic wake up call to shock some sensibility in the thinking of those currently making more and more unpopular decisions? In the unincorporated Village of Oak Creek, also included in both the Sedona School and Fire Districts, Yavapai County has authority to make rezoning decisions of great concern.

Increased density in development has likewise been problematic in incorporated Sedona, although it’s our elected city officials instead of county authority who will vote the outcome. But, really, what’s the difference? Increased density, uncontrolled traffic, more waste of money for alleged “destination marketing” without benefit of Requests for Proposals and/or accountability of past value received (if any) from money spent, remain under control of the votes that count, our representatives, regardless of citizen disapproval.

Convenient, but lame, excuses relating to excessive funding to the much discussed and controversial regional “Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau” are now being used for convoluted reasons and justifications beyond destination marketing – and remain under question, lacking merit, as would be the case for allowing any non-profit member driven association to grasp control of a municipality. How so? Voters do not elect them!

City of Sedona Council chamber

Sometimes people will comment on the apparent lack of public interest in Sedona City Council meetings. Granted, years ago Council Chambers would frequently be standing room only. And why is that no longer the case? Surely it isn’t due to lack of citizen interest. Just ask your friends and neighbors. However, back-in-the-day city council meetings were not televised and we didn’t have the convenience of accessing the meetings by using the City website. (Sorry Alexa – you don’t get credit for that one.)

However and unfortunately, power and control lurks about in beautiful Sedona and misinformation frequently prevails. Too bad because and although “all’s fair in love and war” (don’t know how “love” fits into this) and, even with the convenience of new technology, bad decisions are sometimes made due to misrepresentation or worse yet just because “they” can.

Although the current budgeted amount for the SCC&TB has been reduced, it still reflects the amount of $2,492,500.

Yes, Folks, that’s TWO & ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS of public revenue from an incorporated municipality of a questionable 10,000 population. How is it justified? Some remain stoically convinced THEY CANNOT.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Sedona City and Village of Oak Creek residents still have methods to maintain control and force your leaders to appropriately represent YOU – and NOT necessarily by means of just how THEY think!

If they fail to uphold oaths of office and ignore the values of constituents, work together and demand replacements. In the case of Sedona, a council recall election is possible as was demonstrated in 1992. Sedona Vice Mayor Anna Marie Hayes was recalled and Ivan Finley was elected to take her place.

In 2011, Sedona voters again spoke when it mattered. Both a ballot Referendum & Initiative were empowered by Sedona voters to overturn the city council’s decision for incorporated Sedona to take ownership of SR W89. Thanks to a united effort that highway still belongs to ADOT because of a successful rallying from voices that mattered.

Likewise residents in the VOC should consider coming together. Follow your own rules and disable unwanted action by removing those who insist on ignoring you who matter the most: VOC TAXPAYING and VOTING RESIDENTS.
Modern technology most assuredly has its place, but not as a “replacement” for person to person communication. Not happy? Then start talking to one another and make things happen the tried and true way.

Communicate. It’s been proven to work.


  1. @Dana V says:

    I’ve always suspected you are out of touch with reality but your last comment confirms it in my mind. You say “the real problem isn’t the air b n b’s it’s the C of C.
    You’ve been so invested in that dream for so long that you lost touch with reality.

    I have never been negatively impacted here in Sedona And particularly in my neighborhood like I have been by air. B n b. The c of c never created new people renting and partying on both sides of my house …..or the increased traffic not just in town by around what once was my neighborhood .
    These things impact me directly.. the C of C doesn’t bother me like you cause your a self serving business owner crying the blues every chance you get… Bait and switch you say!!! Ha. (Deleted by Editor)

  2. Rosario says:

    Why believe you? What neighborhood and what houses? Why didn’t you report them? Report them to Airbnb and city! Call police? If you don’t provide street addresses I smell lies.

  3. Cowards calling City employees out says:

    You mean the poor employees that make $100-200,000 per year, get $5-6000 annual car allowances, phone allowances, “work” 4 days a week, and get one month vacation and paid leave the first year of employment? The employees that act so concerned and yet don’t live in the City of Sedona?

    What about them do you think might upset a taxpayer?

    Just say it, you don’t want taxpayers to know. You want people to believe they are just the faceless fairly paid “professionals”.


  4. @Cowards says:

    (Deleted by Editor) You know what, I expect professionals to run our city the same as I expect professionals run any major corporation.

    You both are living in the 1960s and 1970’s and think that our town should still have hitching posts along the old dirt roads but guess what, YOU’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!!! Thank God Sedona is now a destination city, my store is now doing better than it has done in 12 years.

  5. @@Dana V says:

    Thank you for those great words, you are spot on!!! Given the great business, that Dana has baking those goodies for those AirBnB guests, I actually think that he should kiss the ground that CoC walks on if he is right.

    I too have never been negatively impacted by the CoC or the COS but I have 5 CORPORATE vacation rentals on my street alone and 7 round the block. I have no problem with vacation rentals that are owned by our locals, they keep an eye out for the neighbors. They have parties, they leave overflowing trash cans for the wild animals on Sunday nights when the pickup is Tuesday. I have seen them trash the forest with their mountain bikes. I watched that video that was posted and agree that there is a big problem in our city and it has nothing do due with the CoC.

  6. Back to Square One says:

    So some are upset because Gov. Ducey legalized vacation rentals.

    It’s absolutely no worse than city cheating residents by the downward spiral of an additional $2.5 million to the chamber of commerce for the latest contrived reasons.

    And oh how the C of C loves to take credit for attracting tourists as if they are the reason. It was because of the beauty of the red rocks and as yet it’s never been proven all the Chamber has brought in is day trippers. Get over it!

    Cheaters never win as is being proven by Gov Ducey allowing vacation renters.

    Much conflict could have been avoided if the City of Sedona had avoided the misconceived conflict of interest with the questionable C of C.

    Promoting competitive businesses that are outside city limits not paying city taxes is just one reason. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Never has and never will.

  7. @@Dana V says:

    If you were truthful you’d used your real name.

    Have you looked at the Chambers membership list? YOU BETTER the cronies are buying up apartments & housing and ARE MEMBERS of the Chamber!!

  8. How do you know??? @@DanaV says:

    How do you know that all those MILLIONS gifted to chamber isn’t the problem?

    Do YOU COLLECT city imposed taxes?

    Why does the chamber get the money the in-city gets? How many of the chambers members collect CITY-IMPOSED TAXES??????

    Scam kick backs and payoffs.

    Our problems STARTED with the over promotion and subsidies to the CHAMBER!!!!!

  9. Enough with Dana V says:

    Dana please give it a rest. We all know that all you care about is hating the “regional” chamber of commerce and like to align everything bad to the CoC.

    This housing issue is serious and will have devastating effects on the city as we know it. But as long as you have new transient customers in those short term rentals I guess you don’t care.

  10. City "Professionals" says:

    Ya know, prostitutes are often called “professionals”. Killing the character, doing anything for money with no thought of virtue or the future quality of life. It could not apply more to those “professionals” running our city, in my opinion.

  11. Get Real says:

    The Chamber of Commerce, a regional membership organization, receives over $2 Million a year from the coffers of the City of Sedona. These funds could better be used fixing residential streets and making them safer.

    50 percent of Sedona’s traffic travels through Sedona without stopping.

    The Chamber’s Flat Screen TVs at Sky Harbor Airport marketing Sedona and Chamber brochures in Phoenix hotels advertising Sedona are generating unnecessary gridlock and other traffic problems IMO.

  12. Spence & Evelyn, Sedona says:

    Why do you suppose the people so critical of an @Dana Varney refrain from using their own names? If their arguments had merit wouldn’t they be proud to willingly identify themselves?

  13. @Spence says:

    No anyone who uses fake names(including yours) should be ignored.?
    Sounds good.. since 95 percent of the post here BS or from the same person..
    So be it

  14. Norm, Sedona says:

    Hey folks – it gets even better. Our brilliant city council has now decided an underground tunnel-pathway crossing on SR179 at Tlaquepaque will be the solution to the volumes of traffic back-up caused by pedestrian crossing created by the ill-conceived addition of Tlaquepaque North.

    Well, guess it will be better than an overpass that would have to clear semis considering SR179 is a state route. Don’t be surprised if the entire damn area doesn’t drop into a huge sink hole when they start digging – (many of those are evident around Sedona)

    A city without enough money to adequately maintain current roads and had to increase sales tax to create a fund to improve traffic movement and yet continues to throw it away to the chamber of commerce to advertise – oh – “destination tourism.” RIGHT! Oh – not so fast – keep reading.

    And where is Santa? The Easter Bunny? They most likely have jumped on the new sustainability/don’t use straws campaign the chamber of commerce will spend that “new” money on to teach naughty residents the important lessons of modern day living. Most creative(?) way to justify the insanity of the C of C city “funding” to benefit only their members – a non-profit club as a reminder.

    You just can’t make this stuff up! Comedy or Tragedy? You decide.

  15. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To Spence & Evelyn, Sedona:

    Ok, I’ll use my real name now how about those 3 postings above that are obviously JV and/or DJV start using their own name except when they want others to think that they have a real following:

    City “Professionals”
    How do you know??? @@DanaV
    @@Dana V

    I can go on and one.

  16. “Professions posters” says:

    @ciry professionals.

    Hey at least they get up and go to work. More then can be said about you. Prosituting yourself from home and posting on SE 24/7 is not considered work. Perhaps if you did something with yourself self dear during the day you wouldn’t be so negative . Help the homeless or volunteer at your church(I doubt your a member of one) will make you feel better about yourself .. stop thinking of yourself so much and contribute to someone with less deary.

  17. @ John Daniels says:

    John Daniels is a fake name claiming to be a real name defending city management and the chamber.

    I’m retired, I’ve volunteered and regularly volunteer to counsel people gratis. You however sit in your non essential city job and collect a six figure salary.

    Sedona would have been far better off without a city. karma awaits. Repent !!

  18. Archie Mendez says:

    It seems the City is promoting hate because residents see the city fund the Chamber with $2.5 million dollars a year to promote business outside city limits. City residents pay taxes but they aren’t promoted by the Chamber unless they “join” the Chamber and spend $500+ to advertise their business.

    I have read many FB posts and letters here by Dana and he makes many good points — but the City wants us to kill the messengers. They create fights between the good citizens of Sedona by having the Chamber and hotel industry attack anyone who doesn’t want the status quo.

    Just stop. Stop the name calling, stop the finger-pointing. Let’s look at the problem and where we are right now so that we can move forward with transparency.

    It isn’t right that tax dollars taken from Sedona citizens is spent on hotels not in Sedona and businesses in Sedona aren’t equally represented with their tax dollars.

    It’s not Dana’s fault the Chamber/City alliance has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Stop the gaslighting. We all know that the Chamber’s $2.5 destination marketing has brought the hoards to Sedona and nothing else. Airbnb is NOT responsible for the traffic woes.

    It is also not the job of the residents of Sedona to provide housing for residents who work in the tourism industry. I understand their frustration in not being able to find long-term rentals – I had the same problem when I moved here in the early 90’s. But I lived with my brother, my wife worked, I worked two jobs until we saved enough money to purchase a home in the Harmony Heights neighborhood. It’s all about priorities. No one is going to just give someplace to live just because they loudly bellyache about not being able to afford Sedona. I can’t afford to live in Beverly Hills but I’m not going to go on social media or to the city of Beverly Hills and stomp my feet and cry with a poor mouth for them to lower the costs so I can afford to live there.

    It’s not Airbnb fault we have so much traffic. There are Airbnb homes on my street too, but we have had no issue with them. Matter of fact, the homes in the neighborhood are looking nicer with fresh paint and new and professionally kept landscaping. There are fewer mortgages going back to the bank due to the added income.

    The only ones I see complaining about Airbnb are those who have hotels, time shares or are renting houses. There is a shortage of homes, but anytime anyone wishes to build apartments or provide low-costs housing (if there is such a thing) everyone gets up in arms and points fingers to Dana and Donna Joy. They aren’t the problem folks – so just stop it.

    The City needs to follow state law and stop gifting the Chamber. The Chamber is not a government agency and they need to stop dictating to the city what should and should not be done. The citizens need to be more involved without having to toe the line of some fake “citizen community” committee. Sedona is too small to have a City Manager and assistant City Manager. The $2.5 million gift to the Chamber from the City needs to stop. Now. That money should be spent on infrastructure and on the benefit of the taxpaying citizen, and not on some out of city business or hotel.

  19. Mike H says:

    Well said Archie.

  20. Daniel T. says:

    This is definitely NOT an endorsement for vacation residential rentals but can’t help but wonder why that invasive personal property issue has the attention and approval of the governor and our state representatives and not the ongoing misappropriation of public money to a local chamber of commerce (inappropriately servicing an entire region with Sedona City revenue) as referenced by numerous other comments.

    Seems it’s time to elect new people running the State of Arizona that maybe will care about breaking municipal laws. Our local Sedona City Council doesn’t give a hoot. Bye-Bye Thorpe, Allen, Blackman – you’re also useless to the majority of your Sedona supporters.

  21. PS from Daniel T. says:

    PS indeed and worthy of special attention:

    GOODBYE MOSTLY TO GOV. DUCEY. YOUR SUPPORT OF ARIZONA STATE JURISDICTION OVER RESIDENTIAL VACATION RENTALS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO SEND YOU PACKING ALONG WITH THE REST OF THEM: (Thorpe, Allen, Blackman and any other others who dare to compromise the integrity of our subdivisions and neighborhoods.)

  22. Mike H says:

    Destruction of our neighborhoods by Air B&B needs to end. If it’s OK to have a vacation rental, how about a Topless Bar, a whorehouse, a heliport, a 24 hour taxi maintenance garage? We have zoning for a reason, to protect everyone’s property rights, not just the owner of the property.

  23. @PS from Daniel T. says:

    What’s the big deal? Chamber of Commerce runs ads all the time on a Cottonwood radio station preaching sustainability, keeping Sedona green and teaching the residents how to be good stewards of this place! Now ain’t that a hoot? Them’s that mostly just attracted day-trippers with the literally millions of $$$$ they misappropriated on questionable advertising preaching to us?

    Those you point out definitely need to take a hike but ONLY if we can find replacements that will take the necessary steps to end this City/Chamber travesty that continues to drain the city coffers for a bunch of BS.

    Motel-rows on every street in Sedona are a drop in the bucket compared to the perceived covert operation by this regional C of C.

    Yes Governor Ducey, Reps. Allen & Blackman and Sen Allen. What’s wrong with you people? Our city council and staff are bad enough but in your more lofty positions and you continue to ignore this Sedona travesty? Agreeing with Daniel T. and IMO of course it’s shameful.

  24. Doug says:

    Why are you people falling for the Chamber and segner lodging bait and switch ? The multi million dollar corporate hoteliers and motel owners are blowing smoke to keep us nervous about having paying guests in our homes ?????? !!! Screw it. You people need socialism because you can’t stand being in control of your greatest asset – YOUR HOME! Get off your weak asses and thank God that AZ government believes YOU know what kind of people to welcome to your home.

    You people don’t deserve a democracy.

  25. Bill says:

    LMAO We already had a pedophile industry bust in the Canyon and the tantric sex whorehouse in the middle of the city. What’s worse?

  26. @ DOUG And Bill says:

    It ain’t a bait and switch!!!!
    I’m living the Air b n b destruction .
    You must have s vested interest in the thing that is really destroying Sedona and the lower income (past) population. You must really be a selfish SOB for not acknowledging such. Please shut up about the C of C Donna and Dana ! (deleted by editor)

  27. Our own property ! says:

    I want to be able to do what I want in my property. My hobby is shooting guns. I provide a safe backstop and I wear hearing protection. I should be able to make all the noise I want in MY OWN HOME.

    I have a dear friend Fred. All he has done all his life is operate stamping machines. They are very loud. Poor Fred is deaf and has insomnia. I plan on buying dear Fred a house next to yours where he can operate his stamping machines 24 hours a day. I own the property and I should be allowed to do what I wish with it to provide dear Fred an income.

    My dear friend Karen is trying to stop making a living as a prostitute. She is older and only has a few customers a week now but it’s all she knows. Every once and a while Karen gets a loud, drunk and disorderly client, but she quiets them down as soon a possible. I’m planning on buying dear Karen a home on the other side of your house. It’s my property and I should be able to do what I want with it.

    The Greater Sedona Chamber should not receive taxpayer funds !!!!

  28. Dana Varney says:

    I just have to say to Archie Mendez, Thank You. What a thoughtful, articulate article. I do appreciate it. Most of all I thank you for using your name. That is how to start a movement. This city has reined with fear.

    When we were in business and spoke up – we were boycotted. In fact We were told to shut up or our services would no longer be needed.
    We paid into the tax base for 25 years. When the chamber went to the city council for the contract gifting them 55% of the bed tax, we were there. Jennifer got her usual two hour presentation while those opposed received three minutes. In that presentation Jennifer stated that the local’s contribution was minimal.
    It is time for the city to respect those that contribute into the tax base. The chamber has been gifted some 25 million dollars since their relationship with the city began. In a town of 10,000, that is obscene.
    I am convinced that the only recourse is to go above their heads. Contact your representatives. Make change.

  29. Marlow Jones says:

    @Bill asks what’s worse than a pedophile industry or a tantric sex whorehouse? Well at least the pedophile industry was busted. But the situation with city/chamber seems to forge ahead without even a bump in the road.For those arrogant A**-***** to have the gall suggesting they will now serve the residents in any manner other than ruining our lives, they are truly in need of psychiatric guidance. They could serve us best by packing up and leaving Sedona!

    It’s a mess out there again today w/snarled traffic and who knows what else. Residents DON’T GO OUT to the city exactly what we’ve been instructed to do. Go shop other places. Go eat other places, that a boy, that a girl. Keep them doggies moving, roll on.

    What’s worse in Sedona these days? Chamber of Commerce no contest really.

    Thanks City Council. Peachy-Keen honor you have earned indeed, Sedona’s Biggest Blight. Keep on throwing those millions of $$$$$$ at them. Makes amateurs of pedophiles and sex whorehouse providers. Or wait . . . . is there really a difference????

  30. Zakeah Strawberry, Angelino says:

    Did you know that Calaveras County is home to hundreds of miles of epic mountain bike trails? Get the guide to Mountain Bike Trails in Calaveras County CA and the Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway corridor. Sedona doesn’t hold a candle to these rides.

  31. Such A Deal says:

    We’re residents of Kansas – love it here.

    Although we really don’t care for Arizona we own property there because we heard about your vacation rentals from friends. Maybe not quite the way you might expect though.

    You see, many people from across the U.S. literally are pursuing investing in vacation properties in Arizona. Bravo. We are among them! No Airbnb for many of us. Your local real estate brokers are doing the job from listing local properties to sell as Vacation Rentals as well as following up with a list of such properties and acting as property managers!

    Sweet Deal? Fore sure. We remain in our beloved Kansas and at the same time pay one of your RE agents a reasonable fee to rent and maintain our property in Sedona, Arizona! Yes – there’s more than a Santa Claus in Arizona. A governor who is apparently so dumb he doesn’t even realize there are no restrictions on just who owns these properties! Y – E – S – !!!!!!!!

  32. Reflecting says:

    Looking back just one year ago Sedona had the opportunity for a change. But ya know what? A ringer serving as a version of the old “Gong Show” was tossed in at the 11th hour in the form of a 3rd candidate for Mayor.

    We had a darn good chance to possibly (emphasis on possibly) alter if only slightly the direction of Sedona but the good ole boys and their fast one by the third mayoral candidate mucked up the works and worked TOTALLY for the controlling forces.

    Now the question remains? Was that an intentional maneuver? And how does this one year ago event tie in with current dialog here? Well back to switch and bait if even in a somewhat different version.

    Governor of Arizona allows vacation rentals and now out of state property purchasers never intending to live in this state are buying them up as an investment.

    So what was the motive behind alleged friends for change to maybe deliberately throw in the third candidate for mayor at the last minute that last election? Was it their ultimate goal to maintain status quo and therefore they did, indeed, influence the outcome of the election?

    Were they REALLY that smart although time and time again when they seek positions such as on the Fire Board they are, themselves, defeated?

    @Such A Deal you are to be admired for throwing your cards on the table out in the open to declare your intent. Too bad you don’t like it here. Sedona could use folks like you IMO.

  33. @reflecting says:

    I think that “group” you speak of(since we can’t mention thier name here on Sedona Eye) only think they are smart or know better. They lose any elected position or issue they are involed in time and time again.. perhaps they ain’t as smart as they think.. IMO

  34. Fred Rhine says:

    Why would a man drive from Texas to elPaso to pull in a Walmart and shoot to kill and possibly die while doing it? That’s a ten hour drive and a couple tanks of gas and food and bathroom breaks. Doesn’t make sense. Place doesn’t make sense. Drive doesn’t make sense. Timing doesn’t make sense. Person doesn’t make sense.

    There’s lots of cameras between Dallas and El Paso in highways and gas stations and towns. What do they show? It’s impossible to be off the grid.

    Forget the gun. It’s a tool that
    doesn’t make sense. Gang member since this was a gang area? Paid assassin made to keep law enforcement from knowing who was target? Russia or China paid to undermine America? Mexican paid assassin to keep border crossing unattended while shipment comes over during law enforcement chaos?

    Ohio and California and Vegas and Texas and other places are chosen why? Far Left paid assassins to promote their anti gun and anti Trump agendas? Time to think why it’s so not random. Or we don’t wonder. Or we accept without question.

  35. @ Reflecting says:

    In my opinion Its’ pretty obvious the group at Arizona Liberty had an agenda when they supported the turd (sp) candidate. Anyone with any experience in politics knows that when there are three candidates it dilutes votes for someone. It was crystal clear in the last election what would happen with three mayoral candidates, and it did. Are their ego’s that big, maybe. Are they that stupid? Well, they have lost every election. I still suspect something more underhanded.

    In my opinion those on the take pulled out all the stops to keep their hands in the taxpayers pockets. Including adding candidates. They won. Too bad it will destroy Sedona.

  36. &Fred says:

    Your crazy man

  37. JD, West Sedona says:

    Wow someone’s chains were rattled @Fred Rhine to set you off on a tangent having nothing to do with Sedona or the topic of this article. Nice try diverting the subject to a national tragedy. Yowzah the big boys in the unnamed club must not like being exposed to their obvious failures. In spite of the sad result of Sedona’s election, it’s tragedies like El Paso that get used for other sideshow situations inappropriately that’s degrading and disgusting IMO.

    Typical of Sedona’s really big losers none of whom sit on the Sedona City Council or Board of Directors of our Fire District. Thank Goodness for that.

  38. @Reflecting says:

    I think that you’re on to something. (deleted by editor)

  39. Wise Willie says:

    Hmmmm – very interesting. Reviewing these recent comments Dana Varney has shared his own profound thoughts. However following Mr. Varney’s contributions conspicuous by absence significant offerings from a frequent Sedona Eye contributor – Steve Segner – comes to mind.

    Isn’t it remarkable he (S. Segner) doesn’t attempt to engage in an exchange similar to that which generally ensues whenever Mrs. Varney (Donna) makes comments on SE?

    Hmmmm (again) wonder why? Could it be at some point in time S. Segner had the opportunity to observe those biceps Mr. Varney totes around? Flexed or not those babies are pretty daunting.

  40. @Wise Willie says:

    Everybody should flex their muscles and write our representatives, the governor, and the AG. Dealing with these local takers, robbers, and scam artists is a waste of time.

  41. Bottom LIne says:

    Reviewing comments under various Sedona Eye articles one thing never changes. That being the theme of Sedona is “City/Chamber of Commerce Liaison.”

    What in the name of any and every Supreme Being will it take to bust the bastards from this ongoing detriment to this incorporated area? To allow an outside special interest organization to take control? And now attempt to justify millions of more dollars given to them ANNUALLY for essentially no valid reason? To accommodate residents? Tell us how to be sustainable? Make reference to our quality of life? How can this be? How can this be when we are the ones who have become the babies tossed out with the bath water? Where’s the Arizona Attorney General? Our State Representatives? Are they, too, as corrupt as what appears to be controlling Sedona?

    This is nuts! The truth is money should be spent promoting Sedona for what it really is: A hideous conglomeration of egocentrics, opportunists, and rip-off artists who have managed to take over.

    And tracking back through SE articles it all began with Rob Adams as Mayor and Barbara Litrell when she was elected to the city council. That was when the treacherous contract was signed with this regional chamber of commerce. Oh, but of course, the contract wasn’t renewed during this current budget session but the great giveaway of Sedona money continues to allow it be their shameful legacy.

    How do they sleep at night or are they still being remembered possibly with special favors from Jen and the gang for their eternal appreciation of the great generosity of these two elected officials who sold us, the residents, out for a cheap short-lived stint during their disastrous moment of fame on the Sedona City Council?

    But, of course, that hasn’t allowed adequate opportunity for newly elected people to make a bold move and at least attempt to reverse the course! Ha – hasn’t happened They apparently have no incentive to do anything but occupy their chairs and keep things on the track to disaster created by the aforementioned two Sedona-Non-Icons: Babs & Robbie!!! What a pair to draw to!

    Let’s not forget, however, there was the opportunity for change during the election last year but a weak dysfunctional PAC organized and presented their third candidate for Sedona Mayor which reduced the great opportunity for change to nothing but another worthless effort to end up flushed to the wastewater treatment plant. Great work, Arizona Liberty.


  42. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Bottom Line, referring to some of the questions you pose in your second paragraph, the reason things remain as they are is because of the results of the last election. The majority of those who voted approved continuing with the city/chamber contract and other aspects of Sedona government, including but not limited to tourists = number one; residents = who are they?

    If residents feel disrespected, isn’t it because they have earned that treatment? They continue to accept it because of the way they cast their votes. Given the opportunity for change, they back down – wimp out – and endorse “business as usual.”

    So quit whining and complaining. As it is voters appear to be their own worst enemies so think about it the next time (if it ever happens) there’s another real opportunity for change.

  43. Jon B Local says:

    “The truth is money should be spent promoting Sedona for what it really is: A hideous conglomeration of egocentrics, opportunists, and rip-off artists who have managed to take over.” @Bottom Line

    same as the asinine $$ giveaway to the chamber, no real need to spend money on advertising how Sedona’s been ruined anymore than the waste of $$ since Robberman + Barbararosa came to town. People visit and speak to locals and soon learn about where to go. Or not. Word of mouth advertising – best ever – not always positive but truthful. Dynamite effect. Yes!

  44. Reminder Y says:

    Chamber of Commerce used funds in my opinion questionably obtained from City of Sedona to purchase property on Jordan Road. City is presently thinking about constructing public parking facility (garage) uptown.

    Well – what would be more convenient than to just happen to consider that property? And don’t be surprised if the Chamber expects City of Sedona to buy it!! even tho I recall that property was to have been or be deeded after five years to the City under some such sort of contrived and convoluted terms!!??!!

    Another smoke, mirrors, and spin the bottle deal, Folks? Why didn’t City use money given to the CoC to purchase the property in the first place?! Ha – not in this questionably managed incorporated municipality accessing public money for their pick and choose purposes?!

    At least there’s one employee of the City who must surely earn his money – specifically the City Attorney – who probably spends a lot of time researching legitimate methods to pull off this convoluted BS in my opinion?? How sad to be that desperate for employment – oh – my opinion of course.

    Yep – parking garage on Jordan Road. Wait and see. Any bets?

  45. The Old West says:

    I seem to recall hearing something about tar, feathers and being given a ride out of town on a rail as a solution to corruption. Then there were stories of shaving the heads of female collaborators. I’ve heard that some even promoted hanging corrupt politicians from lamp posts.

    Sometimes I yearn for the solutions of the old days. Now I’m not SAYING that is what Sedona corrupt officials deserve. What is your opinion?

  46. John Wilson says:

    Based on the the highly questionable transactions going on between incorporated Sedona and the REGIONAL member-driven Chamber of Commerce, it appears that nothing short of “solutions of the old days” @The Old West could possibly put a stop to these perceived travesties.

    Wonder what the asking price will be for the Jordan property (purchased by the C of C with city revenue) if and when it goes up for sale? And who will be the listing agent? Surely not the husband of the C of C CEO?

    More deceitful maneuvers being put in motion?? Three guesses and the first two don’t count??

  47. Mike H says:

    In my opinion the ropes and lamp posts idea is a good deterrent to future travesties.

    What those in power don’t realize is the corrupt system will soon come crashing down. I doubt they will be spared.

  48. Joyce McClain says:

    C’mon you people get real. When would the Chamber have time to bother with its Jordan Road acquisition when it’s trying to figure out how to spend its recent financial windfall from the city? It takes a LOT of concentration to spend ANOTHER plus/minus $2.5 mil. This year’s fiscal allotment to the REGIONAL Chamber of Commerce within Sedona city limits will dedicate itself to educate Sedona residents about Sustainability and Improve Our Quality of Life, both which could be done easily and most cost effectively by simply eliminating all financial aid to that REGIONAL business membership organization you hairbrained idiots! And to think the Chamber CEO is now on the Bd of Directors of Northern Arizona Healthcare. Ran that one by my own physician and she damn near passed out!! And that’s a fact!!

  49. Jess Wundrin says:

    Can’t help but wonder. If this chamber of commerce group are the whizbangs city council & staff think they are, then why in hell are they allowing this record breaking heat and endless duration without rain? Definitely NOT the sort of ideal weather typically promoted by reliable legitimate Chambers throughout the country with or without benefit of a $2.5 mil annual Agreement. (verbal or written) So much BS how do they sleep at night? Very well since clearly people with a conscience wouldn’t remain so smug. Never fear it won’t last forever. Nothing does.

  50. @Jess W says:

    I recently looked up the Sedona Council and looked at the information (past work experience..education.. etc) I was quite impressed!!!! Especially since they use their past experience and bring that to the council(which they receive little compensation) for. We are lucky that people of thier talent and background Step up to serve. It’s seems that Jess’s big accomplishment in life if posting negative comments on sedona Eye. Good for you Jess onward. What a difference you make in life LOL

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